Eddie and Andrew Start New Lives

By Derek Williams - derek.williams.comments@hotmail.com
published November 3, 2018
3381 words

Eddie tries to beat the curse, while Matt works against him. Andrew shows everyone what a slutty himbo he’s become.

I stared at Andrew in blank faced shock. He stared back at me with blank brained wonder.

I couldn’t believe it. My buddy Andy. My chubby little arrogant fried, here he was. All fucked up like I was. Another casualty of whatever musclebro obsessed witch had started this curse in the first place.

“Bro! You look fuckin’ amazing!” Andrew broke the silence.

I laughed. What else was there to do? And I mean, like, Andrew was way hotter than Andy ever had been.

I stepped towards him and reached around to grab him by the ass. It was fuckin’ beautiful. Firm, but just bubbled enough to make me want to ditch my cage and fuck him right then and there. I drew him towards me, and put my other hand on the back of his head.

“You’re looking pretty damn hot yourself bro,” I growled. Then I brought myself in close enough to smell the sweat from his musky body.

We kissed. Deeply.

“Hey,” Devon said. “You two take it easy. Eddie’s still got about six hours before his cage goes away, and Andrew’s about… what, an hour after that?”

“Yeah,” one of Devon’s bros said. Matt, I think his name was. “We left the club about an hour after you.”

“I’m not s’posed to take off my cage Eddie,” Andrew said with a dumb smile. “Matt says so, and he’s the alpha.” He giggled, like he’d just said something sexy.

“I’m not either,” I said. “But damn, looking at that bubble butt makes me want to.”


Eventually there were five guys in the house, plus me and Andrew. I’d asked Andrew why he changed his name. He just said that it sounded sluttier - and who didn’t want to sound sluttier?

Devon was there, of course, the hot black bro who had let me fuck him and trapped me in my cock cage. Then Kyle and Matt. It took a little to get the story, but I think Kyle passed the curse to Andrew, while Matt just sat there and jerked himself off. Apparently he’d been one of the first in this group to get the curse, but somehow Matt made it through the two days until he was free. Kyle obviously hadn’t. As Matt’s roommate, I got the feeling that he rode Matt’s cock a lot, just for something to fuck himself on.

Then there was David, this slab of Chinese-American muscle who seemed to be another permanently caged member of the group. Unlike Kevin and Devon, he wasn’t experiencing any freedom, and he was eager to find a smart guy tonight that he could bend over for.

“It’s rough bro,” he would said. “Dudes say the most racist shit just cuz I’m Asian. I mean, I look like this,” he pulled up his muscle shirt and gestured at washboard abs. “Like you think I’m good at math AND spend all this time at the gym?”

Last up, we had Chad. I’m not joking. He was actually fucking named Chad. Before the curse had gotten to him, he’d been an honours student at the university. Now that he had the body that matched his name though, he took some kind of perverted pleasure in playing up the stereotype. Don’t think he’s stupid though, he kept his dick in his pants for two days and came out with the reward.

The reward that I was only a few hours away from getting too. Just a few more hours and I’d be keeping this perfect body, and getting my old smarts back. I wanted it so bad I could taste it.

We started downing shots and beers. Just because there was a curse involved… I mean we were all still bros, right? There’s a right was to party, and we were built for it.

I tried to just hang out and drink, but it was so fucking hard. The room was filled to the brim with testosterone. You could probably get a pump just walking past the apartment door.

“So, it’s like buffy, right?” I said. “Who turned who?”

“Kyle was first,” Devon told me. “He fucked this random, Sam. I mean, I guess you know the story,” he laughed. “But instead of helping him out, Sam just told him the rules and kicked him out of his apartment. Kyle didn’t last an hour man, he got so desperate that he ducked into an alley on his way home and pulled his horn.”

“No fuckin’ way,” I said. “That bitch.”

