By The Yetti
published September 6, 2014
4917 words

A High School student figures out how to fulfill some fantasies he didn’t even know he had.

Danny had been scatterbrained all week leading up to the science faire. Not that He wasn’t normally scatterbrained but this week had been especially so. He was getting ready to unveil his big project. It was still in the testing phases but he figured it was enough to get him first prize in the faire while he fixed it up enough to finally sell it off and start making a name for himself. It wasn’t like he had much going for him in aside from his brains. He was chubby, not fat just chubby, with a fairly plain face and straw colored hair that was neither bright or dark enough to really stand out. He also tended to be a fairly quiet person. Danny simply didn’t draw the eye, which in his opinion was all to the good. He had fought very hard against gaining people’s attention for the first three years of high school, at least for the wrong reasons. He’d known only three other gay dudes, all above him in school and everyone had been bullied unmercifully. Danny really didn’t need that. But if he could stand out in a good way, even start his career as an engineer off with a bang by selling one of his inventions straight out of high school.

He’d been setting up most of the diagrams and extraneous components in the school gym. He’d set the main machine down in a big box next to his display fully intending to take it with him when he left for the day. He must have gotten lost in trying to remember his speech however, because no sooner had he walked in the door than his cell phone went off.

“Yo!” The brash voice of his best friend Zack rang in his ears. Zack was nothing like Danny. He was tall and thick with muscle. He sported jet black hair, fierce blue eyes and waged a constant battle with the thick manly stubble threatening to overtake his chin and chest. He was also someone with unmistakable savoir faire and joi de vivre and all the other french phrases that basically meant he was good with people. Danny was never sure when or how he’d become friends with someone like Zack but they had and he’d enjoyed his life considerably more with this charming hunk by his side. “Dude, you forget something?” It dawned on Danny like a crashing wave and he almost shot out the door in panic.

“OH SHIT! The box!” He cried into the phone.

“No worries man. I grabbed it.” Zack said laughing. “Didn’t have time to run it over to your place before I head to my mom’s for the weekend so it’s over Dad’s place.”

“Shit! How am I gonna get it before monday! I need to fine tune it still.”

“Take a breath, man” He said chuckling all the harder. “You’ve been around my place enough to know my dad. Just go over there tell him about the box and he’ll let you grab it. Hell he’d probably let you take whatever you wanted from my room.”

Mr. Henesey was pretty much the older version of his son. Except for the fact that he had long since given up the fight with his body hair. He had a thick chin covered in black hair that also showed up on his thick muscled chest. Just like his son, he also possessed a charisma that made it almost impossible not to like him. Danny had been infatuated with him since the day he’d seen him four years ago. Mr. Henesey was basically the reason Danny knew he was gay. There were plenty of awkward moments when Danny would eat over, where he would lose himself in that thicket of coarse chest hair and just thread of the conversation. The prospect of being alone with him and attempting to stutter out enough english to get the box back, was not one Danny relished. But there didn’t seem to be too much choice.

“Thanks man,” Danny replied to Zack. “I’ll head over now.”

Zack and his dad didn’t live exactly far from Danny but it was still getting dark by the time he’d made it over. Zack’s dad lived in the more affluent region of the suburb and it always caught Danny a little off guard just how huge their house was. It looked like all the other houses in the gated community, sure. But since all those houses were also huge, it didn’t really diminish the effect. It was still a prime location as Mr. Henesey (who owned a landscaping business) had large ornately trimmed bushes and perpetually flowering trees surrounding his property, shielding all but the front door from the eyes of the neighbors. Mr. Henesey had joked once that it was to hide from the eyes of nosy housewives, should he and a lady friend want some intimate time somewhere other than the bedroom. The jest had caused Zack to pantomime retching and eschew the leather sofa. It had caused Danny to blush a furious crimson. At last Danny reached the front door which was a mosaic of frosted glass, and he rang the bell. Mr. Henesey was opening it in minutes.

“Danny Boy!” He cried a genial smile crossing his bearded face. “Zack said something about you stopping by.”

“Yeah, he grabbed something I left at school.” Danny tried so hard not to glance down at the hairy chest, blatantly displayed by a white tank top.

“Oh yeah, well come on in.” He said moving into the house so Danny could enter. “You know where his room is right?”

