Like Son, Like Father - A Game at Dinner

By RobinHood70 -
published July 24, 2016
5453 words

Cedric helps Sean get over his aversion to Jared eating cum.


  • Sean (1, 2)
  • Cedric (1, 2)
  • Jared (1, 2)

When I got up the next morning, I slipped on my bathrobe and went downstairs to find Jared sitting in the living room, completely naked, watching TV. At first, I was a little surprised, but I quickly realized that he was just following Cedric’s suggestion from last night. The thought of him and Cedric brought a smile to my face, so I didn’t say anything about his nudity. Instead, I continued into the kitchen to grab a bowl of cereal, my stiffening cock banging against the cupboards as I moved around. It had mostly settled back down by the time I was finished, though, and I rejoined Jared in the living room for breakfast.

It didn’t stay down, though—the constant reminder of Jared being hypnotized to enjoy being naked around me made me keep thinking of him and Cedric together, which in turn made me really happy…in more ways than one. There really seemed to be no sense in hiding it after last night, and I could feel that pleasant sense of humiliation setting in as I realized I was getting hard in front of my son. Knowing he wouldn’t mind, I just let it happen, not bothering to try to hide my erection after it poked its way out of my bathrobe. I wasn’t sure if Jared fully understood why I was hard, but he just grinned at me when he noticed, and I smiled back a little nervously, feeling an odd mixture of heart-felt warmth at our newfound openness around each other, combined with the ongoing embarrassment at letting Jared see me like this.

Partway through my breakfast, Jared put on a DVD. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it was the same DVD that Sean and I had watched. Looking at Jared in surprise, I saw that he was already getting hard and starting to slide his foreskin back and forth slightly. Apparently, Cedric’s suggestions had also removed Jared’s masturbation taboo. I wanted to say something, but at the same time, I didn’t think it was right to infringe on anything Cedric might’ve told him to do, so instead, I sat there and finished my breakfast, humiliated all over again by the fact that I was sitting there with a hard-on of my own while watching my son jerk off.

After a minute, though, my attention switched to the porn that was on-screen. I couldn’t remember much from my first time watching it, but seeing it again made me feel incredible. I wasn’t sure, but I thought Jared might even be watching the same scene as I had. Setting my bowl down, I instinctively reached for the lube that was sitting on the end table. The funny thing was, I had only the vaguest memory of putting it there yesterday, but it felt like that was where it belonged, as if I’d been keeping it there for years. I went crimson as I realized that I was actually about to join my son masturbating to a gay video, but that didn’t stop me from opening my robe a bit more with one hand while smearing lube all down my shaft with the other.

Jared just laughed when he saw what I was doing. I would have gone even more crimson if that were possible, but I didn’t think I could feel any more embarrassed than I already was, and deep down, I was both loving and hating every minute of it! Awkwardly pulling my housecoat wide open with my left hand as my right hand kept stroking, it didn’t take long before a wad of cum hit my chest and stomach. Strangely, now that I’d cum, I found that the DVD didn’t hold my attention quite so much, and I turned back to look at Jared instead. He wasn’t finished yet, so I just sat there quietly, mostly watching him but occasionally turning back to the TV to see what was happening in the video. As I did, I absent-mindedly spread my cum all around my chest and stomach. Looking back and forth between them, I had the distinct impression that Jared saw himself as the boy currently getting fucked by the cop. Truthfully, I found myself thinking of him as the boy getting fucked by the cop too, though I wasn’t sure why I thought that.

As he had the night before, Jared cupped his off-hand in front of his cock and licked it all off as soon as he was finished. I was amused to notice that it was his right hand he was licking. He was a lefty when he jerked off, apparently. Once he was done licking the cum he’d caught off his fingers, he put his hand back down and squeezed the last drops out onto it, licking them off as well. I felt just as revolted by it as I had last night and really hoped that Cedric would return sooner rather than later to help me out with that.

As it turned out, though, he didn’t come back until Monday afternoon, so I was forced to endure watching Jared eat his own cum five more times that weekend. Quite the horny little bastard, but I’d been almost as bad when I was his age. He seemed to have no compunction at all anymore about doing it right in front of me, and in fact, he seemed to be making a point of it. Whether it was coincidence or Cedric’s hypnotic suggestion, I was always in the room when Jared started masturbating. I never once thought of asking him to go somewhere else or of leaving the room myself; I just sat back and watched him or whatever video he put on every single time.

