Like Son, Like Father - Let Them Eat Cake

By RobinHood70 -
published September 1, 2016
7950 words

Jared’s special day is a bit more special than it has been in previous years.


  • Sean (1, 2)
  • Cedric (1, 2)
  • Jared (1, 2)

Sunday morning, I slept in, having been awake for a while with Jared’s yelping the night before. It seemed like a dream to me now, if for no other reason than the fact that I had tried to stand up to Cedric. I had a hard time believing I could ever have done that, or even that I might have wanted to.

As it turned out, Cedric was out doing some shopping when I went downstairs, so it was just Jared and me. I grabbed some cereal from the kitchen and joined him in the living room, taking my usual spot on the couch. The moment I sat down, Jared started stroking his cock, reaching over to the side table to get some lube for his ass as well.

I watched, getting hard of course, as he beat himself off and played with his ass. He only went up to three fingers this morning, but he kept it up for the entire time I was eating my cereal, repeatedly checking to see if I was watching. I knew from his hypnosis session yesterday that this was what he’d been told to do, so he really needn’t have worried. I wanted Cedric to be comfortable doing whatever he felt like with Jared, and watching Jared finger-fuck himself was part of that. It would be unfair to both of them to try to limit their sexual expression in any way, so I wanted to get used to seeing him sticking things up his ass.

After I finished my cereal, I set the bowl down on the end table and ate the precum that had leaked out of my own cock as a sort of dessert. Just as Cedric had instructed him to do, Jared kept playing with his ass, barely even touching his cock. My cock, however, kept dribbling as I sat there watching him, but I just kept thumbing the precum off my head and into my mouth.

It was a good twenty or thirty minutes before Jared decided to get serious about it and started really beating himself off instead of mostly playing with his ass. Once he set his mind to it, though, it didn’t take him long, with spurts of hot, white jiz hitting his stomach only about a minute later. As usual, he scooped it up with the hand he’d had in his ass and then licked off his fingers. I didn’t find that as bothersome as I once had. It was just something Cedric wanted him to do so, naturally, he did it.

After he was done, we both stood up, largely ignoring our erections bobbing around in front of us. I noticed as I grabbed my cereal bowl that he had some welts on his back, and smiled knowing that they were Cedric’s work. I couldn’t say what, but something in Jared’s body language suggested he was showing them off, as though he was proud of being marked. It was an odd thought, but one I sort of understood…like a soldier showing off his war-wounds.

All in all, it was a fairly typical Sunday morning for us, give or take the changes Cedric continued to make to help me better understand my son. I was not only happy that Cedric was doing this for us, but I also felt that I really was beginning to understand Jared’s obedience on some level. It wasn’t a conscious level just yet, but apart from the occasional panic moment, I found myself generally much happier with Jared’s sexuality—and indeed, my home life in general—than I could ever remember. I had the odd expectant feeling of being on the verge of a breakthrough, but if I was, it hadn’t broken through yet.

Cedric was still out by lunchtime, so I fixed us some soup and sandwiches and called Jared down to eat. We chatted companionably over lunch—Jared had apparently finished his studying this morning and felt completely ready for his final exam tomorrow, so he had the whole afternoon free. He’d always had high marks, so I trusted his judgement. Other than showering, I’d been puttering around all morning and was bored to tears, so I suggested we do something together after lunch. After discussing it for a few minutes, we decided that we’d head out on our bikes today, just as he and Cedric had yesterday.

I put some clothes on and finished up the dishes while Jared showered and got dressed as well. Like yesterday, he had a pair of spandex biker shorts on, though not the same pair. I hadn’t even known he had one pair, much less two…maybe they were something Cedric had gotten him.

For the most part, we just biked around town. With my newfound comfort with homosexuality, I really started to notice just how much attention Jared got from some guys. I hadn’t realized that anyone in town was gay besides Jared and Cedric. I sort of knew there had to be, but it definitely opened my eyes to see just how many guys’ eyes and heads tracked Jared from the moment they saw him. A few of them were either acquaintances or clients whom I’d never even suspected of being gay.

