Eddie Learns About His Body

By Derek Williams - derek.williams.comments@hotmail.com
published October 26, 2018
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Devon helps Eddie control his urges. Eddie tries to hang on.

Devon put his number in my phone, and then sent me away. The tenting in his sweat pants showed that he wanted to get out there and take advantage of his temporary freedom. As convenient and fuckable as I was, he didn’t want to accidentally drive me over the edge.

I was wearing a red pair of shorts that ended just above my knee, and an overstretched black hoodie that made my chest look bigger than it already was. I’d borrowed a pair of sneakers - my shoes definitely didn’t fit anymore. And, of course, that jockstrap cupping my sensitive balls and caged dick.

The advice that Devon had given me was rattling around in what was left of my brain. Play sports. Lift. Cold showers. Use the muscle to distract from the need.

I headed for the bus stop. First thing was to get home. And I was halfway across the city from my apartment. Devon lived in a different area than me - lots of clubs and bars, not so many colleges and libraries.

I wondered how far this body could run.

How far my new body could run.

I broke into a long and easy stride. I had never been an athletic guy, and I’d always disregarded athleticism as something not really worth pursuing. After all, it was just chasing a ball around a field or something.

But as I used my coltish muscle, I realized just how good it felt. The way the blood pumped through my body. The way my muscles took on their aspect. My confusion dialled down as my brain quieted and my physique took control.

For maybe the first time in my life, my body felt natural, but practiced. Coached. Like I had been fit so long that I had learned to think with movement alone.

I never even knew I’d been missing this.

I felt like such a dumbass for laughing at the jocks. I felt like such a tool for never trying.

I felt like the first time I’d gotten an “A” on a test.

I fell in love.

It won’t surprise you that I ran all the way home.


My hoodie was soaked in sweat by the time I approached my apartment building. The black fabric did its best to hide the sweat, but it was definitely a darker shade then it had been an hour ago.

I felt amazing. Like a superhero or some shit.

I didn’t want to stop. I still had hours and hours left in the day, and I considered jogging right past my apartment and doing a few loops around the park.

But… I was starting to get hungry. Like really hungry. So I slowed my pace, fished out my keys, and entered my building.

Normally I take the elevator - I live nine floors up for cryin’ out loud. But I couldn’t resist giving myself one more treat before I got home, so I unlocked the stairwell and bounded up the stairs.

I arrived on the ninth floor breathing heavily and happily. As I was unlocking my door, one of my neighbours stepped off the elevator. Ryan, I think his name was. He was this minor-league gymbro who I always felt was weird around me.

“Hey, what up bro?” Ryan said, striking up a conversation for the first time in months.

“Hey,” I said. “Just back from a sick run.”

That didn’t sound like me. But it was a sick run.

“Cool,” Ryan said. “Did that nerdy guy move out? Nick or something?”

I found myself lying. Because what was I gonna do? Tell the truth?

“Nah, that’s my cousin. I’m just staying for a few days - thinking about moving to town. I’m Eddie,” I said, reaching out my hand.

Ryan shook it. A good solid handshake, though his hand did feel a little small in mine.

“Good to meet you Eddie,” Ryan said.

“See ya around bro,” I replied, and then slipped into my apartment.

“Yeah,” I heard Ryan say softly to himself as he unlocked his door. “I’d do that.”

My cock surged to life, squeezed tightly in my cage.


There was almost nothing in my house I wanted to eat. I looked at the food in my cupboard - pop tarts and sandwich meat and sugary soda. Fuck. My body needed fuel, not crap.

I ended up making rice and chicken, mixed with some frozen vegetables that I had forgotten I had. There wasn’t really enough to mealprep with, but it was enough to fill my stomach for now.

Mealprep. I couldn’t believe how natural that thought was.

And I couldn’t believe how good the vegetables looked. I never really like broccoli, but now I was wishing for more.

