Like Son, Like Father - A Long, Hard Evening

By RobinHood70 -
published August 18, 2016
5156 words

Sean continues following in Jared’s footsteps, surprising even himself.


  • Sean (1, 2)
  • Cedric (1, 2)
  • Jared (1, 2)

I stood there admiring my newly shaved body, having set the situation straight, as Bruce had suggested. Even though I’d been in the bathroom for over an hour as I figured out my new shaving routine, I could hear muffled grunts coming through the door, so I knew Cedric and Jared were still busy. Respecting their privacy, and knowing that I had to write a note for Jared’s missed exam, I walked straight out of the bedroom without noticing more than that Cedric was still lying comfortably on my bed with my son straddling at about waist level. I refused to think about what that might mean.

I sat down at the kitchen table, the chair sticking ever so slightly to my bare ass and, as Cedric had suggested, I wrote a note talking about how Jared had really rare migraines and that he’d had one today and couldn’t take his exams. I went into some detail about previous incidents to make it more convincing, signed it, and left it on the table for Cedric to look at and for Jared to take to school. Being eighteen, Jared didn’t need a note from a parent any more, but of course, schools being what they were, the note of a “real” adult went a lot further than the explanation of a “barely” adult…at least as they saw things.

Once I was done, I went into the living room and took my usual seat, waiting for Cedric to come down and hypnotize me. I never did anything but sit there and wait when I knew I was about to be hypnotized, except sometimes run through the exercises he’d taught me to help put myself under. It just didn’t seem right to watch TV or read a book or anything; I was there to be hypnotized, nothing else.

I didn’t know how much longer he and Jared would be, so I didn’t try to put myself under this time; I just sat there and stared at my nice smooth body, admiring how my still-hard cock stood out so much more now that everything was shaved. I’d neglected to shut the bedroom door on my way out, so every once in a while, I could hear one of them moan a little. As I sat there staring and listening, though, I realized that even just gazing at my beautifully bare, hard cock, I was slowly putting myself under. I was so proud of how easy it was becoming for me to go under now. The less work Cedric had to do, the better—he was such a magnificent man!

It was hard to judge time when I was so far out of it, but I’d guess I was waiting for at least three-quarters of an hour before Cedric came down and finished the hypnosis that I’d inadvertently started.

When I came to again, Cedric was sitting in his usual spot, fully dressed once again. “Nice shaving job, Sean. You look great with no hair. How do you like it?”, he asked.

I was elated that he liked it so much. “I love it, Sir. Seeing Jared’s hairless ass this morning, I just knew I had to make mine the same way. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day, Sir.” I then proceeded to tell him in detail about how I’d had a hard time thinking about anything else, as well as the whole incident at the store. He just smiled and sometimes laughed as I spoke. “Anyway, after I got into the shower, I realized that it wasn’t just my ass I wanted hairless, but everything. It just seems so much cleaner and nicer-looking this way.”

“I’m not surprised in the least that you’d prefer it that way and, as you know, I’ve always thought grown men look better when they’re completely hairless. Well, except for me, of course”, he grinned. “Why don’t you come over here and I’ll check out the new shaving job.”

“Of course not you, Sir!”, I said as I knelt in front of him. “I was just thinking earlier, actually, that if anybody deserves to have a full bush of pubic hair, it’s you, Sir. It just suits you so much.” I knew I sounded like a gushing schoolgirl, but I really did admire Cedric a lot, and somehow his pubic hair—part of the essence of being a man—was tied up in that. I wasn’t as much of a man as he was, nor was Jared, and now it was evident to all of us. “I just wish I didn’t have to keep the arm hair, too. Sadly, I don’t see any way around that”, I lamented as he finished a cursory check of my chest and armpits and motioned me to stand up.

I told him about how Jake was so conservative and homophobic as he started running his hands around where my pubic hair used to be. At first, my post-hypnotic hard-on got in his way, but he just pushed it down with his other hand and kept examining. He moved down and checked out my balls as I told him how Jake would be the only one left, now that Bruce was retiring, and expounded on my worries about finding a skilled replacement. To my surprise, though, he told me he might know someone and said that he’d give the guy a call.

