Hímringyó 3

By Baralai - baralai88@gmail.com
published August 5, 2016
11580 words

Do you want to play a game? These four guys may reconsider

Author’s Note: Thanks for the suggestions. Some of them made it into this story. Others are in my matrix, but again this story is created randomly. Hopefully they’ll be used in future stories. Please keep sharing ideas for new cards!

Author’s Second Note: Lots of unsafe sex in this. Use condoms, disclose status, get tested, and consider PrEP.


“Are you sure you’re saying that right?” Walter asked apparently feeling impatient.

Four boys say in the room of an apartment. It was actually Caleb and Jamie’s 2 bedroom place. It was sizeable, but not too big based on a meager wages they were earning since getting entry level jobs after college.

Landon had his own two bedroom and had a much more lucrative career as a programer. His spare bedroom was made for an officer he used at to work from home from various consulting projects he was working on.

Last there was Walter who had a garden unit studio in the same complex they were currently in.

The four were fairly nerdy guys who met up to play board games every Wednesday to get a break from the week.

“Shut up,” Caleb said as he read out of the manual, “The game was made by a wizard in dark times. The town was without Hímringyós. The wizard required more Hímringyós and thus he created the game. The game would find its way to young men who society would not miss and helped increase the number of Hímringyó in the world by granting the players the abilities needed to be a Hímringyó. Those who started the game would be cursed to finish it once they started it. With each round of the game they would become better Hímringyós losing reservations as the game moves forward. The more points they earn, they would prove themselves to be better Hímringyó. Those who prove themselves the best Hímringyó would be granted a special wish. When a player reaches the end they will scream ‘”I’m a Hímringyó” and not take any more cards. The game is completed once all players reach the end and become Hímringyó. The winner with the most points will be blessed with a single wish.”

“So are Hímringyó a type of warrior or hero or something like a priest?” Landon asked.

“Or is it like a species or a race that is dying out?” Jamie asked.

“That doesn’t make any sense, it said it would seek out young men to help build their stats. You can’t reignite a dying race by reattributing a whole other race. That isn’t a thing,” Landon said.

“Dude we have played a whole bunch of games that don’t make any sense. That includes some of the economic BS,” Walter said. “The backstories make no sense so it’s best to just ignore all that. The rules seems simple, we pull cards and get points. Can we make this a quick game, I have a raid I’m doing tonight on WOW.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” Caleb said. “Just play this. My aunt bought this for me and I just need to take a few pics of us playing so I can appease her and more importantly appease my mother so I don’t look ungrateful.”

“Don’t want to upset the jewish mother,” Jamie said.

“Don’t be a dick,” Caleb retorted. “We play it once and then I can pawn it off.”

“Yeah this game looks ancient, it might be a hoot to see how lame it is,” Landon said.

“Okay so the rules say we each draw a card to start off and then roll the die to move forward. Let’s see how this goes,” Caleb said passing out a card to each of his friends.

“Ok mine doesn’t make any sense,” Landon said looking at his card.

“Yeah mine is also weird,” Walter said scratching his head. How does this help anyone.

“If this private or public knowledge?” Landon asked. “Mine is Self-Lubricating: Your ass is now greased up for all sorts of fun! [+30pts]. How is that a thing?”

“Fuck I feel weird,” Caleb said as his body started to bubble and shift. The extra weight on him began to shift into defined muscles. His arms showed clear biceps and triceps on what was a flabby arm. Some of his belly fat melted away into nothingness.

“What the fuck!” Jamie said looking at Caleb in shock.

“Dude what is going on,” Landon noticing that Walter was started to sit higher and raise from his seat. No wait his ass was getting bigger!”

“Shit look at me!” Caleb said looking at his arms. “Do I really look like this?” he said in doubt poking his toned arms.

“How the fuck did that happen?” Jamie asked.

“I got this card. Toned and Defined: You keep fit and it shows! [+30 pts]. I must of actually got the trait in real life. Dude this game is magic!” Caleb said excitedly.

“Walter did your ass grow?” Landon asked sharing his earlier observation.

“Yeah, my card said Asset: Big Ass [+75 pts],” Walter said. “It is a pretty big bubble butt now. I guess not too bad. Caleb’s card is nicer.”

“Better that whatever my card means. I haven’t noticed any changes,” Landon said looking confused at his card. .”What did you get Jamie?”

“Um, I got Bulging: Your pants are always showing off a nice thick cock that can be seen even when soft [+35pts],” Jamie said almost modestly. “I think my cock grew some.” He noticed his dick was much more noticeable now and pressed tightly against his jeans.”

“Dude you cock is bigger? Seriously?” Walter asked in surprise. “This game can turn us into walking gods! Fucking cool!”

“I’m having my doubts with this guys,” Landon said. “Something was amiss, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. It was like he was missing something obvious, but couldn’t find the right words to express it.”

“Dude you just got a card that was a dud. Let’s keep playing and see what else we get. We can always stop if it gets too weird,” Walter said. “I want to see if I can get a bigger dick.”

“Right!” Caleb said. “I’ll go first I want to see what I get next! Let’s see I rolled a 6 and let’s see what the next card is. Revealing Ensemble: You clothes never cover up that much [+25pts]”

Caleb’s jeans and t-shirt started to shift. The denim pants become shorts and then shrunk still to a ripped up pair of daisy dukes. The shirt he had been wearing had now shifted to a sheer black tanktop that now showed off his defined chest.

“What the fuck?” Caleb said looking at his clothes. He was relieves with his new physique because if he had been his previous flabby self.

“Ha! That is hilarious,” Walter said laughing.

“I wish we had a girl playing this with us. “If she got that card it would rock!” Jamie said and holding back from laughing.

“There is something not right about this,” Landon said.

“Just take you turn wuss,” Walter said.

“Oh fine, I’ll play,” Landon said. He rolled his dice which landed on 1 and took his card. “Whorish Hollering: You can be as loud as you want when you’re getting laid. [+40 pts] How is this useful!?” he cried out.

“Didn’t Avenue Q make a song about that?” Jamie asked. “But I’ll take my turn. I got 4 spaces and my card says Pouty lips: you now rich thick lips. Great for kissing and sucking. [+20 pts.]”

Jamie’s lips then inflated to thick proportions. “That just looks weird,” Caleb said.

“Says the guy in Jessica Simpson shorts,” Jamie retorted. “I’m starting to have my doubts about this game. If I don’t want these lips how do I get my old lips back?”

“Huh? Not sure,” Caleb said. “The instructions don’t say, but they don’t talk about changing body mass or clothes either. I mean with the clothes I can just change them, and if I wanted my flab back I could just eat a whole pizza.”

“Shut it. You got a better body now. We get it,” Walter said. “Lets see if I can get more muscles as well!”

Walter rolled a 3 and pulled out his card “Daddy Chaser: you’re always on a look out for a new daddy [+90pts]. Did something happen to my dad? Is this character building or something.”

“You’ve got daddy issue now,” Caleb said as he rolled the dice. He rolled a 1. “Knee Socks: Matching Socks [+15 pts].” Black knee socks appeared on him. They clung tightly to his calves. “This is a weird thing to have. My outfit is getting more and more ridiculous.”

“Guy’s I’m really questioning this game,” Landon said.

