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Nicky Noxville

Author Name Published
Author Name Published
Once upon a time, humans knew about the dog-headed men of the Island of Angamanain, but the modern world knows better... Or thinks it does.
10/27/20 7:13 AM
A straight boy drunkenly agrees to let his gay roommate use his asshole as a model for the revolutionary new sex toy he invented.
7/15/20 7:36 AM
Marshall works at Euphrates, and decides to test his latest project out on his gay roommate, David.
5/5/20 10:53 PM
Two gay roommates in a house full of nerds enact a plot to turn their straight roommate, Devin, into their personal bottom bitch.
4/28/20 5:29 AM
Jacob has never masturbated, and his doctor is determined to teach him a fundamental truth about masturbation: It's perfectly normal.
4/1/20 5:13 AM
Jay's boyfriend picks out a hypnosis file to help spice up their sex life. Unfortunately, an ill-timed phone call sends him down a much more humiliating path.
12/6/19 11:39 AM
Dustin has a really bad gag reflex, but his new dentist has a toothpaste that can help with that.
9/28/19 7:27 AM
Mark has to face Adam, and their other friends, at school. Fortunately for him, he has a appointment with his doctor to delay the inevitable.
9/20/19 6:51 AM
Edwin's mom pisses off his stepfather, and he finally finds out what was behind all the changes they'd gone through in the years since the wedding.
5/23/19 8:15 PM
Ewan has addicted himself to black cock with popper training videos and his older stepbrother catches him, setting in motion Ewan's descent into true depravity.
3/21/19 8:13 PM