Like Son, Like Father - A Long, Hard Day

By RobinHood70 -
published August 17, 2016
6996 words

Sean starts emulating his son in order to better understand him, and comes to realize how important Cedric and Jared’s relationship is to him.


  • Sean (1, 2)
  • Cedric (1, 2)
  • Jared (1, 2)

I woke up the next morning to the sound of Cedric’s voice and the feel of my hand stroking my dick. He’d obviously hypnotized me while I was asleep because I was already lubed up, which I had no memory of doing, nor any memory of being awake at all since the night before. I had the image of Jared cumming all over his dinner in my head, but I wasn’t sure whether I’d just dreamt about it or if Cedric had been talking about it before he woke me up. Thinking back over everything Jared had done, I realized that whether he ate his cum out of his hand or off his dinner made no difference, really. The important thing was that he was doing what Cedric wanted him to.

“Good morning!”, Cedric said, bringing me out of my reverie as his hand started rubbing lightly around my chest.

“Good morning, Sir”, I replied.

“How are you this morning?” He seemed amused by something, but I had no idea what could possibly be amusing him in saying good morning.

“I’m fine, Sir, how’re you?”, I replied.

“I’m doing just fine, Sean.” He started running his hand all over my chest and down my stomach, accidentally brushing my cock with the back of his fingers once or twice as I continued jerking off. At first, I instinctively slowed down and tried to reposition a bit so that that wouldn’t happen, but once again, his words echoed my thoughts as I realized I wasn’t worried about it—I should just keep going at the same speed and not try to reposition, even when my cock hit his hand. I hit it several times after that as we spoke, but it didn’t bother me in the slightest.

What did bother me, though, was my rapidly filling bladder! It was especially annoying when Cedric pushed up against it firmly with his hand as he checked how smooth I was. It felt like I’d had an entire gallon of water this morning and it was just starting to make its way through. For all I knew, I might well have done exactly that. Within minutes, it got so bad that I thought I was going to piss myself, but as always, Cedric knew what I wanted better than I did and told me to just keep stroking my cock, so naturally I did, despite the desperate need to relieve myself. I winced as he sat up and started pulling at my raw nipples with his other hand, but of course, I didn’t try to stop him from doing it.

“As you may have guessed, Sean, I hypnotized you in your sleep”, he said, both hands continuing to examine me. “You asked me to help you understand why your son obeys me so easily, and why he enjoys it. This morning’s session will be the first of many that will help you to do exactly that.”

Pushing on my bladder again, he continued. “You’ve actually been under for almost an hour now, and I’ve given you a number of hypnotic suggestions that will change how you react to certain things. You’ve clearly taken some of them to heart already, which you should feel really proud of, Sean!” I was puzzled by what he meant, since I hadn’t noticed any changes, but I was very pleased that I was able to absorb his suggestions so easily.

“You may notice that you say or do things that you wouldn’t have before”, he went on, “or you might actually do them without noticing at all. The important thing here is, as always, to just trust me and let it all happen naturally. As you know, hypnosis won’t make you do anything you really don’t want to, so just let yourself go and do what feels natural.”

“Yes, Sir”, I replied as his hand swept over my stomach and brushed my cock again before heading back up to rub his thumbnails painfully across both nipples at once. It was only now that he made me think about it that I realized I’d been referring to him as “Sir”, just like Jared would. It felt perfectly natural to call him that, especially since I respected and admired him so much, and I found it amusing that he’d felt the need to use hypnosis to encourage me to do that. I was pretty sure I’d have done it anyway for such a great man if he’d just asked.

After a few minutes more of his hands exploring my upper body for stubble, he told me to take my hand off my cock. I just lay back and stared down at it as it oozed precum. A part of me wanted to go take a leak and then lie back down and stroke my dick again, but by this point, I knew perfectly well that if Cedric told me I wanted to stop stroking, then somewhere deep down, that must be what I really wanted, no matter what I thought. Knowing that, I kept lying there, the entire top half of my extremely hard cock resting comfortably against the back of Cedric’s hand as he massaged my bladder repeatedly. I knew he was just checking for missed hairs, of course, but it certainly felt like he was massaging my bladder. Every time he pressed down, I felt a renewed surge of need jolt my entire body. He kept it up until I was sure I would burst, my dick throbbing continuously against his hand. It was a strange mix of sensations, wanting to both cum and take a piss at the same time, never sure which I wanted to do more. Finally, when I thought for sure the piss was going to come spurting out of my cock the next time he pressed, Cedric gave me a smack on my thigh and sent me off to the bathroom.

