Looking for the Stranger

By MindManiac
published December 22, 2017
1729 words

Nathan was about to hunt down the thief but needed to play with someone

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I was about to follow the thief’s van until I realized that I was still naked. I literally watched a thief take one of my most priced possession in the nude. I quickly went back to my room to put some clothes on. Though it was the middle of the night, I’m still not comfortable walking around naked at the streets.

I came down wearing my ordinary pyjamas of boxer shorts and a plain white shirt. In my haste I didn’t get to put on any underwear. I started to feel very underdressed when I came outside and I was suddenly trembling due to the cold. I also didn’t even have a car to chase the thief down so I then decided to go back inside to re-think of my strategy.

Before I got through the door I saw a car approaching my house. It was a cop car on its nightly routine. I’m guessing he noticed me standing alone in the streets in the middle of the night. When the car stopped at street in front of my house, a cop went out. It was Carlos, the regular night patrol around these parts. He was a handsome guy that was taller than me with slick back dark hair, brown eyes, and was half Mexican from what I know. He was wearing his usual uniform that fitted his built body perfectly. With years of training, it isn’t surprising to see that his muscles are really defined and is about to rip his uniform if he gets bigger. From his pecs down to his ass, he was perfect.

“Hey Nathan” he said while smiling and waving towards me.

I looked back and said “ Hey Carlos. What brings you here?”

“Well you know same old cop business, but this time there’s more” he told me while he was getting closer to me.

“You see, the department had intel that a certain thief is riding along this neighbourhood. And since I’m the regular patrol here, the pressure is on me” he told me with a little bit of excitement on his voice. He was always on the edge when it comes to these things.

“Hmm sounds scary. Do have a picture of the wanted guy?” I asked. I was kind of hoping that the thief he was saying is the same one that took Brendan.

“Wait, I know I have a picture of him somewhere” He started to pat the pockets of his uniform. As he was doing so, I just ogled at his perfect body. You can barely see his abs from the tightness of the clothes. He finally got a picture out from his left pocket and showed it to me. I tried to act like I’m not surprised to see that it was the exact same guy that was just here a few minutes ago.

“His name is Troy Jhonson. Record shows that he’s a delinquent since primary school and didn’t even step into college”

I just stared at the photo in wonder. It was the same guy that was here a few minutes ago. Turns out his name is Troy, a name which oddly suites him. I couldn’t help myself and stare with wonder at the photo. How can someone so bad look so good? He even seemed more handsome in the mugshot. He just looked so damn good.

“This guy has allegedly stole from fifteen houses in the course of five months. Recent reports show that he might be eyeing this side of town” Carlos continued on, not noticing that my eyes were on the picture he was holding out.

“So, do you think you’ve seen him before?” he asked

“Hmm, not that I know of. But maybe you will once you go Robo-cop” I said with a little smirk on my face. Suddenly Carlos dropped the photograph he was holding and stood straight with his hands behind him.

“Human mode off. R001 activated” he said with a monotone while just looking ahead of me.

You see, I also managed to get Carlos shot by my darts. You don’t honestly think that I would just keep the fun with two guys, do you? I remember it like it was yesterday, because it was just yesterday. It was the afternoon and he suddenly came to visit me. I forgot to mention that we were actually friends since college when I accidentally bumped into him, next thing I knew he was one of my best buds.

So yeah, he came to visit me, one thing led to another. Then boom, he was under my control. I programmed him almost similarly to Brendan and Blake but with a few adjustments just for him. Unlike the two brothers, I didn’t turn him gay, that’s because he already was in the first place. I know, hard to believe right? As I know he was still in the closet since literally no one knew about this until I took control over him, and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon. I believe that that should be his own choice, not mine. I only programmed him to work out better, would check out his other co-workers more often, follow my orders naturally, and finally be a robot every time I say “Robo-cop”. Every time he’s in his “Robot Mode” he would believe that I’m his creator and that he has to follow everything I say. And when I say “Carlos Activate” he would revert back to his old self with full awareness of what he was doing but would be sexually aroused from thinking about it. I don’t worry about that, I would just tie up the loose ends when I get there.

Right now in front of me is my own Mexican cop robot. I guess its play time again.

“Robo-cop come insode with me” I ordered him while going inside myself. I plan on playing with him but not in public.

“Yes creator” he said in a robotic tone while walking behind me. Once we were inside I didn’t bother to close the door since I wanted this to be quick. I still have a thief to chase.

“Roco-cop, why don’t you undo you pants down to your legs and kneel on the sofa” I ordered.

“Yes creator” he replied while dropping his pants with his police belt. He didn’t have to drop his underwear since he was wearing a blue jockstrap as per my instruction. He then kneeled on the sofa and leaned his upper body forward. In front of me now is this hunk’s well built legs and his big globes of butt cheeks framing his hole that has a big black dildo inside of it.

I began rubbing the dildo and said “Have you kept this inside of you like I said?”

“Yes creator, since this morning” came his monotonous reply.

I began pulling out the fake dick from his stretched hole. I pulled in out halfway through before pushing it again. I began to fuck him with the toy.

“Come on Robo-cop, let me hear you moans”

“Yes Creator-Ahh ahh ah” soon came his very low moans. His cock was already hard and is staining the jockstrap in precum. I slowly fucked him with the toy and started playing with his cock through the underwear. He just continued moaning without saying anything.

After a while I decided to pull the dildo out of him. I looked at the toy in hand and I almost forgot how long it was. I estimate it to be about nine inches. I was impressed at how long he managed to hold it in. I then reached for his belt bellow and reached for a certain equipment.

“Robo-cop, what did I say about a big butt like yours?” I asked while slapping his left butt cheek.

“That a big butt needs a loose hole, creator”

“Good. And now we’ll see how loose can you get” I pushed the nightstick I had in hand slowly into him. He began to moan uncontrollably. I kept going until I think he already has 12 inches in. I pulled it out slowly until only the tip was in then I pushed it back in. He was literally a mess right now.

“You like this Robo-cop?” I asked mockingly

“Ahh-yes- Ahh- Creator- ohh! More please-Ahh!” he said, trying so hard to maintain his monotone voice in this mode.

I continued fucking him with the weapon and he just kept on moaning. I had to order him to restrain the moans or the neighbours will be awake.

After a while I grabbed his dick out of the pouch on his jock. I continued fucking him then I reached into an empty cup that was conveniently placed at the coffee table. I place the cup under his hard 8 inch cock then said “Cum when you’re ready Robo-cop”

As I fuck him more and more he began pushing himself back onto the nightstick. Suddenly he began moaning out of control and began cumming on the cup on this dick. He began shooting loads and loads of cum without touching himself. He almost filled half of the cup. I began to slow down with the night stick then stopped once 12 inches was inside of him once again.

I got the cup near his face then said “ Drinking your cum in robot mode will make into fuel to keep you awake. Drink this”. He grabbed the cup from me and began drinking. While he was busy with that, I slowly pulled the nightstick out of him and replaced it with the dildo he wore earlier. I figured that he might be useful in my hunt for the thief so I decided to take him with me

“Hurry up and get dressed Robo-cop. We have a burglar to catch”

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