Mindscaping 2: the Price of Meddling

By The Yetti
published September 6, 2014
3549 words

A High School student figures out how to fulfill some fantasies he didn’t even know he had.

Danny had enjoyed his life heartily ever since he had his lapse in morality. Turning the hairy hunk he’d secretly adored for years into a subservient sex slave was one of the best ideas he’d ever had. And Phil was more than enthusiastic to follow his new master’s orders. Anything Danny wanted, Phil was only too happy to get him. Anywhere he wanted to go, Phil would take him. And (it went without saying) anytime Danny was horny, Phil was there to take care of that. Since Danny had commanded his slave to wear no clothes when they were alone, he’d been feeling hornier than usual.

Yet, as satisfied with his slave as he was, Danny was suddenly experiencing a restlessness he’d never known. He’d fucked Phil every way he could think of. He’d bought porn to learn new positions, spent entire weekends fucking Phil until they were both too tired to move. He’d fucked him so much in the last few weeks that he was starting to get toned muscles. Yet now that he’d lost his virginity and enslaved the stud of his dreams, he found he had an insatiable hunger that one muscle stud couldn’t slake. He wanted to see if he couldn’t follow the same formula and snag himself another slave. Phil was completely devoted to helping him should his eyes alight on a likely candidate. So Danny watched and waited for the right hunk to cross his path.

In the meantime he did have Phil’s well practiced hole which was only too eager to milk his cock. He was enjoying it one sunday morning, laying on Phil’s king sized bed as the mindfucked hunk bounced up and down on his dick. Phil, was in heaven as usual. The hypnotic suggestions Danny planted in the slaves mind meant that he experienced true ecstacy whenever Danny fucked him. Naturally he was screaming in pleasure rubbing his nipples.

“Yes, master!” Phil screamed. “Fuck your whore master!”

“Yeah, you fucking love that cock, don’t you bitch?” Danny growled.

“Oh Shit! Yes I love it master! Fuck me, please fuck me!”

Danny felt the cum churn and shoved his cock deep into his slave’s ass. He shot his load into Phil’s ass. As soon as he shot, Phils cock twitched and he shot an intense load up into the air in an long arc, hitting the headboard. Exhausted, Danny leaned againsy the pillows while Phil recovered, Danny’s cock still in him.

“Thank you, Master” Phil said, lovingly.

"Go make me something to eat.” Danny commanded, not unkindly.

“Yes master.” Danny watched the muscled hair globes of Phil’s ass as the man moved out of the room, Danny relaxed into his pillows. Phil had made them sandwiches which Danny gratefully ate. He showered after eating and got ready to leave, smiling at Phil naked on his bed eager to please. “Would you like me to suck your cock before you go, Master?”

“Thanks, slave, but I need to get home. You shower and make yourself presentable before Zack gets home.” Danny commanded knowing his best friend would be a little offput by having his father walk around nude. Danny walked down the stairs and out the front door. He was so satisfied and flushed with victory that he didn’t notice the figure in the shadows of the living room that watched him leave.

The next day Danny went to school not at all expecting anything special. School these days was more boring than anything. He had found new confidence lately and had started acing all his classes. His new muscled body was also attracting the attention of his classmates more often. Danny found all the attention tedious as it was more from the females more often than not. But he just did what he could to deal with it and make it to the weekends, when Zack would go to his moms and Danny would spend the weekend plowing his father. Speaking of Zack, he walked up to Danny’s locker that morning and slammed it with a snap.

“Um…Can I help you?” Danny asked angry and taken aback.

“Listen,” Zack said getting in Danny’s face. “I don’t know what the fuck is up with you and my dad, but it ends now.”

“What?” Danny stammered, he had a sinking feeling in his stomach. He could feel the color draining from his face.

“I saw you too yesterday.” Zack snarled quietly, trying not to be heard. “I saw you fucking him. I don’t know what the fuck is going on with you two but stay the fuck away from him. Got me?”

