No Longer a Stranger

By MindManiac
published January 24, 2018
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Things came to a close once Nathan found where the thief was

Hello again! This would be the last part for this series. As always, english isn’t my native language so I apologize for wrong grammar and spelling. I really tried to edit this one. Comment what you hate or like about it. Enjoy!

…. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. …..

Carlos and I were in his cop car with him driving. I placed the tablet on the dashboard so that he could easily see the thief we were chasing through the GPS. I knew that it might take a while so I began to make certain upgrades on one of my tablets. The roads had little to no traffic making it easier for us to follow the dot on the GPS. After a while I finished making the upgrades on the tablet, enabling me to control all of the nanobots I injected to a lot of people on one machine. By the time I finished I saw that we were out of the highway and we are currently driving on a forest path.

After following the dirt road and tree openings we arrived at a suspicious looking building in the middle of this forest. The thief’s van is outside with the backdoor open. This could be the thief’s warehouse of some sort. I went of the van and Carlos, still in robot mode, followed. I went to the back of the van to see a wet mark on the floor that is clearly sweat and is in the shape of an ass and thighs. So he had Brendan masturbate at the back of his van while travelling here? That’s actually kind of hot.

“Robo-cop, follow me inside this warehouse” I ordered. I opened the door and I saw a bunch of shelves and stacked boxes all around. What caught my eye is a room to the right with the lights on. I suspected that they were there and I was right. We carefully walked towards the door to have peek and I saw Brendan laying on top of the thief. Both are naked and judging from the sweat from their bodies, cum dripping from the Brendan’s hole, and both of them breathing lightly, they just had sex and they’re both sleeping. I saw Brendan’s control tablet on the table near them and I knew I had to take it back.

“Robo-cop, stay here and guard the door” he nodded as he stood attentively at the side of the door and I began to walk quietly towards the tablet. As I was walking I accidentally kicked a cucumber causing it hit a wall, but thankfully the two sleeping guys didn’t wake up. I was actually planning on making a salad tomorrow but this thief just had to be kinky about it. I managed to get the tablet and I quickly went outside back to the cop car. I made the last minute upgrades to my universal nanobot controller, successfully adding Brendan’s to the tablet. I went back inside and into their room to see that Carlos is still by the door with the two sleeping bodies still in bed.

Opening the new tablet, I fist saw an option screen where I could choose whose nanobots I would control. I first looked at Brendan’s commands and I saw that this thief erased all of my previous ones and replaced it with his own. I read the new commands and saw that all of those were actually good ones, especially the dog one. I like the way this thief thinks. I managed to insert my previous orders into Brendan and I decided it was time to wake him up.

I deactivated the tablet and I saw Brendan was starting to wake up. He began stretching and went off the bed. When he first saw me his huge body quickly hugged me and whispered “What are you doing here babe?”

I returned the hug and said “I don’t know, maybe I just wanted to see you Down Boy”. I said the last part slightly louder. He immediately went down on all fours and began sticking his tongue out. I also brushed my hand on his head.

“How are you boy? Did you miss me?” I said to him in the same tone as you would to a dog. He barked a little bit and smiled. Brendan, or Brendog as I should call him, began nuzzling on my crotch. I was starting to get hard again.

“Did you miss your bone little guy?” I asked and he just began licking my crotch. I took out my dick from my shorts and he began to suck it off. Gosh I missed those lips. I know that it’s only been a few hours since our last fuck but damn. At this point, Brendog here mastered the art of cock sucking.

While Brendog was sucking me off I knew I needed to program the nanobots on the thief’s body. Just a few taps on my tablet and I’m already on the thief’s commands page. His name really is Troy and from the looks of it, he’s a pretty good looking guy. He actually looks hotter in person. Without going out of the programming mode I made him stand up, his eyes still closed and still breathing lightly.

His body looks great, though not as good as Brendan’s. Its clear that all those times climbing up walls and carrying heavy stuff to steal paid off with him being that strong. My eyes went down from his head to his chest and then stomach. I also looked at his cock that was still very sizable even when soft. After a while of staring at this eye candy I just ordered got him to sit on a chair in front of me with his hands and feet tied with imaginary ropes to the chair. After that I deactivated the tablet and he continued to sleep.

