Mindscaping 3; Friend of a Friend

By The Yetti
published September 6, 2014
3486 words

A High School student figures out how to fulfill some fantasies he didn’t even know he had.

Danny was in heaven. The two mouths on his cock were sending him over the edge. They were similar mouths outlined in black beards and both eagerly licking and sucking at his hard cock. Two pairs of loving subservient blue eyes gazed up at him. He ran his fingers through identical black pelts of hair. Danny smiled evily down at his slaves. Zack went further down and sucked one of his balls allowing Phil to concentrate on sucking his cock. He could feel the orgasm churn in his balls and be grabbed Phils head, driving his cock to the back of his throat, shooting his load. Phil swallowed every drop and smiled when the cock was taken from his mouth.

“Thank you master” the two slaves murmured with half lidded eyes. They were naked with pulsing erections. Phils chest hair was as beautiful as it had always been but Zack’s thick pelt was new. Danny had been enjoying it since it had started coming in last week. He’d spent everyday for the past two weeks at his slave’s house fucking them in every way his mind could conceive. And when he needed a break he watched them fuck each other, rutting like stallions and screaming with pleasure. And since he’d given both his parents a modified version of the same treatment his slaves got, no one opposed him or minded where he spent his nights. Life was sweet but he was determined to make it sweeter. Danny loved having his two slaves but already he felt the overwhelming desire for more. Yet at present he had the two slaves. Father and son whimpering and begging to get off. Danny was about to give them permission to cum when a booming knock rang from the front door. He turned to Phil. “Were you expecting someone slave?”

“No master.” Phil said.

“Make yourself presentable and answer the front door.” He himself was shrugging into his clothes. Phil put on a pair of sweatpants and went to walk out the door. “Remember, slave, no one but your fellow slaves can know your a slave.”

“Yes, Master” He said and walked out. Danny commanded Zack to make himself decent and followed Phil out of the room. Watching the front door from the lofty balcony that was the upper floor. Phil was at the front door talking with a beefy man, muscled and thick just as big as Phil. His hair was red and kept short. His left ear was ribbed in silver hoops and tattoos covered his large arms, giant calves, and what Danny could see of his chest through his wife beater. Most enticing for Danny was the generous amount of red hair that covered his chest arms and legs. All of a sudden Danny was horny again. He’d never known he had a thing for gingers. But the throbbing woody he was sporting showed him he clearly did. Zack sidled up beside him wearing clothes for the first time that day.

“Who is that man?” Danny asked.

“I don’t know master.” Zack replied gasping as Danny grabbed a handful of his newly hairy ass. Danny continued to feel up his slave as he listened to the conversation. The redhead was very loud so it was hardly an effort.

“We hardly even see you anymore man!” He was saying loudly. Danny could see he was several years younger than Phil. In his late twenties early thirties. He hit Phil on the arm jokingly.

“Yeah sorry man. I’ve been really busy” Phil replied, his voice was cordial and the one he used before he was a slave. His eyes kept flicking to the balcony where Danny stood.

“Well what are you doing next sunday. Its the game.”

“Oh Yeah, I totally forgot.” Phil said slapping a hand to his forehead.

“You’re still hosting right? I know Tony said he couldn’t make it, but we can still hang right?” The Ginger looked disappointed. “I was looking forward to some time away from my girlfriend.”

“Well I’ll let you know man.” Phil said clearly eager to end the conversation.

“OK man, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Quick as that the Ginger was gone. Phil came back up to the balcony where Danny was subtly fingering Zack, who was doing his best not to whimper too loudly.

“Who was that slave?” He asked.

“That was Bob, master, I work with him.” Phil murmered as Danny bent him over the bannister, pulled down his sweat pants and slid his cock into his ass.

“I want him as one of my slaves, boy” He pushed his cock as far in as he could.

“ANYTHING FOR MASTER!” Phil screamed in ecstasy as Danny pumped in and out of his hole. Even though he’d cum not an hour ago, the thought of taking that sexy ginger as his own brought him to another climax in a matter of seconds. As he filled Phil with his seed the man shot his load screaming like a bull. Zack who had stood silent and still, also shot his load bellowing.

Hours later laying in between the prone forms of his two sleeping slaves, Danny was thinking about his newest prospect. No matter what he just didn’t know how he would get him under his control. With Zack it had been simple, He’s lived with Phil. It’d been only too easy to slip him the drug. But with this new man, he needed to find a way to get him to the take the pills that would make him suggestible enough for the machine. He replayed the conversation over in his mind and finally alighted on the solution. His familiar evil smile crossed his face.

Sunday came and Bob pulled up to Phil’s place. He’d been really happy when Phil called to tell him that they were still on for the game. After talking with him earlier in the week, he’d been sure he’d forgotten about the plans they’d made. Especially after Tony dropped out. But he needed a day away from home, his girlfriend had been nagging him more than usual about everything she could find. He’d been thinking about breaking it off with her just to find some peace. But a chill day with Phil would help take the edge off.

