Like Son, Like Father - Job Interview

By RobinHood70 -
published October 24, 2016
10102 words

Sean gives a potential new employee one of the strangest job interviews ever


  • Sean (1, 2)
  • Cedric (1, 2)
  • Jared (1, 2)

Master Cedric was already up when I woke up Sunday morning. Jared had made him a cup of tea and was just bringing it to him in the living room when I came downstairs. Following him in, I said good morning to both of them, feeling my cock beginning to rise, as usual, at seeing them together. After Jared had finished blowing Master Cedric and getting fucked, much to my cock’s pleasure, he settled in to masturbate on schedule while Master Cedric frenched him and pulled on his nipples—pretty much a normal Sunday morning. The entire day was surprisingly normal, actually, considering that Master Cedric and I both understood that I was his bitch now.

Of course, Master Cedric had just collared my son, and it was pretty obvious that they were newlyweds. If nothing else, the fact that Jared was being hurt, getting hypnotized, or servicing our Master’s cock—with his ass more often than not—every time I turned around told me that. That night, just before bedtime, Master Cedric asked me how I was doing and I told him that I thought he would have been a little harder on me, as he’d said he’d be, now that I understood my place.

“Not to worry, bitch, your training has started already, you’re just not aware of it—and I think you’re progressing faster than you realize. You’ve been hypnotized twice today, clearly without being aware that it had happened at all, and you’re being conditioned to get used to me doing whatever I want to you or your son whenever I want to do it”, he informed me.

He was right, even thinking back to the day’s events, I couldn’t figure out when he might’ve hypnotized me. It turned me on more than I had ever imagined possible to realize that I was becoming more and more Master Cedric’s bitch without even knowing when he was doing it. As I thought about it, I felt my cock stiffening up, and I realized that Master Cedric was fingering my ass—that he had been the whole time we’d been talking—and I hadn’t even noticed. As expected, he presented his finger for cleaning when he was done, pressing his stiffening cock into me as I licked it off.

“Now, then, since tomorrow’s a work day for you and you have to get to bed soon, I’m off to fuck your son again. Have I mentioned before what an incredibly hot ass he’s got? He’s probably getting a bit tired of getting fucked by now, but that’s okay, I’m the Master”, he grinned, and I grinned back. “Besides, I’m beginning to understand what he likes about exhibitionism. It’s astoundingly fun to fuck him while you watch!”

“By the way, you’ll be sleeping in Jared’s bed this week. Before you go to bed each night, get whatever clothes you’ll need out of my bedroom so Jared and I can sleep in in the mornings. Next weekend, we’ll work out a more permanent arrangement.

The three of us went upstairs after that and I got ready for bed. As ordered, I slept in Jared’s bed, while Master Cedric and Jared slept in Master Cedric’s bedroom. Funny how quickly I’d come to think of it that way. I fell asleep as I watched and listened to the two of them fucking late into the night. They were still nestled together adorably when I woke up the next morning, and I was very careful not to wake them. It was so great seeing my son spooned into Master Cedric’s body. How could I ever possibly have objected to the idea of my son being with someone my age? They were perfect together!

When I got home from work Tuesday afternoon, I stripped, as usual, calling out to see who was home. “Hey…Dad…I’m in the…living room…getting…nailed”, Jared called back rhythmically, obviously in time to Cedric’s thrusts. I smiled at the thought, feeling my cock starting to rise. Going in to say hi, I saw Jared slouched down on the couch, pretty much lying on his back, with his ass in the air for the pleasure of Master Cedric’s cock. They looked incredible together, but I barely had time to process what I was seeing before Master Cedric grabbed me by the hair and frenched me vigorously without breaking stride fucking my son. After he let me go, I leaned down and gave Jared a kiss hello on the forehead.

“We’ll be having a visitor in about an hour, Sean. You’ll be interviewing him for Bruce’s job in your business”, he informed me. I was startled by the statement. I’d been really worried about finding a suitable replacement, but I’d had no idea that Master Cedric had taken an interest. Who was this guy who was coming over?

“Oh, okay”, I replied. “I guess I should go get dressed again, then?” I made it a question.

“There’s no need, Sean. He understands what’s going on here.” Now that he reminded me, I remembered him mentioning a while back that he had someone in mind for Bruce’s job who would understand what was going on. While I may not have needed to dress, I did need to shower before our guest got here, so I left Master Cedric still fucking Jared and headed upstairs with my clothes to get shaved and cleaned up. I figured I’d have just enough time.

When I came back downstairs, Master Cedric was getting his clean-up blowjob, and he started stroking my freshly shaved cock to full hardness, which didn’t take long given the added stimulation of watching my son servicing our Master. It made me feel more vulnerable than I’d ever felt and set my cock twitching when our guest arrived a few minutes later and I was sent to answer the door stark naked and rock hard.

Opening the door, I saw a tall, lean guy, maybe in his early thirties, dressed in a leather jacket and jeans, staring back at me in mild surprise. He’d obviously been expecting to receive this kind of a greeting as much as I’d been expecting to give it. Nevertheless, after a moment’s pause, he seemed to take it in stride. “I’m here for the interview”, he informed me tentatively.

“Yes, of course, come on in. Can I take your jacket?”, I asked, my cock twitching at the humiliation of the entire situation. Despite the tunnel vision I had from my total embarrassment, I could feel the guy’s eyes on me, clearly admiring my body. While he didn’t say anything, our visitor was obviously very appreciative, making no effort to hide the fact that he was looking me up and down…repeatedly…even as I turned to invite him into the living room. By this time, my cock was twitching insanely and it was easily as large and hard as it had ever been.

