By Baralai
published February 22, 2015
13562 words

Four friends play an unusual board game

Author’s Note: It has been a while since I wrote something and I wrote most of this a while ago but finally finished it. I may have spent way too much time counting turn locations and point systems. Hope you all enjoy.


“What did you say?” asked Kyle a plain looking guy with messy brown hair.

“Hímringyó,” repeated Darren, also a brunette but had shorted spiky hair. “That’s the title of the game. I found it in this old thrift store. Apparently it was found abandoned in the park and some guy pawned it at the store.”

Darren and his friends liked to play board games. This group of young men met once a week. They would normally be considered nerds or dorks, but these boys were an oddity; they were considered jocks. They four of them had grown up together and kept it hush hush that they played these games. They didn’t play Dungeons and Dragons, but they had tried it for a while but decided they liked games with more directions. But most other games were up for grabs. They usually got bored of a game quickly so they were always looking for a new thing to play with.

“I looked this game up online on Board Game Geek and couldn’t find anything. It looks pretty old too. He looked at the wooden box that held the game. The figures inside were also hand carved,” explained Darren “Maybe it’s a collector thing.”

“Wait, you got it from that old pawn shop down by Grover Park?” asked Chris, who was blonde, but kept his hair chopped short. “You mean the one we broke the window to last Halloween while we were egging the place?”

“Well someone used a rock instead of an egg,” stated Julian, the black haired and last member of the group.


“Hey not my fault, I was drunk,” said Kyle. “So why’d you go there?”

“I don’t know we always used to go there,” explained Darren. “Though we usually lifted a lot of stuff from that guy. And then I saw this and decided we should try it out. None of us have played it before so it could be fun.”

The four of the played various forms of sports, soccer, baseball, wrestling, football and swimming. They played on the intramural teams at the local community college. They didn’t all play the same sports, but at least one of them played for each one of the sports clubs on campus. Kyle and Julian played soccer. Kyle and Darren played baseball. Darren and Chis played football. Chris was the only one on the wrestling team, but the only one not to so swimming. You get the idea. Needless to say they were all in good Shape. They didn’t spend hours in the gym, but the were all toned, if only on the skinny side.

They were known at the typical ‘jocks’ coming from middle class families and getting into trouble. They never had any issues with the police because Chris’ father was the town’s chief of police. But even these types of guys enjoyed a sit down game.

“So how do we play the game?” asked Chris.

“It doesn’t look that complicated,” said Darren. “All players start off in a state of Tababalu Rasu.”

“Tabula Rasa,” corrected Jullian. “It means blank slate. You remember that episode of Buffy were they all forgot who they were. I think it means we all start off as blank characters like in Munchkins.”

“Right,” said Darren. “We need to build our attributes, skills and status to gain the best value and be the top Hímringyó. We do thing by picking up cards. Each card has a value point. Some cards make the player a better Hímringyó and are thus worth more points. More points make a better Hímringyó as the game goes along.”

“So what’s a Himring’ayo?” asked Chris.

“I don’t know,” replied Darren. “Maybe it’s a mobster or big man or some kind of status symbol. But we all want to be the Hímringyó. Anyways we keep moving along the board until we all read the end. Whoever had the top score is the winner and ‘gets his wish granted.’ Whatever that means.”

“So to start we all pick up a card to find out first attribute,” Darren directed. “After that the games starts and we roll and move across the board.”

Each of the boys picked up a card and read them.

“What the Fuck?” said Julian looking perplexed at his card.

“I know,” said Kyle. “Mine is weird too.”

“Okay let’s just go in turn order now,” said Darren. “I’ll go first cause I got the directions. Let’s see it is an asset card. Those seem to be worth a lot of points. Let’s see my asset is a…a big cock? Well I guess I can’t complain there. It is worth 50 points”

“Yeah, it’d be an improvement,” said Julian. “We’ve seem your small dick in the lockerroom.”

“Well apparently you were looking,” chimed in Chris.”

“Julian, what does yours say?” asked Kyle.

“Yeah this is weird, it says ‘Sissy Boy.’ I’m not sure what that means. It says I have to talk in a lisp for the rest of the game and it is worth 20 points. How is that worth anything?”

“HA!” yelped Chris. “That’s a riot. You better follow the rules Julian.”

“What? NO!” responded Julian.

“Come on Julian. Games a game,” said Darren. “It’s just being silly. You known like those iterative games like Quelf.”

“Fa’ayne” said Julian crossing his arms in a pout.

Chris help up his card with a broad smile, “Looks like I got muscle, but we all knew that. It’s another Attribute card: Adonis Body. You have a perfectly muscled body. It is also 40 points.”

“And lastly there is Kyle,” said Darren.

“Um mine is also weird,” said Kyle. “It said ‘Yellow Fever.’ You are transformed to an Asian. If you are already Asian ignore and draw another card [40 pts.]. So what am I supposed to squint my eyes or something?”

“You know you’re yours is weirder than mine,” said Julian.

“Don’t let your lisp drop Sissy Boy,” said Chris.

“Fine!” said Julian. “Dar’wen this game is serew’ously messed w’up.”

“Yeah,” said Kyle. “most of these games have stories why we try to achieve the goal.”

Darren looked up at the story page on the front of the cover. “Hmm it says here the game was made by a wizard in dark times. The town was without Hímringyós. The wizard required more Hímringyós and thus he created the game. The game would find it’s way to young men who society would not miss and helped increase the number of Hímringyó in the world by granting the players the abilities needed to be a Hímringyó. Those who started the game would be cursed to finish it once they started it. With each round of the game they would become better Hímringyós losing reservations as the game moves forward. The more points they earn, they would prove themselves to be better Hímringyó. Those who prove themselves the best Hímringyó would be granted a special wish. When a player reaches the end they will scream ‘”I’m a Hímringyó” and not take any more cards. The game is completed once all players reach the end and become Hímringyó. The winner with the most points will be blessed with a single wish.”

“Go off young men and learn the ways of the Hímringyó.,” Darren finished his reading.

“I’m still confused,” said Chris puling at his shirt. He felt that it on was becoming tight.

“Chris what is happening to you?” yelled Daren.

Everyone looked at Chris is skin looked like it was bubbling. The fabric of his clothes began to make ripping noses. After a few moments the phenomenon stopped. The boys looked at their friend in confusion.

“Dude, you’re muscles grew!” shouted Darren.

“What,” said Chris looking a little dizzy.

“Ca’ris your mus’ews are huge.” said Julian. “Just wike your card shaid. Fwuck! I canw’t stop talkin wike this.”

“But dude look at these muscles,” said Chris who was excited. “This would take hours in the gym to get. Can you imagine me on the field with this body.”

“Wait does that mean the game is real?” said Darren. “and Kyle what about your…”

Everyone turned to look at Kyle just as many of his features started to change. Kyle was normally skinny, but toned from the sports, but now his body become more tanned. His messy brown hair slowly turned black and his other features started to turn the Caucasian man into a young looking Asian teen.

“What the fuck!” screamed Kyle. “This can’t be happening.”

“Fwuck,” said Julian. “And mah woice is swill wrong.”

They all looked over at Darren then. They only one that hadn’t had a noticeable change.

“Well?” Asked Chris leaning forward.

“Well what?” replied Darren. He looked somewhat taken aback by his friends. He knew what they wanted, but there was only one way to be sure and he was a little nervous about the prospect.

“Come one show us,” said Kyle. “Did it grow?”

“Come one guys, that’s gay. I’m not showing you my cock,” complained Darren.

