Andy Goes on an Adventure

By Derek Williams -
published October 29, 2018
2000 words

After Ned leaves the bar, Andy meets a couple of Devon’s friends.

Ned had just run off to the bathroom for a minute. Typical. He never could hold his beers.

And without him, I couldn’t hold a conversation. I just stood by the bar and clutched my beer, hoping that nobody would make eye contact.

The nightclub was bouncing. It seemed like everyone but me was having a good time. Fuckers. They were all drunk and horny. Pawing at eachother. It was disgusting. I mean, have a little dignity guys.

I looked out at the sea of shirtless muscle boys. I wanted Ned to come back. I doubted that there was a single other person in this room I could have a decent conversation with.

Eventually Ned came back, after way too many minutes.

“Hey Andy,” he shouted over the music. “I’m gonna go, okay?”

“What? Why?” I asked.

“I just met this guy near the bathroom. He’s… he looks amazing. He wants me to come back to his place, and I don’t want to pass this up.”

“Sure,” I replied. “Some adonis wants to whisk you away, cause you’re such hot stuff. You’re totally not just going to watch BSG and wank at the viper jocks.” I rolled my eyes to get the sarcasm across.

But tonight it didn’t seem to bother Ned. “It happened ONCE,” he said. Then Ned turned around and made eye contact with this over muscled dudebro standing by the door. “Look, I gotta go,” he said.

Holy shit, he wasn’t kidding.

“Wait… Ned?” I called after him. But he was already gone through the dancing throng.

I clutched my beer tighter. The crowd seemed like was closing in on me. Two guys in particular was actually getting in my space.

“Hey,” the blond one said. “I’m Matt! And this is Kyle."

Matt looked like what happens when a viper jock starts drinking protein shakes.

Kyle looked like Matt, but with black hair.

I didn’t look like either of them.

“I’m Andy,” I said.

“Mind if we join you?” Kyle asked. “Our buddy Devon just took off with your pal.”


I normally don’t drink that much, but Kyle and Matt were super cool to hang out with. They treated me like I was just another bro, just like them. And Kyle seemed like he seriously had a thing for me - the beers just kept coming. A couple of shots too.

Me? I kept up a steady stream of jabs like the sarcastic asshole that I am. How else were these guys supposed to know how much smarter than them I was. And I guess the message got through.

Matt went off to urinate, and Kyle and I were alone at a table.

“Andy, y’know, I just like LOVE smart dudes,” Kyle slurred. He seemed totally genuine.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. First their buddy takes Ned home, and then this slab of meat was coming on to me?

It seemed improbable.

It seemed unlikely.

It seemed amazing.

Matt slipped in beside me. I was sandwiched between him and Kyle.

“Come home with me and Matt,” Kyle said. “Our place is just like a block over.”

I felt my stubby penis go hard. All four inches, tenting in my briefs.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, Andy.

“Yeah,” I said. “Okay.”

“Awesome,” Matt said. “Let’s grab your coat.”

“You guys better not be assholes.”

These guys were probably gay bashing assholes. But… what if this was real?


This was fucking weird. We’d headed back to their apartment. Two dudes, two bedrooms, they weren’t boyfriends or anything. Just roommates that were really well fit for each other.

We all stumbled towards Kyle’s bedroom. It turned out that Kyle wanted to offer up his beautiful ass. But there was kind of a weird catch. Or two?

First off, Matt wanted to watch. He squeezed himself into a plush chair in the corner, and whipped out his cock. It was beautiful. Maybe nine inches long, and thick. Hard, of course.

“Whatever, just don’t video it or anything,” I said.

“Cool bro, I’m just gonna sit here and jerk it,” Matt said. “Now, there’s something you gotta know about Kyle. He’s a little kinky.”

Kyle blushed. Watching his strong jawline flush made me laugh.

“I’m uh… I wear a cock cage,” Kyle said. “I like to wear it when I get fucked…”

“Does it make fucking you any different?” I asked.


“Then shut up and get your pants off,” I said. The beers were talking. Or maybe it was the shots.

Whatever, it worked. Kyle’s rounded ass was presented for my cock.

I was anxious. Maybe they were filming. Maybe they were gonna laugh. Maybe this was some kind of prank.

Didn’t matter. I wasn’t going to give this up.

I dropped my pants and plunged my penis into Kyle. It wasn’t long before I was covered in sweat. I’m not that in shape.

Luckily, I don’t have that long of a fuse either. I never saw the point of having stamina. It just meant it took longer to get to the good part.

I moaned deeply. It was embarrassing, but Kyle’s ass felt so good on my penis.

And then I shot my load deep into his ass.

And he shot his all over me. It was on my chest. My face. Even my hair.

I fell onto the bed in ecstasy. We laid there, baking in the afterglow as Matt blew his own load halfway across the room. I felt a stray drop of his cum hit my skin.