After the first time, I got used to it a little and didn’t feel the need to jerk myself off, though I always got hard whenever I was reminded of Cedric hypnotizing Jared. Hypnosis apparently had that effect on me even when it wasn’t me that was getting hypnotized! Sunday night, though, I turned the tables on Jared. After making me watch him jerk off so often this weekend, I decided it was his turn to watch me. I even put on the cop-fucking-teens video since it made me feel so good. Mostly, I was focused on watching the video and getting myself off, but the few times I looked over at Jared, he was just sitting there looking back at me with an amused smile on his face.

When I got home from work Monday afternoon, I found Jared and Cedric sitting in the living room, both naked, with Cedric in his customary spot and Jared on his knees in front of Cedric, sucking his cock. I paused briefly to say “hi” to both of them before heading upstairs. They were both a little absorbed in what they were doing, however, so Cedric just nodded at me and Jared waved a hand quickly, not missing a beat as he tongued his way up Cedric’s shaft. As I went upstairs to shower and shave my upper body again, I found myself thinking about how important it was to me to have Cedric’s approval of my shaving. I knew that he preferred older guys to have little or no hair below the neck, and after everything that he’d done for both Jared and me, I was happy to shave exactly the way he liked. Currently, that meant chest and armpits. I couldn’t really see myself shaving anywhere below that, but the fact that the thought had even crossed my mind took me by surprise.

It was about half an hour later when I came downstairs. I hadn’t bothered to put any clothes on at all after my shower, of course. I knew Cedric just liked seeing me naked—which I didn’t mind a bit at this point—and Jared and I had both been naked almost the entire weekend, so it really seemed pointless to put clothes on when it was just the three of us. Looking at the two of them as I took a seat in my usual spot, I had the distinct impression that neither Cedric nor Jared had moved the entire time. I wondered what it must be like to get a blowjob for that long—I was guessing an hour or more given that they’d obviously been at it before I even got home.

As I’d half-expected, Cedric put me under while Jared was still sucking his cock. I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt seeing the two of them together even as I went under. Within moments, though, I’d stopped caring as I let his voice, and the relaxing feeling that went with it, take over.

When I woke up, Jared was gone—I didn’t really worry about where. Cedric asked me to get a porn DVD out of his stuff again, which I did quite happily. He seemed to enjoy asking me to do things for him like making dinner and fetching things, but really, who was I to complain at doing such trivial things for such an incredible guy.

As I’d known it would be, it was gay porn again. This time, it seemed to be all about cum: guys eating cum off each other, cumming in each other’s mouths, lapping it off the floor, eating it out of condoms, you name it. Even as I lubed up, I noticed that I was less grossed out by it than I had been the many times I’d seen Jared swallowing his cum over the weekend, but then again, it wasn’t my own son standing right in front of me, so it wasn’t as personal. Just like when we’d watched the video with the cop, though, Cedric talked to me as we watched, and I stroked my cock while he talked about how the guys in the video reminded him of Jared. It wasn’t long before I started seeing almost every guy in the video as being Jared. Jared French-kissing a guy and swapping cum back and forth, Jared being cum on by about ten other guys and lapping it up, Jared eating his own cum. Through it all, I just kept playing with myself and listening to Cedric’s voice, letting the intense, almost orgasmic, feelings from my cock overwhelm any dislike until I actually started to look forward to seeing each different Jared as he swallowed cum from different places. Once he’d decided I’d had enough, Cedric told me to stop playing with myself and go get Jared out of his room before I made dinner.

His door was open, but Jared was busy studying when I went upstairs, so I knocked just to get his attention. Turning around from his desk, Jared’s eyes went straight to my dick, which was still hard from my hypnosis session with Cedric. “I see you and Cedric have been having fun”, he said, smirking as usual. It was obviously different for him, but in his own way, he seemed to get as much out of Cedric hypnotizing me as I got out of Cedric hypnotizing him.

When I told him Cedric wanted to see him in the living room, though, he got up immediately, becoming almost business-like. Cedric commanded respect from Jared—even more than he did from me—but in a way that Jared was only too happy to give. I left the two of them alone and headed into the kitchen to work on dinner. It was only a matter of reheating some leftovers, but when I went to get the two of them, I found Jared slouched against Cedric, clearly hypnotized. At some point, Cedric had put his clothes back on, but Jared was still as naked as I was. Noticing me come in, Cedric gave me the “we’ll be there in a sec” finger, so I nodded and quietly went to sit down at the table. The two of them joined me a few minutes later.

