Just One Wish

By Nocturne13
published September 1, 2018
6701 words

One creative wish and some hard work produce the best results.

Just One Wish

The Wish…

“So I have one wish figured out,” Jack said to the genie. The tall, muscular, sinisterly handsome face focused in concentration and interest. One of the first things Jack had done when the genie came out of the lamp as a cloud of smoke and fire was ask the burning, radiant entity if it could appear in human form to communicate. Classing that as “Master’s preference” the genie took on the appearance of the first Middle-Eastern man in Jack’s mind, which happened to be that of a certain Iranian-born porn star. The genie then tweaked the appearance by jacking himself up to 6’4" and adding another 20+ pounds of muscle, as well as some harem pants and comfy house slippers. It was a pretty distracting look, which Jack figured was intentional.

“I wish that when I’m having sex with someone of my own free will, they will enjoy it immensely and find it extremely pleasurable.”

The genie peaked an eyebrow. “That’s … it?” Jack nodded, a bit concerned. The wish-granting ways of genies were not an unknown subject to him thanks to a healthy dose of fantasy novels and computer games. He hoped he was specific enough without getting into legalese.

The genie thought about it for a few moments while side eyeing his lamp before a shock of realization hit him and he turned back to Jack. “Wait, that’s actually… brilliant. That’s one of the best wishes I’ve ever had to grant,” he said. He smiles and clapped his hands together once. “Done!”

“Cool,” Jack said. “Wow this is exciting, I know what I’m going to do next!”

“What is that?” asked the genie. “Wish for a harem? Or no… that might be wasteful… considering…”

Jack looked at him for a moment, puzzled. “Actually I was going to hire an escort.”

“Escort?” the genie said perplexedly. “Oh a prostitute…. I don’t follow.”

“Ok well I’m pretty average looking,” began Jack. “And there’s some insanely hot hunks working from here to LA. And the one time I hired one he seemed kinda bored the whole time and it made me feel shitty. Since then work has been insane and I haven’t even had time to do regular dating and I am SO damn horny it physically hurts. So the last thing I want to do is spend my money to hire an escort and get a bad lay out of it.”

The genie’s expression slowly changed from one of thoughtful smirking to utter surprise. “So your intent was just to make sure the courtesan was having a good time so he wouldn’t be half-assed in his services??”

Jack nodded. “Basically yes. If the guy’s having a really good time he’ll be in to me, and if he’s in to me, it’ll be more emotionally fulfilling and not just mechanical sex. Uhm, come’re and let me show you his entry on the escort site.” Jack turned to his desk and sat down to boot up his laptop. The genie moved to stand behind him. “By the way is there something I should call you other than ‘Genie’?” he asked over his shoulder.

The genie pursed his lips and shook his head. “I do have a personal name but it’s not in your language… your spoken language. It involves wind and sparks and a certain smell of burning. If you wish to give me a human use-name, that is your prerogative.”

“Ok cool,” Jack said, turning back to finish logging in. “Your actual name I mean, it’s such a thrill to meet a multidimensional elemental entity. I don’t think I said that before.” The genie was a bit surprised at the enthusiastic complement. Most masters had already squandered two wishes at this point. “How about I call you Rada?”

“It’s a win for me,” the genie said.

“Great. Ok here’s this guy’s escort profile,” he pointed to the image on screen. The man depicted was a 6’2" lightly tanned Caucasian man with jet black hair; a handsome, square-jawed face; nice muscular development and definition; a light dusting of black chest hair that pretty perfectly set off the bulge of his pecs and his six pack; he definitely didn’t skip leg day either, and the bulge in his shorts suggested a generous endowment.

“Yes I saw this image in your mind when I scanned it lightly earlier,” Rada said. “He is very attractive by human standards.”

“He’s basically the hottest escort in 3 counties,” Jack said. “His fee is really high. I mean, REALLY high. $450 an hour! Two hour special $850, overnight charge is $3000. Wow my head is spinning at the thought. That’s like a house payment. I have some money I’ve saved up but shit, I can’t blow hundreds of dollars on what amounts to a quick muscle worship session with a perfunctory jerk off! I want ecstasy for that price!”

“Well you could have wished to always enjoy great sex,” Rada commented drily. “Of course then you’d be anybody’s bitch.”

