Hímringyó 2

By Baralai - baralai88@gmail.com
published June 30, 2016
8220 words

3 friends play the game

Author’s Note: So people request this a lot. I tried something different and actually came up with various cards both from the previous round and new ones. So the dice roll and card selection was randomized. If you have ideas for cards feel free to email me or post it in the comments.


“Dude, I can’t believe you used money to buy they game. It looks like it’s about to fall apart and beyond that looks as simple as candyland,” Ron said.

“Hey it is probably a collector’s item. You know that retail artifacts show where people buy something cheap and then it ends up being billions of dollars. This could be my billions of dollars,” Trevor said defending his recent eBay purchase.

“The show is Antiques Roadshow,” interrupted Dex (short for Dexter, but he never wanted anyone to call him that). “And no one make billions of dollars on that show. It’s usually a couple thousand.”

“Still I could make a profit,” Trevor said.

Trevor, Ron and Dex were recent college grads with not much going on. They all had entry level positions at a faceless corporation’s distribution center. Trevor’s dad had pulled some strings for them to land the jobs. Trevor had not amounted to much and just keeping him unseen and employed had been his parents’ goal so not to tarnish their own careers.

None of the boys had been very athletic and had a few extra pounds on them. While they were not attractive, they were not repulsive. But due to poor social skills, they never dated girls very much.

The three lived together is a decent but cheap apartment.

“And now you want to depreciate the value by playing it before you try to hawk it off to someone else for “billions?” Dex asked as he looked at the gameboard set up on the table. The three sat in chairs surrounding the game.

“Hey you have to have your stories. And if the game is worth a lot and I sell it we want to say we at least played it once,” Trevor said.

“Dude this game seems lame,” Ron said.

“Jesus, just play it. I spent a lot of money on this, so we might as well get one use from it,” Trevor said.

“You’re just mad you got ripped off on your ebay purchase,” laughed Dex.

“Fine, I’ll play this stupid game cause I feel sorry for your stupid ass,” Ron said.

“So eloquent,” Dex said while still chuckling. “Okay so we each start off with a card to start with. Ron you take the first card.”

“Fine,” Ron said almost pouting. He pulled his card and then passed one to Trevor then Dex.

Ron and Dex looked at their cards with a confused look on their face. “Dude is this a scavenger hunt of something? Mine say ‘Jock Bro: You totally lift dude! [+50] [Extra +20pts for every card obtained] Tribal Tats, Sports Gear, Jockstraps, Adonis Body, Bulging.’”

“Mine is literally gay,” Ron said. “Twinktastic: You’re now a skinny creme filled treat. [+50] [Extra pts +20pts for every card obtained] Sissy Boy, Bleach Blondie, Think Pink, Bottom, Clean Shaven.’ Dude you bought a fag game.”

“I did not,” Trevor said with a flushed faced. He was trying to deny the obvious. He avoided eye contact with the accusing Ron while taking off his shirt.

“Dude, why are you taking off your shirt?” Dex asked looking curious at the usually bashful and body conscious Trevor.

“Huh?” Trevor said looking confused. “Oh my card told me to. I got ‘Shirtless: Why even wear this? [+30pt].”

“Man you hate showing off skin. We can never get you to go to the beach or a pool and now a game just told you to go shirtless and you do?” Dex said confused.

“I don’t know it just suddenly felt weird to wear a shirt so I figured why not,” Trevor said with a shrug.

“Guys my body feels weird,” Ron said.

“Yeah mine too,” Dex said.

Trevor watched in shock as the bodies of his friends morphed. It was like watching a fun house mirror twist an image, but the image was the reality itself.

Ron’s body compressed in on itself and his body fat seemed to vanish to a skinny frame of a body. His facial features also changed making him look younger than what he was. His clothes were now comically too large for him. Dex’s body also compressed but his muscles began to show and he seemed to become a little taller.

“What the fuck happened to me,” Ron said looking at his skinnier body. “I know I wanted to lose weight, but this is ridiculous.”

“You look fine bro,” Dex said. “But look I got muscles now. The girls are so going to dig this!”

“Wait wait wait!” Trevor said flailing his arms. “How the fuck did a game cause this?”

“I don’t know dude, you bought the game. Did it come from some weird store that wasn’t there when you went back to it?” Dex asked.

“It came from the internet,” Trevor said. “So maybe?”

“I’m reading the rules which has a back story,” Ron said. “The game was made by a wizard in dark times. The town was without Hímringyós. The wizard required more Hímringyós and thus he created the game. The game would find its way to young men who society would not miss and helped increase the number of Hímringyó in the world by granting the players the abilities needed to be a Hímringyó. Those who started the game would be cursed to finish it once they started it. With each round of the game they would become better Hímringyós losing reservations as the game moves forward. The more points they earn, they would prove themselves to be better Hímringyó. Those who prove themselves the best Hímringyó would be granted a special wish. When a player reaches the end they will scream ‘”I’m a Hímringyó” and not take any more cards. The game is completed once all players reach the end and become Hímringyó. The winner with the most points will be blessed with a single wish.”

