Hímringyó 5

By Baralai - Baralai88@gmail.com
published November 27, 2017
15482 words

The game is back with five new contestants to win fabulous prizes (for viewing pleasure)

“Are you ready to “Hímringyó!” screamed the announcer.

A small but sizable cheer came from the audience, all of them male sitting in bleachers at a local park gymnasium.

“We have five contestants who have signed up to play for some fabulous prizes, and also some money donated from our wonderful audience. Our players have been carefully selected to follow the original intent of the game and have all signed releases. We will be taping this game so audience members be sure to sign your releases as well! Filming and flash photography are allowed and greatly encouraged!”

“But without further ado let’s meet our players,” said the announcer. “First we have Kent Stephens. Age 19. A nice young guy who loves video games, anime and aversion towards sports, outdoor activities, and social encounters.” Kent walked out of the side room feeling nervous. He was very introverted so he really didn’t like the attention. He liked it even less that this announcer was bringing that fact up.

“Have a seat Kent,” the announcer said to the awkwardly standing kid. “Next we have Lance Baker. Age 25. He hopes to be a fireman, but is having some difficulty passing the exam right now. His dad is the town’s fire chief.”

Lance walked in a little miffed that they mentioned his failed exams. He had never been good at tests and it was just the stupid written part. He was sure he would pass the physicals. His dad was also grilling him to make an income, and this weird event was offering decent bucks for a one night thing.

Lance took a seat next to Kent.

“Next we have Grant Tate, Age 21, former valedictorian from our local high school, but may have come home early to college due to a lot of partying and lack of studying.”

Grant walked in with his head down. He felt ashamed of returning from college and now they were highlighting his failed college experience and loss of his scholarship. It wasn’t like his folks weren’t giving him enough grief. He guilted himself for not being able to escape this small town of simpletons. But the money from this event might help him get back to school and restart his academic goals.

“Devon Lovett a quiet mousy guy that actively volunteered for our game tonight. Age 26. We’re looking forward to seeing how he does tonight,” said the announcer.

A skinny small guy with messy red hair then came in. Devon, unlike his fellow players, knew what was going to happen. He saw the results of the last game, he jacked off to it many times. He was a closeted gay guy and had fantasies of becoming like those guys. He was excited about what about the happen. He even had a bit of a hardon under his clothes. He was also the only one that looked chiper sitting at the table. The rest of the guys knew that the game was gay in theme, and hosted by “skeezy” older men, but not wary about other important details.

“And our last contestant is Rusty Dennison who may have quite a rap sheet of petty crimes in the neighborhood including breaking and entry, possession of illegal substances and just being a pain in the ass to the local police. Age 23.”

Rusty came out with an expressionless face. He sat down. He came for the money like the others (with the exception of Devon). He was always broke due to his drug problems and no one in town would ever hire him, which lent only theft as a way to get money. But the sizable money offered by this weird event seemed too good to be true. He was sure the fags would want them naked at some point, but he didn’t care much about that. As long as he was paid.

“As you were all told you will all play the boardgame. Whoever has the most points wins and also a special wish of their choosing. To start the game you will all need to put your pieces onto the board and then draw a starting card,” said the announcer.

They all did as they were told.

“What the fuck?” said Grant.

“Wait, do you expect me to dye my hair?” Lance asked looking at his card. His card had said Mermaid Hair: Broaden your option of hair colors, why choose just boring colors [+25pts].

“So sweet,” Devon said trying to hide his excitement. “Mine says Toned and Defined: You keep fit and it shows! [+30pts]!”

“Mine doesn’t make much sense,” Kent said sheepishly. “Am I supposed to do something? It says ‘Self-Depreciating: You’ve been a bad boy or at least that what you tell every one [+25 pts].’”

“Mine said Leg Day,” Rust said looking at is card. “Worth 30 points. Do I have to do squats or something in front of the fags. Doesn’t seem so bad.”

“Hey what are we supposed to do with these cards?” Grant asked. “The rules are too vague. They doesn’t make any sense.”

“What the FUCK!” Lance said looking at Devon. The skinny guy across from him body suddenly started shifting and looked blurry, but muscles started bubbling out showing defined muscles. “That is not fucking normal.”

“Dude your hair,” Rusty said. Looking at Lance’s brown hair it suddenly became cotton candy pink with blonde and blue highlights.

“What about my hair?” Lance said not being able to see his changes.

“The fuck?” Rusty said standing up looking at the swollen muscles his legs formed. Thick calves and quads were clearly seen even in his sweatpants. He felt them and they were solid muscles.

Grant’s clothes also changed, though his body stayed the same. His jeans became tight white pants, that shortened to just below the knees to show off some royal blue knee socks and blue cleats. His t-shirt and a form fitting blue baseball shirt and a blue baseball cap appeared on his head.

“Huh?” Kent said aloud looking at the former scholar. “What was your card?”

“It had said Sports Gear: You look tight in your revealing uniforms [+45pts],” Grant said. “But how the hell did they change my clothes?”

“How the hell did they change my fucking legs,” Rusty said drawing attention to his disproportionate lower half. “I look ridiculous.”

“It is all part of the game gentlemen. You don’t think we were offering up this kind of money for a simple board game,” said the announcer.

“Yeah, I thought this was just a peep show for you old fags like strip poker or something,” Rusty yelled.

“I don’t know if I want to continue,” Kent said.

“You all signed to complete the game. But don’t worry the more you win the more fun it will be,” said the announcer. “And the more money you’ll win.”

“Yeah let’s keep going,” Devon said loving his new body.

“Dude we don’t know what else this game could do to us,” Lance said. “Pink hair is going to make me a laughstock, but I can take a guess that worse things might happen.”

“Yeah, but good things might happen too. Wouldn’t you guys like a body like this? Or maybe something help balance off your body. Our lives are shit right now, so we might as well get the money and some muscles from these guys,” Devon said try to coerce his fellow players in continuing.

“I guess you’re right,” Lance said “I came for the money and I’m not backing out yet.”

“Kent will be the first to roll,” said the announcer. “Let’s see where he lands.”

Kent nodded silently and rolled a 4 and then moved his piece. “Er nothing happened.”

“You now draw a card,” the announcer said.

“Oh right, that was obvious. Why am I such an idiot,“ Kent said flushing. He took his card and read it “Um, Jock Bro: You totally lift dude! [+50] [Extra +20pts for every card obtained] Tribal Tats, Sports Gear, Jockstraps, Adonis Body, Bulging.”

As with Devon, his body began to morph giving him a muscular taller frame of a jock and broader shoulders. His body posture also came off much more confident, but still came off as very shy.

“That felt weird,” Kent said.

“Dude, like wow,” Lance said. “Can I get a card like that? I’d kill for a body like either of yours.”

“You just need to keep playing,” Devon said. “Can we get a mirror so we can see ourselves?”

“Of course,” said the announcer. Some of the audience members brought some standing mirrors into the center of the gym. The mirror was set up towards the audience could see the younger men looking at themselves. Lance looked and cringed at his pink hair, while Devon and Kent marveled at their new bodies.

“Lance is next,” said the announcer. “And he rolled a 3!”

“I think this announcer will easily get on my nerves,” Lance said picking up his card. “I have a big ass worth 75 points apparently.” The crowd cheered as Lace felt his ass begin to inflate.

“Why don’t you let the audience see that big ass of yours,” said the announcer.

“Gawd, this is a big peep show for these guys,” moaned Lance and stood up so the cheering men could see his new butt. His jeans felt tighter now and his ass jutted out so that it was now extremely noticeable. The older men whistled and cat called him. Lance sat back down on the giant pillows.1

“Grant now it is your turn!” the announcer said.

“Great,” Grant said rolling a 2 and pulled his card. “Surfer dude: Surfs up, you’re all about no worries and no tan lines [+50pts] [Extra +20pts for every card obtained] Speedo, Beach Body, Shirtless, Himbo, Dirty Blonde.”

Grant’s baseball uniform suddenly shifted to a tight wetsuit with the royal blue and a aqua colored accents.

“I apparently changed sports? Weird dude,” Grant said.

“I’m up next,” Devon said excitedly. He rolled a 6 and moved his piece as quickly read his card. “Cat Calls: Other men have the urge to verbally sexually objectify you and you love it [+25pts].”

“Hey Devon show off that fine body,” called a guy from the crowd.

“Yeah don’t be shy show off your body,” yelled another guy.

Devon smiled and stood up and showed off his body as he heard men whistling and shouting out Woof. Not use to getting any attention in the bars, Devon was in heaven. This was exactly what he wanted.

“Our crowd is loving this and we haven’t even finished Round 1. Time for Rusty to take up the dice,” said the announcer.

“Fine,” Rusty said rolling a 4. “Impulsive: you’re uninhibited and can’t seem to help yourself from having a good time [+20pts] What is this a fortune cookie?”

“Some cards will become more obvious as the game continues. We have completed Round 1!” cried the announcer.

“Um, okay I guess it’s my turn,” said the shy but now muscular Kent. He sat back down at the table and rolled a 5. “I got Speedo: You’re ready for the pool even when one isn’t around [+45 pts].”

Kent’s clothes melted away to nothing leaving him only in a bright red and revealing speedo.

“Oh man what happened to my clothes,” Kent said flushing. “Everyone can see me.”

The crowd of men cheered and screamed to get a better view of Kent’s new outfit. “Show it off!”

