The Sculptor, Part 2

By Arachnus
published April 6, 2019
3113 words

Aiden is forced into a perverse ritual that produces a personalized toy

Over the course of the couple of weeks, almost all of Aiden’s body hair slowly fell out, leaving behind perfect baby-smooth skin. He felt his masculinity under attack every time he saw hair collecting at the shower drain.

His ass felt mostly normal despite the “treatments” that Jaxon administered about twice a week. Every time, the frustration and humiliation of his dick hardening in betrayal made his cheeks feel hot. He was also afraid touch it. Once he had brushed it a little hard in the shower and it had felt great. He had snapped his hand away. He might be here for the duration, but he wasn’t going to buy into Jaxon’s bullshit. Maybe when this was all over he’d find a hot chick who was into wearing a strap-on. But he wasn’t gay just because his ass was now an erogenous zone.

His next shock came at the gym’s scale. He had lost weight. Almost ten pounds. Granted, he was required to do mostly aerobic exercises, but he’d always found it easy to pack on lean muscle anyway. When he saw Jaxon next he questioned him. Jaxon’s answer made him shudder.

“Ah, that. Yes, I wondered when you’d notice. Don’t worry, you’ll always be lean and strong. But I don’t just want you to be fit. I want you to be mine.

You’ll be bigger than most men, true. But to me you will always be small and pretty in my eyes. And I’ve decided to make you just a little smaller and prettier. By the way, we’re done with your treatments. Or at any rate, we’re ready to move on to the next ones. Oh, and next time you’re in the gym, check your height.

Aiden did. And his mind spun and whirled when he saw that he was over an inch and a half shorter than he had been. How was that possible? He looked in the mirror. He looked about the same, except for the smooth body. His abs still rippled. His chest still jutted proudly. He looked around before striking a biceps pose, just to see how it looked. He could swear he was also just a little more slight and lean. When he had arrived here, he had been 6′4″, and already Jaxon had still stood a head taller than him. How far would this go?

Jaxon smiled to himself. The work with the new boy was going perfectly. He was aching to fuck that beautiful ass, but he had resolved to manipulate Aiden’s mind and body until the boy came to him begging to be filled with cock. Jaxon expected that to be soon. He decided to take out his frustrations on one of his earlier achievements.

When he entered the dimly lit bedroom, his prey was naked and ready for him. Blake, a honey-skinned twink he had seduced at a nightclub, had never left after he discovered the pleasures of being taken by Jaxon. He hadn’t needed to change the boy in any way. He was a willing slut, and eager eceptacle for his cum. But he had modified him anyway, of course. In a way, the boy’s eagerness had been a bit of a pity. He preferred Aiden’s rebellion. It allowed him the pleasure of breaking a man and remaking him as his boy.

He walked up to the edge of the bed where Blake had lifted his ass into the air. The boy pressed his chest hard into the bed, and ground his hips, humping the ass in the air. He made little mewling sounds, eager to be filled. As Jaxon removed his pants and placed a hand on the boy’s hips, Blake’s libido went into overdrive. He twisted his face backward, longing in his eyes.

“Please, put it inside me!” he pleaded. “I need it soon or I’ll lose my mind.”

“Patience, my little slut,” Jaxon said in his basso voice. “Soon you will know the pleasure of a man owning you from within.”

He loved teasing the lad. Blake was fully in heat now. Jaxon had given him a few cat genes. The ones that made female cats yowl desperately for breeding. And they had worked wonderfully. Blake had gone from a regular horny twink to an insatiable fuckhole who was forced by instinct to cry out for fucking if he went too long without it. Jaxon began to rub the head of his monstrous dick at Blake’s tiny entrance. As his precum spread onto the boy’s asslips, the muscle began to wink spasmodically, leaking rivulets of clear, slippery fluid. The self-lubricating boycunt was one of Jaxon’s favorite achievements. But he didn’t plan to give Aiden that particular luxury. Aiden would have to do well enough with his mouth and Jaxon’s precum as lube. The thought of fucking Aiden caused Jaxon to lose control, rapidly slamming his dick into the boy’s hole in one long stroke. The boy gasped and cried out in what sounded like pain, but he also pushed himself back harder on Jaxon, trying to fill himself with cock as much as possible.

Jaxon obliged. He fucked Blake with animalistic fervor. Jaxon’s hips slammed into the boy’s rear with a loud slapping sound that could only come from a whore being fucked. Jaxon ignored Blake’s cries of pleasure. It was fun to force cum out of the boy by fucking him, but today he just needed release. Less than a minute later, Jaxon reached up and grabbed the boy around the throat with one muscular hand, as he started to ejaculate. It seemed to last forever. He must have shot a dozen times into the gasping slut, coating his velvety insides with semen.