“Dude there is a wish at the end?” Dex said. “We could get an actual wish like a genie?”

“It says we’re cursed!” Trevor said.

“Technically it says we’re cursed to play the game. But dude this game can change reality. We can get a fucking sweet wish from this. And we can keep playing to get more wishes.”

“Yeah, we’ve been trying to lose the baby fat for years and a game just did it for us!” Ron said. “I might not be toned, but I’m not missing those extra pounds. If we keep playing you might get something to improve your physique too.”

Trevor looked doubtful. “I feel like we’re missing something. This is dangerous guys.”

“Whine whine,” Dex said rolling his eyes. “Bro let’s just play. What is the worst that could happen. This game just got like 10 times more interesting. Ron we said you were going first.”

“Sure where is the dice,” he said shifting through the box. He pulled it out and threw it and moved his piece 2 space. “Top Man: This card is negated to Versatile and Bottom. [+50 pts]. Huh I forgot this game was weirdly gay.”

“Any changes?” Dex asked not seeing anything.

“Not really,” Ron said looking over his body. “Trevor take your turn.”

“I still have a bad feeling about this,’ Trevor said hesitantly picking up the dice. He rolled a 4 and read his card “Pouty lips: you now rich thick lips. Great for kissing and sucking. [+20 pts.] Why do I keep getting the weird ones?”

“Dude your lips!” Dex said pointing. Trevor went to a mirror and saw that his lips had swollen. They felt strange but not bad.

“This is weird,” Trevor said.

“But see you can live with that. Nothing bad has happened. Just think of the wish dude,” Dex said. He then rolled his dice with it landing on a 1.

“Wild Chaos: You can copy the effects of any card. Sweet.”

“But you don’t know what most of the cards are,” Ron said. How can you make that work?”

“I know what works well with my first card. And Adonis Body sounds like a good one to have. Plus I’ll get 20 extra points for linking them. Holy shit dude! The card’s text changed Adonis Body. You have a perfectly muscled body. [+40pts].”

Again the weird distorted features the the visual concept of Dex was blurred. His muscles, which had not been seen before, began to bulge out to perfect proportions.

Dex looked himself over in the mirror. “This is so SWEET! I’m loving this game!”

“Says the guy winning and getting the best cards,” Ron said. Well I’m going for my turn.” He rolled a 2 and picked up his card. “Bonus Bargains: Pick up the number of cards as there are players plus one more. Current player chooses 1 and then passes the rest for other players to choose [in player order] and current player receives the last one That seems sweet.”

Ron picked up four cards. “Okay I don’t know what some of these cards mean. This one I want. Skin Tight: Your clothes cling to your body now [+30pts].” Ron’s flannel shirt which had looked like a baggy balloon on his skinnier frame started to shrink and until it looked like it had been tailored for his specific body. The jeans also shrunk to a tight pair of skinny jeans. Before it looked like he was in desperate need of a belt, but now it looked like he could easily tear the clothing if he bent over.

Trevor then looked at his. “I don’t like any of these. I’ll choose this one Accessory: Leather Get Up: Animal hide is now showing off your hide [+45 pt].” Trevor’s outfit then morphed as well. His jeans stayed but in place over them were a pair of leather chaps. A leather harness also appeared on his chest. Lastly a leather armband appeared on his right bicep. “Wow this actually kind of fun to wear,” he thought to himself.

“Well I could be a stripper or I can get the thing that boosts my first card. I’m choosing Tribal Tats [+40pts]. Guess you’re a stripper now Ron,” Dex said handing the last card over to his friend. The coloring of Dex’s arms shifted and black blobs appeared like a stain until they formed intricate designs on both of Dex’s muscled up arms. “This ink looks great on these muscles.

“So I’m a stripper now,” Ron laughed. “This game is ridiculous. This card says Profession: You’re a Dancer, a stripper that enjoys showing off the stuff. [+40 pts].”

“Man I keep expecting more changes to happen but they aren’t,” Trevor said. “I guess I should be weirded out that it is changing how we look.”

“I’m sure if we were actually gay then the weird stuff would have more effect on us. It can only change our appearance, not us.”

“Makes sense,” Trevor said. “There is usually limitation to magic in most stuff. Oh wait it is my turn.” Trevor moved his piece two places and read his card: “You are now Bottom, this card trumps Top. [+95 pts!!] Well I’m glad I’m not gay or else I’d want dick up my ass.“ he said while laughing.

“I’d be the one that would want to fuck your ass. I got Top, remember,” Ron said.

“What you and your skinny ass,” Trevor laughed. The more he thought about it though he wouldn’t mind the idea of Ron topping him. He gave one more nervous laugh as the thought passed through his mind. “Er Dex it is your turn.”

“Ok, let’s see what is next,” Dex said as he rolled the die. “Four.” He moved his piece and read the text his piece landed on. “You get distracted wanking. Do not pull a card this turn. So I guess it’s this game’s version of lose your turn.”

