Pine's College Jocks Ch. 2 - Nick

By Nacho -
published January 27, 2020
2815 words

Pine has an idea. Test his new powers with the cute jock he just met.

I went back to my room and found Mike there. “Bro! I’m really really sorry about the party. I got drunk pretty quickly and left with this blonde chick… Yeah, you probably don’t wanna hear the details, but I promise you it won’t happen again”

I sighed, but it was pointless to get mad, he was just enjoying his college life. I nodded “Sure, no problem” I said, he looked relieved

“Thanks man, look, as I promised, I’ll make it up to you, alright? Let’s do something you wanna do after football practice, whatever you want!” Mike said, with a big smile. Sometimes I wonder if he still remembers being under my control, but I never got to ask him.

“Alright, sounds like a plan” I said, then Mike patted my back, grabbed his workout bag and headed out giving me a ‘bro nod’.

I got on my bed and checked my phone. Oh! some texts from Gary!

I should explain what happened with him. After we finished high school, he got an opportunity to study at a well-known university. He was going to reject it, but I told him he should accept it. He did, and he seemed pretty happy about it!

We chatted for a while, until he had football practice too, damn. Though I actually had an idea. I headed out the dorms and walked to the football field.

When I got closer, I could feel that weird feeling again, which meant Nick was close enough! I went to the locker rooms and sent him an order. "Go to the locker rooms” I knew he obeyed, because I could feel him getting closer.

Nick entered the bathroom, dressed in his full football uniform, he looked at me with glassy eyes, like in a deep trance, waiting for more orders. I could feel the connection with his mind got stronger as we were just some feet apart. I could feel his mind, totally malleable, it was weird, to be honest. I checked him out, his face with a perfect jawline, his athletic body, with a nice load of muscle. He was like the big man on campus, to be honest. I think I did a great catch with this one!

I started then giving him more orders, just to test the connection thing. “Stand straight with a big smile” “Always obey me” He seemed to accept everything without any doubt. Cool! I then woke him up with a simple command and he blinked, confused. “What the… how did I get here?” He said, ruffling his hair.

I could feel his thoughts too; this connection thing was awesome. ‘Uh… I should be at practice… Wait, isn’t that the weirdo?’ He thought, as he noticed me in the room “What the hell are you doing here? are you following me?”

“Hey Nick, don’t worry, we are good friends, and you asked me to meet you here, remember?” I could feel his thoughts changing, and his rude, aggressive expression turned into a friendly, laid back one. *‘Oh yeah, I forgot, Pine’s cool’

“Yeah, sorry, don’t know what got into me bro” He said, now smiling.

Good, the plan was going well “Can I ask you something Nick?” He nodded “Could you give me a brohug?”

After spending so much time with Mike and Gary last summer, I’ve learned to appreciate those. Nick nodded and gave me a hug. I tried to hear his thoughts ‘Hmm, this feels pretty nice’ the jock thought.

I took a few steps back and sent him another order *‘Invite me to your room to hang out together’

He stood there and smiled again “Hey Pine, are you busy today? we could hang out at my room later if you want to, it was cool talking to you” I nodded “Sure, text me when you’re available” I said, then we exchanged numbers.

He said goodbye and went back to the practice. I left the locker rooms and headed back to the dorms to wait for the practice to be over. I couldn’t stop thinking about what that now I’ve got a new power! I could control the guys from distance! I guess it has a limit? I should test that sometime.

Mike arrived to the room sometime after me, so I assumed the practice was over. “Hey man” He said

“Hey, how was practice?” I asked curiously.

He grunted and laid on his bed “Honestly? Awful. It was nothing like high school football, coach was a total asshole, like, remember coach mark?”

“Oh, sure I do” I said, in a mocking tone, but he ignored me

“Well, this guy it’s ten times worse, he doesn’t EVER stop screaming. Man, my head is hurting like hell. And don’t get me started on Nick, he’s cool and a great mate, but he really had to leave the field mid practice? Coach was even angrier after that”

I haven’t met the football team’s coach, I barely knew two of the team’s members, one of which was my roommate. “I’m hungry” Mike said “I’ll go eat something, wanna come?”

