Like Son, Like Father - Routine

By RobinHood70 -
published August 19, 2016
7840 words

Even more from Sean’s POV than usual, we see how he takes even the most unusual things in stride now, like they were routine, everyday things.


  • Sean (1, 2)
  • Cedric (1, 2)
  • Jared (1, 2)
  • “The Leatherman” (1, 2)

After what had seemed like the longest, yet most incredible day of my life, things settled down a fair bit, for which I was extremely grateful. Cedric had done a fantastic job with me, taking me far beyond just being able to “deal with” having a gay son, but I was beginning to feel ragged around the edges. It wasn’t his fault, but I felt like there were just too many changes happening too quickly, and I just wasn’t good enough to keep up.

Jared had two more exams this week, with his last one the following Monday, and as he’d told me he would be, Cedric was very respectful of that. Cedric was actually quite busy himself, it being the last couple of weeks in his current contract, but every night after he got off work, he came over for at least dinner and a blow job. It quickly became routine for me: come home, strip as soon as I was in the door, head upstairs to shave and shower, make dinner for everyone, and finally, watch Jared give Cedric a blowjob if he hadn’t done so before dinner…and sometimes even if he had.

I was usually hard as a rock from the moment I got home. Seeing my body almost completely hairless after I shaved—making me feel like I was somehow less of a man because of it—turned me on more than I could have imagined and, of course, seeing Jared and Cedric together always turned me on.

I suspected Cedric was hypnotizing me some nights, if only because the night seemed to pass too quickly, but it was becoming increasingly rare for me to be aware that I’d been hypnotized. Thursday night, for example, we’d all settled into the living room after dinner, while Cedric got his blowjob. At Cedric’s suggestion, I started jerking off while watching them, but after what seemed to me like about 15 minutes, I realized that I was jerking off alone and had no recollection of the two of them leaving.

I really liked that Cedric could do things like that to me. I loved being hypnotized, but it added something to the experience when I only realized after the fact that I had been. It was yet another reminder of just how superior Cedric was compared to me.

As I sat there stroking my cock and thinking about Cedric having hypnotized me, I could hear the roof creaking slightly above me, meaning Cedric and Jared were in my room again. That was only natural—I would have felt embarrassed if they’d both had to cram together on Jared’s bed when there was a perfectly good king-sized bed in my room. As always, thinking of the two of them together made my already-hard dick go wild and I felt a surge of arousal throughout my entire body before dumping a puddle of cum onto my stomach. Licking my lips in anticipation, I squeezed the last drops out of my cock and started shovelling all the cum I could find into my mouth, enjoying the salty, bitter, organic taste. It was a strange enjoyment, though—it still tasted revolting in a way, but eating it gave me a rush I couldn’t explain, like a drug that got better and better every time. I knew I only liked it because I’d been hypnotized to like it, but knowing that only increased the enjoyment further.

I sat there on the couch in afterglow for a few minutes, though with the noises of Cedric and Jared overhead, my dick didn’t soften in the slightest. From the rhythm of the sound, I guessed they were probably fucking, but I had no way to be sure at first. The idea was exciting overall, but there was still something about it that bothered me on some level. I couldn’t put my finger on it. As I sat there pondering why, any doubt about what they were doing was erased when I started hearing Jared’s moans and yelps filtering down the stairs. Clearly, they’d left the bedroom door open. Putting aside my vague concerns, I sat back and enjoyed the sounds of the two of them going at it.

It was getting late and I wanted to start getting ready for bed, but it never even crossed my mind to head upstairs. Instead, I sat there, patiently waiting for them to be done. I had no interest in watching TV or anything else—the idea seemed almost taboo when I could hear Cedric and Jared together instead—the only thing I wanted to do was sit there and listen to my son getting fucked. My cock stayed hard from listening to them, of course, so after a while, I started rubbing my finger lightly along the shaft—not really to jerk off so much as just adding to the pleasure of hearing them. Besides, I knew Cedric liked seeing me hard, and he was bound to come back at some point.

