Like Son, Like Father - Taboo or not Taboo?

By RobinHood70 -
published July 16, 2016
4291 words

Nothing to see here…unless you want to!


  • Sean (1, 2)
  • Cedric (1, 2)
  • Jared (1, 2)

When I woke up Saturday morning, I noticed that Jared wasn’t home. Realizing that Cedric must have taken him back to his place last night, I took a seat in the living room and spilled another puddle of cum onto my stomach. It seemed that every time I thought about Jared spending time with Cedric now, I got a stiffy. That was fine by me, though I’d have to be careful what I thought about when I was at work.

Jared ended up spending the entire weekend at Cedric’s place, though Cedric called me both days, reassuring me that everything was fine and that he didn’t mind keeping Jared there at all. Jared also spent a couple of evenings with Cedric during the week, always returning late at night. Each time, they said goodbye in the front hallway for fifteen or twenty minutes before Cedric left again.

The second time, I was sitting in the dining room when they came in. Instinctively, I got up to head upstairs, but as I passed in front of the door to the front hall, I saw Jared on his knees in front of Cedric. I stopped, somewhat shocked at the tableau before me, nevertheless feeling my cock start to get a bit spongy as I saw the two of them together. For the first time ever, at least as far as I knew, I wasn’t even aware of having been under—the only reason I knew that I had been was because I suddenly had a raging hard-on that hadn’t been there seemingly a moment before. Cedric turned back to face Jared, who was still waiting on his knees, and as I went upstairs, I heard the unmistakable sound of Cedric’s pants being unbuckled. I was surprised at how calm I was about the image that formed in my head—I even felt happy for them—though I had other priorities just then, and the image was gone almost as soon as it came.

Unfortunately, our schedules just didn’t work out very well that week, and apart from him stopping by to pick Jared up or drop him off, it wasn’t until our usual Friday session that Cedric and I were able to get together again. That afternoon, he called me at work. Unless there was a big project on the go, I usually did the bookkeeping Friday and let my employees handle whatever jobs we had, so I was alone in the office when he called. I smiled broadly as soon as I heard his voice, thrilled as always that he was calling again. I stopped what I was doing immediately—the bookkeeping could wait until another time—and listened to his voice, my dick stiffening up within moments.

Our routine was well established by now, so after I got off the phone with him, I went home and showered. On a whim, I also decided to shave my entire chest, stomach, and armpits bare. I wasn’t sure what had prompted it, but I definitely liked how it looked. I’d always thought that body hair made me look manlier, but looking at myself in the mirror when I was done, I found myself admiring the smoothness even more. Everything still felt a bit raw and there were a couple of nicks, but I knew I’d get better at it if I decided to keep it that way. I seemed to remember Cedric mentioning something about liking smooth guys at some point…I wondered if he’d notice, or say anything if he did.

After towelling off—gingerly in the newly-shaved areas—I grabbed my bottle of lube, shut off the phones and went down to sit in my usual spot, already running through the relaxation exercises to help put myself under.

From time to time, it had occurred to me to wonder if Cedric might be hypnotizing me over the phone, especially in light of the fact that I obviously wasn’t always aware of it when he hypnotized me. Sitting there running through the relaxation exercises made me realize that he couldn’t possibly be. After not having been hypnotized for an entire week apart from the quickie the other night, I was so excited that he was coming over that I had a hard time relaxing. If Cedric had been hypnotizing me whenever he called, I was sure I wouldn’t have been so anxious for him to show up. As I finally started to really relax, I heard the garage door open and then close again, the very thought of him finally being here allowing me to drift off fully at long last.

When I awoke, Cedric was sitting in his usual spot, very obviously admiring my body and my hard dick, since I hadn’t bothered to put anything on after showering. I barely even noticed his admiration, though, being more puzzled by how he’d gotten in. As I started to play with myself, I asked him about it.

“Oh, I just told Jared to make me a copy of his key. I figured it would be easier if I could just come and go as I please rather than having one of you two always having to be around”, he told me matter-of-factly.

I knew it should bother me that he’d done that without asking me, but Cedric was really more like a long-time friend or even a housemate at this point, so I didn’t give it a second thought. I just finished jerking off, following Cedric’s suggestions to go faster or slower. As usual, once I was done, I went off to make dinner, bringing it to Cedric in the living room and clearing everything away when we were done.

At one point, he commented on how smooth my upper-body was now, which gave me an indescribable thrill. I even let him run his hands over my entire upper body for several minutes to see how smooth it was which, judging from the slight bulging of his pants as he did, gave him a thrill of his own.