“We’ve aww sween it in the wockerwoom before. Just show us,” lisped Julian.

It took some more time for the three of them to badger Darren but he finally relented and unzipped his pants with all the guys watching. Sure enough the pieces removed from Darren’s boxers was much larger than they had previously seen. It was actually larger than any of them have ever seen. It looked to be about 10 inches soft but was also thick in it’s width.

The three boys stared at it in envy. No one spoke for a while.

“Okay, it’s big,” said Darren putting his tool away.

“So we all changed with the cards, what does it mean?” asked Kyle. “I mean it’s like that movie with Robin William were the game changes reality.”

“Well I’m not complaining with these muscles,” said Chris, “and I’m sure Darren ain’t going to complain about that donkey dong. So I say we just walk away before any rhino’s start popping out.”

“Heww No,” said Julian. “I cawn’t tawk wike this the west of my wife. We need to finish and put and end to aww this.”

“Yeah, what am I supposed to do? I man I can’t stay like this. I mean what would my family say if I came home all Asian? It’s not like I can say Hi mom and dad it’s me Kyle, I decided to change races.”

“Well,” said Darren looking over at Chris, “We could keep playing and hope we get better…um attributes.”

“Hmm, hadn’t thought of that,” said Chris thinking it over. “I could use a dong like yours Darren. Sure let’s keep playing.”

Darren rolled the dice for the first time moving his marker 4 spaces. He read the space. “You get distracted wanking. Do not pull a card this turn. Oh…Kay”

With that Darren pulled out hit monster cock again and began to stroke it.

“Darren was the fuck are you doing!” screamed Kyle.

“I…I don’t know,” said Darren. “I can’t control myself. I can’t stop.”

“It’s thee gawme,” said Julian. “Wike my wisp.”

Darren’s cock got harder as he continued to jag himself off. Darren still felt the pleasure of his actions but also felt panic about not being able to control himself.

“What do we do,” whelped Darren. “I need to stop.”

“We need to go on with the game,” said Chris. “You lost your turn, like the movie. You’ll stop when you it gets back to you. Julian you’re up next.”

Julian looked nervously at the dice. Still he picked it up and shook his hand and let the object fall to the game board. “Five,” Julian said. He moved his piece. Most of the board said to pick up a card like the one Julian landed on. He picked up his card and read with it trepidation.

“Accessory: A Whole New Wardrobe. Now even your closet it showing you out. [+50 pts] What does twat even mean?” asked Julian putting his card down.

Julian’s t-shirt began to suddenly shrink loosing its sleeves and exposing Julian’s belly button. The grey cotton fabric shifted to a sheer teal material. His jeans shimmered and turned white. The boot cut design turned into low rise skinny jeans. Even his underwear, slightly exposed turned from boxers to a bright blue silk thong.

“What the Fwuck!” shouted Jullian. “Why are aww my carws messed wup.”

Julian glared at Chris and Kyle who was laughing on the ground.

“Dude you look like a fag,” said Kyle wheezing from lack of air.

“Swut Wup!” pouted Jullian. “Chris its your turn.”

Chris stopped laughing and looked at the dice. He picked it up and gave his roll. It landed with a two. He moved his space and picked up his card.

“Accessory: Leather Get Up: Animal hide is now showing off your hide [+45 pt],” read Chris.

Like Julian Chris’ clothes also began to shift. The ripped fabric faded from reality replacing itself with black leather. Julian and Kyle looked at Chris’ new outfit. He had a leather hardness on along his chest which was now totally exposing his new muscular physique.

“Huh?” said Chris. “Why is my ass hanging out.” He looked to see his butt totally exposed in his new outfit. He was wearing leather chaps with a black jockstrap. The chaps clung tightly to his legs. To top his new look off he had a leather armband around his right arm and black army style boots.

“Well except for the exposed ass this outfit ain’t half bad. I mean this shows off the new guns really nicely,” said Chris while he started to flex again.

“Twis is soo unfair,” complained Julian. “That’s it. I’m changing into some normal clothes. Be back in a sec.” Julian got up from the game and grabbed his gym bag. He went to the bathroom to get changed.

Chris stood infront of the mirror checking out his new look while Kyle looked over to Darren. He looked completely out of it and hadn’t said anything in a while. The monster cock was in his hands and he seemed to be totally lost to his experience of jerking off. Small sounds of pleasure escaped from him. Kyle figures it was better to get this over with and roll his dice.

Chris heard the landing of the dice and looked over to Kyle.

“So what did you get,” Chris asked walking back to the table.

“Yeah, I got a six,” Kyle said picking up is card. “Asset: Big Ass [+75 pts]. Well we know where this is going.”

Kyle stood up and looked at his rear end. Sure enough his ass began to expand. His pushed itself out. His pants seemed tighter trying to make room for his new improvement.

“It looks ridiculous,” said Kyle. His skinny Asian body was a disproportion ass his body did not look realistic.

“But girls like good ass. It’s at least muscle,” Chris stated. “At least you aren’t Julian.”

It was then that they heard two screams. The louder one came from Darren who had just cummed from his jag off session. Jism sprayed all over his shirt and pants as he screamed from the orgasm.

The other scream came from the bathroom and Julian soon stomped out. He was wearing a pair of silver hot pants and a hot pink vest. “I puw on some gym sworts and my swoccer jersey and they twurned into this!” said Julian.

Darren started laughing, “Dude you look like a fag. And Chris what is with your get up…um Did I miss something.” Darren then looked over and saw Kyle still examining his larger ass. He had been so enthralled with jerking off his big cock that he wasn’t paying attention to anything else. It had felt incredible and so much more intense then it had ever felt before. He must have zoned everything out.

“We went through a round without you apparently. It’s your turn,” Chris said while handing the dice over to Darren.

Darren shook his head. It felt like he had just rolled. “Okay, but after my turn I’m changing my clothes. I’m covered in my own juices and this is kind of sick.” He rolled the dice and got a 5. He picked up his card and read it out loud. “Exhibition Season: You’ll love showing off all your stuff to your all friends [+50 pt]. Do I get a prize or something?”

“Whatever dude,” said Kyle. “Are you getting out of those gross clothes now?”

“Oh yeah you’re right.” Darren ripped off his shirt. It felt really good to take it off. Then he quickly removed his pants and felt event better and last took off his underwear. He sat back down smiling to himself. He felt really good for some strange reason. But all the guys were staring at him oddly waiting for him to do something.

“What,” said Darren. “That ends my turn, it’s Julian’s turn.”

“Um, said Chris. “Aren’t you going to put on some clean clothes or something.”

“Huh?” said Darren. “Why? I feel good being in the buff. It feels hot.”

“Dude, put on some clothes. It’s unnerving seeing you in the raw. That and how have the donkey piece. It’s too much.”

“Whatever,” said Darren. “I got nothing to be ashamed about.”

“Um, I think Itw’s his cawd. He now wants to be newd,” said Julian.

They were all silent for a moment. The fact that Darren didn’t even seemed to be bothered disturbed each of them a little bit. But none of them could totally grasp why.

“Okay,” Chris said. “Um, Kyle why are you fidgeting so much?”

The attention all turned to Kyle who was bouncing and squirming in his chair. “I can’t help it. This ass is so hard to sit with. Something just feels uncomfortable.”

“Whatever, Julian just go,” said Chris.