Cedric and Jared weren’t at it for all that long because Jared had his second exam the next morning. As I’d expected, Cedric came downstairs when they were done—admiring my cock, as I’d expected—and I could hear Jared stepping into the shower. Cedric was naked and his cock was still hard and glistening, virtually guaranteeing that my assumption about what they’d been doing was correct. At this point, I wasn’t surprised that they were fucking—there’d been hints before that they were—but I was glad to know for sure that Jared was giving it up for Cedric. It was good for discipline, and it went without saying that Cedric deserved to have my son’s ass whenever he wanted it. Still, there was that nagging feeling of something not quite right about the whole situation.

After telling me to stand up, Cedric checked my cock and balls for hairs, grabbing and squeezing my balls painfully, as he often did now that he’d started checking below the waist as well as above. His cock brushed against my leg ever so slightly as he worked, leaving a small spot of lube on it, but I just stood there and let him finish his check without complaint. Or at least, I didn’t complain about his cock touching me briefly; I always whimpered and moaned when he squeezed my balls—it hurt like a sonofabitch!

To my surprise, even as I heard the shower upstairs being turned off, Cedric told me to head upstairs to bed. Last night, I’d been invited to kneel in the front hallway to watch Cedric get his goodbye blowjob just like I had on Tuesday night, and I’d sort of assumed I’d be invited to do so again tonight. Since I wasn’t, however, I headed straight upstairs as Cedric had said, passing Jared on his way down. Naturally, Jared was naked, and his cock was all but in my face as we passed each other. He’d gone soft in his quick shower, though I suspected with Cedric downstairs, that wouldn’t last long. I was still hard as a rock, and I saw Jared’s eyes drop instinctively towards it as he noticed, but I took that sort of thing for granted now. It was a testament to Cedric’s skill that neither Jared’s nudity nor my own bothered me at all anymore, even at this close range.

I brushed my teeth quickly and slid into bed only to realize that I was lying in a puddle of someone’s cum. It had mostly soaked into the sheets by now, but there was plenty of it, and I could clearly feel the cold wet spot on my back. With a dreamy smile on my face, I flipped over so I could feel it on my stomach as well, and drifted off to sleep.

Friday evening, Jared stopped into the house briefly, in between writing his exam and heading out for his weekly gaming group, to give Cedric his customary blowjob. Even though it was Jared who was leaving and not Cedric, it counted as a goodbye blowjob, so Jared and I both knelt in the front hallway the entire time. Cedric dropped his pants rather than just opening his fly, and I rested my head comfortably on his hip while Jared blew him. Cedric ran his hand through my hair occasionally, much like he did with Jared, though just as often, he was grabbing Jared’s hair to thrust. Every time he did, it sent a tingling sensation down my spine. That, combined with Cedric’s superior body odour, made watching the two of them a very relaxing, Zen kind of experience.

After Jared left, Cedric informed me that we were going out for dinner. Instead of the pub in town that we usually went to, he directed me to a pub in the city, about an hour away. A few people waved or nodded at him as we entered, and clearly some of the staff knew him on sight as well. He asked for a booth in the back where it was relatively quiet, and the server guided us to a table, glancing at Cedric to see if it was okay. Receiving a slight nod, he put down our menus and headed off to get us some water.

It had been obvious the moment we’d stepped in that most or all of the clientele were gay. There were very few women around, and the ones I saw were there with mixed groups. In all honesty, I wasn’t even entirely sure they were women underneath. One or two had a distinctly masculine cast to them.

It was the first time I’d been in a gay establishment, and despite everything that Cedric had done for me over the last couple of months, it still felt a little weird. I wasn’t freaked out or anything—I didn’t have what Cedric had once called “gay panic”—but it still wasn’t a natural thing for me to be in a room full of men where many of them were kissing, cuddling, or flirting casually with each other. Several were in also in leather—some with collars, handcuffs, and other paraphernalia—which wasn’t exactly something I was used to either.