Master Cedric and Jared had used the opportunity to get dressed and were just coming out of the living room as the visitor and I approached. “Hey, Ced, I hope I’m not interrupting anything!”, the visitor grinned at Master Cedric. It had been a bit of a shock hearing my Master called “Ced”…I couldn’t imagine someone being so informal with him. Between that and the fact that Master Cedric was still quite obviously hard beneath his pants, I gathered that my possible new employee must be a fairly close friend, perhaps even a former lover.

“Ian! Welcome! No, you’re not interrupting anything at all. We were just wrapping up when you rang”, Master Cedric greeted him warmly.

“This one’s not quite as ‘wrapped up’ as the two of you are, I notice”, Ian bantered. “Do you mind if I take a better look?”, he continued, clearly pegging me as Master Cedric’s property. Receiving permission, Ian circled around me slowly, enjoying the view even more now that I wasn’t moving around. I stood in the at-ease position, but with my hands in the small of my back so he could see everything easily. I was half-expecting him to grab my ass cheeks or my cock or something—which I would certainly have allowed, since that’s clearly what Master Cedric would’ve wanted—but Ian kept his hands strictly to himself.

“Very nice!”, he approved, circling back around to my front. “Wait, is this…?”

“Yup!”, Master Cedric concurred informally. “That’s your new boss. Or at least, he will be assuming he thinks you have the qualifications he needs. Ian, this is Sean; Sean, Ian. And this is Sean’s son, and my insanely hot new slave, Jared.”

I felt a sense of relief as Jared and I each shook hands with Ian. I’d been worried that Master Cedric might have ordered me to take on someone unsuitable, and was reassured to hear that I still had a voice in this. I hoped it would work out—I really wanted to make Master Cedric happy by hiring his friend. Now that he was in front of me again and the initial excitement of being naked in front of a total stranger was wearing off slightly, I took a good look at Ian for the first time since he’d come in. I realized suddenly that I’d seen him before, but I couldn’t figure out where. It wasn’t until I pictured him how he’d looked coming in the door, with his leather jacket still on, that the mental light bulb went on. Ian was the leatherman who had watched me eating my precum in the gay pub a couple of weeks ago—the one Master Cedric had stopped to talk to on his way out. He was a little younger than he’d looked in the pub, perhaps in his early thirties, I thought. His manner said he was almost as used to being in charge as Master Cedric was, but there was a slight deference towards Master Cedric as well.

“If you’ll excuse me, Sir, I should get cleaned up and get going”, Jared said. “I don’t want to keep my friends waiting.” I had no idea where he was going and, to my surprise, realized that I didn’t need to ask. Master Cedric knew what was happening, and that was enough. It was his job now, not mine, to make decisions about what Jared was and wasn’t allowed to do.

“Yes, yes, by all means”, Master Cedric consented. “I don’t know if we’ll even be here when you get back or not, so there’s no need to hurry. Enjoy your time out with your friends!” Jared joked that he’d always hurry back to Master Cedric, then they kissed and Jared headed upstairs briefly before leaving.

After a bit more chitchat and a lot more ogling as we stood just outside the door to the living room, Master Cedric motioned Ian in, and we all sat down. Ian had taken my usual spot, so I sat beside Master Cedric on the loveseat.

Master Cedric gave me a nod, indicating that I was free to start the actual interview now. Asking Ian a few basic questions, I established that he wasn’t a bad fit, but he wasn’t really what I was looking for in a replacement for Bruce. He’d had experience as a general contractor, but only basic flooring experience. If he’d been replacing Jake, he would have been perfect, since I’d hired Jake to help out with the various incidental jobs we often had to do. Bruce, however, knew at least as much about flooring as I did, and I really valued having a second set of hands with his level of experience—it made the work go much faster—so Ian wasn’t a good fit on that front.

Throughout the entire interview, Master Cedric kept stroking my cock, or pushing it down then letting it bounce back up like some sort of spring-loaded toy. Ian did his best to keep a straight face through it all, but he cracked a smile a couple of times. I wanted to hold it against him, but objectively, it was kind of a funny situation. Besides, he was Master Cedric’s friend.

“So, what do you think, Sean?”, Master Cedric asked me when it was obvious the main questions were out of the way.

“Well, to be honest, Sir, he’s not a good replacement for Bruce.” I explained everything I’d noted during the interview. I’d never before consulted with anyone on my business hiring decisions, but it went without saying that I’d consult Master Cedric on this, since it involved his friend. He kept playing with my cock while we spoke, much to Ian’s obvious enjoyment.

Even as I explained my concerns to Master Cedric, I realized what needed to happen. Jake wasn’t comfortable with homosexuality, and it was obvious to me now that between Master Cedric, Jared, and all of their friends, gay guys were going to be a big part of my future. With all of the changes in my life, I’d been noticing Jake’s homophobia more lately, and it grated on my nerves now whenever I thought of some of those things being said about Master Cedric or my son. While Master Cedric had suggested as much a while back, it didn’t take a lot of effort—none at all, in fact—to make me realize that it was time for Jake to go.