Julian rolled his dice and got a 5. He moved his piece and saw it said to take two cards. “Aw, Fawk! I have to take two.” He drew his first card. “YES! Finawy a good cawd. I got Darren’s first one.” Jullian showed the card that said ‘Assets: Big Cock [+50 pt].’ A bulge in his hot pants began to grow. The outfit itself barely contained the contained it and did absolutely nothing to hide it. The guys could even see the outline of his cock through the thin fabric.

“Okay now onto card two.” said Darren.

“Umm don’t you think that he could maybe find something looser to wear. I mean he is only a slip of way of showing us as much as Darren,” said Chris.

“Why?” asked Julian. “Anything I change into to will onwly change anyways.” He picked up his card and read it. He put it down and then stood up. “Well, maybe I will put on something else. I don’t see how I can do twat in what I’m wearin’. He walked over to his gym bag.

Chris picked up the card and read it, “Playing with Toys: Practice makes perfect. Make sure to use your dildo everyday! [+75 pts]”

They all turned to Julian who had took off his hot pants and put on a pink jock strap (or maybe it was on underneath the hot pants, no one saw him change). He was then grabbing a dildo out of his gym bag.

“You brought a dildo!” yelled Chris.

“No,” said Chris. “I just knew it was thwere. I mean all my clothes are now different in the bag too. The game is changing everywing.”

“So you just knew where to find it?” asked Kyle, who was still fidgeting. He felt like he needed to adjust something with his ass.

“Yeah, it’s mine now,” said Julian. “The card said I had to use it so I went to gwab it.”

“And you’re not going to protest or anything?” asked Chris.

Julian just shook his head while he started lubing up the dildo. It’s like Darren, I’m not going to be able to stop myself. Just keep playin’ so we can end this.” Still away from the game table, Julian bent his back a little to help give an easier access to his ass. He started to put the item inside of himself.

Julian had to admit to himself that it felt pretty good. He started to push it in and out of himself enjoying the sensations he was feeling. He was a little shocked he was getting aroused by the whole experience. After all he was fucking himself with a dildo in front of all his friends. But it felt so good. He didn’t think he would have a problem playing with this everyday. He didn’t even care that his friends knew.

“Okay I can’t watch this,” said Chris as he turned away from Julian and back to the table. “It’s my turn. Let’s get this over with.”

“Careful not to get a 2,” said Kyle.

“A two,” replied Chris, “why?”

“Because you’ll land on that wank a turn thing Darren got.”

Chris became nervous. He had now seen one friend jerk off in front of everyone and another now fucking himself with a toy. He didn’t want to do that. That and if he kept a low roll it would take longer to finish the game. He rolled and got a 3. Chris exhaled. Not a high number but not a 2. He pulled his card and read it out loud.

“Attribute: Oral Fixation, careful with your teeth because you are now always hungry [+80 pt]. Am I supposed to eat or something,” said Chris.

But Chris felt a shift in him. He did feel hungry. But he didn’t need food. What did he need? And that’s when he figured it out. He saw Darren’s exposed cock. He felt really hungry when he saw that. He felt the urge to get it into his mouth. He soon swooped down on Darren and put the monster cock in him mouth. He did not hold back at all. He slobbered and licked and greedily took in as much as he could.

“That’s it.” Said Kyle after staring in shock at Chris’ behavior. “I’m looking up what a Hímringyó is.” He walked over to grab his laptop and pulled up a search engine. “Apparently it’s Hungarian for male whore, thank you Wikipedia.”

“So basiquiwly the game is turning us to gay swuts,” said Julian.

“I think you said gay sluts,” said Darren. “But we have a wish at the end. Or the winner does anyhow. We can just wish to put everything back. The rules say nothing against that.”

“Okay,” said Kyle. “The plan is that who ever wins wishes to turn us all back. We all in agreement?”

Julian and Darren said they were and Chris gave a sort of nod while continuing to service Darren who was now fully hard and enjoying the sensation of Chris’ mouth.

“Well then, let’s get this game over with. It’s my turn.” Kyle rolled his dice and got a 1. He wasn’t too thrilled by this. He picked up his card and read, “Copycat, You can copy the attributes of another player, but you must share one of your attributes with another player. Who gives and who takes doesn’t have to be the same player. Players get same points for copying.”

Kyle looked at his options and thought about his ass that kept bothering him. If he had Chris’ muscles he would be more proportioned. Or he could get Darren and Julian’s big cock but then he would have two big items on his skinny body. “I chose to take Chris’ attributes and to be nice I’ll give my ass to Julian.”

Kyle’s body began to change again. He muscles grew giving his lithe body more a muscular toned physique. The familiar ripping sound of clothes was made was they tried to fit hit new body.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” said Kyle checking his body out. Like Chris he felt the need to flex and pose. Kyle looked at his ass that still felt weird. It was still larger and was more of the focal point of his body but it looked more proportionate to his body now.

“I’ve never seem an Asian dude that muscular before,” said Darren. “But you look good.”

Kyle was still checking out his body, but for some reason his kept diverting his attention to his large ass. He almost didn’t see the changed happen to Julian. Julian was now on his knees fucking himself with the dildo in his pink jock strap and vest. His ass started to grow around the toy become more plump. The dildo looked like it was getting engulfed within the round masses of flesh.

“OH MY GAWD!” screamed Julian. His eyes rolled back as he let out a moan. “It feews so much better. It feews amazing!” He started to plow the toy into himself with new vigor.

“I guess the big ass makes it more sensitive or something,” said Darren who was putting a hand on Chris who was now attempting to deep throat his large cock.

“Well my ass has been feeling weird,” said Kyle looking back at his own mass.

“You need to twy it!” said Julian. “It feels so good.”

Kyle looked at his ass. He felt curious and decided to give it a try. He pulled down his pants and probed his ass with a finger. Kyle then felt his entire body spasm in pleasure. “Holy fuck! That does feel good.” Kyle continued to finger himself with new vigor.

“And look Julian is getting really hard now,” said Darren. “His dick is poking out of the jock strap.”

Kyle looked from his prize ass over to Julian’s cock. It was getting hard. Kyle started at it for a second and suddenly felt another urge. He soon jumped infront of Julian and began to blow him. Kyle couldn’t believe how good the cock tasted in his mouth. He continued to finger himself while get gave the giant cock attention.

“Fuck,” said Darren. “That’s right Chris’ cocksucking it an attribute too. So you got his muscles and his desire for cock.

Darren had to take in the surreal sight he was seeing. Julian was in an entire pink ensembles fucking himself vigorously with a dildo while an Asian Kyle sucked him off while fingering his own hole. All that while the leather clad Chris worked hungrily on his own now giant cock. This was getting to be too crazy.

Darren picked up his dice and rolled a two. “Rimming: Gain some skill giving a rim job this turn. [+30 pt] What!”

Darren didn’t want to follow the card but he followed the orders. He stood up removing Chris from his cock.

“Hey!” yelled Chris who looked disappointed and upset. But Darren walked over to the other pair. He looked at Kyle’s big ass. He pushed away Kyle’s finger and soon dug his face in the fleshy masses.

Kyle felt the new wet sensation in his hole and gave a loud moan while he had his mouth full with Julian’s cock.

Chris looked in shock at the threeway going on between his friends. “Fuck man this is getting crazy.” He realized he needed to end this. He realized it was Julian’s turn, so he brought the dice over to him. “Come on man just roll so we can finish this.”

Julian as if waking from a dream saw the dice and pulled his cock out of Kyle’s mouth. Kyle seemed too distracted in what Darren was doing to care. Jullian let the toy fall to the ground as he tried to get his bearings. “Fuck man, I totowly wost control.”

