Pine's College Jocks Ch. 9 - The last challenge

By Nacho -
published March 29, 2020
3051 words

Pine has to face his last pledge challenge. Time to pop some balloons!

I woke up in the living room’s sofa. Mike had one of his arms wrapped around me. Luckily, both of us were fully clothed. If I remember correctly, we just decided to play with the big TV and we seem to have fell asleep.

My switch was docked in front of the TV and the screen showed a character selection screen.

A pair of frat members passed by, noticed I was awake and nodded. “Yo” one of them said.

Huh, I was surprised they weren’t weirded out seeing two members really close. I really liked how all the jocks around here were super nice.

Most of them, at least. Luke got really cocky after he ‘won’ that beer pong game (Although, Max treated me like one of that challenge winners, but again, I cheated)

It wasn’t a problem. There was still one challenge left and I could make him bite the dust.

I got up slowly and started grabbing my stuff. I plugged the two controllers to the console and disconnected it from the TV, then from the plug.

I put them in my bag, which was next to the sofa. And Mike started stretch on the sofa. “Oh hey… You’re awake, bro”

“Yup, I think we fell asleep last night, after I kicked your ass” I won way more matches than he did.

“Gettin’ cocky, aren’t we?” He smiled. I finished grabbing my switch’s stuff as he got up and turned me around. Then he gave me a soft kiss. “Good morning, bro”

“Morning Mikey” I returned the kiss. Then I grabbed my bag “Should we get going?” He grabbed my hand and leaded the way to his room.

We went up the stairs, greeting a few dudes in the way up. I wondered if there was some kind of rule that prohibited humiliation of fellow brothers, ‘cause there’s no way a whole house of jocks wouldn’t be weirded out of two guys dating.

Probably society moving forward? It was good to see this happening, to be honest. I felt safe, for some reason. And Mike being around helped with that. He was always looking out for me. And I truly loved him for that.

We entered the room, I left the switch there and started dressing for the cold outside. Mike did the same, and he grabbed his gym bag.

“Ready, babe?” He looked at me and pointed to the door. It was gym time, but I was still a bit sleepy.

I yawned “Uh… Can’t we have some coffee first?”

“But we’re going a bit late already, bro. Let’s get going and we’ll have coffee afterwards”

I dropped my bag, walked towards him as he looked at me with curiosity. “Don’t try to convince me bro, you know I love working out early” I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a good kiss. And also commanded him to agree to have breakfast before working out. He noticed I did this, I made him self-aware of every command I sent to him.

After the kiss was over, he dazedly looked at me with a big smile and mumbled a “Huh… Yes, daddy…” His expression returned and he chuckled after saying that, realizing what happened. “You sneaky little bro” Then he left his gym bag and we walked down to the kitchen.

The frat house had everything. The kitchen was pretty well equipped, and there were two fridges. One for food, and one for drinks. The drinks one was pretty full with beers and alcohol at one side, and energetic drinks at the other side.

Same order goes for the food one. Premade protein filled meals in one side, and the other is full of snacks for game days.

One of the frat rules goes like “If you take something, you replace it in 72 hours or less.” Breaking that rule gets you a severe punishment from the frat council, because you are “disrespecting your fellow brothers by taking away the frat’s food, and also because it’s for future parties”

The coffee jar was already prepared; someone must have been here before us. Mikey prepared two mugs and passed one to me.

“And after this, we’re going to the gym. No excuses, alright bro?” He said, faking seriousness.

“Yeah, no more excuses” I drank a bit of my coffee. I loved a good coffee in the morning.

“Guys, I’m sorry to rain in the lover’s line but we can’t leave the house” A familiar voice said. I turned and Luke was in the doorway, Aiden walked past him and entered the kitchen as Luke started speaking.

“The last challenge for this pledging season is being prepared, and the active members are preparing it for us. Again, no details, what makes me think they’re doing something big if they decided to lock us in this place” Then he noticed Mike was in the kitchen too “Shouldn’t you be outside helping with the preparations?” My boyfriend shrugged “I was going to, after hitting the gym. But I didn’t know the pledges couldn’t get out” He drank the rest of his coffee and patted my back “But alright, if you want me out, I’ll be out. Think of it as a quarantine, guys. I’ll see ya later” He said, before walking out of the kitchen.

Cool, now I was stuck with my good friend Aiden, and my good headache Luke. Among other pledges I didn’t really knew anything about.

Aiden prepared a coffee for himself and he nodded at me. “Morning bro”

“Hey man. So, another challenge tonight?” I asked him, trying to ignore the third guy in the room. I grew to like having jocks around, but Luke reminded me why people wasn’t fond of them. Ever since he won that party challenge and beer pong game, he wouldn’t shut up about it.

