The Blending Effect - Part 3: The Jailbreak

By Max Ryon
published May 24, 2020
5054 words

Interdimensional travelers Scott and Xander have been imprisoned in a world populated by muscle-bound men who rely on a drug called Rationall to prevent themselves from falling into a state of uncontrollable sexual desire. Due to the so-called “Blending Effect,” our travelers have given new meaning to the phrase “going native” …

Author’s note: It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for this site. Sorry for the delay in continuing this story! Nothing like a quarantine to give one time to revisit unfinished projects. This story’s mythology got a lot more complex than I originally intended, but that’s the fun of it! I anticipate I’ll be wrapping up the adventures of Scott and Xander in the next part, so stay tuned.

Scott lay panting, admiring the beautiful man that lay beside him. Arturo, his nurse’s scrubs strewn across the floor, was similarly out of breath. The amorous duo had taken a short break from their enthusiastic lovemaking. With his powerful libido temporarily satiated, Scott began to regain a bit of his self-awareness. He slowly got up and glanced outside the door at the two cops that had barged in on them several minutes prior. They were now half naked and vigorously making out in the hallway. At first intent on stopping Scott and Arturo, no sooner had they approached Scott had lust seemingly overtaken them. What had Arturo said before, about his musk? Apparently the drug, Rationall, that was responsible for suppressing the sexual instincts of the men of this world was not a perfect solution. Since Scott had never been exposed to it before today, somehow his body had developed an almost immediate tolerance to it. Now he was like a walking antidote to it. His very presence in this world was a danger to others. He and Xander needed to get back to their own dimension, as soon as possible.

“Arturo … I’m sorry,” Scott said, walking back over to the nurse who was busy gathering his discarded scrubs.

Arturo laughed softly. “Don’t be. I haven’t felt like that in a long time. But if I don’t take the med soon, it won’t be long before I feel like that again. The refractory period is only a few minutes.” He smiled. “See why it’s important that we keep ourselves in check?”

“Yeah, I’m definitely starting to understand,” Scott replied. “Still, that was incredible. When you’re on that stuff, how much does it stifle your sex drive? Not … completely, I hope?”

“Unfortunately yes,” Arturo said. “Small price to pay, to be a functioning member of society.”

“All or nothing, huh? Hard to believe there’s not some kind of middle ground solution,” Scott said. “Still, it was amazing to experience that. Now I know what I’ve been missing out on.” Back on his own world, he didn’t have much of a libido to speak of. He’d never had a romantic relationship or even a casual fling. He sat up. “I’d better get away from you though … it seems as long as I’m nearby that drug of yours doesn’t do a thing.”

“First I need to know … if you’re a Tolerant, if Rationall doesn’t work on you, how have you made it this far without being discovered?” Arturo asked. “From the first day that a man goes through the Big Change and grows into his adult body, he needs Rationall in order to have a normal life. In order to not be reduced to an unthinking sexual animal … a feral. You look to be at least 25, well past the age of change. Why do you act like you’ve never done that before? How are you not living in a feral reserve at this point?”

“A what?”

“Feral reserve. The place where they send men whose bodies don’t react to Rationall. They are separated from the rest of society and left to live out their lives as sex-crazed savages.”

“Good lord … Well, I’d try to explain but you wouldn’t believe me.”

“Try me.” Arturo cocked his head to the side, grinning slightly.

Scott started to feel his body temperature rise. It hadn’t even been five minutes! They didn’t have much time. “Okay. Abridged version. My friend Xander and I are from another place. Another dimension. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. In our world men don’t go through some kind of second puberty that turns them into muscle-bound sex-fiends. We don’t need drugs to get us through life. Well … most of us. Anyways, we have a device that lets us visit other worlds. But when we visit a world our bodies take on the attributes of that world’s people. We call it the ‘Blending Effect.’ We need to get our device out of the interrogation room before we miss our portal home. It could appear at any time in the next week or so, and we’ll only get an hour warning.”

Arturo stared at him, his brow furrowed. Several excruciating moments passed before he responded. “That does sound crazy.”