While the chicken was baking, I went into the bathroom and stripped off my sweatsoaked clothes. My tits were starting to rub uncomfortably against the damp fabric, and it was making me want to reach down and hit that button.

I knew I shouldn’t. Devon had said so. I had to trust Devon.

But as the high of running home faded, I couldn’t help but imagine how easy it would be to get off. Just reach down. Press the button. Tug my donkey dick and splatter cum all over the shower wall.

Just thinking about it made my cage feel tighter.

I moved my hand down, towards that simple button.

It could all be over in seconds.

Aaaannnd my phone rang. It was Devon. Checking in.

“Hey man,” he said. “How you doing?”

“Uh…I, uh.”

“Fuck. You didn’t do it man, did you?”

“Huh? No way bro. I was just feeling maybe I should. Like, I got to my apartment after a killer run and I was just thinking maybe I should jack it in the shower. Like… it won’t really hurt…”

“DO NOT PRESS THE BUTTON,” Devon ordered me.

“But I…”


“But…”. My hand was around my cage. Teasing my trapped dick.


So I got in the shower and blasted myself with cold water. And it only took like a minute before my cock was shrivelled enough that I didn’t need to press the button anymore.

I shivered in the cold water, letting it run over my sculpted body. My nips were rock solid. My skin was all covered in goosebumps.

I stayed there until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Hey Devon,” I said into the phone. “Okay, good call bro. I’m good now.” I stood shivering in my apartment.

He made me give my address and promise to put on some clothes. My chicken still had a few minutes, so I wandered into my bedroom and looked for something to wear. My hoodie and shorts were a write-off, too covered in sweat to even think about.

For lack of options, I slid my jockstrap back on. I mean, who cared if it smelled back, right?

Eventually I found a pair of sweat pants. These used to make good loose pyjama pants, but now they stretched tightly to make it across my frame. I could see the bulge of my cage under them, but I could probably go out and people would just think I was freakishly hung.

As for a shirt… I didn’t really want to put one on, but Devon made me promise. I found an old t-shirt and ripped off the sleeves. It barely fit over my frame, and it left a slight gap where you could see the bottom of my abs, but it was good enough.

I finished up my food about the time that Devon showed up. He was carrying a big backpack. These straps squeezed his chest, making it look extra big under his olive green ‘beater.

He was looking good. Hot. Which I guess made sense, cuz he probably got laid while I was on my run home.

My first thought was that I should press the button, flip him on the couch, and fuck him right then and there. I could feel pre-cum oozing at the thought.

“Nice shirt,” he said. “We’re gonna take you shopping.”

I laughed. I hadn’t laughed yet with this new body, and I was surprised how deep it sounded. Like it resonated in my thick body. That was pretty hot too.

“I’m good bro,” I said. “Couple days and I’ll be back to normal.”

Devon shook his head. “No, you won’t. You’re gonna stay big and hot and horny. The only difference is the curse. One way or another - you need a new wardrobe.”

“Not today man,” I faked a yawn. “I’m just gonna grab a nap or something.”

“Yeah, or something. This is a distraction Ned.”



“Someone asked earlier. I said my name’s Eddie. Fits this bod good, don’t you think?”

“This is a distraction Eddie,” Devon said.

“Fuck it.” I said. “Let’s go shopping.”


I don’t buy a lot of my shirts. Usually they come from conferences or sponsored events or whatever. And when I do buy them, I usually just grab dress shirts off the rack from the department store. I’m an in-and-out kind of guy when it comes to shopping.

But that’s not what Devon had in mind.

I’m pretty sure we visited like half the stores in the mall. The kind of stores that I had never bothered to go inside of before. I used to think that they were the kind of stores that sold overpriced crap that looked awful.

Turns out it just looked awful on me. Or it would have, if I ever tried it on.

But today, I was buying everything I looked hot in. An american flag tank top with a deep neck for showing off these tits? Done. Running shorts that my legs practically burst out of? Duh. Extra large varsity jacket? Yup, I’ve got one.

