Taken by a Stranger

By MindManiac
published November 30, 2017
2117 words

A thief broke inside a house to find something better

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Saturday night and here I am in my unsuspecting van. Another night another crime to commit. My name is Troy and I’m a what you would call a professional thief, well at least I think I’m professional. I mean in the past months of me doing my “job” I managed to steel from over 20 houses without being caught. TVs, phones, laptops, anything you could think of. And its not like I wanted to do this in the first place.

Being born in a dirt poor family isn’t the ideal life. Dad was an alcoholic, mom was piece of trash that left us after I was born, and my older brother landed in jail after being caught selling drugs. They might seem like the worst people to live with, I still love them. Though in my early years I was fortunate enough to be still in school, I had to do non-shady jobs to fend for me and my family and to save enough bail money for my brother. But as the time passed it was getting harder; School fees were getting higher and dad was still an alcoholic, basically doing nothing to help us. Getting legal part-time jobs that pays off was getting difficult and by the time I reached high school I began stealing money from wherever I can; classmates, teachers, professors, and others.

After I managed to finish high school I didn’t go to university, I decided to pursue other illegal means of getting money like piracy, selling drugs like my brother (but I’m better at it since I don’t get caught), and my current gig now, stealing from houses. And I’m proud to say that it sort of worked out for me. I managed to get us a bigger house that our old dump apartment, got me a cheep van for easier stealing, and got my brother our of jail, only to have him thrown back in there for the same reason.

Due to my job demanding a great amount of athletic ability, I work out a lot but on my own since I can’t afford a gym membership. But my hard work has paid out with me achieving a great body. Though I don’t have those big muscles I wanted, it is still sexy to look at if I do say so myself. When I’m outside in the morning and not “working” some people go and hit on me, both girls and boys but mostly boys and I like it that way. I guess this body worked well with my strong jaw, pretty face, curly brown hair, and blue eyes.

So here I am in this posh looking neighbourhood looking for a house that I could easily break in to. When I made my decision on a certain house, I prepared my rope, flashlight, mask, and other thief needed equipment.

I entered the house through a window in the second floor. It was practically a walk in the park now after all my previous endeavours. I went downstairs quietly and on the way snagged some valuable watches, a couple of changes here and there, and some accessories lying around.

After a while I managed to fill one small pouch with those objects but there is still no real “valuable thing” in this house. I’m still looking for that thing that’ll make this worth it so I still kept on snooping inside the house. After a while I figured out that maybe a lot of valuables may be in the bedrooms but its not worth the risk of being caught. So I then decided to leave.

On my way back to the second floor I saw a something left on the coffee table in the living room. It was a tablet of some sort. I picked it up and began looking at it. It wasn’t like anything I’ve ever seen. There wasn’t a single logo or brand indicated anywhere and its funny looking compared to some of the tablets I’ve “borrowed” in the past.

Suddenly I heard someone going down the stairs so I immediately hid inside the bathroom for good measure. When I got inside, I managed to get a glimpse of the person that went down to the now lighten living room. He was a very muscular guy with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, wearing nothing but a jockstrap. I was practically drooling over at the sight of this man. He’s a total beefcake. While staring at the guy I didn’t notice that I was still holding the tablet and it was now turned on. Even the opening screen looked strange, it didn’t have the usual screen saver and lock codes that most would have. Instead it has this “Activate button”. I just taped the button thinking it would actually open it.

I heard something drop from the other room. When I got out to check it was the same hunk but this time he was just standing straight like some soldier army. I saw a plastic cup on the floor beside him with a small puddle of water. My mind sensed that maybe the tablet has something to do with this strange guy. When I looked back to the screen and saw something like a commands section. There were a bunch of phrases that were like thing to follow for him. Like “Would produce a lot of precum”, “Extreme romantic feelings towards Nathan”, etc. Whoever this “Nathan” person is, he must be this guys owner, maybe this hunk is just some robot.

I was inside the bathroom for a solid five minutes trying to figure out this whole thing, I didn’t even realize that the hunk was still standing still in the living room. I worked up the courage to walk towards the hunk to see if he was really just a statue there.

I walked slowly and quietly towards him then got in front of him. What I first noticed is that he looked way better now that I was looking at him up close. I lightly slapped his face to see if I would get a reaction, which I didn’t. He just stood there looking last me to an invisible point behind me. With the knowledge that he might actually be controlled by the tablet I slowly began to touch his body.