Danny nodded but as he did he noticed an odd rattling sound coming from Mr. Henesey’s left hand. He seemed to be holding something. He must have caught Danny looking cause he raised his hand to show a small orange pill bottle filled with red capsules.

“Oh yeah. I’m getting too fucking old for this job” He chuckled. “My back hurts all day and night, I can barely get to sleep. My doc gives me these for the pain and begs me to go see a chiropractor.”

“I’m sorry, that sounds really rough.” Danny wasn’t really paying attention anymore, the chest hair had finally snared him.

“Hey you better grab that box,” Mr. Henesey said after a brief yet awkward pause. “Not that I’m kicking you out or nothing but I don’t know how quick these take. Don’t wanna pass out on you.”

“Right” Danny laughed, inwardly mortified and walked up the stairs to Zack’s room. Zack’s room was large but had the resemblance to a small disaster area, but he’d been kind to leave the box on his bed. Danny made a beeline for it, doing his best to avoid the week old dirty clothing strewn about the place. He opened the box to make sure it was all still their. He was relieved to find all the parts still resting undisturbed in the box. Not that anyone would understand what it was if they took it. It was an ocular subliminal brainwave stimulator, he was still working on the name. But the gist of it was that it was a device that used subliminal audio and video stimulation as well as brainwave interceptors to increase a persons ability to learn. In theory if the machine were to work you just put on the helmet, headphones and goggles, plug what you wanted to learn into the computer they all were connected to, go to sleep and let the audio part do its work, then in the morning watch the video cues and Voila! You know most of the french language. He hadn’t worked out all the kinks yet. If you programmed too much into the program there were problems with long term retention. But a relatively brief bit of studying would be locked down tight in the user’s memory.

Smiling to himself he packed everything back into the box and went back downstairs. He was on his way to the door when he noticed Mr. Henesey passed out cold in an recliner in front of the TV. Danny crept closer, wanting nothing more than to gaze at the prone figure of this Adonis. He gazed at that thick hair chest with the bulging pecs and followed his bulging arms down to those thick legs and all of it was covered in that sexy black fur. Danny leaned back against the cabinet near the entrance to the room, crossing his legs to hide a pulsing erection. He must’ve been to heavy for it, because the cabinet tilted backward throwing him off balance and he pushed himself forward to correct. The cabinet righted itself as well, but a small glass trophy set atop it fell to the floor with a crash and broke into a thousand pieces.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Henesey!” He squealed, eyes still shut tight. “I’ll clean it up! I…” But all was silence. Danny looked up to see Mr. Henesey sleeping just where he had been before, not at all disturbed by either the fallen glass or Danny’s petrified squeals. Danny took a few tentative steps over to him, still nothing. He went so far as to grab the man’s wrist, pick it up and watch it drop.

He’s really out of it, Danny thought to himself. Those pills he got must be doing the trick.

He went to go grab his box and leave, but the instant his eyes fell upon the box he had a thought. It was a thought wholly out of character for him. He could do it, he had no doubt. The machine and the drugs would couple make Mr. Henesey much more suggestible than usually. And if he kept the instructions brief he would overcome the machine’s few shortcomings. All he would have to do, really, would be to open his mind to the point where he could all the other programming into Mr. Henesey’s mind without the machine. He looked once more at the prone figure of Mr. Henesey and back to the box at his feet. Suddenly a vision of Mr. Henesey naked and zonked out by the machine, floated to the surface of his mind. The resultant woody was enough to eclipse all of Danny’s morality and he set to work at once. He took out the computer and began reprograming the helmet and tweaking it for it’s new purpose. When that was done, he put the goggles, headphones and helmet on Mr. Henesey. He was so far gone that he didn’t move a muscle just kept on snoring. Danny called his mother to tell her he’d be late over at Zack’s place. Finally smiling to himself, he hit a button on the keyboard and the brainwave stimulators on the helmet whirred into life. Nothing changed about Mr. Henesey except that he stopped snoring and started breathing slow and steady breaths. The program went into it’s next phase and Danny heard the headphones turn on. The audio program was designed to open his mind and relax his consciousness. The video was where the real show would start.