“Yeah,” laughed Ron, “This game keep getting gayer.”

Dex then found his dick starting to get hard. It inflated to a stiff position. The next thing he knew he was pulling out his dick and began to stroke it.

“Dex, what the fuck?” Trevor responded.

“Sorry dudes. I can’t help myself. I need to pump my dick. Keep going without me bros,” panted Dex.

“Fuck!” Trevor said startled.

“Shit!” Ron followed. “It’s making him do things. When did it start doing that?”

“Maybe from the start?” Trevor said. “I didn’t want to keep playing it at first, but I felt almost compelled to not say no. Does this mean it can make us gay?”

“I’m not sure,” Ron said. “Possibly. How do we snap him out of this?” he asked referring to Dex.

“I think it said he lost his turn. If we get to his turn then maybe he’ll stop,” Trevor said although doubting the reasoning. “It’s not like any of this makes any sense anyhow.” He pondered a thought for a second before vocalizing it.

“Do you think you and I are going to have sex?” Trevor said timidly.

“What!? Dude!” Ron responded.

“What? It said that you’re a Top and I’m a Bottom. You mentioned it. When you said you’d be the one to fuck me, I had this image in my head of you doing it. It kinda turned me on,” Trevor admitted sheepishly. “Just a little.”

“Dude it is just the game messing with us,” Ron said.

“But did you think about fucking my ass? I know it’s just the game, but did you want to fuck me even a little?” Trevor asked.

Ron gave a heavy sigh, “Yes dude I want to fuck you ass. Are you happy? I just want to finish this game and get everything back to normal. This is so not worth a wish. Give me the dice so I can roll and get this over with.”

“Okay okay,” Trevor said pacing the dice.

“Alright I got a 4,” Ron said moving his piece. “Rique Underwear: Boxers and briefs are boring, you like wearing something more fun! [45 pts]”

“Huh?” Trevor said looking confused.

Ron shrugged. “These pants are too tight, otherwise I’d look. Just take you turn.”

“But I want to see!” Trevor said but then followed up with a more bashful, “I’m curious.”

Ron gave a heavy sigh and relented by pulling off his pants. “Huh, for being so tight they seem pretty easy to come off,” He admitted. He kicked off the pants to reveal a pair of tight black briefs with red elastic trimmings. A large tear shaped displayed a large amount of skin in the front. It only just barely covered the cock. A sudden jump would have a dick popping out of the large hole.

“How does that stay up?” Trevor asked.

“I don’t know. Its pretty cool though. Oh and look,” ROn said standing up and turning abound showing another tear shaped hole but larger that ran diagonally showing off the skinny boy’s ass.

Trevor laughed, “Ok that is ridiculous. It’s like lingerie for men.”

“Eh you’re right, now take you turn,” Ron said.

“Aren’t you going to put your pants back on?” Trevor asked.

“Its seems like too much work. I’ll just not make any sudden movements,’ Ron said.

Trevor just nodded and didn’t ask follow-up questions. What Ron didn’t say was that he seemed to like showing off his new underwear. Both boys turned their attention to the rolled the dice. “Two.”

Trevor then picked up his new card. And read it. “Asset: Big Ass [+75 pts]. Oh great.” He stood up as be felt the weird sensation for his ass. His butt expanded growing wider and thicker. His jeans started to make a ripping noise and a tear formed and expanded leaving a wide opening along Trevor’s ass crack. His leather chaps now perfectly framed his new large bubble butt.

“Fuck look at that ass,” Ron said feeling his dick starting to get hard. He got behind Trevor to get a closer look and gave a hard slap to the round.

“Oh Fuck!” Trevor screamed out. “That felt good, do it again.”

Ron smiled and slapped the thick butt cheeks again. “Yeah that is a nice ass,” Ron found himself saying. He couldn’t seem to keep his hands on the round lumps. His hands grabbed the plump flesh and squeezed. Trevor moaned in response loving the attention his new ass was getting.

Ron’s mind was fixated on the ass. His dick was getting hard thinking about fucking his friend. His dick had popped out of the giant hole in underwear. He ground the length of his cock between the two large mass of fleshes while Trevor moaned thrusting his own ass against the hard rod.

“What are you guys doing?” Dex asked.

The two friends looked over in the awkward position to Dex. He was no longer masterbating but had a wet stain on his shirt. His face was somewhat flushed. It was obvious he had just orgamsed but Ron and Trevor also were in no position to judge their friend.

“The game is making us do some weird things,” Trevor said bashfully.

“It’s your turn by the way,” Ron said looking away and feeling embarrassed of losing control of himself. He still really wanted to play with Trevor’s ass, but kept his eyes away so we wouldn’t be tempted. He tried popping his dick back into the ridiculous underwear.

“What are you wearing?” Dex said pointing to the underwear.

“Were you out of it the entire time you were jerking off?” Ron asked.

“It really just remember that I couldn’t concentrate on anything by jerking myself off. I couldn’t really think. It was like it was the only thing that mattered,” Dex said. “What did happen.”