“I know man,” said Chris. “I think we have to do the actions for the turn. I mean I still want to suck your cock, but I think I have a little more control now.

“Yeah I guess you’re right,” said Jullian. “I think I can control myself a little better. We need to finish soon.”

He took the dice from Chris and the rolled. “Five,” said Chris. “You’re half way there now.”

Julian picked up his card which read, ”Living Libido Loca, Your sex drive is now on overdrive. [+100 pts!!!]”

“Well a booted up sex drive ain’t that bad,” said Chris.

“No, you don’t understawnd” said Julian. “I’m REAWWY horny now. I thought had control before but now I realwy want sex.”

“Okay, we’ll just have to get this game over with.” Chris picked up the dice and rolled. He moved four spaces and picked up his card.

“Accessory: Collared, trumps Dominant and other roles. [+60 pts] What does it mean other roles?” Chris said. He reached for his neck and sure enough a thick leather collar there now. He looked in the mirror and saw that it was black and matted the rest of his outfit. He wondered why didn’t just appear with his original outfit.

Chris looked over at Julian who was fingering his hole, like Kyle was before. Chris remembered what Julian had said about losing control and felt a little scared of the idea, yet slightly arosed.

“Hey you two,” Chris yelled at Darren and Kyle. “It’s Kyle’s turn!” Darren stopped his rim job. Kyle shook his head. He realized what had happened and tried to rationalize his action but he knew it was the game.

“Do we really need to keep going?” asked Kyle.

“Yeah,” Chris said. “You remember the game in the movie. It all goes away after the game.”

“NO that’s not true,” said Darren. “The game rules said that it was to make us whores. Our main goal is that wish. We need to keep going. We all promised. What happened to Julian.”

They looked over and saw that he was jerking himself off while fucking his ass with his dildo.

“Did he get that wanking turn?” asked Kyle.

“No, apparently his sex drive is to the max. He said he was having problems controlling himself,” explained Chris. “Common Kyle’s it’s your turn.”

Kyle rolled his die and got a five. He moved his piece and picked up his card. “Accessories: Nipple piercings. [+10 pts.]” Kyle lifted up his shirt and saw two new barbell piercings on his muscular chest. “Well, that was tame considering.”

“And nothing weird is happening,” asked Darren.

“Um, you know piercings just appear out of no where and we aren’t weirded out by that. Boy this is getting crazy,” said Kyle.

“Okay my turn,” said Darren. He rolled and moved 2 spaces. “Rough Trade: you like it rough and tough. [+50]”

“So do you feel any different,” asked Kyle?

“No nothing,” responded Darren. “Maybe the worst of the game it over. But let’s not wait and see. Julian it’s your turn.”

“Hey Julian,” shouted Chris.

Julian was still busy fucking himself with the dildo. He was so distracted by it he wasn’t paying attention to anything else. “But I’m so faucking horny,” whined Julian. “Let me blow my wad and then I’ll play.”

“Julian if you come over and roll here I’ll let you blow my cock,” said Darren.

“What the fuck are you saying,” said Chris. But Darren’s idea seemed to work. Julian’s eyes widened as he looked at Darren’s cock and jumped over to the table, dildo still in his ass. He rolled his dice and then threw himself on Darren’s cock.

“What the fuck,” said Chris. “He didn’t get a cocksucking card like me and Kyle.” Chris and Kyle both looked at Julian both not willing to admit they were a little envious of Julian right now.

“It was the game rules,” explained Darren. “It said they highest points and further into the game we’ll get more into it. With his heighten sex drive he’ll do anything for sex now. I also think Julian’s got the most points right now.”

They all looked at Julian as he sucked on Darren’s cock.

“He looks like he’s in heaven,” said Kyle. “I’ll move his piece. He rolled a 4.”

Chris picked up the card and read it, “Pouty lips: you now rich thick lips. Great for kissing and sucking. [+20 pts.]”

They all turned to Julian as they watched the lips inflate around Darren’s cock. It was like he got a collagen injection.

“I don’t know why but those lips feel even better on my cock now,” said Darren looking at the happy Julian.

“Okay,” said Chris. “I guess it’s my turn.” Chris rolled a 2. “Dude what is with my rolls. I’m still the farthest from the end. Oh well my card says, You are now Bottom, this card trumps Top. [+95 pts!!] What does that mean?”

“It means you like getting it in the ass,” said Darren with a chuckle.

“What fuck no!” said Chris.

“Fuck yeah!” said Darren. “The card made you like it up the butt.”

“I don’t think so and you have no way of proving it,” said Chris.

“Oh Yeah?” said Darren raising his eyebrows, “Is that a bet?”

Darren jumped up with Julian losing his cock to suck and started to wrestle with Chris. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I’m going to prove you’re a bitch,” said Darren.

The two man began to grapple. Chris was taken aback by the assault and by Darren’s nude body. He also felt the large hard cock pressing against his exposed back. Chris was stronger with his muscles and could easily fought back. With his improved body he could easily beat Darren, but Chris felt the tightness of the collar around his neck and suddenly felt like he wanted to be dominated. He loved how rough Darren was being with him. Chris resisted a little so the nude Darren would continue wrestling him, but he didn’t fight back that much. He felt Darren push his face to the floor and he enjoyed the feeling of submitting to Darren.

“What’s wrong with Da’wen?” Julian asked. “He’s never been this aggressive before.”

“It must be the rough trade card. Makes him want to have rough sex or something? I don’t’ know. This whole game is weird,” Kevin tried to explain.

Soon Darren had him pinned to the floor with him faced shoved into the carpet and his ass up in the air exposed. He also felt the large cock pressing against his ass. A soft moan came out of Chris involuntarily.

“See told ya you want it now,” said a cocky Darren. He had felt a rush from showing off infront of everyone. “Come on just admit it.”

“Fuck you!” said Chris.

“Fine,” said Darren. “But let’s see what happens when I do this.” Darren pushed the length of his large cock within the crack of Chris’ ass.

Chris moaned. He hated to admit it but he wanted the cock inside of him. “Oh man,” he panted. “Fine, you win. Fuck me. I want it!”

“You want what?” asked Darren.

“I want your monster cock inside of me,” Chris didn’t want to admit it, but he could at least excuse himself with the game. It was changing all of them and he had all these new urges he wasn’t used to. To his glee Darren pushed a bit of the cock in him. It hurt at first, but then it quickly became pleasant. And then it became great. Chris started to moan loudly as Darren pounded his ass.

Kyle looked at his two friends fucking. He decided he should look away. Julian was watching contently while stroking himself. He had lost Darren’s cock to suck, but he was enjoying the show.

Kyle looked back to the board and rolled his dice. He rolled a four putting him in the lead, a space infront of Julian. He smiled at this aspect, he was fairly competitive. He picked up his card. “Porn Fixation: You love watching and more. Go off and start your collection. Bonus Points if you have Exhibition Season. [+100 pts. X2 bonus!)” Kyle looked at the card. He looked back at his friends with new interest and arousal.

Kyle felt weird and light headed but for some reason very content. He grabbed his lap top and started to browse. He looked up different gay porn sites. He saw a bunch of movies and pictures of men doing other stuff to men. He started to watch so of the videos and downloaded other ones. He started to pay for memberships at some of the sites that had the hottest men. He especially loved the sites where an Asian man was sucking cock or getting fucked. He started to imagine it was him in the action.

Kyle became entrenched in his search that he forgot to tell the others his turn had ended. After fucking Chris for a while Darren looked up and realized it was his turn.