“Kent show our viewers your new look,” stated the announcer.

“Oh god,” Kent said with his face beet red. The muscular guy stood up and awkwardly moved around so the men could leer at him. “This is so embarrassing. This thing doesn’t even hide my junk.”

Kent was usually shy to the point of being quiet, but now he was verbalizing his discomfort and embarrassment which only brought more attention and lust from the men. Of course this only brought on more embarrassment which Kent verbalized creating feedback loop.

“Oh lord, this is fucking stupid,” Lance said grabbing the dice. He rolled a 2 and moved his piece.

“Uh Oh!” said the announcer. “It looks like someone rolled on space number 5!”

The crowd cheered “Wank Off” over and over again.

“Huh?” Lance said. He looked at the space his piece was on which said “You get distracted wanking. Do not pull a card this turn.” “Well at least I don’t need to grab a card,” he said as he pulled out his hardening cock.”

The crowd cheered in jubilation.

“Dude what are you doing!” Rusty said. “Why are you just following what these freaks are telling you to do.”

“I can’t stop myself,” moaned Lance. “I just need to jerk off right now. I just need to.”

“How is any of this happening?” Grant asked. “There is no possible way any of this should be happening.”

“I’m glad you ask,” said the announcer. “The game itself was made by a wizard. The magic of the game is what brings about all the fun changes. But I should point out the wish is real too. Whomever has the highest score gets a wish granted of their choosing.”

“Wait what?” Grant said in amazement. “This is magic.”

“Fuck that, he said we get a wish. Not like a Make a Wish Foundation wish, but a genie wish. This game might actually be worth all the hassle now,” Rusty said.

“I don’t understand any of this. How long is Lance going to keep jerking himself off. It is kind of disturbing,” Grant said.

“He’ll stop at his next turn,” Devon said. “We should probably keep playing so he can stop.” Devon pretended to not be turned on to Lance’s predicament, but he also wanted his next turn to come up.

“Fine fine,” Grant said rolling the dice that landed on a 1. He then took his card which read Tramp Stamp: a fun design to catch guys’ eyes [+20pts]. “So do I have a tattoo over my ass now?”

“Hard to tell while wearing that wet suit,” Devon said.

“I”m not taking it off,” Grant said stoically.

“Don’t you want to see?” Devon asked.

“I’m not wearing anything underneath this,” Grant said looking determined no the undress.

“Fair,” Devon said. “My turn.”

Devon rolled a 1 and drew his card. “A Whole New Wardrobe. Now even your closet it showing you out. [+50 pts].” Now it was Devon’s turn for his clothes to morph. His shorts shrunk to a faux leather hot pants. He also now wore a red t-shirt that had been cut and modified into a revealing muscle tee and was cut short to reveal some defined abs. The shirt look like it had Coke’s brand on it, but instead it said “enjoy Cock”

“Ok that wasn’t so bad,” Devon said trying to hold back his excitement.

“This game is messed up, but as long as there is money and a wish I’ll keep going,” Rusty said. Rolling his dice he got a 6 which landed on a space that said Draw 2. “Shit I have to take 2 cards.”

“More points,” Devon pointed out.

“I guess,” Rusty said. First one is Open Access: You only wear jocks and jock briefs now [+60 pts].”

“Why don’t you have to change into your underwear?” Kent asked. “Why am I the only one so naked?”

“Dude chill, at least you’re not wanking off in front of these sick bastards,” Rusty said. “Second card is Out in Public: Sex in public spaces is so much fun! [+40pts]. Can’t say I can argue with that.”

“That’s it nothing else. No sudden changes with you?” Grant said.

“Whatever, Kent roll your dice,” Rusty said.

“Fine,” Kent said as he rolled a 3. “Yellow Fever.’ You are transformed to an Asian. If you are already Asian ignore and draw another card [40 pts.] What?”

Kent’s features began to change. His hair became black and cheekbones more defined. He still looked like a muscled jock, but he now looked like a young Asian man.

“Ha it turned you into a Jap,” Rusty said.

Kent looked at himself in the mirror. He was speechless. He always enjoyed japanese culture, but he never want to become japanese.

“Fuck!” screamed Lance and he blew his wad. Men cheered as cum splattered onto his shirt. “I can’t believe I fucking did that. Who is that asian guy?”

“Kent was turned Asian a second a’ ago,” Devon said.

“Riiiight,” Lance said skeptically. “Not like anything else with this makes any sense. I guess if he drew another card it is my turn now. Let’s see what I roll,” he said picking up the dice and rolling a 1. “Juicy,” he said readying the card, “you can produce more copious wads than most. [+50 pts]. Okay that’s not too bad. Glad I got it after I blew this last one,” he said looking at his shirt.

“Okay my turn. Let’s see if it changes my clothes again,” Grant said rolling his eyes. He moved 3 spaces and pulled a strange card. “SuckU,” he said.

“Don’t you mean fuck you?” Lance asked.

“No the card says SuckU,” Grant said.

The audience cheered. “An action card!” said the announcer. “You get to copy one of the other players card.”

“I don’t want any of their cards,” moaned Grant.

“Choose or the game chooses for you,” said the announcer.

“Fine I’ll take Devon’s muscle card,” Grant said. He felt a strange wave go over him. His eyes drifted to Devon’s cock and his mouth began to water. He lunged for Devon’s bulge and pulled down the tight hot pants and took the dick into his mouth.”

“What?” Rusty said.

“They card allows him to copy a card by sucking off the player,” Devon said in mid moan. He had seen it in the last game that was recorded.

“I don’t want to wait and watch this fag shit, Devon take you turn,” Rusty said.

“Right,” Devon said in a daze. It was actually the first blow job he had ever received and he was enjoying it. He rolled his dice as Grant continued to suck him. Devon noticed the hadron prominently pushing against the wet suit. Maybe he wasn’t the only gay player or it could have been the game making him enjoy the blowjob. “I move 5 and get a cock ring worth 20pts.”

A cock ring appeared on Devon’s exposed dick as Grant continued to suck the hard dick. “Of fuck,” moaned Devon. He realized it would take Grant longer to make him blow with that on but it also meant he could enjoy his first blow job longer.

“Alright, fuck this, I’m going,” Rusty said. He rolled a 1. “Underwear Any Wear: clothing is so annoying, so much more relaxing to keep it briefs [+40pts]” he said reading the card.

Rusty then noticed the clothes he was wearing felt itchy. It also got uncomfortable hot in the room. “Fuck these clothes are annoying,” he found himself saying and he tore off his shirt. “Fucking pants,” Rust said squirming out of the jeans that were almost glued on due to his now thick legs.

“Woo hoo!” screamed someone in the audience.

“Well at least someone else is as naked as I am,” Kent said.

“Well you’re probably better off,” Lance said. “Rusty here got a giant hole in the back of his.”

“What?” Rust said looking at his back side. He walked over to the mirror to have a better look. “What the fuck is this?” He was wearing very bright yellow briefs that were so thin and tight you could tell he was circumcised. The back of the underwear left his ass hanging out. “What kind of fag wears this shit!”

“I wouldn’t say too much about that while you’re wearing them,” Lance said.

“Yeah if you don’t like them, then you can put your clothes back on. Your clothing didn’t melt away into nothing,” Kent said meekly.

“Whatever you Asian fag. Clothing sucks, I’m not putting them back on, just take your turn,” Rusty said grumpily over the cheering crowd of men.

“Shut up,” whined Kent. He took his turn and rolled. “Let’s see I rolled a 1 and I got Horney as Fuck [+100pts]. I don’t get it.”

“You will!” said the excited announcer.

“Oh fuck,” moaned Kent suddenly feeling the change. His dick started getting hard and tented in the red speedo. “Fuck fuck fuck,” he moaned. “I’m so horny!”

Kent started to jerk himself off through the speedo. “Oh fuck,” he moaned. “I shouldn’t jerk off in front of all these men. I’m just so fucking horny. I can’t control myself.”

Men in the audience cheered him on.

“Oh man, everyone is watching me,” Kent moaned. “Everyone can see my dick through my tiny speedo. Everyone seeing me act like a pervert. This is too much.”

“Why is he narrating?” Lance asked.

“I think it was the self-deprecating card,” Devon suggested. Grant was still sucking him off. The cockring was not helping Devon make a quick release of cum.

“Of fuck I’m going to cum,” Kent yelled as visible white fluid leaked out of his speedo.

“Better now?” Lance said.

“Still fucky horny,” Kent moaned. His dick was still semi-hard and he couldn’t help but massage his junk.

“Okay,” Lance said averting his eyes. “I guess I’ll go. Hope Grant finishes before his next turn.”

“Of fuck he is close,” Devon said. “Oh yeah!” He slipped fingers to release the cockring and soon felt release.

Devon’s face revealed that he was orgasming, but no cum escaped from Grant’s lips and he kept sucking. As he swallowed his body began to grow and muscles started filling out the wet suit.

“Of fuck,” Grant panted. “I can’t believe I did that. But I can’t deny that these muscles look great. Is it my turn?”

“Still my turn,” Lance said rolling the die. He moved 2 spaces and pulled “Oral Fixation,” he said as the crowd cheered. Lance finished saying what was on the card, “Careful with your teeth because you are now always hungry [+80 pt]”

Lance then noticed his throat suddenly felt parched. He scooped up some of the jizz from his shirt instinctually. Surprisingly his own cum tasted great. He wanted more. He knew it was the card, but he couldn’t help himself. He looked over at Kent whose face was still flushed with arousal. He didn’t want to debase himself in front of all these strangers, but there was still this new need. “Fuck it,” Lance said before kneeling in front of Kent. “You’re horny dude. How bout I blow you,” he said. “Just dudes helping each other out.”

