Like Son, Like Father - Be a Man!

By RobinHood70 -
published October 23, 2016
7681 words

Sean has an important choice to make


  • Sean (1, 2)
  • Cedric (1, 2)
  • Jared (1, 2)

I was awoken by the sound of Jared and Cedric talking quietly. It looked like all three of us had dozed off for a while, since even Cedric was looking a little bleary-eyed. As I regained my bearings, I let my eyes drop to Cedric’s cock and rest there. “Are you okay to sleep on your own for a bit, boy?”, Cedric was asking Jared as I blinked my sleepiness away.

“I’m a big boy now, Sir, I think I can handle it!”, Jared told him impishly. While his words may have been impish, his tone said he was letting Cedric know it was really okay, and he wasn’t just doing what Cedric wanted him to.

“Remember, boy, you come first—always—so if you’d rather stay with me, it’s okay”, Cedric said, making doubly sure.

“Sir, I may not know everything that’s going on between you and Dad, but I’d have to be blind, deaf, and not just dumb, but a complete moron to miss the fact that something major changed tonight. It’s the first time he’s watched me get buggered, and I sure as hell never expected he’d be doing it—and loving it!—from six inches underneath my sac”, Jared explained in his now ever-present English accent. “You do whatever you need to do, Sir”, he continued, faltering slightly at the end as he looked up and realized that I was awake. “Besides, if you’ll be doing what I think you will”, he paused, looking at me, then whispered something into Cedric’s ear.

“I’d like to think that’s what we’ll be doing”, Cedric smiled, “but that’s part of what I need to talk to your father about. If we do, you go right ahead and do what you want to”, Cedric replied. I was mystified, but it wasn’t for me to question what was going on. Cedric really did have an impressive, dominant cock. I could see Jared’s leg pressed up against him, and found myself thinking how much his cock and my son simply belonged together. I had already started to stiffen up automatically when I woke up, but now that I was actively thinking about it, I got even harder.

“You head on upstairs”, Cedric continued, “and if all goes well, your father and I will be up after our talk. It might be a while, though, so if you want to sleep for a bit, go ahead. I’ll come in and wake you up.” Nodding obediently, Jared gave Cedric a kiss and left.

Cedric obviously hypnotized me after that because when I became aware again, everything was different. For one thing, I knew Cedric for the pervert he was; for another, I was embarrassed about being naked in front of a fag; and for a third, I could feel a towering rage building. Despite all that, I still felt a certain respect for the guy, so I sat quietly—if only just—until he finished speaking.

“Okay then, Sean, it’s time you and I talked, man to man”, Cedric told me, getting up and closing the living room doors to give us some privacy. “For nearly two months”, he continued, “I’ve been using hypnosis to make changes to who you are and how you react to your son, to me, and to the two of us together. Tonight, for the first time, you’ve finally started to understand just how much you’ve changed…or been changed.

“I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but when I first hypnotized you, my only intent was to do exactly what you’d asked. In the process of exploring how you felt, though, I discovered that while you’d buried your feelings and tried to pretend to yourself that everything was okay, you were deeply unhappy. It was when I started exploring why you were unhappy that I decided to make more changes than you’d originally asked for…a lot more.

“I won’t lie to you, I was being extremely self-serving in doing so, but the more often I hypnotized you and started helping you move away from who you were, the happier you got overall. We’re coming to the point of no return now, though. What I’ve done to you so far wouldn’t be easily reversible, but if I stopped now, with time, you’d go back to more or less who you were before I started hypnotizing you.

“I’ve done as much as I can with a single session to give you back a part of who you were, to let you make the final decision with the memories of the past couple of months, but feeling more like you did in the beginning. You’re not completely back to who you were then—the fact that you’re still sitting there quietly is a sign of that—and that’s what I mean by the point of no return. If I continue to encourage the changes I have been, some of them will become permanent. You will no longer be the same Sean you used to be. On the other hand, if your decision is for me to stop, I will, whatever the consequences. I won’t give Jared up, I love him too much, but I’ll stop hypnotizing you and we’ll all have to figure out how the hell we move on from here”, Cedric said with a hint of worry. “So, it’s time for you to make the choice.”

