What the Stranger Doesn't Know

By MindManiac
published December 19, 2017
1072 words

The thief won’t get away easily

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Ever since I managed to make those nanobots, my life has been very great if you asked me. I managed to win a science award with it, got a bigger lab on my own, cash prizes, and of course my next door hunk and now boyfriend. Or should I say “Toyfriend”. After getting him to be my test subject for the nanobots, I got him to think that we’re together and he’s still under my complete control. Just a few taps on a certain tablet and I could change him based on my preference and he can’t do a thing about it. He wasn’t even aware that he got shot by my “nanobot darts” in the first place.

In fact no one noticed anything different from him. His co-workers in the gym didn’t even mind him being more muscular all of a sudden. Heck, even that Jenna girl didn’t know anything, she even went out with someone else and next thing we knew Jenna has a boyfriend. And that guy isn’t Brendan.

Brendan’s brother did know but thanks to the same nanobots he was also experimented by me. After that whole double penetration with his brother, I sent him back to college to try sending some guys the nanobots. No new guys yet since school was just starting.

It was the middle of the night and the both of us are now resting after a fuck fest. There I was laying beside Brendan breathing heavily after getting fucked hard in the ass. Normally I think he would have killed me by now, but thanks to the nanobots, he can’t do jack shit to me.

I was about to fall asleep when I felt him get up and leave the room.

“I’m just gonna get a drink babe” he told me before going through the door completely. While he was walking out I was eyeing his beautiful ass framed by the jockstrap he was wearing. The two globes were jiggling as he was walking and I can see a little bit of his hole. He was clenching it so that my cum wouldn’t get out.

Once he was completely out of view I started falling asleep on my own.

I was already in dream land when I heard something fall to the ground in the living room. I have this “sensitive hearing” every time I’m in my house since I have this big fear of a burglar coming here. I first thought that maybe it was just Brendan downstairs and that I should just wait a little bit. But when I realized that he’d been down there for too long I then decided to check in on him.

I carefully walked down the stairs so that I wouldn’t be heard. Then I saw Brendan standing still in the living room with a plastic cup on the floor with a small puddle of water. I was about to go near him but then I saw someone walk towards him. It was a guy wearing all black with a mask on his face. A burglar. Basically my worst nightmare in physical form. But speaking of physical forms, this guys isn’t that bad from what I see.

Even with his whole body clothed I could still see that this guy works out in the gym. His body was muscular and lean but still shrinks in comparison to Brendan. I then noticed that he was holding Brendan’s control tablet. He can control him! And I’m guessing that he was about to find that out.

The guy then slapped Brendan’s face lightly. I’m guessing that was like a test for him to see if he really was controlled by the tablet. After that he just started to caress Brendan’s body; from his pecs down to his butthole. He even fingered his hole, which is supposedly mine.

At this point I was panicking internally. I needed to get the tablet back from this guy somehow. Then my mind hatched a plan.

I quietly sneaked back to the bedroom to get my bag of supplies. I prepared one of those darts with the nanobots and took another control tablet. I then made a quick reminder to myself that I really need to create a universal controller for my nanobots. Once I got what I needed I headed back downstairs carefully.

I hid by the stairs and prepared to launch the dart onto the thief. I just looked up back to them when I knew I was prepared. But when I looked at them, Brendan was on all fours on the couch with the guy holding a cucumber up his ass. This guy is kinkier that I thought.

I also just realized now that the thief has taken his mask off and I can see his face. I was taken aback from how good looking he was. That pretty face, with the blue eyes and brown hair. I guess he can also be a keeper.

While he was distracted in fucking Brendan with a fruit, I decided it was time to shoot him with the dart. I took aim and thankfully it landed on the back of his neck and he didn’t notice anything. But before I could activate the nanobots inside him, he decided it was time to take his leave.

He ordered Brendan to follow him outside to his van with the cucumber still inside him. I’m starting to like the way this guy thinks. Once they were outside, I got out of my hiding spot in the stairs and looked through the window. The thief sat Brendan at the back of the van while he sat in front. I’m guessing he ordered Brendan to fuck himself with the fruit considering I could hear faint moans coming from the van.

The thief then drove of to God knows where but I didn’t panic. I upgraded the nanobots to have some sort of GPS tracking device on them. I could just easily follow the thief.

I guess I have another one to the collection

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