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Evan Jackson

Author Title Total Words Published
Author Title Total Words Published
Overhearing a classmate receive a code word to get past the bouncer to the hottest new club, Pete may be able to end his dry streak. The problem is that it's not a word, it's a name and using it starts a deal that could change him body, mind and soul. At least sex is part of the bargain, but does he want to pay the price of becoming another thrall of Lust.
When an estate housing a lot of fit and friendly jock-types has an audit due, Matt is contracted to get their records in order. Professional that he is, he disapproves of the casual nature of the group until an accident leads to a strange mark on his chest. The longer he spends there, the more he notices the strangeness of their carefree attitudes and unabashed lewdness and is it really so bad?
White collar crime is no big deal. That's what Phil thinks when he is caught and sentenced to a year on an off-world prison ship. He expects a minimum-security prison and light duties. Phil thinks he'll be back before he knows it but in truth he'll be tested, used and transformed in ways that the average person can't imagine, made useful to his captors. And he won't be the same after that year.