After we’d all finished putting food on our plates, Jared stood up and started playing with himself right at the table. I watched, somewhat bemused, as he drew his foreskin back and slid it forwards again, for all the world like it was the normal thing to do before dinner. As he started to firm up a bit, he squeezed and stroked more, a bead of precum appearing at the tip. Finally tearing my eyes away from this unexpected dinnertime activity, I looked at Cedric quizzically. “It’s okay, Sean”, he reassured me, “it’s just something I’ve hypnotized him to do. He’s not really even aware of what he’s doing…it’s all kind of like a dream to him.”

Jared was completely hard now and, just as Cedric had said, seemed to be totally unaware of anything unusual. Seeing as he hadn’t reacted at all to Cedric’s voice, I assumed it was safe for me to talk as well. “It’s kind of weird to think that he could do something so completely out of the ordinary, yet be totally unaware that he’s doing it.” I noticed my own cock starting to stiffen as well, as it always did when I thought of Cedric hypnotizing Jared—even if it was for something as odd as this.

“It’s one of the things I enjoy most about hypnosis, actually”, Cedric replied. “There’s nothing quite like the rush of seeing someone do something you told them to, especially when they have no clue what’s going on or that it wasn’t their own idea to do it in the first place.”

As my own cock stiffened, I couldn’t help but play with it a little—just the lightest touch of my finger on my cock as I watched Jared continue. “See, now that’s what I don’t understand”, I told him. “I mean, I know I’ve come a long way with my acceptance—the fact that I can now sit here at the dinner table and watch my son jerking off for your pleasure is proof of that—but I don’t really understand why he does it. I think it’s great that he’s doing whatever you tell him to—I wish I could get him to be half as compliant with me!—but I don’t understand the whole mindset of being so utterly obedient and not ever questioning what you tell him to do.” I found myself thinking of how my ex-wife had made most of the major decisions in our relationship, but that was different. I could have, and sometimes did, speak up for myself. Certainly if she’d told me to masturbate at the dinner table, I would’ve utterly refused. The thought of her even giving that kind of order, though, was laughable, and I smiled slightly as my fingers continued their delicate rubbing.

Cedric stood up and readjusted himself in his pants, then came around behind me, letting his hand drop onto my chest to check my shaving job from earlier. He had a clear view of me playing with myself, but I was hardly concerned about that by this point.

“I think you’re closer to understanding that than you realize”, he told me as his finger circled one of my nipples. I flushed in pride when I realized that that was intended as a compliment, even though I wasn’t quite sure what he meant. “You’ve probably just got a bit of a mental block, since you’re not used to thinking that way. After all, you’re the owner of your own company—you’re used to being in charge of everyone around you.”

“Is there anything you can do?”, I asked hesitantly. “I mean, I don’t want to be like him, jerking off at the dining room table, but I think it’s not enough that I just accept my son—I think I need to know what motivates him.”

“Right now, I’d say what’s motivating him is getting to shoot his load”, Cedric quipped, squeezing my other nipple almost painfully and rubbing his nail over it to check for even the smallest hair I might’ve missed. “But seriously, I’m absolutely certain I can help you to understand him better. Next time I’ve got you under, we’ll work on that. Right now, though, just sit back and enjoy the show, okay?”

“Yeah, sure Cedric. No problem”, I agreed.

“Oh and Sean, there’s no real need to play with yourself. Just relax and watch.” My hand fell away from my cock instantly at the suggestion. He was right, as always, there really was no need for me to play with myself. It still amazed me how he seemed to know what I wanted even before I did. As I sat there, my cock stiff as a board and twitching like mad, I could feel Cedric looking down at it from time to time. I knew he enjoyed looking at me whenever I was hard—which seemed to be almost the entire time he was around lately—but at this point, I was actually starting to enjoy the attention. I knew he was mostly focused on Jared’s cock anyway; and in truth, with nothing else to look at, I was mostly focused on Jared’s cock too. It was nothing inappropriate, of course—I was just watching the performance respectfully, and of course, enjoying the constant reminder that Cedric had hypnotized him.

It was only a few minutes later when Jared held out his hand to catch his cum, though it was much further away than usual. When he did cum, most of it landed on his dinner, some on his hand, and some overshot onto the table. Instead of eating it off of his hand as he usually would, Jared grabbed a slice of bread off of a small stack I’d set out, noticeably using the hand he’d just jerked off with. Of course, that was better than using his cum-covered hand, I supposed. Sitting back down, he wiped his hand on the slice of bread and picked up his knife. I couldn’t be sure without asking Cedric, but as Jared spread his cum all over the bread, I got the distinct impression he thought he was actually buttering it.

