Pine's College Jocks Ch. 3 - The Head Coach

By Nacho -
published February 1, 2020
2146 words

Pine starts to carry out his new plan, but first, he needs the head coach by his side.

I woke up early the next day, since I had to plan the whole thing. Mike was gone, probably went jogging. I grabbed my notebook and began to write. First I would have to get the coach. Next I could try to take the whole team in one go, or do it individually, probably better that way to make sure they get the suggestions right. I grabbed my phone and called Garrett.

He answered right away “Pine! How’s my best bro?”

“Hey Gary, I’m pretty good, how about you?”

“Meh, not complaining. I’m about to hit the gym. You gotta come over to visit sometime, this campus is really amazing, bro”

“Will do, Gary, will do. Hey, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“You wouldn’t happen to know Coach…” I checked my notebook “Peter, Coach Peter” Mike provided me some information about what was around this time. The Head Coach was Peter, a hot-headed man that never stops screaming to the football guys.

“Aww bro, that one’s a fucke- Sorry, he’s not very nice. Since I was one of the best players on the team, Coach took me to meet him in case I wanted to join the local university. He’s friends with Coach Mark, I think they work together and everything. Like, Coach Mark tries to push us to our limit and if we go to the local university, Coach Peter continues what he started. Why do you ask bro?”

“Uh… I’ve got a new plan, no revenge this time, only helping the football team become better players”

I heard him chuckle “Don’t leave me out of the fun! Let me know if you need something and I’ll drive there, we’re only some hours apart”

“Thanks Gary, will do, though I think I know the perfect man for the job”

“Sure? Well, you know what you’re doing. I gotta get going, good luck!”

He cut the call and I called Coach Mark. “Hello?”

“Hey Mark, how are you?”

“Master! I’m great, and you? it’s there any way I can help you?” Yeah, I didn’t return him to how he was before, but it was for the best I think.

“I’m good, thanks.” I answered “Oh, yes, there is. Do you know Coach Peter?”

“Yes master! he’s my colleague, we used to work together when I worked at the local University, why do you ask? something happened to him, master?”

“Oh, no, he’s fine. I was wondering if you would like to help me with a new plan involving him. You got to come to the campus when you’re available, understood?”

“Yes master! I’ll try to be there as soon as possible!” It wouldn’t take him long, since the University was just 1 or 2 hours away from the city.

“Good slave, see you soon” Then I hung up again and went to study. He might take a while to get here.

Later that day, Coach came to pick me up at my dorm and we went to Coach Peter’s office. I had already told him the entire thing, so it should be easy. “Remember the plan?” I asked Mark.

“Yes master” The man didn’t change a lot, he still used sunglasses everywhere he went, a black tank top below a blue jacket. His championship rings back on his fingers (I returned those after my time on high school was over, but playing the jock master still seemed like a hot idea, so I could ask him to return those once again if I wanted) and some workout shorts. His brown-gray hair was neatly combed.

“Good, then let’s begin” I knocked on Coach Peter’s door and he opened it after a minute or so. The man was hot, like, really hot. It was obvious he and Mark were colleagues because they dressed similarly, both in tank tops, with a jacket. (Though Mark’s was blue, while Peter’s was green). And Peter wore gym trousers instead of shorts.

“Who’s… Mark?! Holy fuck, my good old pal!” He went to hug his old friend.

“Good to see you too, man!” Said the other coach

“It’s been some time, how’s training teenagers going?” Asked Peter

“Meh, they try as hard as they can, but that’s never enough”

“HA! I think the same about my teams, they try their best, but it’s not enough. Wanna come in?”

“Sure, but, by the way, this is my assistant, he has to come with me, he wanted to interview you, pal. For a project.” Mark pointed at me.

“Sure, we can get that over with quick I guess.” Said Coach Peter eyeing me with a not friendly expression, then we all entered. I closed the door behind me and locked it.

Coach Peter sat on his desk chair and Coach Mark sat on a nearby chair. I looked at the Head Coach and started. “Sir, if I may ask you… Can you tell me what’s your favorite training method?” I said, as he stared at me curiously.

“Well, I normally try to push my boys to their limits, without a break, ever. I don’t train crybabies, young man.”

“Oh, that’s… good. I would personally prefer other methods” I said, with fake confidence. If this didn’t work, Coach Peter could beat me up. Though Mark could protect me in that case so I felt a bit better.

Coach Peter then looked at me like I insulted him “Oh yeah? Tell me about it then, oh so great know-it-all!”

‘Rude’ I thought. “First thing, I help you recognize you love obeying me” His eyes then glazed over

“Yes, I love obeying you” Mark then smiled, the plan was working and he knew it. This gave me a bit of a déjà vu.

