Like Son, Like Father - The Good Life

By RobinHood70 -
published October 25, 2016
10939 words

Sean and Jared’s relationship is finally the way it should be, just as Sean requested from Cedric back in the beginning


  • Sean (1, 2)
  • Cedric (1, 2)
  • Jared (1, 2)

My talk with Jake on Wednesday morning went far better than I’d expected. He’d sensed my unease with some of his comments over the past couple of months, which, in turn, had made him uneasy as he started censoring himself. When he realized where the conversation was headed, he started getting upset, but then hearing that I’d pretty much arranged a new job for him already, he went from being angry to grateful in the blink of an eye. I wrapped up the conversation quickly, since he was expected for the interview ASAP.

I didn’t see him for the rest of the day, but he called in after his interview to say that things had gone well. We agreed that he’d stay only for the remainder of the week, which would give me and Bruce a couple of weeks to help get Ian settled in before Bruce also had to leave. Normally, I would’ve wanted Jake and Ian to meet to discuss the state of ongoing work, but I didn’t think that was such a good idea in this case, all things considered. For his part, Bruce seemed unconcerned with the change, though he did mention later, seemingly in passing, that sometimes Jake’s comments could go a little overboard.

Friday, we worked through our normal lunch break so that we could finish up the job and then went for a somewhat late goodbye lunch after we were done. Jake and I shook hands when lunch was over and I wished him well in his new job. Since we were done for the day, Bruce went home, but I still had to call my accountant to help me with the staff changes, so I headed back to the office.

When I got off the phone with my accountant, there was a message from Master Cedric telling me to call him back. “Hello, Sir”, I said when he picked up. “You called?”

“Yes, Sean, I did. I have something important I need you to do this afternoon. Are you alone?”, he asked.

“Yes, Sir. Jake gave me his key about half an hour ago and Bruce went home”, I informed him.

“Perfect! Why don’t you just sit back and relax while I tell you what I need you to do”, he suggested.

Oh crap! When had it gotten so late? I had a throbbing boner and I could feel a bit of precum in my underwear, but I didn’t have time to worry about that right now—I had to get to the bank before it closed. It wasn’t until afterwards, when I was back home and shaving myself, that it really dawned on me what I’d done on the way there…and the hard-on I always got while shaving got even harder. Master Cedric had apparently taken me literally when I’d told him to take my entire paycheck…and then applied it retroactively. I had no bank accounts of my own anymore; I’d transferred all of it to him. At least I thought I had—my memories of my trip to the bank were hazy at best.

By the time I was done showering and shaving, Master Cedric was home, and I found him sitting naked on the couch. I automatically dropped my eyes to his cock, noticing as I did that it was half hard. “Did everything go okay at the bank, Sean?”

“Yes, Sir, it did.” I felt somehow that I should say more, but I was at a loss for words. What do you say to the guy that you just gave your entire life savings to?

I took my usual seat on the couch as Master Cedric continued. It was Friday afternoon, after all—time for our weekly session. Master Cedric could hypnotize me anytime he wanted to, of course, but except for last week when he’d presumably been busy fucking Jared blind, Master Cedric always hypnotized me on Friday nights.

“I expect you don’t remember much of what you did—you usually don’t when I hypnotize you that deeply”, Master Cedric laughed, “—so, for the record, all of what used to be your money is now in a joint account. Technically, it’s for all three of us, though I’m sure you realize that you’ll have no say in how it’s spent whatsoever. Short of an extreme emergency, you’ll never withdraw anything from it. Jared will have that privilege to pay bills and on other limited occasions, but you won’t. I’ll give you a reasonable allowance for things like lunches, incidental groceries and the like, but all other money will be handled by Jared or me. The business account is entirely yours, though, since I have no interest in managing your business for you, and it would probably raise questions in any event. Everything else you own will remain in your name for now as well, but when you sell them, the money will go into our joint account. Any questions, bitch?”, he asked.

“No, Sir”, I replied, thrilled beyond what I would have thought possible that he’d taken yet another level of control over my own life away from me.

“What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is, well, also mine”, he smirked. “Consider it an early birthday present.” Clearly, he knew how I felt about it—or perhaps I only felt this way because he’d hypnotized me to at some point. In the end, I realized that I didn’t really care either way.

“By the way, I put my place on the market this week, priced to sell, and I’ve already had a few nibbles. I’ll be moving in over the next month or so.” Only a couple of months ago, Jared and I living on our own had felt right. Now, even as he informed me of his decision, I found that I couldn’t wait for Master Cedric to move in. The house felt lonely and wrong those rare times when he wasn’t here.

“Now then, bitch, you know what time it is. Sit back and relax”, he ordered, both of our cocks stiffening up in anticipation. “Just keep staring at my cock, Sean. Keep staring at it and relax. You can’t take your eyes off it. Just listening to my voice and looking at my cock makes you feel so relaxed. It’s so easy for you to go under—it comes effortlessly now, and you’re already slipping down into a deep, obedient relaxation.”

He was right, of course—he was always right. In just a few sentences, he had me completely relaxed and I was already finding it hard to organize my thoughts. It was so much easier to just listen to his voice and let myself slip into a trance.

“Just keep looking at my magnificent, hard cock. You can feel its power over you as it takes you deep into a state of total, hypnotic obedience. You’re powerless to resist it. It’s the most beautiful cock you’ve ever seen, and you worship it completely. Just keep staring and relax.”

As always, I had no idea how long I was under for. Even the fact that I’d been under was something I was only vaguely aware of. As I stared at Master Cedric’s amazing cock, I was overwhelmed with adoration. Every day, my reverence for him and his incredible cock grew, but today, it was especially noticeable. He just had the most astoundingly perfect cock in the entire world. Mine was so pathetically plain in comparison. If he walked down the street naked, I was convinced that everyone would fall to their knees and worship it.