I tried to look at the menu without gawking too much, but it was hard not to look around in such a foreign environment. Looking at some of the women I’d seen on the way in, I decided that a few were definitely men underneath, but I was pretty sure a couple actually were women. Perhaps some were transsexual, but if they were, I had no idea how to tell, or if it was polite to ask or even wonder about it. To my knowledge, I’d never met one, so I didn’t know what the protocol was. The leathermen were fascinating. A primal part of me responded to them, but it was extremely confusing. I felt like I was somehow “less” than some of them—that they should be the boss—but the idea of letting them do anything to me at all was totally repugnant. My eyes kept getting drawn back to them, though…I couldn’t help myself. Eventually, forcibly pulling my eyes away, I decided on a chicken platter just as the waiter turned from another table and glanced our way.

After we’d ordered, I let my eyes wander around the room some more. It wasn’t long before they settled on a young guy across the room who reminded me of Jared. It wasn’t him, of course, but he was about the right age, and the longer I looked at him, the more he reminded me of my son. As I stared at him—grateful that he was facing slightly away from me and wasn’t likely to notice that I was staring—I started thinking of last night as I’d listened to Cedric and Jared fucking. I really enjoyed the fact that Cedric was fucking my son. It just felt so incredible to know that the one man in the world whom I admired more than anyway, and looked up to in every way, was the man who had my son as his fuck toy. I kept going over last night again and again in my mind, enjoying reliving it even more than I’d enjoyed it the first time around.

I came out of my reverie just as our server came back with our dinners. He clearly noticed the bulge in my pants and there was a pregnant pause as he admired it while setting my plate down. Regaining his senses, he looked up at me to see if I’d caught him. I saw no reason to embarrass him, so as soon as I realized what he was doing, I dropped my gaze back to Cedric’s face and pretended I hadn’t noticed. The server smiled at me quickly and then glanced at Cedric. For his part, Cedric just smiled, apparently indicating that he didn’t mind. I wasn’t sure at first why our server thought Cedric would mind, but I supposed if he thought we were a couple, he might’ve been worried that he’d offended my partner.

I was surprised at how I felt about the whole situation: I was embarrassed that I was hard and being checked out by some gay guy I’d never met before, but at the same time, I didn’t mind the attention at all. This was, after all, a gay pub, so it really wasn’t a big deal that I had an obvious erection. There probably wasn’t a man in this room who hadn’t seen one—or several—before.

I blushed furiously, of course, but at the same time, I was proud of myself for letting a gay guy stare at my crotch. After another good look, our server headed off to the back. Perhaps not surprisingly, a couple of the other pub staff found excuses to wander by our table, despite the fact that it was out of their way. If they’d been any more obvious about it, they would have needed t-shirts printed saying “I’m checking out that guy with the hard-on”, but I was okay with it. Throughout most of dinner, my face was crimson, but any time I felt a pair of eyes on me, I relaxed and spread my legs slightly to make sure they had the best view possible. I was wearing old, slightly loose jeans, and I’d somehow forgotten to put any underwear on, so it really showed things off when I stretched my pants the way I was.

It occurred to me at one point that it was a little odd that I was actively making myself look better for the guys who were checking me out, but I realized that despite being embarrassed by it, I wanted to measure up. If gay guys were checking me out, it must mean that I was worth checking out, and that made me want to look my best for them.

During a brief lull when the restaurant staff were busy with other things, Cedric took the opportunity to mention how he was looking forward to spending the night with Jared. As he talked about it, I could feel precum wetting the inside of my jeans. Even as one of the leathermen glanced my way, I reached my thumb into the front of my jeans and wiped as much of the precum from my cock as I could, licking it off once I pulled it back out again. The leatherman glanced briefly at Cedric, who was facing me, then politely nodded and turned away with a smile…almost as if to say, “I understand”. If he did, he understood more than I did at this point! Still, I’d never spent so long blushing in my life, and a part of me—the part everyone kept looking at, I supposed—just couldn’t get enough of it!

Finally, it came time to leave. Our server checked me out thoroughly when Cedric flagged him to come over, but when Cedric asked for the bill, he was told it was on the house. I didn’t even need Cedric’s suggestion to pay our server anyway, and I wasn’t at all surprised when the server discretely slipped the $60 I gave him into his pocket. That was well more than our meal could possibly have cost, and I knew the restaurant wasn’t getting a cent of it, but it would’ve felt wrong not to pay when I took Cedric out. Besides, in a truly bizarre way that I didn’t understand, it added to the experience of having someone stare at my crotch all evening that I was paying him for having done so.