Soon Lance was working on sucking off the muscled asian guy. “Oh fuck!” moaned Kent.

Grant just ignored what was happening and rolled. “Shit I rolled a 4. I’ll land on the Draw 2 space. The first one is Versatile: You swing both ways. This card trumps Top or Bottom. [+50 pts.] Okay not too bad. And the second is, Giggly Box: You’re flighty, You’re bubbly and you’re constantly reminding people how gleeful you are. [+25 pts]. What? This is ridiculous,” he said starting to laugh. “None of this makes any sense,” he said continuing to laugh with a bigger smiled. “This defies physics and basic psychology,” he giggled.

“Okay my turn,” Devon said as Grant continued to laugh.

“You look excited about this,” Rusty observed.

“I’m not,” Devon lied. “I just want to keep moving forward. Let’s see I rolled a 2 and got Toy Collector: You are now the proud owner of a collection of dildos. [+75 pts.].”

“We encourage Devon to go grab his backpack in the locker room. I’m sure he’ll find he has brought some fun items to try,” said the announcer.

“Of sure,” Devon said quickly walking to the locker room. He opened up his locker that they gave him and found that his clothes inside of it had changed as well. He knew all of this clothes were going to slutty and revealing when he got home too. Two big thick dildos were also inside. In truth Devon already owned a dildo that he used off and on but when he eventually get home he would find that he owned a sizable collection of phallic items. Devon grabbed both dildos and some lube and came out of the locker room.

“Dude you’re not going to use those on yourself in front of those fags are you?” Rusty said.

“Can’t help it the card is making me do it,” Devon lied. Or at least he thought he was lying. He couldn’t tell. He would have never have done this before, but this is what he wanted. This is what he signed up for.

“Stick that dildo in!” screamed a viewer.

“Yeah that dildo needs to be put to work!”

Devon smiled as he lowered his shorts and pushed a dildo inside of him. There was a mat on the ground that he decided to lay on as he thrusted the dildo in and out of his hole.

“Yeah that is where your toy needs to go!”

“Use the other one!”

“Get yourself nice and stretched out for everyone.”

Devon took the second dildo and started sucking it. His dick was ram hard hearing all the men cheering and cat calling him on.

“Okay this is too much. I’m going,” Rusty said feeling frustrated. He tried ignoring that his dick was semi-aroused by what he was seeing. He rolled a 2 and read his card “Feminine Flaunt: Emasculation brings about new sensations [+55pts]. God I hate this game. What the fuck does that mean?”

“And that concludes Round 4!” said the announcer. “Let’s look at the scores!”

“Asian hottie Kent has 260 points and the lead!”

Ken smiled as he laid on the ground panting as Lance sucked him off. The crowd cheered and Ken’s face flushed more from all the attention. A new competitive part of him was proud that he was winning.

“Rose haired Lance has 230 points! Our silly surfer Grant is now at 220 points.”

Grant giggled at the absurdity of the game. It was too ridiculous.

“Hunky Devon is at the lowest with 200 points, but he’s making up for it with vigor.”

Devon continued to bounce on his dildo with gusto as men continued to cheer him on.

“And lastly lusty Rusty 245 points. Now we should point out that the more points the boys get the hornier they will become.”

“What!” Rusty said.

“I mean it makes sense. We’ve been getting more out of control the longer we play,” Grant said with a big smile.

“Oh gawd,” moaned Kent at he shot a load of cum into Lance’s mouth. “Fuck man.”

Lance licked his lips savoring the musky favor of his new friend. “Who’s up?” he asked savor if the taste on his toungue and feeling weirdly proud for getting Kent to cum just using his mouth.

“Kent,” Grant said.

“Good, it means I have time to suck Devon’s hard dick over there,” Lance said.

Grant laughed at Lance’s open vulgarity.

“Dude aren’t you worried about this?” Rusty asked.

“I can’t seem to get upset,” Grant said. “Everything seems hilarious now. Must be the Giggle Box card.”

“Ok, still horny, but I should be able to take my turn,” Kent said panting. He rolled and the dice landed on 2. He picked up his card. “Bleached Blondie: the artificial hair color is now your natural shade. [+20 pts.].” Kent’s dark hair suddenly shimmered to show his new dye job.

“Lance it is your turn now,” Kent said as he massaged his dick which was still on the horny side.

“Ok,” Lance said panting removing his mouth from Devon’s dick. “I think I have better control now too. Maybe the worse of it is during the turn we get the card?”

“Possibly,” Kent said. Though he felt way too horny.

“Okay I should roll. I got a 3 and let’s see what this card says. Himbo: You’re vacuous and frivolous and have no clue what that means [85pts],” Lance said. “Huh? Weird. That only thing that makes sense of that card is that I don’t know what it means. Well back to sucking Devon’s dick!”

“Wait I thought you said you had better control,” Rusty said.

“Right,” Lance said.

“So you can control yourself better?” said Rusty.

“Yep!” replied Lance.

“So you don’t need to suck his dick,” rationalized Rusty.

“But his dick is hard, so I should suck it,” Lance said.

“But why?”

“Huh? I thought I said, his dick is hard. I like sucking dicks so I should suck it,” Lance said as he happily walked over to Devon.

“Just forget him,” Grant said.

“Aren’t you going to take your turn?” Rusty said.

“I did. I moved two spaces and drew a card,” Grant said. “But it was a repeat of that SuckU card, so I think I already did it, so I can pass.”

“What? Doesn’t that mean you have to do it again?” Kent said.

“No, the game already made me suck you off. I shouldn’t have to do it again,” Grant said.

“Why isn’t the announcer guy clarifying?” Kent asked.

“Cause it always more fun when the game chooses,” the announcer said slyly.

“Wait! No! you mean I have to do it again?” Grant said looking nervous.

“Better choose quickly,” the announcer said. He was not seen but the voice made him sound like he had an evil smile on.

“Oh fuck shit,” Grant said.

“You need to suck a dick?” Lance said removing his lips from Devon’s cock. “I’m using Devon’s so you can suck mine. I’m not using it.”

Lance pulled out his cock. Grant felt the familiar pull and found himself lowering himself onto the wrestling mat and started sucking off Lance. It was only when he started sucking did he realize that he never stated which card he wanted. He hadn’t necessarily wanted to choose Lance but felt the compulsion to suck his dick anyway. Which cards did Lance have? Did he want the pink hair? What were his other ones? It was getting harder to think under pressure. I truth it was harder to think since he got the surfer card. He liked sucking dick but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to keep end up sucking cock. Shit he wasn’t sure what he wanted.

Devon then moaned loudly as he blew his load into Lance’s mouth. “Fuck!” Devon screamed.

“Yummy!” cried Lance licking the cum that had splattered down his his face. “I’m dumb and full of cum now!”

The crowd cheered as Lance gave a dumb smile to the audience.

“The Himbo card has made Lance into a lovable dolt. And as Grant never stated which card he wanted, so the game will automatically give him Lance’s highest point card. That means we’ll be having another Himbo cumming our way!” Explained the announcer to the encouraging crowd.

What? No! Grant thought to himself. He didn’t want that card. He didn’t want to be dumb. He had always prided himself on his intelligence and being smarter than his classmates. Couldn’t he get the big ass or the urge for blow jobs. He’d even take the silly hair. But he couldn’t take his lips off Lance’s dick to protest.

“Himbo! Himbo!” cried to crowd.

“Himbo! Himbo,” repeated Lance with a big smile.

No he didn’t want to be a himbo. He didn’t want any of this. Why couldn’t he stop himself.

“Oh man my himbo juices are going to blow,” Lance said with a wide smile. “Open wide!”

Large amount of cum shot out of Lance’s dick. Too much for Grant to consume as cum leaked out of his mouth, still wrapped around the dick. He felt the hot liquid go down his throat and dribbled down his chin.

Lance’s dick came out of his mouth and dropped a dollop of cum on the floor.

“I didn’t drink all my himbo juices,” Grant giggled. A noticeable change in his posture and attitude. He brought his face to the ground and licked up the fallen cum.

“We have our new Himbo!” the announcer yelled.

“Himbo!” Grant and Lance cheered with the crowd.

“Grant will also get bonus points for his Surfer card,” explained the announcer.

Devon still had his toy in his ass. He was so turned on by watching what had occurred that he forgot it was his turn. He always loved watching the games, but being in the game was so much better. He was also loving Grant and Lance’s new personalities, as both seemed to greatly enjoying themselves now.

“Alright my turn,” Devon said. “Alright I rolled a 5. Let’s see what card I get. FuckU: Copy another player’s card by fucking their ass. Wait is this the same as the SuckU card?”

Devon had not seen this card before on any of the games he watched.

“Fuck me!” Grant said giggling. “Become a himbo like us!”

“Tempting,” Devon said honestly. But he had a list of things he had wanted from this game and now was his chance to get them. “I could use a nice big ass for all the toys I have now. I’m going to fuck Lance to get his ass.”

“Fuck my ass to get my ass,” laughed Lanced as he rolled back onto the mat and lifted his legs up into the air.

