Like Son, Like Father - Breakthrough

By RobinHood70 -
published September 13, 2016
6076 words

Sean finally understands why his son is so in thrall to Cedric


  • Sean (1, 2)
  • Cedric (1, 2)
  • Jared (1, 2)

I lost track of how often Jared’s dildo was inside me over the next few days. It didn’t take my ass long to get used to it at all, and I loved how it felt compared to having plain old fingers in there. I still masturbated only in the evening, as usual, but I had that dildo in there after work while I masturbated, a good portion of Friday night while I slept, and a couple of times on Saturday as well. It became second nature for me to lick it off afterwards; the idea that I was somehow giving Cedric head didn’t faze me at all anymore. After all, it was just a dildo.

The house felt a little lonely with nobody there, but at the same time, it was nice to have the place to myself. I thought of Jared often, especially when I was taking down the balloons, but I didn’t try to check up on him at all this time. He was a man now, and he was with the man I trusted most—there was no need for me to be a helicopter parent.

I was sitting at the dining room table eating lunch on Saturday when I heard someone unlocking the front door. I turned beet red because I had the dildo up my ass and there was just no way I could get it out, lick it off, wash it clean, and put it back in the box without getting caught. For some reason, the idea of simply hiding the evidence never occurred to me, but even if it had, I didn’t know who was here or how long they were staying.

As it turned out, it was Cedric. He had a couple of large boxes that he took up to Jared’s room before coming back down to say hi. “Hey, Sean, how’s it going?”, he asked as he started checking my cock and balls for hair.

“Pretty good, Sir”, I replied, doing my best not to blush. “How are you?”

“Not too bad. Jared’s still back at my place; I just came by to drop off his birthday presents. It’ll probably take me about an hour or two to get everything set up, but you just go on about your day. It’s all computer stuff anyway, so there’s really not much you can do. I’ll probably get you to make me coffee at some point, but that’s about it.” Cedric started to turn to head upstairs, and I was just beginning to get my hopes up that my faux-pas wouldn’t be noticed when he turned back. “Oh, Sean, can you stand up for a minute? I’ll need to check your ass hairs as well, of course.”

Once again, I turned a brilliant scarlet, but I reluctantly stood up, squeezing my butt around the dildo so it wouldn’t accidentally come out. To my surprise, Cedric didn’t make anything of it when he put his hand between my cheeks and found the dildo there. He just pulled it out—a little quickly and uncomfortably—then rubbed his finger around and slightly into my gaping lubed-up hole. Considering the size of the dildo that had just come out of there, it was hardly a surprise that his finger accidentally went in. When he was done, he repositioned the dildo between my cheeks and pushed it back in just as quickly as it had come out, though it felt much better going in than it had going out. I cleaned his fingers without comment and sat back down, wishing I could just crawl under a rock. If there was anything more humiliating for a straight guy than being caught with his gay son’s dildo up his ass, I couldn’t imagine what that might be. As I sat back down, I realized that my cock was leaking precum like a sieve, but after I’d cleaned that off and swallowed it, I went back to my lunch and tried to pretend I wasn’t dying of embarrassment.

For dessert, I had the last of the leftover cake (though most of it had gone to Cedric’s), a boatload of precum and the lube from the dildo. When I was done with the dildo, I washed it and put it away in its box, vowing never to touch it again. About ten minutes later, Cedric ordered me to make coffee, so I made some for both of us. He was getting quite comfortable ordering me around for small things like this, just like he ordered Jared around, but to my surprise, I found I enjoyed it, which made me think he’d been right when he’d said I was closer to understanding Jared than I’d realized. I was all set to bring his coffee up to him, but just as I picked it up to head upstairs, he came down, saying he didn’t want me to see what he was doing and risk ruining the surprise for Jared.

He left about an hour and a half later, telling me that they’d meet me at the restaurant tonight and promising me a long hypnosis session when we got back to make up for the last three days. I was ecstatic! I hardly ever knew when he hypnotized me lately, but after three days without—not even by phone—I was really starting to get fidgety. If nothing else, I had all this extra time in my day that I didn’t know what to do with.

The afternoon dragged on interminably, especially since I didn’t dare use the dildo, but eventually it came time to get ready and go. I was very curious what Cedric had been doing in Jared’s room, and with the doors removed, it would have been easy to glance inside, but I knew Cedric didn’t want me to spoil anything, so I stared resolutely at the hallway wall across from Jared’s doorway until I’d turned safely into my room.