And he wasn’t able to touch me because of the respect rule, but I’m sure that if he had the chance, he would beat me up out of this place. I just felt it in my skin, you know?

In other situations, I would have mind controlled him to be nicer, or less irritating. But I wanted to see his stupid grin fading away when I won this last challenge.

Then I would mind control him to be nicer to me.

Truth is, I could simply give him a drink with my cum and he would be mine to play with. But since the last mind link I’ve established (With Max, and not intentionally) My head has been hurting a lot each time I use the mind link for not too long periods of time.

I can still send quick commands from time to time, one is alright. But two already starts feeling weird, and three commands could trigger a soft headache. I’ve been experimenting with Mike’s mind as soon as I recovered from the party. Having a backup of his normal self was really useful. We haven’t gone too far with the dom-sub thing… yet.

Since we were quarantined in the frat house, we decided to make a smash tournament. I had 4 joy-cons so we took turns.

It was nice, I felt part of the group, without using any mind control at the moment. I knew I had a mind link with some of them, but using it was dangerous. Cheating at the challenge was kind of justified I guess. I wouldn’t have any chance to win those otherwise.

A nerdy and not really built guy like me against handsome, muscled jocks… Oh, I’m getting hard, and someone is trying to “kirbycide” me. I can’t let that happen.

The tournament went amazing. I didn’t win, but I got to the top 5. And we were a group of 15 guys, so I was happy.

And seeing us all crammed together in the living room, I kind of understood how everyone managed to enter the room for the game days. It was more spacious than it seemed to be.

We could leave the house if we wanted to, but that would mean abandoning the frat and the possibility to join.

We assaulted the kitchen after the tournament. Aiden didn’t feel comfortable around the other pledges, but I could tell he was enjoying our time together as a group. I felt bad that not everyone would be able to join the fraternity.

I pretty much have my spot won already, because Max was under my control.

A few more tournaments in which I wasn’t so lucky, the frat council appeared from the house’s entrance. Max in front of them. I looked at my clock and it was nighttime already. The time seemed to flew as we played.

“Pledges!” The rugbier said, standing in front of the big TV. “The last challenge from your pledging time is about to begin” He pulled out a gun and I opened my eyes in surprise. What the fuck?!

Some of the guys were scared as well, but a few tried to tackle him down. They were pushed back to the living room as soon as they tried to do so. Max fired the gun at the ceiling, but it didn’t fire real bullets.

“Toy guns. Chill out, bros” He said, and the group behind him started to laugh. I noticed Mike was at the last row of the group and he didn’t look too comfortable. “Partying is fun, but we still have to meet the university’s safety standards. So, nobody will actually get hurt with this. Really, just chill and enjoy”

Adrian, the guy with white hair, pulled out a balloon already inflated. Max pointed to it from a few feets away and fired again. The balloon exploded.

“Every pledge will have three balloons, and when every balloon has popped” he clapped his hands “you’re out of the game and must return back to the house”

“Active brothers and Pi Omega girls are going to be on the hunt for you, and they won’t have any balloons. It’s a run or die situation, and physical violence it’s not allowed. At all. University administration gave us a list of conditions we have to follow if we want this challenge to happen”

A few of the guys seemed disappointed, and we started walking outside.

There, they explained the rest of the rules as we put on the protective gear. Each pledge would have three balloons attached to him.

Apparently, the toy guns are modified so they are strong enough to pop a balloon with a well-aimed shot, but not strong enough to hurt a living being.

Everyone still had to wear protection, just in case.

I liked it, they thought about everything and followed the university’s safety standards so I was excited to see how this went, and a bit scared.

Stacy sent me a message when the sorority girls arrived. She couldn’t talk to me directly because I could be accused of having advantage, but she wished me good luck.

When the place was dark enough, an active brother was assigned to us to take us across the campus. One active brother per pledge, and since Mike was my “big bro”, he was assigned to me.

“Nervous?” He asked when we were far from the other pledges, walking towards the library. Entering a building was totally off-bounds.

“Yeah, a lot. But this is the last one, right?” I liked these challenges. They were fun, even if I cheated to win. And this time, the challenge seemed way more difficult than the ones before, but if I lost, I still had ‘won’ the other two, so I would get in the frat no matter what!

“Yeah, I think so. Sorry for keeping this one a secret, bro. I just wanted you to have some fun without planning ahead” He patted my back. “But anyway, here we are” Huh, I didn’t notice we arrived already.