Once again, I wasn’t aware of Cedric hypnotizing me later that night, but obviously he must have because the next thing I knew, I was blinking my eyes open to see Jared sitting with his head on his chest next to Cedric. It was odd, but I actually liked the idea that Cedric could put me under without me even being aware of it.

I sat quietly and watched as Cedric turned to Jared and spoke quietly to him. It was clear that Jared had been hypnotized, just as I had, which I found…heart-warming is probably the closest description. It was as if hypnosis had become a family activity now. I could barely make out what Cedric was saying, but naturally, I got hard again seeing them together, all the more because I knew Jared was under.

As I watched, Jared stood up and took his clothes off. Cedric mostly watched him as he stripped, but occasionally he also looked at me to gauge my reactions. Despite having my eyes open and not being aware of being hypnotized, I still felt like I was half under, so seeing Jared naked really didn’t bother me. After all, I’d seen Jared naked a few times over the years—in changing rooms or the rare time around the house for whatever reason—so there was no need to think anything of it this time either.

“Very good, Sean. I see you’re progressing quite nicely”, Cedric said, reaching up to fondle Jared’s nipples.

“If you say so. I don’t really feel any different”, I told him as I sat there watching him pinching and twisting Jared’s nipples, causing Jared to gasp slightly in pain. Okay, I did feel a bit different, but not the way he meant.

“Good, good. So it doesn’t bother you seeing your son naked?”, he asked. Not only naked, but also getting hard, I noticed.

I had to pause for a moment to even realize that there was something unusual about what was going on here. “I guess it should,” I smiled, “but I just think it’s great to see you taking charge and helping him develop a sense of discipline…just like the cop we were watching last week in your video.” My words sounded awkward and rehearsed, even to me, but just hearing myself say them, knowing what I said was true, made me calmer.

In between pinching Jared’s nipples, Cedric’s hands massaged their way down Jared’s body, slowly going lower and lower, rubbing his six-pack and sides as Jared stood there, almost like a trainer would rub his hands over a prize horse. “So, let me just be clear here: your son is standing in front of you naked with a hard-on, and a guy you haven’t seen in over twenty years and have only recently gotten to know again is rubbing his hands all over him, and that doesn’t bother you? Not even the littlest bit?” His hands continued their meandering downward trek, pausing above what was now a very hard cock to scratch at Jared’s pubic hair.

I found it oddly fascinating watching the two of them. It reminded me vaguely of when I’d found my wife in bed with another man, where there had been just the briefest moment of intense excitement at the sexual humiliation as I realized I was being cuckolded. Back then, the sensation had quickly been eclipsed by anger. Watching Cedric and Jared now, I felt only the exciting sense of humiliation; there was no anger at all.

It was a strange mix of feelings all in all because I also had the most amazing sense of pride and joy for Jared…probably the same way I would have felt if I’d known he was getting lucky with a girl. On one level, a part of me knew I was supposed to object to what Cedric was obviously about to do. But on an even deeper level, I couldn’t imagine ever objecting to anything Cedric wanted to do, and I enjoyed the humiliation of just sitting there doing nothing as a man more than twice Jared’s age calmly moved his hand towards my son’s throbbing cock.

“No, it doesn’t bother me at all”, I replied with the overdone nonchalance of someone who was enjoying himself thoroughly. And sure enough, as soon as I said that, Cedric finally reached out and wrapped his hand around Jared’s dick, pulling back the foreskin to rub his thumb underneath the head.

At first, Cedric kept talking to me, telling me how much he liked my son’s cock, how long, thick, smooth, and beautiful it was. He got crasser as he spoke, which bothered me slightly, but I wasn’t sure if it was the crudeness of what he was saying or how much he seemed to enjoy talking about my son’s body.

But once again, even as I started to feel discomfort, the sense of humiliation that I was doing nothing to stop Cedric from describing Jared that way took over. Besides, even with the language, it was always such a pleasure to hear Cedric talk and I found my own hands delicately fingering my cock even as he spoke.

For all his efforts, though, I still wasn’t quite as ready as Cedric clearly thought I was, and after a while, as the sense of being half-under faded, the whole scenario started to bother me, at least a little bit. My son was being fondled by a guy twice his age, and I was placidly sitting there watching! I really shouldn’t be allowing this, much less watching it and stroking myself to it.