The restaurant wasn’t far, and as fidgety as I’d been, I’d left a little early, so I was the first one there. At least, I’d thought I was the first one there until Jared showed up with Cedric and recognized one of his friends sitting at a small table just inside the door. I never would’ve pegged him for a friend of Jared’s, since he was in his late twenties, maybe even thirties, and was well-dressed and well-groomed. I knew that both of Jared’s friends tonight were from his gaming group, and this guy just wasn’t the kind of person I would ever have thought of as a gamer. Jared’s other friend showed up just as we were following the waitress to our table, but nobody actually noticed him come in—he was just there all of a sudden when we went to take our seats. Jared laughed as he noticed his other friend, and after saying hi and handing Jared his present, the two of them sat down with the rest of us.

Since I didn’t know either of them, Jared did the introductions. Naturally, he introduced Master Cedric first. Neither of Jared’s friends seemed surprised by the title, making me suspect he’d talked to them about Master Cedric before. The well-groomed one was Chad, a long-time gamer who was apparently in the straight BDSM community, and the newer arrival, somewhat waifish and quiet, was Jeremy. Very appropriately, given my lesser status, I was introduced last.

Chad jumped into the conversation as soon as Jared had completed his introductions. “So you’re the one responsible for the collar he kept playing with last night at gaming! I must say, it’s a pleasure to meet you after all this time. Jeremy and I have been hearing about you almost non-stop since the week he first met you. The others have heard bits and pieces, but they don’t really understand. You should’ve seen him last night—he could hardly focus on the game at all, and when we wrapped up, he was gone practically before anybody had said ‘see you next week’. I’m guessing by how distracted he was that the collar isn’t just for show?”

“No, it’s not. I’m surprised he didn’t tell you, but I guess, if he took off so quickly last night”, Cedric chuckled, “he probably didn’t get the chance. No, as of Wednesday night, it’s there more or less permanently. I’ll let him fill you in on his complaints about the ‘more or less’ part of that”, he smiled affectionately at Jared. “I take it you’re into BDSM as well, Jeremy?”, Cedric asked companionably.

“No, not really”, Jeremy responded a little shyly, “but I do like older women, so I don’t have the prejudice the other guys do against Jared going out with someone your age. The kink thing doesn’t bother me, but except maybe to change things up once in a while, it’s not something that really turns me on, either.” He shut up after that and looked like he never planned to speak again. It seemed to be just the way he was.

“So, Jared, what’s this ‘more or less’ thing Cedric mentioned?”, Chad asked. He listened sympathetically as Jared explained and nodded in understanding when Jared was done. “I can certainly understand where you’re coming from, Cedric, especially with someone so young, but honestly, man, Jared’s yours, he really is. I’ve only seen that devoted, deer-in-the-headlights look on a couple of people in my life, and every last one of them is a long-term sub or slave. Trust me, man, he is definitely yours.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ve just never had someone so young or so hot as a slave before, and I guess I just thought he might change his mind”, Cedric said somewhat sheepishly. “If what he said during the ceremony wasn’t enough, he’s certainly spent the last three days disabusing me of that notion.” We all had a laugh at that.

“Sean, do you mind if I ask?”, Chad said, turning to me. “I’m not even sure how, exactly, so I hope you won’t take offense. What I mean is, not a lot of parents would be happy to see their kid going out with someone that much older, much less seeing them become a collared slave. But the way you react when Cedric talks about Jared, well, it’s more at ease than almost any parent I know.”

“Actually, when Cedric and I first re-met nearly two months ago, I wasn’t even dealing well with Jared being gay, much less the rest of it, but Cedric helped me see past that. I’d known him in high school, and I knew he was pretty harmless back then, and then, as I got to know him again as an adult, I realized that there was really nothing to worry about. I was a little concerned when he started seeing Jared at first, of course, but he’s a great guy, and in becoming such good friends with him, he’s helped me get over my old prejudices.” I tried not to sound too glowing, even though he deserved every word of it and more. “It’s been challenging at times to let go of some of my preconceptions, but honestly, at this point, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather Jared was with.”