When my hand got in contact with his chest I was surprised that he still feels so life like. I was expecting a plastic or metal like skin from him, but no. He actually felt like real flesh. I once again got braver and began to put my whole left hand over his left pec, feeling his hard muscles as well as his equally hard nipple. My other hand began to travel behind him to reach for his ass. It was like touching two big flesh balloons.

He still has his straight face on so I decided to go further. I began to squeeze on his muscles with one hand while I used to other to touch his hole. To my surprise his hole was a little loose so I managed to fit a finger in there. While fingering him I felt something wet and sticky inside of him. When I pulled my finger out and looked at it, it was someone’s cum. He was fucked by someone raw and came inside of him. When I looked to his ass cum was already dripping from his thighs to his legs. I was officially hard.

I decided this “thing” was a keeper and decided to take “it”. I could possibly play with it here at a strangers house so I decided to give it commands myself. I looked at the tablet to see if how could I take control of it. When I looked at the previous commands, most of the orders there were already hot so I only needed to add a few of my own. I typed “Will think the first person he sees is his best friend” and will follow everything a person says if it starts with “I think you should…””.

After a while I decided to take off the mask I’ve been wearing this whole time and deactivate the table. The guy was “alive” again. Instead of panicking when he saw me, he instead smiled and said “Oh hey dude! Long time no see!”

I decided to play along and say “You to bro! How are you?”

“Oh you know, same old Brendan is still here but bigger” he said while flexing and showing off his charming smile. Oh God he’s so handsome!

“So you live here?” I asked trying to keep it casual.

“Actually no. I live next door, tjis is my boyfriend’s house. His name is Nathan and he’s upstairs. I think he’ll love to meet you!” he said while walking back upstairs. I began to panic slightly but then decided to try out my command to him.

“Hey, I think you shouldn’t wake him up and I also think you should stay right here with me”

After I said that he stopped in his tracks and began walking back towards me. “Yeah, I guess should just stay here”

When he got back in front of me, he just stayed there. I guess he literally will just stay there for a while. Then while looking at him I saw a fruit basket at their dining table. Inside the basket I saw a certain fruit and got a kinky idea.

I grabbed the fruit and went up to him again and said “Hey Brendan I think you’ll love this cucumber up your ass. I think you’ll find it hot and you would want me to put it inside you”

He looked at the 8 inch cucumber. His face then turned to a seductive look and said “ Yes that would be nice.”

He then proceeded to bend over at their sofa, presenting his hole that still has cum in it. “Come on, put it in me. Please. There lube at the coffee table” he purred sexily.

I saw the lube at the coffee table and said to myself “ What kind of couple casually puts lube on a coffee table?”. I put a generous amount of lube to the fruit and got the tip on his hole.

“Do you really want this?” I asked one last time.

“Yes please. Put it in me!”. He then proceeded to back himself on to the cucumber. I was surprised to see the it slipped inside him easily and he already got half the fruit inside of him. I returned the favour and pushed the cucumber into him more. He was trying to hold out his moans and his dick was precumming like hell. There was already a bug wet mark on the pouch of his jock strap.

I let go of the fruit leaving a few inches outside of him. He was looking like a slut in heat from where I was standing. I was then iI decided to hold myself and take him home now before his “lover” wakes up.

“I think you should come home with me to have more fun. What do you say?” I asked

“Hell yeah” he said while whispering and while holding back a moan.

“Good, now follow me outside” he then got up and followed me to the front door with the cucumber still inside him. Before going outside, I got him to lock the door so his “boyfriend” won’t be that suspecting.

When we got to the van, I opened the back door and I said to him “ I think you should sit at the back of the van and play with yourself and the cucumber while we’re in the road”

“Sure” he said willingly climbing aboard. I slapped his ass while he was getting inside. Once in there he sat on his back and began to slowly fuck himself with the fruit while his other hand was touching his whole body.

“I think you should moan loudly but not cum until I say so” I said.

“Sure-aahhh AHH ahh” he then began moaning like a whore.

I closed the back door and went to the driver seat. I started the engine with his moans on the background. Before driving off one question ran to my mind:

“Is this stealing or kidnapping??”

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