“Yeah,” said Devon. “And I mean, once Kyle got home, it wasn’t long before Matt was next. They were roommates, and the way Matt tells it, Kyle just walked in while Matt was playing Xbox and dropped his pants. Worked out for Matt though - Kyle tied him to the bed and practically sat on him ’til he got through it. I guess he felt better, not being alone.”

“I fucked Kyle myself a month or two later. That’s a long story, but you can tell I gave in.”

“And then eventually Chad and David both fucked me. Not the same night of course, but both in the same month. It hasn’t really been that long - Kyle’s only been caged about six months now… but you sorta learn to lean into your new life fast.”

“Yeah,” David interrupted. “I dropped out and got into bartending in like a week after I woke up like this. I mean, grad school ambitions are good and all, but it’s easier to pick up dick when you’re behind the bar.”

“Yeah,” I said, “that makes sense…”

I was trying to focus. Really. But Andrew was making it so hard. Hell, he was making me so hard. While I was out of my element and fighting for my freedom, Andrew had completely given in. He was the perfect air-headed himbo. Laughing and joking, dancing in his underwear, making out with whoever was available. You get the idea.

And it all looked so unbelievably tempting to me.

He didn’t seem like he was having any trouble controlling his cock either. Matt had told him to stay away, and in Andrew’s world you followed instructions. It was easier than thinking for yourself. Instead, Andrew’s horny sexuality revolved around servicing other dudes and getting his ass grabbed for his trouble.

I must have been staring at him for a while, because Devon poked me and asked “You okay Eddie?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Just… doing some thinking.”

“Relax,” Devon said. “Just a few more hours. Have another shot.”

We did another. It was some kind of nasty whisky. I wasn’t a fan, but whisky leads to whisky dick. Or so I hoped. I was still as hard as my cage would allow.

“Bro,” I said. “There aren’t working like they should.”

“You’re way bigger than you used to be,” countered Devon. “And fitter. Your body just knows how to work harder now.”

“Like, I should be under the table by now,” I said.

“You’re not a lightweight anymore Eddie.”

“Man, I can’t believe how much Andrew changed…” I said. Maybe the booze was working a bit. My brain was swapping topics easily.

“Yeah,” I said. “Like he’s normally this sarcastic pain in the ass. And just look at him. It’s like he totally just opened up his fun side. Like his brains were all that was getting in the way of him being a total…”

“A total what?”

“I dunno… just like a total somethin’,” I said. “Getting dumbed down totally opened up the fun side that I never even knew existed.”

“There’s nothing wrong with having some fun Eddie,” Devon said. “Just keep your dick in it’s cage, and you can have all the fun you want. Having fun won’t trap you - you just gotta keep your load in for a few more hours.”

We sat there for a minute, real quiet. I tried to remember the last thing I did that was fun.

“Can I suck you off?” I asked.


I was on my third guy, cum dripping down my chin, and I wasn’t thinking about my own dick at all. Just the cocks that I was serving. It felt so good to just take in their manly smells and enjoy the different tastes. Devon and Chad both had satisfied and relaxed looks - my fault. David was looking at me hungrily, wishing that he was free and fucking my face. And Matt… well, he was learning just how good I was at giving head.

If I had cared about the time, I would have seen the clock ticking on. It was just over three hours until I earned my freedom, if I managed to keep control of myself.

Matt was talking quietly while I was sucking him off. It was a loud room, lots of laughing and music and Andrew was doing a striptease in front of the window. I doubt anyone but me was paying attention to what Matt was saying, even if they could hear him.

“You know, we’ve actually met before,” he told me. I didn’t believe him. There was no way I’d forget a thick mushroom head like the one I was playfully brushing with my teeth.

“It was back when we were both smaller. Weaker. I suppose we were even uglier, but you never think that about yourself. Not really. But we sure as hell weren’t supermodel material like we both are now.

“You’ve always been into hot jocks, even before Devon came along and made you into one of us. I wasn’t. I just wanted to hook up. Have some fun. So about a year ago, believe it or not, I came up and hit on you. Same club, but i didn’t have abs like these…” Matt continued sliding his hand over his abdomen.