“Yeah, I knew you wouldn’t believe me.”

Arturo shook his head and chuckled. “I didn’t say I didn’t believe you. Like I said, ferals are predictable creatures. And one thing I’ve noticed about someone off their id-checkers is that they’re nearly incapable of lying. Even when they’re … temporarily lucid. Takes too many mental resources to lie. Especially a crazy-sounding story like that one.” He smiled. “Plus, crazy as it is, that would explain why you’re tolerant to Rationall. If a man doesn’t start getting dosed with it before the Big Change, it doesn’t work.”

As Arturo spoke, Scott’s attention started to waver as he felt another wave of arousal come over him. Arturo’s bulging pecs and soft lips started to seem a lot more important than anything else. He had to think fast while he could still think. “Arturo, I’m feeling it come on again. I need to get Xander and the remote and get out of here. We need to get back to our own world. Will you let me go?”

Arturo looked hard at Scott, contemplating something. Finally he nodded. “Yes.”

Scott beamed. “Thank you! Thank you so much. Now … can you point me toward the interrogation room? That’s where they were.”

“With those guys making a ruckus in the hallway, it’s doubtful they still are. I’d check the nearby holding cells. Here … take some scrubs.” He opened a drawer and tossed a set of blue scrubs to Scott. “Sorry, it’s all I’ve got. But if you’re careful maybe they’ll think you’re one of the nurses.” Scott hurriedly put them on.

“Maybe I can just tell the truth to Officer Mallory?” Scott asked. “If what you say is true about ferals, he’s got to believe me!”

“Mallory’s not as … open-minded as some of us,” Arturo shook his head. “He’s more likely to think you’re wacko. Me, on the other hand,” Arturo said with a wink, “I don’t get that impression from you.” He took a step closer to Scott.

Scott took a deep breath, trying to will his heart to stop pounding and his dick to stop rising. “Damn you’re so fucking hot. Before we both get caught up again I’d better get away from you. Gotta get Xander! Maybe we’ll see each other again!”

“Scott, wait!” Arturo reached out his hand but Scott fled out into the hallway. He ran by the two cops, who were completely naked at this point, one man with his dick deep in the other’s mouth. They were groaning in ecstasy, completely oblivious to anything going on around them. It was all Scott could do not to join in, but the adrenaline rushing through him allowed him to resist the rising lust long enough to run by.

He rushed into the holding cell area, finally spotting his friend in the final cell. Xander was staring longingly at the man in the cell next to him, who was likewise engrossed. “Xander!” Scott shouted. “We’ve got to move! Now, while everyone is distracted!” He spotted the remote sitting on the nearby counter. Thank goodness Mallory hadn’t realized how important it was. He grabbed it, looking at the screen anxiously. Blank. Good, the timer hasn’t started yet. We still have time. He turned back to the holding cells. The cell that contained Xander was locked, naturally. Scott cursed under his breath. It was hard to think. How the heck would they escape?

Xander had barely registered his presence. He had instead begun to enthusiastically make out with the man in the adjoining cell, through the bars. He was clearly not going to be much help. Scott quickly looked away as he immediately started to feel the heat moving to his groin. Why oh why couldn’t that wonder drug work on them? It would sure make things a lot easier. Unless … unless he could use it to his advantage.

Scott carefully peeked out into the hallway. The sound of the officers fucking was echoing from down the hall, but so was the pounding of boots approaching from further down. He had to act fast. He dashed toward the end of the hallway, toward the sounds of desperate lovemaking. His cock began to throb urgently but he forced himself to focus on the task at hand. He turned the corner and spotted the tangle of naked bodies (there was now a third officer who had joined in, an apparent casualty of the lingering pheromones in the air), as well as the pile of discarded uniforms next to them. Eyes laser-focused to the heap of clothing, he crept over and reached in, fumbling around for something useful. At last, his hand closed on a flat object. A keycard perhaps? He pulled it out of the pocket. Success!