“Okay, everyone, dig in!”, Cedric said enthusiastically, returning to his seat. I watched in fascination as Jared ate, either unaware or uncaring that his dinner was decorated with his own cum. Any time I thought of the weirdness of the situation, even for just a moment, my mind went back to the guys eating cum in the video Cedric had put on earlier. My cock twitched every single time, keeping me somewhere between half-hard to rock-hard throughout the entire meal. At one point, Cedric caught my eye and looked towards Jared and his plate of food, which still had a dab of cum on it here and there, and all I could do was grin. I absolutely loved watching Jared eating his own cum now. I couldn’t believe how quickly Cedric had gotten me over my hang-ups about it! I owed him so much for all his help.

The three of us each talked about our day as we ate, for all the world like this was a normal family dinner. Jared’s responses were slow and distant at first, but eventually he seemed to be back to almost normal. Grabbing a slice of bread for myself, I couldn’t help but double-check that there was no cum on it. I was relieved to find that it was just a normal slice of bread with no…added protein.

As I’d noticed on Friday, Jared’s English accent was back out in full force. I hadn’t heard it that strongly since we’d moved back. I supposed it would be just about impossible to deliberately change your accent while you were under, or half-under, or whatever state Jared had been in, but seeing how it continued even now that Jared was coming out of it, I had to assume Cedric was encouraging it. I didn’t think it was really my place to ask, though.

After we were done eating, Cedric asked me to clear off the table and go make tea. When I got back with the tea, I couldn’t see Jared anywhere, though it didn’t take me long to figure out where he was by the way Cedric was slouched in his chair and moaning and groaning for all he was worth.

There was no further conversation unless you count “fuck yeah” and other such comments. Cedric got out of his clothes slowly as we sat there, ordering Jared to lick him practically everywhere something came off…stomach, nipples, armpits, back to the cock, and then slowly down the legs to the feet before finally returning to Cedric’s cock once again.

For my part, I just sat in my seat, sipped my tea, and watched the two of them together. I couldn’t be sure, but I got the impression that Cedric was making a point of letting me watch the two of them together. He actually backed up from the table enough that I had a clear view of his cock and Jared licking it, or more accurately, having it shoved firmly down his throat more often than not.

I smiled when Cedric finally came, remembering a similar scene from the video and how good it had made me feel. I couldn’t have been more proud of Jared or happy for Cedric’s help in bringing me to the point where I could share so much in their combined pleasure even though I wasn’t gay.

We retired to the living room after that, Cedric’s cock glistening with Jared’s saliva. The two of them cuddled up together on the love seat, as was becoming their habit, and I took a seat in my usual spot. We all watched the cum video some more, Cedric caressing Jared at first, though slowly getting firmer and firmer in his caresses until eventually he started leaving red welts with his nails. So far as I could tell, there was no hypnosis involved, but Jared not only took the pain in stride, he actually seemed to enjoy it. Cedric kept going harder and harder, eventually leaving deep red furrows with the occasional dab of blood on Jared’s chest, stomach, thighs, and even his cock. The harder he went, though, the more affectionate Jared got.

“If you don’t mind, Sean, I think I’ll spend the night tonight”, Cedric said as he absent-mindedly scratched Jared’s shoulder. “I’ve got the day off tomorrow and I don’t really feel like going home just yet.”

“Oh, sure thing. You can have Jared’s bed and I’ll set up the couch later for him to sleep on”, I told him. Jared was used to being kicked out of his bed on the rare occasion that friends or family stayed overnight. He complained about it sometimes, but he still slept on the couch one way or the other.

Cedric, who had just started to give Jared a hickey, laughed at that. “If I wanted to sleep in Jared’s bed, I’d do so with his hot young body in it for me to enjoy. I was actually thinking of sleeping in your bed tonight, though. It’s much roomier, and I’m sure we can sleep in the same bed without it being awkward by this point.” He smiled and went back to his hickey-making.

Blushing that I hadn’t thought of either possibility, I hurried to assure him that that was fine. Apart from the fact that everyone was naked, it was a relatively normal evening after that. After Cedric had had enough of gouging Jared, he turned off the video and we all watched TV for an hour or so before heading upstairs and getting ready for bed.

Noticeably, Jared was now sporting a string of hickeys at least the size of golf balls around his entire neck. I was a little worried about Jared getting teased at school tomorrow, but in the end, Cedric was a great guy and would never do anything to harm Jared, so I was sure it would all work out. Seeing them together as they kissed goodnight at some length, I got the impression that Jared was completely unselfconscious about them, maybe even proud to have them. As he looked up into Cedric’s eyes, he reminded me of a lost puppy who’d finally found his master. Seeing that look, I felt a warm glow of affection for both of them…and the usual Pavlovian twinge of arousal in my cock.

