Eddie Sucks a Dick

By Derek Williams - derek.williams.comments@hotmail.com
published October 29, 2018
2371 words

Eddie has a hard time thinking straight. Devon enjoys the new Eddie.

I woke up in early morning sunlight. It was warm on my skin through the window. I was sprawled on my bed, stretched with my hands above my head. For just a moment, everything was normal again.

I moved my arms to rub the sleep out of mu eyes and felt the back tug of the ropes attaching me to the bed. Thick cuffs kept me from moving around, alone in my apartment, like some bondage scene gone wrong.

And it all came flooding back to me.

The curse. My trapped cock, trapped first in a metal cage and then in a bright orange jockstrap. My suddenly muscular and amazing body. My foggy and slow mind.

“Shit,” I said to the empty room. I was pissed.

“Just don’t blow your load,” I said to myself.

“Just don’t blow your load.”

“Good advice,” Devon said, striding in. He looked like sex on wheels. Track pants. Square cut yellow beater. What was either decent cologne or amazing deodorant.

“Thanks,” I said. “Could you fucking untie me?”

“Sure thing bro,” he said. “Gotta keep those wandering hands busy overnight. Never know what you might do dreaming.”

I felt my anger dying down. I thought about how often my morning wood sprung up, even before I had been in this muscled up body. I probably would have grabbed my cage and punched the button before I even woke up.

And once that cage was gone, I didn’t stand a fucking chance. Yesterday my hand had landed on it a dozen times, and only Devon’s constant presence and my own fear of being forced to stay this dumb had kept me from pushing it. Grabbing my solid cock. Making a fist around it and jerking until…

Until I wasn’t really me anymore.

“C’mon bro,” Devon was saying as he released my hands. “Grab your gym bag and we’ll hit the weights. That always helps take the edge off for me. Plus, a body like that… Eddie dude, you belong in a gym now.”


I threw on some black sweats and a cherry red tank that contrasted good with my skin. Really made my shoulders pop. And when I spent what was probably too long posing in the mirror and checking out how I could make a vein snake against my bicep, Devon just watching and smiled.

Even though he did yell at me both times I moved my hand down to grab my crotch. Whatever. Devon was being a total bro, I was lucky he was on this ride with me.

Eventually we grabbed out bags and headed out. I had a gym membership already - one of the perks at my job - but Devon took me to a different kind of gym than I was used to. Usually, I thought of a gym as a big room full of windows with lots of treadmills and a yoga class and boring shit like that.

This gym was about metal and muscle. Iron. Rack after rack after rack of weights. This gym was about taking a body and breaking it down to it’s weakest, just so that food and rest could do their work and rebuild.

It was cinderblocks and bare concrete in the basement of a stripmall.

This was home. I could feel it in the walls.

I looked around and saw an open deadlift platform. I knew - like in my brain - that I’d never done a deadlift before. But my body saw it and headed over to slide some weight on the bar.

I started light enough, but by my second set I was seriously straining my muscles. Watching my form in the mirror. Engaging and squeezing as required to get the most out of the motion. Keeping the bar vertical, instinctively avoiding mistakes in my form.

“Bro, this is fuckin’ unreal,” I said to Devon.

“Nah Eddie,” Devon said. “This is fuckin’ real. This is yours now.”

I kept pushing myself on set after set, going until I hit failure.

It went on like that for every lift. Devon was trying to wear me out, so we were there for fuckin hours. It was like it was leg day and chest day and back day all at once. Devon kept telling me that he wanted me so tired that I couldn’t even think about sex.

But even as we pushed through reps, the other beasts in the gym caught my eye. This gym wasn’t like my old one. It wasn’t full of fat guys trying to walk their way to victory, or skinny girls in crop tops gossiping at 3 miles an hour on the treadmill. It was full of genuine muscle. The kind that wore deep stringers, because otherwise they’d have no chance of making it through their full range of motion without ripping something.

These guys were real muscle.

Devon noticed me staring at one in particular. “You see that guy?” he said, pointing at a 275lb bodybuilder that was wringing every drop of sweat he could from his body.

“Yeah,” I said. “I’d like to be that guy…”
 “Nah, you wouldn’t,” Devon said. “He got the curse a couple years back. Didn’t make it through the first day before he jacked himself off. He works that hard ‘cause he needs the distraction. I doubt he’s had his dick free in over a year.”

“No way,” I said. “Guys must want to fuck him non-stop.”

“Yeah, but it’s gotta be a smart dude for the curse to work. And the Ryan Lochte level shit that spills outta his mouth is fuckin’ unbearable if you’re smart. Watch this.”

“Hey brah,” Devon waved at the bodybuilder in the squat rack.

“Sup bro!” he replied. “Shit… do you know if I started squats yet?”

“Nah man, you just got there.”

“Sweet, thanks!”

“See what I mean?” Devon said quietly to me, like I was supposed to find it a total turn-off. But really… I liked the idea that brains and muscle didn’t go together for him. He was pure pump, and that made my cock push even harder against it’s confinement.

“Yeah,” I said. “So like… I got a question bro.”


“Do you know… is it just the curse, or am I gonna be this horny, even after I break free?” I asked.

“Yeah, that comes with the body,” Devon said. “You need a lot of testosterone to build a body like that natty. Being ripped natty means you’re prolly also gonna be a total horn dog. When you’re that guy, you pretty much just have to eat, sleep, lift and fuck.”

He saw me staring at the bodybuilder, slowly counting out his reps.

“But this weekend, you don’t get to fuck. Come back and take his ass later bro."

“Yeah, like I wanna go through this again,” I said gesturing at my cage.