“So you blew me off. I think there was some halfwit of a baseball player that you were staring at. I doubt you even realized I was there. You were so focussed on burning a hole through his ass with your laser vision that I was chopped liver. You always wanted the unattainable jockbro. And you know what, I would have been attainable.”

I felt bad. I doubled down on the blow job. I really wanted to make it up to Matt. He was such a cool bro. And bros help each other out, right?

“And now you’re one of us,” Matt said. He shifted in his seat, and I shifted on my knees as he leaned down towards me. His torso weighed down on my head as he slid his hand down into my jeans. He slid his head down into my jockstrap.

“I think I like you better this way,” he said. “Just a whore who wants my cum. You don’t deserve to make it through this.”

My eyes went wide when I heard the click of my cage being released. The heavy load of my jockstrap got suddenly light. It was like the cage just dissolved into the air when Matt’s hand clicked my button.

My cock felt the rough fabric of my jock. It was incredible, after days of captivity, to know that my dick was mine to command again. Or maybe I was it’s to command. I was still horny as fuck. All I know is that the fabric felt amazing on my fully hardened cock. I could feel my rod pushing the elastic of the jock, distending it and straining my jeans.

I hadn’t been this hard since I was a freshman in college. The last bit of reason fled my mind. I wanted to grab a hold of my rod and pump it until it gave up it’s sticky load.

“Keep sucking…” Matt said. “I won’t touch your cock. Promise. You still got three hours - if you can make it til then without cumming… well, you got a chance bro. If you blow your load, it’s not my fault.”

My hand was already down my jeans.

Inside my jock.

Gripping my overstimulated rod.

Matt’s hips bucked and he gave up his load. I guzzled it down, eager to take hold of my new life as a cumslut. I knew how much I wanted this. This was going to be amazing…

I pulled hard. My cock was slippery with pre-cum.

And then I was on the floor, stunned my a tackle from Devon.

“Get the fuck away from that bomb,” Devon said. I was confused. What bomb?

“You,” he said, “are having a cold shower right now.” He wrestled my hands behind my back and frogmarched me away.

“AND YOU,” he yelled back to Matt, “ARE AN ABSOLUTE FUCKING ASSHOLE.”

He didn’t let go of my hands until the cold water had turned my hard pole into an off brand slinky.

“C’mon man,” he yelled at me in the cold shower. “You don’t want to be dumb and horny forever. Don’t let it beat you…”

I was in the shower for like 45 minutes. My lips were practically blue by the time I stepped out. Devon just kept sending me right back in whenever I tried to leave. And every time I tried to hop out, he just handed me another beer. I never want another shower beer as long as I live.

I breathed deep. I tried to remember. I was trying to…. trying to make sure I didn’t cum til tomorrow, right? Yeah, just hold out a couple more hours and I was gonna be okay.

Man, I was drunk. I flicked my flaccid cock. Between the shower and the alcohol, I really felt like my dick wasn’t a threat anymore.

Devon had me slip my clothes back on, including that pre-cum smelling jockstrap. It was time to head out and dance for a couple hours. He’d keep an eye on me. “Man, I can’t believe Matt is still pulling this shit,” he said.


We’d been there for quite a while when my dick started to twitch again. I was dancing with David, helping him scout out fresh meat, and apparently my freakish new metabolism had burned off enough alcohol to get me hard again.

Devon was off taking a piss. Matt was dancing nearby with Kyle, and I think he noticed my bulge start to grow again.

“Hey bro,” he said, coming over. “You should get up on the stage. Give us a little striptease…” he planted the idea in my head. “Think how hot you’d look to all these fuckers.”

Through the haze of too many drinks and my friend the curse, his bad idea sounded amazing. So I hopped up on stage and kept moving to the heavy beat.

