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Nicky Noxville

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Author Title Published
Lindsey idolizes his big brother, Matt, and is beyond excited to visit him in his new home at his frat house, especially since he'll be following in Matt's footsteps and joining as a legacy next year. Will his brotherly hero worship survive his visit, or will he learn an entirely new way to worship?
3/19/21 11:07 PM
Once upon a time, humans knew about the dog-headed men of the Island of Angamanain, but the modern world knows better... Or thinks it does.
10/27/20 7:13 AM
A straight boy drunkenly agrees to let his gay roommate use his asshole as a model for the revolutionary new sex toy he invented.
7/15/20 7:36 AM
5/5/20 10:53 PM
Two gay roommates in a house full of nerds enact a plot to turn their straight roommate, Devin, into their personal bottom bitch.
4/28/20 5:29 AM
Jacob has never masturbated, and his doctor is determined to teach him a fundamental truth about masturbation: It's perfectly normal.
4/1/20 5:13 AM
Jay's boyfriend picks out a hypnosis file to help spice up their sex life. Unfortunately, an ill-timed phone call sends him down a much more humiliating path.
12/6/19 11:39 AM
Dustin has a really bad gag reflex, but his new dentist has a toothpaste that can help with that.
9/28/19 7:27 AM
Mark has to face Adam, and their other friends, at school. Fortunately for him, he has a appointment with his doctor to delay the inevitable.
9/20/19 6:51 AM
Edwin's mom pisses off his stepfather, and he finally finds out what was behind all the changes they'd gone through in the years since the wedding.
5/23/19 8:15 PM