Hímringyó 4

By Baralai - baralai88@gmail.com
published December 7, 2016
17460 words

Hector wants to start a gaming channel but not the type he thought

“Dude! You’re the one that wanted to start this freaking channel,” Hector yelled into his phone.  As the two other men looked at him from their own phones.  “Jesus man how are we going to tape this thing if we don’t have all of our cast.”

Hector paced his apartment trying to blow off his anger.  Hector wasn’t used to people blowing him off.  All through high school and college he was the guy everyone wanted to be around.  He had good looks and rich black hair.  He was the star football player whom everyone admired.  But come Junior year of college he had an injury that wouldn’t heal.  He still finished college and was able to land a lucrative job and a nice apartment thanks to his dad’s connections.  But he never seemed to thrive well at the job and only was able to maintain it due to his father.  

He eventually lost his athletic figure, but still was in decent shape, if not for a few extra pounds and less defined muscles.  Hector didn’t miss his old figure; what he missed was the glory and the fame he had.  And he was working like mad to get it back.  

His friends were no longer the jocks or the popular kids.  Who stuck by him (and his stuck up personality) where what Hector had deemed as losers and Nerds.

There was Tyler the science nerd, who seemed way too smart to hang out with them, but was socially awkward enough to value any form of friendship.  Neil who worked at a board game store.  He was originally on the same football team in high school, but didn’t have the skill for college level. He was still on college in his sixth year still working on his BA.  Lastly there was Aaron, another former high school jock.  He left for college and got a job at a distribution center.  Unlike his friends he maintained his strong build threw exercise and lifting.  Neil and Aaron had been confused as skinheads before since they kept their hair buzzed short.  And while they had prejudice against blacks and spics, they just kept it to racist jokes between friends.  

Neil rolled his eyes as he heard Hector screaming and started to play Candy Crush on his phone.  Aaron played a move in Words with Friends against Tyler.  Tyler was the missing friend Hector was screaming at.  

“Sure meet your nerd idol!  We’re trying to make a name for ourselves!” Hector yelled.

“Dude relax it is just a gaming channel,” Neil said.  “It’s not like we can compete with Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton.”

“Fine if we get famous then…” Hector said walking into the other room out of earshot.  

“Man he needs to chill,” Neil said.  “I’m just doing this to shoot the shit.  We’re just filming us playing a game and giving reviews.  It’s not like we’re making a career out of this.”

“Hector just wants to be famous,” Aaron said stretching his arms to relieve his stiff muscles.  “He’s just jealous Tyler got invited to medical science things.  Seems weird that they called him to come so quickly.”  

“Eh Tyler is going places.  My mom is always saying that.  She always harping that she wishes that some of his awesomeness would rub off on me.”

“Dude she just wants you to move out of the house,” Neil said.  “You’ve got your own job now after all.”

“No shame from the guy living in his parents house,” Aaron barked back.  

“Can you believe that guy!” Hector said walking back into the room.  

“They guy gets to meet the Surgeon General and talk science and you guilt him over playing a lame game your uncle gave you,” Aaron said.  “Yeah totally can’t believe he did that.”

“Hey my uncle just lent it to me,” Hector said.  “In exchange we get access to the filming equipment.  Not sure why he would buy it for me…I mean us in exchange for playing this game.  Whatever he’s always been weird.”

“Isn’t this this the fag uncle who you said leers at you?” Aaron asked. “The one that your dad, his own brother, says is a total sleaze bucket. And now he wants you to play a game he made?”

“This game is too old even for him. So I don’t think he made it,” Hector said. “But yes this is the skeevy uncle. I still think he stole a jockstrap from me last time he visited. I thought it might be a strip game or something, but it just looks old.

“This looks like a lame ass game anyhow.  We agreed to play and tape it.  It doesn’t mean we have to post it to YouTube,” Neil said looking at the old box.  

“Yeah, the game rules don’t make that must sense either.  Here let me read them,” Aaron said picking up the piece of folded paper.  

“Wait! Let’s record you reading the rules,” Hector said putting the on switch to the video feed.  “There now you can start.”

“Okay hi everyone.  We’ll be playing an old classic today.  Actually I don’t think it is a classic at all but it is old,” Aaron said into one of the camera.  “Anyways it is called Hímringyó and I’ll be reading from the rules.”

“Tell them who you are you dolt,” Hector said off camera.

“Oh right!  First episode of our game reviews channel.  I’m Aaron just your shlub at a distribution center and this is Neil who works as a clerk at the local gaming store and finally we have Hector former college football extraordinaire gone Mr Businessman.”

“How many cameras are there?” Neil asked looking around.  

“Four,” Hector said.  “We’ll get multiple angles and then edit later.  Now read the directions Aaron.”

“Right, The game was made by a wizard in dark times.  This is in the directions not actual reality folks. The town was without Hímringyós. The wizard required more Hímringyós and thus he created the game. The game would find its way to young men who society would not miss….I guess that is why Tyler isn’t here today.  Society would miss him but not us useless idiots.”

“Dude don’t go off script!” Hector whispered loudly.

“Tyler is guy who couldn’t be with us today, but may show up in other episodes when he isn’t hanging out with more important people,” Neil told the camera.

“The rules,” Hector said not wanting to talk about Tyler.  

“Oh yeah…who society would not miss and helped increase the number of Hímringyó in the world by granting the players the abilities needed to be a Hímringyó. Those who started the game would be cursed to finish it once they started it. With each round of the game they would become better Hímringyós losing reservations as the game moves forward. The more points they earn, they would prove themselves to be better Hímringyó. Those who prove themselves the best Hímringyó would be granted a special wish. When a player reaches the end they will scream ‘”I’m a Hímringyó” and not take any more cards. The game is completed once all players reach the end and become Hímringyó. The winner with the most points will be blessed with a single wish.”

“So this is just a point collecting game?” Neil asked.  “I was hoping more for a Euro game myself.”

“No meeple.  This game may predate meeple,” Aaron joked.  “Just move and take a card.  Easy enough.”

“Who goes first?” Hector asked.  

“I thought you were planning this?” Aaron said.  

“Let’s just use Chwazi,” Hector said taking out the app from his phone.  The three young men put their fingers on the screen and chose Aaron to go first.  

“Ok so the game only has 35 spaces so it should be a pretty fast game.  This as a standard 6 sided die which I’m going to roll and get a 1.  So much for making grounds,” Aaron said moving his piece.  “Now like the rules said I’m going to pull a card and read it.  Equal Playing Field: Draw another card.  All players will receive the trait and the points of that card.”

“What is the point of that card?  We all get the points.  Doesn’t give anyone the advantage.” Neil asked.

“Maybe there are some cards that match with others.  I didn’t really look.  So let’s see another card then,” Aaron said drawing the second card.  “Like Totally Clueless: You are now simple minded and oblivious for the rest of the game. [+30pts]”

“I’m not sure how to use that card?  But we all have it now.  And 30 points.” Aaron said.  

“I’ll keep score on KeepScore,” Neil said.  

“It’s your turn Neil,” Hector said.  “Oh wait I got a text.  Huh It’s from Uncle Andrew.  He said we skipped over the rule that said we all start out with a card.”

“Oh shit,” Aaron said.  “I read that on the other side of the directions and totally flaked.  Sorry guys.  I guess we all get to take a card now.  My new one is Rough Trade: you like it rough and tough. [+50].”

“And I’ll take my card which is Shirtless: Why even wear this? [+30pt],” read Neil.  “Huh that is a pretty deep card.  Why do we wear shirts?  It’s like like we have boobs or anything.  I guess I should take it off.”

Neil took off his shirt as Hector read his card “Speedo: You’re ready for the pool even when one isn’t around [+45 pts].”

“So what are we supposed to do with our cards” Aaron asked.  “Neil went shirtless but I’m not even sure how to play out my card.  And do you even own any speedos?” he asked looking at Hector.  

“I don’t think so, but let me do check my closet,” Hector got up and went to his room.  He opened a drawer on his dresser and he was surprised to see it filled with skimpy swimming briefs of various colors.  Which was weird cause he swore that this was his shorts drawer.  Not bothered by it he discarded his clothes and put on a pair of navy blue briefs and walked out to the room.  

“Turns out I do own quite a few pair of speed,” Hector said walking out to see his friends.

“Glad you did otherwise we wouldn’t be able to move forward,” Aaron said.  “I’m still not sure what I should be doing with my Rough Trade card though.  Does your uncle know?”

“I’ll text him,” Hector said grabbing his phone from the table.  

“Why don’t I take my turn while we wait for a response?” Neil asked.  

“I don’t was to mess up the game.  We kind of messed up the first part and I don’t want to screw up any more,” Hector said.  “Uncle Andrew said it is okay to go forward.  He said that the Rough Trade card will make more sense when paired with other cards.”

“Great I’ll go!” Neil said rolling the dice.  “I got a 4.  My card reads Pouty lips: you now have rich thick lips.  Great for kissing and sucking. [+20 pts.].”

Neil’s lips expanded out and became plump.  “Am I supposed to push out my lips?” Neil asked making a duck face to the camera.  

“Do your lips look bigger?” Aaron asked his friend.

“Hmm?” Neil responded poking at his now enlarged lips.  “Naa they have always been like this.”

“Oh I have an idea why don’t you suck on the sucker from Halloween.  The card said you were good at sucking,” Hector said grabbing a lollipop.

“Dude how old is this?” Neil asked looking at the candy.  

“Just do it and show the camera,” Hector did.  

Meanwhile, in another town, Uncle Andrew was at his computer monitoring the 4 different displays recording the game.  He hadn’t told his nephew about the software he installed to show him anything recorded on the equipment.  He could even hear their discussions.  

He figured it would be safer for him to observe from a distance in case his nephew got upset with him. Andrew had been planning this for a while. He had been able to trace back the game’s last few players who all told him about the cards they got. When Andrew check the cards within the box they were all blank. He now knew most of the cards the game had, but there might be new ones he didn’t know.

He wished he could have experimented with another group of boys before giving it to his nephew. But all the former players told him the game always moved on after the game was finished. He could only use the game once and he was going to make sure his nephew played it. In his mind, his nephew was a perfect example of a repressed slut. His high and mighty brother just squashed down the boy’s natural inclinations. Just seeing Hector in his skimpy speedo reaffirmed his believe that Hector would be a great whore.

