Used by the Stranger

By MindManiac
published December 31, 2017
2085 words

Troy finally had his say with Brendan

Hello again! As always english isn’t my native language, so I apologize for any grammar and spelling errors. I really tried to edit this one and I feel like there is still quite a few errors here. Comment what you hate or like about the story

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….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. After a few minutes of driving in complete silence other than the moans from the back, I finally reached my destination. I stopped the van outside a huge warehouse on the outskirts of town. This is where I take all of the things I stole and keep them for a while here until I could sell them to the black market on the other side of town. I bought this place from some sketchy land dealer and I shared the space with another burglar since I needed someone to spit the pay with. Now me and the other guy agreed to split this whole place evenly, with the left side being his and the right side being mine. Me and that burglar haven’t seen each other in a while since he was out of town or some shit like that, so I had the whole place for myself. It’s on top of a hill with surrounding trees and the only way to it is through an off-road route, so we were pretty much isolated here.

I stepped out of the van then stretched a little bit. My legs were a little tired from all the tip-toeing I was doing at the houses. I was breathing the nearly-rural fresh air when I was brought out of my thoughts by a moan that was consistently heard throughout the ride. I opened the back door and there I see the “pizazz” of tonight’s stealing streak. Brendan was still on his back, fucking himself with the cucumber and his cock swelling from not being able to cum. I went back to the driver’s seat to get the tablet the returned to him.

“Alright Brendan, I think you should stop and you should get out there now but keep the fruit inside you. I also think you should follow me inside” I said to him while signalling him to follow me. The hunk just nodded lightly and slowly stood outside completely naked.

I opened the warehouse’s double doors and entered the building with him trailing behind me. When you enter the place, the first thing you would see is a wide space that has boxes, shelves, and containers all around. There were also some shelves that was lined in the middle as a border for me and my “housemate”. Each side has a room for our own privacy. I haven’t really snooped on the left side of the building and I know its best to leave it like that.

We entered the room on the right, which was like my ‘mini-office’ in here. I turned the lights on and there was a chair and table set on the corner, an closet on one side, and a bed big enough for two on the other corner. I walked inside with my hunk following me and once he entered, I closed the door since I still need a little bit of privacy.

I activated the tablet and Brendan once again stood at attention like a soldier. I began reading through all the commands of his previous owner. I thought that I might as well customize his programming since he was now mine. As I read through the commands, I found out that this ‘Nathan’ has already given quite a lot of kinky orders to follow but I decided to delete them. I began deleting all of his commands but left the ones that I typed in earlier since I thought that it would be best to start fresh with him. I added “Shameless nudist” so he wouldn’t be all surprised when he wakes up from this programming naked. I also added “Total butt slut”, “Sensitive hole”, “Self-lubricating hole”, “Always erect”, “Can’t cum without permission”, “Loves eating cum”, and “Excessive pre-cumming when horny” to make him the perfect sex toy.

I was about to wake turn the tablet off when I thought of another great idea. I typed in “Would be a slutty dog when ‘down boy’ is said and would revert if ‘play human’ is said”. And with that I was ready wake him up.

I turned the tablet off and Brendan began to het back to his senses. “So, What are we gonna do here Troy?” he asked with a smile. It was weird since I don’t recall telling him my name but now that I think of it, he could have heard my name when I got a call while driving and I just set my phone to speaker. I smiled and walked towards him to touch his pecs and he just smile at me.

“Hmm that feels good” he said while closing his eyes and leaning towards me. While my left hand is still at his nipples, my other hand travelled to his dick that was still hard. He just moaned even loader since he was very sensitive and is still not allowed to cum.

I looked at him and said “I think you should make out with me like you’re in love with me”. And just as I said that, he began to hug me while making out with me with his tongue slipping inside my mouth. He was clearly the more dominant one when he is out of programming. Damn he was a good kisser. I could literally felt myself melt in his embrace and I needed to push myself off of him to catch my breath. When I broke of the kiss, his face was still close to mine and his brown eyes were full of nothing but adoration for me. It really looked like he was in love with me. Whoever this ‘Nathan’ dude is, he’s very lucky to have had him, but he’s mine now.