“Ron got weird underwear and I got a big butt,” Trevor summarized. “Now take your turn.”

“Fine fine,” Dex said. “This is a weird ass game. I got a 3. Ok let’s see what weird stuff I get.” Dex read his card and then put it in his collection. He then looked over at Ron struggling to try and recover his dick which was still semi-hard. “Ron let me help you with that.” Dex then reached over and grabbed Ron’s dick but instead of putting it back with the the fabric he started to stroke the dick. “You’re not going to put this away if it is hard."

Ron moaned as Trevor looked at the scene. “Dex what was your card?” he asked picking it up from the pile and read it, “Hand Jobs: You love helping a brother out by helping him rub one out [65pts]. Well that explains a lot.”

“Dude let me take my turn,” moaned Ron with a flushed face. He actually was fine with Dex continuing but didn’t want to admit it.

“Your hands are free, here take the die and roll. Trevor can move your piece,” Dex said using his free hand to pass the dice. Ron moan as he threw his dice to the board. It landed on a 2.

Trevor moved his friend’s piece. “The space says draw 2.”

“Shit, that’s not good,” moaned Ron and he thrusted his hips into Dex’s hand.

Trevor passed the first card. “Mermaid Hair: Broaden your option of hair colors, why choose just boring colors [+25pts].” Ron’s hair started shimmering and sparkling. When it was done he was left with a mixture of bright blue, teal, and purple hair. His hair also looked much more styled now. Trevor saw that Ron was too distracted to notice so took his second card. “The other is Cum Hungry: You don’t just like to suck you love to swallow! [+90 pts.]”

“Oh fuck,” Ron shouted as his dick exploded. His t-shirt became stain. “Fuck don’t want to waste that.” Ron said taking off his shirt leaving him only in the revealing underwear. He started licking his own cum off his shirt.

He then leapt to Dex and started to take off his jeans.

Dex looked surprised and responded, “Hey man what are you doing?”

“I let you jerk me off, now it’s my turn. I need more cum,” Ron said before he leapt on Dex’s semi-hard dick.

“Okay this is getting nuts,” Trevor said looking at the dice. There was a part of him that wanted to stop, but they needed to finish the game. He took the dice and rolled a 5. He was glad it was a high number, meaning he was closer to finishing the game. Ginger: You’re red hot and now so is your hair [20pts]. Trevor looked at the mirror and saw his hair turn a burnt orange color. His skin also became paler and freckles started to form.

“I don’t understand any of this,” he said in response.

“Hey I’m pretty sure you could have been a rainbow haired cocksucker by now so don’t complain too badly,” Dex said. He had a hand on Ron’s head as he sucking him off.

“Just take your turn. You’ve just lucky that all the cards are turning you into some muscular jock,” Trevor said handing over the dice.

“Whatever bro,” Dex said with a smile. He threw the dice and only moved 1 space. “Accessory: A Whole New Wardrobe. Now even your closet it showing you out. [+50 pts].”

Dex’ clothes started to change now. He had been the only one in his original outfit. He jeans faded out of existence and his place were a short pair of kelly green gym shorts with white trimmings and a decaled number 69 also in white. They would have clung tightly to his sculpted body, but they were now at knee height as Ron continued to suck him off. Dex now also wore a tank top that had been cut short to expose the midriff. The tank top was navy blue with a rainbow unicorn on it.

“Fuck dude,” Dex said has his cock blew a load into Ron’s willing mouth. “You got a good mouth on you Ron.”

“Thanks…I think,” Ron said licking his lips. Dex pulled up his shorts. They barely fit him and were snug on him.

“At this point I’m wondering if anyone would recognize any of us if we walked outside. How can a game be doing this?” Trevor asked.

“Magic I guess,” Ron said with a shrug. “It’s my turn I guess. I’m also nervous what it is going to throw at me on my turn.”

“I know man,” Trevor agreed.

“Let’s see I got a 3 and the card says “Piercings: a stud should always wear some studs [25pts].” Ron’s right ear suddenly had multiple metal rings in the lobe. His right eyebrow also looked the be pierced. He also had a lip ring.

“My god, if my mom saw these piercings she would flip out. Or the hair. Or the fact that I lost a ton of weight. I don’t think my mom would approve of any of this,” Ron said looking in the mirror.

“What you don’t think she would approve of you sucking me off,” Dex said.

“Or you jerking me off?” Ron retorted.

“I don’t think any of our parents would approve of a lot of this,” Trevor said. He rolled and move his piece 2 spaces. “Shit the space has text on it. “Dick Hungry. You’re craving the D. Still draws a card. I’m not sure what that means, but my card is Gym Bunny: it is obvious you love hopping over to the gym. [+40ps]”

Trevor’s body started to bubble now. Defined muscles started to take shape. Biceps and triceps began to bulge and a tight sculpted chest and abs also appeared. While his muscles were very prevalent now, his ass still looked bigger and was more prominent feature.