“Exactly,” agreed Jack. “That’s definitely not what I want. I may not have a six pack but I want him to have a good time and for me to have a good time and everyone to get their money’s worth.” Behind him the genie made an “oops” face and shrugged.

Scheduling the Date…

Jack took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He picked up his cell phone and dialed the number onscreen. The call went directly to voicemail. “Hi, my name is Jack. I’ve been looking at your ad for a while now and I’m ready to uhm, take the plunge with your services. I’m kind of new to this and not very experienced but I think you are about the hunkiest guy on the site. I’m available pretty much any evening after 6, weeknights, or most of the time on the weekend. I hope to hear back from you soon!” after repeating his number slowly Jack saved and hung up.

Rada was standing behind him still arms crossed, guns on display. “Well, while you wait to engage the courtesan, is there another wish I can grant for you?”

“Uh not right now,” Jack said, swinging the desk chair around to face, well, mostly Rada’s buff thigh region; the harem pants weren’t see through but the beefiness of his legs was still apparent. He looked up at the genie’s face. “I mean, I don’t want to just blow them willy-nilly. I’m not in any kind of trouble, work’s ok, the house is ok, my health is ok, I don’t really need anything so I was just going to carefully wait. Is that ok?”

“It is,” nodded Rada.

“Ok let me show you my spare bedroom,” Jack said popping to his feet. He lead the genie to the 2nd bedroom and opened the door. It was almost empty other than a dresser with some old clothes and 3 large cardboard boxes strapped shut sitting against the far wall. “I don’t have an extra bed or other furniture but I thought you might want to have a space to relax in other than the bottle. Or do you prefer going back in there?”

Rada shook his head. “If you are permitting me to stay in human-appearing form then it is right I should stay in this cell, ready to attend you.”

“Cell? This room is only 2’ narrower than my bedroom!” Jack exclaimed. He stepped down the hall of the condo an opeened the next door. A fairly generous master bedroom was crammed full with a queen sized bed, 2 flanking nightstands, a dresser with a small flatscreen TV, and 4 narrow louvered doors covering a closet approximately the size of a wardrobe bag. “See?”

“Oh, oh my” Rada said. “Are you sure you would not like a palace?”

“As if you could find a patch of bare ground in the tri-county area, and if you could, I could never afford the property taxes on my salary. There are some nice estates around but they’re owned by movie stars and musicians and entertainment company execs. All land and most money is detailed, tracked, monitored, taxed… I think any kind of wish for wealth would have terrible repercussions if you were even able to grant it, nowadays.” Rada nodded slowly.

“This master,” he thought, “is basically wise. Not just smart, wise. This must have been what it was like for the demons trying to argue with Solomon.” He frowned every so slightly. “If I’m going to try to put anything over on him I’m going to have to be very careful indeed, though, it may not be necessary if he continues to be a respectful master.”

“Is there a problem?” Jack asked. “You look troubled.”

“Modern life is very complex,” Rada said. “Honestly, you’re a much more cautious master–”

“You don’t have to call me that,” Jack interrupted. “It’s your option. You can call me Jack, or boss, or something else appropriate as you like.”

“Do you not want to be my master, Jack?” the genie said slowly. Jack smiled and looked him in the eye, aware that he might be perilously close to freeing the genie.

“I’m not saying I’m rejecting you. I just want you to use language that feels comfortable and appropriate when speaking to me or others. That word is unusual in modern society and has specific, often sexual connotations. It also advertises our connection in a way that may not be ideal for others to know.”

The genie slowly smiled. “I get it, Boss. You don’t want anyone else to know you’re the master of the lamp.” Jack nodded diffidently. “Yes, and considering your outfit you pretty much look just like a genie. I’ll have to show you some websites with nice modern clothes… I assume you can conjure up outfits for yourself?” Rada nodded. “Do I need to go to Ikea and get you some furniture for your room?” the genie shook his head and just as he started to say no, Jack’s cellphone pinged, cutting him off. Jack darted back to his den and snatched the phone off the desk on the second ping. “Hello?!” he blurted.

“HI this is Finn Diamontes, I got your call! You sound so cute, how are you?” Jack quivered. The man’s voice was like warm velvet and he shivered in a way that left his nips hard.

