The Sculptor, Part 4

By Arachnus The Spider -
published April 21, 2019
1878 words

Aiden finally takes his place as his master’s willing slave.

Aiden paced the room. He took deep breaths, tried again to focus on his anger toward Jaxon instead of his desire. He was humiliated and outraged by his own body’s traitorous reactions to the brute. But that didn’t make them less real. He resolved not to give in. He would deal with his urges to submit. He would refrain from pleasure.

But five minutes later, he was knocking on Jaxon’s door.

Jaxon opened the door totally nude. His huge, muscular frame darkening the door now dwarfed Aiden’s who stood roughly level with the lower shelf of the giant’s pecs. Jaxon looked deep into Aiden’s eyes, and gave him a feral grin. Aiden couldn’t speak, but he didn’t have to. Jaxon brushed his face with a big hand, much more tenderly than Aiden would ever have expected. The touch was electric, and he felt his ass spasm along with his dick, which rose with his pounding heart.

Jaxon’s voice was a sexy, basso rumble. “So, my pet. You’ve finally come to me, as I knew you would.”

Aiden reddened and looked away, a tear leaving one eye. Jaxon shushed him.

“Shh, none of that, my beautiful boy. Look at me.” Aiden did. “Feel no shame. There is pleasure in being possessed by a superior man. I have seen in in the eyes of every man I have taken. And there is reward in service to greater masculinity, as may soon learn. But before we start, you need to know what will happen if we continue.”

Aiden was confused. Won’t he just fuck me? What was so complicated about that?

“Recently, I traded away my favorite pain slut to a friend for a little modification on my own body. My sperm, my saliva, and my sweat are all tuned to you now. And if we become one in the way you desire, we will become one in other ways as well. If you submit to me here and now, you won’t be leaving. Ever. You will be changed, body and mind, into my willing fuckslave. Over time, you will be further altered. You will be a willing faggot slut for me and anyone I wish to share you with. You will lose all will to leave here, and will be mine completely. You won’t be able to think much about anything but men and sex. I give you this final chance to leave, while you still have the free will to decide. You can walk right out of here tonight, and I’ll still give you the full amount. If you stay, though, know that you are submitting to becoming my possession forever.” Jaxon held out a hand in invitation.

Aiden’s heart felt like it was going to beat out of his chest. His pulse roared in his ears. Wasn’t leaving what he wanted? He had waited all these months to wipe the smile off Jaxon’s face by doing just that. His mouth went dry. He willed himself to leave. To embrace freedom. He took Jaxon’s hand. He was mesmerized. His hand seemed so small in the big, dusky paw. He looked the big man over.

As he got closer, he could smell Jaxon. There was something odd in the smell, a musky spicy scent in the room that made Aiden feel hot all over, his libido going mad. For the first time, Aiden really looked at Jaxon.

Jaxon’s body was an amazing specimen, and now that he allowed himself to look at it without malice, Aiden admired and coveted it. His skin was darker than Aiden’s, like a rich oil-rubbed bronze. The thick neck leading to bulging shoulders leading to thick ropes of muscular arms. The huge, protruding chest was crowned with dark nipples. The abdominals were a series of hills. The tree-trunk legs looked like they could lift a truck. yet he didn’t look freakish. He wasn’t all thin skin stretched taut over veins. He was like a Greek statue brought to life. Jaxon struck a pose, hands behind his head, and Aiden realized the smell was coming from his body. He could smell it rolling in dark waves from Jaxon, making him feel drunk and dizzy. He finally allowed himself to really look to Jaxon’s dick, which was starting to fill and rise. He couldn’t think of anything else.

Sensing it was time, Jaxon came forward and pressed Aiden down to a kneeling position. Still not quite fully erect, Jaxon’s cock was massive. Bigger than Aiden had ever imagined. The balls were the size of lemons, and writhed slowly of their own accord.

As Aiden gawked, it stood up to its full 14 inches, long, proud and tall. It moved, rippled like a snake. It pulsed with flexing muscle that shouldn’t have been there. The dark head started to release clear fluid, which dripped down in stringy droplets. And it began to seek toward him like a blind serpent. Aiden was repelled and enthralled.

“Don’t fear this, my pet,” Jaxon said. “Open your mouth. Open yourself to me for the first time.” Aiden could hardly believe it when he didn’t hesitate. Jaxon guided the plum-sized head to Aiden’s waiting tongue, and it started to slither inside. Aiden marvelled. It was steely hard but somehow also silky and soft.

“Suck it. You want to.”