I had to go so badly, I didn’t even bother trying to piss in the toilet. Instead, I did something I hadn’t done since I was a bachelor, and rarely even then: I just stood in the shower and let the piss stream down the shower wall, then rinsed it all down the drain. It was very liberating being all men in the house and being able to be crude about things like this without having to worry about what a woman would think. I was sure even if Cedric and Jared both walked in right at that moment that neither would have batted an eye. My ex-wife would’ve torn me a new one, but I was finally starting to accept that she wasn’t around anymore and I didn’t need to live by her standards. If anything, it was Cedric’s standards I wanted to live up to.

By the time I got out of the shower, Cedric had gone downstairs to say good morning to Jared. When I joined them in the living room, Cedric was standing in front of my son, fucking his mouth vigorously, while Jared jerked himself off. I gave Jared a quick kiss on the top of his head to say good morning and was about to head out to the kitchen when Cedric told me I should take my usual seat and finish jerking off instead.

I’d forgotten how horny I was, but once Cedric reminded me, I remembered right away how hard my cock was and how good it would feel to get back to stroking it. Apparently, I didn’t want to cum right away, so at Cedric’s invitation, I just stroked it nice and slowly and watched the two of them.

Cedric kept fucking Jared’s mouth for quite some time, maybe even a little painfully, I thought, from the way Jared moaned and whimpered at times. I knew from last night that Jared liked pain, though, so I wasn’t too worried. Cedric would take good care of him. I stroked and watched them for about ten minutes or so until Cedric pulled out and told Jared to beat him off as fast as he could. Seconds later, he exploded all over my son’s face. The cum started dribbling down Jared’s cheeks as Cedric spasmed in afterglow, but before it got too far, Cedric reached out and started spreading it around, painting Jared’s face with his cum, pushing some of it into Jared’s mouth, and rubbing a little of it into his hair.

For his part, Jared just kept jerking himself off, though he glowed with pleasure the whole time Cedric was cumming and “finger-painting”. At Cedric’s instruction, Jared delicately squeezed the last few drops out of Cedric’s cock and rubbed the tip of it around his face, just to be sure none of it went to waste.

I was getting a bit hungry, and I thought Jared should be off to school soon, but I knew better than to say anything. There was no need to interrupt such a touching moment between the two of them for something as crass as reminding him he had to go to school.

Once Cedric had come out of afterglow, he moved around behind the couch and started giving Jared directions on how to masturbate, just as he usually did for me. I watched in fascination as Jared picked up to a moderate speed and then slouched down in the couch, lifting his legs to start rubbing a finger lightly around the outside of his asshole. Instinctively looking at it, I realized that Jared’s ass was completely hairless. That realization hit me at a very primal level, though I didn’t really understand why. It was just…the right way…for an ass to be, I thought, more than a little bit confused by the idea.

As Jared kept going, he started massaging his hole a little more vigorously and pushing his finger in and out slightly. Always helpful, Cedric reached for the lube and let some dribble down on Jared’s ass as he continued playing. With the added lubrication, sure enough, Jared’s finger started thrusting into his perfectly hairless hole instead of just staying on the surface. Cedric was doing wonders for my prudishness, I realized. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be happily watching my son finger his ass, not to mention that I was thinking of it as his “hole”. It seemed like such a vulgar word when I thought about it, but it came naturally to me now.

I sped up a little as I watched, Cedric reminding me how much I enjoyed seeing the two of them together, especially when he was telling Jared what to do. Sure enough, the feeling I got from stroking my cock seemed to get better when I thought about how well Jared was following Cedric’s orders. Jared kept finger-fucking himself at Cedric’s direction, completely oblivious to anything but Cedric’s orders. It wasn’t long before a second finger went in, followed a couple of minutes later by a third—stretching his hole to about the size of a cock, I realized.