Devon grabbed the lubed he had used for the dildos and coated his dick with it. “Alright here we go,” Devon said smiling at Lance who wore a dumb smiled. Devon was virgin before this and now he was indulging is all the desired gay sex he ever wanted.

“Fuck him!” screamed a guy from the crowd.

Devon felt awkward and didn’t fully know what to do next, but then felt his body go almost on autopilot. He kept forgetting the game was controlling a lot of things. Soon he was plowing Lance’s willing hole.

“Oh fuck! My ass feels great,” Lance said rolling his eyes back. “I didn’t know it would feel so good.”

“Our himbo has learned that his previous card has made is posterior much more sensitive to stimulation,” the announcer said wryly.

“Huh?” Lance said with a dazed expression.

“You’re big butt likes to be fucked,” the announcer replied.

“Yeah!” Lance said. “My big butt likes to be fucked. Feels so good to have cocks up my butt.”

Devon knew he wasn’t going to last long, (he wished he kept the cockring on) he soon blew his wad into the tight ass. He then felt his own ass begin to expand. “Fuck look at that ass,” said Devon check himself out. He pulled out of Lance.

“Aw, but I want to keep fucking,” Lance complained.

“Why don’t you try that dildo over there,” Devon said with a smile. “I’ll let you borrow it so I can take a break.”

“Okay,” Lance said as he picked up the dildo laying next to him.

“You three are having way too much fun with this,” Rusty said. “Okay my turn. I better get some muscles this time. Rusty rolled a 5 and pulled his card. “Another big ass card? Really?”

Rusty’s ass started to expand. The hole in his jock briefs tried to keep up. Thankfully his underwear was extremely elastic.

“Now you have a big butt like me and Devon,” Lance said pushing the toy into the topic of conversation. “Which means you’ll like have dick up your butt too!”

“I’m not putting a dick in my pussy!” Rusty said and then quickly flushed and covered his mouth in surprise. “I mean I’m not putting a cock in my boy hole. What the fuck?” Rusty felt a weird surge flow through his body. “Why can’t I call my call my cunt right?” The surge occurred again.

“Rusty’s feminine flaunt card makes him enjoying demasculating himself. But it looks like Rusty has some fight in him,” said the announcer.

“I’m not going to let you guys turn me into some sissy slut. I’m a real whore, Fuck,” moaned Rusty. He had meant to say real man, but it was getting harder and harder not to fall into deriding himself. Strange pleasurable urges came every time he slipped leading him to want to intentionally slip.

“Keep fighting Rusty!” said the announcer. “None of us believe in you, but we love seeing the struggle. Now for the next round!”

Kent rolled the dice. “He rolled a 6,” announced the announcer.

Kent looked at his card. “Playing with Toys: Practice makes perfect. Make sure to use your dildo everyday! [+75 pts].” he said bashfully.

The audience cheered as Kent got up and ran to the locker room the grab his own dildo in his locker. He knew it would be there, despite not actually bringing it. When he came out he saw a stool has been put out by someone.

“Why don’t you ride that toy where everyone can see you,” said the announcer.

Kent went up still feeling abashed. He slid his speedo down and soon inserted the dildo into his willing hole.

“Oh fuck,” moaned Kent. “Can’t stop myself. I’m so fucking horny and need to play with my dildo. I have to use it everyday.”

The crowd screamed and hollered for Kent.

“Everyone can see my fucking myself. Everyone can see what a horny pervert I am,” moaned Kent. “Everyone knows I use my dildo daily.”

“Go Kent!” Screamed Lance still playing with a dildo himself. “Dildos are fun!”

“Why don’t you go Lance,” Devon said. “It’s your turn.”

“Okay!” Lance jumped up leaving the dildo wedged in between his inflated ass cheeks. “I rolled a 4!”

“That’s a 3,” corrected Devon.

“I rolled a 3!” Lance said. “My card says I’m a Bodybuilder: your body is now like a brick wall [+45pts].”

Lance’s body began to balloon up to large proportions. He was the only one still wearing his original clothing, but his clothing didn’t shift with his body, so it ripped open with multiple tears. It was like the hulk breaking out of his clothes.

“Wow I’m huge,” Lance said poking at his pecs.

“Wow there is something in my butt now,” responded Grant.

Everyone looked over at the himbo with a confused expression. “It appears as though Grant has also taken his turn,” said the announcer. “Based on evidence of the board he has moved 1 space and has the Butt Plug card worth 20 points.”

“The Butt Plug feels good when I squeeze it,” giggled Grant.

“Okay then it’s my turn,” Devon said rolling the dice. “Yes! I got a 1 so I land on the Draw 3 space. First card is Daddy Chaser: you’re always on a look out for a new daddy [+90pts].”

“Woohoo!” screamed a guy in the audience.

“You a need a good daddy to take care of that sweet ass!”

“I know how to treat a boy right. Come over here boy!”

“Oh gawd, oh gawd, OH GAWD!” Devon said excitedly. “Do I have to wait for the game to finish to play with some of these guys or can I play now?” he asked the announcer.

“You can bring on down anyone you like, but it is probably best to finish your turn,” said the announcer.

“Oh right,” said the distracted Devon. “I get two more cards. “Alright next one is Rough Trade: you like it rough and tough. [+50]. I’m going to need a rough daddy in a second. Okay last card Overseer? Huh?”

“A newer card not seen before,” said the announcer.

“It says Pull Out # of cards per players. Player chooses a card for each player including self. Oh that is pretty sweet!” Devon said. He pulled five cards. “Okay so Spandex, Exhibition Season, Hairy, Bottom, and Big Cock.”

“You are not turning me into a bottom,” Rusty said.

“Fine fine,” Devon said you can have Hairy Hunk: a good body of fur [+30pts]. Rusty had a dusting of hair on his body, but soon his body became much more furrier which accentuated his natural physique.

“Lance you need some new clothes so you’re getting some Spandex. Spandex Spartan: clothes should be revealing, stretchy and easy to access. [+50pts].” A tight fitting white spandex pants formed onto Lance’s legs. His shirt completely vanished but he now sported some white spandex arm guards. Everything still showed off his perfectly sculpted body.

“Since Grant has Versatile, I’ll give Bottom to Kent. It’s work 95pts!” Devon said as Kent started to put more vigor into his dildo playing. Kent also seemed much more excited in filling his hole.

“Aw man I have such a horny bottom now. I’m going to have to play with my dildo way more than once a day,” moaned Kent.

“Grant especially since your versatile, you get the Big Cock worth 50 points. You better pay be back for this later,” Devon said winking at Grant as the bulge in his wetsuit grew to noticeable proportions.

“And I’m taking Exhibition Season: You’ll love showing off all your stuff to your all friends [+50 pt]. Now I want some fun.” Devon threw off his shorts entirely. He still had his red shirt on but he marched over to a silver haired man in the front row. “I need a daddy to fuck my hole. You want to ride this ass?”

“Hell yeah,” said the man pulling out his dick.

“I’ve already used my dildo to stretch and lube, so I’m nice and ready for you papi,” Devon said straddling the man in his seat and aligning the dick to his ass.

Devon couldn’t believe his luck. He was getting everything he wanted. He had always been shy and self-conscious about his body. He wanted to be confident. He wanted to be sexy. He wanted men to lust after him. He wanted to be uninhibited enough to do all the things he wanted to do. Exhibition, Big Ass, Muscles. They were all on his list. The Cat Calls and Daddy Chasers were even bonus ones that he was enjoying very much.

“Rusty’s turn,” the announcer said.

Rusty just groaned. He was fighting urges left and right. He wanted to play with the new ass or call it degrading things, but he worked hard on concentrating to avoid giving in. The other guys had all seemed to given themselves over to the twisted game.

“Oh fuck me,” Rusty said as he saw he rolled a 2. He was now in the same space as Devon which meant he would draw 3 cards.

“I’ll fuck you!” Grant said. “I have a new big cock I should use.”

“That’s not what I meant dumbass,” Rusty said.

“Please let me fuck you. It’ll be fun!”

“NO! Let me concentrate,” Rusty said. He wanted to say yes, but we wasn’t going to give in. “First card Living Libido Loca: Your sex drive is now on overdrive. [+100 pts!!!].”

“Fuck!” yelled Rusty. His body felt a wave of lust hit him. His put his arms on the board game table to keep himself up. It was getting harder to think straight. “Fuck me!”

“Okay!” Grant said stripping out of his wetsuit. The audience cheered for the increased nudity and pointed out the tribal tramp stamp above Grant’s ass.

“No Grant I didn’t mean…of fuck,” moaned Rusty as he saw the big dick Grant now possessed.

“You don’t want me to fuck your ass?” Grant said looking confused.

“No I…I want you to fuck my pussy,” he yelled. “Fuck my boy pussy with your big cock.”

Grant smiled and soon followed Rusty’s request. “By boy pussy do you mean this?” Grant said pointing his big dick at Rusty’s hole.

“NO!…I mean Yes fuck my pussy,’ Rusty whimpered. The lust was too much for him. His dick was strained in his jockbriefs but is pussy was screaming for attention. The more he called it a pussy the more turned on he seemed become.

Grant said OK before he inserted his dick and started humping.

“Oh fuck!” cried Rusty. “My pussy feels so much better filled with you big cock. I need that big fat dick in me so badly.”

“See you’re much happier with a dick in you,” giggled Grant. “You were so grumpy without dick. Dicks are so much fun.”