He was in awe of the game now.  Tyler was absent but the other three were playing.  What’s more they all seemed oblivious to what was happening.  The first cards they drew made him reckless enough to text his nephew about the missed rule.  They never questioned how he knew they missed it.  This was even better than he planned.  Neil was now seductively sucking on the lollipop inattentive in how enticing and alluring his sucking skills looked to the observer.  He gave slow licks with his tongue before pouncing on it with his lips.  

He then saw his nephew, Hector, roll his dice.  

“I got a 4 as well,” Hector said.  “My card is Accessory: Collared, trumps other roles give. [+60 pts].  I wonder if I have a Collar in my room as well” he said out loud as he left the room.  

His uncle did not have camera in his bedroom so Hector was left unseen as he looked in his room for a collar.  Luckily there was one on top of his nightstand.  Hector was thankful he was fully stocked for all the things this weird game needed.  He quickly put on the leather collar

He then got a text from his uncle.  He wanted Hector to take a picture of his Speedo collection and send it to him.  It seemed like a weird request.  He felt a tightness of the collar around his neck and he then felt a strong desire to follow his uncle’s command…er request…no command sounded better.  After he took the picture and sent it, Hector noticed his dick become semi-hard.  

Hector then got a text from his uncle to put on the thin white speedo.  Again he followed his uncle’s command feeling his dick get a little harder from do this action.  Once he was out of his room and back at the table his uncle said he looked good in his speedo and should stay in view of the camera.  Hector felt good being praised by his uncle for some weird reason.  But he seemed more than happy to follow any commands.  

“So you had the collar as well,” Neil said.  “Lucky thing.  Aaron I think it is your turn now.”  

“Right!” Aaron said picking up the die.  “I rolled a 6 and get my new card.  Toned and Defined: You keep fit and it shows! [+30 pts].”

Aaron’s body began to shift under his clothes.  Pronounced muscles began to be seen from his previously built body.  

“Dude I think your body just grew a shit ton of muscles!” Neil cried out in surprise.  

“Neil what are you talking about?” Aaron asked looking down at his own body.  It felt weird, but nothing looked out of place.  “Hector do I look any different to you?”

Hector looked up from his phone and smiled.  “Nope don’t see any difference.  He looks normal.  You sure you’re feeling alright Neil?”

“Yeah must have been a trick of light or something,” Neil said.  Why had he thought Aaron’s body changed?  

“My uncle said that you should take off your shirt and show off your six pack for this card,” Hector said responding to the recent text.  

“Sure,” Aaron said.  “Got to follow the game’s rules.”  He stripped off his shirt and and stood up and flexed for one of the cameras.

As he was doing this Neil took his turn and move 3 spaces and look his card.  “Lush Hair: You hair is not sensuous and always in place [+20pts].”  Neil short trimmed buzz cut then began to extend out.  Long wavy strands of dirty blonde hairs flowed from Neil’s head now.  

“Am I supposed to play with my hair now?” Neil asked shaking his head from side to side.  “This game can be very silly Hector.”

“Yeah but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be,” Hector said rolling his dice.  It also landed on a 3 and all three pieces were now all on the same space.  “Self-Lubricating: Your ass is now greased up for all sorts of fun! [+30pts].  Hmm I should text my uncle what to do with this card?”  

Hector texted his uncle.  Uncle Andrew texted back that this card would be very useful soon but he didn’t have to do anything yet.  Hector wondered what he meant by it being useful soon but he was feeling rather horny and the back of speedo seemed to becoming wet for some reason.

Andrew seeing everything was excited to see the changes occurring and the young men clueless to everything.   They were all gaining more points which meant they would be easier swayed for the game’s intentions soon, but Andrew didn’t want to push his luck yet.  He kept having to tell himself that they started the game so they would be cursed to finish it.  Still he wanted to be safe.  

Yet…Andrew couldn’t control his own dirty mind.  He texted his nephew.  

Go to the bathroom and take a selfie of you fingering your butt hole.  Don’t tell the others what you are doing

Hector saw the text.  “I’m going to use the bathroom for a second guys.”  

Andrew couldn’t believe it.  It worked.  A few minutes later he received a picture text on his nephew ass with a finger poking inside his wet hole.  

How does it feel?

It feels good Hector texted back.  His dick was really hard now.  Following his uncle’s commands made him horny as shit.  His ass was leaking badly now.  

Now send a picture using 2 fingers in your hole

Andrew could see the game was continuing while Hector played with himself.  Aaron rolled a 2 and pulled his card.  

“Double Feature: Draw 2 cards.  Okay let’s see this one says Cubby: Not yet a bear but still a husky hunk [+40 pts].”  Aaron new muscles remained but now they were being accompanied by soft layers.  A dusting of dark hairs starting showing on his widening frame and new voluptuous pecs replaced his hard flat ones.  “And let’s see what my next card is.  High Times: You’re always getting high.  And when you’re high you are horny as fuck. [+25 pts].”  

Aaron’s eyes suddenly became more glassy looking as a dumb expression came on his face.  “You know this card it right.  I should get high!”  

“Huh? I thought you hated drugs?  Don’t they drug test you at work?” Neil asked.

“Relax dude,” Aaron said bringing out a bong from his bag.  “It’s the beginning of the weekend.  Let me get this out of my system.  You know I’m really starting to like this game.  I think it is having a good influence on me.”

“Something had influence over you,” Neil said looking at the bong.  Something didn’t feel right but he couldn’t place it.  Some part of himself was say that Aaron used to look a lot different than he did now, but he couldn’t remember what he used to look like.  Giving up on trying to figure out what was bugging him he rolled his die and got a 5.  “SuckU: Suck off another player to copy one of their cards.  What does that mean?  Where’s Hector so he can ask his uncle?”

At that moment Hector was sending his uncle a video of himself fingering his hole.  His dick was ram hard and his speedo was at his ankles.  He couldn’t believe how good it felt to follow commands.  As soon as he sent it he got another command from his uncle.  

“Hey guys my uncle says Neil’s should copy Aaron’s Toned and Defined card,” he yelled.  “Not sure what he meant.”

Hector walked out of the bathroom after putting his speedo back on.  His dick was still tenting in the confined swimwear.  He hoped his friends wouldn’t notice his very obvious hard on.  Once he walk outside he saw Aaron relaxing in his seat with a lit bong.  His legs were wide open as Neil was kneeling between them unzipping Aaron’s pants.

“What are you guys up to?” Hector asked not sure where the game was at.  

“Neil said he had to suck my dick,” Aaron said.  “And I’m horny so it seemed like a fair deal.”

Neil actually couldn’t believe what he was doing.  He had never sucked a dick before.  He had never wanted to suck a dick before.  He just had this sudden need to suck Aaron’s dick.  He said he was fine copying Aaron card and that was when the craving hit him.  It was just Aaron’s dick he needed, probably for the game.  That didn’t make him gay.  Right?

Hector looked at his phone to see his uncle asked him…commanded him to move one of the cameras to get a better view of Neil and Aaron before taking his turn.  After he did that he rolled his dice and got a 2.  He took up his card.  “Armpit Amore: Nothing is like the smell and taste of a man’s pit [+25 pts].  Hmm I wonder what they do smell like?”

Hector then got a text from his uncle telling him…commanding him to lick and sniff Aaron’s armpits.  Hector smiled to himself as he followed the command without question.  

“Hey man what are you up to,” Aaron asked as Hector lifted his arm and began licking his underarm.  “You both are too much,” he laughed.  

Hector’s dick was leaking pre-cum.  The smell of Aaron’s armpits were intoxicating.  The scent went straight to his dick.  Meanwhile Aaron couldn’t hold back his load anymore and grunted as cum shot out his dick into Neil’s mouth.  Aaron could have swore that Neil’s body suddenly gain more mass and muscles but it must have been the drugs.  In fact Neil now had a defined six pack and strong biceps that were clearly exposed from his shirtlessness.  

“Alright dudes you need to get off of me,” Aaron said putting his dick back into his pants.  “Sorry folks I guess we’re still getting a little out of control.  I sure not all of our episodes will be like this.  But the game has more to it than we thought.”

The three young men were brought back to reality slightly realizing that they had been doing sexual acts in front of the camera.  

“We can edit that out right,” Neil asked referring to his recent blow job.  

“Relax we can’t put sexual content on YouTube anyhow.  But dressing up sexy will probably help get some viewers to us,” Hector said.  Though internally he knew that would be gay guys and he wasn’t sure that was the audience they were looking for.  

“Yeah we’ll just edit some of this shit out.  Let’s just go with the flow and have fun,” Aaron said rolling his dice which landed on a 2.  He then read his card “You are now Bottom, this card trumps Top. [+95 pts!!]  Wow that is a lot of points.  What does it mean?  Hector can you ask your uncle?”

“Sure,” Hector said.  

As Hector texted Neil rolled his turn and also got a 2.  “FuckU: Copy another player’s card by fucking their ass.  Wait I have to fuck one of you?  Isn’t that a little gay”

“My uncle recommends using the Rough Trade card,” Hector said.

“Rough Trade card?” Aaron asked.  “How do I use it?”

“Oh no, wait.  He’s writing something now.  Sorry.  He was recommending Neil copy the Rough Trade card,” Hector explained.  

“But we don’t know what it does,” Neil said.  

“He said it would explain itself,” Hector said.  

“But I don’t want to fuck Aaron and I’m pretty sure Aaron doesn’t want to get fucked,” Neil protested.  

“Yeah, I don’t want…”Aaron said as he started to think about it.  The idea of being fucked was suddenly tempting.  “Well maybe it wouldn’t be too bad,” he said slyly hoping not to give away that he was quickly starting to like the idea.  “I mean we need to follow the game rules.  I say you fuck me so we can move forward with the game.”  

“Yeah man, you sucked him off.  I think it’s fine if you just slip your dick in him this time,” Hector said.  “Besides my uncle hasn’t steered us wrong yet.”

“Fine,” Neil said relenting to weird peer pressure.  “I’ll copy the Rough Trade card.”

Saying it out loud Neil suddenly felt compelled to fuck his friend.  His hesitation was gone and now he wanted to fuck.  Aaron could see the need in Neil’s eyes and felt his own desire start to flare up.  Thankfully he had lube in his bag which he quickly grabbed.  He wasn’t sure why he had brought lube or why so much of it, but he was glad be was prepared.  