All conversation stopped for a few minutes, at least from my end, as he squeezed my balls firmly as part of his examination. At first, it was only mildly uncomfortable, but he kept squeezing harder and harder until all I could do was whimper. I stood there and took it as best I could, though. I considered it his right, at this point, to be able to examine my shaving job any time he wanted, and even if I couldn’t think how squeezing my balls so hard could help, he knew what he was doing far better than I ever would.

He lightened up again after maybe a minute or so of hard squeezing, then ran his hand over my pubic region and up and down the shaft of my cock a few times to check for any hairs there before telling me to turn around and lean forward as far as I could. Having Cedric rub my hard-on was a little confusing because it felt incredible with me being so hard, but I didn’t want to feel pleasure from a guy stroking me while I was hard. In the end, though, I knew he was just checking for any missed hair, so I just stood there and let him do his thing.

“You know”, he said as he started feeling my ass cheeks for hairs, “the guy I have in mind would understand completely if you were shaving everything. He’s into a lot of really kinky stuff—he wouldn’t bat an eye at something like full body shaving. Once Bruce is gone”, he said matter-of-factly as his thumbs started sliding along the outer edges of my crack, “the only real reason you won’t be able to shave whatever you want will be Jake.”

Cedric was too polite to come right out and say it, but his point was clear. Jake was a good worker, but maybe it was time for him to move on too. The only trick was finding someone else to replace him. I gave the idea some thought as Cedric ran his fingers repeatedly up and down my crack and around my hole, checking thoroughly for any hairs I’d missed. Strangely enough, this bothered me less than when he’d been checking my cock. It felt very relaxing—more like a massage than something sexual, even though I knew it must be at least a little bit sexual for a gay guy.

I was surprised that Cedric didn’t feel the need to check my legs at all. Instead, after his initial check, he stood up beside me and used one hand to re-check my cock and balls while the other continued to check my ass. He squeezed my balls painfully several more times, bent my cock down several times, often far enough that it hurt, and even squeezed and rubbed the head of my cock so roughly I thought he was going to tear it off. Why he needed to check the head, I really didn’t know, but that wasn’t up to me. As painful as a lot of it was, though, I stood there quietly and, apart from a few gasps and whimpers, took it as well as I could manage.

Of course, his other hand was checking my ass throughout all the cock squeezing, though I almost didn’t notice that with all the pain coming from my front. Mostly, he checked around my hole with his middle finger, which made sense, since that was probably the hardest area for me to shave reliably.

As it turned out, he actually did find a couple of missed hairs just at the top of my crack. I felt so ashamed that I’d missed them, but he reassured me, telling me not to take it to heart. That was why he was checking, after all.

“What’s Jared up to now, Sir?”, I asked, still panting a bit from the pain as Cedric’s front hand moved up to my chest and re-examined my nipples. I was surprised he wasn’t down here keeping Cedric company—the two of them were all but inseparable now.

“Oh, he’s studying for his first exam tomorrow”, Cedric told me, pushing firmly against my hole with his other hand. I knew by the slight emphasis in his tone that his words were chosen carefully and he was waiting to see my response.

“What do you mean his first exam, Sir?”, I asked, confused, once I’d thought about what he’d actually said. “I thought today was his first exam and you’d kept him home from it to have sex.”

“It was a bit of a mind-fuck, to be honest. Today was the first day of exams, but not the first day he had an exam”, Cedric clarified. “Other classes were writing theirs today. He had the day off, which is why I took today off as well. You just mistook what he said this morning and I took advantage of it to make a point.”

“What point? And what was the note for, then, Sir?”, I asked, even more confused. I hadn’t liked the bit about this being a mind-fuck and that he’d taken advantage of me, but I knew deep down that everything he did was to help me and guide me into being the man I wanted to be, so even the momentary irritation was fading by the time I’d finished asking.

“You needed to realize that, in the end, your son’s happiness in being with me is more important to you than your expectations of him, to the point that you were even willing to lie and make excuses for him to be with me in spite of your disappointment.” He continued checking my nipples, and probing my hole with his finger for any other hairs as he spoke.

It took a while for that to really sink in, but once it had, my admiration for Cedric just exploded. “Oh my god, thank you, Sir, for helping me to see that! I’ve always known I wanted to see you two together, but I never really realized how much I wanted that till now. Thank you!”, I gushed.

