MIndscaping 4; Standing in the Way of Control

By The Yetti
published September 6, 2014
3781 words

With his harem slowly building Danny just has to remove some of the poor fools standing in his way

Danny was enjoying himself heartily. Zack had become a completely accomplished cocksucker in his time as Danny’s slave. He’d had plenty of practice of course. He was bottom bitch in Danny’s harem so his mouth was practiced at pleasuring Danny, his father and Danny’s new acquisition, a muscled ginger named Bobby.But as Danny ran his fingers through the thick black hair as it bobbed up and down on his cock, he reflected that it might have been his best decision to have the slave who was in school with him learn to suck and take cock as much as he had.

The soundproof music room they were in wasn’t exactly the most spacious place in the school but it was at least somewhere they could fool around during the school day and not attract any attention. Mr. Hatch, the music teacher, had made the mistake of asking Danny if he could use his device to help him quit smoking. Since Hatch wasn’t much his type (Skinny as a willow branch and hairless but for his head.) Danny used the opportunity mainly just to get one of the staff under his control. It had been beneficial mostly for skipping a few classes and getting notes for getting out of most anything he didn’t feel like doing. Most of his teachers didn’t mind since he had straight A’s in all his classes even with missing half of them. The use of the music room was another one of the perks afforded by his staff slave.

He moaned and leaned back curling his fingers in Zack’s hair. He arched his back and felt his cock hit the back of Zack’s throat. Far from gagging, Zack did his best to shove all of Danny’s cock down his throat. He Naked from the waist up, the thick pelt of black hair covering his chest visible and turning Danny on every time he looked at it. His slave moaned loudly as he bobbed up and down like a mad man. The whimpering was making Danny groan in pleasure as he got closer and closer to cumming. Finally he shoved his cock to the back of his slave’s throat again and shot a hot load. Zack let out a muffled shout of pleasure as he came in his pants. Danny pulled him up to sit in his lap. He kissed his slave roughly and they sat there making out for a good long while. Eventually the bell rang over the PA system and Danny had no choice but to tell Zack to get dressed so they could make their way to their next class.

They got to the gym early and went right to getting changed. Danny did so with a touch of annoyance. Gym was the most annoying class he had. Coach Gilbert was an ex-marine hard-ass who’d no sooner give Danny a break then cut off his own arm. Things had only gotten worse since Danny had come out of the closet. Zack had gotten the same treatment since they had started to go out, at least thats the story they had put out. Gilbert had been watching them like a hawk whenever they were alone and occasionally he went out of his way to try and make sure they didn’t do anything gay during school hours. It got rather daunting, when every time they tried to kiss, you had a bulky homophobe bark at you. Sure enough once he had dressed and he and Zack had left the locker room, Coach Gilbert was there almost breathing down their necks.

“No funny business you two” He said in a low growl. He was not an overly tall man. Even at 45 he was as tall as Danny, if not a few inches shorter. But what he lacked in size he made up for in muscle mass. He was bulky as a keg with pecs and abs bulging out of the under armour shirts he always wore. His arms bulged and his calves were thick as a man’s neck. Every inch of him was covered in brown hair, save for his head which was buzz cut but still couldn’t hide the streaks of grey. Danny barely spared him a contemptuous glance before moving off to a distant section of the bleachers. They participated only as much as was necessary laughing and joking with a good many of the other guys in their class. Zack was still just as charismatic as he’d always been so their classmates really only suffered from a few days of shock after they both had come out of the closet. Now it was as if nothing had really changed, except Danny was somehow shown even more respect from the guys as Zack’s boyfriend then he ever earned as just Zack’s best friend. So gym wasn’t wholly horrible. When class was done they got changed again and Danny pulled Zack aside when all the other boys left the locker room. He kissed him deep and long wholly enjoying himself. Zack melted in his arms and let out a little moan.

“HEY!” An annoyingly familiar voice rang through the room. Coach Gilbert charged toward them. He poked Danny hard in the chest while growling through gritted teeth, spit flying in Danny’s face. “I thought I told you to keep your hands to yourself! The other teachers might be willing to put up with this faggy shit but you are not gonna do it where I can see you. You got me.”