“Will you excuse me, Sir?”, I asked. “I need to make a call. I think there’s a way we can make this work that’ll leave everyone happy.” It wasn’t that I wanted the call to be private, especially—though it would certainly help me concentrate on the conversation better if Master Cedric wasn’t playing with my cock—it was just that the number I needed was on my cellphone up in Jared’s bedroom. I liked the humiliation of being naked all the time for the pleasure of the gay men around me, but not having pockets did have its drawbacks.

After I was given permission, I went upstairs and called one of my competitors in town. We tended to work slightly different markets, and he had a larger business overall than I did, but we had a good working relationship with one another despite nominally being competitors. Occasionally, we’d throw each other jobs if one of us had a full slate or thought the other was a better fit, so throwing him a new employee wasn’t too big of a step. He listened as I explained the situation with Jake, though I kept the personal details out of it, only telling him that my son had come out and that Jake’s homophobia made him not such a good fit anymore. He didn’t foresee any major problems with Jake’s homophobia on his end, so I told him I’d send Jake to see him first thing tomorrow, since we only had a few small things to wrap up for our current client, which Bruce and I could handle easily enough. My competitor acknowledged that he owed me one given the current difficulty in finding employees, though in truth, I wasn’t sure which one of us was helping out the other more in this case.

“Well then”, I said, returning to find both Master Cedric and Ian standing at the bottom of the stairs, having unabashedly listened in on my conversation. “I guess you’re hired, Ian! I can’t imagine Jake would turn down a transfer once I tell him the new guy is gay. He really doesn’t like gay guys.”

Ian’s face lit up, since he’d mentioned during the interview that he’d been out of work for a while now. They apparently had an overabundance of general contractors in the city. After I shook hands with Ian once again, Master Cedric suggested that we all go out to dinner to celebrate.

We spent a good part of the night at the local pub celebrating my new hire, only leaving around ten o’clock. Master Cedric paid the bill and then we all hopped in the car to head home. I sat in the back, of course, letting my Master and his friend have the more comfortable seats up front. “Say, Sean, do you remember that beach you imagined you were on the first time I hypnotized you?”

“Of course, Sir! How could I ever forget the day you first hypnotized me?” It had seemed like nothing special at the time, yet now I realized that it had been the most important day in my entire life, and often found myself thinking back to the day that had changed everything.

“Why don’t you close your eyes and imagine yourself lying on it again”, he instructed.

Closing my eyes, I quickly found myself lying on the beach once again. Master Cedric was there beside me this time, looking glorious. The beach seemed so much more complete with him there. As I studied his body, I began to relax. The longer I looked at it and listened to his voice, the more relaxed I became, drifting off in no time at all while admiring Master Cedric’s god-like body, knowing how completely subservient I was to him now.

The sun set quite quickly, the beach darkening comfortably and taking me along with it—down, deeper into a relaxing, comfortable darkness. Master Cedric was there, as bright as ever despite everything else around me fading out of my awareness—there was only Master Cedric and his wonderful voice talking to me, telling me things, such wonderful things. Some part of me deep down knew that he was changing me—to make me do what he wanted, think what he wanted, and be what he wanted—and I thrilled at being taken over so completely.

It took only moments for us to get home from the pub. It seemed like I’d barely blinked my eyes and we were sitting back in the driveway. Getting out of the car, Master Cedric and Ian both had obvious hard-ons and readjusted themselves as we headed inside. I stripped completely as soon as we were in the door, taking my clothes up to Jared’s room. When I got back, Master Cedric and Ian were both sitting in the living room. I could feel myself getting hard as I offered to make them tea or coffee and then headed off to the kitchen. It made me feel so turned on to be naked and serving real men, especially the perversity of being in such a humiliating, subservient position with my new employee.

As I waited for the tea to steep, I noticed that the stove clock said it was past eleven o’clock already. I was overdue to jerk off, but I didn’t think I should do that while Ian was here unless Master Cedric told me to. It was a good thing tomorrow was going to be an easy day because I was obviously going to be up for a while yet, what with entertaining Ian and then squeezing in my missed masturbation.

“Not only let them”, Master Cedric was explaining as I returned with a tea tray and knelt to offer it to them, noting Ian’s eyes lock momentarily on the stiffy I’d developed from the humiliation I felt, “they’re on a schedule. Your new boss goes off once a day, usually right about now, actually, and the young hottie you met briefly earlier goes off three times a day. When I have sex, it’s about me, so unless I want them to eat it or to cum for some other reason, they’re usually expected to cum on their own time”, Master Cedric explained.

“Ah! I get it”, Ian confirmed. Just at that moment, we all heard the “young hottie” in question unlocking the front door.

“Welcome back, Jared!”, Master Cedric called out. “We’re all in the living room. Why don’t you come join us?”, he invited. Of course, when Master Cedric suggested or invited either of us to do something, we knew it was an order, so Jared deposited his clothes at the bottom of the stairs and came in to sit beside Master Cedric. I remained on the floor on my knees holding the tea tray.

“There are exceptions, of course”, Master Cedric said, continuing the conversation he and Ian had been having before Jared came home. “I sometimes like the control of telling one of them to cum, but for the most part, they’re on their own. I’ve toyed with the idea of not letting Sean cum at all except when I tell him to, or the occasional time when he can’t help himself—he has a couple of hot-button kinks—but I haven’t decided to make the switch yet. Jared here, on the other hand”, he ruffled Jared’s hair, “is still young. If I don’t make him cum fairly often, he starts getting a little too eager about serving and servicing me…like twenty-five hours a day.” Ian laughed as Master Cedric rolled his eyes theatrically. “I never thought I’d see the day when someone wanted to service me too often.”