“Do you mind if we use your bed?” Aaron as Hector, as he undid his pants again.  

“Go ahead,” Hector said as the two men ran into his room.  

He was about to take his tutn when he got a text from his uncle.  It was another command.  His dick twitched as he saw it.  His uncle wanted to have the cameras record Aaron and Neil fucking.  Hector took one of the cameras and brought it into his room just as Neil was pushing into Aaron.  

Aaron was on his back on the bed with his legs in the air.  “Oh fuck!” he cried out.  “Come on man fuck me harder.”

Hector set the camera on his dresser as he set up the tripod stand.  Soon his uncle got full footage of the two young men fucking.  

“Harder!  Harder!  Come on man go full throttle on me!” screamed Aaron.  Neil was thrusting like a madman.  Even though it was Aaron’s first time he wasn’t going easy on his friend.  And that seemed to be the way Aaron wanted it.  A mixture of an expression of pain and orgasm was plainly seen on Aaron’s face.  The chubbier man was moaning out loudly as loud slaps of flesh could be heard in the room.  

“Keep going!  Keep going!” Aaron screamed as he stroked his dick.  He soon grunted as cum shot out and a few more grunting thrusts Neil also released himself in Aaron.  

“Oh fuck that was intense,” Aaron said with a big smile and he laid back on the bed.  “Sorry to make a mess on your bed Hector.”

“No worries,” Hector said.  “I’m going to go take my turn but come on out. We don’t want to be wasting camera time with us not playing the game.”

“But we did that because of the game.  Right?” Neil said.  Trying to figure out why he fucked his friend.  

“Relax dude,” Aaron said laxly.  “We’re just horny bros helping each other out.  Nothing wrong with that.”

“I guess.  Maybe I just haven’t been getting enough from the ladies recently.  I have all this pent up sex drive that needed to go somewhere,” Neil said trying to reason with himself.  

“Guys I rolled a 1 and now have to Draw 2 cards,” Hector called out from the game room.  

Aaron and Neil got their pants back on and went out to the main room.  Far away Andrew was somewhat disappointed that the two men dressed themselves.  

“Let’s see my first card is Bulging: Your pants are always showing off a nice thick cock that can be seen even when soft [+35pts].  And the other card is Man Magnet: there is something about you that attracts men’s attention [+40pts].”

Hector’s dick extended and became plump even if half engorged.   The outline of his dick was extremely conspicuous now, within the confines of the thin white speedo.  Aaron and Neil’s eyes were drawn to it, but neither said anything.  Nothing seemed weird about this.  It just felt normal.  Neil figured Hector wanted the attention since he always wore the skimpy swim briefs to show off his thick dick.  Aaron meanwhile was thinking about what that dick would feel like in his ass.  

“Hey guys pay attention,” Hector said waving his arms to his distracted friends.  “We need to keep playing.”

“Sorry just distracted,” Aaron said smiling while licking his lips.  His eyes still hadn’t come off of Hector’s fat cock.  “I guess it’s my turn.”

Aaron rolled a 4 which landed his piece on a space with text.  “Huh I don’t remember there being text there when we started.  Weird.  Let’s see it say Dick Hungry. You’re craving the D. Still draws a card.  Ok I guess I’ll draw my card.  Let’s see my card is Leather Boy: You’re in search of a master with all the right gear [+50pts] [Extra pts +20pts for every card obtained] Leather Get Up, Collared, Nipple piercings, Fist First,Bondage.  

Reality shifted as Aaron’s head began to spin.  His clothes shifted from denim to black leather pants and boots.  While he remained shirtless he now had on a leather harness and a leather armband on his right bicep.  

“Fuck I need dick,” Aaron moaned.  “I’m way too high.  I need some dick to chase this edge.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Neil asked taking his eyes off Hector’s dick for a second.  But soon he saw Aaron pawing at Hector’s dick to get it out of the speedo.  

Hector was about to protest but then got a text from his uncle commanding him to let Aaron suck him off.  His dick got hard at the thought of following the command and Aaron so had his lips around it.  

“Jesus, he is acting weird today,” Neil said in a casual tone. “He needs to lighten up on the weed.”  

“You’re probably right. Hey! Take you turn,” moaned Hector.  

“Oh right,” Neil said as he rolled a 1.  “I landed on the same space as Aaron.  Did we find out what the message means? The Dick Hungry space that is.”

“Just take your card,’ moaned Hector as Neil suck on his dick.  “I’m kind of distracted here.”

“Oh right,” said Neil as he took his card.  “Sexy Underwear: You are what you wear which is colorful, flashy, and vulgar [+20pts].  How does the game know what kind of underwear I have on?”  Neil undid his pants to show off a skimpy pair of blue and gold briefs that said BLOW on the waistline.  He kicked off the pants to show the camera what he was wearing and then felt a strange craving.  His eyes were drawn back to Hector’s dick being consumed my Aaron.  He wanted that dick.  He wanted it badly.  

Neil knelt down next to Aaron and started licking Hector’s balls.  The two soon took turns swallowing the dick.  At one point it looked as if the two were kissing as they both tried to suck on the length of the thick dick.  His phone chirped and Hector saw his uncle had sent a message commanding him to record a close of his friends sucking him off.  Unable to reach a camera he started recording the scene on his phone.  

Spray cum all over their slutty faces commanded his uncle.  

Hector felt his orgasm approaching and took over his dick and started jerking off and shot his load on his two friends’ faces.  The both seemed to be eagerly awaiting the cum and had their mouths wide open to catch it.  

Once he was done the two seemed to forget about him and started jerking eachother off.  

Hector laughed at his friends as they grunted heavily.  He sent the video to his uncle who told him to take his turn in the game.  So he rolled the die and got a 2. He pulled his card and told the camera that he got “Versatile: You swing both ways. This card trumps Top or Bottom. [+50 pts.]”

Hector smiled at the card and knew what it meant.  A desire to fuck Aaron came over him.  He had such a nice meaty ass and seemed to enjoy getting fucked by Neil.  In his horny state he was sure he could get him in bed.  But then he noticed a tightening of his collar and decided to ask permission from his uncle.  

~uncle andrew can i fuck andrew.  can i? ~

Not yet.  B patient.  Focus on Neil getting more points

Hector was disappointed and wasn’t sure why his uncle wanted Neil to win the game.  He knew he and Aaron had more points, but he felt betrayed by his uncle. Still it wasn’t his place to question his uncle’s commands.  Still he wanted his uncle to give him more commands.  He seemed to especially like it when it was sexual and degrading.  

He looked over at his friends who were still jerking eachother off.  Aaron’s daze seemed to be wearing off though.  

“Aaron it is your turn,” Hector said eyeing up his friend’s fat ass.  

“Oh right.  We were playing a board game.  I got lost there for a second,” Aaron said.  “I must be using too much pot…or not enough.”

He got up and rolled his die and moved his piece 2 spaces.  “Profession: Masseuse: Happy endings included [+55pts].  So my character is a massage therapist or something.  How do professions work in this game?”

“My uncle said you should play out the job.  You know give one of us a message,” Hector said.  

“Oh okay,” Jason said.  “Well since it is Neil’s turn why don’t I give you one.  Lay on your stomach on the couch and I’ll go at those muscles of yours.”

Hector did and soon Aaron was straddling his hips and rubbing the muscles along his back.  He checked to make sure one of the cameras could see them.  Aaron touch felt really good and Hector’s dick was ram hard.  It didn’t help that he could feel Aaron stiff bulge by his own ass right now.  

“I wonder if we all need professions to finish the game?” Neil asked.  He rolled his die and got a 1.  “Out in Public: Sex in public spaces is so much fun! [+40pts].”

Far away, Andrew looked at his notes to see all the different attributes the boys had obtained.  He hadn’t been good at keeping score though.  He texted his nephew to get an update though.

Have Neil read out the scores

“Hey Neil what are our points by the way?” Hector asked.  

“Oh right we should keep an eye on that.  “Aaron has 375, I have 240, and you have 315.  I guess I’m still behind,” Neil read off his app.  

Andrew wanted to push Neil but it would be safer and probably easier to get him more points before pushing him to new levels of pervertedness.  But he also saw that the game seemed to be letting him play along with his fantasy.  The clueless card on all three of them, and the collar on his nephew allowed him to take part.  The game’s description even mentioned young men who wouldn’t be missed.  Did Tyler elude him because he didn’t fit the description?  If this was true did the game have a mind of its own?  That thought was rather scary to Andrew.  

After all his internal dialog he saw Hector rolling for his turn.  He landed on the Dick Hunger spot after rolling a 3.  Soon his nephew would be craving dick.  He’d be indulging in his true nature finally. Best to let it play out without his commands.  

“Jock Bro: You totally lift dude! [+50] [Extra +20pts for every card obtained] Tribal Tats, Sports Gear, Jockstraps, Adonis Body, Bulging,” Hector read out.  His body actually shifted to the taunt muscles and wide frame he had when he was playing football.  He looked exactly like he did when he was at his peak.

“Cool you get the bonus points for that Bulging card,” Neil noted as he jotted down the score in his app.  

Andrew was fixated on his nephew’s improved body.  He always loved how toned he was in college and now he was more open to wearing revealing clothing, not to mention all the sexual acts he was now willing to do and share.  

Sadly his nephew lived in another state.  Andrew should have made a visit during the game and now cursed himself for not doing so.  But he was sure Hector would be willing to visit him soon enough.  

He did get a text from Hector though.  


Andrew felt a lump in his throat.  His nephew’s collar was making him extremely submissive and in need of orders.  This was too good to be true.


Ask Neil if we wants to fuck you on your balcony

Hector saw the text from his uncle.  “Neil bro.  I need you dick badly!”

“Why do you need my dick?” Neil asked.

“Dude I helped you out when I landed on that space do me a favor.  Why don’t you come out on the balcony and fuck me,” Hector said opening the balcony door.

Neil wanted to ask about the risk of getting caught, but the more he thought about it the more turned on he seemed to get.  “I guess I can help a friend out,” Neil said.  

“Why don’t you blow him off while you lube yourself though,” Aaron said.  “Trust me you’ll be glad you did.”

“Still on the balcony though,” Neil said while walking out nude onto the balcony.  “We really should do it on the balcony.