Jared knew he was being watched and obviously enjoyed the attention, but as I’d noticed before, he didn’t look back in a meaningful way anymore. He’d never been shy of looking back until he’d met Cedric—quite the opposite, he’d always had the same teenage brazenness he’d shown with Cedric the day they first met—but now, he just didn’t seem interested. I understood why he wasn’t a lot better than the last time I’d noticed he wasn’t cruising—he was as loyal to Cedric as a lost puppy reuniting with its owner; other guys simply held no interest for him anymore.

Having more or less exhausted the possibilities of riding around town, we headed for the outskirts. Since Jared was in front, he picked our route, leading us to a long-overgrown dirt road that had probably led out to a farm a long time ago. Now, the area had small copses of trees dotting it and that was about it. Apparently, it was where Cedric had first hypnotized Jared, and they still came out here quite often. It was nice to have Jared bring me into his life like this. We’d never really talked comfortably about his love life before, but now it came to me easily. I could understand the choice of location—it was quiet, and far enough from anything to virtually guarantee them privacy. Jared probably enjoyed it for other reasons as well—I’d come to realize that he was quite the exhibitionist, and I suspected he’d get off on having sex outdoors as much as he appeared to like jerking Cedric off or blowing him in front of me.

After we’d stopped and taken a breather, we headed lazily back in the general direction of home. We’d been out for almost the entire afternoon—the most time Jared and I had spent together in a very long time. Naturally, as soon as we got in, our clothes came off, and I noticed Jared was already getting a boner in anticipation of his afternoon ritual. I sat with him in the living room while he jerked off and played with his ass some more. Then, after he came, I headed upstairs to go to the washroom and start my own routine of showering and shaving myself top to bottom.

Cedric showed up while I was still shaving. Naturally, that meant he was getting a blowjob from Jared when I went downstairs to make dinner. Afterwards, Jared and I both started masturbating in the living room. Cedric sat by me and checked the hairs around my hole, just as he had the other day. It felt fantastic up until he started using his teeth to check the shaving job around my nipples at the same time. Despite the pain, I shot my load quickly, lapping up all my cum, then licking off Cedric’s fingers. We both settled back to watch Jared after that—Cedric’s hand casually rubbing my leg, cock, and balls as he checked for any stubble there. With the two of us watching, it wasn’t long till Jared came.

We all retired to the front hall after that, since Cedric had an interview first thing in the morning and had to leave early. As usual, Jared and I knelt in front of Cedric while he got his blowjob. It felt completely natural and comfortable to kneel next to him before he left now. Even if my ritual wasn’t the same as Jared’s, I was definitely beginning to enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of Cedric getting a blowjob. He kept it short and left without cumming. I got the impression that Jared was disappointed, but he was far too obedient to show it.

Monday, I got home a little earlier than usual to find Jared throwing himself a one-person “I’m done with high school” party. Sitting in the living room, he was blasting music out of our stereo that I was surprised I hadn’t heard from inside the car a block away, drinking one of my beers, watching porn, and playing with his cock just enough to keep himself hard. He was clearly unaware that I’d come home, so I let him enjoy himself and headed upstairs for the relative quiet of the shower. It would have been fun to keep watching him for a bit, but shaving came first.

By the time I was done, I suspected that either Jared had clued in that I was home or Cedric had shown up, since there was no more music. I admired my shaved hard-on in the mirror for a moment and then headed out of the bathroom. Cedric was indeed here and he was grinning from ear to ear as he fondled Jared’s cock.

“I got my next contract!”, he exclaimed happily when I came downstairs. As if there’d been any doubt—how anybody could say no to him, I couldn’t imagine. He could have owned his own company if he’d wanted, just like I did, but apparently he liked doing the short-term contract work he was doing, especially since it paid well and usually gave him a lot of time off.

Jared gave Cedric a celebratory blowjob while I got hypnotized, though Jared had left the room by the time I came out of it. As usual, the change in circumstances was the only thing that alerted me that I’d been under. I suspected that if he really wanted to, Cedric could probably get me to ignore even that evidence…or maybe he already had and I just didn’t know it. After all, if I ignored all the evidence I’d been under, it would seem like nothing had happened at all. It was an exciting idea.