“Speaking of which, Sean, your congratulatory handshake to Ian earlier was a little perfunctory. Why don’t you give him a proper handshake now that we have some more time?”, Master Cedric suggested. I suddenly found myself thinking of that joke I’d heard so long ago—that for gay guys, blowjobs were like handshakes—and since Ian was obviously gay, I knew that that’s what I should’ve done. Setting down the tea tray, I shuffled over to him on my knees and looked up at him for permission to do as Master Cedric had suggested.

Once I got a nod, I looked back down and started undoing Ian’s pants, feeling his hard cock pressing against my hands as I did. Ian really seemed to like me. After I’d pulled his pants down to his ankles, he opened his legs and pushed his crotch towards me slightly. His cock was longer and slightly thinner than Master Cedric’s, and like Jared, he still had his foreskin. Leaning down, I took him in as deeply as I could, feeling his cock throb in response, then started bobbing up and down on it.

Jared was snickering slightly, obviously amused by the whole situation, but while embarrassed, I didn’t stop blowing my new employee for a moment. Jared stopped snickering, however, when his head got shoved down into Master Cedric’s lap…or at least that’s what I assumed from what I heard. It was confirmed a couple of minutes later when I heard a zipper followed by slurping coming from their general direction.

While I continued working on Ian’s cock, he tugged off his shirt, leaving him completely naked except for his pants and socks at his feet. Sucking Ian’s cock wasn’t the same as worshipping Master Cedric’s amazing cock. In Ian’s case, I was just sucking his cock. It wasn’t something I wanted, but apart from the fact that I was straight and didn’t like the idea of sucking cock at all, it wasn’t something I objected to doing. Put simply, Master Cedric wanted me to suck off his best friend Ian, so I did. I gave it no more thought than that.

At first, I used the same techniques I’d used on Master Cedric, but Ian’s cock was slightly different—clearly more sensitive—so I lightened up a bit and started mapping out where and how he liked to be licked. “This has got to be the strangest night I’ve ever had, Ced!”, Ian said as I started licking my way down to his balls. He automatically spread his legs a little more to give me better access.

“I thought you’d like it”, Master Cedric replied.

“I remember you telling me he’s straight. How far will he go?” I wasn’t even remotely tempted to answer for myself. The men were talking, and I was only there to please.

“As far as you want. He loves the taste of cum now, don’t you bitch?”, I nodded. “Sit back, relax, and enjoy”, Master Cedric told him. “As far as I’m concerned, you’ve got free rein with him anytime you want. This one, however, is off limits”, he finished, obviously referring to Jared.

“No worries, Ced. While he’s clearly hot for his age, he’s a bit young for my taste. Daddy here, however, will do just fine. Speaking of which, when you said I have free rein, does that mean I can fuck him?”, Ian asked.

“I wasn’t thinking of that, but if you’ve got condoms handy, sure. We don’t have any here because Jared was a virgin when we met, and Sean got a full STD panel after it became clear that, with enough time and the right hypnotic suggestions, I’d be fucking him. Given a choice, I’ll take bare-backing every time, as long as I know it’s safe, so there’s never been any need to buy any.”

I’d had an STD panel? I had a vague memory of going to see my doctor at one point, now that he mentioned it, but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember when that had been or why I’d even gone to see him.

More to the point, though, I wasn’t just blowing my new gay employee as seemed right and proper, my ass was being offered around to Master Cedric’s friends! I’d thought that getting fucked by Master Cedric had made me feel about as small and worthless as I could possibly feel, but apparently I’d been wrong. Suddenly, I found myself fighting not to cum all over the bottom of the couch.

“Your boy seems to be having a little trouble, Ced”, Ian mentioned, feeling me clench my hands on his legs as I tried desperately not to cum without permission.

“Are you trying not to cum, bitch?”, Master Cedric asked me, apparently reading my body language. I nodded desperately around Ian’s cock. “You can go ahead, but…” I came before he finished his sentence, “…your ass and mouth are still Ian’s until he decides he’s done.” How the hell did Master Cedric do this to me? I felt more used than I ever had before, and yet I couldn’t wait for Ian to tell me he wanted to fuck me.

“So, how the hell did you get both the father and the son, anyway, Cedric?”, Ian asked.

“That’s a bit of a long story. Settle in.” I felt Ian shift a bit, more theatrically than anything, and he shoved my head all the way onto his shaft and held it there for a few seconds as though he intended to leave himself that deep inside me forever.

“Let’s see…I think I mentioned very briefly in the bar the other week that he’d asked me to help him with some unwanted homophobia. Well, in truth, that’s all I really intended at first. I was certainly open to taking it further, but, of course, every subject’s a little different, and you never know quite how things will evolve.

“I started exploring all his different feelings while he was under, and at one point, we covered what had happened that led to his wife leaving him and Jared. He’d found her in bed with another man. Naturally, I asked how that had made him feel, and he said something I hadn’t expected. He’d felt all the anger and betrayal you would expect from someone in a monogamous relationship, but he told me that there’d been just a moment, at first, where he’d been turned on seeing his wife stolen away from him by another man. Exploring a little further, I discovered that he’d felt deeply humiliated and loved it, even though the anger won out in the end.