Chad nodded, seeming impressed that I was so open. After he’d thanked me for the explanation, the conversation turned to other topics. Given that there were three role-players at the table, it mostly centered on their gaming, but there was also talk of video games, which Cedric was able to join in on a little, and other things as well. I mostly stayed quiet, though Chad made a certain effort to include me, which I appreciated. He was obviously very outgoing. Apart from gaming topics, Jeremy was quiet as well, so I didn’t really stand out. It wasn’t so much that I was being quiet or shy, I just didn’t really have a lot to add to the conversation. Still, it was really nice to be included and to meet some of Jared’s friends. Even though this wasn’t gay-related at all, it was the kind of thing that Jared wouldn’t have dreamed of including me in before Cedric had come along.

After dinner, we opened the presents. Chad and Jeremy had both gotten him gaming books, which Jared was quite happy with, and he loved all three games that I’d gotten him, not that that was much of a surprise since he’d given me a shortlist of what he wanted. We were all a little bit stunned, though, when it came to Cedric’s gift. He handed Jared what looked like a receipt of several items with the prices blacked out and a bow stuck at the top, and told him it was waiting for him at home.

Jared just looked at it, his eyes going wide, and gave Cedric a huge hug and several kisses, almost to the point of making a scene in the restaurant. After he’d thanked Cedric profusely, he passed the receipt to Jeremy, who was apparently the most computer-savvy person at the table besides Cedric. “Dude, this is a sweet gaming rig! God damn! I hope when I meet the right lady she’s as nice to me as he is to you!” It was the most enthusiastic I’d heard Jeremy be about anything all night.

Neither Chad nor I could make heads or tails out of it, but we took Jeremy’s word for it that it was an impressive system. Cedric tried to explain that he knew Jared’s old system couldn’t handle the games I’d bought him, which was true as far as it went, apparently, but Jeremy wasn’t having any of it. According to him, a system half that price would’ve handled the new games easily…what Jared got was pretty much top of the line.

We had dessert after that, chatted a little more while we waited for the bill, and finally it came time to go. It had been a while since I’d seen Cedric and Jared together, so I had to be careful to hide the inevitable boner I had, but it wasn’t too difficult. I just put my wallet back in my pocket as we stood up and casually left my hand there as we headed out of the restaurant. Cedric and Jared knew what was going on, of course, but to Jeremy and Chad, it would’ve seemed like nothing out of the ordinary.

We all said goodbye in the parking lot, and Chad offered Jeremy a ride home. I was the designated mule, taking Jared’s presents with me, though Jared himself went with Cedric, of course. I stayed behind them on the drive home so we’d all arrive at the same time.

When we got in the door, Jared and I both stripped. It was hard not to notice that he was moderately well covered in welts and bruises, but he certainly didn’t mind, and neither did I. Considering he’d spent three days with Cedric celebrating their collaring ceremony, I was actually surprised there weren’t more.

At his request, I got Cedric a beer and then sat down across from him in my usual spot on the couch. He was fondling Jared casually, but as I sat down, he stopped. “Okay, I think your father and I need some alone time, so you can run off and play with your new toy”, he said with affectionate mock-condescension.

“Kind of like you’ve been doing the last three days, Sir?”, Jared returned playfully, earning himself a smack in the balls just hard enough to shut him up.

“If I don’t come get you before then, head back down in an hour, but keep it quiet—your dad will probably still be under”, Cedric ordered.

“Yes, Sir”, Jared replied, then ran off upstairs to try the new computer.

 “So, have you missed this?”, Cedric asked, though we both knew the answer to that already.

“More than you can imagine, Sir!”, I replied enthusiastically.

He just smiled in response. “I’m really going to enjoy tonight, myself. Why don’t we do the beach, for old time’s sake.”

It was immediately obvious to me how much I’d progressed since the first time Cedric had hypnotized me. Almost the moment my eyes were closed, I thought I really was lying on the sand of that wonderful beach in the Bahamas, and only for the first few moments was I even vaguely aware that I was being hypnotized. I watched comfortably as the sun went down, taking me with it into a deep, deep sleep.

The first sensation I was aware of when I woke up again was that Jared’s dildo was up my ass once again right to the balls. This time, I wasn’t at all embarrassed about it being there, since I’d clearly had nothing to do with putting it there. As I came out of it further, I opened my eyes, and that’s when everything changed. I knew instinctively that the breakthrough I’d been feeling coming on for the last few days was finally here.