I sat there for another minute, silently fuming, yet so confused, so conflicted. I wanted to wrap my hands around his throat and strangle the life out of him for what he’d done. But as much as I wanted to do that, it felt wrong to be this close to the Sean I had once been. I hated this Sean! Finally, I decided to just start speaking, and let my emotions take me wherever they would. I hoped that as I spoke—as I vented, really—I’d figure out for myself what it was that I really wanted.

You are a fucking pervert, Cedric!”, I told him heatedly. “For the past two months, you’ve worked, slowly but surely, at stripping away who I was—my personality, my preconceptions, my inhibitions, all of it—and you didn’t do it because of anything I told you, you did it for your own fucking amusement.” He looked like he wanted to object, but I didn’t let him get a word in edgewise. “You’ve taken away any shred of dignity I thought I had: showing that I had a hard-on to a roomful of restaurant patrons, making me wander around naked and hard in front of my son, getting me to stick fingers up my ass in front of him, and all that other shit you’ve done to me.

“What’s more, you’ve completely violated all decency, not only having my son do almost all the same things you’ve made me do, but pretty much raping him right in front of me! You disgust me more than I have the words for! The whole time you were talking”, I said, standing up and making as if to go for his throat, “this was almost all I could think about.”

Obviously afraid, Cedric slid out from underneath me and stood up as well, in case he needed to defend himself.

“But what’s really fucked up? I still can’t figure out whether I want to strangle you for everything that you’ve done in the past two months or strangle you for putting me back to this! How the hell can someone so good at manipulating my emotions not have a fucking clue what they actually are? Christ, ever since high school you’ve been socially inept and emotionally stunted. You may be a bit better now, but clearly, your ability to read people hasn’t improved one damned bit!

“You said you wanted to speak to me ‘man to man’. Well, great, here’s the Sean who’s a man. But, you know what? I don’t want to be the man here! You’ve spent the last two months putting the man in me to sleep, and even if it was subconsciously, I let you, because I never wanted to be the man—not once in my entire life! What in the hell were you thinking bringing this Sean back? I hate this Sean! It would have been easier if you’d just left well enough alone, but noooo, you’ve got to assuage your guilty conscience by making me make a conscious fucking choice! I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate you for that”, I glared at him, my voice hoarse from how I felt.

I took a moment to recover, noting the confusion on Cedric’s face at what I’d just admitted. “I can see what you’re thinking: how could I hate being the old Sean so much? I’m surprised you didn’t get all this out of me under hypnosis, but for whatever reason, you either haven’t, or you haven’t completely understood, or maybe you just want me to hear myself say it. I don’t know. Whatever the case, let me tell you about this Sean’s life from his perspective.

“As you well know, I was ‘that guy’ in high school. It came easily to me and I was good at it. I got straight A’s, I was one of our best sax players, I had lots of friends, and girls wanted me. Hell, I even followed in my brother’s footsteps and became valedictorian. ‘Two in the same family—that’s amazing’”, I snarled, mimicking the countless people in my life who’d said that or some variation of it.

“The culmination of it all was when I got married. I did what was expected of me, I had the beautiful wife—from another country, no less—the kid on the way, and a nice house with a white picket fence. Yay fuckin’ me!

“But I was never happy in that life! I just didn’t know that there was any other life possible. We were never taught to do anything else when we were growing up, and unlike you, I was never able to break the mold. In the end, my wife came to hate me, and eventually to hate our son, because neither of us ever wanted to be ‘the man’. It grew progressively worse for her as I started to hate being that guy—this guy—more and more, and she saw the same pattern starting in Jared, even when he was little. So, eventually, she ran off with some guy who was ‘the man’, or at least far more man than I’d ever wanted to be!