“Man look at this body. I’m glad I don’t like wearing shirts. I shouldn’t try to hide any of this,” Trevor said flexing into the mirror.

“Nice to have muscles isn’t it. Feeling good bro?” Dex asked.

“Yeah. I’m feeling great. I’m feeling….horny. Really horny,” Trevor said feeling his attention drift to his friends crotch areas. His mind became fixated. He lunged towards Dex’s shorts and pulled them down.

“Hey man calm down,” Dex said.

“I need dick,” Trevor moaned and soon engulfed Dex’s dick.

“Crap it was the space thing. He may like this until his next turn. Like your jerk off one,” Ron said.

“Ok, but I need to take my turn,” Dex said trying to push the muscular man off his dick but Trevor seemed very determined.

“Hey Trevor how about my dick until Dex finished his turn,” Ron said. Popping his dick out of the large hole again.

“Yeah I need your dick,” moaned Trevor letting Dex’s cock drop from his mouth. “I need your dick in me so bad.” Trevor fingered himself through a rip in his jeans, drawing attention to his ass. Ron got the message that Trevor didn’t want the dick in his mouth. He had been eyeing it for a while and was more than happy to help his friend out now. He aligned his dick with Trevor’s willing hole.

“Yeah put your dick in me. I need that dick in me so badly,” said a blitzed out Trevor. “Oh fuck!” he screamed when Ron started fucking him. “Yeah dick feels so good.”

“Okay, I’m going to take my turn. You two have fun,” Dex said watching the display. He rolled a 4 and pulled his card. “Shit,” he said. He saw he got a familiar card. It said “You are now Bottom, this card trumps Top. [+95 pts!!]” He looked at Trevor and suddenly became envious. He watched to two going at it for a while as imagined himself getting fucked by the rainbow haired skinnier friend. He felt a tingle in his ass.

After a while he broke from his daze as Trevor screamed out and cummed. His dick was still covered by his jeans so a wet spot formed but it was obvious to all of them what happened. “Don’t stop. I need more dick!” he cried out.

“Ron needs to take his turn. You want to finish suck me off bro?” Dex said. He didn’t want to fuck the big pillowy ass, but he was definitely horny as fuck after imagining what it would be liked getting fucked.

“Yeah dick,” moaned Trevor, his mouth nearly drooling looking at the hard dick. He lept onto the dick with little thought or hesitation.

Ron panted slightly disappointed he didn’t get off but went to the board to take his turn. He rolled a 5 and pull his card “Whorish Hollering: You can be as loud as you want when you’re getting laid. [+40 pts]” Nothing happened, but Ron knew he would notice the changes the next time he had sex.

“Trevor it’s your turn,” Ron said as he saw the leathered ginger friend engulfing the cock with fervor.

“Fuck I don’t want to stop though,” Trevor said licking Dex’s shaft.

“Dude, you went through your turn. Aren’t you supposed to be less dick crazy now? I thought it only lasted until your next turn like my wanking one,” Dex said.

“Dick is so good though,” Trevor said with a smile. “I don’t feel as crazy, but it felt so good.”

“Well take your turn and maybe you’ll get more opportunity for dick,” Dex said.

“Yeah more dick,” Trevor said rolling his dice.

Ron and Dex looked at eachother. Trevor drastically changed after his last turn. He seemed to be looking forward to what was happening to them. But they both internally realized that they were losing themselves too. Neither of them wanted to admit it out loud.

“Ok I rolled a 2 and I got “Bukkake! You loved being cummed on. The more the better [+45 pts]. That sounds like fun!” Trevor said bouncing on his large butt.

“Yeesh you’re turning into a whore,” Dex said to his friend. “I guess it’s my turn.” Dex rolled and got a 1 and pulled his card. “Sweet! I got the big ass card,” Dex said and he felt his butt grow pushing back into his skimpy shorts. He looked at his big ass in the mirror. He then took out his phone and took a picture of it. “I’m going to love using this baby,” he said slapping his ass.

“Who is a whore now?” Ron said rolling the dice. He pushed his piece 3 space. “I got Versatile: You swing both ways. This card trumps Top or Bottom. [+50 pts.]. I guess that is good since someone here needs to top at some point.”

“Don’t knock it til you try it,” Trevor said. “Oh man I can’t wait to have another dick in me again.”

“You’re turn dude,” Dex said.

“Oh right,” Trevor said letting the daydreams subside. “Okay I got a 3 and landed on a Draw 3. Sweet I’ll pick up more points.”

“More points? When did you get competitive with this?” Ron asked.

“Yeah this game is having us do they gayest shit possible,” Dex said.

“Its a game and the winner is the one that get’s the wish, remember?” Trevor said.

“Oh shit I forgot about that. I guess I was distracted by all this craziness,” Dex admitted.

“Okay first card is “Hairy: A good amount of hair is good for a man [+20pts]” Trevor said as orange hairs started to sprout from his defined chest and arms. Even his ass has a good dusting of red hairs. “Second card is Spandex Spartan: clothes should be revealing, stretchy and easy to access. [+50pts].”