I started by tearing open my tanktop. No reason to keep that covering my tits. The crowd was taking a long and appreciative look, and it was only turning me on even more. I bounced each pec individually and looked around the room. I tossed a nerdy looking guy my tank. Let him sniff that tonight.

Devon was coming down the stairs as I opened up my jeans. Matt had intercepted him. It looked like they were gonna get in a fight or something. But no worries - I was running hot and ready to go. I kicked off those jeans and bared my ass to the cheering crowd.

I took my time. I wanted everyone to see the new meat at the market.

Then I tucked two fingers behind my jocks elastic. Teasing the club. Making them want me.

Fuck my cock was so hard.

Devon and Matt were pushing and shoving on the other side of the room. Kyle had gotten involved too. Andrew and David were just watching me in pure joy.

And then suddenly everything was different.

I felt a heavy cloud lift off my brain. I was still drunk. I was still horny. But…

But I had done it.

I was past the curse.

I’d won.

I dropped my hands away from my jock. I gave the crowd a cheeky look, bit my tongue between my teeth, and moved offstage. A minute later I had my jeans back on and had made my way to the fight.

“Bro… are you?” Devon asked.

“I’m okay,” I said. “We did it bro. We beat the fuckin’ curse!”

Our high-five was louder than the music.

“Look,” I told Devon, “I’m gonna grab Andrew and get him home. He’s still got an hour to go, and I don’t trust Matt, okay? Like, he’s cool to party with, but he’s got a sadistic side,” I said.

“Good call,” Devon agreed with me. “Call me tomorrow?”

I thought about it. Damn, it felt good to be able to think about something for more than a second. It came down to this - I might have my brains, but I also had this new body and sex drive and attitude. I was going to need some friends that were more like me.

“Totally,” I said. “We’ll hit the gym.”


Andrew and I were walking away from the club, down toward the train. I was feeling great, just listening to Andrew prattle on about the club music, or some hot dude he saw at the bar, or how Matt was gonna show him how to go DEEP on his squat.

I was still hard as fuck. I hadn’t had a chance to take care of myself yet, but it wasn’t clogging up my entire mind anymore. To be honest, most of my full-mast was due to Andrew.

“I gotta say bro,” I said. “It’d be a shame to lose this version of you. You’re such a good himbo. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this cool.”

“Yeah? Thanks bruh.”

“Hey, duck in here,” I said. There was an alley next to a bodega. “I’m gonna do us both a favor,” I said.

“I’m gonna free your cock, okay?” I said.

“Nah bro, Matt says I’m not s’posed to go near my dick til that cage goes away.”

“Then I’m gonna make it go away,” I said.

Andrew just giggled. He knew I was speaking nonsense, but he was a natural follower now.

I locked eyes with Andrew and reached down into his shorts. He looked amazing, with his surf style hair, a loose muscle shirt and a pair of flattering board shorts. I know like that seems impossible - but he pulled off board shorts.

I felt a thong underneath the shorts and slipped my hand inside. I felt the little button. It pushed in so easy.

The lump in Andrew’s thong dissolved. And a second later, I had his fully erect cock fished out and in my hand. I made a fist around his pole.

One pump. Two. On the third, Andrew sprayed my bare torso with thick jizz. In his eyes, I saw horny confusion fade and be replaced with a heavy dullness. Andy wasn’t coming back.

“I like you better this way,” the nerd explains to his friend. “I’m just, like, really into dumb guys. Into dumbfuck pieces of meat that are so horny they could explode.”

Andrew giggled.

“I’m a dumbfuck piece of meat,” he giggled.

“Yeah, you are,” I said. “Now c’mon home with me. I’m gonna fuck that tight ass til I’m spent. Then… well, I think you might look pretty good in a jockstrap.”

Andrew and I moved toward the train. I could hear a soft metallic tapping. A lock banging against his new cage.

“I’m a dumbfuck piece of meat,” he giggled again.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed. Please, leave lots of comments - they’re my favorite part of writing. – Derek

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