“After she was gone, I moved back here, still not knowing how to live any other life. Hell, I can see now that I was even living as though I still had a wife: almost never jerking off, keeping the toilet seat down, always cleaning everything that she would’ve complained about if I hadn’t, all that shit.

“But then you came along. Somehow, with all your twisted perversions, you freed me from all that! I started jerking off all the time, pissing in the shower because I was too hard to piss in the toilet, sleeping in my own cum—hell, sleeping in your cum and maybe even Jared’s once or twice…and that other Sean didn’t care! It was a new thing—he could be ‘bad’, do things he’d been taught never to do…but at long last, even if it was filthy and perverted, he was free!” The line between who I was and who “that other Sean” was was as blurry as all hell, but figuring out which me was which was Cedric’s problem right now.

“What’s more, at some point, he realized that not only did he not have to be the man, he wasn’t the man…you were! I hate so much about who you are and what you’re doing, Cedric, but despite all that, that Sean was happy, something I’ve never been.

“Also, since I don’t think you ever understood, and I can’t blame you since I didn’t until now either, that’s what my outbursts the last few times have been about: you were forcing me to be this again in order to do what I thought was right and protect my son. I guess, when you get right down to it, that’s what it all comes down to: my son.

“I’ve seen the way he looks at you, the way he responds to you, and I’ve seen the things you do to him. Everything you and I were brought up to believe, and everything I tried to teach him, says that that’s wrong and that he should hate you for what you do…that we should hate you for what you do. But the Sean you’ve turned me into over the past couple of months? He understands. And I finally understand that that part of me was always there, that that’s the Sean who doesn’t want to be a man.

“So now it’s come to this, and I have to make a choice. And you know what? I don’t have a fucking clue what to tell you to do. Why in the hell did you have to bring me back?”, I asked rhetorically, shaking my head.

We stood there in silence for a few minutes. I saw Cedric consider offering to put me back, or maybe just doing it without offering, but he was obviously afraid of making the next move. It was probably for the better, since I couldn’t say what I would’ve done to him at this point if he’d tried anything. I’d calmed down a bit as I’d gone into the explanation, but I still felt revulsion as I thought more about the things he’d done over the past couple of months. It was made all the worse when I unthinkingly dropped my eyes to his midsection and felt just a glimmer of the fawning worship that the other Sean felt before realizing what I was thinking.

Still fuming over what the hell I was supposed to do, I started thinking about everything I was feeling and everything I’d told him. It took several more minutes, and I realized that on my own, I wasn’t going to come to any decisions. “Move”, I ordered him finally, heading for the living room doors as if I intended to walk through him if he didn’t. He obviously didn’t understand what I wanted, but he slid to one side enough for me to get past.

“Jared”, I barked after opening the door, “I know you didn’t just sleep through that, so get your ass down here.” Sure enough, I heard movement above us. Jared was wary as he walked into the room, having heard some of the argument, and all too aware of the palpable tension between me and Cedric.

“I don’t know how much of that you made out, but Cedric, in his infinite wisdom”, I drawled sarcastically, “has more or less put me back to the father you knew a couple of months ago.” I almost smiled when Jared looked at Cedric and I saw the briefest flicker of “What kind of idiot are you?” in Jared’s eyes. I wasn’t sure if Cedric would have understood the look, though—it hadn’t been just rage talking earlier, he was genuinely emotionally oblivious at times. “And now he’s asked me to choose whether to be this Sean or the Sean I’ve become over the last couple of months.” I could see puzzlement in Jared’s eyes. At first, it was clearly directed towards Cedric, but then he looked at me quizzically, asking silently why he was here.

“Before I make that choice, I need to know: are you happy? He’s twenty years your senior, he hurts you, he practically rapes you, he makes you do sickening things like ejaculating on your dinner or licking him off after he’s done with you, he makes you wear that collar around your neck, and I don’t even want to think about what else he does to you that I don’t know about. What’s more, he hypnotizes you to think you like it. Yet for all that, you stay with him, and for whatever reason, you seem to love him. So I need to know—I need you to look me in the eye and tell me—are…you…happy?”