After about an hour of the audio program Mr. Henesey sat bolt upright in his chair, signaling the next phase in the program. Danny heard the goggles whir into life as he saw the light from around the edge of the goggles. Mr. Henesey was being treated to a pattern of images, lights and other ocular phenomena that Danny had concocted specifically to implant commands in the subconscious. Mr. Henesey absorbed about ten minutes of this barrage before the audio kicked back in. Danny who was contemplating hard on the scene in front of him, could hear every word from the robotic voice whispering in Mr. Henesey’s ear.

“Your mind is open and relaxed.”

“Open and relaxed” Mr. Henesey mumbled. Something about the zonked out tone of his voice gave Danny some of the hardest wood he’d ever had, and he began to stroke his cock through his jeans.

“There are no memories, no thoughts. Let all of that just float away.”

“Float” Mr. Henesey repeated head wobbling.

“You are so open, so empty, so obedient.”

“Open, empty, obedient.” His slurred words were accompanied with quickened breath.

“You want to obey. You need to obey. You must obey”


“Repeat after me: ‘I am open, empty and obedient.”

“Open, empty and obedient.”


“Open, empty and obedient.”

This continued for another hour, over the course of which Danny had taken his cock out of his jeans and began stroking in earnest. He was keeping himself from shooting his load though, as he wanted to wait till the main event. The whole thing was strangely hot to Danny. He’d never had much of a dominant side, but the idea of turning Mr. Henesey into a mindless slave was one of the sexiest things he’d ever seen. Eventually as though he was hearing a bell, Mr. Henesey cocked his head to the side.

“I am ready.” He said in the same zonked out tone. Smiling to himself, Danny got up removed, everything off of Mr. Henesey, who stared straight ahead not reacting completely passive.

“Stand.” Danny said. Mr. Henesey Stood immediately, staring off into the distance. Danny reached up and brushed the furry chest, tweaking a nipple through his tank top. Mr. Henesey did nothing but Danny was beginning to see a protrusion in the front of his pants. Apparently nipples were an e-zone.

“Strip.” Danny commanded mouth dry. Mr. Henesey pulled off his shirt automatically, and without a hint of struggle, pulled down his sweat pants. Danny almost fainted. He’d fantasized about Mr. Henesey for as long as he’d known him, but now here he was naked and semi-hard and it was everything he could have dreamed of. Danny ran his hands over every part of him he could reach. He took special time grabbing the globes of Mr. Henesey’s nice big muscled ass. His dick was a good 8 or 9 inches with nice big hairy balls. His whole body was covered in soft black hair, and Danny just could not get enough of touching it. “What’s your mantra?”

“Open, Empty, Obediant.” Mr. Henesey said at once. His voice still had that dreamy quality that made Danny hard as steel.

“What’s your first name?” Danny asked, out of genuine curiosity.

“Phil” That was easy enough. Now comes the real work.

“Everything I’m telling you is the absolute truth. You know it deep in your soul and all throughout your mind. Do you understand?” Phil nodded at once. His eyes turned to Danny at once, they were vacant and receptive. “You are a slave. You were always destined to be one. You love to take orders, you long to serve and you want nothing more than to become the mindless plaything of your master.”

Danny watched his face here for signs of resistance or that he wasn’t taking to the programming. But to his delight, Phil seemed incredibly receptive to it. Danny really needed to learn what was in those pills. In the meantime he had a mind to enslave.

“Not just any master. You needed the master who was destined to take control of you. You finally know who that master is. It’s your son’s best friend, Danny. From the instant you saw him, you knew he was your master. He was the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen and you feel adoration, respect, lust and complete subservience to him. You want to take his orders. You want to obey him desperately. The thought about being his mindless sex slave makes you incredibly hard and horny. Just being around him, or thinking about him makes you hard and horny.” Danny saw his words were correct, as Phil’s manhood immediately stiffened. “When your in his presence all you can do is think about sucking his cock, or getting fucked by him. All you can think about is being his willing horny slave, completely controlled by his will. Do you understand?”

Phil nodded mouth slightly open eyes vacant, but with a hunger in them now. His cock was hard and throbbing and their were bright red patches on his cheeks.

