Pine's College Jocks Ch. 4 - The 'bro night'

By Nacho -
published February 6, 2020
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Mike wants to spend some time with Pine. It’s time for a bro night!

I arrived at my dorm pretty late, today’s class was really long. And boring, and I always enjoy psychology class, but today wasn’t a good day. I’ve been texting coach Peter all day, to prepare the big part of the plan.

Yeah, I know last time I ‘enslaved’ a whole team just with my speech, but… well, that didn’t last long. After some sex parties, my influence over my school and the rival school’s teams vanished, for some reason. I suspect it was because I didn’t put as much effort into them than I did with Gary, Mark, Brent and Mikey. Those four did stay as my slaves (Though, I did set Mikey and Brent free, because one was my best friend and the other wasn’t really important anymore), but the others just forgot the whole scheme actually happened and thought of it like it was some kind of dream. So, just in case, I had to be careful with group mind control.

Now, that could have ruined my plans this time. Luckily, the new power seemed to last longer, if not indefinitely, so that was my new chance. Just had to text coach Peter the basic stuff for the plan, I would have to think more about it later.

When I opened the door, the room was dark. As soon as I tried to turn on my phone’s flashlight, the lights went back on. Then, Mike jumped right at me screaming “BOOO!”

“FREEZE!” I yelled, scared. Mike obeyed and froze like a statue before jumping. I took a moment to breath and calm myself down. I stepped to the side and said “Unfreeze”, causing him to fall directly to the ground.

“Remind me to… ugh” I offered my hand to help him get up “Never do that again to you” He got up and walked back in the room. I shrugged “Sure, do you want me to do it manually or should I use my powers?” I mocked him, Mikey couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yeah, nah. Don’t do that, I can’t imagine myself trying to concentrate with a little voice reminding me to never prank you like that.” I closed the door and sat beside him on his bed. “Hey, I still owe you one for leaving you at the party (Again, I’m sorry). So, what do you wanna do?” Aw, sweet Mikey was one of my favorites. Though I didn’t want to bother him so I tried to pick something he would like too.

“Uh… To be honest, I don’t know. Why don’t you try picking something? As long as you don’t pick some crowded place like a party, I’ll probably have a good time.” I patted his back as he started thinking about where should we go spend our ‘bro night’.

I started playing with my phone as he kept listing places, but after a bit he finally got an idea. “I heard that my teammates and the cheerleaders like this bowling alley because the owners always give us free drinks, to keep up the college spirit or something. Wanna go check it out? If you don’t like it, we can always try another thing”

I nodded “Sure, sounds nice. Never went to a bowling alley before but I’m sure it can be fun” Mike yelled a ‘hell yeah!’ and prepared himself to go out.

We arrived at the bowling alley a while later, Mike was excited about the whole thing. I tried to be as chilled as possible about it but the whole idea still terrified me, for some reason. I would prefer to stay in the room and play Smash, but seeing Mikey happy like when we were kiddos was priceless. One hour later we were enjoying our game, Mike decided to buy some drinks. I’m not a fan of alcohol but he said ‘bro nights require them’, so I didn’t complain.

I was tempted to use my powers to mess up with Mike’s skill, because he was actually pretty good at this. And there was barely anybody around, besides another group composed of like 7 girls, so it was safe. But no, I could do that without risking to use my powers in a public place.

Just before my best friend was about to throw, I yelled “Mikey! Your shoelace is untied!” It wasn’t, but it was enough to distract him. However, his shot turned out great. And I face palmed.

“That’s what you get when trying to distract… Mike, lord of the bowling alley!" He said, striking a pose. I couldn’t help but laugh.

One of the girls from the other group approached us. “Hey, ‘lord of the bowling alley’, would you mind teaching me and my friends how to throw like you do?” One of the girls said with a flirting voice.

I recognized one of the girls on the group “Hey Stacy!” I called her, she smiled and came our way.

“Pine! Didn’t know you were here, or you could have saved my night again”

“Looks like you two need some time to catch up, or whatever. I’ll be taking Sir Travis with me then…” the other girl said, giving Mike a wink. My best friend just looked at me, like asking for permission to leave the bro night in chase for impressing some girls.

I nodded and he smiled, mumbling a silent “I owe you one”

‘Again’ I thought, then looked again at Stacy, who was looking at her friend taking Mike away with a concerned expression.

“So, what brings you here? Hanging out with your sorority sisters?” I asked, as she stopped staring at her friend and returned to the conversation.

“Yep, it’s not exactly fun but it’s better than hanging out alone in my room on pajamas and watching romance movies. What about you two?”

“We’re having a… Bro night or something. Well, kind of. He wanted to make it up to me after leaving me alone at the party the other night. I wasn’t mad but he wanted to have a bro night so badly that I had to comply.” Stacy chuckled.