“A humiliation slave. Nice!”, Ian enthused, pushing the back of my head further down onto his cock. “I guess that explains why he went nuts when you offered me his ass. I take it I’m the first other than you?” I guessed Cedric nodded because Ian continued after a moment. “I don’t think we have any other guys like that in the gay leather community right now, but I do know a couple of other straight ones. It seems it’s always the straight ones…they just seem to get off on being humiliated more than gay guys do.”

“So anyway, that was part of it”, Master Cedric continued. “It gave me the idea of repeating a similar scenario with his son. I knew Jared was interested in me, and I was very interested in him, so after bringing Sean out of it and confirming that I could make him forget what was said while he was under, I put him back under and explored a couple of different scenarios of me being with Jared. As I was describing one idea I had, I noticed that he started getting a hard-on.

“That’s when I let myself go all evil-hypnotist. He’d spent his entire life since he was a teenager subconsciously suppressing his kinky interests, and after he caught his wife cheating on him, he started suppressing even his sexual desires. Using hypnosis, I helped him turn both of them back on and linked them to various aspects of seeing me and Jared together. I also started turning him into a hypnosis junkie. I couldn’t make changes too fast, or he might have balked, so at first, I suggested that he just allow me to spend a little time with Jared as friends. It didn’t take long, though, before I was able to move it steadily up to him getting a hard-on whenever he saw us together. He still does.” Master Cedric was right, of course. Even thinking about the two of them together often gave me the start of a hard-on now, never mind actually seeing them together.

“In a similar fashion”, Master Cedric went on, “I progressively encouraged him to become more interested in being naked and hard around a gay man. Truthfully, I didn’t have to do a whole lot of work there; he practically jumped on that suggestion and accepted some of the most specious reasoning as to why he should be naked with only a little hypnotic help. Within a week, he happily got changed in front of me without even thinking about it.” Thinking back on it, I remembered the time Master Cedric was talking about. I’d had a strong feeling that I should face him when I took my pants off, but then when I’d bent over slightly to take my socks off, I’d had a strong need to turn around. I smiled around Ian’s cock as I realized that those must have been Master Cedric’s suggestions so that he could check out my cock and ass without me realizing what he was doing.

“Before the first month was over, I had him waking up from hypnosis naked and hard, thinking that that was a perfectly normal side-effect of being hypnotized.” The idea that it wasn’t a normal side-effect seemed strange to me now. I supposed there had been a time when that had been true, but I totally expected to be naked and hard whenever Master Cedric wanted me to now. As I tongued my way around Ian’s cock, I noticed a drop of precum sliding down the head and went after it before it could drip onto the couch.

It was wonderful hearing all this, almost nostalgic. I knew that I’d been manipulated hypnotically, of course, but I was really proud of myself that I was so obedient to Master Cedric now that he could explain it all with me right here, knowing it wouldn’t matter to me at all. It was more than that, though—I actually liked hearing how I’d been changed. I was content with how my life was now, which was a new thing for me.

“But I’m getting ahead of myself”, Master Cedric clarified. “During our initial session, after I’d figured out that this would be more than just a cure for homophobia, I’d given Sean some post-hypnotic suggestions, including telling him to call me in the next few days when he knew he’d be alone for a while. Monday morning, he called me from work to tell me how great the weekend had gone, and to set up another session. Knowing that he was probably calling because of the post-hypnotic suggestion, I made sure that he was alone and that he wasn’t busy, and then I put him under. I encouraged him to let me take Jared out that night, though all he remembered was having a great conversation with me all morning.” I did indeed remember that conversation—or, rather, I remembered enjoying that conversation, just as Master Cedric had said. Now that he made me think about it, I had absolutely no clue what we’d been talking about, undoubtedly because the conversation had never really happened.

“That night, I took Jared out to dinner, as planned, and told him flat out that I knew he was attracted to me, and that I was also attracted to him. Up until I’d said that, he’d been yammering non-stop in his excitement at being with me. The moment I told him I knew he was attracted to me, he clammed up, and I could hardly get a word out of him after that.

“You know me, I had to be sure I wasn’t just misinterpreting, so I put my hand on his knee under the table, and after he recovered from turning a dozen shades of red, he pushed back against me slightly, so I knew I had the go-ahead.”

That was news to me. I’d known since the very day Master Cedric had shown up that Jared had had the hots for him, but I hadn’t realized that he and Master Cedric had gotten together the very next time they saw each other. I couldn’t say I was surprised, though.

“After dinner, I drove him out to a little area I go to sometimes when I want to get away from it all. It’s nice and far from traffic or people, so it gave us a chance to talk. Even though I’d put my hand on his knee as soon as we’d parked, and I could see him fighting a boner, he still couldn’t bring himself to say much.”

“I was not fighting a boner!”, Jared piped up.

“Bull…shit”, Master Cedric returned affectionately. “As you can tell, he’s a bit of a brat”, he said, clearly speaking to Ian now. “Actually, come to think of it, maybe he’s right…he wasn’t fighting it much at all. Ow!” I heard him cuff Jared, while Ian laughed. When I asked Jared later, he’d blushed guiltily and told me he’d playfully bitten Master Cedric’s cock. It was yet another example of how differently we both approached our service to Master Cedric, because I couldn’t even imagine myself ever doing something like that. As Jared had said, I was cursed—or as I thought of it, blessed—with a desire to obey utterly and completely.