“Dicks feel so good. My boy pussy needs dicks so badly,” moaned Rusty. “I feel like a bitch in heat. Of fuck, don’t stop keep fucking me, I’m so close!” Rusty cried out as jizz started dripping from his briefs. “Don’t stop fucking me. My pussy is made for fucking.”

“I think you need to pick your next card Rusty,” the announcer said jovially.

“Okay,” panted Rusty as Grant continued fucking him. “Next card reads…OH MAN… Straight Bait…Oh yeah fuck me you big boy…Straight dudes can’t seem to keep themselves off you…AAuughh!…[+45pts].”

Rusty’s voice was becoming more high pitched and feminine the longer he was fucked. His self control was now depleted and the cards were winning out. The hairy boy arched his back and started thrusting back into Grant moaning loudly.

“I’ll have what she is having,” shouted one of the audience members as Rusty continued to moan in heat.

“One more card Rusty. You can do it!” cheered the announcer.

“Oh my gawd. You’re like making me see stars. Keep fucking me like a bitch,” moaned Rusty as he pulled the next card.

“Combat Boot: Some nice leather boots ready for all sorts of situations [+20pts],” he said as black leather boots appeared on his bare feet.

“Kent is up next!” cried the announcer.

Kent got off of the stool and left his dildo stay there. He pulled up his speedos but they were drenched in cum now. He rolled a 2 and moved his piece.

“FuckME,” Kent said.

“Is it bad?” Lance asked.

“No that is what the card says. FuckME: Copy another player’s card by having them fuck your ass,” Kent read.

“Oh sweet dude, like the card Devon had,” Lance said.

“Right, but I’m not sure what I want,” Kent said contemplating.

“You know what is the best! A big butt that loves getting fucked!” Lance said with a dopey grin. He wiggled his butt which still had the dildo lodged in it.

“Fuck that is what I want,” Kent said. “Fuck me so I can copy you ass.”

“Ok!” Lance said. Before he did Kent had Lance pick up the dice so he could at least throw it for his turn. But Lance wasted no time fucking Kent. Kent totally discarded his speedo as he moaned and groaned from the fucking.

“As all the players are busy I’ll take a look at the board,” the announcer stated. “It looks like Lance rolled a 2 and I’ll pick up the next card for him. His card reads Self-Lubricating: Your ass is now greased up for all sorts of fun! [+30pts]. Lance can’t use it now, but I’m sure it will come in handy for him in the near future.”

“Grant is up next!” said the announcer.

“Yay!” Grant said as he pulled out of Rusty. Rusty didn’t want to admit it but he needed a break. He was still horny as hell but his body was shaking from the amount of pleasure he had experienced. “I rolled a number and get a card,” Grant said more interested in his next card than his placement on the board. He rolled a 5 and the announcer moved his piece.

“Handsy Hunk: It is impolite to keep your hands to yourself! [30 pts.],” he read. He giggled, “Don’t want to be impolite.” He then reached over and started stroking Rusty’s hard cock through the wet briefs.

“Next we need Devon to come back from the audience,” stated the announcer.

“Party pooper,” Devon said with a smile. He was still riding the cock of the one daddy, but some other men came over to offer up their dicks for his mouth and hands. “Let’s play again latter daddy,” he said to the silver haired grinning man as he gave him a deep kiss. He then hopped back to the table excited to see what came next. He rolled a 1. He hoped he kept rolling low so he could keep getting more cards. “I got GIfting: You give a card copy, you receive a card copy from that player. Oh man who do I choose?”

“Fuck ME!” Kent yelled as he felt himself cum again and Lance shot a load within him as well. Kent’s ass started inflating around Lance’s cock. “Oh fuck, my ass feel even better now. Now I really want someone to fuck me.” The muscled Asian panted while he admired his new fuckable ass.

Devon smiled, “Hey Kent why don’t you become a Daddy Chaser like me. There are so many hot guys here that need a boy to serve them. I’m sure a lot of them will love to fuck that ass.”

“Oh fuck yeah!” Kent said looking lustily at the men leering at him. So many men to fuck him.

“Can I choose which card I get from him?” Devon asked.

“Kent decides what card you get to copy,” said the announcer. “So Kent what will it be?”

“Daddies want to fuck their boys. So he should be a Bottom like me,” Kent said.

The crowd agreed and cheered on the decision. Both boys now approached the crowd, bringing men onto the wrestling mat to fuck them.

Rusty turn was up and it was obvious the fight was now out of him. He moaned gathering higher pitch has Grant jerked him off to orgasm. In a rather dazed state Rusty rolled his dice for a 6 and pulled his card. “It says I’m a Bottom. But of course I’m a Bottom. Bitches and pussies are for fucking. Speaking of which, my slut hole needs some attention. Rusty hopped onto Grant’s lap. “Your big dick needs to pump some babies into mamma,” he moaned as the large dick reentered him.

“As is normal in this game, Big Asses and Bottom tend to rule the game. Let’s see what Round 8 has in store!” cried the announcer. “Kent you’re up!”

“One second,” moaned Kent. “Keep fucking me daddy. I’m going to cum with you inside me. Make everyone see what a slutty bottom boy I am. You’re make me feel soo…Arrgh!” cum shot out of Kent’s dick. The daddy fucking him pulled out and started stroking himself and soon shoot his load onto Kent’s panting body.

“Coming now,” Kent said not bothering to wipe the cum off him.

“Okay I roll and I got a 1 and my card is Sleeve: Your arm is tatted up! [25pts]”

Ink started to form and expand in Kent’s left arm. A kaleidoscope of colors started to take shape showing intricate designs of a green dragon, a red koi, blue waves. If you looked closely you could even find phallic looking flowers and interlocking male symbols within the colorful design.

“Wow, think how much this would have cost to get this,” Kent said staring at his new arm. “This is totally sweet bro!”

“My turn,” Lance said drawing his card after rolling a 2. “Close Cut: You’re hair is now within army regulations length [+25pts].” While the card mentioned army regulation Lance’s hair remained colorful but much shorted and buzzed and the sides.

Rusty was still riding Grant as his turn came up. Grant reached around the bouncing moan to roll his dice. Grant then rolled his 3 and pull his card. “Beach Body: Fit and tanned and ready for the beach. [+50 pts]”

“Dude!” Grant said as he saw his muscles become more pronounced with 6 pack abs and a noticeable tan. “Fuck I don’t even have a tan line.”

“You look so manly and strong,” moaned Rusty. “I love it when big strong men like you fuck my boy cunt.”

“Devon it’s your turn” Kent said to his new friend. An older man with a sizable gut was fucking him roughly and the ground. Devon’s knees were pushed back to his head and had little choice but to let the man keep going. Though his choice would be to let the man keep going.

“Come on shoot your load in my daddy,” Devon said. “Cum inside me.” Apparently it didn’t take much to bring the guy over since he followed Devon’s request and a grunt. Devon walked to the board and rolled a 3 and pulled a Juicy card. “Sweet! I can’t wait to blow a load to see how much cum I make.”

Rusty then rolled his dice getting a 4. His space said Draw 2, but he was only 1 space from the end.

“Rusty is close to the end, but has landed on Draw 2. Let’s hope their good ones!” said the announcer.

“First card reads Twinktastic: You’re now a skinny creme filled treat. [+50] [Extra pts +20pts for every card obtained] Sissy Boy, Bleach Blondie, Think Pink, Bottom, Clean Shaven. Fuck I have none of those cards,” pouted Rusty. His body began to shrink and his frame was far skinnier now. His face also looked much more youthful and less haggard from drug addiction. He was still in his combat boots and cum soaked underwear so he didn’t have to adjust any clothes. “Oh wait I have the Bottom card, sweet extra points for me!”

“I’m so glad I didn’t get muscled,” Rusty said smiling at himself in the mirror. “I like being hairy, but I like it when manlier men fuck my pussy. Especially straight macho guys. Any real men here that want to fuck this boy pussy?” he asked to the audience who had many enthusiastic volunteers.

“Okay last card. Bukkake! You loved being cummed on. The more the better [+45 pts] Oooh now that sounds like fun!” Rusty said. Looking over at the crowd he called out, “Who wants to cum on me! I think we need a circle jerk.”

Rusty pranced over to the cheering audience who were stroking their dicks for him.

“And that finished Round 8!” said the announcer. “Rusty finished his last turn with a score of 725. Very Impressive! He has the lead but can he keep it? Next up with Kent who has blossomed to a fine slut 640 followed by Daddy’s favorite Devon with 610. Grant and Lance are behind with 495 and 465 respectively, but can they catch up? Let’s see!”

“I’m up,” Kent said as he rolled a 2. “Let’s see Role Call:Each Player with a Role gets one of their bonus cards, Current Player’s Choice. If current player doesn’t have a role he pulls another card. What does it mean by Role?”

“Roles are card that gain points from other cards. Kent has Jock, Grant Surfer, and Rusty Twink,” explained the announcer.

“Oh right I forgot about those cards. Oh let’s look at my options. Trial tats suck compared to my sleeve. Adonis body looks awesome those. I’ll go with that. Grant what are your options?”

“I have Beachbody and Himbo already. I’m just missing Shirtless, Dirty Blonde and Speedo,” said Grant.

“I love speedos but I hate the idea of you wearing a shirt, so we’ll make you shirtless,” said Kent. “And what are the twink ones?”