Cedric ran his hands all over my upper body once we were in bed, checking the smoothness of my shaving job. I was a little surprised that he was checking again so soon after the last time, but it was good that there was someone around to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Given how much I wanted his approval of my shaving, I was quite happy to let him check it whenever he wanted for as long as he wanted.

As his hands ran all over my torso, he put me under again, his hands never stopping their exploration. When I woke up again, he was sitting up in bed beside me stroking his dick. The man was insatiable! I’d never had a guy masturbate this close to me. It was a little weird, and I probably would’ve been creeped out if it had been anyone else, but this was Cedric. I just couldn’t say no to him, and in a way, I sort of admired his stamina.

Preoccupied with the fact that he was jerking off, I hadn’t noticed that Cedric’s left hand was still rubbing my chest. I would’ve thought I’d be bothered even more by the fact that he was touching me while he was jerking off, but I knew he was just checking for any stubble I might’ve missed, so I didn’t worry about it. Once he started getting into it and beating faster, he started to pull on my nipples a little. It hurt a bit, but I admired him for being thorough.

Reminding me that I hadn’t cum yet today, he suggested that I might want to, but that I should take my time and enjoy it. I was getting used to doing it whenever he suggested at this point, so I reached down and slowly started playing with myself. I knew I didn’t have to, but it made him happy, and I had to admit that that was becoming increasingly important to me. Once I got started, the reality of the situation hit me: I was in bed with another man, both of us masturbating, and him rubbing his hand on my chest. It wasn’t that simple, of course, since it was exactly what I’d asked for when I’d asked Cedric to help me accept and understand Jared, but I would’ve had a hard time explaining the whole situation to an outsider in a way that didn’t seem gay. Thinking about it all, I felt a very strange mix of emotions…I was humiliated, but turned on by that humiliation more than I would have thought possible.

As much as the humiliation made me want to beat myself frantically till I came, Cedric knew best. Any time I sped up past a certain point, Cedric told me to slow down. Sometimes, he’d even tell me to stop altogether and just enjoy the frustration of being hard and not doing anything about it. I’d never thought of enjoying sexual frustration before, but each time he suggested it, I enjoyed it even more than the last. Sometimes, I’d stop for several minutes at a time, looking back and forth between him jerking off as much and as fast as he wanted to, and my cock sitting there, hard as a rock, with me not moving so much as a finger to do anything about it.

We were at it for at least half an hour when Cedric finally told me that I’d want to cum soon. My nipples were a fiery mass of redness and pain, but no matter how much they hurt, I was still enjoying the entire situation. I did hope he wouldn’t check my chest and nipples this thoroughly every time, though!

Cedric directed me towards cumming, of course. My orgasms were always so much more intense when he told me what to do. As it turned out, though, he told me to stop completely just as I was about to cum. I couldn’t believe it! My hand just dropped to my side, and I came with almost none of the incredible climax I usually got. It was worse than if I’d done it myself without his guidance!

Looking over at him, feeling let down for the first time since he’d started suggesting what speed to go at, I was reminded how much I liked him. I just continued staring into his eyes, subconsciously rubbing my cum all around my stomach and up onto my chest, thinking about how much I enjoyed cumming at his direction. My orgasms were always so much more intense when he told me what to do. I could still sort of feel a wrongness from having cum only after I stopped, but even as I thought about it, I remembered once again that my orgasms were always so much more intense when he told me what to do. It had actually been kind of a neat experience, in retrospect. I’d really enjoyed cumming without the usual good feelings—it had made for a very intense orgasm that only heightened my sense of humiliation.

“That was great!”, I said to him at last, thankful that he’d told me to stop when he had. I hoped he’d do it again in the future. I lay there just watching him jerk off after that. It seemed the respectful thing to do, even if I wasn’t gay and got nothing out of it. It was several more minutes before he came, the slightly thin load barely reaching his belly button, with a fair bit of it just dribbling out of his cock and over his hand.

Yet again, I felt the heat rising in my face when he scooped up most of the rest of his cum with the hand he’d been jerking off with and then started using that hand to check my shaving job instead of his clean one. By now, though, it was completely ingrained in me to let him rub his hands around that area any time he wanted to—even for this, I couldn’t imagine asking him to stop. Once he’d finished this last check for today, I rolled over to go to sleep. I could feel the double load of cum soaking into the sheets beneath me, but I’d been cumming and then lying in it so often lately that I was actually beginning to like it. The double load was kind of a bonus, though I wasn’t about to tell Cedric that—he might start doing it all the time!

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