“I’m ok, thanks for calling back so soon, I was kind of … tensed up with excitement, I can feel my blood pressure normalizing now.” “Hey it’s ok! At the risk of sounding conceited I sometimes get booking calls where the guy can’t actually speak in complete sentences and at least 50% of the time it’s because my looks have made them babble.” He shifted to a conspiratorial tone to continue, “The other half of the time they’re high as fuck, unfortunately not clients I want to deal with.” The escort went back to a normal, business-like tone. “I’m recreational drug free by the way and I don’t do drug scenes. Limited use of poppers are ok, I’m not small and some guys desperately need them so I don’t judge. But no partying and safe only.”

“Yeah I saw your posting. I feel a lot more comfortable you want a sober sex experience. And I hadn’t thought about an exception for poppers but realistically, yeah, you are … big…” Jack murmured.

“Yeah let’s be honest. As much as the stats sound great not everyone can handle this much, especially out of the blue! You disclosed you’re less experienced so anal might be something we have to work up to. Actually, I usually do NOT do that with new clients. I have to be comfortable with the person for that to happen, but you know, we’ll see how things go.”

“That seems completely fair, safe, and reasonable,” Jack agreed.

“Great. Now, you said you’re kind of new to ‘this’ do you mean escorting or gay sex?”

“Uh kinda maybe both?” said Jack. "I’ve hired one escort before and it was ok but a little underwhelming. I’m not a virgin or anything but I work so much I hardly date and I haven’t done anything in…

I’m not sure when I last got laid to be honest. Or touched a guy. Or made out. I’m actually going kind of past horny and on to stir crazy. I’m probably tight like a virgin."

“Oh man that’s terrible. I get where you’re coming from. So you need like ‘the hunky boyfriend who gently seduces you because he knows what you need’ type scenario?”

“Oh God you’re good,” blurted Jack.

“Hey I’m a pro! And I’m here for you to have a good time, and me to have a good time, and both of us to have a nice respectful exchange. Hence, twenty questions. So… are you more sexual feeling in the morning, or evening do you think?”

“Probably evening?” said Jack.

“Ok so after work or a weekend evening would probably be better,” the escort said. From the sound of it, his phone was crammed up against his shoulder and Jack could hear the rustle of papers. “Let’s not do this Thursday morning, oh wait you’d be working anyway… let’s see I need a good block…” more paper sounds came out of the phone, before an Aha! came over the speaker. “So would 7 pm Friday be good? Or is that cutting it too close with rush hour weekend traffic? Oh I’m assuming this is a local out-call too…”

“Yeah that’s fine, I usually work from home so that time is just fine. And yes I’m pretty close by,” Jack said, naming his cross streets.

“Oh VERY close,” Finn agreed. “What do you do for work?”

“Programmer, naturally,” Jack said. “I only have to go into the work mothership a couple days a week.”

“Ok now incall, did you want an hour or two?” Finn asked.

“Uh your rates are very reasonable for your megastudliness,” Jack answered, “but my mad money is good for 1 hour at this time.”

“That’s fine,” Finn replied. “It would be a little tight if you wanted 2 anyway. I’m also not a clock watcher though sometimes guys want to chill for a while first or even try to double up. With you being new, we’ll probably spend some time relaxing and getting comfortable, probably plan for a 90 min intro session at my typical rate for 1 hour. Oh, cash remember.” Jack mumbled agreement again. He was pretty horned up at this point, every word Finn spoke was getting him more excited.

“Now uh, a suggestion,” Finn added. “You will probably have a better time if you build up for a couple days so … try to not jack off as soon as I hang up, ok?”

Jack blushed crimson red because that was exactly what he had decided to do. “Ok,” he said. “Should I text you my address?”

“Yup! Ok I’ll see you Friday night cutie. I hope you like muscles because I’m slotting you in by cutting my workout time down on Friday. I should have a nice fresh pump to make you weak in the knees.” Finn’s voice had a playful tone and at the same time his tone also said “You’re going to go to your knees the second you see me, so get ready bitch.” Jack staggered from the hormones.

“Thanks Finn, see you soon, bye!” Jack said. Finn said bye and hung up as well. Jack immediately saved the contact and text him the info.

Fin texted back “Looking forward to meeting you!” along with emoticons for sunglass-wearing smiley, devil, and finally 10 eggplants and 1/2 in text. There were also links to online FAQs for safe sex and tips on prepping for gay sex. Jack gulped and sat down. Panting with horniness he said “I can’t believe I’m finally doing this…!”