That same polite leatherman who had noticed me eating my precum earlier was the only one I saw who noticed the exchange of money, and as Cedric stood up to leave, he nodded at Cedric, half smiling and looking quite impressed. Cedric smiled warmly and nodded back, clearly recognizing the guy, and I got the impression that they were friends.

Usually, I let Cedric take the lead whenever we were outside the house, but somehow I ended up in front, so I just headed for the door. While it wasn’t quite as obvious as when we’d been sitting down and I’d had my pants deliberately stretched to highlight it, I still had a good, solid erection, and a fair number of patrons who hadn’t previously heard about it got a good look at it as I walked across the restaurant. Cedric had stopped to talk to the leatherman briefly, so I was all on my own, rock hard, with gay men all around the room staring at me. There were titters, of course, and I thought my face had to be a good ten shades past crimson, but my embarrassment only made me harder!

When I finally escaped the restaurant onto the unpopulated sidewalk, it was almost a disappointment. There were very few people out in this area of the city at this time of night, but a couple of them noticed my predicament, their stares ensuring that I stayed hard the entire way to the car. We both got in, me playing chauffeur once again, and started to head back home. Given the time and the hour-long drive back, I wasn’t sure if we would get there first or if Jared would.

When we hit the freeway, I felt Cedric unbuttoning my jeans. For the first time in the entire night, I had “gay panic”, but before I could do more than say “What the fuck, Sir?”, Cedric told me to relax and focus on my driving…he was just checking on my shaving job. Once I realized that, I sat back and let him finish unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. He couldn’t reach my balls to squeeze them, and it would have been hazardous to distract me that much while I was driving, but he did check out my cock for most of the way home. After my momentary surprise, I completely ignored him, focussing entirely on my driving, just as he’d told me to, though occasionally he’d slip a finger or thumb into my mouth so I could lick off the precum.

As it turned out, we got in just behind Jared. When Cedric opened the door, he was greeted with a view of Jared bending over to take his last sock off. Without batting an eye, he ran his finger up Jared’s crack, and continued massaging it even after Jared put his foot back down to regain his balance.

I closed the door behind me and took off my shirt while watching Cedric’s finger massaging Jared’s hole. Jared leaned back into Cedric’s shoulder slightly, which Cedric took advantage of to French kiss him long and deeply.

As I pushed down my jeans, letting my precum-covered cock spring out of my pants, Cedric reached his finger up to Jared’s mouth, then back again once it was wet. The motion of his finger changed, and even though it was hidden by Jared’s butt cheeks, I knew Cedric was playing inside Jared’s hole now, not just massaging the outside. Despite the fact that I knew they’d worked their way up to fucking—and I’d even listened to them doing it last night—seeing Cedric fingering Jared’s ass in person, I felt a paternal reaction and recognized it as what I’d been feeling last night as well.

Mostly, I knew I wanted them to be together. I told myself that it was great that Cedric was able to play with my son’s ass whenever he wanted. Nevertheless, a small part of me, deep down, wanted to know who the hell this guy was that he thought someone his age could just stick his finger up my son’s ass right in front of me.

Completely naked now, I stood there and watched as Jared helped Cedric out of his clothes, but no matter how often I repeated to myself that I loved what Cedric was doing to my son, that small part of me kept yammering about what was going on. I was becoming increasingly edgy, and started to feel I should say something.

Luckily, Cedric noticed that something was wrong just as Jared got Cedric’s pants pushed down and started massaging his cock. The next thing I knew, Cedric was completely naked and Jared was arriving back from the living room with the lube. I didn’t give another thought to what they were doing, though, heading upstairs to bed instead.

I didn’t see much point in privacy at this point, so after I’d brushed my teeth, I made sure the bedroom door was wide open and hopped into bed. As I lay there and started playing with my cock so I could swallow another load of cum, I could hear both Cedric and Jared moaning quite loudly. I knew what they were doing, of course, but it was much more abstract now that it wasn’t happening right in front of me. Between that fact, and a renewed reverence for Cedric for everything he’d done this evening, I felt much better about everything than I had when we first got home.

