Love Injected

By MindManiac -
published January 22, 2017
2070 words

Nathan is a scientist working with nanobots. What would happen if he tested his finish product on his neighbour crush Brendan?

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Another day another experiment. My name is Nathan and I work in our local research lab as one of the scientist. I’m a slightly short guy with a slightly muscled body, dirty blonde hair, and brown eyes. There are about four other scientist in the institute but I’ve never actually talked to any of them since all of us would just mind our own research in here. All of us here have our own topic of research; one of us is experimenting on plants, another is researching with chemicals, while I work on nanobots.

I was curious with the idea of controlling others at a young age. As far as I can remember, I always wanted to do just that with science. Especially on guys. As a gay guy it’s a dream of mine to have a hunk of a man as a test subject for these experiments.

One day in the lab it was already 6pm and I was just finishing for the day after I made no progress, I noticed something different with the nanobots. A while ago I injected some of them on a rat, and now that rat is like standing still on his cage. I looks like the nanobots did their job of getting to the mind but I still need to figure out on how to control them.

I stayed behind for an while. Those few minutes turned to hours. And more hours. And more hours. The sun was already up and I still didn’t stop. For some reason I have this urge to finish it. All those hours of efforts resulted in me creating a tablet of some sort to control the brain of a person through the nanobots. I tested it to the rat and i worked fabulously if I do say so myself. I looked at the clock to record the time I actually finished and I was surprised to see that it was already noon. I think it’s a miracle that I hadn’t passed out in the middle of all that.

I decided that I need to test my new invention so I created some darts that are filled with my nanobots. Imagine those things that animal control use as tranquilizers. I gathered all my belongings and went home.

I went home and went to the kitchen to eat something before taking a shower. After getting dressed I went to my bed room. I was about to sleep when someone knocked on my door. I grumpily went to the door to see who was interrupting my nap time. My anger disappeared when I saw that it was my neighbour Brendan.

Brendan is a tall hunkish guy with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pretty face. He has been my friend since high school and even in college we were still close. I know that it’s weird to see a nerdy guy like me and a jock-like man like him be friends, but believe me that we are best friends. Secretly I have a crush on him all these time but I was just too afraid to come out to him thinking that it might ruin our friendship. I thought that my love for him went away but when I found out that he was my new neighbour in town, I was falling all over again.

“Hey man sorry to bother you but I’m just here to ask if you’re okay since you didn’t come home last night” he said in his low sounding voice that is extremely hot.

“Oh yeah I was just finishing something on the lab and kinda lost track of time. But it’s all good now!” I said trying not to show that I’m tired in my voice.

“Okay then, if you say so. Oh yeah by the way before I can forget, can I borrow a frying pan? I was planning on asking Jenna to come over and I was thinking about cooking something for her” he asked me

My heart broke a little bit when he said that. Jenna was the girl that he was head over heels with. Like he would do anything to be with her. I knew that I would never have a chance with him so why even bother. Before I could break down completely and cry, I managed to stay strong and continued talking.

“Oh okay then. I’m just going to get it from the kitchen. You can come in the living room if you like.” I said in my most cheerful voice.

He nodded and proceeded to come inside. I closed the door and I quickly went to the kitchen. I was starting tear up while getting the frying pan. As I was about to go back to the living room I saw my bag on the kitchen counter. Then I remembered the nanobots that I created.

An idea popped into my head. I went to my bag and got one dart full of nanobots and sneaked into the living room. Brendan was sitting on the couch and was watching the sports channel on the TV. I carefully shot him on the shoulder with the dart so he wouldn’t feel it, it was just a small one after all. And he didn’t. He just shrugged it off like some sort of mosquito bite.

I then went back to the kitchen and got the tablet I use for controlling the nanobots. I opened it and saw that the nanobots are now ready for action. I pressed activate and went to the living room to see if anything changes. I saw him in the living room standing still with a stoic face and is looking straight ahead. It worked!

I looked at the tablet and saw some of the commands I can make and some of the changes I can do with him. I first made him take all of his clothes off with just a few taps on the tablet. I saw his extremely built chest, well defined abs, his huge ass, and a long dick even if it was soft. I think it was at least 5 inches long at that state.