“One per customer buddy,” Devon said, “Once you’re free, you can fuck a cursed dude no worries. I really hope you’ll wanna come and fuck me once in a while.”

I looked at Devon. I looked at the bodybuilder. Pumped muscle in a cage, just needing to be fucked by someone like me.

Yeah, I was gonna get through this. I had to.


I could barely stand as I trudged into the change room. It wasn’t bad - like the gym was all concrete and steel, but this actually had private changing cubes and shower stalls and shit.

I managed to unlock my locker. I kept fucking up 12 and 21 in my locker combo. Like, they were basically the same number. As I pulled out my gym bag and headed towards one of the changing cubes, I heard Devon call me.

“Bro, in here with me.”

“What up bro?” I asked, ducking into his cube.

“I need you to suck me off, okay? Like I’m spending a whole free day here keeping you safe bud, and I need to get off. So, you’re it, okay?”

The reasoning didn’t really make any sense to me, but things weren’t making much sense at all this weekend. I was having trouble thinking too deeply about anything. I didn’t know if it was my overfilled balls or my over-fuelled sex drive, but I felt kinda out of it.

“Huh?” I said. “But I’m a top…”

“Not today bro. Just get on your knees and suck,” Devon said.

He flopped his big cock out in front of my and pushed down on my shoulders. So what you gonna do? I figured I owed it to him, you gotta help out your bros. I got down on my knees and swallowed his dick whole.

It drove me wild, breathing in his sweaty scent. I worked my way up and down his shaft, my fat lips tight, making sure that he was having fun. I used my tongue to lick his balls. I blew cool air to make his cock tingle in anticipation.

I had more fun sucking a dick than I’d ever had before.

I don’t know why I thought this was just a bottom thing. I’d definitely be back.

Devon exploded in my mouth. His sticky cum flooded my mouth and I swallowed eagerly.

It was a shame his cock would barely be available.


We stepped out onto the sunny street. It was getting toward lunchtime, and I was starving, despite the snack I’d just enjoyed.

“Hey bro,” Devon motioned at his face.

“Huh?” I said.

“Come here,” he said.

I leaned in, and Devon wiped something off my chin with his finger. “Open up,” he said, sticking the finger in my mouth.

I licked a drip of cum off of his finger. Dessert.


Once I had tasted Devon’s cum, I was practically vibrating.

“How much longer til my cage comes off bro?” I asked.

“Like… fourteen hours,” he said.

“What the fuck am I gonna do for fourteen hours?” I said.

“Well… I’m headed over to some buddies in a couple hours. Come with. We’re gonna do a pre-drink and then head out clubbing.”

“Uh… I don’t think that’s gonna make it any easier to keep this in my pants,” I laughed.

“Nah, it’s cool. Come out, drink a fuckton, get some whisky dick, and wake up tomorrow a free man.”

“That’s a good plan?” I asked.

“Yeah, that’s a good plan.” Devon said.

“Okay bro, let’s do it.”


Devon dropped me at my place. He’d be back in an hour - he needed a shower and a change of clothes. I had really specific instructions to take a long, cold shower. Then get dressed. Then we’d head over to his buddies place, and get the night started.

I was in the shower for maybe a minute before I realized just how fucking turned on I was. Even the cold water was making me horny. It was running over my captive dick and making it press even harder against the cage.

My hand dropped towards the metal. The button looked so simple. So easy to just press and get off. I didn’t need to get off even… I could just edge. Yeah, that’d be right.

My big thumb sat on the button. I wanted to press it down so bad.

No! I could do this. I jerked my hand away and adjusted the shower even colder.

Five minutes later, I was standing in a towel, my teeth chattering in summer air. But at least I still had my cage.

My nipples were hard enough to cut glass.


I squeezed my ass into an incredibly tight pair of jeans. I’d swear that you could see my cage. But the other night, Devon had been wearing something just as tight, and I just thought he had a huge dick.

I mean, you can be right and wrong at the same time, right?

Devon finally got to my place. I told him that I almost did it. I couldn’t resist much longer.

“You’re doing great Eddie,” he said, putting a comforting hand on my shoulder.

I blushed and stood there all awkward. I didn’t know what to say.

“Now let’s go get some booze into us, k?” He hefted a box of beer that could have gotten a small block party drunk.

We walked a dozen blocks or so and ended up in an apartment building just a block or so away from the club where Devon and I had first met. I wanted to take the stairs - I needed to get some of this energy out, but Devon insisted that I’d rip a hole in my jeans if I pounded my way up the stairs.

Instead we let the elevator carry us to the fifth floor. Apartment 507.

“Hey,” Devon shouted as he walked right into the apartment. It was a bro-ish two bedroom. Pizza boxes in the kitchen. Beers on the tables. You get the idea.

“This is Matt,” Devon said, pointing at a blond dude, heavy with swollen muscle. “And that’s Kyle,” he pointed at a black haired version of the same guy.

“Hey,” I said. “I’m Eddie.”

“Good to meet you Eddie. Beer?” Matt asked, tossing me a cold brew without waiting for an answer.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Like, OMG, introduce me to the hotties!” said a new voice, coming from the bathroom behind me.

“And this is Andrew,” Matt said. “Andrew, this is Devon and Eddie.”

I turned around to meet Andrew and dropped my beer in surprise. Andrew was short and blocky, compact muscle at its finest. His bleached blond hair was cut in a surf style. His clothes reflected a deep need to be looked at, and his eyes reflected no hint of intelligence.

And despite all that, I was sure I knew him. It was the pal I had ditched to go home with Devon.

It was my buddy Andy.

“You okay bro?” Devon asked.

[To be continued…]

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