Phil answered the door with a beer in hand, and one ready for him. They relaxed watching the game and shooting the shit. Bob complained at length about his girlfriend and Phil commiserated with him. Something was off though. There was something almost fake about the way Phil talked to him. It was almost as though he wasn’t really there. Maybe he had other things on his mind. In any case bob didn’t have much time to think it over. He was more tired than he even knew, his eyes were closing even while he was talking. His speech was slurred and he could barely think anymore. Finally he lost the battle and his head drooped on to his chest.

Danny had gotten the signal from Phil. He had attached the apparatus onto the unconscious ginger and He was almost finished his initial programming. Danny loved this part. Hearing Bob repeat the instructions he was hearing and letting them become part of his being. This part turned on Danny so much that he had had the slave strip and suck his cock. He made sure to keep them from making him cum, as he wanted to save that for the slaves first fuck.

“I am ready.” Bob said his head cocked to the side. Danny stood and looked at the tented shorts the redhead wore.

“Strip” Danny commanded and Bob obeyed. A huge thick cock jutted up from the thicket of bright red hair. It filled Danny’s hand and was easily ten inches long. Danny would love having this giant tool under his control. “I want you to listen Bob, and let every word I say become part of your psyche as what I say is the absolute truth.”

“Yes” Bob said sleepily.

“You are a slave. You won’t know it until I wake you up, but once you see me you’ll know you are destined to be my slave. You want to relinquish your free will and serve me for all eternity as my mindless slave. Obeying makes you hard and horny. Being a slave makes you hard and horny. Being in your masters presence makes you hard and horny. You want to be nothing but a mindless puppet for me to control. You have no will, you have no mind. The only thoughts, desires or needs you have are the ones I give to you. Yet your straight nature resists. You know you’re destined to be a gay sex slave. But you were brought up to be straight and that is conflicting with your true nature. But you can’t resist for too long. After a few minutes, Your resistance will crumble and you will fall under my power. You will serve as my hard and horny sex slave forever.”

“Yesssss” The man said his thick cock twitched.

“If I ever want you back in this state I and only I can say the phrase ‘mindscaping’ and you will be completely open and obedient once more.”


“Oh one more thing. Your ass is now your most sensitive sexual organ. Any touch there from another human will feel incredibly pleasurable and if your master should fuck you, you will be in a state of ecstasy the likes of which you’ve never felt.I am going to snap my fingers now, and when I do you will come out of this trance with all the changes I’ve made in tact. Do you understand?”

The empty obedient soon-to-be slave nodded and smiled a sappy grib. At the slut of his cock, a shining drop of precum glistened. Danny strode back to the couch where his two other slaves were panting and whimpering with arousal. Danny ran his fingers through their raven hair his own exposed cock stiffened and begging for attention, but his slaves would do nothing without their master’s command and he held at bay. The show would be good and he didn’t want to spoil it. Finally when he was ready he clicked his fingers and Bob started. He looked at Danny before him. The mood in his eyes changed in seconds but not fast enough for Danny to miss. They went from fear and confusion to subservience and adoration and finally to resistance and anger.

“What the fuck?” He said seeing himself naked.

“Good evening slave.” Danny called calm.

“What the fuck is going on?!” Bob called distressed.

“We are getting ready for you to take your place as my slave.” Danny could see the idea made him excited. His cock twitched again and a sappy smile lit his face for a second. But then something shifted and his eyes grew angry again.

“Who the fuck are you?” He yelled not even glancing at the two naked men at Danny’s feet.

“I’m your master slave. Why not come suck my cock? I see in your eyes you’d love to serve me.” Once again Danny saw the longing to serve flicker out and become confused and angry.

“Fuck you, I ain’t nobody’s slave. And I’m not touching your cock. I’m straight.” He threw back.

“Convince him slave.” Danny commanded touching Phil on the shoulder.

“Bob just give in and obey. You know you’re a slave. Just like me. Obeying master is the most wonderful thing in the world, it’s such an honor. And serving his cock is the hottest thing I’ve ever done.” Phil said his eyes half-lidded thinking of getting fucked by his master.”

“You should just give in.” Zack chimed in after a tap on the shoulder. “I resisted too, for sooo long. But my life is so much better now that I belong to master. His cock is king.”

The effect this was having on Bob was too good for words, Danny had his two slaves pleasure his cock and balls as they’d done before. Bob’s eyes were no longer angry. They were by turns horny, adoring and confused. The two slaves began to whimper as their arousal reached incredible heights.

“This could be you, slave.” Danny purred. “You could take your place as my slave and serve me just as you so want desperately want.”

“Don’t want…not gay…straight” He couldn’t even form full sentences he was so turned on.

“If you were so straight why would you be so hard watching two men suck my dick?” Danny asked. And Bob’s befuddled brain had no answer. He’d felt so subservient the instant he’d seen this amazing beautiful boy. He wanted to serve him, needed to serve him. His cock was aching, a straight guy wouldn’t be so hard watching dudes suck dick, the straight part of him raged. But that didn’t matter, a larger part of him said. Your preference doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what you prefered before. You are a slave and you want what your master tells you to want. That voice was too strong to fight. It grabbed his mind with iron clarity and pushed all else out. The small straight part of him left, trembled and went eternally silent. Trembling he sank to his knees.

