The Alignment - Part 4

By rubbrsome
published December 27, 2013
4990 words

Shawn breaks out of his tube and begins to fight for his life.

It still took several more cycles before Shawn broke free. A cycle was defined by two events: a fuck-battle and an Alignment. Each cycle roughly lasted two hours; a battle and Alignment each taking one hour to complete. And the cycles repeated themselves continuously as the human men never seemed to tire. As did Shawn. He never seemed to cease trying to get out of his tube.

As he tube cracked, it only encouraged him more. As he continued to struggle, he could only watch the fuck-battles and the Alignment. He also began to catalogue the humans he would have to dominate … to conquer. Almost every human seemed the peak of physical perfection. If Shawn had to guess, every man seemed to be roughly twenty-two to twenty-five years old.

But age was kind of hard to tell. He first noticed the difficulty of age by observing Fatty. Fatty was a man, still trapped inside a tube, approximately fifteen feet to Shawn’s left. When Shawn first noticed Fatty, he quickly dismissed this man as a contender because he appeared to be pushing fifty years old, and completely out-of-shape. But then, most hilarious of all, Fatty had the smallest cock Shawn had ever seen. He actually snickered inside his tube. Maybe Fatty’s cock was being squeezed by the tube. But Shawn could clearly see it because there was no pubic hair. Fatty’s cock was like looking at one of those tiny little hotdogs served at cocktail parties. But besides the fat, besides the age and besides the micro-cock, the thing that struck Shawn the most was Fatty’s attitude. Inside his tube, Fatty looked utterly lifeless. His eyelids hung sleepily. He barely managed a wriggle. This man was no threat.

But then, after several cycles had completed, Shawn looked back to Fatty’s tube. Had something happened? Where did Fatty go?

Shawn looked around the general population, trying to find the fat fifty year old man. But he wasn’t anywhere. He looked back to the tube. Inside, a man was raging against the inside of the tube. The man wasn’t exactly fifty; Shawn guessed his age somewhere around thirty-five. And he wasn’t exactly fat, but he wasn’t an athlete either. But the man had some balls. His cock and balls were enormous. And the man didn’t seem all too pleased that they were being tightly squeezed inside the chemical stasis block. The man’s eyes raged with fury, and his body reacted be violently thrashing inside his prison.

This man was a threat. And Shawn was determined to conquer him.

As another cycle passed, Shawn continued to gauge the competition. First on his list was the Champion. There were several other contenders. He would deal with each of them. Then he turned back to Fatty’s tube and was stunned. Inside, the man appeared even younger. More than that, his body was perfect. His abs were well-defined; each muscle stood out like a washboard. His cock and balls were something any man would covet. Shawn could see cum stains smeared along the inside of the wall. As the trapped man roared, he punched the inside of his tube which immediately began to crack.

The cycles continued. The humming and drumbeats commenced a battle. Because Shawn wasn’t free to attack one of the other men, he was forced to attack his tube. He wasn’t aware that the audio programming was forcing him to react. As the sounds penetrated his thoughts, all he wanted to do was to attack … to conquer. And if he couldn’t conquer man, he made damn sure he’d conquer this tube.

There was almost no more chemical block left. Shawn was almost to the exterior tube’s wall. He could now actually move freely inside the tube. And he repeatedly punched. He opened his mouth, let out a lion-like roar and thrust his fist forward. He was actually surprised, and immensely pleased, as his fist burst through the tube. As soon as he brought his fist back in, he thrust his entire body at the opening. It only took three lunges before his entire body burst through the tube and out onto the floor.

For a second, Shawn lay on the floor. He turned around, a caught a brief glimpse as he shattered tube descended back into the floor. As he stood up, the pedestal, where his tube had stood, opened up again and a new tube rose out of the floor. In this new tube, Shawn saw a naked African American suspended perfectly inside.


The humming and drumbeat assaulted Shawn’s thoughts as he stared at the new tube. Shawn clenched his fists as he whirled around. Near him, two naked men, rolled on the floor. Each of them desperately tried to overpower the other. Shawn wanted nothing more than to engage something and attack. He reacted on pure instinct by throwing himself at the two men.

It wasn’t easy. He was actually surprised. Their bodies were rock hard. Plus they had the advantage of having already done this for several cycles. Shawn had just broken out; he was a rookie. But his father’s words came back to him. “Never let them get behind you,” his father would say. “Never let them best you, son.”

This almost happened several times. One of the men almost got on top of him. But Shawn was able to throw the man over his shoulder, pin him belly-first on the ground, spread his ass apart. At this point, several things caught Shawn off guard. First, he hadn’t even known his cock was hard. The second thing, he had never before fucked a man. Hell, he never really considered the idea of putting his cock into another man’s asshole. So it was surprising when he didn’t even hesitate, and suddenly thrust his cock forward and speared himself into the man’s ass.

It thrilled Shawn. He felt the glorious tightness of the man’s ass around his cock. He gripped his prey at by the hips, pulling the man’s body backwards against his groin. He felt the man weaken and go limp, and almost seem to collapse. Shawn allowed the man and his own body to lower to the ground, all the while, he keep thrusting his cock back and forth. As he fucked furiously, he pressed his entire body against the man’s back. He nuzzled his face into the back of the man’s neck, and began to fondly nibble at his prey’s ears. The man groaned in pleasure.