He pulled out of Chris. He almost felt like he should apologize for what he did to his friend. But Chris looked more let down that his ass was empty now. Darren realized the they were all getting higher and higher score and were starting to enjoy the changes more. This could be trouble. But they couldn’t stop. They had to see it through.

He rolled his dice and only got a one. He pulled his card which said ’Versatile: You swing both ways. This card trumps Top or Bottom. [+50 pts.]’ Well at least he wouldn’t become like Chris, he thought to himself. He looked over at Julian and saw he was fucking himself with the dildo again. They were going to have to get him to take his turn now.

“Hey Julian,” yelled Chris, “Why don’t you fuck yourself on Darren here. I’m sure your ass will love it. I know mine did.” Chris surprised himself how easily the last sentence came out. Now that he admitted he didn’t feel any shame. Actually he wouldn’t mind another ride on that cock the more he thought about it.

Julian eyes jumped up at the idea and he jumped into Darren’s lap.

“What did you do that for,” asked Darren as he felt the tight hole push itself onto his stiff cock.

“We need him to roll and you seem to like fucking,” explained Chris. “Julian roll the die and then ride the guy.”

Julian side and started to vigorously bounce upon Darren’s lap. He rolled a 3 and his card (read by Chris) stated ‘Bleached Blondie: the artificial hair color is now your natural shade. [+20 pts.]’

Sure enough Julian’s hair began to change color for a dark brown, to dirty blonde until it changed into a platinum blonde. The boy didn’t even seem to notice. To Chris he looked even gayer than before with his pink outfit and dyed hair, but his happily riding on Darren’s cock should have trumped everything else.

Still Chris was a little jealous that Julian got to fuck himself while he was on empty. Chris took his turn and rolled. He got a five and was happy he finally pulled ahead of Darren’s piece. He picked up his card. ‘Steal: Take one card from another player. That player loses that card and the points.”

Chris looked over at the other guys. Having large cock would be fun. Or he could steal Darren’s Versatile card and not be a total pussy. He looked at Julian who was still happily fucking himself on the large cock. Julian’s own, now larger, hard cock was at full mast. Chris started to wonder what getting fucked would feel like with the improved ass.

“I’m taking Kyle’s ass,” he said with a smile on his face.

Kyle was immersed with a scene of an Asian guy getting gang banged when he felt his ass begin to shrink. “What the hell.”

“Sorry,” said Chris. “We may need ways to keep Julian distracted so I didn’t want to take his, but I had to know what this feels like.”

Chris looked at his new ass. It was huge and plump as Kyle’s had been. But right now he wanted to know if getting fucked felt better with the improved booty. He marched over to Darren and Julian and lined his ass with Julian’s cock. Soon the three men were all sitting ontop of one another. Julian was a little taken aback that Chris started to place the cock in his own ass, but couldn’t blame him.

“Oh fuck!” said Chris with a big smile. “It is so much better now. Man this feels great.”

Kyle looked angrily at his friends. He was liking his ass. And he lost points from that. He went over to the board and started to use his turn. He got a three and picked up his card, “Juicy, you can produce more copious wads than most. [+50 pts]” Kyle started to pout. He felt a turning in his balls that seemed to get bigger. That was no where near as good as his bubble butt. At least he could wank more to his porn. Kyle started to realize he wanted to win now. He was starting to really enjoy the game. He remembered that this was probably part of the game but he couldn’t help himself. He didn’t tell the others though, he was afraid that they would want to stop.

“Okay guys,” Kyle said with some annoyance, “It’s Darren’s turn.”

Darren pushed the two off of him. Julian continued to fuck Chris who was squirming on the ground moaning. Darren rolled his dice and got a 4 and pulled a card. “I guess I get a cockring. Not that exciting. [+20 pts.]” Darren looked down at his new cock ring that suddenly returned. “Julian it’s your turn.”

“Hold on one second,” came the response, but it wasn’t from Julian, it was from Chris. “He’s nearly got me to the brink.”

Kyle and Darren watch as Chris and Julian fucked. “Yeah keeping going, almost there, almost there,” panted Chris. A loud grunt came out of him as he collapsed to the ground.

“Did you just cum?” asked Darren seeing the juices dripping from Chris’s jock. “You didn’t even have your dick out or even touched it.”

“I know it was incredible,” said Chris looking very content. Kyle seemed annoyed by this.

Julian, after just getting off seemed more complaint, took his turned. He moved three spaces and picked up his card, “You’re a Dancer, a stripper that enjoys showing off the stuff. [+40 pts]”

“Aw, thaw’s fun!” said Julian who jumped up and started to dance. “I cawn be aw poledawncer.” He started to provocatively thrusting his hips and started dancing showing off his nice ass. He giggled having fun. “Dawwen can I practice my wap dawnce on you.” Julian didn’t wait for a response and started to grind his ass against Darren lap and hardening cock.

“Okay enough of that show,” said Chris. “It’s my turn.” He rolled, moved 3 spaces and picked up his card. “Bondage, you enjoy being restrained. For the rest of the turn you will be bound to a cross.[+40 pts.]” Chris suddenly found himself on a x shaped cross. His arms and legs were bound by leather restraints and his back and ass were exposed to everyone. He pulled in an attempt to break free, but he couldn’t get out. He thought he should have panicked, but he felt aroused. He had no control over the situation and something about that was turning him on.

Julian had turned his dancing attention over to Chris. He grinded his hips against Chris’s ass. Chris wished he was free so he could get that cock inside him again. But Julian just tortured him by keeping on the tease. Chris tried to speak up about his needs, but a ball gag was in his mouth. So he moaned loudly trying to get Julian to understand he needed to be fucked.

Kyle looked at contempt at Chris. He was still bitter about Chris stealing in ass. He then took the board. “Serves him right,” said Kyle. “Okay I roll a one…YES!”

“Why are you so excited over a one?” asked Darren. “I mean it doesn’t get you far.”

“Oh, you know just because I land on a DRAW THREE! I’m going to clean up on points this round.”

Darren was a little taken aback by Kyle getting into the game and at the same time he was envious. They all wanted to win after all. That was in their nature. But the game directions had said they would become more enticed as they placed.

“Let’s see the first one is ‘Accessories: Sexy underwear, you now have a collection of bright and exotic garments. [+ 50 pts.]” Kyle took off his pants again and saw that his boxers had been turned into a pair of neon green briefs. He knew that all his underwear would look similar to this now. His underwear would be bright and colorful. He had no more boxers, but boxerbriefs and thongs. Some would be mesh or silk. All would have looked so much better with his old ass though.

Kyle stripped out of his pants totally. It felt better to be in his underwear now. He figured it was part of the card but he totally accepted that now. Besides what was the point of having flashy underwear if you couldn’t show it off?

“Okay and now my second one. This seems to be Julian’s card from earlier, “Toy Collector: You are now the proud owner of a collection of dildos. [+75 pts.]” Kyle walked over to his own bag and opened it. “Sweet!” he cried out. His bag now had eight dildos in it.

“I think Julian’s said he had to use his one every day. You just got a lot of them,” explained Darren.

“These would be a lot more fun with my old ass,” Kyle pouted. “I still want to play with these babies though”

“Just do it after you draw your last card so I can take mine,” said Darren.

Kyle drew his card hoping to get another Big Ass card. He read the card and screamed out “YES!”

“So did you get your ass back already?” asked Darren.

“Better,” said Kyle and read “’Envious Claims: You can copy a card from EACH player. Point values are added towards score.’ So I can get my ass back and score on the points. Boya! Okay first things, first, I’m getting my ass back from Chris.”