I was hard as a rock when I awoke, and at Cedric’s suggestion, I lubed up to jerk off. I was really enjoying myself this time; for some reason it felt a lot better than usual and I thought I might cum quickly. Probably not as quickly as Jared usually did when he really started going at it, but then again, I wasn’t eighteen anymore.

Almost like when I’d noticed Jared’s ass was hairless, I found myself thinking about him fingering himself repeatedly as I jerked off. It wasn’t until I felt a vague discomfort that I realized that I was doing more than just jerking off. The whole time I’d been playing with my cock, Cedric had been suggesting to me that I’d enjoy fingering the outside of my ass as well…I’d just been so caught up in the sensations that I hadn’t realized what was happening until my finger started to find its way inside.

I flushed as I realized what I was doing, feeling embarrassed about doing something so blatantly gay, but I wasn’t about to take my finger out. I liked how it made me feel that I had something up my ass, and more than that, I liked how it made me feel that I had something up my ass in front of a gay man. It went beyond humiliation! I didn’t have a word for how I felt…embarrassed beyond all belief and yet excited by it at the same time. I stuck my finger deeper in, feeling even more discomfort from my hole, but I ignored it.

After a few minutes of stroking my cock and playing with my ass, Cedric told me I didn’t even need to play with my cock anymore. Naturally, my right hand immediately dropped away from my cock. I wasn’t entirely sure Cedric was right about what I wanted this time, so I just closed my eyes and focused completely on the sound of his voice. As I continued my fingering, Cedric reminded me of Jared and how much he enjoyed finger-fucking himself, which at least mentally made me feel better. I knew that, just like it had for Jared, the slight discomfort would fade, and soon I’d begin to like it.

Cedric’s voice was hypnotic as he told me when to shove my finger deeper and when to pull it out. He wasn’t actually hypnotizing me, of course, or I wouldn’t have been aware of it, but it was still very soothing and regular as he directed my finger in and out, in and out, in and out. After a while, just as I’d known it would, it became more comfortable and I opened my eyes again. Cedric continued to direct me even as he started to jerk off, himself. In and out, in and out, fingering my ass in front of the gay guy, in and out. It wasn’t long before I realized that I was actually starting to enjoy it.

Despite not touching my cock, it was harder than ever. I was having the time of my life, and at Cedric’s suggestion, I started fingering myself even faster. At one point, Jared walked by and I could tell he was holding back laughter as he saw what I was doing. A part of me was happy that I’d crossed another threshold of things I could do in front of him, but another was even further humiliated. Even though he didn’t acknowledge Jared’s presence, I was sure Cedric knew, just by the renewed redness to my face.

Returning my attention to Cedric’s voice, I started stroking my cock again and moved up to two fingers in my ass. That was a lot more uncomfortable than one had been, but I was determined that I could do this. What’s more, Cedric told me that I liked the stretch, that I enjoyed how it hurt a little bit, and as soon as he said it, I knew he was right. I pushed my two fingers in as deep as I could get them after that, groaning in pain, but loving it at the same time.

Cedric was really starting to beat himself off now, but he kept reminding me how much I enjoyed having my fingers in my ass and how much I loved doing it in front of him. He watched me fingering myself for a good ten minutes before he came. Catching it in his hand, he spread it on my stomach as he checked for any hairs I’d left there. It wasn’t long before I came as well. I didn’t have much choice but to scoop Cedric’s cum up as well, not that the idea bothered me. I’d actually become quite fond of eating my own cum in the last few days, and having his to eat as well just meant I got a little extra.

I couldn’t tell whose cum was whose by appearance, but once I started shoveling it into my mouth, the difference was obvious. His cum tasted different and just like everything else about him, it was way better than mine was. I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but a part of me wanted more…both for the taste and for the rush of humiliation I got from eating another man’s cum.