“Believe it Boss,” Rada said. “Are you sure you don’t want to release some frustration right now? As servant of the lamp it’s also my job to do basic wait-upon-you things. I can fetch you some warm oil and a rag…”

“No, it’s ok, he asked me to abstain for a few days so I’m really charged up,” Jack said guilelessly. Rada smiled mockingly.

“Typical humans. Well, he’ll get what he wished for.” He turned and walked out of the den going to his new room. He had furnishings to conjure.

The Hookup…

“Oh my God, I can’t believe you’re here, in person!” Jack enthused like a hardcore fangirl meeting a k-pop star by surprise in an airport. Finn smiled warmly.

“I’m happy to be here. You’re blushing. You’re adorable.” The jacked stud reached out and tousled his hair and stroked the back of Jack’s neck. Jack literally gasped and thought his nipples turned into bullets from the excitement. His cock jumped full mast so fast it jammed into the fabric of his underwear like he got a wedgie. Jack felt himself swaying as he flushed red in the face, standing right there in the living room of his condo, barely in the front door. “Ah c’mere,” Finn said sweeping him into a hug and also discretely keeping him from collapsing. It was a tight hug and the heat from his recently pumped muscles radiated into Jack.

“Unh, you feel amazing” Jack mumbled, half collapsing onto the hunk’s shoulder. It felt so good just to be held by the hunk.

“It’s ok baby,” Finn said swaying gently as he held the other man in his strong arms, completely effortlessly. He whispered in Jack’s ear, “I know exactly what you need and you’re going to get it.” Jack gulped with excitement and a dash of fear.

Finn was having a good time. He had a very diverse array of clients but he had a soft spot for shy twinks. He was one himself before he decided to dedicate his life to the gym and professional fucking. He normally had almost a two month wait but one of his regulars got busted for coke and that left an opening. He had never liked the guy, he was way too much like the main character in American psycho and always seemed really hopped up when he got over there. This, this would be easy. Some hugs, a few kisses, a little muscle flexing, some playful domination to push the client through any freezeups, and probably receipt of a worshipful but inept blowjob. Easy cash. The client was cute-average, clean, smelled of good cologne, and had a small tidy condo in a professional area. Fucking? Iffy. Guy was probably tight as a vise but would need a lot of work to open up, that said a tight hole was a tight hole. Bonus points to the client though, he’d been looking him in the face and not the crotch before the hug. Then again, the poor guy was practically absorbing body heat from him like a hypothermia victim; it really had been too long for him.

“Let’s sit down a bit,” Finn suggested. Jack slowly disengaged, at some point he’d gone from a normal hug to holding on for dear life. The experience of holding on to such a rock hard torso was new and thrilling. The two men sat on the generously sized sofa. “So you like the hunky type eh?” Finn said with a grin. “So here’s that nice pumped bicep I prepped for you,” as he flexed his right arm. The material of the polo shirt he was wearing was strained already and as he brought the peak of his bicep up he thought he could hear stitches in the seam giving out.

“…wow,” said Jack, gazing worshipfully at the bulging right arm. Finn reached over with his left hand and took Jack’s right hand into his, and brought it to rest on his bicep.

“You get to touch it,” he said without a hint of mockery. Jack smiled in wonder, and lightly traced the peak of the arm with one finger.

“That’s amazing!” Jack exclaimed.

Patiently, like to a new puppy Finn said “Go ahead and feel it with both hands, I’ll flex.” Jack immediately complied. Finn felt strangely happy. Normally he might not be into someone so intensely shy but this was cute. He was completely rocking this guy’s world and he hadn’t even begun and that made him happy. Suddenly he thought how intensely fun this could really be. Slowly, Jack hesitantly leaned forward and placed one discrete kiss on the top of Finn’s bicep. His lips left the kind of fiery afterburn good whiskey leaves in your throat, and Finn took an extra breath himself. He suddenly realized that there was worship, and there was also WORSHIP. And he was going to be getting the latter.

Finn slid away from Jack slightly, turned his torso to face him and said, “Here comes the six pack” as he grabbed the hem of his polo shirt and started peeling upward. Jack made a whimpering noise as row after row of thick, brick-like abs were revealed by the rising shirt. In addition to the six clear abs there was a generous defined bulge capping it, probably an eight pack by some reckoning. There a defined treasure trail right down the ab groove, which he knew from the photos. But it seemed Finn had not shaved his torso in a while because there was also a very sexy triangle of hair lightly pelting the abs. Jack pushed his shyness away and reached out to start feeling the muscles and the light hairy patch which ever so clearly promised something amazing below.