Kyle’s ass stated to inflate in his briefs and his muscular butt returned to it’s full glory. Kyle smiled gleefully staring at the thick ass of his.

“Okay and the other two?” asked Darren.

“Hmmm,” pondered Kyle. He wanted to collect the most points. Darren had been scoring pretty low. But he remembered is Porn Fixation card which gave extra points for Exhibition Season which Darren hard. “Exhibition Season from you Darren,” said Kyle while pointing a finger at him.

“And what about Julian?” asked Darren.

Kyle thought about it. He didn’t need any dildos. The large cock wouldn’t be a bad deal. He sure didn’t want the lisp, and the bleach job and others were so low in points. But the libido was worth lots of points. “I’m taking Julian’s Libido.”

“Dude why would you take that? He’s been going sex crazy for a while now,” asked Darren.

“Its work the most points,” Kyle said while pawing at his hardening cock. “Now if you don’t mind I’m going to try out my new dildos in my big ass.” Kyle started walking over to his computer.

“And you’re going to watch porn while doing it,” said Darren.

“Nope,” said Kyle. “I’m going to record myself with them. Why just watch porn when I can make my own?” The Exhibitionism in Kyle with the porn fixation made him desire to do porn himself. The webcam build into his laptop would be good practice.

Kyle started to work up by teasing the camera with glimpses past his underwear. He soon stripped naked and played with his dick. Then drew out the toy he planned on using. He slightly wished he had audio so he could talk during the scene. He’d talk about loving to play with his toys. Loving playing with his ass and showing off his body. He’d make himself appear really slutty.

While Kyle was doing this Darren took his turn. He rolled a six which appeased him. If he played like this he could get to the end and finish the game and end this. He picked up his card. ‘Profession: Rent Boy [75 points].’ Darren wasn’t familiar with the term but he knew it meant prostitute. The idea actually seemed appealing. Getting paid to have sex. He tried to rationalize the negative stuff but he couldn’t think of any. His mind was then turning on different ways to sell himself. He felt himself getting a little envious of his friend’s since they had better attributes that would probably make more money.

“My twurn!” Julian said almost bouncing. He rolled a 3 and took his card. “Handsy Hunk: It is impolite to keep your hands to yourself! [30 pts.] Whell if the cawd says so I guess I should feel up Chris’ big muscles some more. Again Julian bounced his away over to the leather bondage scene and started to feel up Chris. Muffled noises came out of Chris as Julian began to grope other parts of the exposed body.

Soon the leather straps released themselves and Chris stepped down. Julian stroked Chris’ thick arms as he escorted him back to the board game.

Chris himself was on a sexual high. He enjoyed the entire time waiting for his turn unable to move. Being totally powerless the entire time just made him hornier. He rolled his turn and got a 5 and a card that said “Whorish Hollering: You can be as loud as you want when you’re getting laid. [+40 pts] Well I guess that will fine when I don’t have a gag in my mouth.”

“You know what is gagged up right now?” Julian asked. “Your cock. You should let that baby come out and play.” With that Julian reached down into Chris’ jockstrap and started stroking the stiff rod.

“Oh yeah!” Chis purred. “Stroke that cock. Feels so good. Man am I so horny.”

“I’m taking from Chris’ loud moans it is my turn,” Kevin stated. He had left a rather long dildo in his ass that looked a little like a tail. His dick was tenting in his briefs that were half pulled down so his ass was exposed. Looking over at the moaning Chris receiving a handjob from Julian he added “You guys look like you’re having fun.”

“We should NOT be having fun,” Darren said with concern. “The game is changing all of us. We can’t let it beat us guys. We’re going to finish the game and make everything back to normal.”

“Oh take a chill pill Darren, you’re just sour that you have the lowest points,” said Kevin confidently. “And it is my turn to score more points!”

Kevin rolled a 5 and picked up his card. “Accessory: Tribal Tats. [+ 40pts]. Sweet!” Kevin said before the black patterns started to form on his left arm. Soon Kevin had a full sleeve of intricate designs that made its way to his chest. Kevin excited inspected his tats in the mirror to stroke the newly tattooed arm. Chris complained that he was close to coming and wanted Julian to help finish him off. Darren watched everything with unease.

He rolled his dice and got a 1 and his card said “Cum Hungry: You don’t just like to suck you love to swallow! [+90 pts.].” Darren felt a shift in him. He felt his mouth watering like he had just saw a good steak. But it wasn’t a steak he was craving for. He needed cum he realized. Chris had said he was close to cumming. Within seconds of reading the card he lunged for Chris’ cock and engulfed it.

“Who’s having fun now?” Kevin asked coyly.

“According to his card he needs to swallow some cum,” Julian said reading the discarded card.

“Well I have some tasty cum for you here Darren,” Kevin said putting his own stiff cock close to his friend.

Darren switched dicks and started sucking away. He needed cum so badly. The taste of precum on the two dicks were delicious. He wanted the full load though.

“Don’t you think you’re being a wittle mean to him?” Julian asked.

“Nah, we’re just helping a horny friend out, isn’t that right Darren,” Kevin said to the moaning Darren.

“Yeah you suck like a pro dude,” Chris said while moaning loudly himself.

Julian rolled his turn as read his card as Chris blew his load into Darren’s mouth. Kevin soon shot his cum all over Darren’s face. A large amount of cum dripped from the young man’s face.

“I see my juicy card wasn’t kidding. You’re drenched in cum dude,” Kevin said with a proud look on his face.

Darren didn’t seem to mind. More yummy cum for him, so why should he complain. He scooped up the cum and licked the tasty substance from his fingers.

Julian had moved 1 space and read his card: “Twinktastic: You’re now a skinny creme filled treat. [+50] [Extra pts +20pts for every card obtained] Sissy Boy, Bleach Blondie, Think Pink, Bottom, Clean Shaven.

“Woot! That boosts some of my sucky cards,” Jullian said. His body morphed slightly showing him off a much thinner and somewhat younger looking. While he mostly got smaller, his cock and ass stayed the same making them more pronounced. Some of the guys even noticed his facial features seemed more feminine now. Leaning into Chris the twinkified Julian said, “Ok big daddy it is your turn.” Julian made sure to stroke the large friend’s muscled arms.

Chris rolled a 4 and pulled out a card “Top Man: This card is negated to Versatile and Bottom. [+50 pts]. Wait does that mean I’m stuck as a Bottom?”

“Let’s put it to the test then, would you rather fuck this ass,” Kevin said showing off his goods, “or have Darren stick his big dick in your hole?”

Looking at Darren’s cock Chris felt his ass quiver with need. “Oh I definitely want that big old boy in me. Guess I’m a bottom boy then. Though to be honest I’m getting horny just thinking about a big warm dick inside me.”

“Want to try one of my dildo?” Kevin asked.

“Sure!” Chris said enthusiastically. He soon found himself screaming loudly about having his ass stuffed.

“Alright my turn!” Kevin said “If I roll a six I make it to the end!” He rolled a 2 and was upset, but only because of what the space said. “Blue Balls, you can’t seem to cum this turn no matter how hard you try. Don’t draw a card this turn.”

“Noo! That is so unfair!” Kevin said. “I mean Man I’m so horny I need to cum,” he said while stoking his hard dick. He found that he really wanted to cum but didn’t get anywhere.

“Well he lost his turn,” Chris said. “Darren it is your turn.”

“Rolled a 1, man I’m not rolling well this game,” Darren said flatly as he pulled his card. “Porn Fixation. Yes, I’m catching up!” Darren said surprised how excited he got.