I shook my head “I’m going to meet with someone later”

“Huh, good luck, I’ll bring you something for later bro”

“Thanks, I appreciate it, and if it’s a cheeseburger I’ll appreciate it even more”

He chuckled as I left some money in my desk “Sure, a cheeseburger it is” He grabbed the money and walked out of the room. A few minutes later I received Nick’s text. I headed out, his room was in another dorm building, since he was an upper-class man so I walked over there.

When I arrived, I went directly to his room. I knocked the door and he opened quickly. “Hey dude, wanna come in?”

I nodded and he moved so I could enter. His room was almost the same size as mine, but instead of another bed there was a sofa. “Uh, do you have a roommate?”

He laughed “Roommates are for losers’ man, I like to have my privacy”

“Oh, that’s cool!” I already thought about what I was going to do. “Well, let’s start, alright?”

He was confused, I could feel it in his thoughts “Start with what?” He said. “I asked you to help me with a psychology assignment, remember?” The old good excuse. “Like, you agreed to be my patient”

His eyes glazed over, that was good. His thoughts started to change, from confused to chilled. “Yeah… Yeah, sorry man, I forgot.” He said scratching his head.

“No problem, just think of it as a normal chitchat” I looked around and sat in his bed “Let’s start, sit in the couch please” He nodded and did as told. “Alright, let’s establish some basic stuff.” I grabbed a little notebook from my bag “I’m a sealed tomb, so whatever we talk here, important or not, I won’t talk about it with anyone. So you can, you know, trust in me and tell me only the truth”

He nodded “Yeah, I trust you bud”. This was going to be easy.

“Alright. Tell me something that concerns you” I wanted to start really soon, but rushing things could end badly, so I followed my psychology book procedure.

“Uh… well there’s… Uh I guess I’m worried about keeping good grades, though the nerds around me always do my homework, exams are going to end me if I don’t get my shit together and start studying myself. And the football team takes a lot of my time, the coach is a dick to everyone ’cuz he wants us to win at all costs, which is actually alright when you think of it” He shrugged “Looking down to my sister is also really important to me, I would hate to see her getting hurt”

I wrote the stuff down on my little notebook “And how does that make you feel?” I asked

“Honestly? I’m pretty tired, I mean it’s cool being a great football player, I get plenty of chicks and as I told ya the nerds take care of my schoolwork, but the stress is awful, and some of the other guys at the team feel the same I guess” Oh, he just seemed tense because of his responsibilities, I could help with that! “Well, I’ve got a way to help you, alright?”

“Uh, sorry bro, this is nice and all but I don’t think a freshman can help me, but thanks I guess”

I frowned “I insist Nick, I’ve been practicing a lot and I assure it will help you be a lot more relaxed, I promise”

I tried to read his thoughts ‘Now I’m curious, what could he be talking about?’ “I guess it won’t hurt to try, how does it work?” Nick said, great! “First things first, you’ve got to relax, breath in” He did. “And out” he did again. And then I sent an order to his mind to turn itself off, he stared blankly at the ceiling.

I could do the whole induction thing but it was just chit chat if I can just use my powers to make it faster. I checked my notebook, then looked at Nick. “Alright, I want you to listen closely to what I say and take it in like the total truth, understood?” He nodded “Good, from now on you’ll dedicate some time for studying for your exams, understood?"

He nodded again “You won’t depend so much on the nerds, but rather try to do your schoolwork yourself, you can ask them for help however. And when you’re playing football, you will always do your best. You’ll enter a focused state to help with that, is that clear?”

“Yes, Pine” He answered in a sleepy tone. It was working!

“You’ll feel really grateful to me for helping you with this, and you’ll love the feeling when you obey me, because you love obeying me, understood?”

“Yes, I love obeying you”

“Then that means you are also my slave, since you love obeying me, understood?”

He stayed silent for a few seconds before answering “Yes, I’m your slave” Perfect!

I couldn’t come up with more ideas. I didn’t want to make him gay like the other guys because he wasn’t a dick to me, besides that time at the party and at the shower, so I just told his mind to ‘wake up’, and it did. Nick blinked, confused, and I could feel the rush of thoughts like “Where am I? Did I fell asleep?” and Etc.