“Yeah that’s it boy, those abs are for you, touch them all,” Finn encouraged him as he slowly continued prying his shirt over his head. Thanks to the recent workout and quick shower after, his skin was moist and warm, and with the pump he had the shirt was actually pretty tight. He had to flex his torso back and forth a bit to finish pulling it off. Once it was over his head and he could see his client again, he saw that he was slack jawed and a little glazed, marveling at his torso. He barely began to nod yes when Jack dove on his left nipple and started sucking.

Finn’s nipples were sensitive. They were wired for pleasure. If his client wasn’t turning him on all he had to do was think of someone even a little hot and give one of his nipples a twist and he’d get rock hard. His client’s mouth was hot. He was doing something just with his tongue and sucking like he wanted to drain the testosterone right out of Finn’s body. A flush of energy and aggression flew through Finn’s body. FUCKING yes, fucking. He was going to fuck this client. He was going to mark him tonight, for sure. Even if that meant a lot of hard work to get him open enough to not be ripped by his 10.5" cock. The cascade of pleasure he was feeling was amazing and even if his cock was unfurling like a python in his pants he had a long way to go. He put his hand on the back of Jack’s head and guided him to the other nipple and then started unbuttoning his client’s shirt. An offering should be naked after all and Finn was of every intention to accept Jack like one.

As Finn peeled Jack’s shirt over his shoulders Jack had to break off sucking his nipple for a moment. The men looked in each other’s eyes. Jack’s need burned like a canyon fire and he dove for Finn’s lips. The men locked together in a simple kiss for a moment before Finn rammed his tongue into Jack’s mouth, probing and searching. Feeling dominant Finn put one hand behind Jack’s head, and shifted his weight forward pushing him back against the couch and pinning him helplessly. Finn drove his tongue in deep, exploring and probing Jack’s mouth as if conquering it, his tongue dancing with his client’s.

Finn lifted his head up and with Jack’s head pulled back by one hand grasping the back of his hair, let a long slow string of saliva drip mouth to mouth. “God I’m in a filthy mind tonight, so much for vanilla,” he thought to himself. “What is it that I’m so fucking horny? I just want to ravage this dude and this is turning me on.” Finn moved his other hand under Jack’s throat and kept his face angled up while he started to kiss and lick the sensitive skin under his jaw on the other side, eliciting whimpers from the smaller man and giving Jack a furhter rush of excitement. He was like Midas and everything he touched turned to pleasure.

“Ok bedroom time,” Finn said as he broke off the licking and nibbling. Jack staggered to his feet and lead the way. Once in the doorway Finn turned him around and pulled his shirt off, then undid his belt. After a moment Jack fumbled with Finn’s belt, shaking, and managed to pull it loose. Finn guided Jack’s hands to the button-front fly of his jeans and Jack undid the rivets, releasing the opening with a tug. Finn’s thick long cock sprang free, unfurling a bit like a snake; not quite fully hard but well on its way and ready to taste the air. Jack immediately crashed to his knees and put the tip in his mouth and began sucking. Finn was pleased Jack finally was getting a little aggressive but the moment that sweet mouth took his tip in he gasped in pleasure. This was the motherfucking best blowjob he had ever felt and the dude had only taken the tip in. Finn’s prodigious cock featured a relatively pointed tip though even it was not small. The girth of the cock was greatest right in the middle and there was a slight curve. It was an awful lot like a long, mostly straight banana and Jack was already going to town. He’d never be able to deep throat him - the center of the cock was too wide - but he could get the first four inches in easily and his tongue was going nuts. Tasting, teasing, some kind of humming… for someone not so experienced he had some crazy good technique.

He pulled off the tip and started kissing it down the length, suckling every inch as he went. His pants were still pooled around his calves and he was holding on to both of Finn’s massive thighs to stay propped up. Finn reached down and put his hands over Jack’s and traced the smaller man’s arms, then ran them up behind his shoulders, kneading them gently as Jack returned to working on his delicate tip. He put his left hand behind Jack’s head and gently pulled his meaty cock out of Jack’s mouth. Jack looked up at him in complete awe and Finn took hold of his thick cock and smacked him in the side of the face with it. Jack’s eyes rolled up and glazed as Finn slapped him again and again. “You’re a slut for my cock aren’t you,” he growled.