Trevor’s blue jeans melted away leaving only a pair of royal blue spandex pants covered by the leather chaps. Trevor found he loved how tights the fabric felt against him. The downside was that his ass was now covered up again with the tight spandex pants.

“Last one: Living Libido Loca: Your sex drive is now on overdrive. [+100 pts!!!]. Sweet that puts me in the lead finally! Oh fuck,” Trevor said. “I’m fucking horny all of a sudden. It’s like I’m on that dick hungry space again. Ron do you want to stick it me again?”

Trevor didn’t wait for a response. He had already pushed his pants down so his ass was exposed again start to give Ron lap dance. “I need you in my ass so badly. Help a brother out,” moaned Trevor.

Ron found himself in a sexual haze as Trevor pulled out the hard dick and started riding the cock. “Oh man,” moaned Ron loudly. “You ass feels so good on my dick. Ride my cock!” Ron cried out. Ron realized that their apartment walls were paper thin when it came to sound and the neighbors would likely hear him, but he couldn’t seem to quiet himself.

“Ok, my turn now,” Dex said ignoring the scene since his ass was starting to feel empty. “Sweet I got a 6, I’m on the same space as Trevor now. Which means I get three cards as well. And the first one is “Selfiephile: When you feel sexy or having sex, everyone needs to know it [60pts]. That sounds like a good idea. Dex remembered the picture he took earlier. He hadn’t had time to post it. He logged into his instagram and posted it with #fuckable.

“Next card is Top Man: This card is negated to Versatile and Bottom. [+50 pts]. Shit does that mean I don’t get more points? That’s lame. At least this ass will still get fucked,” Dex said as he pulled for his third card. “Attribute: Oral Fixation, careful with your teeth because you are now always hungry [+80 pt].”

“Does it want me to give blow jobs now?” Dex said out loud. He looked over at his two friends still fucking loudly. He saw Trevor’s hardon through the tight spandex and then started licking his lips. He soon lunged for the two and started sucking Trevor through the spandex. Not for long since he yanked down the front of the pants and engulfed the dick. “Mmmmm” moaned Dex. He grabbed a phone and took a picture of him blowing Trevor and then switched it to video. He’d post it to Tumblr later.

Ron realized that it was his turn. He was also realized he had very little space to move. Trevor was still riding him and Dex was blowing Trevor. It felt rude to ask them to stop, particularly since Trevor’s ass felt great. “Damn that ass feels great!” he yelled out loud after thinking it. With a big smile on his face he reached for the dice and was just barely able to grab it. He rolled it and got a 3. Again he had to reach to get his card.

“Exhibition Season: You’ll love showing off all your stuff to your all friends [+50 pt]. Okay that’ll be fun. Trev, its your turn now,” Ron said.

“Of fuck,” cried Trevor. “Just a little more. I’m almost there,” he said bouncing faster on Ron’s dick. He then grunted and Dex sucked up all his seman.

“Ok let’s play,” Trevor said and rolled his dice. He got 2 and pulled “Tongue piercing: You know what they say about a guy with one of these [+35pts].” Trevor stuck out his tongue and a green metallic stud was there now. “Sweet.”

“Dude you want to suck me off with that thing?” Dex asked. Dex was back sitting in his chair but spread his legs to invited Trevor. Trevor gave no verbal response but smiled as he crawled under the table to start sucking off his friend.

“Now for my turn,” Dex said as he used one hand to pet Trevor red hair and another to roll the dice. It landed on a 4. “Apparently my new job is a Rent Boy. Worth 75 points. I wonder how much I can make of this ass.”

“Ok my turn,” Ron said rolling the die. “I got a 1, and my space has something on it. “Ambitious Slut: For now on you draw +1 cards every turn. Sweet. Maybe I can actually catch up on points now.” He picked up his first card and smiled at it. “Sweet!” he said and the his ass started to protrude out. It inflated and the wide hole in the underwear expanded, barely able to contain the large bottom now. Ron liked the look but decided he would rather be nude now.

“We all got big fuckable asses now!” Dex said.

“Hell yeah,” Ron drew his next card. “Latin Fever: You are transformed to an Latino. If you are already Latino ignore and draw another card [40 pts.]”

Ron skin color began to change to a darker shade. He previous blue eyes also shifted to a deep brown color. The hair on his arms and legs also became darker while the hair on his head remained the multi-colored dye job from earlier. “This is so weird,” Ron said.

“Dude do you have an accent now?” Dex asked.

“An accent?” Ron asked realizing the shift in his inflections of his voice. “Shit how did that happen. But my voice is so much sexier now,” he said smiling.

“You definitely make a sexy latin lover,’ Trevor said. “Now I’m taking my turn. I rolled a 6 and I now have…” he said pulling for the card. “Toy Collector: You are now the proud owner of a collection of dildos. [+75 pts.] Sweet I’m super horny right now and could use something up my ass.”