Without pausing to hear his response, Zack strode away, practically stamping in fury. As he went, Danny couldn’t help but check out Zack’s ass. it was thick and round just like his father’s. His body a muscled fantasy, only lack the definition of his father’s body. Danny felt a stirring in his cock. The confrontation had shaken his new confidence, but now that it was over, Danny felt it creeping back and helping him make an interestingly wicked plan. A smirk played about his lips as he drew out his cellphone and made a quick call.


Zack had a bad day. In truth he’d been having a bad couple of days. The incident Sunday night had been so galling that he barely slept. He didn’t really care if Danny was gay. He’d pretty much figured that out for the last two years. But he was fairly certain his father wasn’t. He had secretaries, girlfriends, flings, all of which Zack had watched come and go. Hell his parents’ marriage had ended because his dad was fucking the chick next door. He had no illusions about what a dog his dad was. It’s possible that he was bi, Zack kept thinking, maybe he’d been fucking dudes too but no one had ever caught him. But…Danny? It felt oddly like betrayal. His friend should have never seduced his father. Because somehow Zack was certain Danny had been the one to start it all. He’d been too confident the last few weeks, and whenever Danny stared off into space, this evil grin crossed his face. Well whoever had started this little affair, Zack had ended it. No matter what new confidence Danny had gotten, he would listen to Zack just as he always had.

Zack arrived home, tired and annoyed. Seeing his father bobbing around with dinner didn’t improve his mood like it would usually have done. He glowered at the grown man trying not to see him bucking on Danny’s cock again. He threw his books onto the ground near the door and stalked silently past his Dad to the kitchen table.

“How was school?” Phil asked smiling just as he always did.

“It sucked.” Zack snapped simply. He drained the glass of soda his dad had laid before his plate in one long chug. “I don’t want to talk about it can we just eat.”

“Sure, sure.” Phil said defensively. They ate in silence from that point. Zack noticed that his father’s eyes kept flicking toward him over the food as though he was waiting for something. Zack must’ve been more tired than he thought. His eyes kept drooping over the meal, his head bobbing ominously. It got worse the longer he went on, and finally he could no longer fight it. His head his the table in a haze of exhaustion. The last thing he heard before sleep overtook him was his father dialing his phone.

“Master” Zack heard him say as his eyes closed. “It’s worked.”


Danny arrived at the house box in hand. He knocked and Phil answered the door, naked as the day he was born. Danny pulled him down into a rough kiss which Phil heartily returned. Danny walked in and was pleased to see the unconscious form of Zack, propped on an armchair in the living room.

“Any trouble?” Danny asked.

“No, master. It was almost too easy.” Phil was smiling his manhood stiffened.

“Mindscaping.” Danny said shortly. Phil’s face immediately went slack. His mind opening ready to be programmed by his master. “Phil, you will find that the more you help me enslave someone, the more sexual pleasure you get out of it. Everytime you help me enslave someone it will make you feel so good you will be even more eager to obey me and help me enslave more men.”

His slave nodded shortly before Danny clicked his fingers. Phil started and came back to himself. Danny was busy with the box he’d brought. He removed the helmet goggles and headphones inside and affixed them all to Zack. Poor boy. Danny had been intending to let him keep his free will but this morning proved that that would not be wise. So he booted up the enslavement algorithms. He hear the brainwave stimulators whirring into life. Zack made no sign that anything had changed except to breathe more deeply. The program went into it’s next phase and Danny heard the headphones turn on. He had tweaked the audio program to cut down on the time needed to open the subjects mind and add a bit of arousal into the mix. Sure enough, Danny was pleased to see the tent on the front of Zack’s jeans.