Cedric told Jared to stop jerking off completely at one point, just as he had with me both last night and earlier this morning. Now, Jared’s only concern was his three fingers going in and out of his ass—in and out, faster and faster. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, not that I really wanted to. Cedric grabbed Jared’s hair and yanked his head back, frenching him deeply as he kept fingering himself. When Cedric reached down and started fingering Jared’s cock, Jared started bucking like a maniac, clearly wanting to cum.

“Sean, you’re going to cum now”, Cedric told me, echoing what I was just starting to think, myself. Meanwhile, he was telling Jared the exact opposite. I could tell Jared was on the verge of blowing his load, but Cedric kept telling him not to, making sure not to stroke him too quickly. It took me less than a minute to cum and the moment I started to writhe and thrust, Cedric ordered Jared to cum too, his hand never changing speeds on Jared’s cock. Jared exploded moments after I did, just as I started to reach down to my stomach to play with my own cum.

Cedric squeezed Jared’s shaft several times while Jared pulled his fingers out of his ass and started scooping up the cum from his stomach, just like I was. Naturally, it all went into his mouth, which was kind of gross, but I was too caught up in the moment to pay much attention to it. Without even thinking about it, I started putting my cum into my mouth as well. I had almost my entire load in and swallowed before it even dawned on me what I was doing. Once it did, I started to retch.

“Relax, Sean. Everything’s okay”, Cedric told me. “Look into my eyes and relax”, he ordered, standing up and playing with Jared’s hair as he did. Even as I retched, I met his eyes, feeling the calm of his gaze and his voice wash over me immediately. “That’s it, Sean. There’s no need to get upset. Just sit back and feel how relaxed you’re becoming as you stare into my eyes. Good, Sean! There you go, just let yourself relax. Let your throat relax, let your mind relax, and just focus on how incredible your cock feels right now.”

With his guidance, I continued to calm myself down for a couple of minutes until I felt completely back to normal again. After all, if Jared could eat his cum, I could do it too. “Now then, Sean, let’s try this again. You’re completely relaxed now, and not feeling bad at all anymore, are you?”

“No, Sir, I’m doing great now. I’m so sorry I got so upset. It just took me by surprise, I guess”, I told him, feeling a bit sheepish. “Thanks for helping me get through it.”

“No worries, Sean. For a straight guy, I’m sure it’s a little odd to eat your own cum for the first time”, he sympathized, smiling companionably. “Shall we pick back up where we left off, then?”

“Yes, Sir. Sorry to have interrupted”, I told him, smiling back somewhat dazedly. The idea of eating my own cum really didn’t bother me at all anymore, despite how it had felt just a few minutes before. I realized, in fact, that my earlier reaction had been more about how I thought I should react rather than any real dislike of the idea. All I could think about now, though, was how calm I felt and how eager I was for Cedric to tell me what else I wanted to do.

“Great, Sean. Now, as you may have noticed, there’s a little bit of cum left on your stomach. Why don’t you finish it off? It’s cold now, I’m sure, but that won’t bother you.” Before he’d even finished the sentence, I’d already scooped up one of the remaining spots of cum on my stomach and put it in my mouth. “That’s it…good!”, he approved. I swallowed, slightly turned off by eating cold cum, but no longer really bothered by it, just like Cedric had said. Seemingly all on their own, my fingers went back for the two last spots of cum and they quickly followed the first into my mouth.

“Why don’t you squeeze out your cock and swallow that too”, he suggested once I’d gotten everything off my stomach. “It gets easier and easier the more you have.” I actually found myself looking forward to the last few drops as I put them in my mouth. They still tasted awful, but I knew that mirroring what Jared was doing was just part of helping me understand him better, and Cedric only reaffirmed what I’d already noticed myself: each time I had more, it got a little easier. Besides, I liked the humiliation of eating my own cum while Cedric and Jared watched.

“Well done, Sean. Now get off your ass and go make us some breakfast”, he ordered. And it was an order, I realized, but I didn’t mind. He was such a great guy, and especially after helping me out this morning, I figured making breakfast was the least I could do.

Jared was sitting cross-legged on the floor at Cedric’s feet when I brought them their breakfast. It looked right somehow…like it was where he belonged. I was really glad to see Cedric taking charge so much with Jared. I handed Cedric his breakfast first, of course, then went back for Jared’s. Finally, I went and got my own.