“Of course!” Hector said he moved a camera to view through the glass doors before he joined Neil and began sucking him off.  Aaron meanwhile grab the lube from the bedroom and passed it off before taking his turn.  

Hector ignored the lube Aaron brought.  His ass seemed to be wet enough right now.  In fact he felt good and wet like a girl in heat.  He wasn’t sure why his as was already lubed but it was super convenient.  In fact the hornier he got the more wet his man pussy seemed to get.  Still he figured fingering his hole would get him nice and ready.  

Andrew watched his nephew blow his friend while fingering his hole.  It was like watching a porn but he was interacting with them.  He pawed at his own hard on and eventually took it fully out once he saw Hector stand up and bend over for Neil to fuck him.  The white speedos were at his ankles as he smiled and grunted like a mad man.  

Aaron meanwhile took his turn acting as if all these behaviors were perfectly normal.  To him nothing seemed to be out of place.  “Hey everyone,” he said to the camera with a smile.  “I think we almost halfway through the game.  It is actually more fun that we originally thought, though I still don’t fully understand all the mechanics.  Now I rolled a 4 so I’ll move a piece and get this new card. FuckME: Copy another player’s card by having them fuck your ass.”

Aaron licked his lips.  He had fun when Neil had fucked him.  He was definitely up for getting pounded again.

“So I get to copy another card, but only if I let another player fuck me.  Which I will be doing.  But I have to figure out which card to choose.”

Andrew texted Hector his suggestion, but Hector had left his phone at the table and was too distracted to hear the ping of his phone.  

“Hey Hect, you got a text from your uncle.  It says to have you…er wait have me get your Collared card,” Aaron said seeing the text message.  “Actually that isn’t a bad idea.  It would go great with my Leather Boy card.  Good idea Uncle Andrew!” Aaron said to the camera with a thumbs up.

Aaron walked out onto the balcony and offered up his ass to his friend.  Hector soon removed himself from Neil and started pounding away at Aaron.  Neil not wanting to stop reinserted himself into Hector as the three boys fucked noisily.  

Hector was sandwiched between his two friends and love it.  His head seemed to be obsessed with sex now.  He was so thankful to have such a dirty minded uncle to come up with such great ideas for him to act out.  He eventually released his load into Aaron and a leather collar formed around his neck.

Hector’s phone pinged.  His recent climax gave him enough attention to see the text.  It was his uncle commanding him to send Aaron’s phone number to him.  

Soon Aaron got a text from Andrew.  Let Hector eat out his cum from your ass

Hector received a similar text and soon he was eating Aaron’s hole licking up the fresh cum he had made.    

“Okay I think it is my turn,” Neil said putting his briefs back on.  “Though it is hard to keep track of turns.  This game is far more physical than I thought it would be.”

Neil rolled a 4 and landed on a space with text.  “Looks like I have to Draw 3 cards.  I guess this will help catch up on points.  I am way too behind.”

Neil drew the next three card at once.  “Butt Plug, Big Ass, and Horny as Fuck,” he read.  

“Read the full text for the camera,” Aaron said as he felt Hector’s tongue in his hole.  

“Fine first there is Buttplug: you love wondering around with your ass stuffed [20pts], Second, Asset: Big Ass [+75 pts],  And Lastly there is Horny as Fuck! Which just says [+100pts] and no flavor text,” Neil read.  

Neil’s ass began to grow and seemed to be too big for his tight briefs. None of the players seemed to notice even though they could hear the seems of Neil’s tight briefs beginning to tear from stretching.   Neil did notice that his ass now felt unbearably empty at the moment though.  

“Now for the viewers at home this is a butt plug,” Neil said reaching into his own bag.  A black object was shown to the screen and then Neil showed himself inserting it into his now bigger ass.  “I usually walk around with one of these inside of me, but I must have forgotten this morning.  Luckily I always carry around a few extras.  This one vibrates with a separate remote.”

Aaron received a text with helpful suggestion.  He smiled as he read it.  “Hey Neil want to fuck me on Hector’s bed again.  This time why don’t I do cowboy style while I play with your little remote.”

“Oh fuck yeah!  I’m so horny right now,” Neil said as he threw the vibrator’s remote to Aaron.  

Hector was left by himself in the main room.  He still had his speedo on (and his collar) as he walked to the table with the board game.  He could hear his friends fuck loudly in his room as he sat at the table.  

Something did seem off but Hector couldn’t place what was wrong.  Everything seemed normal.  Nothing seemed out of place.  Maybe he was just yearning for his uncle to send him another command.  He rolled the die and it landed on a 4.  

“Preppy Panoply: You dress so classy for someone so dirty [+30 pts],” Hector read.  

Nothing changed around him this time, not that he would have noticed.  Instead his closest shifted replacing old t-shirts with tight fitting polos and tailored khaki shorts and pants.  Also added were vests, waistcoats and bowties.  

Andrew was somewhat disappointed with the card, but then thought of his nephew dressed up as a clean cut jock while becoming a raging slut on the inside appeased his lust.  He had images of having Hector walk around like a confident jock and then have him start jerking off on all his clothes and walk out him in public with fresh jizz on his conservative clothing.  Yes, he was going to have fun with his nephew.  

Andrew then got a text.  Uncle, I’m bored and still waiting for my friends.  Tell me something pervy I can do

He was loving how the new Hector was now requesting the dirty suggestions.  

Why don’t you lick up some of the boypussy juice you seem to be dripping

Hector smiled at the text.  His fingers dove beneath his speedo and into his hole again with the moist lube like liquids still inside him.  He soon focused on licking his fingers with the sticky substance on them.  

His friends eventually came out with Aaron having a dopey grin.  Neil had been particularly rough with him after they got bored of Aaron riding cowboy.  His ass was in pain but a very much wanted pain.  

Neil had a buzzing noise coming out of his ass until Aaron pressed a button on the remote.

Aaron sat his sore ass at the table and took his turn.  He rolled a 2 and picked up his card.  “It’s that Equal Playing Field card again.  I pick up a card and we all get points from that card.  This time we all get Wild Chaos: You can copy the effects of any card.  Huh.  I don’t know which card I should choose?”

Andrew nearly felt his eyes bulge out of his head.  He hadn’t predicted something like this.  What should he do?  He could turn them all into slutty twinks or all into voracious bottoms.  But he liked his muscular nephew and chubby friend’s current bodies.  And Aaron was already a bottom and Hector versatile.  Instead he thought of a new scene.  This was all playing out like a porno so might as well go for the current scene.  

Aaron’s phone chirped.  When it received a text.  

“Your uncle is recommending I chose Playing with toys.  I was going to copy another one, but he knows best.”

“Wait you’re getting texts from Hector’s uncle now?” Neil asked.  “That seems weird.”

“Why is that weird?” Aaron asked.  

“I…I…I don’t know it just seemed weird,” Neil said unable to place his thoughts.  Maybe he felt weird that he wasn’t getting suggestions from the helpful uncle.  

“Oh here is the Play with Toys card,” Aaron said looking at the card in his hand.

“But that was the Wild Chaos card,” Hector said looking baffled.  Aaron hadn’t picked up another card.

“Nope says Playing with Toys.  See?” Aaron said showing the card “Playing with Toys: Practice makes perfect.  Make sure to use your dildo everyday! [+75 pts]”

“Huh?  It’s like the game knew we hadn’t played with our toys today yet.  Well I’m glad for the reminder,’ Hector said looking at the card.  “Are you guys up for a quick dildo break?”

“I’m always up for a dildo break,” Neil said grabbing his large purple dildo from his bag.  

Aaron brought out a large black dildo out from his bag, while Hector went back to his room and took a flesh colored one from his bookshelf.  Aaron and Neil shared lube, but Hector’s ass was already wet and slippery.  His boypussy juices made it really easy for the plastic dick to slide into him.    

Aaron and Hector both received texts from Uncle Andrew.  

Make sure to be nice and loud so the viewers at home know how good and horny you are.  Encourage Neil to do same.

The two boys started moaning loudly as they inserted their toys inside themselves.  In no time the room became deafening with loud exaggerated cries of pleasure.  Aaron and Hector were both trying to outdo the other in volume to make sure Andrew knew they were following his command.  

“This is making me so hot and horny!” Aaron cried out.  

“My boypussy is getting so wet.  It loves its toys,” Hector moaned out.  

Neil had removed his butt plug and inserted his own dildo.  He wasn’t sure why his friends were so loud right now.  He was sure Hector’s neighbors could hear them at this point.  They had never been this loud when they had group dildo time before.  Was there a time they did this before?  It felt like the did.

“Does your toy feel good Neil?” Aaron asked.  

“Of course,” Neil said with a smile.  “It always feels good playing with my big ass. Plugs are nice, but getting my ass stretched out by something dick shaped is so much more fun.”

“Yeah fuck that ass.  Make it feel good,” Hector cheered. “My ass feels so amazing right now!”

“Oh fuck yeah!” Aaron cried out.  

Neil noticed that his friends cries of lust were greatly embellished and it looked and sounded like they were in a bad porn.  However, they seemed to be having so much fun.  He decided to play along and started moaning lustfully as he sprawled on the ground while inserting his purple toy.  After he started, he had to admit it felt good to let loose and pretend to be really slutty.  

After a while they ended this dildo break.  Aaron had been able to get himself off and Neil felt he had come close a few times.  Every time Neil got close he had images of a real cock and a real man fucking his big ass.  Something felt off about it and he got confused.  Unfortunately the confusion threw off the climax.  

“Whose turn is it now?” Neil asked trying to distract the images of cock entering his hole which made his dick start to swell.  He’d put back on his briefs and Hector had on his speedo again, but Aaron stayed nude now.  

“It’s your turn actually,” Aaron said.  Hector was licking the cum off Aaron after he had received a text from his uncle.

“Oh right,” Neil said as he picked up the dice.  He rolled a 3 and move his piece.  “Let’s see my card is Spandex Spartan: clothes should be revealing, stretchy and easy to access. [+50pts].  

Neil’s clothes on the floor started to shift.  He jeans melted away and in place were bright blue jeggings and his shirt’s materials became that of a compression top.  His own closet at home was shifting as well leaving only tight revealing clothes for him to choose from.  

“Ok that is my turn,” Neil said.  He still hadn’t been able to rid himself of the visions of dick enter his hole.  His ass also felt so empty without either the plug or the dildo.  “I’m going to mess around with my toy some more.  I still fucking horny.  I need to get off this tension,” he said picking up his toy.     