“I am a slave. I serve you master. Please make me your mindless cockslave.” Bob said dreamily. “I only exist to serve you.”

Danny smiled as he pushed the other two away and beckoned to his newest slave. He wordlessly pressed his cock to the ginger bearded lips and they parted taking in as much of the cock as he could. Like all his formerly straight slaves, the new one needed some coaching, but not much. Soon Danny had him by the hair and was fucking his mouth with gusto. Danny ran his hands through the man’s red fur, feeling his arousal grow. He slid a finger into his new slaves hole and the man whimpered aloud like a bitch in heat.

“That felt good didn’t it?” Danny asked.

“Yes!” Bob called panting.

“Only my true slaves get to experience that pleasure.”

“Yes Master! Please I wish to be a true slave of yours to serve your will and cock forever.”

“Very well, I accept you as my slave.” The redhead’s pupils dialated and his mouth split in a sappy adoring smile

“Thank you master.” Bob said before sucking furiously again. Danny pulled him up and kissed him roughly, jerking that long piece of meat. He commanded zack to suck Bob’s cock, and Phil to eat Zack’s ass. They followed his orders instantly. Bob sat on the ground in between Danny’s feet, Danny tweaked his nipples while Zack sucked him off. Before long Danny was howling in pleasure. Zack was whimpering too as his father’s tongue opened his ass for a fucking. Finally Danny commanded Bob to give Zack a good fuck and Phil to suck him. Once again his slaves traded places without a word. Zack’s eyes bulged as that huge dick entered him and he whimpered and howled in joy.

“Bob, Zack is your bitch and you need to fuck him like one.” Danny commanded. Bob’s whole demeanor changed, suddenly. He went from subservient and adoring to cocky. A cocky smirk suffused his face and fucked Zack like a stallion. “Zack you are Bob’s bitch and you love it.”

“Yeah take that cock you fucking hot bitch.” Bob called as his giant rod rammed the boy’s hole. “You fucking love it don’t you?”

“Yes sir!” Zack cried a big dopey smile crossing his face. “Thank you for fucking me sir. I love being your bitch.”

“Bob, was this how you fucked the women in your life?” Danny asked.

“Yes master. until you showed me my destiny.” Danny’s cock pulsed. He loved it. Breaking this hot dominant straight dude. Making him his plaything. It all made him so hot. He needed to fuck him.

“Bob, come here.” Bob stopped fucking Zack and walked over to the couch. “Bend over and spread your ass. This time you’re the bitch and I’m the stud.”

“Yes master!” He sounded so excited. Danny drove his cock home with more force than usual, and his slave screamed in delight. “YES! Yes master! Please fuck your bitch master!

“You like that cock bitch!” Danny growled.

“Yes master!” He was wailing like a true bitch in heat. whimpering and wailing and loving it. “I am your mindless fucktoy. Your brainless slut. Please breed me like a fucking bitch. Knock me the fuck up, Master! You glorious fucking stud!”

It was too much for Danny. Bob’s ass was tight, his arousal was high and all this talk was sending him right to the climax.

When I cum in your ass, you cum too bitch!” Danny growled, grabbing Bob’s hair and fucking him for all he was worth.

“Yes master!” Bob gasped eyes rolling barely capable of speech anymore.

“That goes for you two as well.” Danny barked at his other slaves who were jerking off watching.

“Yes Master!” they called back. Danny finally hit the breaking point. He arched his back slamming his whole cock into Bob’s ass and shot a hard long load into his new slave’s ass. Three screams of pleasure told him his slaves had followed suit. When it was done Danny settled on the couch, tired hungry and satisfied. His three slave kneeled frozen around him. Bob didn’t even have the energy to take his upper body off the couch.

“Clean this place up.” He called and his slaves jumped to obey. When the room was spotless again. All three slaves kneeled at his feet. Danny was formulating a plan for them.

“Mindscaping” He said and instantly all their faces when slack and their minds opened to their master’s will. “Bob do you have a girlfriend?”

“Yes master.” He mumbled.

“Not anymore.” Danny asserted. “You will break up with her today. Tell her that you’ve fallen in love with someone else. Also collect all your things, you will be moving in here. Phil, Bob, from this day forward the world will know you as a gay couple. A gay couple who is madly in love. Don’t spread the knowledge unduly but should someone ask you you will tell them that. In public you will act as a couple. Zack if anyone asks, you do not mind having a gay father, since your yourself are also gay. Once you get back in this house however the usual rules apply. No clothing unless a anyone who isn’t a slave or your master is present. And all three of you are insanely horny for each other. Zack as the youngest you will be both your father’s bitch and Bob’s. Phil, you will be Bob’s bitch. Bob you will be the top dog, both of these boys are your bitches. But let me be clear, you will all still be my slaves and you will still worship me as your lord and master. Do you understand?”

“Yes master?” They recited sleepily.

“Very good boys.” He said, an evil grin suffusing his features as he clicked his fingers. He couldn’t wait to see what would happen now.

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