When he pulled out, Blake’s ass winked shut, missing just a few drops that dribbled out. Jaxon picked up the stray semen with a finger and brought it to the boy’s mouth, where it was eagerly sucked off. Then, without so much as a word of appreciation or thanks, Jaxon gave the boy a sharp swat on the ass, dressed himself, and walked out. He decided that Blake could work as another tool in his project with Aiden. He grinned devilishly, working out the details in his mind.

Aiden woke early and stared at himself in the mirror, mesmerized by what he had become. Over the last few weeks, his body had undergone dramatic changes. His tall, bulky 6′3″ body had been reduced to a 5′6″ frame of lean swimmer’s build muscle. His body hair was all but gone, and his smooth skin showed off his remaining lean muscle definition.It felt unreal. His nipples had expanded, too, from quarter to half-dollar size. But his cock got most of his attention. It drooped down 6 inches when soft, which was as big as it used to be when hard. His balls had also swollen, even larger in proportion, and were now like two duck eggs dangling pendulously low.

It didn’t end there. He turned to the side to see that his ass, which had never been very prominent, now jutted out in two firm globes. He pulled up his jock strap, which was now all he was allowed to wear other than his pair of size 12 high-top Nikes, served to accentuate the curves of his ass. It had been tailored for him and wrapped his large package nicely. He continued to turn, and felt a hot rush of humiliation when he saw his ass more fully. Lately he’d been required to wear a butt plug, and the black flanged end pressed into his ass. He was ashamed that he’d gotten so used to it that he had been able to forget about it.

Aiden eyes grew watery as he despaired at his vanishing masculinity. One day, Jaxon had forced him to strut around a full day in high heels just to see how his ass would look thrust out by the feminizing posture. After a single tear began to make its way down his smooth face, he reminded himself that he could get this all reversed in a few months. He would be a muscular Adonis again. Maybe he’d even use his new wealth to make himself even bigger. Bigger than Jaxon. Then they’d see who was in charge.

But Jaxon, just arriving to greet his newest pet, had other plans. Aiden might have thought the muscular brute was perverse, but he didn’t know the half of the twisted things that he was about to experience. He started to grow hard just thinking about it. He stared at his creation, awed by his own handiwork. He drew himself up in front of Aiden, who now had to crane his neck to look up at him. He rubbed a hand in slow circles on Aiden’s ass, who reddened, and gave Jaxon a resentful glare.

“Oh, don’t be like that, baby. Look at yourself. You’re perfect now. You’re now as well-endowed as anybody in the mansion other than myself. And your ass will make everyone turn to watch you leave a room. He reached further and gently removed Aiden’s plug, causing the boy to emit a grunt. Despite his rage and embarrassment, Aiden’s cock reacted by beginning to leak into his jock. His ass was just so sensitive now.

“Follow me,” Jaxon said. They arrived in a large bedroom with a honey-skinned twink lying on the bed. As soon as he saw Jaxon and Aiden approaching, he leapt off, sniffing Aiden’s precum and making soft, eager whining sounds.

“This is Blake,” Jaxon said. He’s going to facilitate your next violation. Aiden stiffened, and his stomach felt icy. “Fuck him,” Jaxon ordered Aiden, who was relieved. He shouldn’t have been. “Make sure you breed his ass.”

Despite himself, Aiden was horny. He hadn’t been allowed to jerk off, and he didn’t want to give Jaxon the satisfaction of watching it on his monitors. Blake tugged down Aiden’s jock and bent over the bed in a submissive position, ass high and winking. Aiden’s cock hardened. He saw that Blake’s ass was wet, like it had been lubed. He put his dick at the boy’s entrance and slowly rubbed it around, not sure how to proceed.

“I said FUCK him,” Jaxon said, giving Aiden a sharp slap on his muscular ass. Aiden yelped and lurched forward, impaling the boy on his thick ten inches in one stroke, causing Blake to cry out in pain and ecstasy. Now that things were started, Aiden focused on cumming so the scene could end. It didn’t take long. Soon his balls were churning, and he gasped as he released several huge volleys of cum into the gut of the pussyboy in front of him. He couldn’t believe how much cum he now produced. Some of it leaked out as he withdrew his cock, but Blake’s ass winked tightly closed to hold the rest in. Jaxon then produced a small syringe from a pocket and administered a shot to Blake, who took it without complaint. “There we go,” Jaxon said. “Now watch.”

Nothing happened at first. Blake lay down on his back, sighing contentedly. But soon he began to wince and cramp.

“What did you do to him?” demanded Aiden.

“Not half of what I’m planning to do to you. Just wait, pet. I’m using your sperm and Blake’s warm body to create something wonderful just for you. In a way, you’re about to become a father.”

Blake continued to squirm and double up, and Aiden saw that the boy’s little cock was rock-hard. Whatever was happening, he was enjoying it, despite the pain. Blake’s abdomen started to bulge and expand. Something moved inside, and Aiden could see it tracking just below the boy’s abs. Soon, Blake looked five months pregnant. He grabbed his legs, his body now soaked in sweat. He lifted his legs, and spread himself and bore down like a woman giving birth. He grunted and pushed, and something started to come out. It was fleshy and dome-shaped, and soon Aiden realized it was the head of a cock. He was sickened. This young man in front of him was birthing a dick.