As I stared in awe, I heard him tell me that I should thank him properly for his present. Without a moment’s hesitation, I slid onto my knees in front of him and took his beautiful cock into my mouth. It was so fantastic to have him inside of me again, filling my mouth and driving firmly down into my throat as he grabbed me by the back of the head. I felt so insignificant, so worthless, as I knelt there servicing such a perfect man with his perfect cock, and I loved how that felt.

With Jared out at his game, I was expected to see to all of Master Cedric’s needs, and it was my absolute pleasure to do so. After sucking him off for close to an hour, taking his delicious load down my throat, I made us dinner. Later in the evening, he felt like fucking, so I bent over for him. Even though I couldn’t see it, his cock was still amazing—it felt like silk as it slid leisurely in and out of my ass.

When Jared got home about an hour later, he got face-fucked briefly before being sent to bed—his own bed. He was a little put out at that until he realized that he was going to get to watch Master Cedric fucking me again. Now that Master Cedric had an appreciative audience, he was much more vigorous. I could hear Jared masturbating the whole time, and in amongst my own moans, I was pretty sure I heard him cum at least once, if not twice.

When I woke up the next morning, Master Cedric was still asleep. I didn’t want to wake him, so I just lay there staring at his face and the manly hair on his chest. I wanted to stare at his cock so badly, like I was supposed to, but it was covered by the blankets. Even though it wasn’t the first time, it still seemed so strange to be waking up next to a man—even more, to be waking up next to the man who’d spent a good part of the night fucking me. Yet, just looking at him, I was ecstatic that he was here, and half-hoping he’d start out the morning by fucking me again whenever he woke up. I had to take a leak really badly, but I stayed still nevertheless, waiting patiently.

Maybe fifteen minutes later, Master Cedric rolled over and draped his hand across me, his morning wood pressing into my thigh. It was actually a few more minutes before he moved consciously, but I could tell he was waking up.

“Good morning, Sean”, he mumbled once he was awake. Moving his arm slightly, pressing it against my chest and stomach somewhat intimately, he started chewing on my nipple. “How are you this morning?”, he asked between nibbles that made me wince.

“I’m okay, SiiiiIIIr”, I yelped, as he bit down harder and started pulling at my nipple like he was trying to tear it off.

As he continued his chewing, he moved his hand familiarly down my body until it was resting on my bladder. I knew what was coming, of course, and whimpered as he pressed in on it. “I didn’t think you would’ve gone. You’re such an obedient little bitch!”, he smiled.

“Yes, Sir. Anything for you, Sir!”, I said. Something about Master Cedric just demanded that I do whatever he wanted me to—a feeling that was doubled as I looked down and saw just a hint of his beautiful cock between our two bodies. How could anyone not want to obey his every wish?

“Any movement out of Jared yet?”, he asked, continuing to massage my bladder while he turned and nibbled on an ear.

“No, Sir, not yet.”

“Well, let’s go wake him up, shall we? First, though, I have to take a piss. Once I’m done, you can go while I go check on Jared”, he informed me, firmly pressing and massaging my bladder some more. After he came out of the bathroom, I went and pissed in the shower, as was becoming my habit now, before joining him in Jared’s room.

He was kneeling alongside Jared’s bed when I got there, the sheets pulled down to expose Jared’s ass, which he was fondling lightly. There was still no sign that Jared was aware of anything. Snapping his fingers lightly, he pointed at the bottle of lube on the nightstand, so I brought it over to him.

I watched with a smile, my cock throbbing, as Master Cedric lubed up his middle finger and stuck it firmly up my son’s ass. There was a startled whimper, almost a squeal, at the sudden intrusion, but Jared quickly woke up enough to understand what was going on and relaxed again as Master Cedric started finger-fucking him.

They kissed tenderly and spoke quietly to one another, each of them giving the other little pecks as Master Cedric kept up his finger-fucking. Eventually, that turned into actual fucking, Master Cedric mounting my boy and gently pushing himself in until he was completely buried in Jared’s ass. My cock really started to drip as I watched the whole process. It was a very gentle good-morning fuck, with a lot of kissing and caressing. Jared really seemed to get into it, his whole body writhing in a relaxed, orgasmic way that said, “Could there possibly be a better way to wake up?”

They were only at it for a few minutes before Master Cedric told us that he thought he’d celebrate his first full weekend of having two slaves at his beck and call by having us making him breakfast in bed. Jared looked like he was on the verge of making a smart remark before leaving, but then looked at me and shrugged it off. For a change, I was the one who hadn’t fully understood the byplay, but I thought maybe Jared was behaving himself more just to set a better example for me. Now there was a switch, if ever there was one!

“Jared, have something to eat before you come back up”, Master Cedric ordered. Jared nodded as though he understood, but I was a little mystified, so I asked him about it while we were making breakfast.

“Oh, it’s because he’s going to want his morning blowjob”, he explained in his pleasant English accent. I really liked hearing Jared’s accent—mostly because I knew that Master Cedric liked it, but also because it was natural for him. He wasn’t forcing himself to sound like someone he wasn’t anymore. “Sometimes, if I haven’t eaten, it upsets my stomach when I suck him off after he’s been fucking me. Same thing when I masturbate. It’s not an uncommon problem. That’s why I usually masturbate after breakfast.”

It was weird to realize that my son knew more about sex, or at least this particular type of sex, than I did. I suspected he knew more about a lot of BDSM activities and relationships than I did. The more I learned about who my son really was, the more I respected and loved him. He truly was a man in his own right now, even if a young one.