“Hey! Hold it right there!” It was Officer Mallory. Scott looked up to see him and two other policemen, their faces obscured by gas masks, running up from the other side of the pile of gyrating cops. Mallory had a gun pointed at him. “Don’t move, freak. You’ve caused enough trouble for one day.” He said to his colleagues, “Take care of this mess. I’ll deal with lover boy over here.” The two officers swiftly raised their own weapons and fired darts into their coworkers. The naked cops didn’t even try to fight back, so focused on each other’s mouths and cocks. After a few seconds, the sweaty sex had ceased and the three musclebound policemen lay silent, their bodies still in a tangle.

Scott raised his hands above his head. “Please, please just let me and my friend go. We’ll go back where we came from where we can’t cause trouble for anyone.”

“You’ve got one thing right,” Mallory said with a sneer. “You are going where you can’t cause any more trouble.”

“Please, you don’t understand. We don’t belong here. We–”

“I’ll say you don’t belong here. This is a society. Society has no place for lawless perverts like you. But don’t worry, we have a place for you. Turn around. Back to the holding cells with you. And don’t try any funny business.”

Defeated, Scott turned around and slowly walked back toward the holding cell area, sweat glistening on his brow. Did he really think he had any chance of escape in his condition? Giving in and letting the lust take him sounded like a much more appealing option at this point. He hoped that Mallory would at least be kind enough to let him share a cell with Xander.

“I’ll take that, thank you,” Mallory said as he snatched the key card from Scott’s hands. “And that as well,” he said, yanking the remote out from Scott’s back pocket.

“No!” Scott shouted, briefly coming to his senses and whirling around, his hands grasping for the precious device.

“Enough!” Mallory said, hitting him in the gut with a solid punch from his meaty fist. Scott doubled over in pain. “Clock my ass. Before we ship you off you’re going to tell me what this thing really is. Hey, knock it off you two!” Scott followed his gaze to the cells that held Xander and the other man. The man had his ass pressed to the bars of his cell while Xander was swiftly removing his pants, his hefty cock at full mast and dripping with pre-cum. “Hot …” Scott found himself saying. If only he could be the bars between those two studs! Suddenly, he heard Mallory cry out behind him.

“What the fuck?!” Mallory shouted as the gas mask was forcibly yanked off of his face from behind. Scott turned around in time to see the look of rage and surprise on Mallory’s face morph into one of desire as the pheromones flowed through his lungs and entered his bloodstream. “Fuck …” Mallory repeated. “Fuck … fuck me!” He fell to his knees, grasping at Scott’s crotch like he’d found a water fountain in the desert.

Behind the officer stood Arturo, wearing his own gas mask. “Come on Scott, let’s get you guys out of here.” He grabbed the keycard and the remote from where Mallory had dropped them.

But Scott was lost in his own world. The policeman had found what he was looking for and was hungrily slurping on Scott’s pole. Scott moaned in ecstasy. Barely anything existed in his mind except the feeling of Officer Mallory’s mouth working him up and down. Seemingly in the distance he could hear a familiar voice, a sexy voice calling his name. He could feel strong hands on his shoulders, gently shaking him. If anything, all this did was heighten his arousal even more. All the while somewhere, deep inside, the rational part of his brain whispered to itself. A society full of perfect, musclebound, gorgeous men … forced to take drugs that inhibit the very desire that they’re so perfectly built for. What a waste.

Scott screamed aloud as he shot his load down Mallory’s eager throat. The release cleared a few of the clouds from his mind and he finally remembered his surroundings. He forced himself away from the kneeling cop, who was licking his lips with a satisfied sigh. “Arturo?” he said, his voice groggy. “What are you doing?”

“Helping you,” he said with a warm smile.

“Why? Aren’t you going to get in trouble?” He shot a glance over at the holding cells. Xander was pounding the other prisoner’s ass through the bars, both of them moaning with pleasure.

“Eyes over here,” Arturo said, gently grabbing Scott by the chin and turning him back. “Hopefully your friend will have a bit of a lucid period in a moment. Look, if what you’ve told me is true … and yeah I am taking a risk by believing you … but if it’s true you could really help us out. Our whole society. The whole world.”