Just thinking about Jared bending over for Cedric whenever he wanted it, my cock started leaking a whole river of precum. I kept licking it off my fingers and then stroking only to find more precum running down my fingers a minute later. The near-constant stream provided plenty of lubrication, though, and despite how often I had to stop and lick up my precum, I could tell I was going to cum quickly tonight. I listened to Cedric and Jared, and tried to imagine Cedric inside Jared’s ass, but the visual was just a little too vivid, so I backed off again to just the thought of Jared obeying Cedric and bending over. Focussing on the obedience instead of the act itself, I came in no time, some of it squirting straight into my waiting mouth. Unfortunately, I lost some to the sheets but even if it wasn’t as good as swallowing, lying in the wet spot was fun too. Sometime later, I was aware of Cedric lying beside me. I could feel his hard cock against my back as he reached around to check out my cock and balls, but despite a light ball squeeze, I was already drifting back to sleep.

I was the last one up Saturday morning. I assumed when I went downstairs that I’d find Cedric and Jared having sex once again. It seemed like they had sex just about every waking minute when Cedric was here. Instead, however, they were lying on the couch. Cedric was in a bathrobe I didn’t recognize, presumably one he’d brought over at some point, and was reading one of Jared’s science-fiction novels. Jared was naked, as always, and lying on top of him, nestled between his legs with his head on Cedric’s chest. He had a textbook in hand, obviously studying for his final exam.

I stood there subconsciously fondling my cock, which got hard at the sight of the two of them together. After saying good morning, I asked if they’d eaten yet. As it turned out, they had, so I headed off into the kitchen to find my own breakfast.

I ate quickly in the kitchen, and returned to the living room to find the two of them up to their more usual play. Cedric now stood in the middle of the living room getting a blowjob, while Jared knelt in front of him with one hand on Cedric’s cock and the other wrapped around behind himself to finger his own ass.

I took my usual spot on the couch so I could enjoy watching the two of them. Cedric was really pounding into Jared’s throat—that had to hurt—but I’d realized some time ago that Jared enjoyed the rough treatment. For his part, Jared was a little contorted in order to get his fingers up his ass, but I was beginning to get the impression that Cedric had a thing for ass-play. Certainly, the last several times I’d seen Jared masturbating, his ass had been involved and I didn’t think he did much of anything unless Cedric told him to do it. I got hard again quickly as I watched them, but that was all I did—there was no reason for me to jerk off.

As I sat there watching them, I focussed on Jared’s fingers, which were moving somewhat awkwardly in and out of his ass due to the unusual position. It was funny to think I’d had such an issue with Cedric’s fingers being in there when I’d seen Jared’s in there several times now. I tried to imagine that they were Cedric’s fingers and immediately got a reaction. The closest word I could think of to describe what I felt was that Cedric was a lecher. As soon as I backed off of imagining the reality, though, the very idea of Cedric dominating Jared and taking his ass seemed both right and desirable. It was a confusing mix, to say the least.

Cedric blew his load deep inside Jared’s mouth a few minutes after I sat down and then went off to shower, leaving Jared to his own devices if he wanted to cum. I’d noticed that with the two of them: unless Cedric wanted Jared to cum for some specific reason, like the time he came all over his dinner, Jared was on his own for sexual relief.

I got the impression that it was more about appearances than any actual lack of interest in Jared’s sexual needs, though. I’d noticed that Jared was on a very clear schedule. As near as I could tell, he masturbated in the morning before he left for school, in the afternoon when he got back, and in the living room with me in the evening. I didn’t get to see the first two, usually, but Jared’s new-found blasé attitude about having sex in front of me apparently also extended to talking about when, where, and how he masturbated, so I heard about them often enough.

On weekends, he’d been keeping up roughly the same schedule despite not having school, and I thought he might be making a point of ensuring I was around whenever he jerked off. He never did it before I got up, even if I slept in, but apart from that, his schedule was just too regular for me to believe that Jared had chosen it on his own. When I’d been his age, I’d varied between two to four times a day, and there was no regularity to it at all. Whenever I’d felt the need, I’d found somewhere I could be alone and went at it.