I started experimenting with the nanobots in his body. With just some simple taps on the screen I managed to get his dick extremely hard. His now 9” snake was so alluring that I just have to touch it. I grabbed his dick and I began stroking it. He was still looking straight ahead even as I was increasing the pace of my stroke. I then stopped and got my tablet again. I experimented with it again and I made his dick produce so much pre cum that you wouldn’t even need lube to fuck yourself with. I also discovered that I can manipulate his appearance. I made his muscles a little bit bigger and I gave him an ever bigger ass. I then playfully slapped his newly created butt. At this point I was already

After a while I moved on to some personality adjustments. I once again began experimenting with the nanobots. After a while I got to this page where I saw some list of personalities and characteristics, which I later decided to play with. I saw an option where it said that he was straight and changed in to gay. I changed the romantic interest one from “Jenna” to “Nathan”. I also changed some other things like “naked when alone or when with Nathan” , “extreme romantic feelings towards Nathan”, “would produce many pre-cum when horny”, “sensitive to Nathan’s touch”, and “would follow anything Nathan says without question.

After that I sat him back down and I went back to the kitchen. I deactivated the nanobots and went back to the living room with the frying pan. He was still watching the sports channel like no time has passed and like he wasn’t naked.

“Hey here you go! Just make sure you clean before you give it back” I said in a joking manner.

“Thanks. But I think I might not continue that plan” he said while turning off the TV

“But why not?” I asked as if I didn’t already know.

He then looked at me in the eyes with his filled with passion and said “Because I want you”. After that he kissed me passionately. We were fighting for dominance but I let him win for now. As our kiss got hotter he pushed me until I was laying on the sofa and continued to make out with me. Looking down he was already hard and was starting to drip pre-cum like a faucet.

He then literally ripped off the clothes from my body. His lips lowered to my neck as his hands roam on my body. His lips just keeps on lowering until he reaches my 7” dick. He began sucking on it like a pro while his hands where on my nipples. I was literally in heaven.

When I felt that I was about to cum i stopped him and pushed him until he was sitting again. I knelt in front of him and began stroking his big dick. His rod was already wet and he began screaming like crazy.

“Don’t cum until I tell you to” I ordered him

I began on sucking his dick and he just screamed with full pleasure. His left hand was playing with his own nipples while the other was on my head, pushing it down slowly as I give him a blow job. I could see him tearing up a little in pleasure so I decided to take it further.

I went up to him until I was straddling him and kissed him again. After a while I gently lowered myself onto his cock while we kiss. His cock was so wet with the mix of my spit and his pre-cum. This made it easier for me to impale myself. I broke off our kiss when he was fully inside me. I began to ride him and he was already moaning again. Both of his hands were placed on my butt and was spreading me open as I ride him, making me moan. I quicken the pace and he began thrusting upwards as i was going down.

I leaned forward to him and said “Take us to my bedroom” .

He then stood up carrying me with him. He was now buried more in me and I moaned louder. Both of his hands were supporting me while he began taking us upstairs to my bedroom. He was here before so he already knew where it was. When we arrived he laid me down on the bed and began kissing me.

“Fuck me” I said. He then began to thrust slowly but he was going faster.

“Ahhh fuck me. Ahhh faster” I ordered in between moans and he speeded up. I can feel that he was already on the edge so I finally decided to let him cum.

“Brendan, when I say “cum now” you will cum. CUM NOW!” after that he screamed in extreme pleasure. I can feel him shooting loads of cum in my ass as he began to slow down.

When he was done I ordered him to rim me. “Eat my ass and drink your cum” He knelt down and began eating his cum and massaging my ass with his skilled tongue. I jacked off while he was giving me the best rim job ever. It wasn’t long until I came and it came shooting on the bed, my face and my chest.

Brendan then got up and laid besides me. We began to make out passionately again. When we stopped I said to him “I love you”. To which he replied “I love you too” with a smile. He began to lick all the cum off my body and laid besides me. Before I knew it he was fast asleep with his body closely hugging mine.

I slowly drift to sleep after knowing that I finally got the man of my dreams.

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