Did you know they sell jeans with just a little spandex in them? Helps these big ass thighs get inside ‘em.

I strode out of the shopping mall with one arm heavy with bags, the other holding a protein smoothie, and my bro Devon right beside me.

I felt awesome. And I didn’t spend more than like half the trip fixated on how bad I wanted to pull off this cage and get some action.

The one hard part was when we were in a sports store. Devon wanted me to check it out - with my transformed body I was sure to be playing a ton of sports, whether I needed it to deal with a caged cock or not.

I was looking at jockstraps. I needed more, and they all looked like so much fun to wear. I had three or four in my hands, and was looking through the entire rack.

Devon was over looking at sneakers when a guy wearing the store uniform came up. He looked a lot like me, just a little bit smaller. But he was still pretty hot. I really liked his mop of blond hair and the easy grin he wore.

“Hey, you need any help man?” he asked, gesturing to my frenzy of jockstraps.

I thought about bending him over the rack of clothes. Pulling down the track pants he was wearing. Slapping that tight ass. Then lining up my thick rod and impaling him on it. Making him moan like the fuckboy he was.

“Nah, I’m good bruh,” I lied.

I promised myself that I’d be back in a couple of days. Curse free, and ready to claim some territory.


We stopped at my place just long enough to drop bags and grab my swimsuit. Devon figured that swimming some laps would help tire me out, so we grabbed our stuff and headed to the pool.

There were private cubicles to change in - thank god - and I had to admit that once I got swimming, I forgot all about the extra metal around my junk. It was like running. There was a rhythm. A flow.

Swimming was weirdly difficult. I’d always been pretty soft around the middle, and though the extra muscle was making it easier to torpedo through the water, it was also making it harder to float. I felt like I was flying and sinking, all at the same time.

I got to a couple thousand yards before my muscle really started to tire. That’s a couple thousand yards farther than I’d ever really swam before. My legs felt so powerful.

And when we stepped out of the pool and walked to the steam room, I realized just how many people were staring at Devon and me. Part of it was our bodies. Massive and muscular. Every man at the pool wanted to be one of us. And part of it was the cages.

“Wow,” I overheard one guy whisper to his buddy. “Those dudes are hung”.

There were like a hundred reasons I was pissed at Devon for putting me in this situation, but I was starting to realize just how much of a solid he’d done me. In a million years, I would never have gotten this jacked. I would never have been this admired.


We got back to my place around 7. Devon had taken me to an ‘all you can eat’ place, and I’d gone at the buffet like a wildman. I was craving some serious calories, and this body needed to be fed.

Which meant that I got back to my place feeling bloated, tired, and happy. The perfect recipe for not giving a damn about my dick.

Except that I couldn’t.

Every spare moment, I realized my hand was inching towards my cage.

Eager to remove it. Without my consent, really. No point in checking with my brain - it’s all my body wanted.

“Lay down on the bed,” Devon said. “I’m gonna do something to help.”

He got me lying down, facing up towards the ceiling. Then he pulled out these padded cuffs and lengths of strong rope.

“What up bro?” I said. “You really gonna tie me up?”

“Shut up,” Devon said.

He fastened my hands, reaching them above my head and out to the sides.

“You’re gonna make it through this, okay?” he said.

He secured a leg.

“But I gotta go and get some ass tonight bro. I like hanging with you, but my dick is only free for six more days…”

My other leg.

“I’ll be back in the morning,” Devon said. “We’ll lift. I promise.”

I strained against the restraints. Somehow not being in control of the decision made it ten times worse.

“Devon, wait, bro,” I called out behind him.

“Let me loose man,” I yelled.

I heard him take my keys off the kitchen counter.

“Please,” I shouted, hearing the front door swing shut.

I laid there spreadeagle, staring at the bright jockstrap holding my cage, fixated on the dick inside.

[To be Continued]

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