Cedric sensed my distress, though, probably because my dick started to go soft, and as always, he took care of the problem. At his direction, I imagined myself back on the beach that had started this whole thing, and began to relax again almost immediately. He talked me through it for a few minutes, everything but his voice fading from my awareness, and when I opened my eyes again, I was much calmer. “Why don’t you just relax, Sean, and watch some television”, Cedric told me. “You don’t have to watch us if you don’t want to.”

At the suggestion, I placidly grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, instinctively muting it so as not to disturb them. At first, I kept my eyes firmly on the TV, but as time wore on, I couldn’t help but look over to see what they were doing. I told myself that I shouldn’t want to know what they were doing, but the fact was, I did want to know what they were doing, and it was turning me on that I couldn’t stop myself from looking. I blushed as I turned to look at them, but I said nothing, and Cedric just grinned when he noticed me looking.

I watched for a couple of minutes in morbid fascination as Cedric frenched Jared, who was now sitting back down, and played with his cock before I returned to the show I wasn’t really watching and couldn’t hear. Occasionally, as I sat there not watching TV, Cedric would talk about how I was beginning to relax and how it was getting easier for me to just listen to them, and to look at them occasionally, becoming more comfortable each time with what I saw.

To my surprise, he was right. He started describing Jared’s body again, and I just let the words flow over me. As I stared at the screen, I listened to the most lurid descriptions of my son’s cock: how hard it was getting; how much Cedric enjoyed just being able to grab it whenever he wanted; how he was pinching and scratching it; how he was bending it downwards painfully; and on and on. But the more he spoke, the more I realized that they were just words and that there was nothing to be worried about, really. Each time the commercials came on, I turned and watched as Cedric played with Jared some more, kissed him, and later on, even got him to put on a bit of a belly dance. Like the words, the actions became less bothersome as well.

As they kept going, I got more and more comfortable with what was going on, and stopped paying quite as much attention to the TV. I even went back to playing with myself a little as I watched Cedric put Jared under again. The parts I heard were all about how my son loved being told what to do, loved obeying Cedric without question, how it made him hard whenever Cedric hurt him, and so on. I didn’t pay attention to all of it, though. Any time something Cedric said bothered me too much, I’d just zone out and stare at the TV again.

It was like a dream, really, one where you know that nothing is as it should be, but you accept everything, and even begin to enjoy it after a while. I had to turn back to the TV for a bit when I saw my son start to jerk off, but Cedric’s voice just slid in and helped me through it. By the end, I was watching the two of them calmly in that dream-like state that felt so good. Cedric alternated between frenching Jared and biting his nipples while I watched, and I noticed that each time Cedric bit, Jared would speed up. He really seemed to like the pain.

Dream or no dream, it was hard not to take notice when Jared came quite vocally, catching his cum in his other hand. I felt a little ill when he started licking it off and swallowing it, and looked back to the TV until I stopped hearing the slurping sounds. It was one thing to see some teenager you don’t know lapping up cum in a video, but it was quite another to watch your own son eating his cum right in front of you. When I looked back, I noticed that Jared was getting a bit worried, looking over at me with both confusion and a hint of embarrassment in his eyes. I couldn’t be sure, but I thought that now that he’d cum, he was starting to realize the oddity of the situation: he was sitting in the same room as his father while he was stark naked, had a hard-on, and was eating his own cum. But with a simple gesture, Cedric had Jared’s head tilted down towards his chest again, oblivious to the entire world as Cedric turned his attention to me.

I couldn’t be anything less than completely honest with Cedric, so when he asked how I was doing (while reaching over and rubbing my bare chest again, I noticed absent-mindedly), I told him very openly about the humiliation I was feeling. I admitted to him that I hadn’t been able to stop myself from watching them, and how humiliated I felt that not only had I not objected to anything they were doing, but that I’d actually watched them and been hard and even playing with myself for most of it. I also told him that I was feeling really disgusted by watching Jared eat his own cum. He just told me not to worry about it—that we’d work on it some more next time—a promise for which I was profoundly grateful.

As Jared sat there, oblivious to everything, Cedric helped me get back to that peaceful, calm state I enjoyed so much before turning back to Jared. He played with Jared’s cock even as he put him deeper into hypnosis, suggesting to Jared how much he’d enjoyed being naked and being told what to do, especially in front of his father, and how he wanted to do it even more in the future. I wasn’t sure if I’d look forward to it, but I knew better than to interrupt such a great hypnotist while he was busy. Even as I let him finish what he was doing, I noticed that my cock was throbbing yet again.