As I sat down, I finally prompted Jared about school now that he and Cedric weren’t busy anymore. “Oh, no, there’s no school—exams start today”, he told me. “Three for me, and then I’m off to college!” He’d already been accepted at the local college, pending good grades on graduation, but that had never been a problem with Jared.

Reassured, I sat back and enjoyed my breakfast. As I ate, I found myself looking at Cedric and Jared. Despite how tired it was, my cock started to rise like it always did when I saw them together. I wondered if Jared was spreading the lube from his ass all over the carpet right now, but that only lasted a moment before I found myself thinking instead about how smooth Jared’s ass had been. The image was still extremely vivid in my memory.

That reminded me of something I’d been far to engrossed to ask about earlier. “I’m curious, Sir, is it common for gay guys to play in their ass and then use that same hand for other things?”, I asked, fondly remembering Jared eating his cum. “It seems kind of…well…disgusting, to be honest.”

Cedric laughed before replying. “I was wondering if you’d noticed that. I thought that maybe you were too caught up in what you were doing. It’s not unheard of, but truthfully, it’s not common”, he informed me. “The simple truth is, it’s always been a real turn-on for me to make someone do it, but so few guys are willing. I’ve been hypnotizing Jared to get him to like the idea in much the same way I got you over your various aversions.” Once again, I felt a surge of pleasure, most especially in my cock, at the idea of Cedric having hypnotized Jared into obedience. Seeing my distraction, Cedric paused, waiting until I could focus on the conversation once again.

“It doesn’t bother him in the least, now, does it Jared?”, he asked, though the question was obviously rhetorical and Jared’s only answer was an affectionate smile in Cedric’s direction. “I asked a doctor friend of mine about it once, and he assured me it was relatively safe, as long as there were no other medical issues—diseases, parasites, that sort of thing. I make a point of only having him do it when he’s relatively clean. I’m not into out-and-out scat, personally.”

I was sure that last sentence made sense to him, but I had no idea what “scat” was, nor was I about to ask. I could guess from context anyway. “Okay, thanks for explaining.” It seemed an awkward response, but I wasn’t sure what else to say, really.

“Oh and Sean, don’t worry—I’ll make sure you get over this aversion too”, he grinned. I just shook my head in amused resignation and quietly went back to eating my breakfast. Oddly, the image of Jared’s ass being hairless kept going through my head. There was something so…compelling…about the image—I wasn’t sure what. Trying to put it out of my mind, I focused instead on how much I enjoyed seeing Jared sitting at Cedric’s feet, which worked for the most part.

As much as I enjoyed seeing them together, though, I did have to get going, so after I finished eating, I went upstairs to shower and then left straight for the client’s place. It turned out to be the day from hell, both because the client was a total bitch who reminded me too much of my ex-wife and because I kept getting distracted, that same image of how smooth Jared’s ass had been going through my head almost constantly. I wasn’t sure why that stuck in my head so much.

As distracted as I was, I kept screwing things up until finally my oldest employee, Bruce, spoke up. “What’s gotten into you today, Sean? You’re a million miles away!”

“Sorry, it’s just something that came up between me and Jared”, I told him. I had to be careful because I wasn’t a very good liar, but I obviously couldn’t tell him what I was really thinking, so I tried to stick close to the truth without saying what was really on my mind.

“Ah, the father and teenage son fights. I remember those all too well”, he said comfortingly. “They’re natural, of course, and part of him becoming his own man.”

“The thing is I think Jared might be right this time around.” Again, truthful enough, even if not what Bruce was obviously thinking.

“Ah, that always sucks”, Bruce chortled, “but it probably won’t be the last time it happens. Best thing you can do is just go home and talk to him…set it straight, whatever that takes. Usually, a straight admission that he was right is best and then just move on like there was nothing unusual about him being right. His teenage pride will probably kick in and make him feel all cocky for a bit, but he’ll settle down soon enough.”

“Thanks, Bruce”, I told him sincerely. He didn’t understand what was really going on, of course, but his advice was bang on nevertheless. Slowly, I was starting to realize that something needed to change. That’s why I hadn’t been able to take my mind off what I’d seen this morning. But now was not the time or the place to try to figure it all out.