“So, anyway, I told him that I could tell he was having a hard time talking about anything, but that I was a hypnotist, and if he wanted, I’d use it to help him lose the shyness and say what he really wanted to say. He still said nothing. I didn’t know whether that meant I should go ahead or if he didn’t want me to, but was so shy, he couldn’t bring himself to refuse. So, I took a slightly different tack and told him that if he didn’t want me to do so, all he had to do was not follow my directions, but otherwise, I was going to put him under.

“Not surprisingly, in retrospect, he followed my directions to the letter, and pretty soon, he was under and quite happy to share how he felt about me. Of course, I didn’t waste any time, and started copping a feel as soon as I was sure he was under deep enough.

“So, while I was doing that, he was responding to my questions, telling me how he’s always liked older men and that he’s always fantasized about them pinning him down and forcing themselves on him. He loves to be made to do things. I asked if the reason he’d let me hypnotize him was because he was hoping that I’d use it to force him to do things, and sure enough, he said ‘yes’. Well, you can imagine how I felt at that moment. Secretly fondling the hottest guy I’ve ever seen, and here he is telling me he’d hoped I’d do exactly that sort of thing and then some!

“Naturally, I kept him under and started suggesting that he should lose the shyness and act out some of his fantasies, and that when I brought him out of it, the only thing he’d be able to think about was how badly he wanted to blow me…that it would build and build until he couldn’t resist doing it.

“Then, I brought him out of it and mostly sat back and watched. I’d moved my hand back to his knee at first, like it had been before I’d put him under, but then I slowly started moving it up to his crotch again, mostly because I couldn’t help myself, but also to see what he’d do. He turned red, but didn’t try to stop me at all. Quite the opposite, as he started staring at my crotch and licking his lips, he opened his legs and let me really start to grope.”

It was fascinating hearing about Jared’s first sexual experience. I was absolutely ecstatic that Master Cedric had had the balls to hypnotize my boy like that. At the time, I would’ve wanted to go to the police if I’d known, but thankfully, I’d been completely clueless. Looking back at the whole situation now, I realized just how much Master Cedric had freed me from my childhood preconceptions.

I felt my dick stiffening even more as I thought about the differences between me now and me back then. I was so much happier just doing what I was told. In fact, I realized, I was starting to like sucking Ian’s cock for just that reason. It wasn’t just a matter of Master Cedric wanting me to do it anymore—Master Cedric enjoyed having me service his best friend, therefore I wanted to enjoy it as well. Understanding that, I really started to get into what I was doing. It still wasn’t a turn-on in the traditional sense, but I could enjoy sucking a man’s cock nonetheless just knowing that my Master enjoyed seeing me do it.

“It didn’t take long after that”, Master Cedric continued, “before Jared leaned over and started undoing my pants. Then he pushed my underwear down to expose my cock and started leaning in to suck it. I had to give up my hold on his cock because of the position, unfortunately, but he took quite well to me using his hair as a handle and really driving myself into him, so it all worked out.

“I’d guess we went on for close to an hour by the time I felt myself starting to build towards cumming. I didn’t tell him I was going to. Instead, I just forced him to stay on it when I was about to cum, then after I had, I pulled his head up, stared him in the eye, and ordered him to swallow. He did, and even went back to lick up a couple of remnants when he saw how much it turned me on that he’d swallowed.

“The whole drive back, I fondled his thighs and his cock whenever my hand wasn’t needed for driving. I seriously wished we could do more, but I didn’t think he was quite ready for it yet, and his father certainly wasn’t. I did tell him that maybe I’d fuck him next time, though, just to get him thinking along the right lines.

“When we got back, I could tell Sean was worried. Apparently, he hadn’t quite clued in yet that his son was eighteen, not eight, and that he could actually survive being out of the house for a couple of hours.” As usual, Master Cedric was completely right. At the time, I’d been the type to worry that he might’ve been doing exactly the sort of thing he’d actually been doing, but especially knowing that Jared had wanted it, it was obvious to me now that I really shouldn’t have worried about it at all, not with Master Cedric.

“Naturally, I put him under again, and encouraged him not to worry—his son was in good hands. I suggested that we were becoming great friends, and that he knew he could trust me alone with Jared. When I brought him out of his trance, he was, of course, perfectly willing to forgive how long we’d been out and very amenable to the idea of me spending more time with Jared.

“He wasn’t aware of it, but a couple of days later, I dropped by to visit Jared at home, knowing that Sean would be out late that night.

“At first, Jared didn’t want to let me in. He gave me an excuse about Sean not allowing him to have visitors unless Sean was home. That was true as far as it went, but the real reason he didn’t let me in was that he was a little afraid of getting fucked. He wanted it, but he was still quite nervous about everything at that point.

“So instead, I suggested that we just sit on the steps and talk for a bit. Since that was outside, it didn’t violate his father’s rules, and it alleviated his fear as well—obviously, I wasn’t going to fuck him on his front step. We talked for a bit about what he thought of the blowjob he’d given me the other day, and he admitted that he’d liked feeling like he couldn’t stop himself. From his point of view, we just kept talking after that, but in reality, I put him under again.

“When I brought him out of it, after encouraging him not to realize he’d been under, he changed his mind and apologized for not letting me in earlier. It wasn’t directly part of the suggestions I’d given him—mostly I’d just helped him get over his fear—but as soon as we were inside, he invited me up to his bedroom. This time, I started giving him non-hypnotic orders. He followed them, at least up to the point where I wanted to start fingering him.