I put the final items on the tray while Jared quickly shoveled some hash browns onto a piece of toast and ate it. It seemed a bit of an odd combination, but I realized that, like any young man facing the promise of sex, he wanted to get back upstairs as quickly as possible. He’d had a slice of toast while we were making Master Cedric’s breakfast as well, so he probably had plenty of food to buffer his stomach at this point. I was a little surprised when, instead of following me into Master Cedric’s bedroom, he continued straight into his own bathroom, but I realized after a moment that he was going to rinse out his mouth, or maybe even brush his teeth. I smiled, both at the idea of Master Cedric getting a blowjob with toast crumbs—Ouch! That was an idea not to mention to Master Cedric—and at the perversity of brushing your teeth before licking off a cock that had just been in your ass a few minutes before.

Serving Master Cedric his breakfast, I realized that I didn’t really know what I was supposed to do next. Was I supposed to go have my own breakfast? Was I supposed to wait? What? I had only Exit to Eden and a few pop-culture references to go on, and I wasn’t exactly sure how well they reflected what Master Cedric wanted our relationship to be. For lack of any better ideas, I knelt by the side of the bed and waited for instructions.

Master Cedric got started on his breakfast without comment, completely ignoring me. When Jared got back from the bathroom, the only thing he said was “May I, Sir?”, before crawling into bed and getting to work on Master Cedric’s cock. The way they both acted made it obvious that this was something they’d done often before. Naturally, I kept my eyes on Master Cedric’s cock from the moment Jared pushed down the sheets.

“Do you need to eat right away?”, Master Cedric asked me after Jared got started.

“No, Sir, I’m good”, I told him. On workdays, I usually ate a good-sized meal for breakfast, but most of the time, I only grabbed breakfast on the way to work, an hour or so after I woke up, so I was good for a while yet.

“I can’t believe there was a time I didn’t want to do this, Sir! I love the taste of my ass on your cock, now!”, Jared told him. “It’s bloody brilliant!”

I loved knowing that Jared had been hypnotized to completely change what he thought of something. As he’d said, himself, he wanted to be made to do things, and that was exactly what Master Cedric had done for him. I hoped I would get to see more things like that in the future. It just felt so right to have Master Cedric mold us both into what he wanted us to be.

I was hoping that I’d get to suck his cock too, especially since he’d been fucking Jared earlier, but I was completely ignored. In a way, I was disappointed, but at the same time, I loved the humiliation of being ignored.

The two of them went at it for close to half an hour—Master Cedric mostly face-fucking Jared slowly and deeply—before I heard Master Cedric start to growl slightly and push my son even further onto his cock. I was pretty sure I knew what that meant, and it was confirmed when Jared started caressing our Master’s balls and thighs more, repositioning slightly just in time to get Master Cedric’s load deep inside his mouth. Master Cedric groaned loudly as he came, then the two of them lay there for a while, Jared tenderly kissing and tonguing our Master’s cock. I remained completely ignored throughout the whole process…and loved it.

After Master Cedric was done with us, Jared and I went downstairs. Jared made himself some more toast and shoveled it down while I made my own breakfast. As I ate in the living room, Jared fingered himself and jerked off, right on schedule. I got hard watching him, knowing that his schedule was our Master’s doing. When Master Cedric came downstairs from his shower, he played casually with my still-hard dick and told us both what we’d be doing for the day.

“As I told you last weekend”, he reminded me as my eyes locked onto his amazing cock, “we’re going to be making some permanent changes around here starting this weekend. You already know that the master bedroom is mine and that Jared will be sleeping with me most nights, but there will be times when he won’t be, so you two each need to have your own bed. That’s your job for this morning”, he said, speaking to both of us. “It seems only fitting that that’ll be Jared’s first major purchase.”

“When you get home from that, you’ll re-arrange the rooms as necessary and move all your clothes out of my bedroom. Jared’s stuff can be moved into my room, since he’ll be spending most of his time there from now on. Besides, I like going through his things”, he said, grinning very dominantly at Jared.

“All in all, this place might be a bit small for the three of us”, Master Cedric allowed, “but we’ll make it work. After Jared graduates, we’ll move into something larger.”

And that was pretty much that. Jared had been stroking and fingering himself slowly as Master Cedric spoke, but when he started to pick up speed as Master Cedric got up to leave, Master Cedric leaned down and whispered into his ear for a few seconds. Jared looked surprised, but nodded and said “Yes, Sir”, before pulling his fingers out of his ass and cleaning them off, letting his cock soften without having cum.

Master Cedric was obviously on his way out now, so Jared and I headed for the front hallway to say goodbye properly. This was my first time participating in the goodbye ritual instead of just observing, and I somewhat awkwardly positioned myself on my knees beside Jared, wondering how this was going to work, exactly.

To my surprise, Jared simply handled it without any direction from Master Cedric whatsoever. He undid Master Cedric’s pants and started “saying goodbye” until Master Cedric was completely hard. Then, he pulled off of Master Cedric’s cock, angling it towards me. As I was licking underneath Master Cedric’s head, I looked up at his face and found that our Master seemed both amused and impressed at Jared’s initiative. After I’d had a minute or so of bobbing back and forth on our Master, Jared reached over and started pulling it back to his side again. We continued that way until, a few minutes later, Jared told me to start tonguing our Master’s cock, but to stay on one side while he took the other. We had to be careful, but it went surprisingly well and we both started to relax into it as it became instinctive to tongue his cock around each other. Once we’d mastered that, we started getting more creative, with me sucking Master’s cock while Jared licked his balls or one of us tonguing the head while the other sniffed at Master Cedric’s manly hair and licked the base.

“Okay, boys”, Master Cedric said reluctantly after about half an hour, “if we don’t get moving now, we’re not going to.” Pulling it away from me, Jared gave Master Cedric’s cock one last kiss before pulling up our Master’s underpants and pants, and tucking everything back in. When he was done, he gave it a pat like he’d just packaged something up and was proud of his accomplishment. “Cute”, Master Cedric smiled down at him before heading out the door.