He saw me sitting on his bed and smiled “Oh, sorry, I must have fell asleep. But hey, I feel really relaxed, what did you do? Was that your weird thing?”

“Uh, well, yeah, kinda. It’s just a little hypnosis trick I learned from this classmate.” I lied, and before he could speak again I continued “And don’t worry! I didn’t make you do anything you wouldn’t want to do, we just talked and I helped you… reach more potential, to put it simply. For example, you should be more focused while playing football or studying!

Nick still seemed suspicious, but that faded away quickly and he had a big smile. “Really?! Thank you so much bro! If you ever need something, let me know, Alright?” I nodded, smiling too.

“Wait,” Nick suddenly said “You wouldn’t happen to be gay or bi, right?” ‘Wait, what the hell I’m saying?’ Nick thought ‘I don’t care if the guy’s gay! What’s going on?!’

I gulped. Why did he ask that? He seemed to disagree with his own thoughts! “Uh… I’m gay, yeah” I prepared myself to order him to freeze in place just in case he wanted to beat me up.

Instead, he smiled. “Great! I know a way I can repay you then, bro!” He walked closer to me and kissed me. ‘Wowowowow, this is… not that bad?’ I heard out his thoughts. *‘Should I keep going? I want this so much… wait what?’

I was surprised, mostly because I haven’t told him to kiss me or to be attracted to me, but it was enjoyable anyways so I went on with it. After a while he broke the kiss and pushed me to his bed. However, I got back up, maybe this was going a bit too far.

“Hey, the kiss was alright and all but I would rather not have sex with you, or at least not now.” I said, a bit concerned. But he didn’t seem hurt at all.

“No problem bro! We should, like, repeat sometime, if you’d like” Nick said, with a big grin. He sat back down on his couch.

I smiled too, relieved. “Sure, I’ll text you when available”

He nodded “Great, and thanks again for helping me out. If you need something, anything, you can always ask me.”

I finished dressing and grabbed my stuff “Will have that in mind, see you later Nick”

“Bye bro!” The redheaded jock gave me a ‘bro nod’ and then jumped back in his bed as I walked out. I could hear him thinking ‘Damn… I’m so horny right now’ as I walked away. I could take care of that later.

Some days later, after today’s football training, I waited for Mike near the campus’ plaza. We have been going to the gym together since last summer, he goes almost every day and I go with him every Thursday and Saturday because “He thinks I could use some muscle”. It was alright though. He arrived some minutes after I did “Man, you won’t believe today’s practice. The coach was in such a mood because of Nick. He was a beast on the field.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Really?”

“Yeah, I’m telling you, he didn’t seem to care about anything but winning… Wait” He saw me smiling “Do you have something to do with it? Be honest”

“Well… Yeah, you got me!” Then I started whispering “We met after an incident at that party you took me, then I decided to help him become less aggressive, and well, one thing led to the other and I helped him with football, too.”

“But, isn’t that cheating?” Mike asked, concerned.

I shrugged “Well, yeah, maybe. I was experimenting for a bit with a new power I got, I’ll tell you about it later since this is not a good place to talk about it” I said as I looked around. “But if it bothers you, I can undo it. Like, I don’t want to mess up with your teammates or anything.”

Mike remained silent for a bit, then spoke again “Nah, don’t worry man. It’s cool, I’m sure it’ll help us win some games. You didn’t give him powers or anything, he just got more focused, right?” I nodded “Then it’s cool bro.”

I started thinking about it, helping the team become more focused while playing. “Hey, I’ve got an idea. What if I made the rest of the team like that, I mean, super focused when playing football?”

“Y’know that’s totally up to you, as long as you don’t mess up with their heads a lot, I’m okay with it. And even if so, I don’t have a voice in the matter, it’s totally your choice, Piney”

I already made up my mind. I could start with the coach, then move on to the rest of the team! It could be like a good action, the guys at my old high school did get better while under my control, so why don’t share that with the other guys? “Alright, I’ll do it! Let me know if you want to be in or not, I won’t use my powers on you without permission first.”

Mike then ruffled my hair and laughed “Thanks man, I appreciate it” Then we continued walking to the gym as I planned my next move.

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