“You want so desperately to be his slave. You know that your only purpose in life is to be a tool for his happiness, to serve him and satisfy him. It’s the only thing you live for. But you don’t know how to tell him all this. You’re afraid he’ll reject you, and you will be without a master forever. But the need for him fills your whole being. It’s been climbing and climbing for years and finally tonight you just can’t take it anymore. You need to beg him on bended knee to be your master, to take your cherry, fuck you like the slave you are and become your master. When you hear me snap my fingers, you will come out of this trance. All the changes I’ve made will stay in place but you won’t ever remember being in a trance or that changes were made. However if I ever want you back in this state, I will say the phrase…” Danny paused looking around for something to use as a trigger. His eyes fell upon a card on the table for Phil’s company and it gave Danny an idea. “When I and only I say the phrase ‘mindscaping’ you will re enter this state and be completely receptive to anything I want to change. Do you understand?”

“Yessss” Phil said.

“Okay! Put your pants back on and lie back down in the recliner like you’re still asleep. As far as you’re concerned you’ve been asleep until just now.”

Phil moved to obey, putting only his sweat pants back on and leaving his shirt like Danny knew he would. He layed back down on the chair and assumed a pose of sleep. Danny tucked his hard cock back in his jeans with some difficulty and sat down, turning up the volume on the TV and pretending to be watching. Casually he snapped his fingers. As if on cue, Phil sat straight up, yawning and stretching. He brushed his bare chest confusedly then looked around. Seeing Danny he instantly blushed and crossed his legs.

“Hey Danny,” He said in a voice that he’d never spoke in before. It was deferential, loving almost. His eyes were hungry and needy. “Shouldn’t you be home by now.” He looked at the clock above the TV and exclaimed loudly. “Jeeze it’s pretty late.”

“Yeah sorry, Phil.” Danny said wanting to see what his reaction would be. A pleasurable smile crossed the older man’s face. “Just got caught up watching a movie and couldn’t bear to leave.”

“That’s fine.” He replied almost breathlessly. He swallowed hard and continued. “You…You can stay as long as you like….whenever you like.”

“Hey thanks, Phil.” He continued to watch TV almost ignoring the man next to him, who starred continuously at the side of his face. Phil’s breathing became heavier and heavier. He kicked the foot rest back into the recliner and sat forward. His nipples were hard as was his cock, which he wasn’t even making an effort to hide anymore. The more they sat there the more Phil’s resistance crumbled and fell away. Finally he left the chair, got down on his knees and crawled hurriedly in between Danny’s legs.

“I can’t take it anymore, Dan!” He cried eyes crazed and locked on Danny’s. “I need to serve you. I think about it night and day. I need you to be my master, to let me serve you. I need to be your obedient sex slave. I don’t have any other purpose than to serve you and make you happy. I am nothing more than a tool to serve and satisfy you. PLEASE please be my master!”

“If I become your master,” Danny said as though he was considering. “I need you to be completely enslaved to my will.”

“Yes sir anything you need. I will serve you without a question.”

“You will have no will. You will be nothing more than a puppet to my will.”

“Yes I promise!” He almost screamed.

“Very well, I accept you as my sex slave.” As soon as Danny uttered these words, Phil’s eyes dilated and a peaceful smile crossed his face.

“How can I serve you master?” Danny pulled out his cock at these words, running the head along Phil’s lips.

“Suck my cock.” Danny commanded. Phil didn’t miss a beat. His mouth wrapped around Danny’s cock and he eagerly began bobbing up and down. It was clear that he had been straight. But after a little coaching and some precise instructions, He began sucking cock like a pro. His eyes never left Danny’s. They were filled with an adoration bordering on love. The more Danny moaned or encouraged him, the more aroused Phil seemed to become. He was so eager that Danny almost hated to stop him.

Grabbing Phil by the hair, Danny dragged him up to eye level. He studied his slave’s adoring face for a moment before kissing him roughly. Phil returned his kiss moaning and leaning into Danny. His tongue twined with Danny’s and they both rolled around on the couch. Danny grabbed two full handfuls of Phil’s hairy ass.

“Stand up.” Danny commanded finally. Phil immediately leapt to his feet. Sweat pants tented out. “You have any lube?”

“Yes, Master.” Phil said his face lighting up with excitement.


“In the bedroom, Master.”

“Then lets get going.” Phil led the way back up the stairs and into his large bedroom. It was just as dirty as his sons but this room had a kingsize bed. Danny would make good use of it. Phil reached into a drawer and pulled out a small bottle of lube, smiling.