Jared and I hadn’t really had much chance to talk during the week, and I was feeling particularly close to him after what we’d just done, so we spoke to each other comfortably and casually on the way to the store about everything that had happened since my so-called “breakthrough” after his birthday party last weekend. Mostly I did the talking. It was nice to be able to be so open about how I felt with him, and it did me a lot of good to talk about it all. I explained to him many of the same things that I’d explained to Master Cedric last weekend: how I’d always hated who I was, but never really realized it; the suspicions I had about why his mother had left us; and how it felt to me to be Master Cedric’s bitch. As Jared had teased me on the night of the breakthrough, while we were both very obedient to Master Cedric, it was different for each of us. I felt the need to be the perfect, obedient servant, where he seemed to enjoy a bit more of a bratty relationship when he thought it was appropriate.

As we were talking about our different outlooks, he explained to me the concept of an “alpha slave”. He admitted that he wasn’t sure if that’s what was happening here, but he thought that if how we’d said goodbye to Master Cedric earlier was any indication, it might be. I had to agree with him when he said that if that’s how things ended up, it was probably going to be a little weird for both of us—since we’d essentially be reversing roles—but even as he was explaining, I realized that I was already starting to think in those terms. I was pretty sure from the look on his face that he was starting to think that way as well and, apparently, liking the idea.

We’d been sitting in the parking lot of the store for several minutes while we were talking, since it wouldn’t have been easy to carry on a conversation about those topics inside, but eventually, we wrapped up and headed in. We gave up on the possibility of bunk beds almost right away. At least in this store, the only bunk beds were for children. After talking about how we could arrange things to fit a second bed in, we came up with a plan and started looking at beds that would fit the space.

A saleswoman came over, but we’d shooed her away for the moment, since we were still working out the logistics a bit.

“Oh crap!”, I leaned down and whispered in Jared’s ear.

“What?”, he asked, looking at me slightly concerned.

“I keep thinking of you and Master Cedric sleeping together. I can’t help it!” Jared knew what that meant.

“Seriously?”, he complained in an exasperated tone. He gave me a considering look, then after a moment, it changed to a sort of affectionate resignation and he sighed. “Alright, come here”, he said after a moment’s thought. Walking me around to the far side of the bed and sitting me down as though I were testing the mattress, he took off the hoody he’d been wearing. It was the middle of summer, but it had been a cool, drizzly morning. “Tie this around your waist, and make sure the hood’s sitting in the front. Hopefully, when the saleswoman comes back, she won’t think it’s too odd that I took it off, but you’re the one wearing it around your waist.” If she did, she didn’t say anything, and we were able to pick out a bed, pillows, and some new sheets with nobody the wiser.

Once we were in the car, I gave Jared his hoody back. “Thanks”, I told him fondly. “You know, it’s really been great spending so much more time together these last couple of months. I’m really glad we’ve been able to work it all out.”

“Not ‘we’, Dad, ‘you’.” I took the implied chastisement without complaint. He was right. “But you’re right. I’m glad to finally have my Dad back, even if you are a slightly different Dad”, he gave the bulge in my pants an exaggerated look, “than the one I lost when I came out. I’ve missed you.”

He tried to make his tone light and joking, but the pain behind his statement was too much, and without thinking about it, I reached over and pulled him into a hug. “I’m sorry”, I whispered into his ear, as I felt him reach around to hug me back. We stayed that way for a minute or two before finally letting go and smiling awkwardly, but affectionately, at one another.

After a rather quiet ride back, both of us just unable to think what to say after our “reunion”, we grabbed a quick lunch and got to work making space for the new bed. It was same-day delivery—probably as soon as the delivery crew finished their lunch break, she’d said—so we had to move quickly. I’d started to take my clothes off instinctively when we’d gotten home, but Jared had given me another exasperated sigh and told me not to, pointing out that we’d have to deal with the delivery guys whenever they showed up. Thankfully, they showed up soon enough, so Jared and I were able to strip again only about an hour later.

When Master Cedric arrived in the late afternoon, we were both still upstairs moving things, and Jared called out to him at the top of his lungs, “Hey, Sir. Dad’s apparently decided that I’m the alpha.” I blushed furiously, but Master Cedric laughed his ass off, eventually managing to call back that he wasn’t surprised, and that some of that was probably his own “fault”, not that I could find fault with anything Master Cedric said or did, of course. There had been a moment when I’d wanted to say that Jared was wrong, but just the thought of contradicting him seemed gauche, which was when I realized that he wasn’t wrong at all. I was the lowest man on the totem pole around here, and now it was out in the open. It felt good.

While Jared went to tell Master Cedric about our day, or so I assumed, I went and got the new sheets out of the dryer and started making the bed. As I was putting the blanket on, I heard Jared say, “Hold on, Sir”, and he came dashing up the stairs. Instead of coming up into our bedroom, though, I heard him rummaging around in what was supposed to be a loft half-way up the stairs, but had become just a junk storage area over the years. Anything that wouldn’t fit into Jared’s room anymore had been moved there, at least temporarily, including his desk and his new computer. Part of the layout we’d come up with in the store was to finally clear that room out and turn it into an office. I heard a marker squeaking and then a moment later, Jared ran the rest of the way up the stairs and tacked something above our door before inviting Master Cedric up.

Finishing the bed, I stepped out of the room and saw the sign at almost the same time Master Cedric did. The two of us burst into laughter while Jared grinned cockily. It read simply, “Master Cedric’s bitches”.

Jared quickly explained the plan as we stood there, showing Master Cedric where things were going to go. As Master Cedric looked around, he saw the pristine bed that I’d just made up and an evil gleam came into his eyes. “I imagine that’ll need to be christened”, he grinned. “Come here, Sean.”

Whatever I’d thought was going to happen didn’t. I noticed that Master Cedric was sporting a hard-on all of a sudden, his cock pressing at his pants. I watched in a daze as he got undressed, admiring all over again how incredible his cock looked. It was so beautiful.