I was greeted with the sight of Cedric’s amazing cock sliding rhythmically in and out of my son’s ass and found that I couldn’t take my eyes off of it at all. I had total tunnel vision for Cedric’s cock right now, but out of what little peripheral vision I had, I could see that Cedric was sitting on the couch with Jared squatting on top of him riding his cock. Jared was hard as a rock, his legs were spread wide, and his balls rode just high enough to leave me an unobstructed view of Cedric’s cock as it drove into Jared’s hole and then pulled back out again. In, out, in, out.

I couldn’t say how long I watched, but it was all I could focus on. Cedric’s cock entering Jared’s ass became my entire world, almost like the close-ups of two guys fucking in Cedric’s porn. In, out, in, out, in, out. I admired the soft, spongy part of Cedric’s cock that ran along the base. I loved every bump and every vein, teasing me as it was hidden every second or two, only to be shown to me once again. It was beautiful!

What was even more beautiful was that it was inside Jared’s ass! It belonged in there in ways I couldn’t even express. It was as if Jared had been born for the sole purpose of serving Cedric’s cock, and everything that had come before in his life had all been to get him to this very moment. I could almost have cried, except that I was too absorbed in watching this incredible display of my son’s submission.

The longer I watched, though, the more I realized that it wasn’t just Jared’s submission I was admiring, it was Cedric’s inherent dominance. Cedric was, quite simply, made to be obeyed. Every limb, every hair, every cell in his body, but more than anything, his incredible cock demanded—no, demanding was something a petulant child did; this was so much more than that—it required obedience.

Jared had clearly known this from day one, and at long last, I understood why he obeyed Cedric’s every command and wish. How could I possibly have missed it all this time? How could anyone? Everyone he met, everyone who even saw him, should be bowing at his feet and asking how they could serve him. It was as blindingly obvious to me now as the noon sun on a clear day.

At Cedric’s order, Jared switched positions, turning around to face Cedric and then squatting and taking Cedric’s cock back up his ass. With the slight change of angles, I now had a clear view of Cedric’s face as he fucked my son. He reached up and invaded Jared’s mouth in a way far too dominant to be labelled simply “a French kiss”, the motion causing me to look up and meet his eyes for just a moment. As I did, he smiled knowingly and reached down to spread my son’s ass cheeks, letting him drive himself in that much deeper. I dropped my eyes in appropriate submission, instinctively returning them to Cedric’s cock, where they belonged.

I had no sense of time at all, being far too lost in the revelation I was experiencing, and the joy of watching Jared service Cedric so beautifully. I was so proud of him at this moment; I thought my chest was going to explode. After some time, though, Cedric ordered a change in position again, and Jared lay down on the floor on his stomach, his ass in the air, so perfectly offering his body up for Cedric’s pleasure.

Cedric knelt down, his legs trapping Jared beneath him, and started raking Jared’s back with his nails. I was still completely focussed on Cedric’s cock, but Jared’s body language told me he was completely relaxed, almost as if this was the best backrub he’d ever had. As Cedric’s gouging got harder, I could hear Jared whimpering and yelping, but I understood now that they were the orgasmic whimpers and yelps of complete submission to the pain. Positioning his cock to enter Jared’s ass once again, Cedric leaned forward, driving hard into Jared’s hole and moving to pin my son under him. Their fingers interlocked on the carpet as Cedric assaulted his ass harder and harder, biting him on the neck and ears hard enough to leave fresh bruises.

I was both astounded and ecstatic to see how hard Jared was taking it from Cedric, but eventually, Cedric slowed down, being gentler and giving Jared a breather.

Cedric’s order was too quiet for me to hear clearly, but a moment later, he pulled out and Jared rolled over on his back. “Knees up”, he ordered more clearly, and Jared pulled his knees to his chest, once again offering Cedric his hole.

As Cedric leaned over him and started fucking my son once again, I lost sight of Cedric’s cock except for the briefest of glimpses sometimes as they shifted. When I realized I wouldn’t be able to see it for a bit, my eyes wandered up to their faces. They were both gazing into each other’s eyes, Cedric in a way that was oddly tender yet left no doubt that he was taking what he wanted, Jared with a look of absolute worship and adoration. I thought it might almost match the look in my eyes. The tenderness was even more obvious when Cedric started frenching my son once again, this time with a gentleness that deserved the name.