“Second, I help you realize that since you love obeying me, I must be your master and you must be my slave”

“Yes, your slave, master”

“Third, you will now want me to help you train the football team, you know I’m the one that helped Nick and you want the same for the other players” Coach Peter nodded again as I continued “We’ll do it slowly, after training you’ll call one to your office and I’ll do the rest, understood?”

“Understood, master” I then told both coaches to kneel in front of me, and they did.

Man, after barely using my powers during summer, it felt so good to get back to it! “Coach Peter, from now on, I’m the real head coach here, you’ll continue to try and train the football team with your ways, but it’ll be to keep up appearances. You’ll know I’m the one helping improve the team, and because of that you’ll see me as your superior, understood?”

“Yes, master coach!” Peter answered with a big smile. I, then, pulled down my pants and underwear. My cock was getting hard just from seeing the two coaches kneeling in front of me.

“Alright, you two can start sucking” I said. They nodded and got to it together, Coach Peter at the left and Coach Mark at the right. Never had a double blowjob before, and I didn’t know what I was missing! It felt really nice, sometimes they would encounter each other’s mouth and kiss for a while. Then they would resume the blowjob together.

After a while, I was about to cum, so I told them to get in front of my cock with their mouths open. I just wanted to test something out. I finished the job with my hand and came. Some cum fell in the coaches’ mouth, and after they swallowed, I could feel it again.

The weird connection thing I felt with Nick before. So that was it! It seems like, when someone swallows my cum, I get a direct connection with their minds, for some reason. Awesome! And a bit disgusting, but I’ll take what I can I guess.

I tried hearing Mark’s thoughts, to test it out. ‘Master’s cum is so good, I’m so glad he made me his slave before he left the school!’

Then I tried with Peter’s *‘I must obey master. He’s the real head coach around here. Must do anything he tells me’

Great, just one more thing to test out then! I sent them both the same command I gave Coach Mark when I enslaved him in his office. *‘Hand me your championship rings, each one you give me will further increase your obedience and loyalty to me, your master coach’

Both coaches obeyed almost instantly, handing their championship rings with a nice smile. Their eyes were now glazed over. The déjà vu feeling was stronger than before.

I grabbed Peter’s sunglasses from his shirt and asked Mark to give me his golden chains again. If I was going to play the coach around here, I might as well dress for the part, right?

I left the things in my bag and before leaving gave them a last order for the day. “You will start fucking when I leave the office, just for some bonding between coaches, alright?” They nodded again “Great, bye coaches!” I said and left the room.

As I walked back to the dorms, I thought about the rest of the plan. Should I try to bring the other coaches under, too? I could give Peter a bottle with my cum or something like that and have him enslave the other ones for me, though I don’t know if that would work. I wrote that down on my phone’s checklist, to test later. I guess that for now, one coach was enough.

I passed by the quad and noticed some guys wrestling around. I decided to stop for a bit and just observe. “C’mon Aiden!” Yelled one “Throw him in the fountain!”. One of the wrestling boys, Aiden I assumed, tried to push his partner to the fountain. However, that backfired and his partner tricked him, making Aiden fall straight into the water. The other guys bursted in laughter. And the dry wrestler started celebrating his victory.

I got a bit closer, but not enough for them to notice me, I just wanted a better view of the events. I assumed they were on the wrestling team, and started thinking. Should I expand my plan beyond the football team and try to enslave other teams, too?

I shouldn’t go too far with the mind connection power, because I don’t know if it has some limit. But still, the idea made me a bit hard. I grabbed my phone and went to my checklist. I had already arranged a full plan for the football team, and it was going perfect so far. I just had to decide if I would enslave them one by one or all at once, like I did before on high school. The idea of using the mind connection with all of them was hot, too, but that required them drinking my load, so it would be a ‘No’ for now.

I kept watching the wrestling team guys as Aiden got out of the fountain and tried to throw his teammate in again, without any luck. They seemed to have a lot of fun, but a while later, they decided to leave, but the wet guy said he was going to stay to dry up a bit first. He sat on a nearby bench and looked at the fountain. I decided to get up and leave, too, before someone notices me staring at people on the quad and call me out on my weirdness.

I returned to my room a bit later, Mike was still out so I decided to plan more stuff. I checked my list, to see if the plan needed some arrangements or something. I definitely could add the wrestling team, or the other teams from around here. Haven’t really seen the baseball guys, but I’ll ask Mikey later about them.

For now, I would focus to finish my plan with the football team, I already had the head coach enthralled, now I needed to get the players under to finish with that part!

I decided to extend this story a bit more. Possibly by adding another team, or another organization, but that would be for later. For now, we’re getting close to the end of the first part of Pine’s plan! Chapter 4 is already available in my Patreon, check it out if you’re interested. Thanks for reading!

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