After about an hour of the audio program Zack sat bolt upright in his chair, signaling the next phase in the program. Danny heard the goggles whir into life as he saw the light from around the edge of the goggles. He was so turned on by this that he had Phil suck his cock while he watched his friends free will get rewritten. Phil himself was pumping dutifully away on his cock. The hypnotic suggestion Danny had planted was making Phil a complete horny pig. Danny was in ecstasy but he was still aware enough to get Phil to stop sucking because hearing Zack’s enslavement through the headphones would have made him cum immediately.

“Your mind is open and relaxed.”

“Open and relaxed” Zack mumbled giving Danny a wonderful sense of deja vu.

“There are no memories, no thoughts. Let all of that just float away.”

“Just….float” Zack repeated head wobbling.

“You are so open, so empty, so obedient.”

“Open, empty, obedient.” His hand was rubbing his cock, even unconscious.

“You want to obey. You need to obey. You must obey”

“Must obey. Want to obey.”

“Repeat after me: ‘I am open, empty and obedient.”

“Open, empty and obedient.”


“Open, empty and obedient.”

He kept talking and repeating the mantra. Phil whimpered like a dog in heat, tweaking his nipples and pumping his cock. Danny was excited as well, absentmindedly running his fingers through Phil’s fur. Zack cocked his head to the side.

“I am ready.” He said zonked out completely. Danny stood and walked over to Zack.

“Stand” He commanded. Zack stood and Danny started removing the apparatus. When it was all off, Danny reached down and grabbed the tent between Zack’s legs. “Strip”

Zack took off his clothes methodically. Danny was slightly disappointed to see that his friend shaved all his body hair off. Well he would be changing all that by the end of the night.

“Everything I’m telling you is the absolute truth. You know it deep in your soul and all throughout your mind. Do you understand?” Danny nodded. “Zack You are a slave. You were always destined to be one. You love to take orders, you long to serve and you want nothing more than to become the mindless plaything of your master. You’ve known for years that you’re supposed to be your friend, Danny’s, slave, But you’ve been resisting your destiny. You know your father is a slave as well. It runs in your blood and you felt that your father becoming Danny’s slave first has been a betrayal. He gets to do all the things you wanted to do. Like serving him and sucking his cock and getting fucked by him. He gets to serve your masters every want and whim. All this before you ever had a chance to beg him to be his slave. You still want to serve Danny. He’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. And the idea of serving him makes you hot and horny. The thought about being his mindless sex slave makes you incredibly hard and horny. Just being around him, or thinking about him makes you hard and horny.” Zack was panting at this point he was rubbing his cock and whimpering.

“You’re want to resist your destiny. But you can’t. The urge to be a slave overwhelms your every instinct. After a few minutes you will be unable to fight your fate and you will beg to be my mindless sex slave just like your father. Your need to obey will completely defeat your jealousy and once you become my slave you will have no will or jealousy other than what I command of you. Now when I snap my fingers you will come out of the trance with all the changes I’ve made intact. However if I ever want to make you return to this state, I and only I can say the word ‘Mindscaping’ and you will return. Do you understand?”

Zack nodded eyes completely blank. Danny sat back on the couch with Phil naked and jerking off at his heel and Zack standing muscled hard and nude before him. He finally clicked his fingers. Zack started as if waking from a sleep. He looked at the scene before him then looked down at his own body.

“What did you do to me?” He asked voice plaintive.

“Nothing, being naked is the normal state to be in, in front of your master.” Danny said, smirking.

“Yes…” For a moment Zack’s eyes glazed in pleasure. Then he shook his head. “I’m not a slave.”

“Just give in son!” Phil cried tweaking his nipples and jerking his cock. “It feels so good to be a slave. All you have to do is obey our master. His cock is the most amazing thing.”

Danny could see Zack’s eyes. There was a fight going on behind them a glorious battle as Zack fought his fate. To add fire to the flames, Danny signaled and Phil began to suck his cock again, bobbing up and down like a mad man.

“This could be you, Zack.” He said inticingly. “You were meant to be a slave, meant to serve your master. All you need to do is get down on your knees and obey.”