While all of that happened, Brendog is still sucking me off and began licking my balls. Few minutes later I saw Troy beginning to wake slowly ….. ….. ….. …. ….. …. ….. …. …. I was starting to wake up and I tried to stretch my arms just as I would every time I wake up from a nap. Only this time can’t. Come to think of it, I couldn’t even stretch my legs. I feel like I’m tied to something. I tried looking around but my vision is still hazy from the nap. What I first saw is an unclear image of two guys in front of me, one was kneeling in front of the other. As my eyes starts to adapt with the lights my visions starts to clear up.

What I saw was Brendan on his hands and knees sucking some guy off. His but was facing me and I could see his still slightly parted hole with a little bit of my cum dripping. I would have been turned on if I wasn’t constricted to this chair. Then I looked at the guy he was sucking. The dude didn’t look that bad but not too good either. He has these great brown eyes and dirty blond hair that makes him come across as adorable and a little bit sexy. I could see his body was somewhat built through his shirt and boxer shorts but it would fall flat when next to Brendan. I mean anything will fall flat compared to Brendan. I was brought out of my thoughts when he suddenly spoke.

“Look who finally woke up” he said while eyeing me. He continued “I must say that this whole dog thing with Brendan is a pretty good idea. I mean I was planning on doing it myself but I didn’t know it would be this hot. You are a lot more kinky that I thought”

“Who the hell are you?” I asked this stranger. I noticed he was holding another tablet, but it wasn’t the one I used to control Brendan. I looked around to see where I left the tablet but I couldn’t. How could this guy control him without the tablet?

“You stole one of my prized possessions, I assume that you’ve seen my name somewhere before” he said with a cocky grin. Then it came to me, before I deleted Brendan’s initial programming his orders were aimed at a certain person. What was that name again? Ethan? Adam? Norman?

“Nathan? You’re Nathan?!” I asked, clearly shocked to see the owner of the house that I just robbed a while ago.

“In the flesh” Nathan said fully smiling this time. “I imagine the fun you had with Brendan here, but I think its only fair that he goes back with me”. He looked down at Brendan and asked “Isn’t that right doggo?”.

Brendan on the other hand stopped sucking this guys dick and barked happily before eagerly sticking the cock back to his mouth. Nathan then laughed and patted his head. Apparently he was in dog mode. I still don’t know exactly what Brendan is and my curiosity couldn’t keep me quiet.

“What is he?” I asked referring to the hunk of muscle that was sucking him off.

“So you don’t know and yet you just stole him? HA!” he yelled before continuing. “Then let me formally introduce my—hold on a minute. Brendog?”

Brendan then stopped sucking him off the looked up at him. Nathan then said “Freeze” and the kneeling man froze in place while Nathan got his dick back in his shorts

“Where were we? Oh right introductions. My name is Nathan and I’m a scientist who experiments with nanobots. Yes, you’ve heard that right, nanobots”. He placed his hand on Brenan’s head and said “And this guy right here is my very first test subject”. Well that was shocking!

I couldn’t help myself from asking “Wait, he volunteered to do this?”

“Well I wouldn’t call it ‘volunteering’. Let’s just say that I’ve been eyeing this guy for a while. Then coincidentally I finished the nanobots and long story short here we are” Nathan said in a proud-ish sort of way. For some reason I knew I had get out of here. I have a feeling that he’ll do something to that manner to me.

“Okay, how about you just let me go and I won’t talk about this ever again. Sounds good?” I asked, hoping he would agree.

Instead he just laughed and said “You’re scared I would do something to you right? Well I hate to break it to you but you already have nanobots in you body. I mean you still haven’t noticed that you’re not actually tied to that chair”

That confused me and I cautiously looked down at body. I was surprised to see that I was still naked and that there’s absolutely nothing tied to my body. I tried to move again but I couldn’t. I continued to struggle with myself and before I knew it, I was beginning to get angry.


I was screaming at him before I felt myself blacking out. Last thing I saw was Nathan holding a tablet that I haven’t seen him hold before.

….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. …..

When I saw Troy starting to catch fire, I decided it was time to actually re-wire him.


I cut him off in mid sentence by activating his nanobots. I’m guessing he also didn’t notice the tablet on my hands. His face suddenly became calm and stoic. He relaxed and his torso dropped to the back of the chair. I began programing him by adding the usual stuff. I added “Nipples, dick, and ass hole sensitive”, “Would make a lot of pre-cum”, “Loves cum”, “Sexually attracted to Nathan”, “Would follow and believe anything Nathan says”, and the freeze command. I also added “Nathan’s close friend” and “No memory of controlling Brendan” so he wouldn’t tackle me after this programming. I was about to wake him up but then I though of something.