“Listen, Sean, why don’t you take off”, Bruce offered, giving me exactly the opportunity I needed. “Jake and I can wrap it up here.” Jake was my other employee, an early-thirties redneck who’d been with me for about five years now. He was even more homophobic than I’d been before I’d found out Jared was gay, but he knew his stuff, which was all that really mattered to me. Bruce didn’t look all that thrilled at dealing directly with the bitchy client himself, but I could tell from his face that he wasn’t going to take no for an answer, so I thanked him and started to wrap up what I was doing.

“Oh, Sean, have you found a replacement for me yet?”, Bruce asked. “You know I’m gone in another month.”

I’d been trying not to think about it, actually. We were in a good-sized town, but there was a shortage of suitably skilled people in our area, so finding good employees wasn’t easy. I’d been looking, and I’d had a couple of nibbles to an ad I’d put out when Bruce first told me he was retiring, but so far, no one good enough to hire. “Nothing so far, but I’m sure I’ll find someone”, I said with false confidence. “If nothing else, Jared can probably help out a little bit over the summer. If I don’t find anyone here, I’ll advertise in some of the nearby city newspapers, and there’s some website Jared was telling me about, Craig something, that’s supposed to be the place to advertise.

“Well, good luck! Anyway, you go home and set things straight with Jared”, Bruce said companionably. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

So, I made my excuses to the client—at some length and with a lot of apologizing—and then left.

As I sat in my car, I realized that I needed time to think more than anything, so I drove a few minutes out of town and found a dirt road where I could park for a while unnoticed. The image of Jared’s ass started coming to the fore once again as I shut the motor off and tilted the seat back. Closing my eyes and adjusting my cock so I could get hard comfortably, I thought about what all had happened that morning.

Not surprisingly, I went from somewhat spongy to a full hard-on in moments as I thought about everything Jared and Cedric had done. As much as I enjoyed thinking about them together, though, I knew it wasn’t anything they’d done. It was something about Jared’s ass itself, how smooth it was. I certainly had no interest in my son’s ass—the very idea was repugnant in a way I knew Cedric couldn’t get me over on his best day—so what was it?

It was only when I reached into my pants to play with myself and I felt my pubic hair against my hand that I finally clued in. It was the fact that it was hairless. My ass should be the same! Actually, no, not “should”, I corrected myself…I wanted it to be the same. I could remember vividly how I’d felt when I’d first shaved my chest and armpits, and the very idea of shaving my ass was way more intense than that.

Once I’d realized that, I knew that it wasn’t just the ass hair that needed to go, it was the pubic hair, the leg hair…everything! The very hair that had made me feel like a man all my life was what needed to go. Not that I wasn’t a man, of course, but when I compared myself to Cedric, I knew he was so much greater than I was, and it seemed only natural that I should shave to show that difference. Just thinking about Cedric seeing me shaved smooth, knowing that somehow, he’d know why I’d done it, almost made me cum. I was about to deliberately humiliate myself in a way I’d never even thought of until now, and I loved everything about it!

Having come to that realization, I knew it was time to act. Since I was going whole hog this time, I decided it was time to get a proper body shaver instead of just using the clippers and a disposable razor. Sitting up and starting the car, I fixed the seat and tried my damnedest to get my erection to go down again as I headed for the local box store. Despite my efforts, I had to stay in the car in the store parking lot for several minutes until I completely lost my erection. That had been a problem most of the day, actually, which was part of why I’d been so distracted—if I wasn’t starting to get an erection from thinking about the whole scene this morning, I was trying to think of ugly old ladies with boobs sagging to their knees instead. Either way, my mind hadn’t been on the job at hand.

Keeping my mind firmly on the old ladies and off of that other subject, I eventually went soft enough that I decided to risk it and go in. It was hard not to get excited about shaving my ass when I was specifically looking for a body shaver, especially since it took me a couple of minutes to find men’s body-shavers instead of women’s. When I finally did, I realized why I’d been having such a hard time finding them—the only one they had left was a display model. At least it had the advantage of being pre-charged.