Jaxon helped the boy along, tugging on the slowly emerging member, until, as Blake cried out and shot cum all over his own belly, the slimy thing came out completely. It was a perfect, and very erect, cock complete with a dangling sack. It was like a living dildo, coated in Aiden’s excess sperm. Jaxon held it up by Aiden’s body. Aiden was stunned to see that the dick was a perfect replica of his own thick member.

Jaxon grinned, and made Aiden take the thing from him. Aiden was disgusted and fascinated by the thing. It throbbed gently in his hands. He ran a hand along it, and a few drops of precum issued forth. As Aiden stood frozen and captivated, Jaxon grabbed a nearby butt plug and roughly stuffed it into the boy on the bed, then pulled him off of it by one arm and told him he was done with him for now. Blake teetered unsteadily out, rubbing his ass around the plug and moaning softly. Jaxon retrieved the living dildo from Aiden.

“Hands and knees.” He said. After Aiden didn’t respond immediately, he gave the boy a kick to the back of the leg, causing it to buckle under him. “I said hands and knees! Now!”

Aiden’s fear returned as he assumed the position. Jaxon stepped behind Aiden and started to rub the cock’s wet head around on Aiden’s asslips. Aiden fought the pleasure that his sensitive has was blasting into his brain, but it was pointless. His dick began to harden and leak in his jock. This wasn’t his fault. He wasn’t gay. It’s just that his ass was sensitive, and something was touching it, that’s all.

His awareness fled him when Jaxon started to push the huge thing into him. He was totally overwhelmed. His ass stretched and stretched, until just before he thought it would tear. He panted, sweating, focusing on his breathing and trying to stay calm. Then the inexorable advance halted. “Halfway there,” growled Jaxon, and started to push again.

After an eternity, Aiden felt the cock’s big sack press against his asscheeks and Jaxon released them to dangle, slapping Aiden’s own big balls. Aiden tried to get ahold of himself. There was pain, definitely, but it also felt good. And if felt good in a way that fucking the boy hadn’t. It was so intense, and while the sensations were focused on his asshole and stuffed rectum, the pleasure spread through his body. He could feel the cock thrumming inside him, like a second heartbeat. Suddenly, the cock was yanked out, and he yelped at the pain and discomfort. He felt like he’d been emptied out. His legs went weak, and he trembled. But he managed to stand when Jaxon pulled him up.

“I.. that doesn’t—” Aiden began, furious and frustrated.

“Quiet,” began Jaxon. “I want to give you some time to think about what you experienced. He placed the dick in Aiden’s trembling hands. “In the meantime, there’s something else you should see.”

Jaxon pulled down his own pants, and the biggest cock Aiden had ever seen sprung out of them. It was half hard, and dripping, and was still bigger than his own thick ten inches. It was impossibly huge.

“You know I could have bent you over and fucked you any time in the last month and a half since you arrived here. You might have put up a fight, but you weren’t much match for me then, and you’re even less of a match for me now.”

He stepped close. The root of his dick was almost level with Aiden’s chest. “But I didn’t. Because I want you to come to me. Now that you’ve seen what I have to offer, and what you’ve been missing, I think that will be soon.” He packed his dick away and offered Aiden the door.

Aiden paused and rallied himself. “Fuck you. If you expect me to help you in your sick games, you’ll be waiting a long time for this ass.”

Back in his own room, Aiden stared at the perfect clone of his own cock, except that this one was always hard and always ready. He couldn’t understand how it could possibly be alive, but there it was in front of his eyes. He kept thinking about what it had felt like up inside him. And how empty he felt now. He battled the urge to put it back in there. He went into his bathroom, where he mistakenly believed he wasn’t being watched. He looked at is ass in the mirror, and lined the cum-covered cock up with his hole.

Wait, no! That was what Jaxon wanted. But fuck Jaxon. He wasn’t here. And this cock was a copy of his own, so this wasn’t really getting fucked, it was just masturbating. And it wasn’t actually another guy. And it was his choice. He still had his free will, didn’t he?

He started to push it into himself. Being a bit stretched made this penetration easier, but it was still uncomfortable. A few inches in, discomfort was suddenly combined with bliss radiating from his ass. He very slowly pushed it all the way in, and then started to slowly withdraw it. His eyes rolled back as he started a familiar rhythm, in and out. The feeling was partly pleasure, and partly just sheer strangeness. But throughout it, he felt himself getting more and more aroused, and a climax started to build.

He jerked his dick with his other hand, and before long he was squirting cum all over the mirror. The dick fell out of him with a slick plop. Suddenly ashamed and furious with himself, Aiden grabbed the thing and tossed it under his bed where he wouldn’t have to see it. He felt dirty and needed a shower.

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