Trevor got up from the table and went into his bedroom. “Woo Hoo!” he screamed from the bedroom and rushed out from his bedroom holding two dildos. “Dudes, my room has tons of sex toys all over my room. They were just laying out on my bed, dresser, nightstand, and everywhere.”

“Sweet,” Dex said.

“But not only that,” Trevor said. “My closet now only has leather or spandex clothes. It changed all my stuff.”

The other two went to check their own room and found similar changes. Ron now had plenty of revealing underwear. All of his clothes now would fit his skinnier frame and some of it looked even too small for him. One of his drawers was labeled “Work Clothes” that was just more underwear. Dex’s closest had an assortment of revealing clothing, many with crass statements on them. Dex liked a shirt that had eggplants on it.

The pictures of themselves had also changed to their current form. A picture of Trevor in a graduation gown now showed a red haired man doing a deadlift in a gym while wearing only spandex pants. Ron had many pictures of himself, in his current form, pole dancing or dancing nearly nude on a stage. Dex had looked up his social media finding it was filled with him in sexual poses or doing sexual acts. Some of the prudier sites were warning him of overly sexual content, but he just ignored those.

“This is all sweet,” Dex said looking away from his phone as he looked at Trevor who had suctioned a dildo to his chair and was now bouncing on it it. Ron was bouncing up and down as well appreciating the new sensitivity from his ass.

“Dude if you want to get more action with that ass you can borrow a dildo from my room,” Trevor said. “I’ve got plenty to share.”

“Really?!” Ron asked excitedly.

“My dildo es Tu dildo,” Trevor said.

Ron rushed to the room as Dex took his turn. He rolled a 2 and pulled his card “Gifting: You are feeling generous. Offer a copy of your card to someone and they can gift you back. Yeesh what do I give?”

Dex thought about it some more, “Trevor, you helped get us our previous job and you’re the only one that doesn’t have a new one. Why don’t you become a Rent Boy like me,” he said as a statement. A card appeared in Trevor’s pile.

“Oh sweet, with my sex drive I wasn’t going to be able to go back to that boring ass job. Why don’t you take that libido drive. The more sex drive the more money we can make,” Trevor said in response.

Dex started noticing how horny he was now, “FUCK! I need to get off. Trev do you mind if I borrow a dildo as well? My ass needs some attention.”

“Help yourself,” Trevor said as he bounced on his own dildo.

Dex got up and got to Trevor’s room. Ron was fucking himself on Trevor’s bed with a long pink dildo. “You’re turn bud,” Dex grabbing a thick flesh toned dildo for himself that was on a bookshelf, that had more sex toys than books.

“Alright,” he said jumping off the bed while keeping the dildo in him.

Trevor gave a chuckle as he saw his roommates come out of his room carrying the dildos. “I can’t believe how gay this game is making us,” he laughed.

“I know,” Ron said grabbing the dice and rolling a 4. “I can’t wait to see how slutty I’ll be after this turn. Let’s see I still draw 2 and I get Assets: Big Cock [+50 pt] and Giggly Box: You’re flighty, You’re bubbly and you’re constantly reminding people how gleeful you are. [+25 pts].”

Ron starting laughing at his cards as his dick became harder and bigger. He couldn’t seem to stop himself. “Oh man look at my big dick. It looks so big on my skinny body,” he laughed. “All the underwear I have is going to have such a hard time containing it.”

“Man dude I’m going to love having that dick up my ass soon,” Dex said.

“Yeah same here,” Trevor said staring longingly at it.

“Take your turn Trev,” Dex said to his distracted friend.

“Oh right,” Trevor said as he continued to bounce on his dildo and then rolled a 1. “Commando: Underwear is worn by itself or not at all [+20pts]. That’ll be fun with all my spandex.”

“That’s great,” Ron said giggling. “Everyone will get some visible penis line from you.”

Dex took his turn and rolled a 1. He pulled his card which said he now had a Big Cock. His hard dick grew and grew. He watched it as he fucked himself faster with the dildo. “God we’re all being turned into dumb gay sluts,” moaned Drew.

“Yeah,” giggled Ron as he played with his own dildo. “Dumb cock obsessed fags. It’s so hard to think about anything but sex.”

“I’m getting turned on just on the thought of being a slut,” moaned Trevor.

All three guys kept at it until the cummed in unision. They had all been aroused and climaxed on the thought of how slutty they were now. And the game hadn’t ended yet.

Ron not wanting cum go to waste licked up the cum off each of the guys with a big smile on his face. He then took his seat and rolled the dice. He rolled a 1. “My space says draw 2, but I’m already drawing 2.”

“The ambitious slut space said draw an extra so you’ll draw 3 this turn,” Dex explained.

“Oh right, I’m so stupid,” Ron giggled. “First card is Out in Public: Sex in public spaces is so much fun! [+40pts] That does sound like fun. I wonder if we could find a way to have sex at our old office while everyone is there. Okay the next card is Rubber: Latex and rubbers, not just for condoms now [+35pts]. Sweet!”

“I’m surprised you didn’t magically start wearing rubber,” Trevor said taking notice."

