The Sculptor, Part 5

By Arachnus The Spider
published April 21, 2019
1557 words

The story’s conclusion

Aiden woke to Jaxon’s smiling features. He felt like a new man. All the tension had fled him. He knew know that he has craved submission for a long time, and was finally becoming the cock-enslaved whore he was meant to be.

“Welcome back, boy,” Jaxon said in his tiger’s purr. “Before we continue I have something for you. Open that mouth."

He brought forth the cloned dick that Aiden had last seen in his own rooms. It was still slick with his own body’s juices. When Jaxon brought its writhing sack to his mouth, he opened obediently. Jaxon pushed the balls, one at a time slowly into Aiden’s mouth. Aiden’s eyes went wide when Jaxon placed his own erect cock against its blunt head and began to apply pressure, cockhead to cockhead.

“I don’t think we need this anymore, do we my pet? Let’s not waste it. Let’s make it part of you permanently.”

With that, he began to push forward and slowly rammed the slimy, turgid penis down Aiden’s throat. He pet his boy, and gave his throat encouraging strokes, reminding him to keep swallowing, and to learn to breath around the obstruction.

While not as big as Jaxon’s own member, the dick was still a huge object to swallow whole. Aiden knew that before tonight, there’s no way he could have managed it. Before the head disappeared into his throat, it spurted sweet semen into his mouth alongside Jaxon’s dick. With nowhere to go, most of it dribbled down his smooth face. The rest of the slick cum helped the thing go down into him.

Soon Jaxon’s cock was withdrawing, leaving Aiden’s mirror dick in his own stomach. It felt like he’d swallowed a cucumber whole. It was moving, squirming inside him, and he could feel its every motion. He felt hollowed, except for that one wonderful feeling of fullness where the dick was. When it wriggled like captured prey, he felt his insides stretch to accomodate. He knew now that he would always crave Jaxon, because everything Jaxon did to him would leave him feeling stretched and full.

Slowly, the motion ceased, prey succumbing, and Aiden looked into Jaxon’s eyes. It was time for whatever was next. Jaxon’s stare was hungry. It was a look that said “You’re about to be fucked." Aiden felt his ass twitch in response for the first time to the lust of another man. He yearned for Jaxon to be up inside him. But suddenly, trepidation filled his mind. Jaxon’s dick was monstrous. He didn’t know if he could handle it. Jaxon clearly read his face.

“Don’t worry, pet. Oh, I’ll hurt you. But it won’t break you What I inflict, you’ll like. I promise. Now show me your ass. On hands and knees. I plan to take you like an animal. Show me your desire to be my bitch.

Aiden got on all fours before Jaxon. His heart fluttered. Jaxon knelt and brought his face to Aiden’s hole. And when his tongue began to rub and Jaxon’s face scraped him where he’d never been touched before, Aiden swooned. His chest fell forward, and his head rested on the floor. But his ass went up into the air. He couldn’t believe what he was feeling. Was this what it felt like to be eaten out? Why the fuck had he resisted?

Jaxon’s tongue was proportional to his body, so its thickness was still like that of a big dick. Aiden moaned involuntarily and bucked his ass back. Jaxon smiled as he rimmed the bitch out. He knew this one was his now.

Eventually, Jaxon’s mouth retreated, and a couple of fingers repaced them. Aiden’s new glands excreted rivulets of lubricant that squelched and dripped from his hole as Jaxon worked it. Still, Jaxon added his own spit, working it into Aiden.

The saliva started to do its work on Aiden’s ass. If it had been a sensitive area before, it was now a true fuckhole. His ass was now a pussy in every way that mattered. Aiden groaned. He’d never get enough dick now. The pleasure Aiden felt was already better than any orgasm he’d had with women. And Jaxon had barely started.

Slowly, slowly, Jaxon worked a third finger into Aiden, pushing his spit deep into Aiden. After he spat again, he pushed in a fourth finger. Aiden whimpered.