“Shut up and take your turn,” Walter said.

Landon sighed and took his turn. He moved his piece 5 places. “Double Feature: Draw two more cards. Okay let’s see oh this actually looks good Assets: Big Cock [+50 pt].”

“So did you get a bigger cock?” Walter asked.

“I guess,” Landon said to sure how to respond.

“Come on show us!” Walter said seemingly excited about the prospect.

“God you’re becoming gay,” Landon said but still stood up and unzipped his pants to pull out his new enlarged dick. It was still soft, but still was almost trunk like and also had a new thickness.

“Man that looks like a trunk,” Walter said.

“Whatever, I’m the one with the huge dick now,” Landon said pulling up his pants. He then pulled his next card. “Buttplug: you love wondering around with your ass stuffed [20pts]. Ah shit! The thing is in my ass,” cried Landon. He pulled down his pants and tried to pull the object out. “Fuck the thing is stuck in me. How am I supposed to get it out. Does it work like a chinese finger trap or something?” Landon said with aggravation. He kept pulling at the object but it wouldn’t budge. Everytime he let go in would nestle itself back into his anus. He hated to admit it but the plug actually felt good in him. It kept massaging his prostate making his soft big dick leak the more he struggled to get it out. “Fuck it can stay there for now,” Landon said worried he’d spring a large boner.

“Anyone else noticing that these cards are mostly sexual in nature?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah I was noticing that too,” Landon said pulling his pants back up. “I mean Caleb is basically dressed like a hooker.”

“Hey I’m dressed to show off this sweet body,” Caleb said in defiance.

“Why are you defending the outfit?” Jamie asked. Caleb awkwardly avoided answering the question. “Ok whatever I’m just going to take my turn,” Jamie said rolling the dice. He moved 2 spaces and picked his card. “You’re a Dancer, a stripper that enjoys showing off the stuff. [+40 pts]. So I’m Magic Mike now?”

“Hey who turned on the speakers?” Caleb asked as techno music started playing.

“Dude what are you doing? Get your dick out of my face,” Landon said as Jamie grinded his hips into his friend while dancing to the music.

“I can’t control my body. It’s the game. It’s making me do this,” said Jamie’s frightened voice. “Turn off the music. I think it has something to do with that.”

Caleb got up and went to his sound system. “I keep trying to turn it off but nothing. Um the thing isn’t even plugged in. How is it even going? ”

Jamie had now moved from Landon to shaking his ass infront of Walter’s face arching his back to make his flat ass look bigger.

“Maybe we should stop playing,” Caleb suggested.

“Dude you can’t leave me dancing like this!” Jamie said.

“Maybe if it gets back to his turn he’ll stop dancing,” Walter sugegsted trying to move Jamie’s ass out of his face. Jamie then slipped his t-shirt off and started giving Landon a lap dance.

“This is so embarrassing,” Jamie said “Sorry Landon. Try it, I just want to stop.”

“Ok I’ll go,” Walter said. He rolled his dice and rolled a 5 and pulled his card. “Rainbow Ensemble: Your clothing is all rainbows and literally shout gay [+20pts].”

Walter clothes started to change. His blue jeans faded into bright white with large splattered splotches of colors of the rainbow making their way down the leg. A bright yellow shirt also replaced his nerdy t-shirt with large black font that said ‘Sorry Girls I Duck Dick!”

“That might be gayer than Jamie,” laughed Caleb.

“I don’t know about that,” Landon said trying to ignore the lap dance.

“Just keep playing to get to my turn,” whined Jamie.

“Okay okay,” Caleb said rolling a 1. “Gym Bunny: it is obvious you love hopping over to the gym. [+40ps].”

Caleb’s muscles became even more pronounced and thick. He seemed to regain his weight and then some with thick muscles not only in his arms put also his pecs and legs. Shredded abs could be seen clearly through his sheer tank top and the rips in the jean shorts grew wider and looked like they were ready to fall apart with his new leg thickness.

“Dude why do you keep getting the muscle card,” complained Landon. “Meanwhile I have Jamie grinding on me.” Landon took his turn and rolled the dice, landing on a 4. “Dammit the space I landed on says Draw 2 card.”

“Just keep going so I can stop,” Jamie said arching his back was he twerked.

“Easier to take my turn if you’re weren’t going all Miley Cyrus on me,” Landon said reaching around his friend and pulling a card. “Steal: Steal a card from a player. Huh? Simple enough. Caleb I’m taking your first card. The toned and defined one.”

“Aw man,” Caleb said as the definition of his muscles became less but still maintained the massive arms and chiseled body. Lance’s body became more toned and his ass somehow got even bigger. “That sucks but I get it. Share the wealth,” Caleb admitted.

“I’m going to actually want to see myself when I’m done this this,” Landon said. Jamie was blocking the view of any mirror, so he took his card. “Assessory: Cockring [+20pts].”

It was now Jamie’s turn and he felt control of his body. The music kept playing and he felt his body bounce to the music but he now had controls of his own limbs again. “Thank god,” Jamie said giving a sigh of relief.

“You’re still dancing though,” Walter said pointing out the swaying Jamie.

“Hey I’m not humping you so chill,” Jamie said.

“Dude I look awesome,” Landon said checking out his muscles. He undid his pants again and pulled out his cock to show off his new item. “And it looks like the cockring appeared as well.”

“You don’t seem so shy in showing off your dick now,” Walter said smiling pointing at Landon’s dick still hanging out.

“Hey I got nothing to be ashamed about. This dick actually feels better less restrained,” Landon said smiling.

“Okay I guess it’s my turn,” Jamie said. “Shit I rolled I a rolled a 4 and landed on the Draw 2 space. Okay let’s get this over with First one is Lush Hair: You hair is not sensuous and always in place [+20pts]. Jamie’s unkempt shaggy hair suddenly moved as if it had a life of its own. The color of the hair became more chestnut and shiny. The hair looked like it was combed back and although Jamie was still dancing about in his chair the hair seemed to remain in perfect condition.

“Ok, not too bad, Jamie said eyeing himself in a mirror across the room. Ok and the next card is Pocket size: You look like other men could throw you around a bit [+35pts].” Jamie’s height began to shrink to a smaller frame. His height may have been 5’1, but he may have been even shorter. “What the fuck?” Jamie said. “My height. It shrunk my height? What the fuck?”

“I don’t understand this game at all,” Walter said while rolling his dice. “None of it make sense. Looks like I got a 2 so I’m also Drawing 2. Let’s see I get Adonis Body. You have a perfectly muscled body [40pt]. Sweet!”

Walter’s body now morphed becoming a chiseled muscular frame that a greek sculpture would be jealous of. “Wow I take it back this game is pretty awesome.”

“Why am I the only one without muscles,” Jamie pouted still perturbed by how his feet barely touched the ground while sitting in the chair.

“Just keep playing and you might get it,” Walter said pulling his next card. “Oral Fixation, careful with your teeth because you are now always hungry [+80 pt]. Shit. This isn’t good.”

“What do you mean?” Caleb asked.

“Landon pull out your cock again,” Walter said.

“Ok, sure, but why,” Landon said pulling out his thick dick. Walter then jumped on the exposed dick and went to work. He greedily slurped and licked the dick before trying to engulf the entire thing.