Then again, perhaps I was making too much of it. After all, ever since I’d started masturbating regularly again, I almost always chose to do it in the evening while Jared either jerked himself off or watched. It was nice to be able to have that as a regular family activity. I knew for certain that that was my own choice because I made the decision to do it every night. Nobody told me to do it, and Cedric wasn’t even around a lot of those nights, so how could he have anything to do with it? Besides, I couldn’t be on a schedule because there were plenty of times when Cedric told me I felt like cumming and it wasn’t the usual time.

Schedule or no schedule, I was awake and Jared needed to cum, so I watched. He got more comfortable on the couch after Cedric went upstairs, lubed his ass up a little more, and really got into playing with it. He’d only been able to get two fingers in when he’d been blowing Cedric, but now, he easily shoved three in as deep as they would go. Surprisingly, his other hand stayed at his side—he didn’t stroke himself at all. As always, I just stayed seated and watched him go at it. Even though I wasn’t gay, it was nice that we could share this kind of intimacy without any awkwardness.

Cedric came back downstairs from his shower and sat beside me to check my shaving job. I hadn’t shaved yet today—that would come later at about the same time I’d usually get home from work—but it didn’t matter. Whenever he wanted to check, I let him do it. We sat together quite comfortably for a good half hour while Jared worked his way up to a full four fingers in his ass.

At Cedric’s prompting, I slouched down in the couch and spread my legs so he could better check my balls and ass. I kept my eyes on Jared, ignoring what Cedric was doing for the most part. As a prime example of how unscheduled I was, I decided to start jerking off while Cedric’s finger checked around my hole for hairs. He was very thorough, focusing exclusively on that the whole time, his fingers probing right up to the sphincter while I jerked off.

Jared just kept finger-fucking himself and actually came from that alone. As I watched him “cleaning up”, I felt my own jiz starting to boil in my balls. It was even more intense with Cedric’s hand rubbing around my hole. I almost hoped he’d feel the need to check me again in the future while I was masturbating, but that would’ve been a bit gay, so I didn’t say anything. Just as I was about to cum, Cedric grabbed my balls and squeezed—hard! It hurt like hell, but the pleasure of cumming made it almost enjoyable. I sat back, panting from the pain, but in spite of how focussed I was on that, I was already slurping the cum off my fingers, and of course, cleaning off Cedric’s finger as well.

I dozed in afterglow for a while, and only came to when Cedric woke me up to tell me he and Jared would be out for the day on their bikes and probably not back till late afternoon. I knew I had things to do today, so I didn’t waste any time after they left. It was all pretty boring, routine stuff, but it was my job in this household to do that sort of thing for the men in the house, and I set to it with a will.

First up, I stripped the sheets off my bed and threw them in the washer for the first time since I’d met Cedric. They were beyond crusty with well over a hundred different cum stains, I figured. I’d really enjoyed lying in my own cum and feeling the cum-encrusted sheets against my skin every night, but now that Cedric and Jared were using the bed, Cedric would want it clean. Besides, there wasn’t likely to be a lot more cum deposited on the sheets now that I was addicted to eating it. I was disappointed in a way, but I hoped that maybe Cedric and Jared would leave me some to lie in from time to time, as one or both of them had the other day.

Once the sheets were on, I grabbed my tools from the basement and set about removing the door to Jared’s bedroom. As I’d realized last night, there really was no need for privacy amongst the three of us anymore, so it just made sense to get rid of the useless door. Once I was finished with his, I removed my own as well. I thought of removing the living room doors, but that would look ugly; the bathroom doors also stayed in place since they served a purpose besides simple privacy.

After I’d stored the doors in the basement, I threw the sheets in the dryer. That reminded me that our clothes were probably still in the front hallway from last night. Sure enough, they were, even Cedric’s, so I grabbed them up and threw them in the wash, along with some of my own laundry to make up a full load.

I took a break for a quick lunch before heading into Jared’s bedroom to grab his laundry. Until now, we’d always done our own laundry, but I thought that with Cedric coming over so often now, I should probably start doing everyone’s laundry so that Cedric and Jared would have more time together.