Then something dawned on me: just as Jared had been doing, I’d just used the fingers that had been in my ass to scoop up all the cum and eat it. It was a revolting idea, but even as I started to get the “ewww” face, Cedric’s voice slid right in, telling me how I knew that if Jared could do it, it was okay for me to do it too. I supposed he was right, when I thought about it that way. Obviously, Jared suffered no ill effects other than maybe not liking the taste, so I supposed I shouldn’t really worry about it either. In fact, he told me, I’d probably find myself doing it that way from now on, and even enjoying it! Licking off anything that had been in or around my ass was just so kinky! Besides, I was already licking off Cedric’s fingers whenever he checked my ass hairs, so it wasn’t really a big step up to clean my own fingers when I’d been fingering myself. It still seemed a little gross, but Cedric had really read my mind on this one and I knew that I’d be following Jared’s example from now on…and happy to do so.

Cedric spent the night, so I slept in Jared’s cum-encrusted bed again, grabbing my alarm clock to make sure I was out of the house on time tomorrow morning. When I got home that night, Cedric was gone, which was a bit surprising. It was a fairly uneventful night—both Jared and I jerked off as normal, both of us fingered our ass, both of us ate our cum, and then I went to bed. Not needing to go to bed for school, Jared stayed up to wait for Cedric. At one point during the night, I was vaguely aware of sex sounds coming from Jared’s bedroom, but I just rolled over and went back to sleep.

Cedric was spooned with me when I woke up, his hard cock pressing into my back. I stiffened somewhat as I realized what I was feeling, but he couldn’t be blamed for what he did in his sleep—hell, I couldn’t blame Cedric for much of anything, really—so I politely rolled out from under his arm, doing my best not to wake him, and headed off to work. The memory of feeling Cedric’s cock in my back stayed with me at first, though I was surprisingly unperturbed by it after my initial shock. Unlike with Jared’s shaved ass, though, it didn’t intrude on my thoughts all days, so by the time we got to our first client’s, my mind was on the job at hand.

Finally, Wednesday afternoon arrived, the day of Jared’s half-birthday. Most of the presents were waiting till Saturday, when we were having dinner with a couple of Jared’s friends, but we were still going to decorate and have a nice birthday dinner tonight. Cedric had indicated he had something else planned as well, but he wouldn’t tell me what. I’d taken off a bit early and let Bruce and Jake finish up so I could get home and make a cake. When I got there, Cedric was already there, but he said he’d ordered Jared to “go out and play” so we could set everything up. The cake only took about an hour to make and then I put it in the fridge to cool off so I could put the frosting on it as soon as possible. I wasn’t exactly a great baker, but a few birthdays ago, I’d discovered the hard way the disaster that happens when you try to frost a cake that’s too hot.

Cedric heard me taking the cake out and came into the kitchen to see how it was going. After I’d put it in the fridge, I took out the frosting and opened it up. Staring at it, listening to Cedric’s voice, I started to get hard as he lubed up my cock while checking it for hairs, even though I hadn’t shaved yet. I was really in the mood to jerk off all of a sudden, so I stood there in the kitchen, stroking my meat to Cedric’s suggestions. When he told me I was getting close, I put the can of frosting near the head of my cock, making sure that when I came, it would land in the frosting. In passing, I noticed that there was already quite a bit of jiz there—at least two loads—which made me feel better about adding my own…it was just somewhere jiz should go. After I was done, I stirred the frosting, put it back in the fridge, and headed upstairs to go to the bathroom, shave, and shower. I couldn’t even remember anymore why I’d had the frosting out in the first place.

By the time I was done with all that, Cedric had the place decked out in some kind of kinky birthday decorations. There were black and blue balloons on the walls, chains of every thickness running around the dining room like streamers, and various bondage gear and sex toys lying around all over the place. I didn’t know what half of it did, but for most of those I didn’t, the fact that they were meant to restrain, hurt, and/or penetrate was obvious.

I realized that at least some of these had probably been used on Jared before, and was surprisingly ambivalent about it. My boy was a man now, so it was up to him and Cedric what they did. Of course, he’d been a man six months ago, legally speaking, but as a parent, I couldn’t just switch from thinking of him as a boy to thinking of him as a man overnight. I had to admit, Cedric had really helped me to make that change.

Cedric had ordered pizza while I was in the shower, so he stayed dressed, allowing me to remain naked. When he told me that he’d ordered dinner, I went back upstairs to get my wallet and handed him enough money to cover dinner quite easily. He checked my cock for missed hair with one hand as he shoved the money into his pocket with the other. For a change, my cock was actually soft, though I knew that wouldn’t last long once Jared got back and I saw the two of them together.