“Dude that is way past gay!” Caleb said.

“I think this entire game is gay,” Jamie said. “I mean it. Everything is over sexualized: the gay clothing, the lap dance, and now blow jobs. It should have been obvious.”

“Let me look at the game rules again,” Caleb said grabbing the piece of paper.

“Dude! Walter is sucking my dick,” said Landon pointing the his newly muscles friend. “Can’t you like take your turn so he’ll stop. It worked for Jamie, though he still keeps bouncing to that weird music.”

“Why didn’t we realize this game was gay before, it seems obvious now. Do you think the game was messing with our heads?” Jamie asked.

“Possibly. The game says something about being cursed to finish it once we start it. But it also states that thing about the wish for the winner. So we can just wish that we all go back to normal,” Caleb said.

“Dudes! Walter. Sucking dick. My dick. Let’s keep playing so he we’ll stop,” Landon said.

“Okay okay,” Caleb said rolling the dice, landing on a 3. “Latin Fever: You are transformed to an Latino. If you are already Latino ignore and draw another card [40 pts.] Wait it can change my race?”

To answer his question Caleb’s skin became more tan and his facial features changed slightly.

‘Hey you’re not sucking dick. Just stay away from some of the crazy people voting for that idiot,” Landon said reaching over the still sucking Walter to roll for his turn. “I rolled a 2, but luckily I don’t have to draw 2. My card is Himbo: You’re vacuous and frivolous and have no clue what that means [85pts]. Wait what does that mean?”

“Whatever let’s get Walter off of you,” Jamie said grabbing the dice rolling a 5. “Shit mine says something on the space. “Dick Hungry. You’re craving the D. Still draws a card. Well I guess I don’t draw an extra card. I got Juicy: you can produce more copious wads than most. [+50 pts].”

“Fuck!” Landon and Jamie said at the same time.

Landon’s cock exploded in Walter’s mouth as he licked up the cum. Jamie stared at Landon’s dick suddenly craving to replace Walter’s position. “I need dick!” Jamie said in almost desperation.

“Sure suck mine. Walter looks like he’s done,” Landon chuckled looking at Walter wiping away some of the cum from his face.

“Dude you were just whining the hell out of us about Walter sucking you off. Now you’re inviting Jamie to go ahead?” Caleb asked.

“I got a big dick. Jamie’s got a big dick too, but he can’t suck his. Big dicks are for sucking,” Landon said.

“I can’t argue with his reasoning. It was fun to suck that big dick,” Walter said.

“Walter that is just gay,” Caleb said as he saw Jamie latching onto the still exposed dick.

“What,” WAlter said shrugging. “The card made me suck dick, but it also made it fun. I wouldn’t mind doing it again, but I guess it’s Jamie’s turn.”

“No Jamie just took his turn. It’s your turn now,” Landon said.

“Err, not what I meant but I guess it is my turn. Okay roll the dice and get a 4. I don’t get the dick hunger space which I guess is ok since I already like sucking dick but let’s see what I get. Yellow Fever.’ You are transformed to an Asian. If you are already Asian ignore and draw another card [40 pts.].”

Walter body shifted again giving him much more asian features. His skin became more tanned and facial features noticeably altered. Looking in the mirror he looked like a muscled filipino man. “Well Caleb and I are no longer Caucasian.”

“Dude you don’t seemed freaked out by this at all,” Caleb said. “I’m still not over being changed into a latino guy. I think I even know some Spanish now.”

“You also have an accent,” Walter pointed out. “I think I also know a little Tagalog.”

“Tag what?” Landon asked.

“It’s a language in the Philippines dude,” Walter said like he was stating the obvious.

“Yeeeaahh…Okay let’s just keep playing,” Caleb said. He picked up the die and threw it, which landed on a 2. “My card says Comando: You let it hang loose [+20pts].”

Caleb’s daisy dukes were already fairly ripped up so it became obvious that his carmel flesh color could now be seen through the tears. Glimpse of his dick and balls could also be seen through the short’s lacerations. Caleb saw that Walter’s mouth was watering looking at the more exposed dick.

“You know what I’m going to go change,” Caleb said going to his room.

“My turn!” Landon cried out. “Let’s see. Roll the dice. Move the thing. Take a card. Is that everything?”

“Read the card,” Walter said as he stared enviously at Jamie sucking away at the large dick.

“Oh right!” Landon said laughing at himself. “My card says Leather Get Up: Animal hide is now showing off your hide [+45 pt].

Landon’s clothes then vanished and were replaced with leather chaps and a leather harness. His underwear was now gone as well leaving both his dick and his ass exposed.

“Cool my pants match my cockring now!” Landon said laughing.

“Dude did you get dumb from your last card?” Walter asked noticing the change in his friend’s demeanor. “Or is this an act?”

“Huh? You think I got dumber?” Landon asked.

“Yeah that Himbo card. It must have altered you into a dumb bimbo,” Walter said.

“Yeah I’m a dumb bimbo,” Landon said with his head tilted back to the ceiling and thrusting his hips into Jamie’s mouth. “Big himbo with a big cock!” He grunted as he orgasmed into Jamie’s mouth.

“Fuck,” Jamie said panting. “I feel like I’m getting over a high. I couldn’t even think about anything other than dick. Where is Caleb?”

Oh que they heard screaming from their friend’s bedroom. He stomped out. He now wore lose but extremely short teal colored shorts. The guys could see a glimpse of a ballsack so they knew he still had no underwear. The shorts were so loose that they would have fallen saved from the suspenders he was wearing. “Keep chaning clothes but they all change into this shit,” Caleb said. “All my underwear is also nowhere to be found.”

“At least your dick is not hanging out. I guess it’s my turn,” Jamie said wincing as he took the dice up and threw it. “I got a 5 and ah SHIT! Why do I keep landing on these spaces? I have to Draw 3. “Let’s see what they are,” he said despairingly. “Feminine Flaunt: Emasculation brings about sensations [+55pts].”

“This entire game is emasculating,” Caleb said trying to adjust his shorts so they would actually cover his privates.

“Next is Grindr God: You can play the field in a NSA kind of way [+45pts],” Jamie read.

“Are you listening to people’s phone conversations?” Caleb asked confused.

“Dude everyone knows Grindr,” Jamie said. “Even NPR has done reports on it. And NSA means No Strings Attached. Not Snowden NSA. Here let me show you,” Jamie said pulling out his phone. “It shows all the gay dudes right by you. Its like Pokemon Go for dick.”

“You have it on your phone?” Caleb asked.

“I do now,” Jamie said responding to a guy’s message.

“Wait are you using it right now?”

“Yeah it’d be rude not to,” Jamie said.

“Dude take you last card,” Walter said. “We’re waiting on you. Are you taking a dick pick?”

“The guy wanted a dick pick. Thought I’d give him a fresh one. Going to let him know that too,” Jamie said posting in his phone. “Hey did you know Darren has an account on here. He is looking pretty fine now.”

“Dude take your card,” Walter cried out.

“Fine fine, last card for the turn Playing with Toys: Practice makes perfect. Make sure to use your dildo everyday! [+75 pts]. Okay,” Jamie stood up and went to his room and quickly came back with a crystal blue dildo.

