Love Injected: Round 2

By MindManiac -
published February 5, 2017
1125 words

Nathan wants more but someone is the way

Hey there! I know that this one is short and not my best update but I promise the next one will be better and longer considering what’s coming next ;) ;) ;). Consider this as a filler chapter. Anyway leave a comment on what do you like or hate about it so I can improve my writings. Also English isn’t my first language so there might be some wrong grammars and spellings. ENJOY!!!

When I woke up it was already dark outside. I was feeling a little bit sore on my lower body but I can manage. I just had sex with the love of my life and I couldn’t be happier. When I got up, however, I found out that I was alone in bed. I started to think that it might just be a dream but the suddenly I heard someone in the kitchen.

I went downstairs to see Brendan cooking something in a pot and he was wearing an apron. Only an apron. From the kitchen door I can see his beautiful bubble but facing me. I went closer as if I was in a trance. I then put both my hands on his but cheeks and began massaging them. His body looked tense for a while but then he turned his head and saw me and he relaxed again.

“Hey babe” he said in his sexy voice while continuing cooking.

“Hey. What are you cooking?” I asked while hugging him from behind and my other hand still playing with his but.

“Mushroom soup since I know its your favourite.” He said smiling while continuing to stir the soup.

Once he was done cooking he set up the table with two bowls and he began pouring the soups. I tasted the soup and it was so good. That was by far the best mushroom soup I have ever tasted. We were looking at each other while eating and tease each other under the table. He suddenly broke the silence when he talked.

“Hey Nathan. I need to go back home for a while. You see my little brother Blake was visiting and it would be rude to just leave him there. But don’t worry I’ll be back quickly” he said.

Blake was his younger brother who was still in college. He was 19 who has blonde hair and hazel eyes, a pretty face and a jock’s body considering he was in the football team. I only knew what he looked like from all the photos that Brendan showed me.

After we ate, Brendan got dressed and went back home.

After a few hours I was getting a little bit bored. Then I decided to go to Brendan’s house next door to visit and play with him. It was just 7pm so it wasn’t too late. I grabbed my bag of nanobots and the tablet before going.

I went to his door and rang the door bell. It wasn’t a while until Brendan opened the door. He was wearing a white tank top and a pairbof red shorts

“Oh hey Nathan! Come in!” he said inviting me inside.

I went inside and sat down on his couch with him sitting down next to me.

“So what brings you here?” he asked

“I was bored so I thought I could come hang out with you” I said

“Oh so what do you want to do?”

“This..” I said before straddling him and started making out with him.

“H-hey. B-Blake is just upstairs. He might see” he said in between kisses.

“I don’t care” I said before kissing him more. It didn’t take too long before he finally gave in to the kiss. He even started moaning.

After a few minutes of making out I got up and grabbed the tablet. He was just about to complain when I activated the nanobots. I went to the personality section and added “Will turn into an instant slut when Nathan says “Slut Mode””, “Always hard in slut mode”, and “Butt will be self-lubricating when in slut mode”. I turned the tablet off and went back to Brendan.

“Why did you stop?” he asked

“Because Slut Mode Activated” I said. He suddenly looked so horny and submissive. I straddled him again and made out with him. He began to moan and I could feel his boner though the shorts.

I got off him and said “Take all off your clothes of now!”. He immediately stood up and ripped all of his clothes off until he was completely naked. His cock was already rock hard.

“Bend over at the couch” I ordered. He then knelt to the couch and bended over to present his ass hole.

I got to his ass and spreaded his butt cheeks. He was already wet down there. I easily pushed a finger in his ass and it went in pretty easily.

“Aaaahh” he moaned at the sudden penetration. I got a second finger in him and he suddenly screamed in pleasure. I think I found his prostate. I quickly remembered that Blake was also in the house so I had to make Brendan quiet.

“Brendan, you can moan but you will keep it quiet. Understood?” I asked while I pressed two fingers to his prostate.

“Aaahhh! Y-yess!” he said while trying to lower his moans.

While my other hand was busy with his hole my other was playing with his hard dick. I started to increase the pace on the thrust of my fingers and my other hand jerking him off. When I felt that he was about to cum I stopped.

“You may not cum until I said so” I whispered to him.

I took of my clothes and began stroking my hard cock. I got Brendan to spread his cheeks for me. I entered his ass and he suddenly screamed in pleasure. After I was completely inside I pulled out until the tip was only inside him and I rammed it in again. This time he managed to control his voice but he would still scream from time to time.

I pulled his body up to mine and began kissing him to stop him from screaming. My left hand was playing with his pecs and nipples while the other was playing with his cock.

I was thrusting into him faster and faster. I was close to cumming when i heard someone open a door from upstairs. I didn’t care and I continued to fuck his virgin ass. After a while shot at least 7 streams of cum up his ass.

I was about to pull out when someone suddenly talked.

“Hey Brendan what’s the noise all about—“

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