“It’s not just your cock, it’s you, it’s you, everything about you,” Jack whined. “You’re so hot. I can’t believe you’re so hot. All of you, you have to be the hottest man on the planet.”

“You’re a good boy, Jack,” Finn said. “You’re doing a great job on my cock. You did a great job on my nips too. I’m gonna reward you.” Jack’s eyes widened. “I’m going to fuck you.”

Jack’s jaw dropped and his eyes dropped back to the huge cock held by his face like a club. “Now get up on your bed and shuck your pants. I’m gonna rim you,” Finn said. He helped Jack up and got him untangled from his own pants. Then he picked the smaller man up and lifted him on to the foot of the bed. “Get a pillow under your torso so your ass is in the air. I’ll be right back with my kit,” Finn said. He swiftly walked back to the living room for the small athletic bag he brought with him with a few essentials including condoms that actually fit him, his favorite lubes, and a few toys. He regretted not having picked up some poppers but this was not going to plan. Anyway the guy was practically stoned with horniness - as was he! - so maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. Once back in the bedroom he wasted no time in manhandling Jack into the perfect position and started rimming him. It was weird, he wasn’t really into doing this but today, this time, this felt great to him. Jack had prepped well, too. So he was really enjoying it, it felt like he was really conquering this hole and all the moans and gasps Jack was making just drove him to go at it harder. Finn went at it with wild abandon, he was determined to get the hole loosened up enough to take him. He was enjoying the hell out of this, he’d had blowjobs that weren’t as pleasurable as doing this. The thought of finally getting Jack under him and putting his cock all the way in was driving him crazy. His cock was so hard at this point he thought it could burst. It was going to be like a stone dildo by the time he got it in him. Jack’s hole wouldn’t hold him back for two seconds.

After a vigorous rimming session he flipped Jack over and adjusted the pillow under his lower back to lift him up. Weakly, Jack brushed his hands over his muscular arms and even managed to get a quick nipple pinch in that made Finn gasp. In retaliation he slapped the side of Jack’s ass once. “Giddyup,” he growled, pleasure surging through him as the sudden smack surprised and delighted both of them.

Finn opened up the large bottle of lube and drizzled it all over his cock then rubbed it to even it out. He poured a lot into Jack’s crevice and moved forward to spread it out with some lubricated dry humping. Jack’s breathing was coming in short pants and Finn felt he was very close to losing control. He felt so good, it was like he’d already been fucking for an hour and he hadn’t even started. Finally he took his hard cock in his right hand and pressed the tip against Jack’s hole. “I’m sorry Jack,” he said, apologetic but determined. “I can’t stand it anymore, I’m just going to fucking take you now.” And then he rammed his cock in fairly quickly. Jack gasped at the violation, the pointed tip slipping in easily but the ever expanding girth stretching him wide open until the thickest part felt like he was going to be torn; and then the worst was over and the cock’s girth diminished somewhat as the swell in the middle gave way to the even, regular base of the shaft, and then the dick was fully in him.

Finn crushed Jack to the bed, chest to chest, his mouth near Jack’s ear. “Sorry. At some point, this stopped being about showing you a gentle good time and became about me getting my rocks off like I haven’t in a long time. I don’t know why but I fucking want you. I want my dick pumping in you. I want to mark you. I want to make you howl with desire and worship every inch of my body. I’ll try my best not to damage you but right now your hole is so tight I never want to leave it.”

“It’s ok,” Jack said weakly. “I wanted this to. Fucking own me Finn. Just dump every bit of energy you have in me, I can take it.” Finn kissed him on the throat again, then suddenly raised back up and pulled out past the thickest part of his dick which made Jack gasp; and then rammed it back in which elicited a strangled squeal. He practically had a white out, it felt so good. It felt like an orgasm. One more stroke, one more orgasm. He braced himself above Jack and let his hips roll rhythmically like a piston. Every thrust was like an orgasm an orgasm an orgasm an orgasm how had he not cum yet? an orgasm an orgasm an orgasm an orgasm hands feeling his chest an orgasm an orgasm an orgasm hands feeling his abs an orgasm an orgasm an orgasm hands touching his nipples, flicking his nipples, his nipples having an orgasm his dick having an orgasm his head having an orgasm his body having an orgasm his back having an orgasm his muscles having an orgasm an orgasm an orgasm and then the feeling started in his balls. Like twin volcanoes erupting, the pressure was building how could it be this good? The pressure crested while the strokes continued and AN ORGASM AN ORGASM AN ORGASM AN ORGASM AN ORGASM someone was yelling or screaming or crying in triumph or crying of happiness and everything went white and there were stars and a sensation of moving and then floating and flying and every inch of his skin was red hot and shooting electricity and it was too much but AN ORGASM AN ORGASM and then the cresting receded and the volcano had nothing left and he felt himself slowing down and rolling onto his back and looking up at the ceiling and the room spinning and he just consigned himself to coming down from that glow and he was very high up and it was going to take a long time and he just drifted down a little at a time and there was something near him someone near him and it was very important he hold on to that person and never let them go because they were what lifted him up and he kissed Jack’s cheek and passed out.