“Dude you had a dildo in there the entire time?” Caleb asked his roommate.

“Probably wasn’t there yesterday,” Jamie said. “But it is here now!” he started pulling down his shorts.

“Wait you’re going to use it now?” Caleb asked surprised.

“Dude this came made me suck a dick an entire turn. Yes I’m going to use a dildo on my pussy,” Jamie said matter of factly. The blue dildo slid into his hold slowly and Jamie moaned as it entered him.

“That is such a big toy for such a little dude,” Landon laughed.

“Don’t mock my height,” Jamie said between the moaning. “Got to use this baby everyday to make sure my boypussy is nice and stretched.”

“Stop calling it your pussy, it’s your ass,” Caleb said.

“But it feels so good to call it that,” cried Jamie. “I love having this thick dildo in my boy pussy. Just makes me think about having a real dick in my slut hole.”

“Dude why are you talking like that?” Caleb asked feeling worried.

“That feminine flaunt card. That is probably what is making him talk like that,” Walter said nonchalantly. “He’ll calm down after it gets back to his turn. Now I’ll take mine. Let’s see I rolled a 1 and get Twinktastic: You’re now a skinny creme filled treat. [+50] [Extra pts +20pts for every card obtained] Sissy Boy, Bleach Blondie, Think Pink, Bottom, Clean Shaven.”

Walter’s body began to shrink to a much skinnier frame, but still maintained a strong muscular body. His clothes which were previously stretched from his wider frame were now baggy on this thinner one. “Aww man I liked having those big muscles,” Walter said pouting.

“This game…” Caleb said pausing not sure how to even respond. He sighed and rolled his dice. It landed on 2 and his piece landed on the Dick Hunger space Jamie’s had. His mind suddenly became foggy. “I need to take my card,” he said trying to concentrate. “Rough Trade: you like it rough and tough. [+50]. Fuck I need Dick,” he moaned.

He saw Jamie’s thick cock bouncing as he rode the dildo. “Fuck!” Caleb said and he lurched towards the dick. “I need the dick. I need it.”

“Go ahead big boy,” Jamie said. “I bet you can make my boy stick shoot really good.”

Caleb didn’t respond verbally but soon engulfed the dick into his mouth as Jamie kept bouncing his hips into the air.

“Yeah! Your mouth feels so good on my dicky,” moaned Jamie.

“My turn!” Landon said. “I get a card.”

“You have to roll first,” Walter pointed out.

“Oh right, I roll a and move four spaces. Then I get the card. I got Bartender: You give great service behind the bar and everywhere else [+45pts]. Cool that will help me find a new job. I think I’m too dumb to mess with computers now,” Landon said. “I’ll go make some drinks.”

“We are wishing ourselves back right? We shouldn’t have to worry about this being permanent. Right?” Warren said looking a little worried and not fully convinced.

“Oh man Caleb, get ready my dick juices are ready to blow,” Jamie panted. “Fuck!”

A large amount of cum splattered into Caleb’s mouth and all over his face. “Of fuck that felt so good,” squealed Jamie. “And it’s my turn!”

“But I still need dick!” Caleb said, cum drippping down his face.

“I got drinks,” Landon said. “Oh Caleb you look thirsty.” Landon said as Caleb started slurping on the exposed dick. “I made Mojitos for everyone, but Caleb seems to be thirst for something else.”

“”Tasty” Jamie said. “Take your turn Jamie,” Walter said.

“Oh right, I rolled a 3 and get SuckU: Copy another players card by sucking them off. Fun,” Jamie said considering. “I’m tired of being the only girl without any muscles. I’m going to copy Caleb’s Gym Bunny card.”

Jamie felt the familiar pull to suck dick and pulled down Caleb’s loose fitting shorts. Caleb continued to suck Landon’s dick hungrily as Jamie sucked his own.

“”Um, ok you guys are too much,” Walter said rolling his dice. “It landed on a 2” he said to noone since they all seemed fairly distracted. “Sissy Boy: You’re wrists are limp and you talk with a lisp. [+20pts]. Ah Cwap. Now I’m an asian who can’t saw awees.”

“Oh fuck,” Caleb screamed as he shot jisz into Jamie’s mouth and let his mouth release Landon’s cock. Jamie’s body then began to bubble as he gulped down the seman. His small body now was ripped in strong muscular tones.

“Aww you didn’t get to finish getting the juices from my dick,” Landon said with a smile.

“I think I’ve got enough,” Caleb said wiping the large amount of Jamie’s cum still on his face from earlier.

“No such thing as too much,” Jamie said licking the cum off his lips eagerly.

“Dude what is wrong with you. It is like the longer we play the more gay you become,” Caleb stated.

“Wewax honey, It’s aww just fun,” Walter said in a much thicker accent.

“You’re just bummed since you have the lowest points,” Landon said. “It’ll be more fun when you start winning!”

“Wait is that it?” Caleb said in surprise. “The more points you get the gayier you get. The rules may have stated something like that.”

“Just take you turn already. We can’t get to the wish without finishing the game,” reasoned Jamie.

That made sense to Caleb, but could he keep playing and not lose control? If he kept getting low scoring points maybe. Although he recalled a portion of the rules that said he was cursed to keep playing. He oculd walk away from this. Right? But he had to save his friends.

He took and deep breathe, picked up the dice and rolled. He got a 3 and then drew his card. “You are now Bottom, this card trumps Top. [+95 pts!!].” Shit it was a high scoring card. But he didn’t feel like he lost anymore control.

“Yay you’re a bottom!” Landon said. “Want me to fuck you with my big cock? I never got off from all your sucking.”

“NO! I’m not bottoming for anyone,” Caleb said in protest, but his eyes kept sizing up Landon’s cock, “Besides it your turn.”

“Oh right! Stupid me,” Landon laughed. “I got a 1 and my card says Tramp Stamp: a fun design to catch guys’ eyes [+20pts]” Above Landon’s chaps a trial design of ink started to form. Words also started forming beneath the design. “Sweet, but why does it say Erhe Dnirg?”

“You’re looking at yourself in the mirror,” Caleb said it says ‘GRIND HERE.’

“Did I misspell it?” Landon asked.

“You’re fine,” Jamie said. “And your stamp is also sweet dear. But now it is my turn.” Jamie rolled a 1 and then picked up his card and a mischievous look came upon his face as he read it. “I got Gifting: You give a card copy, you receive a card copy from that player. Caleb I think you need to have more fun and use that Bottom card. So I’m going to give you a copy of my dildo card.”

“What!?” Caleb said in shock.

“Go check yeaw woom to find yeaw diwdo,” lisped Walter.

“Nothing is going to be there,” Caleb said as he got up from the table. He had to show them they were wrong. They must have understood the card wrong. He got to his room and saw that standing on his nightstand was a bright red dildo with some lube. He picked it up and brought it out in defeat. His friends cheered when he brought it out.

“You got use it every day,” chimed Jamie. “It helps keep your boy pussy nice and ready.”

