Ned Finds Himself Trapped

By Derek Williams -
published October 20, 2018
3778 words

Ned can’t believe that Devon wants to hook up with him. There’s a catch.

I was talking to this dude who’d cornered me while I was on my way back from the toilets. I couldn’t believe he was… I guess he was hitting on me?

I mean we were at a gay club, and we were in a secluded corner, but I …. I’m just not the kind of guy you hit on, y’know? And he most definitely was the kind of dude who got hit on constantly. He was fuckin’ hot. Like if Donald Glover was 6’4” and had even more prominent pecs and guns. Pornstars had to get jealous when this guy walked past them.

And somehow he’d stopped here to flirt with me.

“I’m just, like, super into smart guys,” he said, showing a trusting smile.

I don’t want to treat this guy like he was just some piece of meat, but he wasn’t giving me much else to think about. Behind his simple smile was a unsophisticated conversationalist. But he was wearing this canary yellow tank that clearly showed his hard nipples. And his jeans showed off a large bulge.

Oh my god, he was moving his hand up my thigh.

Then he leaned in and kissed me. He tasted like beer. I’m usually more of a cocktail guy…but who the fuck cared. I offered no resistance.

Don’t judge me - you wouldn’t either. Trust me.

But my brain wouldn’t stop spinning a hundred miles an hour. How was this guy so into me? He was a walking god. I wasn’t buff. I wasn’t tall. I wasn’t gorgeous. I was just…smart.

And he was apparently super into smart dudes.

“I want you to pound me so bad…” he murmured into my ear.

His pants were tight enough that I could tell his ass would be firm and muscled. His bright red underwear band peeked above his belt tantalizingly. More and more, I became certain that this was all an elaborate dream. One that I had no reason to wake from.

“Come back to my place,” he growled low in my ear. “I want you to hollow me out with that smart cock of yours…”

I didn’t need to be asked twice.


I stopped briefly to say goodbye to my buddy Andy. Very briefly.

Andy was one of those guys that rolled his eyes too much and always seemed to have a sarcastic retort. He’d call himself witty, but almost everyone we knew just thought of him as insufferable.

That night he sighed dramatically. “Sure, some gymbag of an adonis wants to whisk you away, cause you’re such hot stuff. You’re totally not just going to watch BSG and waste your load wanking at the viper jocks.”

Andy wasn’t exactly a prime specimen himself. Not the kind of guy that anyone would want to whisk away. Like me, he was pretty smart, but at 5’6” he was even a couple inches shorter, and his loose sweater did nothing to hide the beer gut he’d been working on for years.

If we weren’t both such hopeless nerds, I doubt I’d have ever become friends with him. But in high school nobody wanted to hang out with either of us, so here we are, still snarking until something extraordinary happens.

“It happened ONCE,” I said. I never should have told him. Then I turned around and saw my hookup eagerly waiting by the door.

“Look stud, I gotta go.”

That was the last time I saw Andy.


His name was Devon, and it turned out that his place was only a couple blocks away from the club. It was a fifth floor walk-up, which is a sentence that nobody should even say without taking a break first. I was wheezing and out of breath by the time we got to his door.

But I had motivation. Those jeans he’d squeezed himself into… I wasn’t letting that tight ass out of my sight.

How was this guy a bottom? But then again, how the hell am I a top?

Walking up the stairs, I fantasized about what was going to happen. We’d get inside and he’d push me against the wall - gently but firmly. Then he’d kiss me deeply, the kind of make out that reminds you why you started making out with dudes in the first place. Soon he’d peel off that tank top and I’d rub my hands up his torso, feeling the incredible muscle that he’d spent years and years honing.

Soon I’d be getting my lips around his sure-to-be-huge rod. The bulge in his pants guaranteed some fun there, sucking until he begged, before I flipped him over and rammed him hard with my pole, hammering him until he cried out for mercy.

[ I didn’t get laid a lot, okay? I spent a lot more time watching porn and imagining sex than I ever did having it. And both the guys I’d been with had been my physical equals - which is to say guys like Andy, not this pornstar body that was leading me up to his flat. ]

It wasn’t a big flat, but it had a bedroom, and that’s all I really cared about. There wasn’t any slamming me against the wall, we just headed for the bed. Devon stripped off his bright muscle shirt first, then pulled off my t-shirt.