“Master,” whispered Rada into Jack’s ear. “Are you alright? Is he choking you?”

Jack turned to Rada, Finn’s grip on him was like a vice but it wasn’t hurting him. “I’m ok I think,” he whispered back. “I don’t think he tore anything penetrating me but he got going for a while there so I’m feeling pretty cored out. Keep hiding until we’re done here.” The genie nodded. Jack gave his servant a look that said “We need to talk.” Rada nodded once in acknowledgement and lightly stepped out of the bedroom. Finn meanwhile lay there in a state of bliss, passed out and slightly drooling from one corner of his mouth. After about 25 minutes he started to stir.

“Jesus, did you drug me? That was like … nothing ever… could be,” Finn said, slowly starting to untangle himself.

“No man I didn’t give you anything, that was just hot, crazy hot, and then you just …”

“I lost it. I lost my self control, I was just enjoying everything so much and then, shit, I went like into a berserk state. I just… I don’t know what happened. Are you ok? Did I injure you??” he asked, genuinely horrified as he and Jack sat up on the bed, facing each other.

“It’s ok, I had a great time. I’m a little sore but I think I’m ok. You just … pushed every button I had and made me your helpless bitch. It was exactly what was needed to open up my ass to take your dick.” Jack put his forehead on Finn’s arm. “I guess being kinda dominated or at least overwhelmed was a bit of a kink for me. Seriously man though, I never … I don’t think any other guy is ever gonna seem adequate after that.”

“Yeah that wasn’t normal sex that was … like cosmic, Tantric sex. I feel good though, I feel all molten and charged up inside. All my nerves are awake and blazing and I feel like I could do anything … except hook up with my client later this evening. Fuck, I need to go home and take a shower and call it an early night.”

The two men got up and Finn quickly shucked his pants back on and slid his feet into his shoes. He put the lube back into the kit and stopped. “Oh my God I forgot the condoms. What the hell?!? I’m SO SORRY. I’m negative and on PREP but still I’m so active I don’t want to take chances and there’s other STDs to worry about…”

“Oh,” said Jack, shocked. “I completely forgot. You were so hot I just … forgot. Well, done is done.”

“I,” started Finn, who paused, blushing hot red with embarrassment. “I have always prided myself on certain professional ethics and I blew them. I’m just lucky you were ok with how wild it got.” He remembered how earlier he’d had that sudden urge to mark Jack like prey. Realized he’d wanted to do exactly what he did. “I’m … I’m not charging you. This was like … a hookup gone … well, crazy right actually. Not a session to your specifications. I can’t charge you.”

“Are you sure?” Jack asked. “This was your time. A lot of time really, you kinda blacked out after you came … and I think you might have cum a couple times actually you yelled a lot.” Finn looked at the clock and was shocked how much time had passed.

“Yeah, I’m sure” Finn said, audibly rattled. Jack walked him back to the living room but before he could open the door Jack put his hand on his shoulder. Finn turned to face him, crestfallen. Jack gently moved in for a hug and put his head on his shoulder.

“I really loved this,” he said. “I loved meeting you and having you share your amazing bod with me. The sex was … mystical. I think it was almost like … some kind of karmic make up for not getting laid for a couple years kind of thing. And I … liked it when you made me your bitch. I needed to feel that power and I don’t think I could have asked for you to give me what I needed because I was shy, ok? So please, please don’t feel bad.” Jack gave him a peck on the cheek, Finn mustered up a weak smile and let himself out.

Jack closed the door behind him when he left and turned to find Rada standing there eating an apple and smirking. “Your wish … was most definitely granted, Boss.”

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