Caleb pressed the dildo to his hole as he let the suspender droop so his shorts would fall to the ground. He hated to admit it but he felt an itch in his ass that wanted the thing in him. His eyes scrunched as it entered him and he felt a wave of pain which soon rescinded. The area that was itching seemed to like the veiny dildo inside of him. “Fuck!” Caleb screamed. His knees were starting to buckle as he continued to move it in and out of him. “Fuck Fuck Fuck,” he started moaning as his dick got harder. His legs couldn’t take it anymore so he dropped to the floor. He laid on his back with his legs in the air as he continued to play with the dildo. “Oh gawd fuck!”

“See doesn’t your pussy feel so much better now?” Jamie said. “Now you need to give me my gift.”

“Of fuck,” moaned Caleb. He was nude save for his knee socks on the ground panting. It was getting harder to think. “Fine take the revealing clothes.”

“Sweet!” Jamie said. His clothes shifted to a pair of shiny gold hot pants that barely held the giant bulge within. His shirt also became a black muscle tee that may have had less fabric than the hot pants, it looked like some braided string being held together in place of a shirt. “I was hoping for the Bottom card, but this will do.”

“My tuwn!” Walter said. “Dooble Feawere: Dwaw Two Cawds,” he said after rolling a 5 and reading the card.

“Draw two more then,” Jamie said.

“Oh! My fawst is the SuckU cawd!” Walter said excited. “But which one should I choose?”

“You should go for Caleb’s Bottom card. You get extra points for it with your twink card,” Jamie pointed out.

“Oh my gawd you awe so right!” Walter said. “I got a big ass that daddies need to fawck!” Walter went right to work on Caleb’s ahrd dick.

“But didn’t you need another card?” asked Landon.

“I’ll pick it up from him,” Jamie said pulling the card. “Exhibition Season: You’ll love showing off all your stuff to your all friends [+50 pt].”

WAlter kept sucking away but he also started to kick off his rainbow splotched pants and stroked his own dick as he sucked Caleb, still busy away fucking himself with the red dildo.

“Oh Fuck!” screamed Caelb and he cummed in Walter’s mouth.

“That didn’t take long,” Walter said wiping his lips. “You must haw been weady to blow.”

“It felt so good,” moaned Caleb.

“Oooh, now I want to see how it feels. Landon do you ming fucking me silly,” Walter asked.

“Sure! What are friends for,” Landon said pouncing on his friend and slowly aligned his big cock into Walter’s hole.

“Oh Fawk!” screamed Walter as he felt the dick sliding into him. “That is what a big auss is for. Fawk me silly daddy!” Landon started humping him faster.

Jamie meanwhile gave the dice to Caleb who was still panting after his last turn. Caleb instinctively rolled the dice. It landed on a 1 and Jamie read the card “Out in Public: Sex in public spaces is so much fun! [+40pts].”

“Need to stay in control,” Caleb muttered. “I’m getting too many points. Need to get through this.”

“You should stop thinking!” Landon suggested as he fucked Walter. “I it is so much less stressful to just be dumb and go with the flow. Jamie can you get me the dice so I can keep fucking?”

“Of course,” Jamie said. He handed it over and Landon rolled a 2.

“Huh? Jamie said moving the piece. “Your space says Ambitious Slut: For now on you draw +1 cards every turn. Guess you’re getting 2 cards each turn stud.”

“Yes!” Landon said as he gave a couple of rough fucks to the wailing Walter.

“Your first card is Scandalous Tats: your tattoos are as filthy as you are [30 pts],” read Jamie.

New dark shapes started the move on Landon’s skin. A collage of nude men started forming with cartoonishly large bulges and exposed cocks. Men we staring at large asses. It soon became obvious that the cartoonish men were at a leather sense and looked similar to a Tom of Finland art. They were on his back and chest and exposed arms.

“Dude there is no way you could get on office job with those,” Caleb laughed nervously.

“I’m too dumb for an office job anyways,” Landon laughed seeing his new tats in the mirror. “But these are super hot!”

“Aw man don’t swop,” moaned Walter.

“You herd the slut, let’s not stop,” Jamie said picking up the next card. “Looks like you get a Big Ass as well.”

“Yes!” Landon as as his ass perked out of the camps into a pair of round massive bubble.

“You’re just becoming a sex god Landon. Love it,” Jamie said as he rolled for his turn. The ice landed on 6 which had him land on a Draw 2. “It’s sucks I’m rolling so high. I’ll be almost done,” he sighed. “Let’s I drew a Bottom card. So Landon, you’re the only one left to Top. But you look like you can handle it.”

“I can do it!” Landon said grunting as he leased his seed into Walter.

“Of fawk YES!” moaned Walter. “You’aw the best daddy.”

“Ok my next card is Envious Claims: Copy a card from each player. Dude this card is awesome!” Jamie said getting excited. “So I so feeling ennvious of those Big Asses so I’m going to take your ass Landon. And umm Let’s see Walter, you’re highest point card is your Daddy Chaser card so I’ll take that as well.”

Jamie’s ass started expanding like the others. His hot pants started to creep down the ass, not able to hold the new width.

“Sweet! Big ass, Big Dick, and Big lips. No daddy is say no to this putang,” Jamie said slapping his new ass.”

“What are you getting from Caleb,” Landon asked.

“Good question,” Jamie asked as he looked at his friend. Caleb had his eyes closed shut to not see what was going on. He didn’t need to be tempted. He didn’t want to see his friends debase themselves. He didn’t want to lust doing the same. “Have to stay me. Have to stay me,” he kept whispering to himself as if it were a mantra.

“Hmm,” Jamie said pondering. “He has a lot of low points cards. At least the ones I don’t have. Oooh! Rough Trade looks like fun! I’ll take that. I would love a big guy throwing me around.”

“My Twuwn!” Walter said. “I woll’d a thwee. Sweet I gaut Ambiscious Slaut as well! And now for the cawds! Meggings: You all for the bright form fitting pants [+25 pts].”

Walter remained nude but the rainbow jeans and now turned into stretchy thin fabric. “Friend in Need: Help a brother out and select a card for another player then draw another card.”

All eyes turned to Caleb still saying his mantra. “Like OMG which card should we give him?” Jamie asked.

“We could make him a Himbo like me!” Landon said. “He wouldn’t worry so much then.”

“Oooh! I like that idea,” Jamie said.

“What if we gave him your Envious Claims card,” Walter suggested. “It’s be fun to see what happens.”

“Like shut up!” Jamie said. “Yes! Yes! AND Yes!”

“You’re gettng the Envious Claims cawd Caleb. Now you have to choose which cwrd to ge from each of us,” Walter said.

“Shit you guys are ass holes. Can’t you seem I’m trying to save all of us,” Caleb said feeling frustrated. He just had to choose low ranking cards.

“Become a Himbo!” Landon cried out.

“I’m not becoming dumb,” Caleb said trying to think. What did Landon have that was low in points.

“How about my Big Cock? Big Cocks are fun,” Landon said.

“Big cocks are fun,” Caleb said drooling at the site of Landon’s semi-hard dick. Caleb’s dick was getting hard looking at it. Actually it was getting bigger and bigger. Shit did he choose that card?!

“Looks like you have a big cock too now!” Landon said clapping his hands.

“Shit I didn’t mean to,” Caleb said. He was losing his fight against the lust. He looked at his stiff dick which must have been 9 inches now. It looked ridiculous.

“You need to have a Big Ass too,” Jamie said showing off his ass. “If you had this ass you’d have so much fun with your dildo.”