“My turn then,” Hector said rolling a 1.  “Oh I get to draw 3.”

Andrew became excited about the prospects.  My points and more chances for his nephew to become even sluttier.  

“First I get You’re a Dancer, a stripper that enjoys showing off the stuff. [+40 pts].  And then I get, oh a SuckU card.  Suck off another player to copy one of their cards.  Which one should I choose,” Hector said.  

“Why don’t you take your last card before you start the sucking part,” Aaron suggested.  “That way I can take my turn.”

“That makes sense.  Ok my last card is Bleached Blondie: the artificial hair color is now your natural shade. [+20 pts].”

Hector’s dark black hair became paler and paler until it became an unnatural shade of yellow.  He put down his card as saw that his uncle had texted him again.  Actually multiple times.  

Big Ass BIG ASS Choose Big Ass BIG ASS!!!

Huh?  His uncle was very insistent on the big ass.  Not that he hot say no to his uncle’s commands.  “He Neil I’m going to copy your big ass card.  Apparently my uncle really want me to have that card,” Hector said.  

“Cool,’ Neil said.  “It might help be get some of this sexual tension off.  I’m so fucking horny,” Neil said as his slouched on the couch inserting his dildo lazily into his big ass.  

Hector knelt down to suck on the swollen dick as Neil continued to massage his prostate.  From the taste and amount of precum, Hector knew he wasn’t going to have to work too hard to get Neil’s juices into his mouth.  

Actually by the time Aaron rolled his die, Neil had already unloaded a large amount of cum int Hector’s greedy mouth.  Hector’s ass also began to swell and soon his uncle was eyeing his enlarged ass encased in the speedo.  

Andrew was amazed how easy this had all been playing out.  He thought it was time for the next phase of his plan.  He texted his nephew.  

Don’t wipe cum off you yet.  Got to bathroom and take selfie in your speedo.

Hector got the text.  He then got off the ground quickly and took a few pictures of himself smiling.  His dick was ram hard for some reason now.  But Hector didn’t mind.  He was sure his uncle would enjoy it.  He sent it to his uncle.  

Andrew looked at the picture of his nephew.  Cum on his face while smiling, wearing nothing by a white speedo.  The speedo was almost translucent now from the amount of cum, sweat, and  pussy juice Hector was making.  It did nothing to hide the thick hardon.  Even the new blonde look made him look naive and oversexed.  This is how his nephew should look and behave.  

Hector waited to receive a text from his uncle to make sure the picture was good enough.  But the next text was a phone number.  The came instructions to text the exposing picture to the man.  Hector did. He soon got a return text from the stranger and his uncle.  He paid attention to his uncle’s text first, to read his commands.  

Nice pic.  Who is this?

Hector, Andrew’s nephew

No way this is a prank.  You look like Hector, but he would never do this.

~No it’s me Hector. ~ Hector was legitimately confused.  Who was this guy?  And why wouldn’t he do this?

I’m not going to be pranked.  Prove it.  Show me another pic with you holding up 3 fingers.

Hector followed the request.  It was easy enough.  

No fucking way!  Can you show me a dick pic

Hector then took another pic with his hard dick out of his speedo.  Again super easy.  

Fck thats hot

Uncle Andrew said it was time for you to come over.  He said to come over right away.  I can send you my address.

Hector then left the bathroom receiving the text from the stranger saying he would be right over.  

“Hey guys, I’ve invited over one of my uncle’s friends to hang out with us,” Hector said.  

“Oh I should make myself more presentable,” Aaron said as he grabbed his leather kilt from the ground.

Neil did the same and took out his dildo and pulled up his briefs.  “What is this guy’s name?” Neil asked.

“I’m not sure.  He didn’t say, but he should be over shortly,” Hector said.  “What did I miss?”

“I rolled a 5 and got a card that made reference to my kilt for some weird reason,” Aaron said.  “Kilt Man: Wear it like a true Scotsman [+35pts].  But Neil was too busy with his dildo to take his turn.”

“Sorry dude.  I’m just so frisky for some reason,” Neil said.  His ass was feeling very empty again.  He considered putting his plug back in.  

“Don’t fret Neil.  My ass is also feeling really empty and needing attention soon.  Maybe we should take another dildo break?” Hector suggested.     

“Just take your turn now,” Aaron said laughing.  “I thought we’d be done with this game, but we’ve been at it for about 2-3 hours now.”

“That is mostly due to all the fuck breaks we keep having,” Neil said.  He rolled a 1 and took his card.  “Daddy Chaser: you’re always on a look out for a new daddy [+90pts].”

A knock came from the door.  Hector went to get it and looked through the peephole.  It wasn’t anyone he recognized do he assumed it was his uncle’s friend.  He opened up the door.  

“Hi there,” Hector said.  

At the door was a husky older man.  He had messy gray hair and a matching thick gray beard.  His gut was extended.  He had on a ratty t-shirt and some jeans.  

“Hi I’m Garth.  You had texted me,’ Garth said offering his hand to shake.  

“Great!” Hector said with a smile.  “Have I seen you before?  You look familiar.”

“Yeah, I don’t think we met before.  But I used to go to all of your college games and practices.  I always like watching young college guys getting all hot and sweaty,” Garth said leering at Hector’s exposed body.  

Hector now remembered the guy.  Him and his teammates always felt disgusted by the man’s obvious lecherous stares.  He had also followed Hector on the street a few times.  He had even tried to sneak into the locker room a few times while the guys were changing.

“Well come on in,” Hector said without any hesitation.  

Garth couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the scantily dressed boys in the room.  He didn’t believe Andrew when he told him about his plans.  How the game could change some people to dream whores.  But if this was true, then Andrew would have won the bet and Garth would owe him a lot of money.  But it seemed too good to be true.  And if it was true, Garth wouldn’t mind paying up the money.  

“Hi there,” came a guy who came up to introduce himself with a big smile.  “I’m Neil.”

Was the guy blushing?  Was he flirting with him?  This was not what Garth was used to.  They guy was dressed only in a pair of Andrew Christian underwear and had a fit body of an underwear model.  

“Sorry we’re in a middle of a game right now.  It’s a bit late to start including you,” Aaron said.

“Oh but he can stay right?” Neil said wanting the burly man to not go anywhere.  

“Of course he can stay,” Hector said.  “But he will only be able to watch.  Is that alright?”

“Of course.  I love watching,” Garth said.  

“Well I just took my turn so why don’t I show him the roof access,” Neil said.  

“The roof?” Garth said.  “What is on the roof?”

The older man saw Neil grabbing some lube.  “Oh it has a great view outside.  I thought it would be fun to show you,” Neil said as he grab a condom from his bag.  “Just you and me and the great umm…view. Right a great view.”

“The roof seems like a wonderful idea,” Garth said quickly.  Neil seemed to get excited to him agreeing.  His dick also seemed to be getting excited as well.  

The two left quickly as Aaron chuckled.  “Man Neil can’t stop himself when it comes to older guys.”

“Well I’m glad he is entertaining Garth.  I felt bad that we’re distracted finishing this game to not properly entertain him,” Hector said.  He took his turn rolling a 5 and read the text on the space.  “Ambitious Slut!  I get +1 card for the rest of the game!” he said reading the text on the space he landed.  

“Nice!” Aaron said.  

Hector then started reading his cards.  “Combat Boot: Some nice leather boots ready for all sorts of situations [+20pts].  And Fuck Machine: Enjoy the convenience of technology [50pts].  Oh right I forgot I had that thing.”

Hector took off his speedo again.  He was having a hard time getting them past his steel toes boots.  Why had it been easier to get them off before?  He then went over to the mechanized device in the room and selected an attaching dildo.  “I guess I will have a dildo break again.  I don’t know why I didn’t offer this to Neil earlier,” Hector said and he aligned himself with the machine while he was on all fours.  

“Well he has his own fuck machine now,” Aaron laughed.  “And he knows we can always use the Plowmaster 5000.”

Aaron rolled his die landing on a 4.  “Assets: Big Cock [+50 pt]”

Aaron got a text telling him to fuck himself with a dildo and stroke his fat cock.  The text also said to keep on his kilt.  Aaron smiled and grabbed his dildo and laid on the couch.  He lifted his kilt enough to give him access to his hole and dick and soon went straight to work.  

He loved stroking his big fat dick.  But it always seemed such a waste of a dick since he only bottomed.  However it was always nice a hard anytime he got some attention to his horny hole.  

Meanwhile Garth was fucking Neil in the staircase.  They never made it to the roof.  Garth had playfully pulled at the elastic band of Neil’s underwear to get a better look at the tempting ass and the next thing he knew Neil was making out with him and pulling out his dick.  

Garth’s pants were at his ankles, as were Neil’s briefs.  Neil’s face was pressed against the wall as he called out Garth to fuck him harder.  

“Oh fuck boy!  I’m going cum,” Garth said.  He was recording the session on his phone not wanting to lose evidence of his conquest.  

“Yes Daddy!  Cum inside me!” Neil wailed.  

Garth grunted and released his cum into the condom.  Once he stopped he saw the cum was dripping along the walls of the staircase and Neil’s dick was still leaking some.  Garth couldn’t believe how hot this had been.  

He checked with Andrew to see if some of their other friends could come over and play.  They were not going to believe this.  Andrew gave the thumbs up and soon the invitation was sent out.  

“Andrew says you should go back down since it’s your turn now,” Garth said to the doe eyed young man.  

“Sure!  You’re coming down too right?” Neil asked, pulling his briefs back up.  “I want to see if we can go another round.  Maybe make it up to the roof this time?”

Garth laughed as they walked down.  “You’re the one that started things in the staircase.”

“Yeah, I was too excited.  I couldn’t wait to have you inside me,” Neil said.

They entered the unlocked apartment to find the other two boys messing with dildos.  This all seemed too much like a dream to Garth but he hoped he wasn’t waking up anytime soon.  He stared transfixed at the scene.  

“Daddy, come sit down,” Neil said offering him a chair.  Garth took a seat and soon Neil was in his chair making out with him.  Garth phone went off with a text from Andrew telling him to have Neil take his turn.  

“We’ll have more fun soon boy, but you better take you turn,” Garth said, not wanting Andrew to take away his fun.  