I wasn’t surprised to find a lot of what were obviously Cedric’s clothes in Jared’s room, which made doing the laundry even more enjoyable. I actually started to get a hard-on when I was handling his stuff because it was humiliating, in a way, to do another man’s laundry, especially the man who was fucking your son. Still, he really was an amazing man, and it was a pleasure to be able to do little things like this for him, and for Jared too, really.

Once the next load was on, I got dressed and headed out to the drug store. Not surprisingly with all the sex and masturbation going on, we were getting low on lube, and it was time to stock up. I got two of the biggest bottles I could find—one for the living room and one for my room for when Cedric and Jared were using it. Jared’s half-birthday was also coming up on Wednesday, so I got some chocolate cake mix and icing from the food aisle for the occasion. He wouldn’t actually be getting any gifts until Saturday, when we were actually planning on celebrating it, but I figured I could at least make him a cake on the right day.

When I got back home, I made my bed and then set about cleaning up the mess that was Jared’s room. I found a couple of things I thought were sex toys and, not knowing what else to do with them, I did my best to clean off the ones that needed it and then set everything on the nightstand near the bed. Apart from that, it was a relatively uneventful experience.

When the two of them got back, I put dinner on. Once again, I was surprised that they weren’t having sex before, during, and after dinner, but with all the time Cedric was spending over here now, I supposed it couldn’t all be sex. I did notice that Jared kept his spandex bike shorts on, though, which Cedric obviously enjoyed seeing him in.

Around mid-evening, my cock started getting hard of its own accord, so I started to play with it. Cedric and Jared watched, but for a change of pace, Cedric didn’t provide me with any helpful suggestions. He did provide some “incentive”, however, by putting Jared under while I was masturbating. I always loved watching him hypnotizing Jared, and today was no exception. I tried to keep my stroking as quiet as possible so as not to disturb them.

Unconcerned with the fact that I was listening in, Cedric reinforced how obedient Jared wanted to be, and how much he enjoyed being Cedric’s bitch. He also told Jared that he should work on playing with his ass a lot whenever I was around. That sent a surge of pleasure through me as well, knowing that Cedric was hypnotizing Jared to help me get used to the ass-play that Cedric seemed to enjoy so much.

Cedric fondled him through the bike shorts throughout most of it, and once he was done with the post-hypnotic suggestions, Cedric started heightening Jared’s sensitivity and told him he was going to cum soon. He waited until he could tell that I was close and then whispered into Jared’s ear. Just after the cum hit my stomach, Jared spasmed and I noticed a wet spot starting to seep through his shorts as well.

Cedric brought Jared out of it while I started eating my cum. To my surprise, Jared didn’t eat his cum, but rather just sat there, apparently unaware that he’d ever been under.

The rest of the evening was very pedestrian. Around 10:00, I got up and gave Jared a quick kiss good night. Before I went upstairs, though, Cedric told me that he and Jared would be using my bed later. Without a second thought, I headed upstairs and brushed my teeth, then slipped into Jared’s bed so mine would be free for Cedric’s use whenever he wanted it.

If I’d thought my sheets were bad, they were nothing compared to Jared’s! It felt like I was lying on cardboard paper. Unable to help myself, I went and got a handful of lube out of the new bottle in my bedroom. After I’d cum, I didn’t eat it despite how badly I wanted to, but instead rolled over and added my own stain to the mess.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up to a series of high-pitched whimpers coming from across the hall in my bedroom. At first, I assumed it was Jared dreaming, and decided that I’d wake him if he didn’t snap out of it soon. Getting up, I went to the bathroom and relieved myself, listening with growing concern as Jared’s whimpers got louder and louder.

As I stood there taking a piss, I woke up enough to realize that what I was hearing was Jared getting fucked, and not just getting fucked, but getting fucked hard enough that he was crying.

As soon as I realized what was going on, I stopped pissing in mid-stream and stomped into my bedroom, the paternal protection out in full force now. “What the hell are you doing?”, I demanded, only barely keeping my temper under control. “Who the hell do you think you are that you can just rape my kid in the middle of the night as if it were your God-given right?”

A part of me hated standing up to Cedric like this, but I couldn’t help myself. I could hear Jared’s sobs as I stood there, which only fuelled my anger further. Cedric was the best friend I’d ever had, and I admired him more than I knew how to express, but what he was doing to Jared was going way too far!