“Aw gawd I’d love to have an ass like that,” moaned Caleb in a daze. He quickly recognized his mistake and covered his mouth in shock, but again the realization came too late. His ass started inflating to match the other player’s large behinds. “Fuck!” The lust was getting stronger. He was choosing points that were too high. He had to get something with reali low points. Maybe Walter’s Rainbow Ensemble? Then an idea hit him.

“I can’t get points for a card I already have!” he said outloud. “Walter I’m going to copy your Big Ass card. The duplicates shouldn’t count as points.

“Oh poo,” Jamie said.

But then they saw Caleb’s mistake. His ass started inflating again. It was now massive and looked like 2 giggly balloons were now they.

“Oh FUCK,” Caleb said reaching for his ass.

“Dude that is an ass!” Landon said. “You look like the guys on my skin, except you know Latino.” He slapped Caleb’s ass.

“Oh man,” cried Caleb as the sensation he felt from the slap. His prostate was going crazy and was demanding attention. He felt up his own ass and then started fingering himself. “Fuck this ass is huge.”

“Now he looks like he is having fun,” Jamie said. “Finish your turn Walter.”

“Call me Wally,” Wally responded. “It feels better to be called that.”

“I like,” Jamie said.

“Ok last cawd, Giggly Box: You’re flighty, You’re bubbly and you’re constantly reminding people how gleeful you are. [+25 pts].” Wally said as he started giggling.

Caleb was still fingering himself when jamie brought him the dice. “You’re turn hun.”

“But my big ass needs to be played with,” moaned Caleb. “It’s too distracting to think about anything else.”

“Tell you what I’ll invite some friends over to play with your ass, but you need to keep playing the game,” Jamie said. “They’ll know how to take care of your sweet ass.”

“Of fuck yeah,” Caleb said as he grad the dice and threw it. It landed on 4. Wally moved his piece and Landon read the card. “Straight Bait: Straight dudes can’t seem to keep themselves off you [+45pts].”

“Oooh I like that card,” Jamie said. “Now I’ll get some guys from Grindr to come over. Why don’t you go get yourself ready and play with your dildo.

“Yeah,” Caleb said reaching for the red dildo. “My ass is so fine even straight boys are going to want to fuck me. This ass was made to be used.” He soon was lost in a fantasy of cocks filling his now massive and sensitive ass.

Landon then took his turn and rolled a 3. “I got Juicy, Hey Jamie I have your card!” he said.

“Now your big cock is going to pump so much milk into my boy pussy. I can’t wait!” Jamie said.

“Oh and I get another card cause I’m an ambidextrous slut,” Landon said.

“Ambishious slut,” Wally tried to correct.

“I got Voyeur: You’re a regular peeping Tom. You can’t help stroking your dick seeing other men fucking. [+25pts],” Landon said laughing.

Jamie was typing on his phone when he realized it was his turn. “Oh right. Hmm, I’m 5 spaces from the end. Be under 5 and I got a 4! Last turn with cards, so this better be good. Profession: Underwear Model [+55pts]. That sounds like a fun job.”

“My Twurn” Wally said. He took the dice and rolled a 2. “Wet’s see. Piewcings: a stud should aways wear some studs [25pts].”

Six metal loops appeared in Wally’s left ear, each was one of the six colors of the rainbow. A silver stud also appeared on his right eyebrow.

He then drew his next card “Pheromonic Scent: Your natural odor is alluring to the men [+45pts]. That is gowing to be fun!”

“Caleb it’s you’re turn,” Jamie said.

“You said you were going to invite guys over,” whined Caleb.

As if on cue, the apartment’s buzz went off. “That is probably one of them. Now take your turn so they’re ready for you,” Jamie said as he got up to buzz the guy in.

“Alright!” Caleb said plopping out the dildo and took his turn. He rolled a 5 and picked up his card. “Peep Show: You record all your sexual acts so others can enjoy them later [+65pts].”

“Hey guys this is Andrew,” Jamie said bringing a stranger into the room.

“I’m Larry,” Larry said.

“Oh I guess Andrew is still on his way. Oh you’re the one that likes big butts!”

“Yeah and you got a nice big one. I was looking at the sweet pics and glad to see they were accurate,” Larry said grabbing Jamie’s ass. “Are you guys playing some sort of stripping game?” He asked looking at the nude men in the room.

“Something like that,” Jamie said. “I should introduce you to my roommate. More importantly I should introduce you to my roommate’s ass. Caleb stand up so Larry here can see your big ass.”

“Holy fuck!” Larry said in amazement. “That is the El Dorado of asses!”

“You wanna ride?” Caleb asked.

“Hell yeah!”

“Mind if I film us? I have some cameras in my room,” Caleb asked.

“As long as I get a copy,” Larry said as Caleb led him quickly to his room.

Caleb worked quickly to undress Larry. “Oh man I want you in me so badly. My ass has been craving some play time,” he moaned.

“You want this in you?” Larry said.

“I need it in me. This ass was made to be fucked!” Caleb cried out as the two landed on his bed. He had already switched on the 3 cameras that were now in his room. He’d be able to edit things later, but a live show would also be streaming. Caleb was soon moaning loudly as he was being fucked roughly by the stranger.

“Someone is finally enjoying the game,” Jamie said proudly. He had also gotten a text from Andrew that he was here so Jamie pressed the buzzer for him.

“My turn!” Landon said and rolled the dice. He rolled a 1 and picked up his card. “Cum Hungry: You don’t just like to suck you love to swallow! [+90 pts.] Fuck I need some dick now!”

“Hey guys this is Andrew. You are Andrew right?” Jamie asked.

“Um yeah,” Andrew said. He could hear fucking going on in one of the rooms and saw the 3 naked guys. “You guys all look like a good time,” he laughed nervously. He was older and was surprised they had invited him to their party. They were all very attractive and Andrew always felt past his prime and was usually ignored at the bars. Not to say he didn’t get some. Still he might just be an observer tonight, which was fine.

“Ooh can I suck your dick? I’m really hungry right now,” Landon said eying Andrewing crotch.

“Oh! Um sure,” Andrew said letting the guy in the leather chaps eagerly unfasten his pants and went right to work.

“You fowgot to take your othwer cawd,” the Asian man said as he picked up a card from a board game they seemed to be playing. Close Cut: You’e haiw is now within awmy weguwation wength [+25pts]”

Andrew looked in shock as the man sucking his dick started to change. Actually his hair started to change. It became shorter and shorter til it was just a buzz cut.”

“What the hell?” Andrew said in shock.

“Relax daddy,” Jamie said. “It’s just a game. I guess I should take my last turn.” Jamie rolled his dice but it didn’t matter since he was only 1 space away from the end. “Hmm, do I get to draw a card?” He looked up the rules of the game. “Oh poop I don’t, but I do have to say I’m a Hímringyó to…fuck I’m a Hímringyó! I’m a slutty little bottom who loves hanging on the gym and on Grindr. I love showing off my dick and ass to guys in my underwear. I’m a model and a gogo boy so men can leer at me and want to be my daddy and fuck my boypussy!”

“Hímringyó?” Andrew asked losing any source of fear with Landon’s mouth doing an effective job.