Knowing full well that my cock could spring back up at any moment, I hurriedly unplugged the display model and threw it in the box sitting on a shelf below. So far so good, though I was really having a hard time keeping things under control. Being only mid-afternoon, the lineup was blessedly short, but I naturally ended up behind a woman who had what seemed like a million coupons and she had to count out exact change. I was starting to lose control as I waited and I was pretty sure my pants were starting to bulge enough to be visible if someone looked. Not knowing what better to do, I tried to angle my waist into the counter a bit, and grabbed a magazine out of the display rack, pretending to look at it.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was actually probably only a few minutes, it was my turn. I handed the body shaver to the cashier to scan, trying hard not to blush, both because I was a fairly macho guy buying a body shaver, and because even if no one else knew it, I knew I had an erection, and was embarrassed as all hell…which only made me harder!

Scanning my credit card seemed to take forever, but finally, it was scanned, I’d signed, and the shaver was in a bag. Feeling like a schoolboy, I was careful to keep the bag in front of my mid-section as much as possible as I all but ran from the store. There was no avoiding a few odd looks, but I managed to make it back to the car without anybody calling the police and reporting me for public lewdness, at least.

Once that ordeal was over, I sat in my car and recovered for a minute before driving home. There was no getting rid of the erection at this point, knowing that I was only minutes away from shaving my ass at long last, but at least I was safely away from prying eyes now. It didn’t take long before the urge to shave overwhelmed my need to recover from the most harrowing shopping experience I’d ever had, and I was in my garage less than ten minutes later, thankfully without having caused any major accidents. I could barely even remember the drive home.

My dick was painfully hard in my jeans, with nowhere to go, so I headed straight up to the bedroom, intent on stripping and getting into the shower as soon as possible. To my surprise, however, Cedric was lying on my bed when I got up there, with Jared straddling him just above the waist getting his cock played with. Cedric’s dick was hard and running up the outside of Jared’s ass, pressing into his lower back—not what I’d first thought when I’d seen Jared straddling Cedric, of course, though I wondered if that was just a matter of timing.

After everything else going so wrong today, I just lost it at that point. “I thought you had an exam today, Jared!”, I exclaimed as I started to undo my pants. “What the hell are you doing home? Don’t you realize this is jeopardizing your chance to go to college? What the fuck were you thinking?!?”, I bellowed as I pushed down my pants and finally freed my cock from its painful bondage. As I waited for Jared to respond, the ache of my cock being restricted started to fade, and it got even harder.

As Jared started to stammer out a reply, Cedric told him to relax and that he’d take care of it. Quickly taking off my shirt, I turned my glare on Cedric instead, though I softened it quite a bit as I realized who it was I was glaring at. It felt wrong to glare at Cedric—he didn’t deserve my anger at all—and I dropped my gaze shame-facedly when I realized I was still looking at him at least a little sternly. I also found it incredibly hard to stay angry with anyone when I was standing there naked in front of two gay men, my cock absolutely throbbing with what I thought must be the biggest erection I’d had in my entire life.

“Just calm down, Sean. Look at me”, he coaxed. “That’s it, look up here into my eyes and just relax. Take a deep breath and relax.” I did as he suggested and, as usual, all my worries and anger just started to evaporate.

“Now then, Sean. I want you to take a look at Jared and me. Look at us both, look at me playing with your son’s cock, enjoying his body, and think about how much you love seeing us together.” I did, a contented smile starting to come to my face despite how I’d felt just moments ago. “I told Jared to stay home today, Sean, so that we could have sex all day long.”

I could see a surprised look come over Jared’s face out of the corner of my eye as Cedric spoke, but I was far too focussed on Cedric to worry about why. “Look at us together, Sean. Look down at my hand on your son’s cock, and tell me what’s more important to you. If it came down to a choice, would you rather see me playing with his cock or have him go off to college?”

It seemed a ridiculous question and for a moment my anger returned. I barely restrained the urge to tell Cedric he was being an idiot, but then I looked down at Cedric’s hand, as he’d ordered me to, seeing the foreskin of Jared’s cock sliding back and forth under his fingers. It reminded me how much I truly enjoyed seeing Jared doing what Cedric told him to do. As he ran his finger down the vein on the top of Jared’s cock, I started to think about Cedric’s question in earnest. I respected him immensely, and he’d done so much for Jared in the last several weeks. I stared passively at Cedric scratching Jared’s pubic hair, reminding myself that he’d always had Jared’s best interests at heart. Maybe Jared didn’t want to go to college, but was afraid to tell me. How much of a dick would that make me if I forced him to do something he didn’t want?

