The Sculptor, Part 3

By Arachnus -
published April 7, 2019
2178 words

Aiden’s will starts to break

****Aiden thrashed in his sleep. In his dream he was pursued by a seething throng of cocks, slimy and throbbing. They swarmed over him, smearing him with semen and pushing at his body, trying to get in. Just as he was buried he woke, covered in sweat.

He had to get ahold of himself. Jaxon was getting to him. He went to his bathroom and splashed cold water in his face. He was losing control. Had he ever really been in control? As he often did lately, he became distracted by the surreal reflection of his own tight body in the mirror. He barely recognized the boy he saw there.

He’d been tall, broad-shouldered and masculine. He had looked like a football player in his prime with his slabs of muscle and the kind of chest hair that let you know he was a real man. Now he was short, smooth, and built like an olympic gymnast with a boyish look and an ass that drew every eye.

He couldn’t help but turn to look at that ass. It was so nice. He could see his enlarged balls hanging down even from the back. He pulled the cheeks apart to look at the hole. It spasmed, involuntarily winking at him. Damn, that was a nice ass. The kind of ass he’d like to fuck.

Wait, what? No! What was he thinking? He tried to think of the women he’d bedded before he arrived here, but he kept imagining the tight hole on Blake, Jaxon’s lanky twink boy. He tried to remember how those women had felt beneath him, taking his dick. But all he could think about was how amazing his own dick had felt tunneling up inside of him.

He had never felt so lost and afraid. His lip trembled. He felt like he was on the verge of tears. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d gotten so emotional. He was soothed by remembering again that he was going to be paid handsomely and allowed to change himself back in a few months. But he could only repeat that excuse so often.

Later that day, Aiden was compelled to sit reclined on a medical table with his legs spread wide in stirrups. Two muscular guards flanked him, expressionless as usual.

Jaxon clearly had something sick in mind for him. Aiden could tell by that smug look.

“Hmm. That body is coming along nicely,” Jaxon said as he retrieved a container from a strange apparatus nearby, “But you haven’t come crawling to me yet, so obviously there’s more work to do.”

Aiden’s face flushed and radiated heat. Why did Jaxon have to say shit like that?

“Whatever you’re planning, just get it the fuck over with.”

Jaxon gave one of his infuriating grins before turning authoritative. He nodded to his men.

“Normally I’d commend your fighting spirit. After all it’s a battle you’re going to lose eventually, so there’s no rush. But as it happens this is delicate work and I need you still and quiet.”

The men bound Aiden’s ankles and wrists securely in place before shoving a gag in his mouth and fastening it behind his head. He couldn’t help but notice the fat gag was shaped like a short, blunt dick. Aiden raged silently.

Jaxon donned rubber gloves and reached into his container. The thing he pulled out horrified Aiden, who strained against his bonds to see what was happening. It was definitely organic. It was wet and pink, and reminded him of an eyeless slug. It was disgusting, and it was moving. It writhed gently in Jaxon’s grip.

As Jaxon brought the thing closer, Aiden realized it could only be going one place. He started to panic. He thrashed, panting through his nose. Saliva started to leak from around his gag.

As the tip of the thing touched his exposed anus, Aiden froze. It was warm and wet, and coated in something slippery. It seemed almost to have a mind of its own, and when its tip found his asshole, it started to slowly squirm its way inside him.

As the thing started to stretch and contract, slimming down to fit into him and fattening inside, Aiden remembered what Jaxon had told him when he had arrived. That he would have things put into him. He hadn’t been able to bring himself to think about what that could mean, but he was finding out now.

Jaxon’s attention was focused on the synthetic organ in his hands. He had to make sure it went in just right and got to the right spot. The boy had finally stopped fighting pointlessly at his restraints, which was a bit of a pity, because he loved the way the taut muscles stood out when he struggled. Little spots of perspiration dotted the tight lines of Aiden’s body.

As his lab-grown creature finally finished squelching its way into Aiden’s hot orifice, Jaxon followed it with two thick gloved fingers. Aiden jerked and tried to shout behind his gag as Jaxon arranged the thing inside his guts.

Jaxon’s other hand massaged Aiden’s tight abs, pushing and molding the thing into the proper place while Aiden continued to struggle. When he was satisfied, he withdrew his fingers and threw his gloves away. Aiden sagged, sweat beading his whole body. His nose ran and drool dripped around his gag. Jaxon removed the gag.

“What,” Aiden panted, “was that thing?”

Jaxon gave Aiden a condescending pat on the stomach, and massaged the thing underneath the abs as he explained.

“As much fun as it is to get you cleaned out all the time, I rather prefer you to be clean and ready to be penetrated at all times without mess or fuss. You will never shit again. Your lower digestive system now ends with our little friend here, which is far more efficient at breaking down what you eat.”

Jaxon leaned in, adding in his familiar growl, “Or what you swallow up with your ass. That’s right. You can now get much of your nutrition by absorbing cum or other fluids anally.”

Aiden was numb. This just couldn’t be real. He didn’t even notice when his restraints were released until Jaxon gave his wet cheek a playful slap and left with his men.