The flavor was salty, a little sweaty, and faintly metallic, and Aiden tried to recoil. But Jaxon held his head in place. Aiden breathed through his nose with the huge head in his mouth, leaking fluids. Within moments, a tingling change started to take place. Suddenly, Jaxon’s precum was the best thing Aiden had ever tasted. Jaxon chuckled and released him as it became obvious that no further inducement was needed.

As Aiden realized that he was performing his first blowjob, drops of precum started to dribble from his own untouched dick. He grabbed Jaxon’s huge legs, trying to pull him forward, to get him deeper. He tried desperately to force the monster down into his gullet, to get more of that delicious fluid. One that tasted of men and sex.

He was gagging and choking, his eyes streaming tears, but still he tried to swallow the massive tool. It was clear that it wasn’t going to fit. When he tried to use his hands to stroke Jaxon, they were slapped away. Instead, Jaxon withdrew his member.

“You must take it all, boy. Let me help you. Look at me and open your mouth,” he commanded. Aiden did as he was told, and Jaxon leaned down. At first Aiden thought Jaxon would kiss him, but instead, Jaxon spat into his mouth—a shocking amount of saliva sloshed onto his tongue. It was thick and warm, devoid of flavor.

“Hold it there. Hold it. Now swallow. Very good.”

Aiden felt something again starting to change, this time at the back of his mouth and throat. Jaxon brought his cock once again to Aiden’s mouth, who slurped it up greedily.

“Now you learn to take all of me, boy.”

Unbelievably, Aiden’s gagging and choking began to subside as he pleasured Jaxon’s member. His jaw ached like it was going to unhinge, but the cock started to creep forward. Suddenly, it surged forward with it’s snake-like motion, and suddenly his throat was full and bulging visibly with cock. His eyes bulged, and he grunted involuntarily. He felt his own throat, awestruck by the advancing cock’s progress. He stared into his master’s face, proud of his new ability. Aiden’s hands went to Jaxon’s ass, and Jaxon obliged by creeping forward. Slowly, impossibly, the cock made it’s way all the way down to what Aiden thought must have been his stomach, with his pink lips pressed against Jaxon’s massive balls. They moved in a churning motion, filling Aiden’s nose with the scent of man..

Then all gentleness and patience was gone, and Jaxon started to fuck Aiden’s throat. Aiden’s throat was repeatedly stretched wide as Jaxon withdrew almost a foot of cock on the outward stroke, depositing a dollop of precum on Aiden’s tongue each time. Aiden felt more violated than he had ever been, and he began to surrender himself completely. Soon he relaxed, staring blankly into Jaxon’s fierce gaze as he was face-fucked. Jaxon began to break out in rivulets of sweat as he pistoned in and out of Aiden’s now willing throat. The scent drove Aiden wild with lust, whines and moans escaping around the huge cock.

Jaxon grinned. “I’m glad you fought me. But in the end, every male I take as prey submits to my superiority. It’s time. Receive my seed, slut!”

Jaxon grabbed and held Aiden’s head as the first huge spurt of semen pelted his stomach. His eyes bulged and his face started to turn red, but he wanted that seed deep inside his guts, and didn’t resist. His own cock started to weakly spurt his own orgasm impotently onto the floor. But it didn’t stop. Aiden’s stomach felt full, but still Jaxon came down his gullet and directly into it. His belly bulged outward, and he started to lose consciousness. But Jaxon released him, depositing more fluid into his mouth, and was finished. Aiden was left to gasp and cough, feeling his bloated belly and moaning in discomfort. Sperm dribbled from his mouth, and snot from his nose.

“Patience, my pet. Patience. Come, let’s clean you up and prepare you for your final possession.”

Jaxon pulled Aiden to a shower, and surrounded him in a protective shell of muscle, gently washing the boy and massaging his sperm-bloated belly. After they dried, Jaxon carried Aiden to his bed, and laid him down gently. Then he began to knead the boy’s stomach in earnest, pushing the cum in, forcing it to be absorbed faster. Aiden felt like he’d been punched in the gut, but a growing heat and contentment radiated from his stomach, and he gently cooed and moaned in the mixture of pain and pleasure. He realized then that pain and pleasure were a combination he was going to become intimately familiar with.

“From now on,” Jaxon said, working Aiden’s belly as it started to resume its flat muscled shape, “you can be nourished by cum alone. You can eat, but you will crave sperm, especially mine, and will be seized by uncontrollable lust if you don’t get enough. Too long, and you’ll become nothing but a gibbering whore, seeking out any semen you can find. But don’t worry, you’ll never be far from cock.”

Aiden barely registered the speech, lost the warm glow of his latest transformation.

“This first load that you have taken within yourself and absorbed will also make you more prepared for your breeding. I wouldn’t want to break my new toy.”

Aiden drifted softly to sleep, wondering what lay ahead, and why he’d tried so hard to resist.

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