“That means you got all those extra points for that exhibition card,” Chris reminded him.

“Oh that’s right,” Darren said with a smile, “Guess I”m catching up to you Kevin.”

“I’m still going to win,” Kevin said still jerking himself off.

“Yeah you can’t even cum dude. I’ll beat you as top scorer. I’m going to plow your ass into the ground.”

“Aww man, don’t say that it is just making me hornier,” Kevin said getting frustrated with his current state.

“What’s that you want me to fuck your ass?” Darren said with a sinister grin. “And we record you not being able to get off on your little web cam here!” Darren had angled the camera to the corner and started recording. Kevin just watched helplessly feeling his lust and need spike.

“You want me to fuck you with the camera on don’t you.” Darren said feeling his rougher side come out.

“Oh man! Yes YES!” moaned Kevin.

Soon the two were pounding away on the ground and Kevin moaned in his need for release.

“Oh my gawd, that is like so fucking hawt,” Julian said. “I guess it is like my twurn.”

“Dude is your voice getting gayier?” Chris asked.

“Well if you waunt me to stawp tawlking then I could always like sauck you cauck,” Julian lisped.

“Now THAT is talking gayier!” Chris laughed. “I’ll let you suck it once you finish your turn.”

“You’re the BEST!” Julian smiled at that and rolled his dice. He was 2 spaces away from finishing but of course rolled a 1. “Sweet draw 2!” Julian said.

“First card, Open Access: You only wear jocks and jock briefs now [+60 pts]. Well I’m already in a jock so like no change there. And card two is Clean Shaven: you are smooth from neck to toe. [+20pts]” The hair on Julian’s body seemed to shrink away. “Sweet that went with that twink card. More point for me! Now about that cock you promised.”

Chris smiled and let Julian get to work. He then rolled his turn. “Man is this dice loaded to fall on 1 every time. Oh well 2 away. Nipple Man: Big sensitive nipples for all to play with.[+40 pts, extra +30 pts if you have Perky Pecs].”

Chris looked down at his chest and saw that his nipples started to swell up. Julian’s grabby hands went straight for one of them and pinched it; A swell of pleasure hit Chris when he did. “Oh yeah! That feels great.” A few more minutes of tweaking the nipples and Chris blew his load onto Julian’s face. Julian smiled up at him feeling great with the cum dribbling down his face.

In the corner, Kevin finally cried out as large amounts of cum shot from his dick and landed on his own face and chest. Kevin soon felt Darren shoot in his ass. After a few moments of panting and collecting himself Kevin finally said, “God your cock feels so good in my ass. Please tell me we got everything recorded.”

Darren was too busy licking the cum off Kevin to respond. Kevin just smiled and turned to the computer which was still recording. He stopped the webcam and looked at the recording. “Wow we are hot in this,” Kevin said as Darren licked some cum off his chin.

“Yeah we are,” said Darren licking his way across Kevin’s face. “You should post it somewhere like xtube or something.”

”Oh man that is such a hot idea,” said Kevin following his friends idea. “And done. Our little session is now open to the world to see.” Kevin turned and looked Darren in the eyes with a proud smile and the two started kissing.

“Hey guys its Kevin’s turn.” Chris said. “You two are going to need to stop making out if we’re going to keep playing.”

Darren kept wanting to lick the cum off Kevin and wouldn’t let his muscular friend get up. Kevin was finding it hard to resist the attention he was getting.

Chris interrupted, “Hey Darren there is a whole bunch of my jism still on Julian, why don’t you help clean him up.”

“Great idea!” Julian said and was soon pounced by Darren. Darren loved how each of his friends’ cum tasted different but always delicious and musky.

“Alright I rolled a 4! Which means I made it to the end with highest points. I am a Hímringyó! Which means I beat you suckers.” Kevin said.

“ok, ok, now wish us back,” Chris said.

“Do I have to?” Kevin pouted. “I like this new body. I could have a lot of fun like this.”

“We all agreed. We can’t stay this way or the game beats us,” said Chris.

“Fine,” Kevin whined. “I wish we were back to the way we were before we played the game.”

The all looked at eachother. Darren had finished lapping up all the cum off Julian said “Um nothing happened.”

Julian was looking over the rules, “Oh it sauys we ALL have to weach the end. So the game isn’t ovauer.”

“Damit that isn’t fair,” Kevin pouted. “Well I can at least enjoy being a Hímringyó a little longer now. Julian do you want to share a double ended dildo with me?”

”Sure!” Julian said hopping up.

“Alright my turn,” Darren said still licking his lips from his tasty cum treat.

He rolled a 3 and moved his spaces. “Accessory: Skin Tight: Your wardrobe is mostly spandex and gym wear. [+30 pts] Well if I have to wear clothes might as well make it easy to come off.”

“Not enough to catch up with me,” Kevin said smugly as he and Julian goofed around with his sex toys.

“My turn,” Julian said. He plopped a toy out of his ass and rolled the dice. It rolled a 4 but it didn’t matter since he was only one space away. “I am a Hímringyó!” he said giggling declaring his making it to the end. “Wow that is wike so much fun to sway. I’m a Hímringyó!”

“I know right! I keep thinking about it over and over about it in my head. Being a Hímringyó is fun,” said Kevin.

“You realize yourselves are just calling yourself a sluts,” Chris said laughing.

“I know that what makes it fun to say,” Julian said. “I’m a slut! Oh that’s fun to say as well,” Julian said as he giggle on.

“Whatever its my turn,” Chris said rolling a 1. “Sweet, I as only 2 spaces away so I didn’t think I’d get any more cards and now I get to draw two.”

“What did you get,” Julian asked, still feeling giddy from thinking himself as a Hímringyó.

“First one is Leather Boy: Not one to hide your hides [+50 pts, Extra pts +20pts for every card obtained] Leather Get Up, Collared, Submission, Bondage, Nipple Piercing, Fist First. Sweet nice bonus points for me. And the other one is Attribute: Daddy Chaser: Older men seem to catch your eye. [+90 pts]. Well I made some good points. I’ll be done next round.”

“And it is my turn,” Darren said hoping to roll a 1 so he could score more points and beat Kevin and sure enough he got his wish. “YES!”

“You’re still not going to have enough to beat me,” Kevin said, though starting to get nervous about possibly losing his victory.

“We’ll see. First card is Toned and Defined: You keep fit and it shows! [+30 pts].” Darren’s body adjusted slightly. His muscles became more pronounced but were not as big and defined as Chris and Kevin.

“Looking good,” Kevin said checking his friend out. “Still haven’t caught up yet.”

“I still got one more card,” Darren said. “Wild Chaos: You can copy the effects of any card. YES! Guaranteed victory.”

“No way you can’t catch up with me,” Kevin said. “I have way higher points than you.”

“Not if I copy your Envious Claims card,” Darren said smugly.

“You can’t do that, that’s an action card,” Kevin said.

“Card says I can and I think we can let the game decide. I want the Envious Claims card. I’ll copy Kevin’s ass, since everyone else has one but me, and let’s see what is the highest points from you two? Julian’s Libido and Chris’ Daddy Chaser. That should make me top scorer.”

“Fuck no!” Kevin said. “That is so unfair.”

“Who said life was fair?” Darren said as his ass started to inflate.

“My turn to finish up said Chris. He rolled his die and moved to the end. “I’m a Hímringyó!” A shift in Chris’ eyes then occurred. “Yeah I’m a Hímringyó,” he repeated as he pinched his nipples. “Oh man, I’m a big old muscle bottom. I’m a big sexy Hímringyó who wants to be bound up and fucked up the butt. Oh man it is so good to say it out loud. Yeah.”