“I’m a Hímringyó,” Jamie explained. “The game is turning us into sluts so we can service men like you. We were boring and straight before, but now we’re horny and fun. We look good don’t we daddy?”

“Yeah,” Andrew moaned not believing his eyes. “Of man,” he moaned as he blew his load into Landon’s mouth.

“Have a seat here and I’ll give you a lap dance,” Jamie said as the stereo came on. Andrew was doubting this could be real but he wasn’t going to say no to a lap dance from a sexy young man.

“Porn Fixation: You love watching and more. Go off and start your collection. Bonus Points if you have Exhibition Season. [+100 pts. x3 bonus!)” Wally cried out. He had rolled a 4 and was approaching the end of the board himself. “I get the bounus points cause I have that cawd!”

“Ah man I think you’re out doing me,” Jamie said pulling off Andrew’s shirt as he bounced on his lap.

“FuwlME” Wally then said.

“Is it a bad card?” Landon asked.

“No the card is FuwlME. It is like the SuckU card, but copy by getting fawked.”

“Even better,” Landon said. “I want to fuck you!”

“Oh yeah FUCK ME!” screamed Caleb. From the sound of it Larry wasn’t going to last much longer.

“I want the Juicy cawd,” Wally said. “You haw it, wight Landon?”

“I sure do!” Landon said.

“Then FawkME!” Wally said and he led Landon to the couch.

“You guys are too much,” Andrew moaned as he felt up the smaller man.

“We are, but I think you can handle us daddy. You can handle me anyway you want,” Jamie said leading Andrew’s hands to his thick dick.

Caleb eventually came out of his room. The other boys were distracted with eachother that they didn’t mind the wait. He came out to see a completely nude older man making out with Jamie and Landon and Wally fucking loudly on the couch.

“What happened to Larry,” Jamie asked pressing his body into Andrew.

“He’s taking a nap before he rides me again,” Caleb said. “Is it my turn?”


Caleb rolled the dice. It landed on a 1. “Frat Boy: You’re always up to help a brother [+50pts] [Extra +20pts for every card obtained] Straight Bait, Sleeve, High Times, Preppy, Horny as Fuck. Yeah man! Delta Lambda Phi for life!”

“Oh Fuck!” Landon cried as he pumps a large load of cum into Wally. Wally responded by shooting copious amounts of his own cum on himself. Landon started licking off the cum off Wally savoring the musky taste.

“Bro you need to take your turn,” Caleb said to Landon.

“Right!” Landon said licking up the last of Wally’s cum. Landon’s dice landed on a 5 and he took his first card. “Ticklishous: You’re skin is now super ticklish and men know it [+20pts]. Next is Collared, trumps other roles give. [+60 pts].”

A leather collar appeared around Landon’s neck. Again the went off buzzer went off.

“How many people did you invite over?” Caleb asked.

“Just a couple,” Jamie said.

They welcomed in another guy. He was a bear of a man with a decent gut and a thick black beard. He came in wearing a pair of jeans and a tshirt, but instantly wished he had brought his leather when he eyes Landon. If Landon had a tail he’d be wagging it now. This guy seemed dominant and sexy as hell.

“Are you Bear?” Jamie asked though it was obvious. Bear just grunted and nodded and maintained locked eyes on Landon.

“I came to play and I see a sub without a dom. Come here boy,” Bear said as Landon nearly jumped out of his seat and knelt in front of the burly man.

“How can I serve you Sir?” Landon said meekly.

“You can start by using that mouth of yours to get my dick hard,” Bear said. “You need to get it nice and ready for when I plow that plump ass of yours.”

“Oh Yes Sir! Thank you Sir!” Landon said getting aroused. Although not directly told to he used his teeth to open the pants and went to work.

The buzzer then went again. “I’ll get it,” Caleb said.

“My tuwn,” Wally said. He rolled a two and moved his space.

“Hi there,” Caleb said welcoming the stranger at the door.

“I’m here for some boy pussy,” the man said bluntly.

“I like a guy who is direct. Here why don’t you fuck this big ass right here,” Caleb said. He put himself in the front doorway arching his back out. “It’s nice and ready for you.”

“Aren’t you worried one of your neighbors might see,” said the man in the hallway.

“Maybe they will. Maybe they won’t. But this ass needs fucking and it needs fucking now!” Caleb said.

The man needed no more encouragement and soon pulled out his dick and started fucking the young hispanic man in the hallway.

“I like you boys” Bear said thrusting his hips into Landon’s mouth. “You know how to behave like whores. You ready for me to fuck that ass boy.”

“YES!” Landon said excitedly. “I mean Yes SIR!”

Landon felt excited. He had fucked the other three,but now it was finally his turn to get fucked. He put himself against the wall pushing out his ass. His ass was already wet and ready thanks to the self-lubricating card. Bear’s dick slid right into him and Landon purred as he started to push in and out.

“Oh Fuck Yes!” he screamed. “My ass needs to be fucked so badly! Pump that dick into me!” The Whorish Hollering card made it hard for Landon to stay quiet now. Even with their front door wide open where his friend was being fucked.

Andrew was sucking on Jamie’s dick as he watched everything. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Had these guys really been straight before? He looked over at Wally reading his card and a rainbow jockstrap magically appeared on the skinny asian boy. In fact the ass seemed to bubble out a little bit more now.

“Jockstraps: your junk needs support and your ass needs exposure [+30pts]” read Wally’s first card. Though everyone was too busy for Wally to actually be listened to. The next was “Slap That Ass: Men can’t help themselves when looking at dat ass [+75pts].

“Of fuck bro,” moaned Caleb as he cummed in the hallway. The other dude also cummed in his ass. Caleb reentered the apartment, but the other nameless guy never made it past the front door and headed back home. He had been promised a quicky and left a happy customer.

“You’re turn,” Jamie said stroking Andrew’s hair.

“Sweet,” Caleb said. “Double sweet, I rolled a 1 and land on a Draw 2 space. First card is Hairy: A good amount of hair is good for a man [20pts]. A large amount of dark hairs seemed to grown all over Caleb’s body. Caleb looked in the mirror and liked his furrier body. “Next card is Prince Albert: Not an actual prince, but men will enjoy it anyways [+30pts]. A studded ring appeared on Caleb’s dick. “Fuck dude that is hawt!” Caleb said looking at his own dick.

“Sowwy we’re playing a game,” Wally said handing the panting and groaning Landon the dice. Landon dropping the dice to the floor landing it on a 5. He made it past the end though.

“No more cawds for you Landon,” Wally said. “But you have to say the phwase.”

“Fuck I’m a Hímringyó. I’m a dumb leather sub always looking for a dom. I want to fuck and suck. Life isn’t about thinking it is about fucking. Fuck my himbo but SIR! Fuck my slutty Hímringyó butt!”

Landon cummed a large spray of cum on the wall. “Don’t stop fucking me sir!”

“Wasn’t planning to boy,” Bear grunted. “You sure are loud, but I like that. Particularly when you call yourself a dumb whore. Keep at it.” Landon gleefully followed orders.

Wally rolled a 1 for his turn. “Sweet I get to take cawds one more turn!”