“Yes, Dad, I am.” Jared looked me in the eye with a firmness of character I’d never seen in him before. “And you’re wrong”, he told me. “Master Cedric doesn’t hypnotize me to think I like all that, I like that Master Cedric hypnotizes me to do all that. Most of it I fantasized about long before I ever met Master Cedric. Since my earliest fantasies, I’ve wanted a man—a real man, not someone my age who’s only legally a man—to make me do stuff. In truth, I thought it would be more by pinning me down and physically forcing me to do it, but doing it hypnotically accomplishes the same thing, only I’m not just being forced to do things, I actually enjoy them even though I remember not wanting to do them before. I know you’re only beginning to understand, or at least the Dad you were an hour or so ago is, but I think that’s brilliant, and I want Master Cedric to keep doing it.

“You probably don’t know this, but the first time he hypnotized me, I hoped he would use it to make me do things, but I didn’t know if that was actually possible or just urban legend. The second time we were together, I knew he could make me do things I was afraid to do, and I invited him to use it that way.

“So, don’t you ever worry about what Master Cedric does to me. As much as he has trouble believing this, he’s everything I’ve ever wanted.” Jared looked lovingly over at Cedric for a moment. “And, as you’ve probably noticed”, he grinned mischievously, “I’m not exactly cursed with your desire to be completely obedient, so when he’s not everything I’ve ever wanted, I make it a point to let him know.”

Jared was right about the obedience. Even now, I could feel that other Sean inside my head, and he—I—did want to be completely obedient. Thinking back to some of the things Cedric had made me do, I even found myself starting to get just a little bit hard again. I’d hated doing those things, I really had. I was completely straight, no matter which Sean I was, and for all the changes he’d made, Cedric had been right: he couldn’t change that. But there was a part of me that I’d never been able to acknowledge before that wanted to be made to do those things again, much like Jared, and I couldn’t even separate whether that was this me or the other me. They were humiliating, they were degrading…and they made me harder the more I thought about them. Even though I’d said it to Cedric earlier, I started to truly embrace the idea that I’d already made this choice the first time around, even if only subconsciously. Between that and knowing that my son wouldn’t have to face the life of unhappiness that I had, I was finally able to give Cedric the decision he apparently needed. Before facing Cedric, though, I caught Jared’s gaze and held it. “Don’t ever think you’re not a real man”, I said for his ears alone.

“Alright then, you bastard”, I raised my voice somewhat heatedly as I turned towards Cedric. “You listen to me, and you listen good! You put me back! You put me back, and you don’t ever bring this Sean out again. It’s too confusing, and if you’d thought about it—really thought about it—you should have known it was unnecessary. You said it yourself back in the beginning: you can’t make me do something unless some part of me is willing to do it. That must mean there’s some small part of me that’s still willing to be the Sean I am now, but I don’t want to be this Sean. So, you put me back, you motherfucker! You put me back and you let me be the Sean I really am!”

We all stood there in silence for a moment, each of us a little stunned, I think, by the vehemence of my decision. I glared slightly upwards into Cedric’s eyes, but that was getting harder and harder the longer I stood there. I’d felt parts of the other Sean returning all through the discussion, and knowing that I would soon be fully back to being that Sean, I felt a tension I hadn’t even been aware of starting to leave me, letting the other part of me come back even more. Cedric looked silently at Jared and I heard him quietly leave the room behind me.

Turning towards the couch, I looked at the spot where I usually sat—the spot where Cedric usually hypnotized me. Marching over to it, I sat, and looked at Cedric almost demandingly. As Cedric started to sit in his usual spot, though, something occurred to me, and I motioned for him to hold off for a moment on what we both knew he was about to do.