Somewhere in the back of my head, I realized I was under, but it seemed so hard to think straight right now. I watched, enraptured, as Master Cedric tore back the sheets and ordered Jared to kneel on my bed, then got into position behind my son, his hard cock coming to rest between my son’s butt cheeks. Jared’s cock, which had started to get a bit puffy when he realized that he was the one who was going to be christening my bed, went soft again for a moment before quickly becoming as hard as I’d ever seen it. I could hear Master Cedric speaking softly in Jared’s ear and realized that he’d gone soft for a moment because he was being hypnotized, but then he got hard again at Master Cedric’s suggestion.

All I could do was to stare at Master Cedric’s midsection, though. I couldn’t really see his cock anymore, but I knew I’d be seeing it again soon enough. Listening to my son getting hypnotized and then fucked was making my own cock insanely hard as well. I always got turned on whenever Master Cedric hypnotized or fucked Jared, but it was like I was on a hair-trigger today. I felt my dick throbbing wildly, and as I watched our Master pull back and lube up to stick his cock into my son, I knew that I was going to cum soon. The minute he started to push his way into my boy’s hole, both Jared and I exploded all over the bed.

I watched, still bemused and turned on by Master Cedric’s cock appearing and disappearing as he started pounding my boy good and hard. He kept speaking softly to Jared, and it wasn’t long before Jared dumped another load on top of our first two.

I stood there watching as they kept fucking, wondering if I was going to cum for a second time, myself. My cock was getting more sensitive the longer I watched. After only a few more minutes of fucking, I felt the pressure building once again at Master Cedric’s direction, and I knew I was going to cum again soon.

Jared came first this time, but it was only a few seconds more before I dumped another load on the bed as well. Whispering into my son’s ear, Master Cedric pulled out of his ass, and I watched as Jared carefully got out of bed and knelt beside our Master, jerking him off and occasionally tonguing his cock to help him along. I couldn’t take my eyes off our Master’s cock and watched hungrily as he spewed all over the bed after only a minute or two of Jared’s attentions.

I was a little embarrassed when Master Cedric had to shake me awake. I’d been falling asleep where I stood! “On second thought”, Master Cedric said, “why don’t you take a nap, Sean. You look beat. We can christen the bed later.”

Without even waiting for Master Cedric and Jared to leave the room, I crawled into my new bed. There was some kind of slimy wetness, but I didn’t care about that right now. It spread all over me as I rolled around and tried to get comfortable, and when I was about as covered in it as I was going to get, I drifted off into a deep, dreamless sleep. I was awoken a couple of hours later by Master Cedric’s cock shoving its way deep into my ass as he pinned me down and took me like he had last weekend. What a great way to christen my new bed! Oddly enough, Jared only watched for a few minutes when he noticed Master Cedric pounding my ass, and he didn’t even touch himself, much less beat off. I wondered if he was coming down with something.

The rest of the weekend was spent re-arranging and clearing out the junk room, and Master Cedric moved a lot of clothes into his bedroom, along with a computer. For his last trip to his place, he took Jared with him, and the two of them came back with a significant upgrade for our living room TV. Even though he had obviously seen it before, Jared decided to be a smartass about the new TV, joking about how it was “so big compared to ours, so manly, it must be at least 50 inches!”

Monday morning, Ian beat both Bruce and I to the office. He’d left himself extra time in case he’d had difficulty finding the place or finding parking, but as it turned out, he’d had no trouble at all and was left twiddling his thumbs for twenty minutes before I showed up. Since Bruce wasn’t there yet, I gave Ian the two-cent tour, which was about all the tour was worth, since there really wasn’t much to see. Beyond the front entrance area, each of us had our own small offices, and there was a good-sized showroom with various samples.

It gave him the chance to say something that I was happy to hear, though. “Listen, Sean, before the other guy gets here, there’s something I feel I should make clear: your Master may have given you to me for some fun, and I’m hoping he’ll do so again, but when we’re working, you’re the boss. There’s not even a question in my mind that it would be any other way. Even if I had the interest, the simple fact is that you’ve got the experience and the skills that I don’t, and I’m very much looking forward to learning from you.”

“Thanks, Ian”, I told him. “There are times when you’re going to have to take charge, though, at least a bit. After all, I hired you as a replacement for Jake precisely because you have the more general body of skills that Bruce and I lack.” We both nodded and chatted amicably after that until Bruce showed up a few minutes later. The two of them got along famously for the two weeks they were working together, sometimes seeming like they’d known each other all their lives. It was obvious to both of us that Ian was a better and friendlier worker than Jake had ever been—definitely a step up.

The Wednesday after Ian started was nominally my half-birthday, but we bumped our celebration to Thursday evening, since Friday was a holiday. It had to be the strangest birthday celebration I’d ever had. As always, I went home to shower and shave my entire body except for my arms—boy was I ever looking forward to Bruce leaving so I didn’t have to worry about that anymore. When I came downstairs, Master Cedric was sitting in the living room and I could hear Jared in the kitchen pouring him a beer.

As I sat in my customary spot on the couch, waiting to see how I could serve Master Cedric, I suddenly realized that I had my dildo up my butt and a gag in my mouth that tasted of new rubber. Exploring it with my tongue, I found that the rubber part was shaped like a penis. My hands were also restrained behind my back somehow.

Jared was now standing in front of Master Cedric, naked and sporting his usual boner, which Master Cedric was playing with absent-mindedly. Jared and I had never been great at knowing what to get one another, and usually we just told each other what we wanted, like he’d done for his half-birthday a couple of weeks ago, so I’d been a little surprised this year that he hadn’t asked what he should get me.