“Help? How?”

“You were right when you said there should be some sort of middle ground solution. Some way we can have a functioning society without giving up the pleasures that make up such a big part of the human experience. Since I’ve been working in this station … I’ve heard things that lead me to believe that we need it soon. Crime has been going up. Men have been increasingly going off their Rationall, egged on by politicians filling their heads with conspiracy theories. The whole “do your part for the good of society” angle isn’t cutting it anymore. More and more people would rather see the world burn than give up pleasure completely.”

“Geez,” Scott said. Maybe it wasn’t such a perfect world after all. “I still don’t know how I can help,” Scott said. One last shout came from behind him as Xander emptied his load.

“I’ll explain once we’re clear. Let’s get your friend and get out of here.”

“How do we do that? We’re in the middle of a police station.”

“This station specializes in managing ferals. They’ll be looking for naked men having sex, not three men in scrubs.” He held up another pair of scrubs for Xander. “I’ll need to ditch the gas mask, so I’ll need you two to stay at least six feet behind me. Need to keep my wits about me, after all. And if anyone tries to get too close to you, well, you know what will happen.” He looked down at Mallory, who was busy fingering himself. “Shoot, what should we do with him?”

Scott smiled and pointed to the cell containing Xander’s fuck buddy. “Let’s put him where he can’t cause any more trouble.”

Officer Davis glared through the glass at the young nurse, Arturo. His fingers tapping impatiently on the countertop of the guardroom. It was his job to control who came and went, and he took his job very seriously. “I thought we were fully stocked. How can you say you need to go get a resupply of Rationall?” he asked the nurse, who seemed no older than 26 or so. A baby. Probably hasn’t even hit 250 pounds yet, Davis thought to himself with a smirk.

“That was before the … incident that they’re dealing with back there,” Arturo said. “One of the ferals they brought in got a little … enthusiastic in the storeroom. Contaminated half the supply.”

“And it takes three of you to go get more?” Davis narrowed his eyes. “Seems if it’s as crazy as it sounds back there, they’ll need the full nursing staff.” He could see Arturo’s two companions huddling together at the far end of the corridor, timidly peeking in. Also young. You’d think they’d send a more senior member of the health team for such an important task. Guess they considered it mere “go-fer” duty.

“Without more drug, there’s not much we can do besides keep them sedated. And the cops are plenty capable of that,” Arturo replied.

“Fine,” Davis said, his meaty fingers massaging his temples. He had more important things to do than argue with the little whelp. It had been a few minutes since he’d last heard an update from Mallory and he wanted to go see what was going on. He pressed a button beside him, causing the heavy door in the passageway to slide open with a hiss. “But hurry up. We need that drug.”

Arturo stepped through the passage into the lobby of the station, gesturing for the two other nurses to follow. The two walked slowly forward, almost as if they were trying to keep a certain distance behind their coworker. As they crossed into the lobby, Davis caught the unmistakable outline of a large erection only partially obscured by the blond one’s scrubs. “Hey, wait a second!” he shouted, getting up and throwing the guard station door open. “Stop right there!” He lunged forward toward the pair, grabbing the blond one by the arm.

“Xander!” the brown-haired one shouted.

As Davis pulled the young man toward him, he was suddenly hit by a strange, musky odor. It was pungent … it was masculine … it was … “Jesus!” Davis yelled, loosening his grip. His heart started pounding in his chest and his dick inflated in his pants. “Fuck! So … fuck!” The thoughts emptied out of his head. His duties, his rank, his … name. None of it mattered. He just needed to fuck something. And in front of him were three gorgeous young hunks, their musclebound physiques filling out their scrubs quite nicely.

“Guys, run!” Arturo yelled. He darted out the front door. The blond one, Xander, seemed to hesitate as he gawked at the beast of a cop who had just manhandled him, but his friend yanked him by the other arm and hurried him out the door.