“Probably cause he doesn’t have clothe on to shift,” Dex attempt to rationalist.

““I’m sure it is in my closet, but I’m liking being nude right now. Ok last card is Rimming: Gain some skill giving a rim job this turn. [+30] pt],” Ron read.

Dex leaned back in his chair and raise his legs, “Want to practice on me?”

“Sure!” Ron giggle and went to work eating out Dex’s ass.

“Okay my turn,” Trevor said to his distracted friends. He rolled a five and realize he was close to the end. “Power Bottom: trumps Versatile and Top [+105pts].”

Trevor smiled to himself and got up from his chair and pulled Ron face off Dex’ ass and into his ass. “Come one sexy, you want to eat this ass out. Fucking get your tongue in there. Nice a deep,” moaned Trevor.

“Dex sat himself up with a smile and rolled the dice to land on a 2. “Perky Pecs: You now have some big sensitive manboobs [+30 pts].” Dex chest inflated to show larger pecs.

“Ok my turn,” Ron said moving his face from Trevor’s hairy ass. “Let’s see I rolled a 3 so I’ll still have a least one more turn. And I got Juicy, you can produce more copious wads than most. [+50 pts] and Porn Fixation: You love watching and more. Go off and start your collection. Bonus Points if you have Exhibition Season. [+100 pts. X2 bonus!).

“This is great,’ laughed Ron. He pulled out his laptop and synced it with the television. Soon the wide screen TV was showing a group sex scene for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

“Between Ron’s porn collection and Trevor’s dildo collection you guys are the best roommates a slut could want,’ Dex said.

“I’ll say,” Ron giggled.

“Okay my turn,” Trevor said. I rolled a 2 which means I’m at the end. What are we supposed to do at the end?”

Dex looked at the rules. “It says we have to say we’re supposed to say I’m a Hímringyó and take no cards.”

“What! No more cards, this sucks,” Trevor said. “Well I guess I’m a Hímringyó.” A big smile then appeared on Trevor’s face. I’m a Hímringyó! I’m a big muscled hairy Hímringyó who loves dick in my ass and men cumming on me. Man that feels great to say.”

“What doesn’t Hímringyó mean?” Ron asked.

“It mean’s gay slut,” Trevor said. “That’s why it is so fun to say.”

“Shit!” they heard Dex say. “I rolled a 6. I’m at the end too.”

“Say the phrase,” Trevor said.

“Fine, fine,” Dex said feeling disappointed. “I’m a Hímringyó!” A shift happened in his head. “Holy shit bro, I’m a Hímringyó! I’m a jock that loves showing off my big ass, dick and pecs so people will pay to fuck me. Man I’m such a slut,” he said with a big smile.

“Isn’t it great being a I’m a Hímringyó?” Trevor said.

“Yeah,” Dex said grabbing Trevor’s hard dick and started stroking.

“Come on take you turn Ron,” Trevor said. “You can finally become a Hímringyó if you finish.”

“Oh I don’t really want it to end, but okay,” Ron rolled a 3 and moved his piece to the last space. He slightly wished he had a 1 to get another turn. “I’m a Hímringyó!” He yelled with his fist in the air. “Oh yeah,” he giggle. “I’m a flighty Hímringyó who loves exposing himself and drawing attention to myself. I want everyone to see how slutty I am and how much I love having sex with men!”

“Dude you had the most points,” Dex said. “I think Trev and I tied. But you get the wish.”

“Wish? OH! Right I forgot about that,” Ron said giggling still.

“I guess I’d want a way to show off more. More people watching me having sex. Oh I know!” Ron said. “I wish our apartment was filled with cameras where people pay to watch us slut ourselves out. And guys will pay money to sleep with us while we film it for everyone to see. I want men to tune in to watch us and see us as oversexualize objects. I want us to know every time a guys jacks off to us which will only get us more turned on.”

Cameras started appearing on the wall and ceiling at almost every angle of the room were being recorded.

“Dude this is sweet,” Dex said.

“Everyone will see what sluts we are,” Trevor said “What is that?” he said while pointing to the weird light up board above the TV. It had their names on different sections and what looked to be a scoreboard.

“I think that counts how many people jerked off to us,” Ron said.

“Sweet! So it will tell which one is the sluttiest,” Trevor said.

“Is it just jerk off or if I blow them does that count to?” Dex asked. “I’ll guess I’ll have to find out.” Dex pulled out his phone to look at his Grindr app.

Trevor ran to his phone to look up his Scruff account. “I need a dick in me soon!” he cried out.

Ron giggle and realized that he was going to be late for work. He pulled out a jockstrap from his “Work Clothes” drawer. “I’ll let you guys have a head start, I’m going to go to work. But when I come back I’ll show you all who the real slut is.”

He giggled again. They were competitive, but they all loved each other. He looked at the game. “Hmm, I guess this needs to go somewhere now. I’ll drop it off at that pawn shop. Need to make sure there are more Hímringyós, right.” He said to the game as he walked out the door.

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