The reason became obvious as I looked up from Master Cedric’s hand on my son’s cock and noticed that Jared now had a brand new chain around his neck with a closed padlock on it. He made a point of showing me that there was no clasp of any kind on the chain—the two of them had gone into the city to pick it up and had it welded shut by a friend of Ian’s who was experienced in that sort of thing. Jared was almost bouncing up and down in his excitement, and I could certainly understand why. After all, who wouldn’t want to be permanently bound to Master Cedric?

Naturally, given the new collar on my son, his gift to me was his old one. It was surprisingly sentimental for me to wear my son’s old slave collar, and I sat there quietly for several minutes after he put it on, just reflecting on how much it meant to me. Of course, once I got over my initial reaction, I realized that I had little choice but to sit there quietly in any event.

As I started to get over the initial surge of pride at wearing my son’s slave collar, I noticed that he was starting to get that “gotta game” look in his eyes. He was running a bit late, come to think of it. It took Sean a few minutes longer to notice that Jared was getting fidgety, but once he did, he smiled and dismissed Jared, giving him a playful swat on his bare ass as he got up.

I was left in that same spot on the couch—bound, gagged and with a dildo up my ass—for almost the entire evening. Master Cedric ordered Chinese food and ate it in front of me, seemingly unconcerned with my growing hunger, not to mention the need to relieve myself. I could have moaned around the gag, of course, but I was determined not to give in. I held out until nearly 11:00 before starting to whimper slightly, hoping to get Master Cedric’s attention, but afraid of ruining whatever this was that he was doing. My bladder was about to burst and I was feeling a little woozy from the lack of food.

Looking over at me, Master Cedric caught my eye and smiled patronizingly. “Next time, don’t wait so long, dumbass! You’re my bitch now, you’re not supposed to be the macho one who holds out as long as he can. When I want you to take it, I’ll tell you. Otherwise, I expect you to act like the pathetic little wuss that you are. I like hearing that you’re in pain or discomfort, remember?”

Even for my birthday, he was stripping away another layer of the man I’d been. God, I admired this man! Of course, I also felt stupid for not having given in sooner. I was such an idiot—a stupid moron who couldn’t think things through! Just like Master Cedric had said, a dumbass. As the put-down hit home, I started to get hard, and Master Cedric moved to sit beside me so he could play with it. Staring into my eyes, he started pushing in on my extremely full bladder, almost bringing tears to my eyes. “This, you’ll take”, he grinned evilly, pressing firmly for several more minutes until I really was crying like the wuss that I was.

“Alright, off you go, bitch”, Master Cedric ordered. “Go take care of that before you pee all over the couch.” As he spoke, he moved my hands out in front of me. They’d never actually been bound at all; it was entirely a hypnotic suggestion that had kept them there. “There’s plenty of leftover Chinese for your birthday dinner”, he continued as he pulled the dildo out of my ass for me to take care of, “and a cherry cheesecake in the fridge. No cum in this one; I’ll feed that to you straight later on.”

I looked at him, confused as to what he meant. “Oh right, you don’t remember that one, do you?” I was torn between hearing what he wanted to tell me and sprinting straight to the nearest bathroom…or, hell, a sink, a bucket, a mug…anything! Ultimately, as always, Master Cedric won out. I started cleaning off the dildo while he spoke. “All three of us came in the tin of frosting before you put it on Jared’s cake. Now, off you go.”

Finally released, I sprinted upstairs with the dildo in hand to what was now Jared’s and my shared bathroom to piss into the shower there. I could hear Master Cedric laughing at my ear-splitting moan of relief as I finally got to let it out. My bowels felt really odd after having the dildo up there that long as well, which only served to remind me that I needed to finish cleaning it off, after which, I went downstairs to eat.

The hardest part of the evening, but the best, was what came after dinner. Master Cedric and I went to bed. Instead of being rough, he was strangely tender with me, kissing me gently, caressing me, and fucking me slowly and passionately. The hard part was reciprocating, as I knew I had to. Getting pinned down and all but raped was easy—just submit to it—but actually making love to a gay man was the hardest thing Master Cedric had made me do yet. Not once did I give any thought to asking him to stop or to be rougher, though.

“I told you I’d be hard on you, Sean”, Master Cedric said softly as I started to drift off to sleep after he was done with me. Weird though it may have been, this had been the best birthday I’d ever had.

Bruce’s departure a week later was almost a repeat of when Jake had left, though lunch was considerably later and we were all starving by the time we got to the restaurant. I had very mixed feelings that day. Bruce and I had been working together ever since I’d started the company here in the US, and I was sad to see such a talented and loyal employee go. On the other hand, by the time I got home, I thought I must look a lot like Jared had when he’d gotten his new collar: today was the day I finally got to be my true self—no more hiding.

Rushing upstairs into the shower, I cleaned off quickly and, for the first time ever, I took the body shaver to my arms. By the time I was done the rest of my routine, there wasn’t a hair left on my body below my eyebrows, and I couldn’t have been happier. My body was smooth, the way it was meant to be. I was overjoyed and kept showing it off to Master Cedric and Jared all night until, finally, Master Cedric pinned me under him in the living room and started fucking me just to shut me up. Even that didn’t completely work, since he’d interlocked his hands in mine, and I could feel his manly, hairy arms pressing down against my wussy smooth ones. He felt me pressing my arms back against his and all I heard was a plaintive “Oh, man!”, before my ass exploded in a violent series of thrusts that left me gasping and, finally, made me forget all about my newly shaved arms.

It was rough going the first few weeks with only Ian and me; we had to scale back our jobs a little bit. I wouldn’t have traded it for the world, though. Finally, I could be myself at work—I wore my collar around the office and no longer had any need to hide the fact that I was completely shaved. It was the best feeling in the world! I did take the collar off for the more sensitive clients, but there were a couple that Ian brought in whom I thought wouldn’t bat an eye, so I happily left it on for those ones. There were a few raised eyebrows, but they were happy with my work and, in the end, that was what was most important to them.