“Make it the Think Pink one! Or the sissy one,” said Rusty from the audience crowd. I don’t want to be clean shaven, I like being hairy.” He was busy sucking off a guy to help get him off and jerking off another guy to completion.

“Okay let’s make it the Think Pink one. I’m not sure what that is,” Kent said.

“The following cards are award!” called the announcer. “Adonis Body. You have a perfectly muscled body [40pt], Shirtless: Why even wear this? [+30pt], and Think Pink: pink is now in all the clothes you wear [+20 pts].”

Rusty’s wet briefs changed color to a bright fuchsia and Kent’s muscles became more pronounced and curvacious. He kept a tight thin waist and had strong back muscles now. While nude now, Grant would find himself never really wanting to wear a shirt again.

“Next up is Lance!”

“I rolled a…um…a what number is that?” Lance asked.

“That’s a 1,” Kent told him.

“Right a 1, and my card says. Armpit Amore: Nothing is like the smell and taste of a man’s pit [+25 pts]. Nice!” He then started to sniff his own pits.

“Grant! You’re up!”

“Um, I like got Envious Claims Dude,” Grant said sounding more like a surfer. He had moved 5 spaces as well.

The group cheer. “You get to copy a card from eat of the player now. Choose wisely!”

“Fuck I don’t know what to choose,” Grant said looking confused. “My head is too foggy to remember what everyone had.”

“You like sucking dick like me. Copy Oral Fixation,” Lance said. “Himbos love sucking dick!”

“Yeah!” Grant agreed.

“I want to see that beach body of yours with a sleeve. You’d be hot with tats bro,” Kent said.

“Yeah Yeah!” Grant said as black ink started to make formations onto his arm. The patterns forms a sunset by the beach with surf boards picked in the sand and men in various places holding hands, kissing and staring intently.

“I think you should be an Exhibitionist like me,” Devon said with a smile.

“Yeah clothes suck!” Grant said, though it has been quite some time since he wore any. “What should I get from you Rusty? Rusty?”

Rusty was still in the middle of a circle jerk. He was too busy trying to pay attention show was cumming next so he could turn and face them and try and catch some of the cum.

Devon chirped in, “Rusty has an Out in Public card. It’ll make you want to have sex in public spaces.”

“Oh yeah! That sounds like fun!” Grant said. “You’re the best Devon!”

“I’m happy to oblige. I also won’t mind if you fuck me silly on a beach with that fat cock of yours,” Devon said. “Oh it’s my turn. I rolled a 1. I rolled a 1!”

“What’s the big deal?” Kent asked.

“I land on Ambitious Slut! I get +1 card for the rest of the game!” Devon said almost dancing. “Okay first card is Profession: Rent Boy [+75pts]. I think I know where to get a couple of customers. And the second card is Horny as Fuck! [+100pts]. I think it is time to play with the daddies!” Devon felt his lust grow. A small part of him was scared of losing so much control, but mostly he knew this is what he wanted. He wanted to crush that small part of him that doubted and gave into lust willingly. He also now had many men willing to take care of his endless needs.

Rusty eventually came forth as the crowd started paying Devon more attention with his needy cries for dick. He was soaked in cum and his hair was caked with it. He looked like he was on a dazed high walking back to the table.

He rolled a 5 and landed on the last space.

“Aw too bad. Rusty will not be able to take more cards,” said the announcer.

“What? Why not?” Rusty whined.

“At the last space the player doesn’t take a card and simply says he is a Hímringyó to complete his game.”

“Ugh, fine, and I was just getting into the game,” complained Rusty. “I’m a Hímringyó.” Rusty’s eyes went from annoyed to enlightened. “I’m a Hímringyó! OMG guys a Hímringyó is a slut! I’m a slut now! The game made me into a femme twink who loves hanging out in revealing underwear and gets straight boys and manly men to fuck my cunt. This is fucking awesome!”

He turned to the audience. “I’m a Hímringyó!” he cheered and the audience cheered with him. “Who wants to fuck my Hímringyó butt?” There were soon many volunteers for the request and Rusty was lost into the crowd.

“One down and four to go! On to the next round!”

“Alright Bros let’s do this!” Kent said rolling his dice landing on a 1. “I got a SuckU card! Spread you legs Lance, I’m going to suck up your Juicy card.”

“Okay,” Lance said as Kent disappeared under the table. “Oh man your mouth feels good. Okay it’s my turn. I rolled a 1 and I…oh wow I landed on a Draw 3. Okay first card is “Clean Shaven: you are smooth from neck to toe. [+20pts]. Okay that will show off my muscles more. The next one says Steal: Take a card from another player. “Shoot I don’t know what card to get. You know I want to be a Bottom like Devon. I want to be a big dumb himbo who like it up the butt!.”

“Hey wait don’t steal my card!” Devon complained.

“Yeah himbo like it up the butt. My butt is getting so moist just thinking of dick in me,” Lance said bouncing on his ass.

“That is your self-lubricating card,” Devon said.

“Yeah dicks in my butt, Dick in my butt!” Lance started saying in a sing song voice. He blew a large load of cum into Kent’s mouth by getting more aroused of the thoughts of penetration.

Kent appeared from beneath the table licking up some of the cum that had splattered all over him. He looked quite pleased with himself.

“One more card Lance,” said the announcer.

“Then I can get dicks in butt!” Lance said pulling his last card. “Revealing Ensemble: You clothes never cover up that much [+25pts]. That’s fun but I’m not putting back on any clothes. I want to stay naked so those guys can fuck my himbo butt!”

Lance got up from the table and walked to some enthusiastic audience members. His ass was wet with excitement. Everytime he was horny now, his ass would wet itself in preperation of being fucked.

“My turn!” Grant said. He rolled 4 and landed on the Draw 2. “Sweet Dude! Let’s see I get a Tongue Piercing: You know what they say about a guy with one of these [+35pts].” He stuck out his tongue for people to see a blue tickler now there. “And the other card is Selfiephile: When you feel sexy, everyone needs to know it [60pts]. Sweet.” He found his phone now on the table and took a picture of his new piercing and then posted the picture with caption ‘Need some help to try this baby out!’

“We’ll be sure to follow you Grant. Make sure to share a lot of dick pics,” said the Announcer. “Devon you’re up.”

Devon was still sad to lose his Bottom card but he had time to get it back. He knew the game prefered to give that card out often. “Okay I rolled a 4. The first card is Lush Hair: You hair is not sensuous and always in place [+20pts].” Devon’s red hair became longer and wavy. It looked perfectly styled, like he was ready for a photo shoot. “I guess this is nice,” Devon said listening to the cat calls from the audience.

“Okay next card is Jockstraps: your junk needs support and your ass needs exposure [+30pts]. Oh man I’d loved to be fucked with nothing but a jockstrap on. Actually why don’t I grab one from my pack and do that now.”

“My turn! Let’s do this!” Kent said. He rolled the dice landing on a 2. “Bulging: Your pants are always showing off a nice thick cock that can be seen even when soft [+35pts]” Ken dick grew longer, but noticeably more was how thick it got. It was currently soft and hung low off of him. “That is going to look awesome in my speedos!”

Lance was busy getting plowed on the bleachers to even notice it was his turn. “I got him!” Grant said taking the dice over to his panting friend. He took a selfie of himself infront of the panting body builder clearly getting fucked. “Helping a friend in need,” he posted with the photo

“Thanks man,” Lance panted. “It’s so hard to think when I have dick in me. Can you pull me card too.” He rolled the dice on the ground. It landed on a 3. Kent moved the piece and pulled the card.

“You got a Big Cock [+50pts],” said Kent. “Shame you’re a bottom now.”

Lance’s exposed dick started to grow even bigger and flopped around as he continued to get fucked. “Yeah I’m Big all over. “Big Butt, Big Body and Big Cock,” panted Lance.

Grant then rolled his dice looking forward to his turn. “I got a 2. I now have some Perky Pecs: You now have some big sensitive manboobs [+30 pts],” he said as his chest started to inflate to larger proportions. “Oog, my man boobs feel so good!” he said gropping his new pecs.

Kent brought the dice to Devon who was currently pressed against a wall being fucked by an audience member. “Here take the dice,” Kent said to the dreamy eyes Devon.

“Yeah going to become even sluttier,” Devon moaned dropping the dice to the ground. He moaned as a large amount of cum dripped from his new green jockstrap.

Kent reported that he rolled a 1 which meant that he landed on the Draw 2 space so he would be picking up 3 cards. He wasn’t sure if Devon heard him since he kept crying for the man to fuck him harder.

“Okay his first card is Peek-a-Boo: You’re pants never seem to totally cover your ass but seems to draw attention [+30pts]. Guess we won’t see any changes until he puts on clothes.”

“If he puts on clothes,” laughed Grant.

“Oh he’ll be happy about this one!” Kent said looking at the next card. Power Bottom [+105pts!!!].”

“Oh fuck yes! This is what I live for!” Devon screamed as a new audience member entered him. “Fuck my whore ass! Make me feel good daddy!”

“I think he’s happy. Last one is Bondage, you enjoy being restrained. For the rest of the turn you will be bound to a cross.[+40 pts.]”

A black leather clad cross appeared in front of Devon, almost like it was growing out of the wall. His arms reached out to the top ends of the cross and were soon bound by restraints that suddenly appeared and connected to the cross.