“No!” Davis yelled. “Wait! Need fuck!” He lumbered after the trio, his dick throbbing in desperate need of release. He ran out of the station onto the sidewalk, practically salivating as he thought about the erection he had spotted beneath those scrubs. His massive calves burned as he sprinted after his prey. He chased them around the corner, nearly bowling over a man who stood there in a daze, having just received a potent dose of man-musk himself. The man was apparently a jogger, his large quadriceps straining his pair of short running shorts. An unmistakable bulge protruded between his thighs. Suddenly, all thoughts of the nurses were banished from Davis’s mind. He wanted what was in those pants. “Fuck?” he said hopefully. “Fuck!” the jogger responded urgently.

“Guys? I think we lost him,” Xander said, panting. “Holy shit, we made it! Fuck yeah!”

“Fuck yeah!” Scott agreed, planting a kiss on Xander’s lips. Xander’s eyes momentarily grew wide before he closed them, returning the kiss.

“Not yet, guys,” Arturo said, from his safe spot six feet ahead. Scott thought he could almost detect a hint of jealousy in his voice. “Before you lose yourselves again we need to get you someplace safe. I know just the place. Follow me and stay close. And try to distance yourself from others, okay? We don’t need to leave them a trail of sex to follow.”

“Some Blending Effect,” Xander said. “Can’t really say we blend in when we turn people into fucking sex zombies.”

“Yeah, why the hell is that happening, Arturo?” Scott asked.

“It must have something to do with you just receiving Rationall for the first time now, after the change. It’s become VERY rare for that to happen. I’d heard reports from the initial clinical trials, but those were conducted under tightly controlled circumstances.”

“So instead of curing us of the lust, or whatever you call it, it’s turned us into ticking sex bombs.”

“To put it succinctly, yes.” Arturo raised his hand to stop them. Looking ahead, they could see a crowd of people walking on the sidewalk at a busy intersection. “We’re going to have to find another way,” Arturo said. “Unless we want to leave a big orgy in our wake.” He removed a pill bottle from his pocket and popped it open, gulping down a small blue tablet.

“As long as you take those, you can be near us?”

“Yes, but whatever you’re giving off nullifies it almost instantly. So I’d need to literally eat them like candy if we were in an enclosed space for any length of time.”

“Like in a car?” Scott raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, but my car is back at the station. Where are you …”

Scott stepped out into the street, waving at an approaching vehicle. The cars in this world were definitely a lot bigger than the ones he was used to. A lot wider and taller, to accommodate the extra heft of their passengers. This one was a blue SUV containing a single driver, a well-dressed man whose bodybuilder physique contrasted with his finely tailored attire (at least it was a contrast in Scott’s eyes, which were still not quite used to the idea of every man looking like a Mister Universe contender). The man pulled over to the curb and rolled down his window. “Is something wrong?” the man asked, craning his thick neck to look at Scott.

“Well …” Scott said as he leaned over, making sure the driver could get a nice whiff of his musk. Immediately the driver’s eyes glazed over, and with a grunt he practically bolted out of the car. “Quick Arturo, get in the driver’s seat! I call shotgun. Xander … keep our new friend occupied in the backseat, will you? We don’t want to ditch him and have him wake up and go to the cops.”

Xander didn’t have to be told twice. Apparently it had been much too long since his jailhouse encounter and he was ready for more stimulation. He bent down and pulled the guy up by his tie, guiding him toward the rear side door of the car. The car’s owner eagerly followed him.

“Is this considered kidnapping?” Arturo said as he climbed into the driver’s seat, dumbfounded by what had just occurred.

“He seems a pretty willing participant to me,” Scott said with a shrug, glancing in the rear view mirror. His cock started to ache. “If there was more room, I’d be back there with them.”

“Who says there’s no action in the front?” Arturo said, leaning over to plant a kiss on Scott’s lips. Scott’s eyes widened with surprise. Arturo winked and popped another Rationall pill into his mouth. “There’s more where that came from if you can hold it together until we get to where we’re going, stud.” Feeling lightheaded, Scott willed himself to begin thinking about baseball.