After a while, Cedric and Jared started talking quietly to one another, obviously enjoying their interlude. Occasionally, I’d make out a word or two, but nothing of any import. Cedric was still inside Jared’s ass, as he had been most of the night, but it was a slow, almost massaging fuck now. They kissed occasionally and then went back to talking after a few minutes, Cedric occasionally nipping at Jared’s lip or ear lobe.

“And how are you doing, Sean?”, Cedric asked me at one point, surprising me.

“I’m good, Sir”, I responded, not knowing what else to say.

“Good, glad to hear it. I think you’ve made some excellent progress tonight! I’ll be starting round two with your boy in a moment.” I could tell that just by the way he’d started fucking Jared a little faster and more vigorously. “Start working that dildo in and out of your ass a little while you watch.”

“Yes, Sir”, I said, reaching down to follow his order. It was the first time he’d given me a sexual order, but even though he was a man and I was straight, there was absolutely no question of my obedience. Cedric needed to be obeyed, it was just that simple, and just thinking about him starting “round two” with Jared made it not just a requirement, but something I was eager to do.

Cedric started thrusting a little more firmly while curling his upper body down to bite at Jared’s nipples. It was obviously a bit of an awkward position for both of them, but Jared did his best to stretch out and make it as easy as possible.

As I started to pull the dildo out of my ass a little, my hand brushed up against the barest stubbly hair that I’d somehow managed to miss, despite how practiced at shaving I was becoming.

And that’s when it hit me.

This wasn’t the first time Cedric had given me a sexual order, he’d been doing it all along! What’s more, I’d been obeying! I was stunned enough by the revelation that I actually lost track of what Cedric and Jared were doing for a minute.

From almost the first day, I’d been letting him see me naked, masturbating in front of him, masturbating at his direction, and on and on. Each time, he’d been adding just a little bit more to the previous time. Then another revelation hit me: he’d been doing the same thing with my reactions to my son—slowly getting me over my inhibitions, getting me used to the two of them doing more and more in front of me. In a way, I’d known that last part all along, but it hit me now in a way it never had before: I was being trained.

Tonight was the culmination of all that. He could hurt my son, fuck him, practically even rape him, and I was not only allowing it, I was happy for them! In the same way, he’d just given me my first openly sexual order, without masking it with ideas of being more accepting or checking my shaving job, and not only was I obeying, I was eager to do so. I knew that it was his absolute right to give those orders, and my privilege to follow them.

Once again, I was hit with a feeling of guilt that it had taken me so long to understand so fully that it was my place to obey, but it made me feel a little better, at least, that in some small way, I’d been following his orders from the start.

Finally coming to grips with my revelation and regaining my awareness, I focussed once again on Cedric and Jared to find Cedric staring at me with a look of patient understanding, even as he continued fucking Jared. I realized that I’d paused my dildo-fucking almost before it even got started, and that was what had alerted him that something was going on.

Not wanting to distract him further, I let my eyes drop down to his cock, which I realized I could now see, and mouthed a “Thank you, Sir”, which I had no way of even knowing if he’d seen or understood. I wasn’t even sure what I was thanking him for—for getting me to this point, for being understanding during my moment of revelation, or something else entirely. In any event, the sense of revelation was fading, and once again, my world was Cedric’s cock thrusting into my son’s ass, along with an almost reflex response to dildo-fuck myself. This time, there were no further revelations or other distractions, just Cedric’s long, hard shaft with the most amazing veins, bumps, and a beautiful circumcision scar driving into my son’s totally submissive ass while I watched.

Cedric continued fucking Jared on his back for some time before pulling out and coming over to me, giving me the closest view of his cock I’d had since I’d come to understand the need to obey and worship it in every way. Contrary to anything I imagined was going to happen, he put one leg up on the back of the couch, his beautiful cock sticking straight out about a foot above me, and ordered Jared to take a similar position in front of him. I watched Cedric’s cock with an almost frightening intensity as he once again started pushing into my son’s ass-cheeks and disappeared into his body, only to re-emerge a moment later, the lube glistening faintly in the living room lights.

I could tell Cedric was getting more turned on, taking it out on Jared by smacking him, twisting his nipples, scratching him, biting him, and thrusting as hard as he could. Through it all, I gazed at the two of them worshipfully, longing for every glimpse of Cedric’s cock I could get.