“Well, I’m sorry my bitchy sisters crashed your ‘bro night’. My brother says Mike is a good guy, and he does look great, you know what I mean?” She said while poking my arms, playfully.

We kept talking for a while, and playing a bit of bowling too. She was a good player, unlike her friends. Though I didn’t know if they were playing bad on purpose, but they did seem to love the attention Mike was giving them. I started getting worried when they bought drinks for the whole group, but it seemed that Mike was the only one drinking.

I tried to shrug off my worries and went back to hanging out with Stacy. We kept talking about college, she told me about some parties she went, since her brother was now more chill.

Then her face lighted up “Oh! About Nicky, he told me you and he talked things out and are on good terms now. Man, I don’t know what you two talked about, but thanks so much. He’s not overprotecting me anymore, and now acts like a normal brother”

“Heh, no problem. We just had a friendly chat and he apologized to me, then we talked a bit about why he overprotected you, but nothing really serious, just some man to man talk… or something like that” I lied, I was tempted to tell her about my powers and the hypnosis and etc. But only a few people knew, so I didn’t want to spread the word too much. Maybe if I trusted her more, I could tell her, but not now at least.

“Still, thank you. I mean, it’s nice to just- Wait, what the hell?” She was looking behind me, I turned around and noticed Stacy’s sorority sisters playing around with Mike. “Oh god, not again. I should have seen this” Then she turned to me “Those bitches are like sirens. They get guys, specially from the college’s sports teams, to go to the sorority house, get them drunk and then make fun of them.”

I was horrified! I had to help Mikey. So I just walked towards my drunk friend and asked him “Hey dude, can we leave now? I think you exceeded just a bit with the drinks”

But Mike just chuckled “Aww, but we’re havin’ fun, Piney! Coul’ you return by yourself?” As the other girls tried to convince him to stay to have some more ‘fun’.

I frowned. I could easily use my powers but that could give me away, so I tried to convince him to leave. Stacy stepped in to back me up and tried to drag Mike out of the group “C’mon, we’re not joking. You need to get home” But he didn’t want to leave. Man, I haven’t seen Mike drunk before but he was getting annoying really fast.

There was no choice, apparently. I had to do it. “Alright. Mike, let’s go back to the room. Now.” He instantly moved through the group with a sudden blank expression, and stood behind me. Stacy whistled, surprised.

“Wow, that was something.” Said her, however her friends weren’t so surprised, and rather disgusted that Mike seemingly preferred to go back home than give them the attention they deserved. They mumbled a few things that weren’t really nice and turned to Stacy.

The group of girls frowned at her, probably for not supporting them. I started walking away with my drunk friend, and when we were about to leave I heard a “We’re having a chat about what sorority means when we get back to the house” from one of the girls.

‘Fuck them’ I thought. That sorority seemed like real shit.

I didn’t have to use my powers again during the way back. Mike just kept talking about how hot those girls were all the way until we arrived. We entered the room and I closed the door. Mike tried to take off his clothes to head to bed, as he made some conversation. “It was a really good bro night, right bro?”

“Mmhmm” Though maybe my tired answer wasn’t really great. Because his smile vanished, quickly replaced by a frown.

“You didn’t like it… didn’t ya?”

“Oh no, it was actually really cool! Never been in a bowling alley before” I wasn’t meaning to be rude, and again, I wasn’t mad. But Mike had other idea, and being drunk seemed to make it worse.

“Aw god, I ruined it, didn’t I? I shouldn’t have gone with those chicks on the middle of a bro night. Shit bro, I’m sorry” I sighed and sat on his bed besides him, putting an arm around him.

“It’s not a big deal, seriously don’t worry about it. We had a great time, I met with another friend and you had some fun with those sorority girls, right?” But he didn’t seem to listen at all.

“Bro, I know I haven’t been a good friend since senior year. I still can’t forgive myself for when I put you through living hell and did nothing to stop it. I don’t blame you for preferring hanging out with Gary instead of with me”

“Shhh, don’t say that. Come here, give me a hug” This time, I wasn’t going to repeat the mistake I did when Mike was sad last time. I knew how to control my powers properly now. “I have a great best friend, that sometimes acts like a dork, but always looks out for me and tries his best to be a great dude, and that alone means a lot, Mikey” Mike lifted his head slowly and returned the hug.

“You’re really a great friend Piney” We kept hugging for a little while more, I patted his back at some moments, just for extra comfort. It made me feel nice, and hopefully Mike would feel better too.

When finally stopped hugging and just stared at each other, I was a bit speechless at that point. I’m not good with words and having to comfort my best friend took some effort to be honest.

The situation was kind of weird, actually. I mean, like those porn videos where the guys try to build tension by staring at each other. Mike didn’t say anything, which was weirder since he always has something to say or has a way to keep conversations going.