Jared got back just before the pizza arrived. In fact, he had to scoot around the corner, out of the front hall, since he was in the middle of taking his pants off when we heard the car pulling into the driveway. I was just finishing the cake, only frosting about three quarters of it, since Cedric apparently didn’t care for most frostings.

The look on Jared’s face when he saw the dining room was unique. It was a mix of disbelief, amazement, laughter, and love. He had to know that this was Cedric’s work, but he clearly included me in his lopsided affectionate smile as he looked around.

Since the pizza was hot, we all sat down around the table right away to eat. Cedric chose to sit next to Jared tonight, instead of at the head of the table where he normally sat, touching Jared frequently and affectionately throughout the meal. It wasn’t particularly sexual, just an unceasing display of love pretty much from the moment Jared sat down.

Once we were done, I got up and took our plates back into the kitchen, the hard-on I hadn’t even realized I had smacking painfully against the edge of the table as I stood up. Jared noticed and grinned, but Cedric seemed to be too lost in looking at and touching Jared.

When I brought out the cake and set it in front of Jared for him to blow out the candles, he took one look at it and started laughing his head off, clearly sharing some inside joke with Cedric. After he’d settled down, he silently made his birthday wish and blew out the candles, smiling the whole time. To my surprise, he leaned in towards Cedric, all but demanding to be kissed, which was unusual for him.

“Let me guess, you’ll want the unfrosted part, Sir?”, he asked Cedric, though it had the ring of a rhetorical question. Cedric only smiled in response, so Jared cut him a piece and served him first. I was secretly turned on by the fact that he set aside a piece for himself next, and only served me last. It could have been coincidence, of course, but I got the distinct impression that he understood the odd hierarchy I had in my head, where somehow my lack of body hair made me low man on the totem pole.

“Mmmm…chocolate cake with jiz frosting—my favorite!”, Jared grinned as he dug in. I had no idea what he meant—there was clearly no jiz involved anywhere here—but all that really mattered was that he enjoyed it. I did too, of course, especially the frosting, though I couldn’t say why; after all, it was just canned frosting from the store, nothing special.

After dinner, Cedric brought a single gift out from under the table and told Jared he should unwrap it today rather than waiting for Saturday. While they were busy with that, I made Cedric some tea and brought Jared one of my beers. I’d never really thought of Jared drinking this early, but since he was more of a man than I was now, it wasn’t really my place to say no. Jared’s gift turned out to be a dildo. Apparently, it was an exact replica of Cedric’s cock and balls. Personally, I thought it was a little tacky, but Jared found it amusing and kept looking at me as he made a show of admiring it.

Cedric and Jared moved to the living room, presumably for Cedric’s after-dinner blowjob, while I started gathering up all the various bondage gear around the house. Cedric had mentioned while we were decorating that he’d need some of it at his place tonight, so I thought I’d be nice and put it all back in the box that he’d brought it in. I tried to keep it at least somewhat organized based on what I thought the item’s function was, but in a lot of cases, I had no idea if I was even close.

By the time I was done and joined them in the living room, they were just finishing up their tea and beer. To my surprise, there was no sex going on at all. “All packed up for me, Sean?”, Cedric asked.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Great. I can tell just looking at you that you’d like nothing better right now than to sit on the couch, lube up, and finger your ass, so why don’t you get started on that while Jared and I are busy”, Cedric suggested. “Oh, and of course, you’re not even remotely concerned about anything else right now…all you want to do is finger yourself and watch us.”

As always, Cedric was completely right, so I took a seat in my usual spot and started lubing up. I didn’t bother putting any lube on my cock—as Cedric had noticed, the only thing I really wanted to do right now was to stick a few fingers up my ass. Even though I’d only been doing it for a couple of days, I was completely addicted to it now, and I’d found a finger or two slipping up there almost subconsciously whenever I showered.

As I slipped the first finger comfortably up my ass, I noticed that Jared looked a little flustered. “So…uh…what do I do now? I’ve never done this before, Sir.”