“Look, I know this is going to sound stupid after the last ten minutes or so, but there’s one thing that the other Sean has always hated. Whether it was because of the hypnosis or just a measure of how obedient he subconsciously wanted to be, he could never tell you, though.” Cedric looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Please stop making me pay for dinner”, I asked him plaintively. “I get why you like it: you get off on telling me what to do and then having me pay for the privilege. But as much of a redneck, 1950s stereotype as I know it is, the way you and I were raised, paying for dinner is the man’s job—your job—and for all that you’ve dealt with everything else in how we were raised, I still think that way. So, even if it means you order the other S… Oh, fuck it! Even if you order me to give you the money at some other time—hell, order me to turn over my entire paycheck if that’s what gets you off—it’s up to you to pay for dinner.” Cedric just laughed and gave me an indulgent nod.

The next thing I knew, I was hard and I was opening my eyes to focus on Master Cedric’s stupendously beautiful, dominant cock! I worshipped everything about him. I needed him so badly! I remembered what had happened before, but now, it all seemed like a bad dream. Perhaps it even had been. I couldn’t imagine that I would ever have said those things to Master Cedric.

Standing up, Master Cedric’s rock-solid cock was directly in my face. It felt so good being this close to it. Looking down at me affectionately, he said, “Follow me, bitch, you’ve got a long night ahead.” Staring at his majestic cock, I couldn’t wait.

When we got upstairs, he directed me to brush my teeth, relieve myself if I needed to, and wait for him in bed while he went to check on Jared. I assumed he was saying good night, but it was such a relief to know that I would never again have to worry about what he was doing. He might be saying good night or he might spend the next two hours fucking Jared while I waited for him as ordered. It didn’t really matter.

He emerged from my son’s bedroom and walked into what had once been my bedroom several minutes after I’d lain down. After taking a piss, he got into bed beside me, grabbing my cock and balls with the absolute certainty that they belonged to him now. I could see his hard cock down next to my leg, so I let my eyes rest there while he fondled me.

I let myself relax into him, his hand feeling odd on my cock, but not unwelcome. For a few seconds, I was puzzled as to why it should feel odd, but it came to me soon enough: this was the first time I was conscious of the fact that he was stroking my hard, obedient cock for the simple reason that he felt like it. Part of me felt humiliated that I was letting him do that, and loved how that felt, but it was almost inseparable from the overwhelming part of me that knew only that I needed to serve and obey.

Slowly, tenderly, his hand made his way up my side to my face. It had been a long time since I’d felt that kind of touch and I felt goose bumps form all over my body. Prying my mouth open with his thumb, Master Cedric bore down on me and invaded my mouth with his tongue. It was weird being frenched by a man—it reminded me of my first time but, in a way, it was my first time…at least being kissed by a man. I knew it would be only one of many firsts tonight.

“Sean”, Master Cedric said, pulling away from me slightly to talk, “I want you to think back to what I’ve been doing to Jared most of the night.” How could I forget? It had been glorious the way my son’s ass had serviced his desires. “Good. I can tell by the smile on your face that you’re remembering me fucking him”, he leaned in to give me another quick kiss. “Now, Sean, I want you to get on your hands and knees with your ass up here where I can reach it and your face down by my cock.” I got into the position he described, feeling him casually start running his fingers up and down my crack. “Now take a good look at my cock. Get right up close to it and let yourself enjoy everything about it: the sight, the smell, the way it throbs so close to your face, absolutely everything.

It looked even better this close up than it had earlier when he’d been fucking Jared right above me. It was so beautiful, so manly, so demanding…I needed to service it, and him, in whatever way he wanted. Breathing in deeply through my nose, I could smell a faint pungent odor coming from it. Jared had started to clean it off earlier, but had fallen asleep before finishing the job. The pungent odor complemented Master Cedric’s own smell nicely.

“Now, Sean, I want you to think about a few things while you’re down there. You’ve been hypnotized, Sean; you’ve been hypnotized to become a gay man’s bitch. You’ll do anything for me. You know that my cock still has remnants of lube on it from fucking your son, and you know that despite that, when I tell you to, you’re going to suck it. There’s a part of you that feels sick and humiliated at the very thought, and there’s an even bigger part of you that likes it.