Without another word Danny and Zack strode past Gilbert. Danny was well and thoroughly pissed off. It was one thing to silently disapprove of him and Zack. It was yet another thing to actively harass them on a daily basis. Danny might have put up with this bullshit a few months ago. But he was a mastermind with a harem of slaves. he wasn’t about to just about to sit around and let this asshole walk all over him.

“Zack.” He said, his voice deep and commanding.

“Yes, master?” Zack replied straightening up.

“Call your father, they have work to do while where at school.”

Coach Gilbert arrived home tired and angry. The afternoons events had been burning in his mind all day. He couldn’t believe the shit they allowed in schools these day. He knew the girls were dressing like sluts, the boys were wearing pants down past their asses and now they had fags making out all over the schools. He’d been hoping that Faux news wasn’t right but it looks like they’d been right all along. This country was going to hell in a handbasket. The look that little fag had given him was burning him almost as much as anything else. It was like he was going to get back at him somehow. It rattled him, back in the day he could just knock sense into those fags and get the gay right out of them.

He stomped into his house, slamming the door as he did so. He needed to just relax and unwind after today. He dropped his keys by the door and walked straight into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and reached for the first beer he could see. That was odd, he didn’t remember putting an open beer in the fridge. Maybe he just drank too much last night and didn’t remember. Taking a tentative sip, he was pleased to find that it wasn’t flat just yet. He took several grateful swigs before smashing the empty can on the countertop.

He microwaved himself some dinner then he went into the living room, kicking off his shoes and sitting down in front of the TV. He turned on the news. As he ate he noticed they were talking about some sort of foreign incident that had taken place he barely listened. His eyes were drooping and his limbs felt incredibly heavy. He must have been more tired than he knew. In a few minutes he was so tired he could barely hold his head up. He felt his head droop onto his chest. As his eyes began to flutter shut, he noticed a shadow moving behind him. Before he could turn around to see who it was, his eyes closed shut.

Danny and Zack arrived at the coach’s house about twenty minutes after they got the call from Phil. The Giant ginger Brian was kneeling on the ground in front of the armchair hooking up the apparatus to Coach Gilbert while Phil sat on a couch plugging information into a laptop computer.. Danny had been worried that the Coach would pour the open bear down the drain when he saw it, but lucky for them the Coach was a moron and drank it all. Phil had been hiding in the house since that afternoon waiting for this exact instant. As soon as the coach had passed out Danny and Brian had gotten a call. And now with all three of his slaves assembled in the house, Danny prepared to make a fourth. Because unlike Mr. Hatch, Coach Gilbert was his type and Danny would take a strong vindictive pleasure in converting and enslaving this old homophobe.

“Is it almost ready?” Danny asked.

“Almost, master” Phil said diligently tapping at the keys.

“Strip.” Danny commanded Zack. He turned to Brian who had just finished. “You too Brian. And Phil once the program starts, you strip too”

The Slaves echoed their agreement and one by one began stripping off their clothes. Soon three burly, hairy, nude men gathered around him. They were all hard and horny at the prospect of adding another slave to their ranks and lined up in front of the sofa at Danny’s command. The program began, Danny could hear the brainwave stimulators reving up and the audio program beginning to take effect. Danny stripped down to his underwear which was just a blue jockstrap. He’d come to have a fondness for the jockstrap since it was one of the only articles of clothing he wore around the house with his slaves. It was the mark of his mastery and he wore it now at the induction of a new slave. After the audio opened the coach’s mind, the video kicked in and utterly bulldozed the man’s consciousness. Danny was rock hard as his newest slave recited his mantras and made himself ripe for reprogramming. The three slaves did their work well. Brian and Phil shared his cock taking turns to suck his cock while Zack sucked his balls eagerly. But they were under strict guard to stop short of him coming. As always he wanted to save his nut for the newest slaves ass.