Xander could finally think clearly again, though he knew it was likely to be short-lived. The driver’s endurance had proved formidable as his constant exposure to Xander and Scott in such a confined space drove him to renew his lust over and over during the car ride. When he finally regained some degree of control over himself, Xander could see that the man had fallen into a deep sleep of post-coital bliss.

“He’s not likely to remember us when he comes around,” Arturo assured them. “We should be in the clear. For now. Let’s just leave him in the car and we’ll go the rest of the way on foot. It’s only a couple blocks.”

“Good,” Scott said. He was noticeably uncomfortable, and at this point seemed to only be able to muster one word responses. The bulge in his pants made it look like he was trying to smuggle a large cucumber. His skin glistened with sweat and the strain was noticeable in his eyes.

“Let’s get him inside,” Xander said. They half walked, half jogged until they reached a rather nondescript apartment building.

“This way,” Arturo said, reaching into his bag and recovering the gas mask. “I’ll just put this on, if you don’t mind,” he said with a wink. “Shouldn’t attract too much attention now.” After securing the mask to his face, he led Xander into the building. Scott followed along, his hand beginning to paw at his crotch as he let out a pained moan.

“Hang in there, buddy. We’re almost there,” Xander said. “And cut it out with the moaning already. You’re gonna get me there again!” They followed Arturo up three flights of stairs before finally reaching his apartment. As he sorted through his keys, Xander noticed beads of sweat dripping down his friend’s face. He was noticeably trembling, and his eyes were fixated on Arturo’s beautiful ass. At last, the door opened and Scott practically tackled Arturo from behind. With one smooth motion, Scott ripped the mask off of Arturo’s face and turned him around so he could pull him into a sloppy kiss. Arturo’s eyes grew wide with surprise before rolling up as he was hit with a wave of lust and pleasure. Xander stood gawking for a moment, his arousal growing rapidly, but he retained just enough presence of mind to push the door closed behind them. The entire crazy scenario they had found themselves in vanished like a cloud of smoke in his mind. All that remained was the sight of two gorgeous, muscular men passionately making out in front of him.

Xander’s eyes darted to the nearby bedroom door. “This way, boys,” he said, gently guiding them. The two men obediently moved through the doorway, their hands never leaving each other. Xander followed them, removing his scrubs as he walked. For one brief moment, his girlfriend Stephanie popped into his mind. After all, before they’d entered this world she had been the only one he’d had a sexual encounter with. He felt a tinge of guilt at the rampant infidelity that he had engaged in during the last 24 hours, even though he hadn’t exactly been himself. These thoughts quickly gave way as the incessant throbbing in his dick overrode his thoughts and he found his newly naked body diving into the pile of sweaty muscle that was his friend Scott and their new companion Arturo, who had both landed on the California King bed that took up most of the room.

Xander kissed skin and hair, not knowing or caring who they belonged to. His hands explored every bit of exposed flesh they could find. The other two men reciprocated with their hands, with their lips, with their tongues. Xander’s mouth found Scott’s cock and enveloped it, Scott giving a sigh of satisfaction. A second later, Xander could feel Arturo’s tongue sliding its way down his lower back and over the muscled mounds of his glutes. A jolt of electricity shot up Xander’s spine, leaving a pleasurable tingling sensation in its wake. He could not remember ever feeling such magnificent ecstacy. The trio remained like this, a writhing, moaning mass of muscle, for a whole hour. It wasn’t until Xander filled Scott with his load that the two of them finally regained their senses, with Arturo earning his mind back when he subsequently shot his stream on Xander’s thick back. The trio lay panting for several minutes, then Arturo broke the silence.

“Guys, we can’t stay here. We had a good headstart but after the chaos at the police station they will be looking for you. And they’ll put two and two together and look for me too.”

“So what’s the plan?” Scott asked. “Why are you helping us? You said there was something we could do to help?”

Arturo nodded solemnly. “There is,” he said. “I’ve got to warn you … it will be dangerous. But if we succeed, you might just help prevent my world from tearing itself apart.”

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