“Of fuck this is intense,” yelled Devon and more jizz squirted out of his jockstrap. A line of men were now forming behind him to take turns with his willing ass.

Kent then started the next round by rolling a 1. “Draw 2!” he said. “Prince Albert: Not an actual prince, but men will enjoy it anyways [+30pts].”

A ring appeared on Kent’s thick cock. “This is going to stand out in the speedo,” Kent said. “Okay the next card is a FuckME card. Oh sweet I get one of those again! Shoot I don’t know what card I want.”

“Become a twink!” screamed an audience member.

“Ehibitionist!” screamed another.

“Make your ass even bigger!”

“Come on twink!”

“Suckie Suckie, go for Oral!”

“Oh man there are so many good option,” Kent said. “I don’t know what to choose. You dudes have any suggestions?”

“Himbo!” Lance raising his massive arms into the air.

“Yeah you should become a dumb Himbo like us!” Grant said. “Why think when you can fuck.”

Men starting calling out for the Himbo card. “Himbo! Himbo!” A few held out for twink but they were being drowned out by the call for Himbo.

“Oh man,” Kent said feeling his heart racing. Did he really want to do it? He’d be making himself dumber. But the cheering crowd was making him really consider it. Maybe he wanted to please his daddies. Maybe it was his new jock-like personality taking over and responding to the cheers. Maybe even the self-deprecating card wanting to be dumb. Should he?

“Himbo! Bimbo!” Grant chanted giggling in a sing-song chant.

“Come on it’s so much better not having to think!” Lance said.

Kent took a deep breath, “Okay I want to become a himbo. Grant I want your big cock to to fuck me.”

The crowd gave a deafening cheer. Kent brought himself over to the wrestling mat now sticky with cum and got on all fours. He arched his ass up into the air as the crowd continued their jovial cheering.

“Himbo Bimbo, going to make a Himbo,” chanted Grant moving behind the muscled asian man.

“Fuck his brains out!” screamed a man in the audience which got the men to cheer louder.

Kent was starting to question his decision. Did he really want to become dumber? Even if he wanted to change his mind, he knew there was no going back.

He felt Grant press against his hole and slip inside of him. “Oh fuck man,” moaned Kent. The pleasureable wave of lust began overcoming his doubts. “Dick feels so good in me. Oh man I can’t believe I chose to be stupid.”

“It’s going to be great!” Grant said. “Himbos like sex, and dicks and having fun. Why think about anything else? Sex is so much better when you don’t care about anything else.”

“Only care about sex,” moaned Kent.

“And Dicks!” Lance added.

“Of fuck, I’m going to be a dumb asian who is only going to think about dicks and pleasing daddies,” groaned Kent. His large cock flopped around beneath him and was flinging pre-cum about.

“I’m about to lose my load,” said Grant excitedly. “Ready to be a Himbo.”

“YES!” moaned Kent. “Fill me with you himbo juices. No more anxiety. No more being shy. Just dicks and daddies and my hungry slut hole!”

Grant grunted with a wide smile and cum came spilling out of Kent’s ass and his pierced cock. A large puddle of white fluid was beneath Kent. A big dopey smile and excited eyes were on his face now.

“Yummy more cum!” Kent said as he started licking up the fresh liquid off the mat. “Himbos need to be dumb and full of cum!”

“Yeah!” Grant said as he followed suit and plopped his thick dick out of Kent and started licking up the cum with his fellow himbo.

“I want to eat cum too!” Lance said excitedly.

“It’s your turn!” Rusty yelled from the audience member’s lap he was bouncing on. He had been trying all sorts of different cocks inside his slutty pussy.

“Aww this sucks,” Lance said looking at the two other happy cum licking himbos.

“Alright I roll the dice. Move the thingy 3 space. And pull a card. FuckU:Copy another player’s card by fucking their ass. Wait I’m a bottom, I don’t fuck asses,” Lance said confused.

“This turn you will. And you’ll get a copy of someone’s card,” said the announcer.

“Oh! You should fuck me!” Kent said. “I’m so horny right now and my slutty himbo hole wants more dick.”

“But you just got fucked,” Lance said laughing.

“So horny!” whined Kent with a big smile. He got back on all fours and started thrusting his large butt into the air. “I need cocks in my hole so badly. Fuck my horny himbo hole!”

“Horny Himbo,” giggle Grant.

“Horny Himbo!” Lance yelled and he pounced on Kent’s ass. “Going to fuck your horny himbo hole!”

Grant started sucking on Kent’s dick hoping to get more of his himbo juices. He did have to be careful with his tongue peircing and Kent’s dick piercing.

“Fuck!” Yelled Kent. “Fuck my himbo hole!”

“Horny Himbo. Horny Himbo,” chanted Lance.

“Without any critical thinking, it looks like Lance chose the Horny as Fuck card from Kent,” the announcer said smiling at the three man orgy.

“Yeah I want to be a Honry Himbo!” Lance said as he started to fuck Kent’s ass with more vigor. He then felt his dick explode into Kent’s ass, but his dick didn’t get soft. If anything he felt hornier than before so he kept fucking.

A geyser cum shot into Grant’s mouth as Kent got off again. “Yummy cum!” Grant cheered.

“Grant it is your turn,” said the announcer realizing the boys were becoming more distractible now. “I rolled a 4!”

“Oh it looks like you reached the end of the board,” said the announcer. “No new cards for Grant. Now Grant say ‘I’m a Hímringyó’ to complete your turn.”

“I’m a Hímringyó!” Grant giggled. His face then look more laxed suddenly and he started stroking his big cock. “Yeah I’m a big dumb Hímringyó,” he panted. “I love hanging out in the beach and sucking cock. Life is about sun, fun and getting dick!”

The audience cheered as Grant’s new personality cemented.

“You know I still haven’t been fucked,” Grant said pulling out a large butt plug from his ass. “Who wants to pop my cherry!”

Many men volunteered and he was more than happy to accommodate them all.

“Grant leaves with 865 points beating Rusty’s 765, but Kent has 900 points, so neither of our completed Hímringyós are getting the wish. But we still have 3 players left and Devon’s turn is now up!”

Some of the audience members took of the restraints from Devon and removed him from the cross. A dazed drugged out look was in his eyes, but he had the biggest smile on his face. Devon felt exhausted, but he still wanted more. He rolled the dice and rolled a 2. He still wasn’t out.

Devon pulled his first card. “Porn Star: You’re going to be famous and not for your acting [+95pts]. I’ve never seen this card before!” Devon said. “I mean I never seen any of these cards before, but this seems…er newer.”

The audience chuckled. “No need to hide Devon. You’re the first fan to play the game, but the game chose you to play! We’re happy to see a inhibited gay boy reach his full slutty potential. I don’t think you’re competitors much care anymore anyways.”

His dreams were coming true! He pulled his next card and looked at it. He looked surprised at the card. He hadn’t seen it before either. He saw the announcer smile at him and then moved the game on. It was like he knew what the card was. “Time for Kent to come down and play.”

“Yay!” Kent said. He jumped up from the mat with Lance’s dick loudly plopping out of him. “I rolled a 1! Rainbow Ensemble: Your clothing is all rainbows and literally shout gay [+20pts]. I guess I should buy some rainbow speedos.”

“My turn!” said Lance. “I rolled a 5! My card is Fist First: It’s amazing what can fit up your ass! [+30pts]. Oooh fisting sounds like fun!”

“Devon! You’re up”

Devon looked up from his last card still trying to process what it said. He rolled his dice giving him. He shook himself and then rolled his dice.

“It looks like Devon rolled a 5 which bring him to the end. Sorry to see it end, but he has turned into such a fine slut. What do you say Devon.”

“I’m a Hímringyó,” he whispered to himself. “Oh my god I did it! I’m a Hímringyó now! This has been by dream for so long! I’m a sexy bottom daddy’s boy. I’m a prostitute and a porn star and everything about me says gay and slutty. No more wishing I was a slut, I’m a Hímringyó now!”

The audience cheered for Devon and started chanting his name over and over again.

“We’re proud of you Devon! But let’s finish this game up! Kent your turn!”

Kent rolled. “I rolled a 2! I get Profession: Masseuse: Happy endings included [+55pts]. I have a job now?”

“You’re sure do. Don’t worry it is a simple job where you’ll touch lots of men,” explained the announcer.

“Yay! I like touching men. Particularly their dicks!” Kent said with a smile.

Lance rolled his dice clapping his hands as he did it. “I rolled a 4!”

“And Lance has reached the end!” said the announcer. “What do you say Lance?”

“I’m a Hímringyó! I’m a Hímringyó!” Lance said smiling jumping up and down. He stopped jumping and then stared into space for a minute. “I’m a himbo that likes dicks to suck and go in my butt! I love being a big muscled horny himbo!”

“Kent is the only player left. So Kent you are up again. And it looks like you rolled a 6. That also brings you to the end. Say the phrase Kent.”

I’m a Himbo! I mean I’m a Hímringyó!” Kent cried out. I’m a big slutty asian Hímringyó who made himself dumb and full of cum. I like it when daddies fuck my ass and make me cum!”

“And we have our game!” the announcer said as the audience cheered! “In last place we have Rusty with 795 points. Then it is Lance with 810! Bronze goes to Grant with 865. Second place is Kent with 975 and our winner is the lovable and fuckable Devon with a grand total of 1110 points!”

“Holy crap I won,” Devon said with his head spinning. “I get to make the wish!”