As Master Cedric’s closest friend, Ian had been given standing permission to use me if he was in the mood, and he took advantage of it on a regular basis, though never on Fridays—those were reserved for Master Cedric. Just as he’d promised, Ian never blurred the line between work and play. Sure, he ordered me to my knees in the office or bent me over my own desk, but only after-hours. It was an odd relationship, me being in charge at times and him being in charge at others, but it worked.

Master Cedric kept an eye on my business accounts, but didn’t interfere with them, just as he’d said. It was a bit tight with the reduced income of only two of us working, but things took a turn for the better once I was able to find a replacement for Bruce. She was a highly skilled, artistic woman about the same age as Ian who dismissed our obvious involvement in BDSM as “the testosterone factor”—a phrase she repeated frequently but, for the most part, with humour. She was particularly vocal about it the day she returned to the office for something she’d forgotten and discovered Ian fucking me on my desk, but even that just became fodder for her to tease us with. I was glad she was so understanding, because she brought in a lot of higher-end clients with her artistic flooring designs.

If Jared’s birthday party had been the start of my breakthrough, I suppose you could say that Ian’s leather party was the end of it. I’d been volunteered to help him set up before the party and I got to meet someone else like me there as well. Ian had a lot of equipment to set up and furniture that needed to be moved and so on, so there was no lack of things for us to do. It was definitely the oddest party I’d helped set up for, though, with bowls of condoms and lube being set up next to bowls of M&Ms and pretzels.

Occasionally, as we worked, I got to talk to Ian’s other helper, John, and I heard a lot of the same things coming from him that I felt about Master Cedric. Jared had taught me a lot over the last month about being submissive, and I could now wrap my mind around the idea that other slaves served other Masters, though there was still a large part of me that wondered why everyone in the streets didn’t just bow down before Master Cedric whenever he left the house. John felt much the same way about his Master and it really made me feel like I’d found where I belonged.

I didn’t get too much more of a chance to talk to John, though, because as soon as we were done the setup, Ian gave me a bathroom break, stripped me except for my collar, and started tying me to a bar hanging on a chain from a ceiling beam. I got to see what shibari was first-hand as he continued his rope-work all down my body. I couldn’t see all of it, but what I could see looked amazing! John helped him at first, but Ian dismissed him after the initial tying was done so he could strip and shower before the guests started to arrive.

When Ian was done the last of his rope-work, he gagged me with a smaller set of ropes and then grabbed a marker from somewhere behind me. Coming back around to my front, he wrote the word “STRAIGHT” in quotes in a space between the ropes that it looked like he’d deliberately left open, then underneath it, down near my crotch, “Help Yourself”. He wrote something else on my back, but I couldn’t feel it well enough to make out what he’d written. Something longer on top—a few words—and then something shorter down near my tailbone.

It was a very educational evening for me overall. There were all kinds of different types of dominant and submissive guys there, and it really hit home that the way John and I felt wasn’t the only way things were done. I think a part of me had always assumed up till now that Jared would become more like me as he got older, but now I realized that that just wasn’t the case. I was especially surprised to see Ian getting flogged at one point. It was hard to wrap my mind around the idea of him being submissive to someone; I’d always known him as dominant and assumed that’s what he always was.

Throughout the night, as I absorbed all the different types of relationships, interactions, and activities, I was fondled, smacked, and otherwise tortured by any number of guys. Even some of the more submissive types stopped by for a grope, and maybe an hour or so after the first guests had arrived, John and another guy knelt and gave me a blowjob until I couldn’t help myself and came in their mouths. Any time I had difficulty with anything going on, I’d just look over to where Master Cedric was sitting with Jared, and I’d feel a wave of calm wash over me, along with renewed excitement that made me rock hard again. Master Cedric was less socially awkward than he had been in high school, but he still didn’t interact with people very much. As usual, Jared was getting a lot of looks despite being fully clothed and keeping exclusively to Master Cedric’s side most of the night. The others seemed to understand that that meant “hands off”—unlike the copious amounts of attention I was receiving—but many of them still looked.

A few times during the night, Master Cedric came over and checked that I was alright. I couldn’t communicate very much, but grunts for yes or no were all that were really needed. I was given a ten-minute reprieve a couple of hours in so that I could snack quickly and go to the bathroom—with ropes dangling haphazardly from my arms—but then it was right back up for everyone’s entertainment.

Towards the end of the evening, I saw a youngish guy, maybe in his mid- to late-twenties, strike up a conversation with Master Cedric. There was some back-and-forth between them, and I got the impression that they were talking about me. Apparently, I’d misread, though, because the next thing I knew, the guy was on his knees giving Master Cedric a blowjob. Jared was distinctly jealous, but he had that resolute look he got when Master Cedric ordered him to do something that he didn’t like. Most of the time, Master Cedric just hypnotized him to like whatever it was, but sometimes he thought it was good character development for Jared to deal with not liking an order, but doing it anyway. So, Jared sat and watched while someone else gave his Master a blowjob. It didn’t bother me in the slightest, of course—it wasn’t my place to object to anything Master Cedric did.

When the guy was done, he actually paid Master Cedric, though it didn’t look to be much. I couldn’t see the denomination from that far away, but it looked like it was only a single digit. The next thing I knew, the guy had grabbed a condom and lube out of one of the bowls I’d set out earlier, and was positioning himself behind me. I knew what was coming next, and felt the now-familiar flush of humiliation as I realized that my ass had just been rented out for a blowjob and a small amount of money. I stared at Master Cedric, humiliated, and yet loving every minute of it, as I felt the guy’s head penetrate my ass followed quickly by his shaft, which was considerably larger than either Master Cedric’s or Ian’s. He took his time, obviously quite enjoying his helpless fuck-hole, not to mention the attention we were getting from several of the other guests.