When Cedric finally pulled out fully, I was lost in the sight of his stupendous cock for a moment until he told me to lie on my back on the floor. Once I had, and I was pumping the dildo in and out rhythmically once again, he had Jared kneel above my head, one knee on either side, while Cedric once again took position behind him.

He’d gotten some more lube while we were each getting into position, and I watched from a mere couple of inches away as he re-lubed his cock and started pounding my son’s ass as hard as he ever had. It was actually a little hard to focus at that distance, but it was the most awesome sight I could ever have imagined. At this distance, I could smell Cedric’s sublime odour as his cock thrust in and out of Jared’s ass, his masculine balls swaying back and forth as he did. As loose as Jared was at this point, Cedric often withdrew fully, slamming it back in again to the sound of Jared’s cries and groans. This close to Cedric’s cock, finally able to see it in its utter majesty, I really did start to cry as he took my son so completely. This was Cedric’s real gift to both Jared and I on Jared’s half-birthday: there was no part of Jared’s life that I couldn’t share in now, from meeting his friends to watching him get raped by his Master just inches from my face. It was exactly what I’d asked for when I’d accepted Cedric’s offer to hypnotize me, and what Jared had silently longed for himself…yet so much more.

I would have kissed him right then if I could have, but I had been ordered to lie still and watch, and I would do nothing else unless and until Cedric told me to. I had no idea if I watched them for minutes or hours, the occasional drop of lube splattering onto my face, but eventually, Cedric pulled out of Jared’s ass one last time and then drove it back in, thrusting impossibly fast, his balls rising as he exploded inside my son.

They both stopped, panting audibly, and I could sense more than see that Cedric was caressing Jared’s body and nuzzling into his neck as they both came down from their high. After a minute, I felt Cedric reach between them, touching my shoulder with the tips of his fingers. It was really the only thing he could reach from his current position, but I understood–it was meant to include me.

Cedric pulled out of Jared a few minutes later and stood up, several more drops of lube, or maybe cum, dripping from his cock onto my cheek when he did. I watched in disappointment as his cock got further away, but I knew that now that I’d come to understand that he was to be obeyed in all things, this was only the first of many times that I’d be up close and personal with Cedric’s cock. I could be patient.

Once he’d pulled far enough back, Jared stood up weakly, his legs wobbling, and also stepped away. Noticeably, he’d been careful not to let his cock or balls touch me as he got up. I wouldn’t have thrown a fit if there had been an accident, but instinctively, I knew we were all on the same page. Exhibitionist that he was, it turned Jared on—and I thought probably Cedric as well—to have me watch, but incest wasn’t a part of it, a fact for which I was profoundly grateful.

The two of them went off to the bathroom, presumably to clean up a little, leaving me lying on the floor still pumping the dildo into my ass. After seeing to Jared, Cedric returned, though, and nudged my hand off the dildo to grab hold of it himself. Pushing my balls up out of the way, he pulled it out slowly and handed it to me for cleaning. I hadn’t noticed, but he’d put a towel on the couch in my usual spot, and told me I could sit on that while I cleaned. The whole time Cedric and Jared had been away, it hadn’t once occurred to me to just put a towel on the couch while I was dildo-fucking myself; I’d just slumped down enough that nothing would mess up the couch. Benefits of experience, I supposed.

Jared rejoined us a minute later, obviously having cleaned his ass, since he didn’t use a towel when he and Cedric sat down on the couch and he cuddled into Cedric’s body. Cedric’s arm was wrapped around him protectively as they both relaxed and recovered. It came as no surprise to see Cedric pushing Jared down towards his cock so Jared could clean it, though Jared’s cleaning was a lot slower and more tender—more kissing and small licks—than what I was doing to the dildo.

When I was done, I put the dildo on the end table. I could wash it off later, but for now, it was time for us to be together. As I turned back, I realized that Jared was no longer cleaning off Cedric’s cock but had fallen asleep in Cedric’s lap.

After sitting there together for several minutes, both of us watching Jared tenderly as he slept, I looked at Cedric quizzically and flashed my eyes to the dildo. It took him a moment to understand, but I saw his eyes lift as he caught my meaning. “It was always for you”, he told me quietly. “He knew.” I just smiled in understanding and went back to watching them cuddle. I didn’t feel as strong of a compulsion to stare at Cedric’s cock anymore, but it was still nice, all the more so with him holding Jared so lovingly as Jared slept.

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