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A kinky, budding author. I've loved reading all the talented work on this site and occasionally submit my own. My main stories centre on a depraved universe where male arousal, horniness have become a source of energy. And orgasm is the most powerful and efficient power spiking source known to humankind. [Good Behavior](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/story/show/10004496) - White collar crime is no big deal. That’s what Phil thinks when he is caught and sentenced to a year on an off-world prison ship. He expects a minimum-security prison and light duties. Phil thinks he’ll be back before he knows it but in truth he’ll be tested, used and transformed in ways that the average person can’t imagine, made useful to his captors. And he won’t be the same after that year. ++**Collaborations:**++ [Subscription Serviced: Himbo Classic](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/story/show/10005236) - ([Time.To.Occur](https://www.gaykinkystories.com/user/show/1662851)) - ‘Lustcraft’ has a multi-tiered sex toy subscription service but the highest level subscribers always want something fresh. Join the lead designer in crafting a new, high-calibre toy for the catalogue. You.
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