I placed the tablet on the table by the side and said “Robo-cop come in here please”.

Carlos walked inside the room, cautious not to trip on Brendan who’s still frozen on the floor. Once in front of me I said “Carlos Activate”. To which he responded with “Robot shutdown”. I think he’s really enjoying this whole robot thing. After a few seconds his blank face suddenly became full of emotions. Unexpectedly it was happiness.

He suddenly hugged me and said “Oh God that felt great!”.

“You liked that?”

He broke the hug and said “I mean it felt kind of weird but it was pretty good actually”. I really was surprised and at a lost for words. He actually was enjoying all of this.

“So what’s the plan now you got Brendan back and this Troy dude under you?”

“You knew? I mean I don’t remember telling you any of these”

“You were the one that gave me full awareness even in that robot mode. I’m also a cop remember? I actually managed to put the pieces together”

“And you’re also okay with that?!” I’m still in shock that he was okay with the robot thing, but him being also okay with whole nanobots idea was too much.

“You don’t actually think you’re the only one with a ‘control freak’ tendency, as I call it myself. Do you?” he asked, still amused at my bewilderment

“Well no. Its just surprising actually. And to answer your previous question, yes. I do have an idea on what to do with Troy”

He smiled at me and turned around from me to see Troy, who still looked dazed while sitting naked on the chair. His eyes became wide and suddenly said “God damn it, he’s hotter in person!”

“So you’ve been eyeing him to huh? Well what would you do if I said I could give you control over him?” I said while tapping his shoulder.

He looked back at me and said “You’d do that? Please do! I just can’t imagine how good it would feel with that cock inside me and not this dildo you got me”. He was clearly enjoying imagining himself in with this guy.

“Yes I would do that. But for now Freeze” he stopped moving and I took the tablet from the table. With the tablet in my hand I went in front of Troy and deactivated his nanobots. His face regained reaction and as soon as he saw me, he immediately stood up and said “Hey Nathan! How have you been?”

Before he could react any longer I pulled him close for a kiss. Oh Lord he was a good kisser. We made out for a good couple of minutes and in the duration of that time he gained a hard on. Once I noticed something poking me in the crotch, I quickly grabbed it and began stroking it. He was now moaning in between kisses.

I slowly made my way down his body while kissing his chest, stomach, and all those other muscles. I eventually made it to his dick and began licking the tip of his 8’. Soon I tried sucking him little by little. I knew I shouldn’t try to take it all since it may be not successful and I might just hurt my jaw. I only managed half but he was having a blast up there. No sound can be heard in the room except his moans.

After a while I stopped sucking him but continued stroking him. Then I said “Imagine how good this would feel if it was an ass instead”. He smirked at the idea I gave him.

“See that cop over there? See that pretty face? That muscled body? Isn’t he dreamy?” I continued all the while I was still stocking him. I looked up and saw he was now directly looking at the frozen smiling cop.

“Yeah that’s right. Wouldn’t it feel good to fuck that ass? That beautiful perfect ass?”

“Mmm yeah. Need to fuck that guy..” he said as if on a trance of his own.

“That’s good. Feel all your lust and love going directly to that cop. Great. Now Freeze” I stopped stroking him and I got up. I saw his eyes were filled with lust and he was ready to pounce on the muscle he’s been eyeing.

I went back to Carlos and whispered “Unfreeze” to him. When he came back to his senses, he first questioned me on how some things were different and why Troy was suddenly standing up. I didn’t answer and I just simply said “Troy Unfreeze”

Everything suddenly seemed like slow motion in my eyes. Once Troy was able to move again he immediately grabbed Carlos and straddled him on the bed, which Carlos didn’t even bother to fight. They began making out heatedly like a pair of wolves on mating season.

Troy cuts off the kiss and said “Hey hottie, the name’s Troy. Remember that because you’ll be screaming it all night long”.

“Well Troy I’m Carlos, and I’ll be putting that dick of yours on house arrest in my ass”. They continued making out with Troy beginning to rip Carlos’ clothes.

In my mind, their whole exchange of introduction was indeed something special. I tried very hard not to laugh them just so I wouldn’t interrupt their moment.

While they occupied the bed, I went back to Brendan and whispered “Unfreeze”. He then looked back at me and began barking happily.

“Play Human, Brendan”

After he stood up I quickly grabbed him and began making out with him. He didn’t resist at all and left me in control. I quickly stopped the kiss just to take of my shirt and we continued right away. Thankfully Troy’s bed was a big and there’s still space left for me and Brendan.