Cedric just grinned at me as he saw the comprehension and adoration in my eyes. “Truthfully, if I have my way—and with you two, I always do—Jared is going to be my bitch for the rest of his life. But I don’t want some uneducated illiterate as my bitch, I want an intelligent young man—someone who understands that he could easily make it in the world on his own, but every day, chooses to be with me and give his intelligence, his body, and his will to me. So, naturally, I very much intend him to go to college next year, and I only allowed us today because I know full well that he’ll pass his exams with near-perfect marks even if he doesn’t study at all. But now he has the rest of the evening to study, other than dinner.”

Leave it to Cedric to be both crude and sentimental in the same sentence, not that I minded a bit. This man could do anything. I had to admit, though, it was reassuring to hear that he wanted Jared to go to college. Even though I knew now that I wouldn’t have objected if he’d told Jared not to go, I was even happier that we agreed.

“Speaking of which, I’m starting to get hungry. Just one last thing before I send you off to make dinner. I’ve been massaging your cock and your ass for a good 15 or 20 minutes now, and I have the smell of you and your precum all over my hands”, he informed me. “It’s very important that you be responsible for yourself”, he said, looking into my eyes in a way that got my immediate attention and made me want to obey. “I need you to clean up your mess, Sean”, he commanded.

His tone told me more than his words that he didn’t mean with a cloth. I was only too happy to lick my precum off his hands, of course. Funny to think that this time yesterday, I would’ve been repulsed by the idea. How could I ever have disliked eating my own precum?

I could smell something else all over his hands too. Even though I’d shaved and showered just an hour or so ago, there was a distinctly bitter smell that I knew could only be my ass. It was completely clean, of course, but it still had a distinctive smell of its own compared to the rest of my body. It was my fault his fingers smelled like that so, of course, it was my responsibility to clean them off. It wasn’t even a question of like or dislike, really, it was just something to be done, so I did it. Very carefully, I licked his entire left hand, making sure to get all my precum off of it. Once he’d decided that one was clean, he pulled it away and gave me the other one to clean, holding out his middle finger—the one that had been checking out my ass the most—to be cleaned first. Wrapping my lips around it, I took his finger all the way into my mouth and sucked on it as I pulled off of it again. I spent the next several minutes licking that hand, making sure to get every nook and cranny as clean as I possibly could. Finally, once he was satisfied that that hand was clean as well, he sent me off to make dinner.

Dinner was nothing fancy, just some Sloppy Joes made out of a canned sauce. Jared joined us when I called him down. Cedric, already seated, stopped Jared on his way by and casually massaged his cock into a throbbing erection before letting him sit down to eat. As we sat there, we talked about how Jared’s studying was going and the educational trick Cedric had played on me. Cedric didn’t say much about his day other than the fact that he’d had a lot of fun with Jared and looked forward to a week or so from now when Jared would have the whole summer off.

“Oh no”, I replied to that, somewhat taken aback. “I’ve always expected Jared to get a job and work for the summer!”

“This’ll be his last summer before college, Sean. Let him have it off. Think of it this way: every day when you come home, you’ll get to see us together.” And that pretty much settled that. Seeing the two of them together was far more important than my expectations, as Cedric had already pointed out. My cock swelled up slightly as I thought of how much fun it would be seeing them together all the time, though it went down again as I started to tell the two of them about the disaster my day had been.

It really softened up as I started to rant about the bitch of a client, but part way through my ranting, Cedric interrupted to tell me that I was horny and my cock was starting to get hard despite how upset I was. Sure enough, as I continued what I’d been saying, it got spongy, then fully hard, and finally achingly hard. It felt like someone had poured cement in it! All I could feel was wave upon wave of pleasure rolling off my cock, and that was all I wanted to feel. My ranting died off quickly at that point…I couldn’t be angry at anyone when my cock felt so incredible. At Cedric’s prompting, I told Jared about the rest of my day, even the part about being so distracted at work thinking about how smooth his ass had been and figuring out that I wanted mine to look the same. He laughed hilariously when I got to the part about having a hard-on in the store, but he just smiled at me empathetically when I told him how much I’d enjoyed shaving afterwards.

“Why don’t you stand up and show us, Sean?” I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of that myself, so I stood up and let them both take a good look. Cedric had seen it close up already, of course, but Jared nodded and complimented me on how it looked. He seemed amused again when I turned around at the dinner table and bent over to show that I’d done my ass as well.