“Don’t feel bad, boy, neither have I”, Cedric laughed. “How about we start by you getting on your knees over there”, Cedric directed, pointing to a spot roughly in the middle of the room. Naturally, Jared did as he was ordered and Cedric joined him, standing in front of him. I would have thought it was blowjob time now, but Cedric was still fully dressed and made no move to undo his pants or have Jared undo them.

“Okay, now, in many collaring ceremonies, like in many wedding ceremonies, there are certain protocols, certain vows are said, and so forth. As you know, I’ve given you nothing to go on, I’ve required nothing specific of you, and there’s one very simple reason for that: what you say now has to come from your heart, just as mine will come from my heart. Despite the short time that we’ve known each other, I feel closer to you than anyone I’ve known in my entire life—I know what you like, I know your dreams, I know your fears. I can tell you’re nervous, but don’t be. There are no wrong vows, only vows that are heart-felt and meaningful.”

There was a pregnant pause, then Jared, looking up at Cedric’s face from his knees, asked “Is it my turn?” I would have laughed, but I was too absorbed in loosening myself up for a second finger.

“Yes, boy, it’s your turn”, Cedric smiled.

“Sir”, Jared swallowed nervously and took a deep breath before continuing in his now-customary British accent, “since I was a little boy, I’ve known that I wanted an older man to teach me things, to take care of me, to be with me. It was one of Dad’s friends back in England that made me realize that. He was only teaching me how to play cards, but everything about it felt so right. As I grew up, that scene, and a few others like it, played themselves out again and again in my mind, until they became sexual in my mind as well as emotional. I wanted an older man not only to be all those things for me, but now, I also wanted him to dominate me, to hurt me, to force me to do what he wanted. Until you came along, I could never take that next step, and I’m glad I never did because I know now that you are that man; the only man I will ever want.”

“I’d always thought that I would be taken physically, and you certainly do that too”, Jared grinned up at him, “but never did I imagine that I could also be taken mentally. Not only because of the hypnosis that you love so much, but also just because of who you are, I am yours, both in body and in mind.”

“So here, today, I offer you my unequivocal obedience. My body is yours to do with as you please; my mind is yours to do with as you please. If ever I should hesitate in following one of your orders, I know that whether by physical force or mental, you will make me obey it. But you will never need to do that. I know that during the last couple of months, there have been times when you’ve used hypnosis to encourage me to do something I didn’t want to. Looking back at those things now, I can tell you that there isn’t a single one of them that I wouldn’t do for you now, both willingly and eagerly. I give you this obedience because I love and trust you like no man I have ever met before.”

Jared had the presence of mind to look over at me with a guilty blush, but I felt no jealousy or slight from what he’d said at all. Quite the opposite, I could totally understand how he could feel so devoted to Cedric…every day, I got a little closer to feeling the same way myself. He was a remarkable man.

“Sir, I am yours”, Jared finished, bowing his head.

“Jared, my boy and slave, I accept your offer.” With that, Cedric produced a thin collar with a small lock on the front and put it around Jared’s neck. Cedric ruffled Jared’s hair lovingly and leaned down to kiss him before he started with his own vows. I was already up to two fingers and giving serious thought to a third. I just wasn’t that flexible, though, and I thought that even if I could get a third in there, it would only be the very tip at best.

“With this collar, I take you as my slave. You were a virgin when we met, and as you had always dreamt, I took you in every possible way and became the man you so badly wanted. At your age, it’s not unusual for a boy to want to be with other men, but for as long as we are together, mine is the only cock you will ever know; mine is the only love you will ever know.”

“The position of Master comes with a lot of perks”, Cedric leered down at Jared with mock evilness, “but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. For the rest of our lives, no matter where those lives lead us, I will watch over you, always. I will care for you, love you, protect you, and guide you.”

“You will notice that while your collar has a lock, symbolizing that you belong to me and only me, it doesn’t actually keep the collar locked onto you. Some of this is simple practicality, since it’s leather and would not take well to a shower, but there’s a symbolism to it not being locked on as well. Every day, when you take it off to shower, you will know what it feels like to be without it, and you will have the opportunity to consider not being my slave. And every day when you get out of the shower and put your collar back on, you are choosing to be my slave all over again.”