After what felt like an eternity of pleasure, Aiden felt Jaxon’s fingers leave his body. He ached with loss. He pushed his ass out higher than ever, and moaned in need.

Jaxon laughed. “I knew you’d be a slut, once I broke you. And I was always going to. We both know I’m a bigger and superior male in every way.”

Aiden felt a huge, blunt, hot object placed at is asshole. It was so warm. It was so silky but steel hard. And it was too fucking big.

Aiden’s fear resurfaced. And when Jaxon started to push himself forward and enter Aiden, his world became pain. His ass felt like it had been stretched around a telephone pole. But it wasn’t sharp. It was an intense, spreading ache. And as Jaxon knelt still with just his massive head inside of Aiden, he realized that something inside him was adjusting. Stretching. Accommodating the huge tool. But of course, it was only the head. When Jaxon sensed that Aiden could handle a bit more without passing out, he moved forward a couple of inches. Aiden’s answering grunt and long, keening moan was beautiful to witness. He had truly surpassed himself when creating this young man whore being slowly impaled before him. He looked at the place where his cock met Aiden’s body. It was so tight.

“You’re so beautiful there on the end of my dick.”

Aiden felt like he was in another world. He had transcended ordinary existence. All that was real was his lust, his ass, and the ever increasing penetration that possessed his consciousness. The pain was still there, but it had transformed. It was an ache of ecstasy. He felt something inside him move. Jaxon’s big dick was rearranging him inside to fit. At the same time, Jaxon’s cock slid forward several inches, and Aiden lost all conscious thought as he felt himself expand to match. Soon, he felt a strange sensation in his gut, and looking down, he saw a faint lump moving through his abdomen. Freakishly, Jaxon’s cock was so big that he could see it inside. Finally, after what seemed ages, Jaxon bottomed out inside of Aiden.

“So, pet. How does it feel?” Jaxon waited as Aiden panted out his passion.

“Fuck,” Aiden moaned. “Fucking… fuck. You’re… fucking… me.” Jaxon’s cock had robbed him of rational thought, and he couldn’t reason anymore. But he was wrong – this was only the beginning, and he hadn’t felt fucking yet.

Jaxon began the motion that males of so many species used when claiming a womb for their seed through thousands of generations. Aiden’s scream was silent. His eyes unfocused. He fell forward, losing the coordination to stay on his hands and knees.

Jaxon followed with his hips. When he gripped Aiden with his huge paws and turned him over without withdrawing, Aiden filled the room with a moan of passion that had surpassed everything before.

Jaxon started to fuck. And he knew how to fuck. He didn’t just rut at Aiden, he moved slowly. He moved quickly. He let his hips gently kiss Aiden’s pert, muscled ass. He pounded it, making slapping sounds. And he stopped to rotate his hips, stirring Aiden’s insides. Aiden was never able to adjust to Jaxon’s ministrations before he changed techniques.

Aiden was slowly building to orgasm, with his stiff cock throbbing untouched and leaking on his abs. As his moans increased to hoarse gasps of passion, he started to cum. He looked toward where his body and Jaxon were joined. He saw semen run in rivers down his muscled stomach, but all he felt was his ass, and Jaxon inside of him.

Feeling the spasms of Aiden’s body, Jaxon began his orgasm too. Shot after massive shot of semen invaded Aiden’s body. Jaxon grabbed his nipples and twisted hard. His orgasm seemed to start over. He couldn’t moan anymore by the time his spasms finally subsided. He rubbed his stomach. He was so full. His abs bulged with cum.

But when Jaxon finally pulled out, leaving Aiden bereft but glowing with pleasure, only a few stray drops spilled out. Aiden’s engineered ass instinctively kept the seed of his master inside of him to nourish his body.

Later, as Aiden fell asleep for the first time in the warm embrace of his master, his ass throbbing with both ache of being spread wide and the residual pleasure of being pounded, he let himself wonder what else Jaxon had planned for him.

The End

There it is. I hope you enjoyed reading it even half as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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