The younger man turned himself around but stayed on Garth’s lap.  Neil rolled a 1 and also landed on Ambitious slut.  Garth watched as he saw Neil read out the card “Accessories: Nipple piercings. [+10 pts.]” and then two nipple barbells appeared on Neil out of nowhere.   It was only when he saw that did he realize that the fuck machine Hector was using was not in the room when he first arrived.  He couldn’t believe Andrew found such a thing that could do this.  

He pinched a nipple to make sure they were real.  

“Oh fuck, you’re making me horny again,” Neil moaned.  “And it feels like your little guy is up from another round!”  Neil grinned his ass on Garth’s lap.  

“Finish your turn and we can play,” Garth said.  “Man no one is going to believe me that a hot thing like you is jumping my bone.”  

Neil was reading his second turn.  “Well this card gives me an idea that will help guys believe you.”

“What does the card say?” Garth asked.  

“Porn Star: You’re going to be famous and not for your acting [+95pts],” Neil read.  “So why don’t you take my phone and film me giving you a bj.”

“You know I filmed you on the staircase,” Garth admitted.

“Use my phone this time,” Neil said huskily already sinking down on the chair moving his face closer to the hips.  “That way when I send you the video, you’ll have my phone number and we can film anything you want.”

Neil’s softy pouty lips soon went to work on Garth.  Garth gleefully filmed everything, including aiming the camera at himself smiling like a dumb fool.  The kid looked like he was out of Bel Ami, but hungry for older bears.  

More time passed and soon another knock on the door came.  

“Come in!” Hector moaned as the fuck saw kept entering him.

Two new men entered the room tentatively.  “Not sure this is the right place,” one of them said.  

“Come on in, Lance!” Garth said.  “You guys don’t mind I invited some friends over right?”

“Of course not,” Aaron said eyeing the two men.  Lance was an older black man with a bald head who locked eyes on Aaron as well.  Lance was kicking himself for not bringing some of his leather gear along.  But part of him thought he was being pranked by Garth.  But a young pup in a leather kilt was stretching out his hole looking at him with impure intent.  

Danny, who was used to being the youngster of Garth’s group, also looked stunned as he entered.  While Garth was overweight and Lance had an average build, Danny was very much in shape  and was matted with thick dark hairs on his legs, chest, and arms.  “What do you have going down here Garth?” Danny asked.  

“Well Danny Boy, these boys are playing a game that is encouraging their slutty side,” Garth said pointing the phone back down to Neil sucking him off.  “Remember that story I told you about Andrew?  Turns out he didn’t go psychotic.”

“Wait the game that turns straight guys gay?” Lance said.  “But…but that can’t be true.”

“Hey boys who was after Neil here?  It is your turn,” Garth said.

“Oh my turn!” Hector said as he removed himself from the fuck machine.  

“Is that Andrew’s nephew?” Lance asked.  “Andrew used to show pictures of him at the bar all the time.”

“Oh you know my uncle Andrew?” Hector said.  “He’s the best!  Okay so I rolled a 1 and my card is Equal Playing Field.  Wow we’re getting a lot of those.  Just FYI that means we all get what’s on the next card.  Which is Cum Hungry: You don’t just like to suck you love to swallow! [+90 pts.].”

Neil started to suck on Garth was more vigor and Aaron started to eye Lance’s package.  

“You wouldn’t be willing to part with some of your jizz would you?” Aaron asked Lance not taking his eyes to the growing bulge.  “I’m getting a sudden craving for something white and hot down my throat.”  

“Sure,” Lance said with a smile as he walked over to Aaron and unzipped his pants.  Lance stood in front of him and pulled out a thick black dick.  Aaron continued to sit on the couch as suck on the fresh dick.  

“And Danny Boy, I’ll blow you when after I take my second card,” Hector said with a smile.  “Marriage Breaker: Men with a ring on it are so hot [+45pts].”

“Well I was hoping for more show.  I saw Neil here suddenly get nipple piercings out of nowhere,” Garth said.  If Neil’s mouth wasn’t occupied he would have protested he always had the piercings.  Though he could remember when he got them.  

“I…I want to believe,” Danny said as Hector launched himself on his dick with a  big smile.  “But fucking how?”

“Magic?” Garth said shrugging.

Lance felt his balls tightening.  “You’re going to swallow all of it, right boy,” he said in a low husky tone that went to Aaron’s head.  Aaron moaned to confirm he heard the commands.  In no time the hot liquid ran along Aaron’s tongue and down his throat.  Aaron coughed and gasped for air when he was done, but no cum dripped out of his lips  

“Good job boy,” Lance said patting the young man on the head.  

“Thank you sir,” Aaron said looking up at the big man.  “It’s my turn now.  Can I go take my turn or is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Fuck you’re tempting,” Lance said with a grin.  “Go take your turn while I come up with something for you to do.”

Aaron looked excited at the prospect of playing with Lance some more.  He made his way to the table where he heard Garth blow his load into Neil’s mouth.  

“I rolled a 1,” Aaron said.  “And I get Big Ass.  Great I was the only one without one of those cards!”

Aaron big fat meaty ass became even bigger, even fatter and even meatier.  While chubbier all over his ass was now a prime feature.  .  

“Holy fuck!  His ass just grew,” Danny said in amazement.  “You mean it was all real.  That story with tattoos appearing and hairstyles changing.  It was true?”

“From what Andrew told me, the game turns them into sluts.  These boys were all straight a few hours ago.  Now look at them,” Grant said.  

“Fuck that is so fucking hot!” Danny cried out.  “Yeah suck my cock straight boy.  Keep sucking to make more of a slut of yourself.”

The new information brought Danny over the edge and soon Hector was slurping down a load of jizz.  

Lance looked Aaron, “Were you straight before boy?  Answer honestly.”

“Was I straight?” Aaron said looking confused.  “I don’t…wait I was straight.  I had a girlfriend.  No I have a girlfriend Oh fuck fuck fuck!  What have I been doing?”

“It’s alright little guy,” Lance said trying to comfort the younger guys.  “Just because you sucked dick doesn’t mean…”

“What the fuck am I doing with a girlfriend?  I’m going to have to break up with her.  I’m too obsessed with dick to pretend to be interested in her,” Aaron said.  

“So you were straight and now…” Lance said with his eyes wide in shock.

“Right now I’m craving having your dick inside me.  My big fat ass needs a real man to fuck me,” Aaron said.  “You want to fuck me, don’t you sir?”

“Yeah,” Lance said breathless.  “Yeah I do.”  

“Hector I’m going to go get fucked in your bed again,” Aaron said leading Lance to the room.  

“Were you straight too?” Danny asked Hector smiling.  He knew the answer, but he wanted to see the former straight boy struggle.

“I think I remember being straight,” Hector said.  “I remember hating my perverted uncle and being disgusted at Garth leering at me and my team.  But now I want them to tell me to do pervy things and have everyone watch while I do them.”

“How does it feel to have an old man leer at you know?” Garth asked with a smile.  

“It makes me feel like a sex object,” Hector said smiling.  “A real hot sex object.”

“You are boy,” Garth said. “Alright Neil time to take your turn.”

Neil was still nestled in between Garth’s legs, but sat back into the older man’s lap.  

“You do realize the more you play, the it will make you gay right,” Danny asked.  

“Huh?  What are you talking about? A game can’t make you gay,” Neil said.  He rolled the die as he did.  

“But you were straight before playing the game?” Danny asked.  

“Danny!” Garth yelled.  

“What? I’ve always fantasized about turning straight guys.  This is a wet dream come true!” Danny said.

“I…I was straight.  A few hours ago I was straight,” Neil said looking confused.  “But how?”

“The game dude,” Danny said.  

“It is just a board game,” Neil protested as he moved his piece 4 spaces.  

“If you pull that card, it will may you gayer,” Danny said with a smile.  

“Dude get real,” Neil said reading the card.  “Open Access: You only wear jocks and jock briefs now [+60 pts].”

Neil’s briefs morphed to give open exposure to his large ass.  

“Dude your briefs just became opened backed,” Danny said.  “This game it totally making you gay.”

“What?” Neil said looking at his exposed ass.  “All my briefs are like this.  Doesn’t prove anything.”

“So the supposedly straight guy has a bunch of underwear that makes it easier for guys to see and fuck his ass,” Danny said.  “And a card just so happens to say that.”

“Relax Danny you’re doing this wrong,” Garth said.  “Okay baby.  Let’s say the next card would make you sluttier and gayer than you are now.  Would you pull that card?  Even if you knew that it would make you more of a whore?”

“More of a whore?  Yeah that sounds hot,” Neil said his hands hovering over the stack of cards.  

“Now imagine pulling that card making you more of a slut,” Garth said.  “You’re willingly making yourself sluttier by taking that card.”

Neil’s dick tented in his briefs as he drew his card.  “Wild Chaos: You can copy the effects of any card.  Oh man I don’t know which card I should choose.”

Garth got a text from Andrew.

What would you like the little slut to turn into?  Gym Bunny? Bear? Twink? Make a suggestion and he’ll play along

“Neil you want to be sexy and slutty for Daddy Garth, right?” Garth asked.

“Oh yeah!” moaned Neil.

“Then why don’t you make yourself into a stupid twink for me.  I love the idea of a hot young twink obsessed with my dick.”

“Yeah!  A twink.  I want to be a twink,” Neil said.  

The Wild Chaos chard shifted as the words began to change.  Twinktastic: You’re now a skinny creme filled treat.  [+50]  [Extra pts +20pts for every card obtained] Sissy Boy, Bleach Blondie, Think Pink, Bottom, Clean Shaven.  

Neil himself began to change become skinnier, yet maintaining his toned muscles.  His face also became younger looking and his voice went up a higher range.  

“Does being a twink make me sexy to you Daddy?” Neil asked in his new voice.

“Yes it does boy,” Grant said pawing at the willing young man.  The two began making out passionately.

“Okay Garth, I’ll admit that was hot,” Danny said.  “I love seeing these dumb sluts brains struggling, but making him yearn for it.  Classic!”

Hector was listening to his headboard slamming against the wall in his room as Aaron cried out for more.  His own hole was leaking so much boy pussy juices and he wished he was the one getting fucked in his bed.

“Hector I think it is your turn,” Garth said.  

Hector smiled and rolled for his turn.  He rolled a 1 and landed on the Draw 2 space, but his Ambitious Slut trait would have him draw 3 cards now.  