“You realize, Sir”, Jared interjected, “that I’m really gonna start to hate taking showers, don’t you?” He tried to say it with a smile, but I could see a note of seriousness to what he said. Clearly, Cedric did too.

Obviously deviating from his intended vows, Cedric knelt down and took Jared’s head in his hands, looking him in the eye for a long moment before answering. “I know, boy. Maybe it was the wrong choice on my part, but the truth is, you’re young, and sometimes feelings change. I hope with all my heart that they won’t, but for my own peace of mind, I need to know that you’re choosing to be my slave every day and that you don’t feel locked into it, either literally or figuratively. When that collar wears out, you will have the opportunity to help me choose your next one, and if you want one that doesn’t come off, not even in the shower, then I’ll be proud to lock it onto you.”

They looked into each other’s eyes for several seconds, each assessing the other’s needs, until slowly Jared smiled fondly back at Cedric. “And this is why I love and trust you. You’re not perfect—Lord knows you’re not perfect”, Jared grinned, rolling his eyes theatrically, “but whatever happens, you always make it right.” After a tender moment, Jared grinned mischievously. “Right then, Sir, let’s get this show on the road and start wearing this one out!” Cedric could only grin back and kiss him before standing back up.

“Okay, where was I?”, Cedric asked with a bit of a gruff voice.

“You were telling me all about the new collar you’re gonna get me soon, Sir”, Jared returned.

Smiling, Cedric just bowed his head and shook it in defeat…not exactly what one might expect in their kind of relationship, but the love and respect exuding from both of them was obvious. “Smartass!”, Cedric grinned, cuffing Jared across the side of the head.

With some effort, Cedric and Jared managed to get back to the vows, though it turned out that Cedric had been all but done anyway.

“If you accept me as your Master”, Cedric said, with a pause as he undid his pants, “lean forward and kiss my cock.”

It came as no surprise that Jared did. In fact, after kissing it once, he paused and kissed it again. And again, opening his mouth to take in Cedric’s head. And once more, taking Cedric’s entire cock in now, trying to turn it into a full-fledged blowjob.

Cedric gave him a few seconds before twining his fingers into Jared’s hair and forcing his head back, effectively ending the attempted blowjob. “I see we’re going to have to work on those teenage testosterone issues!”, Cedric chastised him, attempting to look stern. Unfortunately, this was marred by the fact that a moment later, Cedric pulled Jared to his feet and started frenching him almost violently. Clearly, they were both a little out of control in their need for each other.

Regaining control of himself after a minute, Cedric pulled Jared out of the kiss, though holding him close the entire time. “Go grab your stuff and I’ll be with you in a few minutes. Your father and I have to talk for a bit.”

As Jared headed upstairs to his room, Cedric turned to me, watching as I fingered myself—if with some difficulty—with all three fingers that I could manage to get in. “Jared and I are headed back to my place for the next few days. I’ll bring him back Saturday in time for dinner. Enjoy your time to yourself”, he smirked.

Next thing I knew, they were gone. I was vaguely aware of hearing the door close as I’d been coming out of my trance, but I had no idea how long it had actually taken me to wake up fully. My third finger had slipped out of my ass while I was under, but amusingly, the other two had stayed in, and I wasted no time in getting all three of them going again. The idea of being alone in the house for the next few days made me inexplicably horny, and all I could think of right now was fingering my ass. God I wished I was more flexible!

I was at it for a few more minutes when I noticed that things were getting a little dry, so I reached over to get some more lube and knocked over the box with Jared’s new dildo in it. Apparently, he’d forgotten it here before they left. As I started to squirt more lube onto my fingers, an idea came to me. I knew it was wrong as soon as I thought of it, but I also knew that I was going to do it anyway. As long as I was careful, Jared would never know.

With my left hand covered with lube, I had to open the box single-handedly with my right. It wasn’t easy, but with a little effort, I was able to do it. Thankfully, it was a plain box and the dildo was just placed into it with no other supports or holders, so once the box was open, I was able to just up-end it and dump the head of the dildo out into my hand.