Once we got there Brendan pushed me to the bed and took out my dick from my shorts. He began sucking me off eagerly as if he really did missed it. He even took all of it without missing a single beat. I looked to the other side of the bed and there I saw Carlos’ shirt and pants were ripped open, his legs spread open with Troy in between and was fucking him with the dildo I put in there. I was really getting turned on by the scene I was watching and with Brendan sucking me off.

I was so distracted with the show I was watching that I didn’t notice that Brendan was now straddling me. I suddenly felt that he was starting to ride me and little by little my dick entered his hole. I then decided to thrust upwards to meet him to which he was surprised and he suddenly moaned loudly. Once fully sat at my lap, he slowly raised himself up until my tip was left in him and went down completely again. He did that repeatedly giving me outmost pleasure.

I was so concentrated at Brendan that I almost forgot that Troy and Carlos are in the same bed as us. I turned my head to see Carlos on all fours on the bed and Troy pounding him behind.

“Does your hole like that babe?” Troy asked while leaning on to the cops ears

“Ohh God yess! Fuck that ass!”. Troy then grabbed Carlos’s hair, making him arch his back towards the thief’s body.

Though we were on the same bed, we’re practically on different worlds. I am too distracted by this hunk of man that has been eagerly fucking himself on my dick. On the other side of the bed there’s a cop being fucked by the dominant thief that he’s been chasing.

It was all pleasure and nothing more.

… …. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. …. Few weeks later

Ever since that night, I’ve been trying to live a normal life. With the help of Carlos and Nathan, we managed to convince the whole police force that “Troy the Thief” was long gone through obvious ways. I also managed to get a job at the local police department and now I’m “Troy the Police Office Assistant”. The pay could be better but at least its legal, right?

The biggest, however, would be me living with Carlos. You see after that night we fucked, I was falling so hard for him. He was just charming in every way possible. After a few days of seeing each other, flirting, and dates, we became official and I moved to his house to be closer to him.

Nathan and Brendan are still together and last I heard from Nathan is that he’s planning on something big. Some sort of new technology or invention or something like that. Even after I broken into his house and stole some shit from him, me and Nathan actually got along really well.

It was a Saturday, I think it was six in the morning and I was waking up for some reason. I felt like there was a shaking on the mattress and a creaking noise too. I looked up and I saw my handsome boyfriend impaling himself on my dick. I looked to the bedroom floor to see my underwear thrown aside leaving me with my shirt while Carlos here was already naked. He sat down completely before he noticed that I was already awake.

He leaned towards me without my cock slipping out and said “ Good morning babes”

“Good morning to you handsome” I said. I pulled his face towards mine and we began making out. As we were kissing, Carlos began to get himself up on my dick before pushing down. He broke off the kiss and a moan escaped his lips. He began fucking himself and I also began to meet his thrust which in return made him moan louder. Then I got an idea.

“Hay Carlos, maybe you should activate Robo-cop” as I said that he stopped fucking himself.

“Human mode off. R001 activated” he said in the familiar monotone. Ever since Nathan told me Carlos’ trigger, I’ve been enjoying it to the fullest. His face lost all trace of emotion.

I got up, wrapped his legs around me, and carried him to the living room. He was actually not that heavy and considering all the carrying I’ve done in the past, he was just a piece of cake.

I sat down at the sofa and began fucking him. He just sat there with a blank expression with his hard dick. I was going faster when I felt myself getting close. Then I whispered “Robo-cop, get tighter”. To which he complied and got me off the edge. I was now cumming inside his ass. I kept on thrusting until I was empty.

After catching my breathe I decided it was time for Carlos to cum too. “Human Mode Activate”

“Robot Shutdown” Almost immediately Carlos rolls his eyes back and began moaning uncontrollably. It was like all the pleasure of me fucking him earlier came to him 3x better. He was shaking and moaning uncontrollably. He embraced me tightly as he reached orgasm. By the sound of it, he was having an intense one. He kept himself on me while he was still bursting loads and loads of cum, moaning heavily by my ear. I just embraced him tighter and fuck his hole again slightly

Once he came down from his high he looked at me and said “You did it again didn’t you?”. His voice was tired and face was drained but you could tell he enjoyed it.

“I can’t help it. Its great seeing you fall apart like that” I said with a smirk.

He just turned red and began making out with me again.

Good thing I’m no longer a stranger.


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