He heard his phone ping so Hector looked to see that he received a text from his uncle.  

I want you to realize that the game is changing you now.  I also want you to realize that all the cards will make me and other men take full advantage of you.  I want the old you to realize what is happening to you.

The fog of the Clueless lift from Hector’s brain.  “Oh fuck!  You guys are making us gay!” he cried out in realization.  

“No the game is making you gay dude,” Danny said.

Hector’s head was spinning from all the pictures he had taken and actions his uncle had made him do.  The pictures and the videos.  The ridiculous outfits and all the sexual behaviors.  

“How could you do this to me!” Hector screamed into the camera.  It now made total sense that his uncle had been watching the entire time.  “You’re my uncle.  You totally took advantage of me.  You took advantage of me and my friends.”

Pick up your cards Hector read the text from his phone.  

He willed himself not disobey the command, but his hand reach out and picked it up anyway.  His dick was still hard as he found himself following the command.  

“Juicy, you can produce more copious wads than most. [+50 pts],” he read.

“Sweet, we can jerk you off multiple times and you’ll blow like a porn star now,” Danny said.  His hands went into Hector’s speedo and began giving him a handjob.  “Man you are already leaking a bunch of precum.”  

Hector wanted to push away the older man’s hairy paws, but instead he was reaching for the other card.  

“Fuck You,” Hector said reading the card, he squinted at the card as he read it in full.  FuckU: Copy another player’s card by fucking their ass.”

“Aww man, it has to be another player,” Danny whined.  “I wouldn’t mind being fucked by a straight boy.”

“No.  No don’t make me fuck my friends,” Hector pleaded.  Even though he knew he already had and that they would now be more than willing.  

Fuck Neil for his Horny as Fuck card

Hector tried not to read the text.  If he didn’t see the text he wouldn’t have to follow the command.  But it was too late he saw the words and felt them come out of his lips.  

“I’m going to fuck Neil for his Horny as Fuck card,” he forced out of his lips.  

“Oh thank gawd.  I’m so fucking horny right now,” Neil said bouncing off Garth.  He went over to the couch and bent over so Hector could fuck him while standing.  “Don’t go easy on me buddy!”

Hector looked at the big round ass on the skinny body of his friend.  He wanted to be repulsed but he was so turned on.  He wanted to fight against the commands, but he also wanted to to give into the lust.  He wanted to be blissfully unaware, but then his uncle would win.  The conflicting thoughts and feelings were driving him crazy.

His dick was soon aligned with Neil’s hole and began fucking.  His friend’s ass felt so good and Neil was panting enthusiastically without a care in the world.  Hector could feel the other men’s eyes on him as he fucked.  He wanted stop and move to another room so they could fuck in privacy, but the thought of other men watching him was still so much more arousing.  His uncle had totally shifted his brain.  All he could think about now was sex.  

He wanted Garth to leer at his sexy body, but he also knew that he shouldn’t want that.  He wanted to just let Danny reach around and grab his dick without feeling that he was being taken advantage of.  He wanted to be like Neil who was too clueless to know the difference and lose himself to the carnal pleasures.  

“Your friend’s ass feel good straight boy?” Danny asked.  

“So good,” moaned Hector.  

“What’s better pussy or boy pussy?” Danny asked laughing while jerking off his own dick.  

“Boy pussy is sooo much better,” Hector moaned.  “Dick fucking my boy pussy is even better.”

“Now think about Garth here fucking your slutty boy pussy,” Danny said.  Hector tried not to think about it, but the collar wouldn’t let him ignore a command.  The images came flooding into his head.  “Does that turn you on straight boy?

“Yes,” Hector answer.  He hated to admit it, but the older man using him seemed so enticing.  Why?  He didn’t have Neil’s Daddy Chaser card.  He should be repulsed by Garth like he was prior to today.  

“What about thoughts of your uncle fucking you?  You know he wants to,” Danny said.  “He was always talking about wanting to seduce you.”

Again he tried to keep the thoughts out but they soon filled his thoughts.  All the depraved things he did for his uncle he wanted to do again and worse.  He wanted his uncle to lust after him.  To use him sexually.  To make him cum again and again.  The thoughts were arousing him so much.  It was worse than with Garth.  His ass was now dripping boy pussy juices at the thought of Uncle Andrew inside of him.  

“Come on dude answer up.  Are you going to let your uncle fuck your slutty ass?” Danny asked with a sly grin.  

“Oh fuck yes!  I want him inside me so badly!” he cried out as he shot load after load inside of Neil.  White cum poured out of Neil’s hole.

“Fuck that Juicy card is something,” Danny said while jerking himself.  “And this slut is horny for his uncle.  Man this is too much.”

“I’ll say,’ Garth said stroking his own dick.  “Did that feel good Neil?  How does my little twink feel now that he is all cream filled?”

“I feel amazing,” Neil said. “Want to fuck me now daddy or do you want me to clean up first?”

“Oh I want to fuck you now boy.  I love how dirty you are,” Garth said getting up and replacing Hector’s place.  “You’re going to be filled with so much cum when we’re done with you.”

“Please,” Hector said looking into his phone.  “I don’t want this.  Make me clueless again.  I know you won’t change me back, but I don’t want to be disgusted with myself.  Make be oblivious like Neil.”

Take your next card

“Wild Chaos,” Hector read out loud.  He tried thinking about a card he might say before his uncle texted.  

You can choose this card

But just so you know there is a Himbo card.  It will make you dumb and clueless.  But if you choose it I will definitely be fucking you.  If you don’t I will respect your wishes.  Your choice

He knew what his uncle was doing.  He was making it seem like he was allowing his uncle to fuck him.  Was it to appease his own guilt?  Make it seem like he was giving consent?  Was he asking permission?  

He tried to think of another card but the images of his uncle fucking him kept seeping into his mind.  Why?  Had he always craved his uncle?  He hadn’t had the card to make him want his uncle.  He hadn’t been given any commands.  Was it the game?  Was the game making him lust for his uncle?  His instincts told him yes, but why?  He felt like the game was using him, but for what he wasn’t sure.  It was like the game was making an offering to his uncle.

More and more images of sexual acts started to flood his mind.  All of them with his uncle.  All of them with him craving the other man.  It got to the point where Hector didn’t know what it would be like not to have these feelings that were so new to him.  

Hector tried fighting once more but his lust was winning.  “I want…” he moaned as his felt his fingers insert themselves in his boy hole.  NO!  His uncle’s boy hole.  It belong to his uncle after all.  A big smile came one Hector’s face.  “I want you inside me Uncle Andrew.  I want you to make me feel good.  Make me a Himbo so you can fuck your slut.”

The words on the card shift on the Wild Chaos card.  Himbo: You’re vacuous and frivolous and have no clue what that means [85pts].  Just as his uncle promised he felt all his concerns and dread slip away.  But in truth they had slipped away before he said his choice.  A dumb yet giddy looked became affixed to Hector’s face.

“Now I’m a dumb himbo!” cheered Hector.  His mind was swimming with nothing but dicks and craving for men.  He was too dumb to care about anything else now.  Why should he care about anything else.  His uncle turned him into a perfect sex machine.  The thought of his uncle brought back all the sexy pictures and fantasies he never knew he had before.  This time his doltish mind couldn’t become anything but aroused at the thoughts.  

“Oh Uncle Andrew I keep thinking of you fucking me.  It makes me so horny,” Hector said as he grabbed his dildo.  “My boy pussy gets so wet when I think of you.”  The toy slipped into his stretched ass without any resistance.  “This is what you do to me Uncle Andrew.  You make me to horny.  You make me want you so badly.”   Hector’s dick was ram hard and was leaking large amounts of cum.  

Andrew was cursing himself for not being there even more so now.  He was jerking himself off like mad at the sight of his horny nephew calling out to him.  He had planned to make his nephew lust after him with the wish but there was no need for that now.  His nephew was becoming everything he fantasized about.  He was letting the inner slut he was come out; Andrew always knew it was there.  

“When are you going to come and see me uncle.  I need you so badly,” panted Hector.  “When you come we should break into my parent’s house so we can fuck there.  We can fuck in their kitchen, and in their shower, and in my old bedroom, and in my parents bed.”

“Yes! Yes!  YES!!” Andrew cried out to no one but himself.  “Oh yes Hector.  We’re going to fuck in my older brother’s bed and leave all your slut juices there for them to find.  And then you’re going to tell your parents that you’re going to move in with me to be my personal whore.”

Hector’s dick exploded again and large amount shot at one of the cameras.  “Please come fuck me soon uncle,” he moaned still stroking his dick and riding the dildo.  

“My gawd that was fucking hot,” Danny said having shot his own load watching.  

Aaron and Lance came out of the bedroom.  Aaron looked a little bruised but also very pleased with himself.  Lance also looked very happy if not exhausted.

“Based on Hector’s screaming I think it is my turn,” Aaron said.  He rolled a 1 but it was 1 space away from the end so he was taking his last card.  “Role Call:Each Player with a Role gets one of their bonus cards, Current Player’s Choice”

“Wait? Role?” Danny asked.  

“We each have a role.  Aaron a leather boy, I’m is a twink, and Hector is a jock.  They give us bonus points for having more cards,” Neil explained.  

“Ah man choices.  Do I want to be tied up and used by other men, nipple piercings, or getting fisted?” Aaron said looking at his Leather Boy card.  “I could also get more leather outfits.”

Lance whispered something into his ear.  “Ok!  Fist First it is!”  Aaron picked up the next card on the stack.  Fist First: Make sure you’re stretched [+20pts].

“What card do you guys want?” Aaron asked.

“Neil wants to be a Bottom,” Garth said reviewing the twinktastic card.  Neil seemed too preoccupied getting fucked to argue so Aaron approved it.  

Adonis Body Andrew texted Aaron.

“And Hector gets Adonis Body,” Aaron said following the command.  

Hector’s body shifted again.  His muscles looked like that of a greek sculpture.  He had never been this fit even during his athlete days.  Hector felt Danny’s hands explore his body.

“Can I talk you into fucking me and filling me up with cum like you did your friend?” Danny asked.  His dream of being fucked by a straight boy was finally going to come true as he let Hector drag him into his room.  

