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Author Name Published
Looks, youth, innate hypnotic abilities (of which he is completely oblivious) - Ethan Masterson has it all. Except intelligence, that is. What trouble will he find himself in, and more importantly, how will he fuck his way out of it? Read on to find out in every chapter of the Adventures of Ethan Masterson!
9/9/20 2:14 PM
A young swimmer visits a sports therapist and unwittingly becomes his slave. A commissioned story in two parts.
9/6/20 8:45 AM
Andy finds a sonic pen that allows him to stop time. He decides to use it on his neighbor Ben, with fantastic results. This is a full rewrite of one of my older stories.
10/3/18 6:31 AM
Malware was only the start... and geeks know how to make men shiver...
12/29/09 7:00 PM