“Mindscaping.” Danny said. Instantly the smile slid off Phil’s face. His whole expression went slack and his eyes slid out of focus. “Phil, your ass is now so sensitive to my touch that anytime I touch it you feel intense pleasure and if I fuck you, you will be in complete ecstasy. You will feel a pleasure beyond anything you’ve ever known. It will make you even more eager to be my slave. Do you understand?”

“Yesssss” He said. Danny snapped his fingers again and Phil came out of his trance once more. He shook his head as though coming out of a trance.

“Take your pants, Slave” Danny commanded. Phil couldn’t do it fast enough. His rock hard cock sprang up as it cleared his waist band. “As long as you and I are in private you will never wear any clothes.”

“Yes, Master.” Danny took his shirt off and let his pants fall to the ground. Phils eyes devoured him and they filled with watery admiration. Danny stroked his cock, he gestured to it and Phil immediately got to his knees and began sucking it again. Danny was in heaven. Phil was so eager to please and now that he had a little practice in, Danny could tell he would make an excellent cocksucker. But he still wanted more. He grabbed Phil by the hair and pulled him off his cock.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” He asked looking into those subservient eyes.

“Yes master. More than anything.”

“Get on the bed, lie on your back and hold your legs up.” Phil leapt up immediately and followed the instructions to the letter. Danny grabbed the tube of KY off the bedside cabinet and lubed up two fingers. He inserted his finger into Phil’s hole, which caused him to start moaning and whimpering in pleasure, his cock dripping with precum. Danny shoved another finger in and Phil moaned all the louder, trying to fuck himself on Danny’s fingers. The more Danny worked his fingers in the louder Phil moaned and the more horny he got. Finally Danny couldn’t take it anymore, he lubed up his cock, lined it up with Phil’s hole and began slowly pushing it in. Phil literally screamed in ecstasy as the cock filled his tight hole.

“OH GOD! Yes! Oh Yes master! Fuck me! Fuck me! Make me your bitch!” He screamed as Danny went balls deep. “Oh god, master! I love your cock! I need your cock!”

“What is your purpose?!” Danny asked fucking him in eanest now. He loved the feeling of Phil’s tight virgin asshole threatening to squeeze the cum out of his cock.

“I am a slave! I exist only to please you, Master!” Phil screamed, his mouth was open, drooling. He was in so much pleasure his eyes were rolling. “I am a puppet to your will. I have no will of my own. I am an obedient sex slave!”

Danny was fucking his slave as hard as he could, he’d never been so turned on in his life. He felt incredible. This thick muscled stud was his slut and he could do anything he wanted to him. And while Danny fucked Phil, making him repeat his purpose over and over, a thought occurred to him. Why stop at just one stud? If he found out what was in those pills, he could have any stud he really wanted. And as this thought entered his mind he felt the cum well up in his balls. Phil was completely gone. His eyes had rolled up in his head and he was thrusting as much as he could to meet Danny’s thrusts and get fucked even deeper, all the while chanting his slave’s purpose.

“I’m about to cum” Danny panted locked onto his slave’s face. “The moment you feel me cum in your ass, you will shoot the biggest most intense load you’ve ever shot, and you won’t even need to touch your dick.”

“Yes…..master” Phil panted. Danny couldn’t hold it anymore. With a wild thrust, he shoved his dick into Phil’s ass as far as he could and shot his load inside him. The instant Danny started cumming, Philly bellowed like an ox and thrashed in bed, shooting a huge load. Danny pulled out of Phil. Phil exausted and covered in cum, still whimpered in disappointment as he took the cock from his ass. Climbed onto the bed and relaxed into the pillows as Phil gazed at him in worship.

“I think I’m going to start a harem.” Danny said dazed and satisfied. “You want to help with that yes?”

“Of course master. I’ll help you get as many slaves as you want.” Phil looked only too eager. Danny smiled an evil smile, which he had never smiled before.

“Good. Go take a shower than order us some pizza. I’m hungry.”

“Yes, Master.” Phil said jumping up to comply. Danny watched the hairy muscled globed of his ass as he walked into the adjoining bathroom. He pulled out his phone and called his parents to let the know, he’d be spending the weekend at Zack’s house. They didn’t seem to mind. Which was good because Danny planned to have himself a long satisfying weekend. He still needed to make up for lost time.

End of Chapter One.

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