Finally the coach cocked his head to one side and signaled that he was ready to be reprogrammed. Danny tucked himself away and stood up smiling. Of all his conquests he would enjoy this the absolute most of all his conquests. The others had been nothing more than slaking his lust. But this was revenge and he felt steely satisfaction. He removed the machine smoothly and placed it on the ground. He put a finger under Coach’s chin and gently tilted his head upwards. The Coach’s eyes were blank and unfocused. His cock was tenting the front of his shorts, straining against the lycra. Danny reached down and grabbed it jerking it slightly. He reveled in the power of taking this brutish homophobe under his control. He was thinking of revenge after revenge and the more he thought the more vindictive he became.

“Coach, can you hear me?” He began

“Yesss” Said the Coach, eyes staring off into the distance.

“Good, Strip!” Danny commanded. Without a hint of resistance the coach complied. He was actually quite fit for an older man. His abundant body hair had gone from brown mostly to grey but it made Danny all the more horned up. He rubbed the Coach’s nipples until they were both erect and the man’s breathing had gotten heavier, his cock was twitching. “Listen closely because every word I’m about to tell you is the absolute truth”

The Coach nodded eyes still staring straight ahead.

“You are my slave, you have always been my slave, but you’ve been too stupid to realise it. Your minute brain has not had the ability to comprehend your place in this world. You never understood that an idiot like you needs a genius like me to tell you what to do. “ He stopped here to look at the slave’s face, he was still gazing off but he nodded dreamily. “But despite your idiocy you saw that I am the hottest thing you have ever seen, male or female. It makes you want to submit to me, give in to me. It makes you want to let yourself become my mindless slave, and your body to become nothing more than a tool to be used solely for my pleasure. Serving me makes you hard and horny. Being in my presence makes you hard and horny.”

The Slave nodded dreamily his cock dripping precum and a faint moan coming from his open mouth. He was absentmindedly rubbing one of his nipples and began to bite his lower lip.

“Now when I bring you out of this trance you will be completely my slave, unable to disobey a single command, but the homophobic part of your mind will still be in place. You will be forced to obey my commands whatever your mind may say. Your homophobic mind will persist until the first time my cock enters your ass. When that happens the pleasure you feel will be so great you will be unable to hold onto your homophobic mind any longer and you will fully give in to your slave nature. Your ass is now your most sexual organ and any contact by another human will bring you immense pleasure. If your master should fuck you, you will feel pleasure greater than ever. If I ever want you back in this state I will say the phrase ‘mindscaping’. Do you understand?”

“Yessss” The Coach said sleepily. Danny moved back to the couch and sat down his slaves all knelt at his feet, clustering around like adoring dogs.

“I’m going to snap my fingers now,” Danny said calmly. “And when I do you will awaken. Do you understand?”

“Yesssss” The Coach said. Danny snapped his fingers an evil grin wide on his face. The coach came to at once eye alive with comprehension once more. He looked down at his nudity and around at the three nude men kneeling around a mostly nude Danny.

“What the Fuck is going on!” The Coach yelled. Danny disliked the noise

“Be quiet!” He commanded savagely. Coach looked as though he’d been struck dumb. He clutched his throat afraid and enraged. “You can speak but only at a civil tone.”

“What did you do to me, faggot?” The coach asked his voice quavering.

“I’ve given you a bit of an attitude adjustment.” Danny said smiling. “We’ll see if we can’t make you a little more open minded. Kneel and crawl toward me.” The Coach did just that growling homophobic slurs under his breath as he slowly crawled in between Danny’s thighs. “I’d like you to take out my cock”

“I’m not doing shit faggot!” Coach spat, but his hands were betraying him, reaching into the jock and lovingly removing Danny’s cock. “How the fuck are you doing that.”

“Its just what you’re conditioned to do as my slave. Jerk my cock for me.”

“I’m not your fucking slave. And I’m stopping all this queer shit now.” And yet despite all his protests, his hand began to slowly slide up and down Danny’s cock. “No…no…Stop!”

But he kept going, struggling all the while. His face turned red trying to combat his disobedient body. His cock was hard as well and Danny could see that it confused him. His anger was slowly fading being replaced by body terror and utter confusion. He spit in his hand against his will and went back to pumping his hands eager and willing while his eyes full of fear.