“That’s great, Sean”, I heard Cedric tell me as I stood back up. “After such a hard day, I know you’ll want to jerk off to relax and de-stress.” He knew me well. The moment the words were out of his mouth, I realized that that’s exactly what I wanted to do. “In fact, you can think of nothing you want to do more right now than to just stand there and start rubbing that nice hard cock you’ve been showing us.”

He never ceased to amaze me! Just like he’d said, I wanted—no, I needed!—to jerk off so badly it almost hurt, and my hand was on my shaft before he’d finished his sentence. It was a little rough with no lube—especially with the shaving and everything Cedric had done to it earlier—but even the very first touch of my fingers on my cock made me shudder in orgasmic pleasure.

Cedric and Jared both just sat there and watched, which was a little embarrassing once I thought about it: me, a straight guy, masturbating while two gay guys sat there and watched, one of whom was my son. Sure, we’d all masturbated and such around each other before, but I was pretty much just putting on a show for the two of them this time. And I loved it…at least in that strange love-hate way I felt when it came to being humiliated or embarrassed. I could feel my face turning red, and a small part of me wanted to sit back down and stop embarrassing myself but, impossibly, that only made my cock harder. Even as slow as I was going, if it weren’t for the fact that Cedric didn’t say anything about me cumming, I thought I might have exploded right then and there.

Instead, Cedric told me to slow down even further, which was sheer torture when I wanted to blow my load so badly. Once the danger of cumming right away had passed, he continued telling me what speed I wanted to go at, where I wanted to touch it, whether I wanted to cup my balls or just use a single finger, and so on. I was feeling quite creative today and showed off quite a number of different styles before settling down to just lightly rubbing my head with a single finger for several minutes. It was enough to keep me hard and on the verge of cumming after all the other stimulation, but not quite enough to put me over the edge.

Cedric stepped into the living room for a minute and came back with the lube bottle, graciously applying some while he took a moment to check the head of my cock for hair again. The sheer physical pleasure of another hand on my cock brought me close again, but Cedric took it very slowly, careful not to make me cum too early. For some reason, Jared found it incredibly amusing that Cedric was lubing me up while he checked for hairs, and since he was facing me to watch what I was doing, I could see his own hard-on developing as he watched what Cedric was doing. After I’d licked off the remaining lube from Cedric’s fingers—which had a very slight oily taste and left a strange feeling in my mouth since it was just unflavored silicone lube—I went back to rubbing my head with just one finger. It was tortuous, but I loved it! I’d never felt so much humiliation and pleasure in all my life!

Jared and his erection went and got Cedric a beer out of the fridge during my little show, and was rewarded with a quick fondle for his efforts before sitting back down.

I just kept going the same way, feeling the tingling in my cock building insanely slowly as I kept rubbing the head for a good twenty minutes while they both watched. Finally, Cedric told me I was about to cum and I immediately felt the warm clenching of my balls as spurts of jiz rocketed out of my cock. I felt no need to catch my cum today, so I ended up squirting it all over my empty dinner plate, with a couple of the stronger spurts shooting halfway across the table.

I couldn’t help but think of the similarities between my show tonight and Jared’s last night, and it amazed me to think that Cedric had managed to bring me so far in just a single day. Then again, I’d asked him to make me do this in a way, maybe even wanted him to, so I guessed I shouldn’t be surprised that I was doing it. Of course, there were differences between what I was doing and what Jared had done too. For one thing, I was completely aware of what I was doing and, for another, I still didn’t really understand why Jared liked doing what he was told so much. I mean, while Cedric had provided suggestions on how I should masturbate, I was the one who’d wanted to do it. While I never would, I could have ignored his suggestions if I’d really wanted to.

But those differences were something I could tackle later. Right now, I had some cum to clean up. I started with my plate. The combined taste of the leftover Sloppy Joe sauce and my cum made an odd flavour, but I gobbled it all down anyway. Cedric was right, as always—I enjoyed eating it more and more every time. Once I was done with my plate, I set it out of the way and leaned over the table to lick up all the rest. I was a little disappointed at how quickly it disappeared. The only cum left was the stream that had dribbled down onto my hand and cock. I licked those bits up wistfully, knowing they were the last of it, the faint oily taste from the lube on my fingers mixing in with the flavours of cum and Sloppy Joe sauce.