“There was a strange duality going on, though, that I didn’t understand at the time. I got the distinct impression that he didn’t want to get fingered or fucked and yet he also gave the impression of wanting it more than anything in the world. I realize now, and he’s admitted as much, that he was nervous and not quite ready to lose his virginity, but he very much wanted me to be the one he lost it to. He was already starting to fall in love with me, though I was a little slower in realizing that. Anyway, confused by the mixed signals I was getting, and knowing that he liked the idea of being forced, when he got reluctant about getting fingered, I pinned him against the wall and told him that I’d force him to take it if he thought he was up for it, but that I’d rather he gave it to me freely.

“You know what he said to me, the little shit? ‘Do it the other way.’ Well, he didn’t have to ask me twice! Half an hour later, I’d hypnotically brought out his inner slut and he was all but begging me to play with his ass. He would’ve been begging, I think, but you know how I feel about that, so when he tried, I ordered him not to.”

“You never did explain that to me, Sir”, I heard Jared interrupt. Apparently, he had no compunctions against interrupting the men, and Master Cedric didn’t seem bothered by it either. It excited me to have it reinforced that I was low man on the totem pole here. I was the only one not allowed to talk at all.

“Not everyone agrees, of course”, Master Cedric explained, taking a momentary sidebar to explain, “but I’ve always found it a little too close to topping from the bottom. You do enough of that already without adding begging in too”, he chided.

“I do not!”, Jared claimed in mock outrage. “Why, I would nev—” Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Master Cedric had shut Jared up by the same method he’d used previously, shoving Jared’s mouth back onto his cock.

“Get back to work”, Master Cedric ordered him affectionately.

“Anyway, it was after I’d finished fucking him that I discovered that there was more going on than I’d realized or intended. I still had my cock up his ass, but other than that, we were just lying there enjoying each other’s company. Suddenly, I felt his hand on my leg, starting to explore and touch as much as he could from his position, and then he leaned back into me like he wanted a kiss, which we did for quite some time, and he got really affectionate about it. You know I’m bad at reading body language, but that was hard to miss…he was way more passionate than I would’ve expected for someone who’d just wanted to get fucked for the first time. That was when I first started to realize that I felt the same way about him.

“That weekend, I hypnoed his father to let me take Jared overnight, which was when things really blossomed between us, I’d say. Some of what he did was hypnotically induced, but mostly, he made it clear that he wanted to be my slave all of his own free will. I was a little disbelieving that someone so young could be that sure of what he wanted, so I tried to take it slow and give him opportunities to explore what else he might want, but he has very thoroughly disabused me of the notion that he’s going anywhere else…so here we are.

“Speaking of which, I owe you a better collar”, Master Cedric said, obviously speaking to Jared now. “Sorry if this is a little off-the-cuff, but it seemed appropriate to the topic.”

Next thing I knew, my son’s lips were planted on Master Cedric’s lips, and they were kissing quite passionately. After they stopped, Master Cedric filled Ian in on that whole part of their history as well, while cuddling Jared and exploring his body tenderly.

“Wow!”, Ian said, once it was clear that Master Cedric was finished his recounting. “Is that all you have to do to get a father and son to both be yours. Easy!”, he joked. “I’m impressed…I only wish I had the skill, but I’ve never really had much success with hypnosis. I remember you complaining once that I did such beautiful shibari, while you can barely manage an overhand knot. Well, now I know how you feel! I remember trying it out back when I was living with you, and I completely sucked. I had no idea you were so skilled!”

I wasn’t sure exactly what shibari was, but the context made it obvious it was some kind of fancy rope-work. It explained the comfort that they had with one another to find out that they had once lived together. Unlike I’d assumed, though, I learned later that it had been a very relaxed landlord-tenant relationship that had quickly developed into a close and enduring friendship, but nothing more. They were both very open about their sexuality and the fact that they were kinky, but as Ian had implied, their kinky interests were very different, so an intimate relationship had never quite developed.

“Obviously, there’s a lot of other stuff that went into it to get us from ‘you get hard when you see me and Jared together’ to ‘suck my friend’s cock and let him fuck you’”, Master Cedric continued, “but that’s how we got started—I think you can fill in the gaps.” Ian nodded in agreement and then both were silent for a few moments while they each enjoyed their ongoing blowjobs.

“You know, you’re probably the only person that I would ever actually tell all of this to. Not everyone would understand”, Master Cedric admitted.

“Yeah. I know some others who would understand if you explained it fully, but you’re right, most wouldn’t. The way I look at it, deep down, they both wanted what you gave them, and now that they have it, they’re both obviously very happy. From what you said, it seems obvious that Sean would never have chosen this on his own, but is it better to choose how to live your life and be miserable because of your choices, or to have someone else make the choices and give you the life you subconsciously desire?”

“Well said!”, Master Cedric complimented him. “And actually, Sean did choose this consciously in the end—just a couple of days ago, in fact—but I only asked him after I’d given him a taste of what his life could be like. Anyway, thank you for understanding. That’s why I’ve always gotten along so well with you: you accept me for who I am—geekiness, hypnosis fetish and all. I guess Sean is my way of saying thank you.

“As nice as it’s been to share all of this with you, the brat here is grinding his ass into my cock”—obviously they’d changed positions while I was busy—“and it’s getting to be a little distracting. You”, he said, obviously referring to Jared, “need a good fuck. Haven’t you had enough over the last couple of days?”, Master Cedric asked exasperatedly.