After he’d finished with Jared, Cedric turned his attention back to me one last time before he left. “Well, it’s getting late, so I should probably go now. I’ll be back to hypnotize both of you again next week. Actually, I think I’ll be coming over much more often now—maybe I’ll even make surprise visits now that I can let myself in.”

“Thank you”, I replied earnestly. “I hated not being hypnotized for a whole week, so please come over whenever you want! I don’t normally do jobs very long into the evening if I can avoid it, but I can rearrange them if you think it’s necessary. I’d hate to disappoint you if you came over unexpectedly and I wasn’t here, but whatever you think is best.”

“I don’t think it’ll be necessary for you to rearrange anything. Jared and I can entertain ourselves if you’re not here, I think.” And that was that. I couldn’t wait till Cedric came back, and I was thrilled that he’d be coming over more often now, especially knowing that he could just let himself in and hypnotize me whenever he wanted, and I might not even know it!

As before, I watched complacently as Cedric gave Jared a quick fondle and quizzed him on how he felt about being naked with me there. Much to my surprise, as Jared told Cedric how much he enjoyed showing himself off around me, his English accent came through loud and clear. Over the years since we’d moved back, he’d always tried to hide it and use the local accent, even at home, but now it was back almost as strongly as if we’d never left England at all. Cedric didn’t seem to notice anything unusual about it, though, and satisfied with Jared’s response, he stood up and headed towards the front hallway, beckoning Jared to follow.

I really had to hand it to Cedric: he seemed to have both our interests at heart. Whenever I felt uncomfortable about something, Cedric always took care of it, and I was pleased to see him doing the same with Jared. Sure enough, when Jared stood up to follow, he just grinned at me impishly when he noticed that he wasn’t the only one who was naked and hard.

As Cedric reached the door out of the room, he surprised me by inviting me to join the two of them in the front hall while they said their goodbyes. When we all got to the front hallway, Cedric told Jared that he should say goodbye properly and I watched as Jared unabashedly got down on his knees. I stayed quiet at first as I watched Jared undo Cedric’s pants and pull out his cock to give him a blowjob. At first I wondered why Cedric hadn’t just asked him to do that while we were all in the living room, but then I remembered Jared waiting on his knees in the front hallway a couple of days ago, and all the other times they’d spent so long saying goodbye, and I realized that this was a ritual for them.

“Oh, man your son gives great head! You have no idea how much I’ll enjoy being able to do this right in front of you now”, Cedric growl-purred, much as he had on the phone that one time.

“Have you two been doing this every time you’ve been saying goodbye?”, I asked, already knowing what his answer would be.

“Every time! I figured you couldn’t handle it at first, so I hypnotized you to leave us alone whenever we said goodbye, but clearly, you’ve progressed far enough that I no longer need to do that.” His speech as he said this was interrupted by the occasional moan or gasp as Jared hit a good spot. Oddly enough, I had an easier time watching Jared give Cedric a blowjob than I’d had watching him eat his own cum. I mean, it was just what gay guys did, right? I remembered hearing a joke once a long time ago…something to the effect that blowjobs for gay guys were like handshakes for the rest of the world. It had seemed stupid at the time, but now I could totally see it.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel if Cedric came, though. I didn’t think I’d like that, but somehow, the idea of Jared eating Cedric’s cum was less bothersome than him eating his own cum. I figured it probably had something to do with how I pretty much revered Cedric at this point. As it turned out, though, it wasn’t an issue. Cedric just stood there getting sucked off for a good 20 minutes or so without ever cumming. When he wasn’t groaning in pleasure, he chatted with me, once again checking how smooth my chest and pits were. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but I had a vague sense that I should let him do that whenever he wanted. I knew that if he found any missed spots or anything, he’d let me know, and it just made sense that he would need to check it regularly.

As we chatted, I realized that the hypnosis from earlier had worn off completely—I wasn’t half-under or deliberately trying to relax, I was my normal self…and I was casually watching my son give another man a blow job. It no longer bothered me in the slightest, and I took it as a great sign of the progress I’d made in the last several weeks.

For no reason that I could see, Cedric just decided at some point that they were done and pulled out of Jared’s mouth, leaning forward to give him a last fondle and a quick kiss after zipping back up. Patting Jared on the head on his way by, Cedric headed out the door, letting us lock up behind him. I couldn’t wait until he came back! Noticeably, Jared was looking longingly out the door as well.

Reaching down, I smiled and ruffled Jared’s hair, prompting him to smile back up at me. Cedric was doing everything I’d asked him to and more—Jared and I had never been closer to one another in our entire lives.

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