“No….” Danny said staring at his father’s head bobbing up and down. He licked his lips and his cock twitched. “Not…a….slave.”

“I know you want it more than anything Zack.” Danny said, grabbing Phil’s hair and pumping his head up and down. “Let me take all that pesky free will away. You’ll never have to think or worry again, just obey and serve and suck.”

It was all too much for Zack. He fell to his knees and crawled forward. He took the cock from his father’s mouth and began to suck like he was starved for it. Danny loved the look on his former friend’s face, utter defeat and mindfucked servitude. Grabbing Zack’s hair he pulled him off his dick.

“Please master!” Zack cried. “Please let me be your slave! Please let me be your puppet! I need to serve you, I need to pleasure you. I need you to wipe away all my will. Please I need to be your slave!”

“Very well then.” Danny smiled evilly down on his new slave. “You are now my slave.” Like it had with the father, Zack’s pupils dilated.

“Thank you master, may I suck you master?” Danny nodded and the slave went back to his work.

“Phil, Eat Zack’s ass.” Danny commanded. “I want it nice and ready for my dick.” If Phil felt any qualms about it he didn’t show it. He went right behind his sun and began licking his hole making it nice and wet for his master’s cock. The sight made Danny even hornier, they would do whatever he told them to. It didn’t matter what. Pulling Zack’s mouth off his cock he smiled.

“Phil, Zack, You are both insanely horny for each other. I want you to make out and grope each other for my amusement.” And they did just that. They flew at each other and began to kiss roughly hands exploring every part of the other’s body. Danny watched the show rubbing his own cock, interrupting only to implant the same hypnotic command in Zack that his ass would gain immense pleasure from any penetration and ecstasy from Danny’s cock. Phil began to finger his son’s hole while Zack sucked him off. Zack whimpered like a bitch in heat and bucked back trying to fuck himself on Phil’s fingers. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Zack, climb up here and sit on my dick.” And Zack rushed to comply. As the cock filled his hole, Zack bucked and screamed, even more when Danny reached up to tweak a nipple.

“Yes! Master!” He screamed as his father watched jerking off on his knees. “Fuck me master! Please make me your cockslave master!”

“Yeah you fucking sexy bitch, milk the cum from my cock.” Danny growled meeting Zack at every thrust, driving his cock into him. Damn this boy was tight. His eyes found Phil mindfucked and horny. “You love watching me fuck your son don’t you slave?”

“Yes master! Fuck him and make him a slave like me! We will love to serve your cock master.”

“Yes!” Zack screamed eyes rolling. “Your cock is amazing master! I will serve it forever!”

“If I commanded you to sit on your daddy’s dick?”

“Anything you want master. I have no will, not thoughts I am your mindless puppet.”

“Good slave,” Danny said feeling the sensation moving through his cock. “When I cum in your ass, you will have the hardest best orgasm you’ve ever had. You too Phil!”

“Yes, master!” The Both yelled in tandem. Danny drove his cock as hard as he could into Zack’s ass and then Zack’s cock twitched and cum shot out his dick hitting the wall behind the couch. Once he saw and heard his son cum, Phil shot an immense load all over the floor.

After cleaning himself up and packing the device back into the box. Danny was ready to go. He commanded his slaves to never wear clothes around the house as long as they were either alone together or in the presence of their master. He made them clean up the cum and mess in the living room and gave them one final command.

“You both will fuck every night” He said evilly. “You love each other’s cock and you will both suck and pleasure them as much as you want. Phil, you will fuck your son every night and you will sleep in the same bed. No one else is to know about it.”

“Yes master” they both said.

“Oh, and Zack from this point on, you will no longer shave any part of your body. You will love being a hairy beast like your father.”

“Yes master” Zack nodded. It was a shame he had to enslave his old friend, Danny reflected as he walked out the door, the naked couple behind in the house making out furiously. But Zack had only himself to blame. That was the price of meddling.

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