While we were still embracing each other, my left hand reached for his ass and the fruit in his hole. I began to gently pull the cucumber from him, to which he responded with an audible moan.

“Why don’t you push this out yourself?” I asked him. He didn’t respond to me and he just did as he was told. I felt the cucumber slowly coming out of him until it dropped to the floor, and all this time he was flustered and moaning while still holding me.

“You know what would feel good?” I asked him

“What?” He asked me, breathlessly.

“If you just go Down Boy” I said to him, and in an instant his expression changed. He lets me go and he went down on all fours while smiling with his tongue out and looking at me. I laughed at his sudden change and brushed his blonde hair, to which he responded with a happy bark.

After a while a stopped patting him on the head to get the cucumber from behind him which was still wet from lube. With the fruit in hand I walked towards my bed and signalled ‘Brendog’ to come towards me, which he did happily.

“You see this boy? You see it?” I said in a playful tone to him which reacted to eagerly while panting heavily. “You see it?? Good, Fetch!” I said while throwing it on the other side of the room. Still on all fours, he ran to the fruit to get a hold of it with his mouth. It took him a while to do so but I didn’t complain because I had a view of his still loose hole and hard cock while his back was turned towards me . After he successfully got it he walked towards me and dropped it on my hand that I reached towards him.

“Oh that’s a good boy!” I said while rubbing his head and neck. He was just barking happily like a good dog. While doing so I took the fruit and placed it near his mouth and he began to lick it skilfully. He was licking up all the juices from the fruit from when it was still up his ass. When it was clean I took it away from him, which made him look sad and began whining like a dog.

“Don’t worry, I have a better treat for you” I said to Brendog which made him cheerful again. I began lowering my pants and underwear then sat back on the bed. I slapped my 8” hard dick on his face to which he began licking furiously. He began to show off his skilful dog tongue and even began to suck my cock like some toy. It was clear that he has done this already, considering his subconscious skill with blowjobs. It kept going until I felt my self about to cum so I had to push his face off my crotch. He was still licking the sides but the I decided it was time to try how good his ass was.

“Alright boy now jump on the bed” I said to Brendog, which he did while I was standing up from the bed. He was now on all fours on my bed with his butt sticking out to me. I began to finger his ass again to see that he was still loose and that he was very eager to be penetrated.

Soon enough I lubed myself and positioned myself behind him and began pushing my cock onto him. Since he was still a good dog, he just stayed there and took it like a champ. I continued on until I was completely inside him, surprisingly he was still tight. I began fucking him slowly while he was whimpering lowly. I leaned towards his ears and said “Play Human Brendan and enjoy my cock”. After I said that he just began to moan loudly as I picked up my pace. I sped up after a while, to which Brendan responded with moaning loudly and pushing himself backwards towards my dick.

This went on for a while until I whispered to him “I think you should ride me because I think you’ll enjoy it more”. I pulled out as I said that and Brendan stood up to push me on the bed. He began to straddle me as he makes out with me and grinding his ass on my dick. As he was grinding my cock, I slipped back inside of him and he began to sit down onto my lap with dick slowly going deeper within him.

He raised himself up and went back down again. This time his voice was louder and he was screaming every time I would meet his thrust. With every bounce he would do, his still hard cock would bounce and slap my stomach. I grabbed his dick and said “Hey Brendan, if you could make me cum inside you, I’ll let you cum too. I know you’ve been waiting for release”.

Once I said that, he seemed to have gone to overdrive. He rode me furiously while my hand was still jerking him off. After a while I felt myself close so I began thrusting upwards to meet him. I finally came inside him and as soon as my cum reached his anus, his cock began cumming load after load onto my body. His orgasm was so intense that his eyes rolled back while he was moaning and his cum covered my whole torso and some even reached my face and the pillow above me.

Once his orgasm subsided, he leaned toward me and began licking the cum off my face as if he was still in Dog Mode. While he was licking my face I reached out for his butt to scoop some of my cum. I placed my cum laced finger infront of him he just began to lick my finger furiously. We both were tired and soon Brendan fell asleep still on top of my. Though he was still so muscular, his body felt somewhat so light making it comfortable. He was sleeping on top of me with his cum still in between us and my softening cock still buried in him. Soon I felt myself drifting towards sleep.

I wish this could last forever.

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