“That sounds like so much faun!” Julian said helping Chris with his hardening cock by going down on it.

“Yeah I’m a big muscled up whore who wants to be bound up in a club and have a group of hot men fuck me up. Aw man being a Hímringyó is going to be so much fun!” moaned Chris.

“Yeah I know. I can’t wait to see how many guys want to sleep with me,” said Kyle playing with one of his dildos.

“Guys I know this is fun, but we can’t stay this way. We made an agreement to wish to turn us back and that’s what we’re going to wish for. Even though I sort of want to stay this way too,” said Darren.

“Aw, come on Dawwem. I want to stay a Hímringyó and figure out how many guys I can sweep with in one day,” whined Julian letting the cock slip from his mouth. “Being a Hímringyó seems like the best thing evew!”

“Guys we don’t want the game to win,” Darren protested.

“I won’t mind letting it win if I could get more cock up my slutty ass,” moaned Chris.

Julian made his way behind Darren and started to massage the strong shoulders and then gave a devious look to Kevin, “You know Dawwem, you’re the only on that hasn’t got fucked with your improved ass. Maybe you want a wide on my big cock before we end this.”

“Oh yeah I would!” Darren said with no hesitation. He didn’t mind having the game going on a little bit longer to enjoy the experience. His new ass was craving to get used.

Darren moved onto all fours so Julian would have better access. Soon enough Julian inserted his dick into the welcoming hole.

”Oh god that does feel good. This game is making us lose control so much. I should be scared but I’m just so horny,” Darren said while panting heavily.

“Yeah being a Hímringyó is so fucking hot,” said Julian. “It’s so much fun to be sluts that only thing about sex.”

“Yeah” Darren moaned. “Fuck me harder dude.”

“You know Darren, you little video we posted has already got 2000 hits,” Kevin said now on his laptop.

”Oh man that is so hot,” Darren said.

“If we stay Hímringyó just think about all the videos we can make and post,” Kevin said smiling at Julian and Chris.

“Oh yeah that would be incredibly hot,” Darren said. “That would be so much fun. All those guys online watching us be sluts. 2000 guys have already seen us be sluts. That is so hot.”

“Why don’t you roll your final turn,” Chris said holding out the die.

“I see what you guys are doing,” said Darren. “You’re trying to make me lose control and fuck up my wish. I know this is great guys, but we need to turn things back to normal. I’m not making my wish until I don’t getting fucked and can think clearly.”

“Well if you at least roll your die, I’ll let you suck on my cock so you can taste my cum one last time,” Chris said.

Darren didn’t think much. He quickly grab the die extended to him threw it towards the boardgame and then engulfed the hard cock infront of him. Kevin moved Darren’s piece before going over has pinching Chris’ nipples.

“Oh fuck yeah! Man I love being a big dumb muscle slut!” Chris shouted before he and Kevin started to make out. It didn’t take long for Chris to blow his wad into Darren’s hungry mouth.

“Taste good doesn’t it,” Kevin said still playing with Chris’ sensitive nipples.

“Oh yeah,” moaned Darren.

“You know we stay this way right,” said Kevin with a smile. Just be horny and slutty all the time.”

Darren pushed back so Julian laid on the ground while he rode the twink’s big cock. “Man, I want to stay this way forever, but we can’t stay this way. We can’t stay being Hímringyó,” Darren said bouncing up and down with vigor.

”Are you saying you’re a Hímringyó?” Kevin asked slyly.

”Of course right now I’m a Hímringyó, but…” Darren said and then paused. A blissful smile then appeared on his face. “Yeah I’m a Hímringyó!” He started bouncing faster on the cock. “I’m a big happy Hímringyó with a cock in his ass! I’m a big whore who needs cock and I want to taste all the cum I can eat and I want everyone to watch me do it.”

“You want to stay a Hímringyó then?” Chris asked.

“Fuck yeah! Who wants to go back to the way things were. You know what I really want. I want a life where no man, whether he is gay or straight or happily married, can turn us down sexually. I want a life where we’re so out of control we can’t turn any guy down that wants to sleep with us. I want everyone to know we’re sluts who can’t say no to cock and take advantage of us. I want to be a Hímringyó the rest of my life! That is what I wish for.”

With that sparkling light seemed to shimmer around each of the boys. The wish was granted and the game was completed. Julian and Darren both blew their loads.

“Oh man Darren that was such a hot wish!” Chris said.

“Does that mean I have to sleep with a guy even if he is ugly?” Julian asked.

“Can you imagine turning a guy down for sex?” Kevin asked.

“Fuck no, that’d be impolite. And if he wants to fuck my boy pussy I don’t necessarily have to look at him,” Julian responded.

“Yeah you did a good job on making a slutty wish Darren,” Kevin admitted. “I don’t think I could have come up with anything that awesome. Thanks for including us in it too?”

“What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t help out my fellow sluts?” Darren said with a smile as he licked up his own cum.

“Does that mean we’re done with the game?” Jullian asked starting to put it away. “Huh? That’s strange I didn’t notice this piece of paper before.”

Chris read it: “Congratulations on becoming Hímringyó. But Hímringyó is a game that never ends. You’re skills and attributes will grow the more you use them to become even greater Hímringyó. You will find that Hímringyó never tire and will always rise to any occasion. Go off into the world and explore life as a Hímringyó.”

“Does that mean we’re still playing?”

”Hey I just got a confirmation on ebay that someone won a bid on the game. I didn’t even put it on ebay,” Kevin said. “Weird. The page said that the game is a rare out of print game and someone paid $60 for it. They probably think it’s a huge bargin.”

“I think the game wants to be passed on to the next group of players. We better send it off. The world would be better with more sluts in it,” Darren said smiling. “Better keep the address, just incase we want to meet some more fellow sluts. I’d love to see what they become like.”

“Aw, but I wanted to play again,” Julian said.

“Well we’ll just make our own game,” said Darren. “We just have to make up a point system.”

“Point system for what?” Julian said confused.

“Like +50pts for every guy you sleep with,” said Kevin.

Darren smiled, “Exactly. +15 pts for giving a blow job.”

“+25 pts for getting fucked. Bonus +15 points for sleeping for having a threeway,” Chris said excitedly.

“I’m liking this so much,” Kevin said noticing his dick getting hard. “+40 points for doing it out in a public space.”

“I think I can get 90 pts a day just from blow jobs alone,” Chris said puffing his chest.

”When should be start playing this new game?” Julian asked. “I’m excited about it!”

””Why don’t we hit the club in an hour? Allow us to clean up and have a whole night of debauchery!” Darren said.

“I bet I can make more points than you this time!” Kevin said to Darren.

“No way I’m going to win this time,” said Julian.

“Let’s stop worrying points and get laid. I need dick in me soon!” said Chris.

“Hey Darren do want to have a recording session in the shower with me and post it online before we go?” Kevin asked.

“Hell yeah!” Darren said as he made his way to the bathroom but was pulled into a kiss with Kevin.

“Are you going out in that leather gear?” Julian asked Chris. “A cop might pull you over or something.”

“I hope so. I wouldn’t mind a cop getting rough with me,” Chris said.

“I’ve seen a couple of them on dad’s force. I wouldn’t mind some bad cop role playing with some handcuffs.

“Alright guys to another night of playing Hímringyó!” Darren said.

“Hímringyó!” they all cheered.

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