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The Dirty Spiders

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Author Name Published
A Gay Bar owner with strange powers is redecorating his bar
8/4/20 4:41 AM
3945 words
A defective gorilla anthro, engineered for breeding, get's cancelled and picked up by a new owner
5/7/20 1:17 AM
A Policeman comes home to his husband's *very* daring anniversary gift.
5/1/20 5:58 PM
A collection of very short stories (other authors welcome, just read the rules first)
4/8/20 3:00 PM
A heartbroken man vows to give up the magic powers he's been cursed with.
3/29/20 7:31 PM
4724 words
A trucker eating lunch suddenly has a terrified thought enter his mind
3/27/20 11:02 PM
Gay friends hatch a plan to use magic tags on two old-bears and wear them for a night out.
3/25/20 1:28 PM
A man with a smoking fetish has a moment of weakness.
10/31/19 9:33 PM
5129 words
Human meets new Alien who's still naive to human gender
9/28/19 7:24 AM
2096 words
How good can a 600 quid masseur be?
8/26/19 5:44 PM