Wally picked up Think Pink [+20pts] and Jammers [+30pts]. His clothing didn’t change but his collection of clothes at home would include new selections of clothing. Everything was now spandex, jammers, and jockstraps in colorful patterns. Usually things were either rainbow or pink.

Caleb went next he rolled a 2 and picked up his next card. “Horny as Fuck! [+100pts]. Of fuck man,” he moaned. “Dude are they any more guys coming over. I need more guys to get laid.”

“No faiw,” Wally chimed in. “You had two and I haven’t got one yet,”

“Dude I’m fucking horny,” whined Caleb. He grabbed his dildo and started to play his his hole.

Wally then rolled the dice which landed on a 4. He moved to the last space. “I’m a Hímringyó,” he said disappointed about not getting more cards. But then he suddenly felt upbeat. “I’m a Hímringyó. I’m a femmy asian twink that loves dwessing up in swuttly gay clothing. I want daddies to fawk my swutty asian ass.”

There was a knock at the apartment door. “I’m getting this one,” Wally said swishing his way to the door.

“Aw man,” Caleb said. “Now I’m the only one playing.”

“Dude you get to gain more cards,” Jamie said.

“Hello” Wally said opening up the door.

“Dude put on some pants,” said the man at the door. The man was not a Grindr hookup but one of the neighbors in their building. “Listen you fags. I don’t care what you do, but can you keep it down? You’re so loud the entire building can hear you,” said the irritated neighbor.

“I’m so sorry,” Wally said. “You’ve been hearing all this fun and not getting play.”

“What!? No!” said the startled neighbor. “What’s that smell?”

“Smell? What smell?” Wally asked confused and sniffed the air. It did smell faintly of a puncent flower.

“It smells like a lilly or…or…I think it’s coming from you,” said the man his eyes starting to look dazed. He brought his face closer to Wally to sniff closer. Wally could also see the guy’s dick was getting hard. His eyes then drew to Wally’s ass. “That ass is so big.” He then slapped the ass.

“Of fuwk,” moaned Wally.

“You like my ass?” Wally asked turning to show it off more.

“It’s so big and beautiful. Why am I getting hard looking at a guy’s ass. I just want to smack it and then fuck it.”

“You can do both,” giggled Wally. “Especially the fucking. Let’s go to the couch sexy.” he said pulling the man inside and removing his clothing. The nameless neighbor offered no resistance.

“Wait why is Wally seducing the straight guys, I thought that was my thing,” Caleb whined.

“He got the alluring smell and ass cards,” Jamie said. His cock was being jerked off by Andrew.

“I’m sure you’ll find other straight guys to seduce,” Andrew said optimistically. “You’re all so sexy, what man could say no to you.”

“I think this guy,” Jamie said. He started making out with the other man who looked like he was in heaven.

“I guess I’ll get more cards,” Caleb said to himself. He rolled a 2 and this would be his last time pulling a card. Just one card. That sucked.

“Power Whore: Draw 3. Now that’s what I’m talking about!” It was like the game was rooting for him. “First card: Peek-a-Boo: You’re pants never seem to totally cover your ass but seems to draw attention [+30pts]. Why would he ever want to cover my bootilious ass? “This is a great idea?”

“Second card: Sleeve: Your Arm is tatted up! [25pts]” Tribal tattoo formations started to form up and down in right arm with a mixture of birds and roses. Nice bro! His Frat Boi card now had 3 cards linking to it (Straight Bait, Horny as Fuck and SLeeve). Is Frat Boi personality was starting to become stronger. Life was made simplier by just focusing on sexy bros and lots of booze.

“Ok next card. Make it good. Copy Cat: Copy the card of another player,” Caleb read.

“Make it good and slutty,” Jamie cheered. “Like what is the highest point card.”

“What if I copy your Envious Claim card. Then I could choose three more cards,” Caleb said.

“Liking this idea. You’re going to super slut yourself up. Go for it babe,” Jamie encouraged.

“Well I definately want Wally’s Pheromones…no wait I have a better idea! I’m going to copy Wally’s FuckME card and Jamie’s SuckU card.”

“Can’t you just get their cards more dictly?” Jamie asked.

“This is way more fun. Trust me bro,” Caleb said. “I’m going to use SuckU to suck wally’s pheromones, and I want Landon to FuckME to make me Juicy.”

“You still didn’t use ENvious Claims on Landon though. You get to copy another card from him,” Jamie pointed out.

“Bartending would be good to get more booze. Now if you ecuse me I need to finish my turn,,” Caleb said. In no time at all he was on all fours with Wally infront of him presenting his hard dick and Landon in back lining up his dick to Caleb’s big ass. Both men were being fucked by their playmates.

Eventually Everyone cummed including Bear and the neighbor. People started going home or needing to take a nap. Andrew though stayed and seemed transfixed on the game the boys were playing.

“Oh right we should finish the game,” Landon said handing the dice to Caleb. Caleb gave one last roll. And the screamed out “I’m a Hímringyó!” Thanks to his friends he had the highest points and won the game! His appreciation of his friends still didn’t stop him from doing a victory dance.

“You get to make a wish now!” Wally said.

Caleb tried thinking, but his motto was ‘always bros and booze.’ Could he wish for that? “I know! I wish I owned a bar where we can work and have sex out in public. I wish curious straight guys would get lured in so we can play with them. I want older dudes to enjoy coming to leer at us and use our bodies. Did I mention there would be a lot of sex there too?”

Reality shifted and the boys glowed for a second, only noticeable to Andrew. Caleb’s wish was granted

“Holy crap you own a bar?” Landon said. “Fuck you’re my boss now aren’t you.”

“Yep you’re one of my best bartenders. Jamie and Wally will be our gogo boys and we’ll need to hire a few more folks but I have a bar.

Everyone, including the guests left the apartment and went to the new bar next door. It hadn’t been before. It simply had the name on the window “The D.” It was a skeezy looking bar, but was exactly what Caleb had hoped for. It was stacked with booze, dark corners to fuck and a stage.

In the weeks that followed the D became notorious for being the dirtiest gay bar in town. True to his wish a few straight guys would dare eachother to go there, only to be lured into sexual acts by Wally or Caleb. The “straight” guys soon kept coming back to the bar soon loved playing with some of the older patrons as well. Older gay men knew to go to the D fo find slutty young men that needed a daddy. Every night was DILF night.

Caleb came into the bar with one of his new workout buddies at the gym. He promised the guy a drink on the house if he came with, but had full intentions of getting in the guys pants. Landon was behind the bar as a customer, but wasn’t serving drinks. A customer had pulled out his big dick and started stroking it. Bear shooed them away and told them to play with Landon when he was on break. Bear had become a bouncer for the bar and made sure Landon stayed in line.

Wally was getting fucked in a sling. He wasn’t much of a dancer but men loved seeing him getting fucked.

Caleb found Jamie on break with a drink in hand. “Man I love our slutty life,” Jamie said. “My boypussy is always getting takers. You nailed the wish Caleb.”

“Thanks,” Caleb said. “Say whatever happened to that game? It wasn’t in my apartment when we got back there.”

“Oh I think Andrew said he’d take it. Something about needing a birthday gift for his nephew,” Jamie said. “Does his nephew need a job?”

“Maybe? That would be fun!” Jamie said. “The world needs more Hímringyó

“Hímringyó!” the boys toasted.

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