“Jerk yourself as well.” Danny commanded, and Coach’s hands went to work pumping his cock with his off hand. Now the his eyes had a bit of glazed arousal. “Suck me”

This stopped all pleasure and put the rage right back into his eyes. While his mouth went dutifully to work his eyes were angry and in a good deal of pain. He bobbed up and down. He was slowly emitting a distressed sound deep in his throat, it sounded as though he was crying. Danny was rough on the old man as well. He drove his cock deep into his throat, enjoying the vibration there. He was fucking his face before long. He couldn’t believe how alive he felt. He had warped the mind of a few men before but this was the first man he conquered the first enemy he had removed from his path and it made his cock harder as rock. The old man’s eyes had gone blank and it was almost like he wasn’t there anymore. Danny decided it was time to break this stallion and make him the newest member of the his harem.

“Stand and bend over the couch” Danny called. The Coach did just that, he bent over the couch exposing his ass. Once Danny’s cock was positioned at the Coaches holes all of a sudden it was as though he came back to himself.

“No, no, no, no!” He said whimpering now, looking back over his shoulder. “No please, I don’t wanna be a faggot!” He was crying now tears streaming down his face. He just repeated himself over and over again. Crying and begging not to be fucked. “I don’t want to be a faggot! I can’t be a faggot!”

Danny ignore this and shoved his cock deep into the Coach’s hole. Suddenly the crying stopped and changed to a moan of pure unbridled pleasure. He was growling and bending over, shoving his ass out even more.

“What was that coach?” Danny asked smiling.

“I…I…I….” The Coach could barely manage speech, his eyes were rolling, his cock leaking all over the couch. “Oh God! I need this….please keep….”

“Keep what?” Danny growled, fucking the coach all the harder.

“Please keep fucking me!” He said moaning like a bitch,

“But I thought you didn’t want to be a queer?” Danny said driving his cock to the hilt.

“I’ll be anything you want just keep fucking me! Oh Christ! It feels so goood!”

“You’ll be anything I want? Even my gay sex slave” Danny eased his cock out the hole slowly teasingly.

“YES!” The Coach screamed nails digging into the couch. “Please fuck me!”

“Beg me to make you my slave!” Danny commanded.

“Please sir…please make me your sex slave sir.”

“Very well slave.” Danny Said, power fucking the mindfucked coach. “I’m going to fuck you hard and every thrust will push a little more of your free will out of your mind. And When I command you to cum, you will shoot all your free will out through your cock.”

“Yes master!” He panted eyes out of focused meeting every thrust, begging to push his own free will out. “Make me your fag slave master. Fuck me hard, fuck me and turn me into your fucktoy. I’m your dirty slut master breed my hole. Fuck! Fuck! Yes please fuck me!”

“Now, When I shoot in your ass, you will cum as well slave!” As much as Danny was enjoying this, his cock seemed to be ready to fire. The last conquering had really pushed him over the edge. “And when we shoot. You will be forever my slave.”

“Yes! Please make me your slave!” Danny arched his back shoving his whole cock into the man’s ass. He bellowed once and shot a huge load in his ass. The Coach screamed, and his cock shot cum all over the couch. Danny sat on the couch as the coach licked his own cum off the couch cushions. When he was done, he kneeled on the floor with the other three slaves, meekly joining them and staring up at Danny with adoration in his eyes.

“Coach, you will begin the preparations for selling this house tomorrow” Danny commanded crossing his legs. “Once sold, you will give me every last penny. In the meantime, you will take all your stuff and move in with Phil here, with the rest of my slaves. There you will be my cock-addicted whore. You will need to suck cock every night and need to get your ass fucked. You will need to beg the other slaves to suck their cocks and get fucked by them.”

“Yes, Master” He said.

“You will be my slave no matter where we are, but you will let no one know. And from this moment on, you will be extremely supportive of gay students. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master” The Coach was so subservient now, that Danny couldn’t help but smile evily.

“Very well slaves, get dressed and clean up, we’ve got some moving to do.”

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