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Modern day Jack, a jock with an act. Am writing my way through college, I have a job as well as classes so not a ton of time for random writing. I am basically eating off of commissions. So if you like what you read, any tip helps... Venmo: @Jack-Parker-109 Cashapp: $jackaparkerstories Paypal: Dontaskmeever@mail.com Thanks in advance and know, tips are appreciated but never needed...
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Rates are 100-300 dollars per chapter depending on subject matter, level of detail and freedom of expression. The more detailed or more involved the higher the rate, just have an idea and want me to run with it? rate goes down. I have a quick turnover rate and several happy clients. Right now I am averaging four chapters a week and have room for one or two more regular clients. Email me at dontaskmeever@mail.com for more information or pricing.
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