After the initial humiliation wore off, I instinctively looked towards Master Cedric to see him cuddling with Jared and whispering in his ear reassuringly. Jared seemed just a little bit sullen, but he was cuddling back, and I knew him well enough to know that he’d mostly dealt with his jealousy and accepted that Master Cedric had the right to have sex with whomever he wanted at any time. As I looked at them, though, Master Cedric gave me a warm smile, and I felt a renewed enjoyment of the position I was in as well as feeling my cock rising once again.

My ass was a bit sore after the anonymous guy was done with me. He’d been firm, and obviously enjoyed thrusting good and hard, but he was still nowhere near as rough as Master Cedric liked to be. Most of the soreness was just from his size.

Once he was done, Ian came over to let me down, and between the exertion of having been fucked and having been hanging for that long, I found that I couldn’t quite stand comfortably, so Ian sat me down on the floor to finish untying me. By the time he was done, I’d largely recovered and, with Master Cedric’s permission, went to take a shower.

When I got into the bathroom, I contorted myself around in front of the mirror to see what was written on my back. It read, “Property of Master Cedric” across my shoulders, and then down near the tailbone, “$100 OBO”. I’d been put on deep discount! Even as I felt myself respond to the inherent humiliation, I laughed. It struck me as funny, in a “that figures” sort of way, that my price had been knocked down from $100 to a blowjob and what I now strongly suspected had been a one-dollar bill. If word of Master Cedric’s flexible prices got around, I imagined my ass would be a lot more popular.

When I got back, to my surprise, Jared and the guy who’d just fucked me were off in a corner talking animatedly. Focussing on my son’s voice over the din of the party, I could hear enough to realize that they were talking about gaming. Leave it to Jared to find another gamer at a BDSM party and to make friends with him despite having been jealous of him less than an hour before.

Looking at Master Cedric for guidance as to what I should do, I found my clothes and got dressed, sitting at his feet so that I could observe the last of party unmolested. “Did you have fun, bitch?”, he asked me, stroking my hair affectionately.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir!”, I enthused. I just felt so comfortable here, sitting at my Master’s feet amongst my betters…and a couple of peers. “And thanks for hypnotizing me to relax and get hard again whenever I looked at you. That really helped get me through the evening!”

“Oh, is that what I did?”, he asked in a mildly incredulous tone, leaving me unsure if he’d done anything at all. But if not that, then what? I didn’t think I could have done that without being hypnotized. As I sat there pondering the whole thing, feeling Master’s hand stroking my head, I decided that it didn’t really matter. I had no need to know whether I’d been hypnotized or not—not just tonight, but ever—and I made the conscious decision that I’d never give it another thought for the rest of my life. I was Master Cedric’s bitch now in every way imaginable. He’d been right in saying that we were at the point of no return—he could hypnotize me to do anything now and I’d never know or care that he’d done so.

My parents had us all over for dinner towards the end of the summer. They said nothing—very loudly—about how much older Master Cedric was than Jared, their voices filled with pretentious politeness as they ran through the usual questions about what he did for a living and so forth. Just like me before Master Cedric had come into my life, they hadn’t yet dealt with Jared being gay, so him having a “boyfriend” twice his age was a bit much for them. It was hidden by his shirt, but I suspected they’d have passed out if they’d seen the chain around Jared’s neck. My brothers were a bit less stuffy about the whole situation, I thought, though it was hard to tell with Mom and Dad dominating the conversation.

The changes in me were less noticeable, but as the evening wore on, it became obvious that they’d been noted as well. My parents said nothing, of course, and my older brother tried to pretend he saw nothing odd. It was my younger brother who understood the most, for the simple reason that he didn’t try to, at least not completely.

“Look, Sean”, he told me later when we’d managed to slip out to the porch for a beer, “I can see the changes in you, and I don’t just mean the shaved arms you’re trying to hide or how you defer to everyone around you now, even Jared sometimes. We can all see that you’re a different person than the one we knew. I don’t know exactly what the changes mean, but I know it’s not just because you’re happy that you and Jared are getting along better now, like you tried to slip into the conversation when Mom and Dad started doing their whole ‘don’t talk about it’ routine.

“Despite being the youngest”, he continued, “I’ve been around the block a few more times than the rest of our family, and I think I’ve got the general idea.” He paused. “You get it from Mom.” I’d never even thought of that, but as soon as he said it, I knew he was right. Mom wasn’t submissive, exactly, but she definitely believed in taking care of her man. “In the end, the only thing that matters to me”, he continued, “is that you’re happy, and honestly Sean, I’ve never seen you this happy in my life. Whoever she is, you’re lucky to have her.

“I’m never gonna meet her, though, am I?”, he asked after a moment. “Yeah, I didn’t think so”, he said, almost without pause, as he saw me start to disengage. We shared a long look then, and a part of me thought that maybe he realized that he already had met “her”, but I was never sure. He never brought it up again, and I certainly never volunteered it. As always, silence was just the way with our family—a silence I was grateful Master Cedric had broken between me and my son.

To my surprise, Jared actually enjoyed paying the household bills and it was something he did well for his age. Seeing his aptitude for it, with Master Cedric’s permission, I invited him to try his hand at the office bookkeeping. That quickly became a permanent arrangement, putting a little extra cash in his pockets. Most of that went straight into the joint account, of course, but Master Cedric spoiled Jared rotten in any event.

After Jared finished college, Master Cedric had me sell the house and then used the money to move us to a larger house, as he’d talked about back in the beginning. With a triple income entirely under Master Cedric’s control, it was a very nice place indeed. As with our bank account, all three of our names were on the title, just in case the worst should happen, but there was no question who really owned the house and everything in it. That hand-written sign form years before, “Master Cedric’s bitches”, was still hanging above our bedroom when me moved. It was the last thing we took down and the first thing to go up when we arrived at our new home.

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