“Yay!” Luke said.

“Go Devon! I’m too stupid to make a good wish anyhow,” Kent said cheering.

“Make a wish Devon,” the announcer said.

“Um…gosh I didn’t think I’d win. I was so worried I’d be kicked out for not being straight,” Devon said. He thought about why he signed up for the game. He wanted to let his inner slut out but was too shy, too inhibited and cared too much what others thought of him. He didn’t want that for other potential sluts.

“Okay I want all men who see us to lose all their inhibitions. They won’t doubt themselves. No second guesses. No inhibitions. No being shy. I want men to give into their wildest fantasies when seeing us and inspire them to become sluttier themselves. Men who sleep with us will change so they can keep up with us. They’ll become our doms and daddies and will want to do nasty things to us and not care who can see or who knows. Anywhere we go will be a slut fest like tonight! I want there to be more Hímringyós in the world!!”

Men in the audience cheer!

“Truly a wish in the spirit of the game,” said the announcer. “Bring out more Hímringyós to the world. We thank our sponsors for putting out money to lure our sluts out. The boys will leave much richer than they came in. Keep checking our site to find out where the next Hímringyó will be. It could be in a town near you! Til then I’m sure we’ll still have hours of more footage of our sponsors and contestants celebrating their new changes. Go night everyone. Time to fuck a Hímringyó.”

Everyone including the five boys cheered

Epilog Devon returned home feeling energized. The sun was rising when he got in the back door getting into his kitchen. He didn’t know if he could get any sleep now. He was still too excited.

He still couldn’t wait see what his room looked like and what new stuff appeared. He knew his clothes would be sluttier and a good portion of dildos would be around, but there might be some other surprises.

He was still only wearing a pair of shoes, a backpack with his items, and a jockstrap. The daddy that drove him home had him use a dildo on himself on the drive over. The daddy also requested he moan all the way home like a whore. Devon had to apologize for cumming and making a mess of his backseat, but the man seemed in a forgiving mood with his appology blow job.

His phone in the backpack buzzed. Rusty had notified him that on his walk home he ran into 2 straight guys. Rusty had walked home only in his boots and pink jockbriefs so he was pretty conspicuous. The two guys decided they wanted to debase the queer by “forcing” him to give them blow jobs. Soon the guys were taking turns fucking his boy pussy. Both guys left with Rusty’s number in case they needed a good pussy to fuck.

Grant had also posted pics of the three himbos nude at the beach at sunrise. It was followed by pics of Lance giving a morning jogger a blowjob and another man fucking Kent. Grant soon had pics of him fucking another guy that looked like a former classmates of Devon’s.

He smiled to himself pleased with how things turned out.

“What the fucking hell are you coming in at this time!” boomed a loud voice. “And what the hell are you wearing!”

“Er…Colin,” Devon said looking at his older brother who in his bathrobe. “What are you doing in my kitchen?”

Colin was actually Devon’s landlord and gave him a decent rent rate on the garden unit of his two flat but was always bugging him that he was the only sibling not married and settled down. He had always been bugging Devon to grow up and finally become a man and sleep with a woman. Devon suspected Colin knew he was gay and that was why he (and their father) always nagged him to find a girl.

“Don’t fuck with me!” his brother said. “Dad has been trying to reach you all night. I told him I’d check in with you. I went in to check in on you and your room is full of fag shit now. And now I see you come home being dropped off by an old queer. Don’t tell me you’re a queer”

Devon felt an old part of himself feel fear and upset for disappointing his brother, his father, his entire family but it was soon quieted and quickly vanished. “No Colin I’m not a queer. I’m a slut,” Devon said with a growing smiled. No one was going to slut shame him, and that included his brother.

“You’re a what?” Colin said taken aback.

“I’m a slut,” Devon said with more confidence. “I also whoring myself out for money and have people film me getting fucked by other men. I also slept with at least 30 guys tonight, some of them older than dad.”

“How dare you!” Devon’s brother roared. “How dare you slut yourself out and not take care of my needs!” Colin was shocked by what came out of his mouth but Devon didn’t seem surprised at all.

Devon smiled. “What does big brother need?” He dropped his backpack on the table and sauntered over to his big bro.

“Don’t be coy you brat. Get on your knees now!” Colin said his voice shaking as the surprised turned to anticipation.

Devon did as he was told with a wide smile and his tongue hanging out. His last card Incest: the ultimate taboo [+100pts] was playing itself out. He wasn’t sure how this would work out with his conservative authoritarian family but as soon as Devon got the card he had a whole new set of daddy issues. He opened up his brother’s robe and soon found a big hardon waiting for him.

Oh my gawd! I have my brother’s dick in my mouth! Devon thought excitedly. His hole was also craving some attention as well. Devon started fingering his hole so to let his brother know where he wanted it next.

“Slept with 30 men last night and you still need more. You really are a whore,” Colin said. “You need your big bro’s big cock don’t you?

“Yes!” groaned Devon letting the dick slip from his mouth.

“Get on the kitchen table so I can fuck you,” his big bro commanded.

Devon did as was he was told and kept his legs wide in the air.

“Yeah thats right boy. Spread you legs like the whore you are,” his brother said. “You want this badly don’t you bro.”

“Yeah bro. Fuck me with your dick. Fill me up with your fat cock!” Devon moaned.

“If my bro is going to be a whore he better be the best fucking whore in town,” said Colin as he started thrusting into his brother. “Every guy will know you have the best mouth and the most fuckable ass.”

“Who has the better pussy: me or your wife?” Devon asked with a sly grin.

“You pussy is so much better,” Colin grunted. “Julie can’t compare. Ah man I love fucking your pussy.” Colin started getting louder and losing his inhibitions.

“Ah man I love have me brother’s cock in me!” Devon screamed out wanted to encourage his brother to get louder. “Colin your cock is the best I’ve had all night. Fuck me harder!”

“That’s right boy. You better not forget about your family responsibilities,” Colin grunted. “You like whoring for money. Why don’t you whore yourself to me for the rent. An ass this good needs to be fucked nightly.”

“Oh yeah,” Devon smiled to himself just the concept that his straight upright brother was fucking him was driving his mad with lust. He would have been sickened by the idea before but now it was a powerful turn on. “Are you worried Julie might hear us? What will your wife say if she finds you fucking your gay whore of a brother?”

“I don’t fucking care,” Colin said, “besides she is asleep.”

“Then let’s wake her up,” Devon said. He moved them into the room under Colin and Julie’s bedroom which conveniently had a sling now set up in it.

“You build this under my bed wishing it was me fucking you?” Colin teased and helped put his brother into the sling with restraints and the two continued their fucking. As Devon wanted they got louder and louder calling out each others name and crying out how good the other was making them feel. Julie stomped on the floor above but brighter of them let up.

“Oh Colin you bad boy. So naughty fucking your own brother,” screamed Devon making sure Julie and probably some of the neighbors heard. He cummed in his jockstrap again spilling it in the floor.

“Oh looks who’s the nasty one. Cumming with your brothers cock in you. Can’t get Julie pregnant maybe I should pump my seed into you!” yelled Colin “Oh fuck I’m doing it. I’m blowing my load into my little brother! It’s so wrong but feels so good!”

Colin panted and smiled at his baby brother. Devon was pretty sure Julie wouldn’t be in the picture much longer which was good cause he wanted his brother’s cock to himself. No he wanted his brothers’ cocks.

His brothers had always been the apple of his father’s eye. A picture of good protestant boys who married nice girls and had good jobs. Devon had always felt like the failed child of the family, especially since he was gay. He had previously cringed at the idea of seeing his successful brothers but now he couldn’t wait to see his other two brothers. He couldn’t wait to make them depraved sluts like him. He wondered what would happen when he met up with his father. He was eager to find out.

Devon realized because of his wish he was going to make his father and brothers into lustful sluts craving to fuck him. He not only changed himself but eventually he would change his entire family.

He now knew that when Rusty slept with straight guys they would be pining for more boypussy and would soon lose their straight identity. The himbos would romp around with men and turn them into sluttier versions of themselves. Even the dirty old men who fucked them this evening would become even more slutty.

“Oh fuck,” moaned Devon thinking about the repercussions of his wish. He creamed his jockstrap again as his brither continued to pound away.

He loved being a Hímringyó!

Andrew cleaned up the gym from after the game. There wasn’t much to do, but he had been distracted from texts from his nephew. Cleaning up was never too hard. He always left the cum and lube to be found by the cleaning crew the next day but he had to packed up the mirrors and table and most importantly the game.

The host was lusting at the pic of a dildo impaling a curvaceous as bubble butt calling out his name…well calling out for Uncle Andrew. Hector always loved making sure every knew he was his nephew. Hector’s Tumblr page was filled with posts all the things they did and filled Hector’s dirty desires. Men always have Hector helpful suggestions on what he should do next with his uncle.

Andrew licked his lips at Hector’s latest video when he looked up and saw something that made him almost drop his phone. A loud gasp came out of his lips. He looked at the table surrounded by 5 folding chairs. The game Hímringyó was there. It had been put neatly back even though no one touched it after the game. This was normal. But what shocked Andrew was that there was a board game in front of each chair. Then he remembered a line in the boy’s wish. ‘I want there to be more Hímringyós in the world.’

And now there were. Andrew knew he’d keep one, but what to do with the rest of the four? There needed to be more Hímringyós in the world.

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