I was about to get up to reach my own bed when Mikey put his hand on my shoulder, keeping me down, then said “Let me try out something…”

My mind then blew out of this planet, as Mike leaned in to kiss me. ‘This is not right’ I thought, as I tentatively kissed him back. His hand moved from my shoulder to the back of my head as he pressed his mouth against mine, the alcohol in his breath was awful, though.

He pushed me back to the bed, breaking the kiss in the process. I stared at him as he took off his shirt, ‘Did I accidentally use my powers again? That’s not possible, I didn’t say anything related to sex!’ I couldn’t stop thinking; this wasn’t my doing. This was what Mikey really wanted, not what I ordered him nor anything. My best friend was lusting after me.

Mike brought me back to the real world, as he put his hand around my pants, asking for permission to pull them down. I nodded slowly, and he gave me a little smile, before pulling down my pants and underwear.

My cock was already hard. Why was it hard? I mean, sure, I loved jocks. But this was Mike we’re talking about! ‘Fuck, shut up and enjoy it Pine. He’s having a great time with you and you didn’t force him to’ I said to myself, as I finally relaxed. Mike started licking the base of my cock, and kept licking all the way to the head.

The real fun then started, Mike swallowed the tip and sucked a few more inches from there.

I tried my best to block out my thoughts and just enjoy, and it worked so damn good. I left Mike to do his work without any input from my part. He was already doing a great blowjob.

I pushed him off after a bit. I felt close to cumming and didn’t want to start a mind connection with him, though it would be useful for this moment. “Mikey” I mumbled, wanting to ask a lot of stuff, but he silenced me with another kiss. He would stop randomly to kiss my neck, his breath still smelled a lot like alcohol.

Mike looked at me with a playful smile. ‘I retract everything I said about drunk Mike and now appreciate him a lot more.’ “Now that you’re all warmed up bro…” He gave me another kiss “…Would it be alright if I fucked you?”

It wasn’t right, but I was horny. But, no. It wasn’t right, he wasn’t himself right now, and I shouldn’t have let him suck me off. “Mikey” I said again, more serious this time. “You’re drunk, let’s just… go to sleep, alright?”

He seemed disappointed, like I just ruined his plans for the night. However, he nodded “Y-yeah, sure. Wanna… Sleep together at least?” Was he serious? I couldn’t tell, but I accepted. It wasn’t anything weird, just… Two best friends sleeping together, right?

He laid down in his bed, leaving me a bit of space, which was already a lot. Mike was a big guy, mostly muscle, but that was enough to fill in these college dorm beds.

I got in the bed besides him, and he put his arm around me. I wasn’t trying to ruin his attempts to be sweet, so I just left his arm there and rested my head on his chest, to make him happy. It seemed to work since he mumbled a “Thanks bro” before dozing off.

Next morning, I got up from bed trying my best to avoid waking him up. It was still pretty early, but classes started in some ours. I noticed I should get better at stealth, since Mike yawned and opened his eyes. We both remained silent, he shouldn’t be drunk anymore, but I wasn’t going to ask if he didn’t talk about the subject.

“Hey… Bro” he said, I gave him a nod with a calming smile, suggesting that everything was fine. “Uhm, about last night…”

“Look, we don’t have to talk about that if you don’t want to” I reassured him. He nodded calmly.

“But I do wanna talk about it. You’re my best friend Pine, and a great guy. It just… seemed like the right thing to do at the moment, alright? We can still be friends, if you want to” He was confident to where this was going. I smiled at him.

“Yep, I definitely want to” He then grabbed me in a hug, yelling that I was the best friend in the world and stuff like that. Man, I don’t know what I would do without good old Mikey around.

After that, we got ready for the day, while chatting about yesterday for a bit. He told me he was still straight, but that after high school, he was a bit more open with his options. That explained what happened last night, Mikey was a bi-curious!

“I really didn’t like those sorority girls, they seemed angry on Stacy after we left” I started telling him

“Well, yeah. Pi Omega girls are something else. They’re definitely not girlfriend material, one of my mates tried it out and… let’s say it didn’t end good. Speaking about greek thingies, did I tell you that I got invited to a frat?”

I shook my head in denial and he continued “Yeah, this guy Joey from the team told me a week ago or so. I went one night just to check it out and they’ve got an amazing house. Name’s Sigma Nu… something else, I think. You know, the one that throw that party on our first week” He scratched his head trying to remember the third word. To no avail, though. I may have to investigate, then!

We left the room after a bit, heading to have our breakfast before starting with the classes.

So, I know this one didn’t really added anything to Pine’s plan with the football team, but decided it may be good to add a bit more of character development. (I’m trying to experiment with some new things) And also this makes the start for a possible path where Mike and Pine end up together, not sure about that yet but hey! It’s good to think about the possible futures.

As I write this little P.S, Chapter 5 is still being written. However, if you’re interested, I’ve uploaded the first chapter of a new story to my Patreon. As I said, I want to experiment a bit, so this one’s going to be less lighthearted than what I usually write. Specially in the last two chapters.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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