“I want you to think about all of that Sean, and really enjoy how it all makes you feel, but there’s one more thing I want you to think about, and as soon as I’ve told you what it is, I want you to wrap your mouth around my cock and take it all the way down your throat.”

I knelt there, leaning on my elbows so that I could be as close to his cock as possible, and I let everything he’d said fill my thoughts. Master Cedric was so amazing—he knew exactly what I’d feel as I thought of everything he’d told me to! The idea that I’d be sucking his cock after he’d been fucking my son was sickening and humiliating…but I also knew that when he told me to, I was going to do it. I could feel my need to have his cock in my mouth building as I waited to hear the last thing he wanted me to think about, and I could feel his body relax in expectation of my service as he told me what it was.

“Your son is watching.”

My brain exploded with that information. I’d removed the doors from both bedrooms myself—of course Jared could see what we were doing if he was awake, but until that moment, I hadn’t given it any thought. Even as I swallowed Master Cedric’s amazing cock, tasting my son’s magnificent obedience to him on it, I found myself struggling not to cum at the thought that my son was watching me be so deeply humiliated. I couldn’t even focus on what it felt like to give so much pleasure to such a wonderful man. All I could do was tell myself over and over “Don’t cum! Don’t cum!” It was hard not to when my mind kept going back to the fact that Jared was watching his father service a gay man’s cock.

Master Cedric grabbed me by the hair and starting forcing me on and off of his cock while his other hand slid down my crack and reached between my legs to grab my cock. As soon as his fingers wrapped around my shaft, I lost the battle I’d been fighting, and came all over his side and the bed, the last of it dribbling down onto his hand. Almost immediately, I felt his hand leave my cock, even as I cringed with the knowledge that I was the biggest piece of shit, lower than the lowest maggot, a total screw-up for having lost control and cum without his permission. My sense of failure was so overwhelming that I almost started to cry.

I didn’t have long to dwell on it before my balls exploded with intense, eye-watering pain. I lost all awareness for a moment, my entire world filled with Master Cedric’s displeasure. I whined around his cock, but even thinking about his cock momentarily reminded me what I was supposed to be doing and I started trying to focus on taking it in and sliding it back out. Pain! Focus…in…out…please Master Cedric…obey Master Cedric. It was all I could do to keep pleasuring him, but as hard as it was to focus and as much as I wanted to grovel for forgiveness, he’d said nothing about stopping, so all I could do was keep sucking on his cock as I faced my punishment. At least I assumed it was punishment. Somewhere during that time, it occurred to me that Master Cedric might just be doing this because he felt like it—it was his right, after all, and my place to take it, whatever the reason.

I was so absorbed in trying to please Master Cedric’s cock, as well as in my own worthlessness for betraying him by cumming, that I never even noticed when the pain stopped. He was up to two fingers in my ass before I even noticed that he was no longer squeezing my balls. Now that the pain was mostly gone, I really started to focus on what it was like to have a penis in my mouth.

The only word I could come up with for the physical sensation was “weird”. I’d never experienced anything quite like this. If I’d somehow been able to forget that it was a cock, it wouldn’t have been all that objectionable. But of course, it was a cock, which went against everything I’d ever been taught, and I wanted it out of my mouth so badly…except that this was Master Cedric, and my wants were irrelevant. I needed to do whatever he told me to, and it felt fantastic to know that I was sucking his cock just the way he wanted.

It was a loss when he pulled his fingers out of my ass only a minute later, but when he told me to turn back around, lie down, and lick his fingers off, I was pretty sure I knew what was coming next. In a way, I was glad I’d already cum once, because thinking about what I assumed was about to happen—knowing that Jared was watching—my cock started twitching so violently, I almost came again. I was able to control it this time, though, with some effort.