I tried to focus on him. Pretend like I was his equal, and I had no reason to feel self-conscious as he undid the buckle on my belt. Soon I was in my boxers and he was undoing his belt.

He paused for a second. Please god, I prayed, please don’t get cold feet.

“Hey, Ned, there’s something I feel like I gotta tell you first. It’s a little weird.”

I nodded. Was there something wrong? Please, please let this guy not have some horrible STD or something.

“I uh…I wear a cage. On my cock. And I’m not gonna take it off for this.”

“…” I said.

Then there was a long pause.

“That’s so fucking hot,” I said. I’d seen this shit on tumblr. Nothing was going to phase me, especially if it didn’t require antibiotics afterwards.

When his jockstrap came down, I could see that the bulge in his pants wasn’t some huge dick like I’d dreamed about. If anything, he’s probably a little smaller than average - I couldn’t fit my rod into that cage if I tried.

I could see his dick straining against it’s confines, semi-hard and doing it’s best to burst free of the metal and get to fucking.

“I don’t get to decide when it comes off,” said Devon, “That’s my key holder’s thing. But I want your smart cock up my tight gymrat ass. I want you to fuck this jockboy into next week. I want you to hammer me so hard that…. I dunno man - you still cool about this?”

I nodded, and I’d guess that I was grinning pretty big. I’d seen cages before, in porn and stuff, but never in person. I guess I wasn’t gonna get to suck his rod, but hey, that just meant his hole was gonna be hungrier.

I wondered what it was like. To have your hole be your only sexual outlet.

I was tempted to get him on his knees, but I was achingly hard already. My rod was about six inches long, and at full attention, sticking straight out from the dark patch of pubes. I might have an active fantasy life, but I’m a realist - I wasn’t gonna cum til I was pumping his ass. I can control myself.

Devon pulled out some lube, and then got down on the bed, his ass presented to me while he held himself ready on all fours. Clearly he wasn’t much for foreplay. And he wasn’t lying when he said that he wanted my rod in him now. Well, I was happy to oblige.

He gave a long, low moan when I eased my rod into him. He worked his ass and his abs, and it felt like he was actually pulling me in. I went in effortlessly, then pulled out a little and rammed my way in again. In and out. In and out.

Enjoying the feel of my sweaty skin making contact with his muscled butt. This was a major workout for me, and I was making it count.

I groped his sculpted body with my right hand. Vainly grabbed at his captive dick with my left. I could only feel the metal cage. I expected it to be cold, but it was body temperature. I heard a lock on Devon’s cage clicking back and forth while I shattered him to pieces.

I hoped this wouldn’t be my only time with Devon. This cage thing was fascinating. His entire sexuality revolved around being a willing hole for a free rod. He made me feel like such a machine.

My right hand landed on his nipple, and I gasped out “Gonna cum…”

Devon just grunted under me, working his body even harder. Making sure that I was having the ride of my life.

I felt my rod start to pulse.

My balls pulled up tight.

I exploded into that magnificent ass.

And in my left hand, I think that’s when I felt his dick.

I fell away from the back of Devon, lying face up on his bedspread. Over top of me, I could see him pumping his nine inch dick. The cage was nowhere to be seen, though I could still see the pattern of indents that it had left on his dick, the result of it being hard and captive for so long. Like when you take off a watch and you can still see the outline for a while.

To be honest, I was impressed that he was lasting so long. I don’t know how long he kept that thing on, but I would have been ready to explode only a week or two in.

And then he came, his thick sticky cum spewing all over my chest. On my face and under my chin.

Devon collapsed beside me, looking so satisfied. We laid there in the afterglow for however long before I started to come down to earth.

And I felt something weird. The afterglow was starting to wear off, and I realized that my rod felt…heavier than normal.

But it couldn’t be.

Fuck no.

I slid my hand down past my abs. It encountered cold metal. What the actual fuck.

Was I wearing a cage?

Who…? And how?

Had I been caged?

And since when the fuck did I have abs?

For a brief moment, I forgot all about the piece of metal hanging off my junk. I had a real honest-to-god sixpack. Not the soft belly that had only been getting worse since I graduated…I have motherfucking abs with a perfect little V leading down to…

Leading down to a piece of metal. Hanging off me. Fuck.