“I haven’t cum since this morning!”, Jared complained. “What did you expect?”, he grinned, knowing that he was about to get what he’d been hoping for.

Ian didn’t start fucking me until after Master Cedric had been fucking my son for several minutes. Pulling my head off his cock, he ordered me to stand up, turn around and bend over. I met Jared’s eyes as I did, the two of us smiling at each other. Where his smile was comfortable, even eager, mine was still a bit nervous. After all, this was only my second time getting fucked, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Ian wasn’t as aggressive about it as Master Cedric had been, though, which was both a relief and a disappointment at the same time. I felt his dick resting just at the top of my ass-crack as I leaned forward and put my hands on my knees, then there was cold as I felt Ian’s fingers spreading lube around my hole and then into it. As unsure of myself as I was, the feel of fingers in my ass was comforting. Usually they were my own, or more recently, Master Cedric’s, but it was something I knew, and my ass relaxed very quickly under Ian’s probing. Apparently satisfied with how loose I was, there was a momentary pause as I heard the tearing of paper followed by what seemed like the sound of a rubber being put on. I’d never really paid attention to what that sounded like much before, but I had the feeling this wouldn’t be the last time I heard it.

A moment later, I felt the head of Ian’s cock pressing at the edges of my hole, and I did my best to relax and let him in. He took it quickly, but no quicker than I could take it. At first, it felt like an intrusion having his cock up my ass—something else I was doing only because Master Cedric had ordered me to allow it—but like giving Ian a blowjob, the longer we went at it, the more I liked taking him inside me for Master Cedric. His cock felt different—I could feel it driving deeper inside me than Master Cedric’s did, which actually hurt more despite the fact that he was a little thinner. That was to be expected, though; after all, Master Cedric had the most perfect cock I’d ever seen. My own cock was rock hard and dribbling on the carpet throughout the whole thing. When you got right down to it, what could be more humiliating than having your ass casually offered to your Master’s best friend, and then having him take it? In a strange way, a part of me hoped that Master Cedric had a lot of friends, though I rather doubted it from what I knew of him.

Even though Ian fucked me, and occasionally reached around to stroke my dick, he didn’t leave any marks on me like Master Cedric had. The bruises and welts Master Cedric had given me Saturday night were still there, and I understood instinctively that they were marks of ownership, which was something Ian wouldn’t have been allowed to do. Obviously, Ian understood this as well. After a while, Ian stopped reaching around to stroke my cock. I couldn’t be sure, but I got the distinct impression that he’d been doing it for my benefit at first, but it did nothing for me to have him stroke my cock beyond the pleasure of letting a gay man do whatever he wanted to me. Once he realized that, he stopped doing it and focussed entirely on his own pleasure.

The best part of the whole night, though, was getting to watch Jared service our Master even as he watched me servicing our Master’s friend. I loved seeing Master Cedric’s glorious cock filling my boy’s ass and then pulling back out again, only to plunge back in a moment later. At the same time, Ian’s cock was ramming into me, and I loved the idea that my son was seeing me being so deeply humiliated. It just made the night perfect that both of Master Cedric’s bitches were serving him exactly the way he wanted.

Ian fucked me for about another twenty minutes before picking up speed and pumping me till he came. It definitely wasn’t as fulfilling with him as it had been the time Master Cedric had fucked me because Ian’s cum just filled the condom; it didn’t explode all over my insides like Master Cedric’s magnificent cock had. To my surprise, I was also told not to lick Ian’s cock clean. Apparently, like Jared’s body, that was something else Master Cedric reserved for himself only.

“Well, I should get going”, Ian announced after he’d come back downstairs from washing up. “I have some things I need to do tomorrow, and I’ve got about an hour’s drive back home ahead of me.”

Master Cedric simply pulled out of my son and, naked, hard, with his cock covered in lube, and escorted Ian to the front door. “Yeah, I should get this one to bed soon too”, Master Cedric replied, obviously referring to me. “That was a lot of fun. We should do it again soon!”

“Now that I’ve got a job again, I was thinking of having another one of my parties at the end of next month. There’ll be lots of guys who I know would love to see you three there. Why don’t you join us?” I wasn’t all that surprised that Master Cedric agreed, even though he wasn’t a very social person—clearly, he and Ian were quite close. What did surprise me, though, was how much I wanted to go. If Ian was implying what I thought he was, I couldn’t imagine anything more humiliating, and by extension, hotter, than getting my straight ass fucked by a bunch of gay guys, while a bunch more gay guys looked on.

After Ian left, I was given permission to go to bed, so I gave Jared a quick kiss good night and then knelt to give Master Cedric a protracted “kiss” good night as well. It didn’t even occur to me until I was jerking off in Jared’s bed that Master Cedric had been fucking Jared just before that. When I’d done the same thing Saturday night, I’d had a love-hate relationship with it and thought that in the long run, it would probably be something I hated more than I loved. Now, though, only a couple of days later, it made no more impact on me than anything else I did for Master Cedric. He’d wanted me to suck his beautiful, masculine, dominant cock before I went to bed, so I did. Just like Jared had said once, I could remember not liking it, but obviously Master Cedric had hypnotized me and now it didn’t bother me at all. It was so fucking hot that I’d been trained not to mind, and I suspected that with only a little more training, I wouldn’t even notice if Master Cedric’s cock had been inside my son before I serviced it! Cumming all over my stomach and Jared’s sheets, I pulled my fingers out of my ass and started licking them off eagerly before scooping up the cooling cum.

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