“So, the time has come at last”, Master Cedric told me melodramatically, pulling his fingers out of my mouth and stroking the side of my head with them. “I have been fantasizing about this moment since the day I first met you back in high school, Sean.” He paused, and then in a triumphant voice, he gave me the order that I’d known was coming ever since I’d woken up from my “nightmare” earlier. “Spread your cheeks, bitch! I am gonna fuck you up the ass!”

Even as I reached down to pull my butt cheeks apart, he slathered what felt like a bucketful of lube onto my ass. Stroking some onto his cock as well, he rolled on top of me and I felt the head of his dick pressing against my hole.

His only concern was getting inside of me and fucking the guy he’d been fantasizing about since high school—and my only concern was making it the best possible experience for him that I could. Holding my cheeks apart, I felt him push his way painfully inside of me. This was nothing like his dildo—this was rough, it was violent, and as little as he’d warmed me up, it hurt like hell.

As soon as he was in, he started thrusting in and out at top speed. This was at least as rough as I’d seen him be with Jared, probably rougher. He didn’t care that it was my first time with a real cock, he didn’t care that it hurt like hell. I was his, and he was going to use me; it was up to me to deal with it.

To my surprise, I didn’t have to “deal with it”, though. The longer he fucked me, the more I enjoyed the feel of having him inside me. It still hurt, but the pain became secondary to the joy of serving this incredible man. As humiliating as it was to think of Jared seeing me this way, I also felt proud of myself that I was learning to please Master Cedric like Jared did. I did my best to keep my ass cheeks spread—not easy with the amount of lube he’d put on now that it was getting spread around a bit—and I thrust back against him every time he rammed his way into my hole again. As he tore into me, he started biting me, making me hurt not only in my ass, but now on my shoulder, my neck, and my ear. Every part of me that his teeth could reach, he bit, and when he was done on one side, he yanked my head up, twisted, and then slammed it back into the pillow on the other side. Through it all, as much as I hated it, I felt myself becoming more and more addicted to having his cock inside me, to submitting to his indomitable will.

Letting go of my hair, he grabbed me by both hands, interlacing his fingers with mine and pulling my hands in towards my shoulders, effectively pinning me under him. That’s when the real ass rape began. If I’d thought he was rough before, it was nothing to what he did to me now that I was pinned under him and he could use my own body for leverage. I found myself whimpering, maybe even crying, and even though my hands were now pinned, I still tried to spread my legs as much as I could so that he could enjoy driving into me as deeply as possible. Even through the pain, I could feel my cock thrumming, on the verge of cumming again. I couldn’t say how long it lasted before I felt him change, just for the last few moments, to really short, violent thrusts, as his cock exploded repeatedly inside of me.

I’d never felt so small, so pathetic, so violated, and so content in my entire life. I felt a wet spot underneath me, and realized that at some point in all of that, I’d lost control again and cum without his permission for the second time tonight. I cringed as his lips started kissing the back of my neck tenderly, knowing that I’d let him down once again. I hated the touch of his lips for what I’d done, and this time, I did start to cry. He continued his kissing, either oblivious to my tears or uncaring, even as I stretched my neck out so he could kiss that much more of me.

“I came, Sir”, I confessed, unable to take his tender kisses anymore—I’d been feeling guiltier and guiltier with each one, knowing that I hadn’t lived up to his standards.

“Yes, Sean, I know. You’re not exactly stealthy about your orgasms. I think I took it out of your ass and then some, but maybe I’ll punish you for it more later. One of the nice things about being your Master is that I can punish you for something at the time you screw up, the next day, a year later, or not at all if I feel like it. By the same token, I can punish you for doing nothing at all. You’re my bitch now, Sean”, he said, as though this should be patently obvious. “If I feel you need punishment for something, you can be sure you’ll get it. Oh, and I know you’ll always confess any wrongdoings to me, as few and far between as they’ll be, because that’s just the kind of slave you are. And as my slave, it’s your place to deal with not knowing when or whether you’ll be punished for any transgressions…or if the lack of punishment is, in fact, the punishment itself.”