I felt the extra weight, pulling at my junk. It was impossible to ignore. The cage was made of heavy metal, with a complicated pattern of interlocking bars. My dick was already hardening again, the extra stimulation of the cool metal proving too much, even though I’d just gotten my rocks off already. The cage trapping my dick lead up to a metal ring that circled my entire cock and balls. And right at the top, unlike every one of these I’d seen online, there was a button. Which is weird - I expected a lock, or even just a solid closing like Devon had - back when he still had a cage.

Hey, why didn’t Devon have a cage anymore?

There was his little nub of a cock, hard as a rock again, ready to go.

I looked at him. I suspect it was a panicked look.

I reached down. The button…maybe it was a release.

“Don’t touch the button!” Devon shouted at me.

I jerked my hand away.

“Okay dude,” he said, “I know this is freaky, but you’ve got to just sit down and listen for a minute. Okay. You just need to sit down and listen…”

Yeah. Okay. Just do what the fucking cock cager says…

“Okay…step one,” Devon said. “Don’t get horny. You’ve gotta stay calm if you want to get through this.”

I glanced down at my cock. It was straining against it’s prison, flush with hot blood, trying it’s best to get out so it could fuck again.

I gave a little half smile. “Too late,” I said. I gave a nervous laugh.

“Right. Okay. Yeah, so I know it’s gonna get hard to think here soon. You’re a dude - you get horny and your brain sorta turns off. That’s normal, okay? But with that cage on, you aren’t going to get any release. It’s like a feedback loop, right? Like you’re gonna keep being horny cause you can’t think well enough to stop, but if you could just get off, you wouldn’t be horny.”

“Devon…” I said.

“Yeah bro?”

“Stop talking about being horny!”

“I’m sorry dude…I sorta gotta. There’s a whole backstory here, and the author of this little story is gonna be pissed if I don’t tell you the rules right up front. Because I broke the rules… and well, I’m only out of my cage for a week man. Then it’s back to being locked up til I trick the next high IQ fucker into banging my tight ass.”

I stood up, finding myself staring straight into a full length mirror that Devon had beside his bed.

I definitely had abs. A well defined six pack with tight skin. My body fat percentage must have been pretty damn low.

Above it were a pair of pecs that just won’t stop. I wasn’t even sure if they counted as pecs anymore - they were so round and symmetrical that I would have called them tits if I saw them on another guy. But they weren’t the kind of tits I used to have…these ones were all tight muscle. My nipples pointed down, not all the way towards the floor, but definitely at an angle.

Those led into a pair of rounded shoulders. I know it’s cliche, but they were seriously like bowling balls. I didn’t know a thing about working out, but I was sure that shoulders like these showed real dedication to the gym.

Those shoulders led down to a pair of arms that were meant to throw a football. Thick triceps and wild biceps that begged to be licked. I gave a little flex for the mirror, then upon seeing the result, I gave a longer sustained flex. My peaks were so fucking defined.

You know all the jokes that I know about forearms. Needless to say, mine were symmetrical.

And those hands…so much bigger than they used to be. And meaty. When I grabbed an ass, it would know it was being grabbed.

My hands show back to my own ass. It was muscular and bubble-y. Just enough fat to make it fuckable, even if that’s not really my jam. I slapped it and felt a small surge of pleasure rush through my body. Can you imagine suddenly just having an ass like that? I’ve never done a single goddamn squat in my life.

I didn’t know calves could be diamond shaped, except on porn stars. And I didn’t know that necks could be the perfect balance between muscular and long, again, except on porn stars. And don’t even get me started on my face - it was me, but it was like…more me. My jaw was firm. By bone structure enunciated. My green eyes suddenly sparkling green and captivating. My muddy hair suddenly on that tantalizing moment of the colour spectrum between brown and red. Everything about me screamed perfection.

Except that there was a cage on my six inch dick, which felt more like a nine inch dick now that it was squeezed up and so tight I couldn’t take my mind off it. Thick metal kept my hand from getting a grip around the flesh. No matter what I did, I could only succeed in teasing myself.

Then my hand landed on it.

“Don’t push the button,” Devon said.