It felt very strange to have the head of a dildo pressing into the palm of my hand. I’d never actually handled a dildo before. Shaking the box off of it, I grabbed it in both hands now, starting to spread the lube in my left hand up and down the shaft. I hadn’t gotten nearly enough, since I’d originally intended only to add a bit to my ass, so I squirted out some more and thoroughly lubed up the dildo. If it had been strange to feel a dildo pressing against my palm, it was downright bizarre to be masturbating a dildo shaped like the cock of the man I admired most in this world.

All I could think of, though, was getting something more than two-and-a-half fingers up my ass, and Jared’s new dildo was perfectly designed for the job. Once the entire shaft had been lubed up, I felt around my ass and positioned the head to go into my hole. This was my first experience with a dildo, though, and I wasn’t holding it right, so as I tried to push it into my ass, the slippery little bastard of a dildo squished up against my hole, ever so slightly off-center, then released suddenly to punch me in the balls.

After taking a moment to recover from that, I gave it another try. This time, I was successful, and felt the head of latex-Cedric’s cock worming its way into my ass. It was definitely a stretch compared to two-and-a-half fingers, but the sensation was indescribable. A part of me was glad nobody was here to see me, but the idea that they might realize they’d forgotten it and come back, catching me in the act, drove me wild. I almost blew my load just thinking about it, though my cock was only half-hard at best.

Slowing it down and avoiding all stimulation, I gritted my teeth and blanked my mind to avoid cumming. I wasn’t ready to cum yet—not for a good long time, I hoped. Thankfully, it worked and once I was sure I wasn’t going to cum accidentally, I started pushing the dildo in further, feeling every inch of it—every bump and curve of it—going in until, finally, I felt the balls pressing up against my ass. The sensation was amazing! Latex-Cedric’s cock was filling me in a way that fingers never could, and it just blew my mind. I lay back on the couch and enjoyed the sensation, constantly pushing on the balls to try to make it go just a tiny bit deeper into me.

I don’t know how long I lay there, but eventually the sensation of being filled dulled slightly, and I decided it was time to remind my body that there was a dildo inside me. Pulling it back out, almost to the head, I felt a profound sense of loss and near-panic as my body tried instinctively to push the rest of it out.

Pushing it back in, more quickly this time, I felt comforted as it filled me once more. I let it sit there for another couple of minutes, repeating the languid out and in a few more times before speeding up to more of a fucking action. That felt a bit more like I was used to from my fingers, but between the size and how it filled me so deeply, it made fingers a distant second in my mind. I knew Cedric would get far too much enjoyment out of seeing me use it, but I was definitely going to have to get myself one of these things.

I kept at it for close to an hour before I noticed that I was starting to get an odd cramping feeling I’d never felt before. While this was all new to me, I took that to be a sign that whatever I wanted, my body just couldn’t take much more, so I quickly lubed up my cock and started jerking off. I went from semi-soft to cumming in under a minute.

After scooping up the cum and swallowing it, I slowly worked the dildo out of my ass. I really didn’t like the feeling as the last inch of it squirted out, both for the feeling itself and for the renewed sense of loss from not having something so comfortably large inside me. As soon as it was out, I started tonguing the dildo clean, pausing only for a moment when I went to clean off the head and realized that I was, in essence, blowing latex-Cedric. Even though I’d never seen Jared do exactly this, I was convinced that he could, and probably did with the real thing. Cedric had hinted at it a while ago when I’d asked about Jared licking off his fingers. I was certain that anything else that went up Jared’s ass got licked off too. And if he could do it, I not only could do it, but I should do it if I ever hoped to fully understand him. As I licked the dildo clean, I had that nagging sense of an impending breakthrough again, but I knew I wasn’t quite there yet.

I washed the dildo thoroughly after I’d finished tonguing it off as well as I could, but I didn’t see much point in putting it away. With both Cedric and Jared out of the house for a few more days, it was going to be seeing a lot of use before I put it back in the box. I almost wished I could call in sick tomorrow, but as the boss, that wasn’t really an option for me. It was getting late, though, so I quickly washed up and went to bed. As I lay there, I was overcome with an intense feeling of love, almost to the point of tears, as it dawned on me for the first time that for all intents and purposes, my son had just gotten married to the greatest man in the world.

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