This was the side of the library. I assumed that if we went to the main entrance, I would be an easy target.

“I’ll have to get going, but first” He took off my helmet and gave me a nice, slow kiss. After a bit, he broke it and put the helmet back in my head. “Good luck, Piney” He said before running off to the frat house again.

A few minutes later, a message from the frat pledges chat group came to my phone, saying that the challenge started.

I had my three balloons floating above me.

I moved from cover to cover.

And with cover I mean crouching behind plants and boxes. I assumed the boxes were put there by the fraternity.

I couldn’t see anyone around me, which was a good thing!

Wait, I have an idea.

I looked into my mind for the connections with my enslaved frat members. A few of the football guys… the wrestling guys too… pledges and members getting closer and further away from me.

A little pain started to appear, but I stopped focusing on the links and it stopped. Great, I just had to limit my use of my powers, but it could totally work out! Although I would still have to be careful, since sending commands would trigger an overload.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps near me.

I looked around but there was nobody there.

“Yo, buddy” Luke said. I recognized his voice, and slowly turned to him with my hands up.

Luke was pointing to my balloons already, but when he was about to shoot.

A little “Bang!” sounded, but it was more like a weird soft bang rather than a real gunshot bang.

One of his balloons exploded. “Wait, what? That’s cheating!” He said, pointing at someone behind me.

I turned around, without lowering my toy gun pointed at Luke. Mikey was walking towards us.

“No, it’s not!” he chuckled “And I suggest you run before I decide to pop the other two balloons”

“But he was way closer than I was, bro! It’s obvious you have a preference because he’s your-“

“One” Mike started counting, and pointed his toy gun back at Luke’s balloons.

“But it’s not-“

“Two…” Luke turned around pretty quickly and ran away, mumbling something. Wow, what a dick.

When he was far enough, Mike lowered his toy gun and looked at me. “You’re not going to pop my balloons, don’t you?” I asked

He chuckled “If I followed this challenge rules, I would have popped all of your and Luke’s balloons. But don’t worry, I’ll just pretend I haven’t seen my boyfriend at all” He said, finishing it with a wink.

I blushed, and ran away. He ran to the other direction. I decided to try something, examining how many of my slaves were around me. I know not every pledge is under my control but it would give a bit more chance of winning, right?

I closed my eyes and tried to look who was the closest one to me.

Charlie coming from my right, I kept running forward to avoid running into him, but when he was visible, I aimed my toy gun and fired. A ‘pop!’ was heard, so I assumed I managed to explode one of his balloons.

I ran away, because he started coming towards me, and noticed Nick was near me. ‘Ignore me. Shoot Charlie’ I commanded him, before we encountered. He ran around me and shot Charlie’s balloons like nothing. My pursuer didn’t have any balloons left so he yelled “Are you serious?! Bro, fuck you!” Before heading back to the frat house.

My head was hurting. Not much, but I had to remember to be caref-

Adrian appeared in front of me. Fuck, I didn’t have a mind link with him. I jumped behind a nearby box and grabbed my balloons to pull them down. He popped one, oh god.

I heard the jock running away. Phew, I thought he was going to finish the work. I got up and ran away from that zone.

And after a few minutes… Pop!

Another one of my balloons exploded.

“I SAW ONE RUNNING TO THE FIELDS” Yelled a feminine voice. Oh fuck, not those sorority girls. They weren’t really fond of me.

I decided to call a few of my closest pledge slaves to distract them. My head was hurting like hell by now, but just a bit more and it would be over! You can do it, Piney!

Avoiding a few more of my slaves, and reading their thoughts to see if there was any other jock around them, I arrived at the college dorms.

I encountered Aiden, but he didn’t try to shoot me, he just gave me a thumbs up and said “We’re cool, mate!” before running off.

I was about to enter the dorms, but I remembered that going inside a building was prohibited, so I just turned around and ran back to the quad.

“Hey there!” A deep voice said. He had a mind link, so in a panic move, I commanded his mind to not shoot at me.

And then, I fell to the ground.

I couldn’t see anything, the world turned black. My headache was unbearable. And after a minute I could hear screams around me.

“SOMEONE CALL 911!” Was that… Aiden?

“MOVE. OH GOD, HE’S HAVING A SEIZURE” I recognized that voice, Stacy was next to me.

“QUICK, PUT HIM SIDEWAYS AND LEAVE HIM SOME SPACE” Mike yelled, near me too, but his voice was moving away.

And then everything faded.

A bit shorter than usual, and less hot this time. I tried something going more story-driven for this one. And setting up the plot for this arc’s ending. :p

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The next one should be up in a few days. Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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