As I faded into sleep, I felt someone cover me with a blanket.

“Bro, that was wicked,” I thought.


I woke up in sunlight, and with Kyle next to me. Fuck I felt great.

I slipped out of bed. I had to piss like a racehorse. I was sure I could find the bathroom.

“Hey bro,” Matt said as I passed through the front room.

“Sup,” I replied. “Gotta piss bro.”

I found the bathroom and fumbled for a light switch. The room lit up, and I lost my shit. 
“WHAT THE FUCK BRO?” I yelled.

I heard Matt laughing his ass off in the front room.

I was staring in the mirror. This couldn’t be real. I was still short - 5’8” or so. I still had green eyes. But everything else was different.

For starters, I was built like a brick shithouse. My shoulders had gotten broader, and my short frame was filled in with heavy muscle. I doubted I could lift my arms straight above my head now, my back and shoulders were so thick.

I tried lifting my arms above me head. The muscle got in the way.

My pecs were giant. Rounded. Fuckin’ slabs of muscle. And below them, a perfect 8 pack, like I’d done crunches for years.

My body hair was fuckin’ gone. That wookie mat that usually looked like a second sweater was totally vanished. And my hair had grown. From a short buzz to a long surfer cut. It was bleached too - like I was some blond bimbo.

The legs were bad too. Giant. And the ass. Massive. But the most surprising thing was the metal cage hanging off my junk. Just like the one Kyle was wearing.

Well… not quite. Mine didn’t have a lock. It had a button.

I moved to press it.

“WAIT!” Matt said. He was standing in the doorway, watching my amazement.

“No way bruh,” I said panicked. “I gotta get this shit off…”

Matt slapped my hand away.


That cowed me. I moved my hand away from the button. Let them hang blankly by my side.

“What… what happened?” I asked.

“Long story. Kyle’s cursed. When smart dudes fuck him, they turn into muscle beasts. if you take that cage off and cum in the next two days, you’re gonna be cursed too. You’ll be locked forever, ‘cept that you’ll get a week free when you pass it on. Get through two days and you keep the body, but you get back your smarts and your cock.”

“What?” I said. None of that made any sense.

“Short version. Kyles cursed. You fucked him, so you are two. Leave that cage on for two days and you’ll be okay. Otherwise you’ll be cursed forever.”

“Huh?” I said. I was trying. Really. But my brain was moving like molasses.

“Leave the fuckin’ cage on dummy,” Matt said. “I’m the alpha, and I say you leave it on.”

I nodded slowly. “Yeah, okay bro.”

We stood there for a long minute just letting shit sink in.

“So like… how do I piss with this thing on?” I asked.


After I grabbed a piss and a shower, Kyle found me a pair of sweats that kinda fit and a tank that I definitely strained. Matt made eggs, and we hung out playing video games.

It felt weird - but y’know, it felt right. All my life I had been overthinking everything. Like I got me so nervous cause I thought that maybe everyone was looking at me and judging me. Or like people weren’t gonna think I was smart enough. Everyone just fuckin’ knew I wasn’t good enough.

Now though… my brain was fuzzy and foggy. Hard thoughts were hard. Yeah, people were gonna look at me and judge me but fuck ‘em. I look good and they wanna fuck me.

And it wasn’t like I really had to do any thinking. Matt made it clear that he was the alpha. I was gonna stay with him and Kyle for at least a couple days.

We were playing some Halo co-op when I felt an itch inside of me. My cock was hard inside my cage, but Matt said no touching. But I wanted something.

BAM. Headshot. I was down.

“Fuck you losers,” I laughed. “Whoever wins, I’m gonna suck off the winner bros,” I said like it was the funniest idea in the world. Cause, y’know, it was.

Kyle won, so I got down on my knees in front of him while he tried playing through the next round. He moaned under me like a total bitch while I deepthroated his free cock. Did I mention his cock was free now? Like he gets a week reward for making me into a himbo like him.

Matt won the next round (duh) so I swapped over and started in on his rod too. Kyle’s cum was still fresh in my mouth, but I wanted more.

“Mmmm bro, you were such an ass last night. I think I like the new you!” Matt said.

I mumbled a “Yeah sorry bro” around his cock. I think it mostly sounded like a moan. I didn’t want to let him free until he came for me.

I liked the new me too. I could remember the night before. How worried and stressed I’d been. The way that I was a total dick to everyone, just ‘cause I was scared of them. Man, I’d been stuck so hard in my head that I didn’t stand a chance at having a good time.

I giggled around Matt’s cock. He was right on the edge. I drove him over.

“I like to have a good time,” I said, licking a little dribble of cum off my lips. A second later those lips landed on Matt’s. It was good to kiss. It was good to suck. It was bad to think too much.

Maybe if I would good they’d keep me.

[To be continued]

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