“Don’t feel bad, Sean”, Cedric told me, apparently reading the disappointment on my face, “there’ll be more tomorrow, and again the day after that. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that you’ll be eating your own cum every day from now on.” That thought cheered me up considerably, and I just smiled back at him for the reminder.

As usual, I did the dishes while Jared and Cedric settled in to watch some TV in the living room. When I joined them, Jared had just cum all over his stomach and was busy eating it up with one hand while he kept masturbating with the other. Within five minutes, with a little encouragement from Cedric, he’d cum again. Once again, he ate it up without stopping his masturbating.

Jared kept at it for quite a while, obviously not about to cum again anytime soon. As I watched, though, Cedric put him under, using hypnosis to magnify Jared’s sensitivity, and sooner than I would have thought possible, Jared came again! The watery load barely dribbled out this time, and I could see as he cleaned the cum from under his foreskin that it was a little irritated.

Still, I wasn’t entirely surprised that Cedric told him to go yet again after Cedric undid his pants and forced Jared to give him head. I was hard as a rock myself, despite having cum twice already today, and lubed up and started stroking without any encouragement from Cedric at all. As I sat there watching them, stroking myself and enjoying the difference in sensation from being hairless, an odd thought occurred to me. Where I’d shaved hairless, Jared had only shaved his ass and balls, but he still had his pubic hair, his armpit hair, and a few stray hairs on his chest. That meant that he was more of a man than I was now, in a way. It was oddly thrilling to realize that I was less of a man than anybody else in the house. Indeed, probably less of a man than anybody else I knew!

Returning my attention to the two real men in the house, I watched Jared continuing to try to cum and giving Cedric head. In the end, Cedric chose not to cum, but he enjoyed getting head for a good twenty minutes while Jared and I both jerked off. I eventually came again myself, my load looking as watery as Jared’s had, but tasty all the same. While I was in afterglow, I got to enjoy watching Cedric put Jared under yet again, and sure enough, without even touching his cock, Jared came again for the fourth time in less than an hour. This one was almost dry, though, so after Jared had been brought out of his trance and eaten the few droplets of cum there were, Cedric ordered him back to his studying.

Cedric and I sat and watched TV for another hour or so before he called Jared down to say good night. I followed the two of them to the front hall and impulsively knelt beside Cedric to watch Jared give him his goodbye blowjob.

I’d never watched the two of them from this close up before—it was exhilarating! My cock tried limply to rise to the occasion, but after cumming three times today, it really wasn’t up to the effort. As Cedric and Jared continued, I moved so that I was sideways to the two of them and could get a good view of exactly what was going on. The look on Jared’s face was almost heartbreaking. I could see the absolute devotion to sucking Cedric’s cock, yet behind that, there was the knowledge that Cedric was leaving. I remembered how I’d felt when I was a teen and a girlfriend was leaving, but never had it been quite as intense as the look I saw on Jared’s face now.

Of course, Cedric was interesting to watch in his own way as well. He too had a look of devotion on his face, one that I hadn’t realized he felt. Cedric loved Jared. I wondered if he knew that. The tender devotion warred with an atavistic need to dominate, though, which he was taking out on Jared by lovingly pounding the back of Jared’s throat for most of the goodbye blowjob. It was a very strange combination all in all.

In the last minutes before Cedric left, I settled for watching his cock. This was the closest I’d ever been to another man’s hard cock before. By this point, it didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I found the scent of Cedric’s body quite heady. Like the rest of him, his smell was incredible.

As absorbed as I’d been in getting to know Cedric’s cock, I hadn’t noticed that he’d been picking up speed until his cock pulsed ever so slightly bigger than it had been, and he dumped his load in Jared’s mouth. After giving Cedric time to desensitize, Jared made sure to clean Cedric’s cock off completely and then gently tucked it back into his pants for him, despite clearly not wanting it to be over.

We both gazed up at Cedric adoringly as he ruffled first Jared’s, then my hair and leaned down to give Jared a kiss goodbye. After such an exhaustingly long and emotionally turbulent day, I gave Jared a quick kiss of my own on his forehead before heading upstairs and all but collapsing into bed.

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