“Okay boy, it is your turn,” Garth said to Neil.  He took himself out of Neil’s ass as the skinny young man collapsed on the couch.  Hector’s couch was now doused with Neil’s cum.  Neil lost count how many times he had cummed between Hector and Garth fucking him.  Yet he was still horny.  

He wobbled to the table and rolled a 3.  “Tongue piercing: You know what they say about a guy with one of these [+35pt].  And I get another card.  Scandalous Tats: your tattoos are as filthy as you are [30 pts].”

 Multicolored five pointed stars started showing up on Neil’s left arm.  The color pattern shifted to show a colored rainbow on display.  But looking closely the stars all had writing within them.  They were in cursive to a quick glance would miss it the the stars had phrases like ‘Daddy’s boy,’ ‘Cum Sucker,’ ‘Easy,’ and other tacky calls.  But some even had titles of porn companies.  ‘Helix’ Twink Next Door’ ‘East Boys’ “BB Twinks’ and all surrounding a larger star that said ‘As Seen on Porn.’

“Can I suck you off daddy?” Neil asked now getting his second wind.  

“You are too much boy,” Garth said feeling exhausted.  “I need a break.  Go suck off Danny.”

Neil disappeared into the bedroom with loud grunts coming out of it.  Soon new sound effects came out of the room.  

“These boys are going to kill me,” Garth said laughing in delight.  

“What a way to go,” Lance said as he made out with Aaron.  

“I’m going to have to work full time to make sure that twink has enough dick to feed his need,” Garth said eyeing the three way in the bedroom.

“Oh you poor Martyr,” Lance joked.  “But seriously I’ve seen guys on meth less dick crazy than these boys.”

“Oh yeah straight boy!” Danny cried out from the bedroom.  “Fuck look at all that jizz.”

“Sounds like the prodigal nephew is ready for his turn,” Lance said.  

Sure enough Hector came out of the room to take his turn.  A dumb smile was worn on his face and his speedo was all but forgotten now.  He rolled a 3 and took his cards. Internally Hector was excited to make himself even sluttier for his uncle.  “Exhibition Season: You’ll love showing off all your stuff to your all friends [+50 pt]!”

“A little late for that card,” Garth laughed.  Hector laughed with him.  

Hector then picked up his second card “Living Libido Loca: Your sex drive is now on overdrive. [+100 pts!!!].”

“Wait his sex drive wasn’t on overdrive before?” Lance asked.  

“OH man I’m so horny,” moaned Hector. “Oh uncle I can’t stop thinking about you.  And every time I think of you, my dick gets hard and my boy pussy gets wet.”

“This is too much,” Danny said smiling, reentering the room with Neil.

“Uncle tell me to do something.  I want to do something pervy,” pleaded Hector.  

There is a double-ended dildo on your mattress now.  Why don’t you and Neil fuck yourselves on it in front of your guests.

I no time Neil and Hector rushed into the room to pick up the dildo and began to play with it.  The two were on all fours ramming their asses together to fuck themselves.

“Take your turn boy,” Lance told Aaron.  

Aaron was only 1 space away from the finish so he wouldn’t be taking any more card.  He rolled anyway and got a 1 and took his last space.  

Again he talking to the camera like they were still explaining the game, “So the last turn I don’t take any more cards.  And then for my final action I have to say I’m a Hímringyó!”

A dazed look went through Aaron’s face.  “I’m a Hímringyó now!  Fuck!  I’m not a slutty leathered cubby.  Wow this game is totally awesome.  I was totally boring before but now I crave a dom to rough me up.  So I think, and this could be the weed talking, but I think the final phrase solidifies all the progress the players made in the game.  I’d give this game 6 out of 5 stars.”

“I want to be a Hímringyó too,” moaned Neil.    

“Why don’t you take your turn then,” Garth said handing the die to Neil while he still fucked himself silly.  

Neil took the die and dropped it, landing on a 3.  

“You’re also at the end now,” Garth said.  “What do you say now?”

“I’m a Hímringyó!!” Neil yelled out.  “I’m a skinny twink that loves having my butt stuffed.  I love dressing slutty so daddy will want to play with me.  So ALL the daddies will play with me.”

“I think I’m taking this one home with me,’ Garth said petting Neil’s head.

“Oh Yes Daddy!” Neil moaned.  “Take me home with you.  You make me feel so good.”

“And your turn now,” Danny said handing the die to Hector.

The die landed on a 4 ending Hector’s run as well.  

“I’m a Hímringyó!,” Hector moaned.  “I’m a dumb bleached jock that loves degrading himself for his uncle.  I love it when men stare at me and lust after me and I love revealing myself for them.  I’m crazy for sex and yearn to do every perverted thing my uncle can think of.  I’m dirty slut that loves filling men’s filthy fantasies.”

“Hector has the most points,” Danny said looking at Neil’s app.  

“That means Hector gets the wish!” Aaron said.

“Wish?” Danny asked.

Andrew was trying to text his nephew to wish for him to be there.  Or for his nephew to be with him.  It didn’t’ matter.  But his texts weren’t going through.  Why now of all times?

“I wish…”Hector started.

“No don’t start yet,” Andrew screamed at the monitor.  He tried calling but again his signal was nonexistent

“I want my uncle and his friends and all our other filthy daddies had enough sexual stamina to keep up with all our sexual desires.  I wish for men to lust after us when they see us and can can’t help but tell us to do perverted things and want to sleep with us.   I want to be able to do sexual depraved things and no one to stop us.  Not the police.  Not my parents.  No one.  They’ll just watch us finish up and can’t help but be turned on my us.”

The dark wish came true.  Garth, Lance and Danny felt more energized and turned on for the party to keep going.  

“Why don’t I fuck your jock ass while you wait for you uncle,” Garth said pulling the dildo out of Hector’s ass.

“Dude he just made a wish where no one will stop us from having sex.  Why are we doing it in here?” Danny asked.  

“Let’s go to the roof,” Neil said wrapping himself around Danny. “or the staircase if we’re impatient.”

“Dude I wish I could have seen the whole thing of you straight boys changing,” Danny said smiling at Neil.  

“You can,” Aaron said.  “We recorded the whole thing,” he said pointing to the cameras.  “So that’s Hímringyó everyone.  So while this definitely can’t be posted on YouTube, we’ll make sure to post this somewhere.  We’ll be showing another round of Hímringyó eventually.  If you have suggestions for new players send them to Hector’s Uncle Andrew.  We’ll put his contact in a link somewhere.”

“Oh man a whole channel of straight boys become gay whores,” Danny said.  “I’d pay good money for access to that.”

Andrew looked at the screen and couldn’t believe what had happened.  What was happening?  The boys made it sound like he was going to run another game.  With other players.  But this was supposed to be a one time deal.  The game always moved on after it made the changes.  He wasn’t supposed to run another game.

But why shouldn’t he?

The thought was there.  He could bring the game to all sorts of places and help other young men realize their slutty potential.  

A message appeared on Andrew phone showing he now had tickets for an airplane flight.  To his home town?  Where Hector was?  Did the game do thing?  

No.  Hector had bought the tickets.  He had sent an email an hour ago after he became a Himbo.  The plane was leaving in a few hours so Andrew got a few things ready before he left.

A week later Andrew was in a taxi with his nephew asleep in his head in his uncle’s lap.  Hector had a tight pink polo and plaid green board shorts on.  He smiled to himself from the last weeks endeavors.  

It had started with him fucking Hector in his nephew’s apartment.  At one point the neighbors called the police due to the constant noises after hours.  Andrew had let the officers in to watch him fuck his nephew.  He could see the two men were very much aroused by Hector had offered them a go at the wanton ass.  

Afterwards Hector begged him to go to his parents house.  He knew where the spare key was and his parents were out of town.  How could he say no to such a handsome face?

Just as he promised, they had fucked in every room in the house.  The didn’t bother cleaning up after themselves, which amounted to much thanks to the amount of cum Hector could now produce.  At one point he threw his brother’s fancy clothes on the floor and had Hector cum on his father’s wardrobe.

They even made out outside on in the backyard.  Hector wore a pink mesh speedo and his collar as he kissed his uncle, moaning in passion.  Andrew smiled at him at one point as said if he was too loud his parent’s neighbors would hear everything.  

After that Hector got louder and and made sure to call him uncle.  It wasn’t long before Hector’s speedo was slide down to allow Andrew access to his boy pussy.  Some of the neighbors had come out to see what was going on.  Andrew inviting a few of them to join them.  He even enticed some of the neighbors to photograph him and Hector second romp around the house.  

Eventually Hector left a note to his parents that he was quitting his job, becoming a stripper, and moving in with his Uncle Andrew whom he secretly lusted after for years.  The photos were left for them to find.  

They made a stop at Hector’s former employer to give his notice and fuck in his cubicle a couple of times before collecting Hector’s things and shipping them to his new address.

Neil had now moved in with Garth and was constantly on Grindr and Scruff looking for new daddies when Garth wasn’t home. His porn career started to blow up and added a new star tattoo for every new porn company he was featured in. And Aaron became popular at a local leather bar Lance introduced him to. He tried to keep his job at the distribution center, but failed his drug test. He started offering massages on craigslist to get some money, but Lance took care of most of his needs.

Now within the taxi to the airport, Hector was his now.  And the game…the game was also with them.  He wouldn’t call it his.   The game seemed to have a mind of its own.  And the game wanted him to use it.  Everything worked out so well for him. Other men deserved to indulge in the deviant fantasies.  

He had a plan.  His nephew and his friends actually helped him come up with it.  Garth had given him money from their bet and that would go into his plan as well.

“Hey mister,” the taxi drive said as they drove on the freeway.  “I don’t normally say things like this, but your boyfriend there looks a bit young for you.  Sure he isn’t whoring himself out to you for cash?”

Andrew smiled.  Men seemed to not be able to hold their tongues in making comments about Hector.  In fact most men couldn’t hold their attention to anything but him when after they saw Hector. The would stare at his ass or large bulge. And after they saw him they always voiced their opinions or their desires.

“He’s my nephew actually,” Andrew said smiling.  

“Really?  He seems so smitten with you,” the taxi drive said.  

“Oh he is,” Andrew said.  He nudged Hector awake and the younger man immediately started to groggily pull out his uncle’s dick so he could suck on it.  

“You should keep your eyes on the road,” Andrew said.  “I know my nephew’s impulsive behaviors are distracting but we need to get to the airport on time.”  

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