It made me feel marginally better to know that I’d been right earlier about my place and the randomness of his punishment. I should have known that Master Cedric would be aware of my transgression even before I told him, though. How could such a perfect man not know?

“Oh, and don’t think I didn’t notice you crying. I let you cry because I like seeing a grown man cry, or a grown bitch, in your case. Don’t ever stop yourself…in fact, that’s something we’ll work on hypnotically.”

“Yes, Sir”, I acknowledged.

Master Cedric went back to kissing me, his slightly softening cock still buried comfortably in my ass. Knowing now that he liked it, I turned my head ever so slightly so he could see the drying tear streaks running down my face, which he promptly started kissing.

Lying there under his tender touch and his kisses, I found myself thinking over the changes in my life, and I realized that not only had I been looking for this kind of relationship all along, but that it was actually better with a man. A woman could never have made me feel as violated, as horrible, and as insanely turned on and submissive as Master Cedric did.

My contemplation was interrupted, however, by Master Cedric calling out to Jared. “Did you enjoy the show, Jared?” As he’d leaned up to do so, he’d inadvertently thrust his cock a little deeper, causing me to thrust back fondly.

“Fuck yes, Sir! That was fucking brilliant!”, Jared replied. “Thank you for giving me permission to cum as much as I wanted, Sir. I came three times in a row watching you fuck him! Ummm…will I be allowed to watch you guys again, Sir?”, Jared asked.

“That’s why there are no doors, Jared. Nobody in this house has a right to privacy, so you can watch me take him anytime you want.” It made me feel even more violated that my son had the right to watch me get fucked, or whatever else Master Cedric chose to do to me, and I had no right to refuse. Knowing that made me relax in Master Cedric’s arms even more than I already was, a feeling of utter devotion washing over me.

“Oh, you like that idea, do you, Sean?” It was interesting how “Sean” and “bitch” sounded the same the way he said them now. I couldn’t quite bring myself to answer, and I was pretty sure it was a rhetorical question anyway, so despite the fact that I could barely move, I did my best to relax my body even further and sort of nuzzle into him more like I’d seen Jared do earlier.

I was rewarded by a slow, rhythmic thrusting in my ass as Sean started up once again. It amazed me how someone could be so insatiable. First, he’d done my son all night; now, he’d taken me once and appeared to be getting started on a second time. Then again, this was Master Cedric, and in my view, he was capable of doing pretty much anything. Once he was fully hard again, he started pulling out completely and pushing his way back in, chuckling in pleasure at my total submission to his will.

“I am going to enjoy this!”, he said to no one in particular. Jared came out of hiding and stood against the doorframe of my room to get a better view, but probably to his disappointment, Cedric didn’t actually turn it into a full-fledged fuck, just a little bit of fun after-play.

Settling inside me once again, Cedric spoke softly into my ear. “I think we’re pretty much done for the night, bitch. I’ve trained you well enough with the dildo that you know what you have to do next.” He paused for a moment to wait for my nod of understanding. “Before you do that, in case I drift off to sleep while you’re busy, I just want you to know that I’m really happy with what we’ve accomplished here tonight. There’s more to come, of course. I’ll push you in ways that I’m not able to with Jared because that’s just the type of slave you are, but tonight was definitely your biggest challenge. You made it through what I did and came out the other end really understanding for the first time what it’s going to mean to be my bitch. I’m proud of you for that.”

I worshipped this man so much! “Now, then, I believe you have one last job to do tonight, bitch”, Master Cedric whispered in my ear, kissing it lightly before rolling off of me to lie prone on the bed.

Looking around, I saw Jared still standing in the doorway, his cock struggling valiantly to stay erect in spite of how many times he’d just cum. He knew as well as I did what needed doing, and he watched eagerly, stroking himself occasionally, as I moved down to the cock that had just come out of my ass and started tonguing it delicately, gently cleaning off the lube while our Master drifted off to sleep.

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