The cage had a small button, right on the top, right near where a metal ring connected to it and encircled my balls.

Devon’s cage had a lock. But mine only had a button.

“There are some things I need to explain to you,” said Devon. “And I need to explain them while you’re still smart. You blew your load at 12:03, so we’ve got like 2 minutes til 2:13. That’s when things are going to get confusing.”

“Things aren’t confusing?” I said.

“Here’s the deal,” said Devon. “I’ve been cursed. And now, because you fucked me when I had my cage on, you’ve been cursed too. So here’s what’s going to happen - in about a minute, you’re going to feel your thoughts slow down. You’re gonna feel pretty dumb. If you cum anytime in the next 48 hours, you’re going to stay cursed - the body, the dumbness, and you’ll be locked up, just like I was. I’m not free now, I’ve just got a week free as a reward for passing it along.

“If you don’t cum, you’ll get to keep the body, but you’ll be smart again, and you won’t pass the curse on, and you won’t be caged. Whatever you do bro, just don’t cum in the next two days.”

It was getting hard to understand what Devon was saying. My brain felt like someone was pouring it full of concrete and the concrete was hardening real fast.

“Hah, no problem man,” I said. “I can not cum for like days. And it’s not like this cage is gonna make a difference.”

“The cage is…it’s just a safeguard, and a warning. You can get out of it anytime, just by pressing the button, but”

My hand was wandering back to the button. It was tempting to press it and be free right now.

“BUT DON’T PRESS THE BUTTON!” Devon yelled at me.

Fine, I wasn’t gonna press the fuckin button.

“So…you got a cage?” I said. I was puzzling this all out.

“Yeah, I didn’t last 48 hours. So I’m screwed. I’m a dumbass, and I gotta find smart guys, just like I used to be. When I get one of them to fuck me, I get a week away from the cage.”

“You fucker,” I said.

“Look man, I’m gonna level with you. Yeah, I’m a fucker. But a guys gotta be able to grab his own cock, y’know? I mean, sure, I’ll wake up in a week or so and I’ll be caged up again, but it’s worth it, y’know? Getting to touch my cock again for a week.

“And you get a chance at this rockin’ body. You just have to hold out for like two days and then you’re just home free. And I’ll help. I got all sorts of things that work for me when I’m caged, stuff that helps me get through the day even though I can’t get off.”

Fuck, this was all so complicated. I kinda got what he meant. Devon was saying that I shouldn’t jerk it for two days…even tho the only thing standing between me and my cock was pressing this little button.

I mean, I know I got big hands, but I for sure could still press a little button.

Devon could see me thinking it, and I could see the idea was getting him hot. He’d slipped on a pair of grey sweat pants, and I could see his dick sticking out against the fabric. After all that time caged, I’d probably want to go commando too.

But I didn’t want to be caged forever. So don’t press the button. No matter how much my dick wants to be free right now. I just had to control myself.

“It’s only two days,” said Devon, “so here’s what you do. You’re gonna go and play a lot of sports. Lift heavy. Do stuff that’ll really run you down. You want to ache so much and be so tired that no matter what happens you wouldn’t want to get off anyhow. And when that fails, as many cold showers you need. I have two, three a day sometimes.”

“Here,” he said, tossing me a pile of fabric. “Put on some clothes. You shouldn’t be sitting here staring at that thing.”

“You’re joking,” I said, holding up a jockstrap with a thick waistband.

“Trust me. You don’t want anything nice feeling rubbing against your skin down there. Just put it on.”

I slid the jock up my amazing and ridiculous thighs. Every tiny hair on my legs quivered as the fabric brushed past them. It felt like all of my senses had been dialled up to eleven, and then someone snapped the dial off trying to go harder.


I was so hard.

I brought the elastic waistband up past my cage and snapped it on my waist, trying to distract myself from the insane need I had to hit that button, grab that dick, and pump out a load that would make a porn star blush.

“Breathe deep bro,” Devon said to me, staring deep into my eyes. “Just try and think about something else. Don’t think about it. Cold showers. Go lift. Losta sports. Remember the curse - you don’t wanna be dumb, and you don’t wanna be locked forever.”

Man his eyes were the most beautiful brown.

[To Be Continued]

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