That night, Aiden couldn’t sleep. The thing in his belly kept moving around, adjusting itself and, he figured, making his body its home.

His mind reeled at all the things that had been happening to him. He thought of the living, throbbing dick he had hidden away from himself under his bed, lest he be tempted to use it on himself.

He was disgusted and hated Jaxon for treating his body as his personal toy and experiment. But he couldn’t deny the pleasure he felt when anything touched his ass. Any time he forgot for a moment, the thing inside him would stir and remind him that his existence now revolved around his anus and its hungry depths.

Finally, he slept and dreamed of cocks chasing him.

In his office, Jaxon spoke with a hologram of his colleague, Dr. Ashfield.

“Dane, good to hear from you. How’s island life treating you?”

“Fantastic. There’s nobody to slow me down in my work. Speaking of which, I’m sending over some data on my latest pride and joy. I think you’ll be impressed.”

Jaxon was impressed. Dane Ashfield was a genius when it came to the modification of human bodies, and probably the only person on earth as creative as himself when doing so. His latest work was nothing short of beautiful.

Ashfield had been hired by tech magnate Isaac Graf to modify both himself and his boy. Graf had been turned into a monster of a man. Jaxon raised an eyebrow at this. He himself was a huge guy, but still within normal human variation. Graf was a beast, and looked to be ten feet tall with a cock that looked like an arm even soft.

“How is he even going to use that thing?” he asked.

“Just check out the boy,” answered the doctor.“

The boy, Adam, was a fit young man in his mid-twenties. Adam had been practically hollowed out inside to make room for the unreal penis he now craved constantly. It was one of the most extreme modifications Jaxon had ever seen, and his dick jumped a little as he went through the pictures.

“Hot,” said Jaxon, “But not my style. I like fitting through doorways.”

“That’s not the part I thought would interest you. It’s the changes to Graf’s bodily effluents.”

Jaxon read on. Graf’s saliva, sperm, and sweat had been modified with sophisticated nanomachines and could inflict extreme and rapid changes in a target whose body had been primed for them. Jaxon was indeed intrigued.

“I assume you’ve got a number in mind for your price on these designs.” Jaxon said. “Or do you want me to trade some of my own?”

Dane grinned, “Let’s negotiate.”

Aiden was going mad. His ass, free of all need for maintenance and anything but sex, was calling out, aching to be filled. He hated Jaxon for what he had made him, but he couldn’t deny his growing need.

Weeks passed, and Aiden continued to become shorter and leaner. The changes finally stopped when he was 5′6″, about a foot shorter than when he had arrived. Every time he saw Jaxon watching him work out in his jock strap, or passing him in the halls, he thought of that prodigious dick. It was harder and harder to remember what he liked about fucking women. Still, he was determined to wait out his stay.

Finally, alone in the dark of his own bed, Aiden gave into the urge to explore his new ass again. He reached under his balls and felt the entrance, and it began to slicken of its own accord. Fascinated, he put a finger inside and felt a suppressed need for pleasure had finally begun to be satisfied. Now that he had started, he couldn’t help himself. His rage grew, knowing this was what Jaxon wanted. But his desire grew faster. He inserted a second finger, rubbing the hot, wet entrance. Then a third.

Minutes passed, but Aiden couldn’t be satisfied this way. Not even when he tried to stroke his cock with his own lubricating fluids. He leaned over the bed and looked beneath. Sure enough, still somehow alive and turgid, was his cloned cock. He grabbed at it desperately, letting out a little whine when he couldn’t reach it with the first try. When he took hold of it, it felt hot in his hands. He rubbed its head at the tip of his entrance, fighting hard to resist the urge to ram it into himself at once.

As the cock slid into him, hitting every pleasure button in his rectum, he let out an involuntary gasp. He reached for his cock, but before he had even bottomed out on its twin in his ass, he had leaked a small pool of cum onto his own stomach. It was like a slow motion orgasm centered on his ass.

Yet he knew he wasn’t done. He had clearly developed a new stamina for sex. But the cock in his butt, slick with his ass juices, was still not enough. He moaned in frustration and outrage. Some part of him knew this facsimile—this artificial, but extremely realistic cock—was not part of a man. It was just a toy, as sophisticated as it was. And he had started to crave more than just the physical sensation of being penetrated.

He wanted to be possessed. He wanted to be taken. His emotions twisted as he lay there, fuming and grinding his hips down on his toy dick in unfulfilled need. A thought began to slither into his mind. Jaxon was just a short walk away. The huge man was probably still up. Probably waiting for just this. But he couldn’t give in. He couldn’t give Jaxon that satisfaction.

He was so aroused, though, and couldn’t focus. He stumbled to the bathroom and splashed his face with cold water. He had to focus. He looked at himself in the full-length mirror. He was hot. He could see that now. He had been a big alpha male before, and he had always known that he could intimidate most men, and leave most women wet with need. But now he knew what sexy was. And it was this body. Tanned, smooth, lithe and muscular, with tight abdominals and a jutting bubble ass that was as firm as his pectorals. This was a body that needed to be given what it needed. And it needed the real thing.

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