“Shhh…just relax, Sean. Everything’s okay here. Just relax and imagine yourself on that beach in the Bahamas”, Cedric’s voice told me from the darkness. I didn’t want to think of myself on any beach, but at this point, it was instinctive, and I found myself doing so anyway. I started to calm down almost immediately. It had been a long time since he’d used the beach to put me under—or maybe he used it every time and I just didn’t remember it usually—but whatever the case, it worked.

“Remember, Sean, you trust me completely. There’s nothing unusual going on here. Let your anger and fear drain out of you and just listen to my voice taking you deeper and deeper like you love so much.”

As Cedric spoke, I remembered just how much I trusted him. Whatever had been going on, I was sure there must be a good explanation for it. I let myself relax further and further as he spoke, the anger draining out of me completely as Jared’s sobs faded into the background. Cedric was such a great man, I could hardly even imagine ever questioning his motives.

As he spoke, he moved around the foot of the bed, his cock, looking larger than I could ever remember seeing it before, momentarily glistening in a thin ray of moonlight coming through the window. He continued speaking calmly to me, relaxing me and putting me completely at ease in just a few words as he worked his way towards me in the dark. When he reached me only a few steps later, he ran his hands down my chest and around my sides checking how smooth I was, causing me to both freeze and relax into the examination as he checked.

He continued talking to me, checking my cock and balls as he did. In minutes, I forgot any concerns I’d had, feeling only shame that I’d dared to question him, along with a growing happiness that he’d chosen to spend the night with Jared. I knew he could feel that happiness entering my cock as he examined it, and I just stood there letting it happen.

As I waited for him to finish, Cedric turned back to Jared and started speaking calmly to him too. I could tell by his tone that he was putting Jared under, but I was too lost in my own feelings to worry about exactly what he was saying. It wasn’t long before Jared made his way off the bed and knelt between Cedric and I. Glancing down, I had a glimpse of Jared’s head sliding back and forth on Cedric’s cock before I looked back up towards Cedric’s shadowy face. It was starting to get clearer as I adjusted to the moonlight.

“That’s it, Sean. Just look at the two of us together and remember how happy it makes you to see me making Jared my little bitch.” I looked down at them specifically now, letting the little I could see be the entire focus of my attention. The longer I watched Jared’s head, knowing that he was truly Cedric’s little bitch, just as he should be, the harder my cock got and the better I felt.

Cedric just kept feeling my cock and balls, speaking to me calmly as I watched the two of them together until, eventually, I began to feel ashamed that I’d barged in on them like that. Ordering me to turn around, Cedric started examining my ass. I could still hear Jared sucking Cedric’s cock, and I knew that he wouldn’t have been doing that if Cedric had really been raping him just moments before.

The longer Cedric spoke, the worse I felt, and it wasn’t long before I was the one who was crying. I just felt so ashamed, so humiliated, and so incredibly dumb for ever having questioned anything Cedric did or even wanted to do to Jared. It got so bad that I pulled away from Cedric checking my ass so that I could get down on my knees and beg him for forgiveness.

He let me grovel for several minutes, my forehead on the floor at his feet, while Jared continued sucking his cock. When he ordered me to my feet, I obeyed instantly. I expected some form of punishment or that he would yell at me or something, but instead, the only thing he did was just stand there and speak to me softly. I wasn’t really aware of what he was saying, but when he was done, I knew that all was forgiven, and I headed back to Jared’s bed.

As I lay back down on the cum-encrusted sheets, I heard the two of them moving around, and it wasn’t long before the rhythmic complaints started up again, getting louder and harsher as they went. Despite having cum twice during the day, my cock started to rise as they continued. Jared liked it rougher than I had ever imagined, but hearing his cries now, I could hear the absolute submissive adoration behind them as Cedric raped his all-too-willing ass.

I came to the sounds of his cries and let myself drift off to sleep in the puddle of cum I’d produced, soothed by the sound of Cedric fucking my boy, and infinitely grateful that Cedric had understood my concern and forgiven me for such a colossal fuck-up.

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