I watched them passively for a full minute as Cedric continued playing with Jared’s cock. The more I watched, the more I relaxed, and the more I enjoyed what I was seeing. Of course, not all of me relaxed—as usual, my dick was bobbing around like some kind of wind-up toy as I watched them. It was more important to me than anything in the world that they be together! As I watched Cedric’s continued fondling, I was acutely aware that he could see my entire thought process plain on my face, and through it all, he just lay there. He was such an incredible man, to give me that time to think about everything, even though I was clearly interrupting the two of them. It was then that I realized that the answer was obvious, even if it was the opposite of what I’d first been thinking. “I’m sorry, Sir, you’re right. I’d much rather see you playing with his cock. Thank you for keeping him home today. It’s important to teach him to follow your orders, no matter what, and seeing you two together means more to me than anything else.”

“Good, Sean, I’m glad you’ve realized that. Now then, I know you want to get showered and shaved, so I’ll let you go. Once you’re out, though, I want you to go straight downstairs and write the school a note. I don’t care what you tell them, but make it good. When you’re done, you can wait for me in your usual spot on the couch. I’ll be down to hypnotize you when Jared and I are done here.”

“Yes, Sir”, I replied, feeling ashamed that I’d tried to put my desires over Cedric and Jared’s, but so incredibly grateful to Cedric for being so understanding and taking charge of the situation so completely. Grabbing the new shaver, I went straight into the ensuite bathroom and started the shower. Overall, I was still feeling shitty about the whole incident, but I started to perk up a bit as I shaved. I was amazed at how much better the body shaver worked on my hair. My cock, which had softened slightly as I got into the routine of showering and shaving, started to stiffen up again as I worked my way down my chest towards the areas I’d never shaved before.

Flipping the shaver around, I started trimming the pubic hair I’d been proudly growing since I was a teen. It felt amazing! I watched as great tufts of hair started hitting the shower floor and washing down the drain. The bush I’d worked so hard on all these years was quickly disappearing, my cock was throbbing wildly, and I felt incredible! Why on earth hadn’t I done this years ago? Sure, it was nice and manly to have all that pubic hair, but I looked so good with all that hair gone and it made my cock look bigger too. Besides, Cedric was so much more of a man than I was—there was someone who deserved to have a bush of hair.

Thinking about it, I realized that Jared still had his pubic hair, though I vaguely remembered noticing that it was trimmed, and as I’d noticed all too well this morning, his balls and ass were shaved completely hairless. I wondered how he did his…or maybe Cedric did it for him. I supposed it was none of my business, really.

After I’d shaved my entire groin completely smooth—amazingly with no nicks at all thanks to a little care and the new shaver—I got to work on my ass. That was a little trickier, and eventually I settled for lying on the floor, bracing my legs against the wall, putting my ass in mid-air. It was awkward, but it worked well enough. Feeling around, I found quite a bit of stubble after the first attempt, so I went over it again, much more satisfied with the results after my second try.

Finally, I went down both legs and shaved them smooth as well. The only thing left was my arm hair, as always, though I found myself regretting that I couldn’t take that off as well. Maybe Cedric could find another way around it so I could be completely smooth.

Now that I was virtually hairless below the neck, I quickly washed off, and finally, put shaving oil all over my body. It felt weird having it all over. My butt cheeks felt…slippery. That went away a little as I patted dry, though they still felt a little weird with the lubrication making them slide against one another. I’d get used to it, I was sure.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I admired the work I’d just done. My cock was bouncing all over the place as I thought about Cedric seeing me like this. As I grabbed the shaft and bent it downwards to get a good look at my bare pubic area, I felt a small wad of precum on my fingers and licked it off. Had I licked them off when I was in the car too? I couldn’t even remember. I only realized I was doing it this time because I saw my reflection do it in the mirror.

Overall, I was really happy with the results. Except for that bloody arm hair, which really looked out of place with everything else gone, it was perfect. A smooth body and a hard cock—this was how I was supposed to look. It felt that much better that I knew I was doing the same sort of thing Jared was doing. The more I tried to be like him, the easier it would be to understand why he was the way he was.

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