This excited Shawn. He liked the sound his prey groaning. He wanted to hear it again. He gave a hard thrust, pushing his cock in deeper. The man groaned again. Shawn repeated, each time wanting the man to groan just a little louder than he had before. In the back of his mind, Shawn seemed vaguely aware that each thrust of his cock seemed to match the beating of the drums. He could still hear the drums. And the tempo seemed to be going faster and harder. Shawn responded to the beating of the drums. As he fucked, Shawn’s balls swelled as his cock rubbed into the man’s asshole. Shawn had no restraint as his pleasure grew. And before he knew it, his cock was shooting ribbons of hot cum into his slave.

Slave? He liked that. Afterall, he had conquered this man. Shawn’s cock actually shot more cum as he realized his triumph over this man. He continued to fuck his slave until his cock felt rare and hypersensitive.

And then the drums slowed and began to fade away. Shawn lay with his slave. He had no idea who this guy was but he felt intensely territorial over the man. He wrapped both of his massive arms around the man’s chest and pulled him in close. His softening cock was still inside the man, but he didn’t feel any urge to remove it. He rubbed his groin up and down and the man groaned in soft pleasures.

Shawn felt the man’s body tremble. Again, he felt a thrill of delight. He had conquered this man. He had a slave. He wanted more. As the two men lay together, Shawn looked around for any new battles to be raged. But by now, every man had settled down and were in the cool-down phase. Shawn surveyed the sea of men cuddling along the floor, and his eyes settled on one man: The Champion. He lay just several pairs of men away from him; the man had a slave of his own.

Shawn finally got a good look at the Champion. Inside his tube, the man’s image had been obscured. But it nagged at Shawn that the man seemed familiar. Like he should know him. But now that he was outside the tube, the feeling came on even stronger. The man definitely seemed familiar. He almost seemed to share Shawn’s body and facial features. Almost as if they could be brothers.

He didn’t like this. Shawn wanted to be better than this man. Shawn growled, and his cock hardened again slightly. Without knowing, he began to slowly fuck his slave again. His prey reacted by trembling. Shawn, with both arms wrapped around his prey in a bear-hug, he squeezed the man. Then, still unaware that he was doing it, one of his hands silently slipped down to his prey’s cock and began to jack him off. It didn’t’ take long. With the combined fucking and jacking, the man’s cock exploded with hot sticky cum.

Shawn felt the wetness on his hands. And without a moment to lose, he pulled his cock out of the man’s asshole, flipped him over, and latched his mouth onto the man’s cock. He wanted his prize. He wanted that cum. As soon as the warm liquid touched his lips, his mouth didn’t want to let go. Underneath him, the man writhed in agony as his hypersensitive cock was forced to give up more cum. He tried to force Shawn off, but he was over-powered and he was made to submit. Shawn sucked and siphoned every last drop of cum out of him. And when there was no more cum to suck from the cock, Shawn latched onto the balls, licked and probed until no cum stain remained.

Several moments seemed to pass, but then something began to happen. Shawn could feel an energy in the air. There was a sudden coldness, and then the brilliantly white room began to darken. As he lay on the floor, a dark cloud formed just above his head and began to expand. Shawn knew what it was. He knew who it was, and he moved quickly. As he scrambled aside, he pulled his slave with him. “Get up!” he whispered in his ear. “They’re coming!”

The two men stood up. Shawn looked around. All around the massive room, no fewer than fifty dark clouds had appeared. But now since Shawn was out of the tube, he was able to see how big the room was and how many men were in here. There must’ve been several thousand naked men. And with only fifty dark clouds forming, the odds of being the chosen man seemed pretty slim.

But Shawn felt determined to have his shot. He stared as one of the clouds began to take shape. It coalesced and focused until it formed a dark figure. The Aligned appeared, it looked around and surveyed the surrounding men. Its gaze passed over Shawn, dismissing him. A sudden rage gripped Shawn, and before he meant to react, he was already charging down the Aligned. He brought his arm back and intended to punch the fucker with everything he got.

But just as he was going to swing his arm back forward with hope of taken that fucker’s head off, Shawn was suddenly aware that he was hurling backwards through the air. He had the surreal vision of watching himself come down on top of four naked bystanders and taking them out as if they were bowling pins. Neither he nor the innocent bystanders seemed hurt; their bodies felt like it could take a harsher punishment. But by the time the five of them had untangled themselves, Shawn looked up and saw that his Aligned attacker had already engaged a human man in a wrestling match.

Again, the voice of Shawn’s father echoed in his thoughts: “Never let them get behind you. Never let them best you, son.”

The man obviously wasn’t trained by Shawn’s father. He didn’t last long. Shawn watched as the Aligned got behind him and bested him. The Aligned forced his cock into the man’s ass. As he did so, Shawn grabbed his own cock and began to jack himself off. He actually imagined what it would feel like to have an Aligned inside him. He tried to imagine what the man was feeling. He looked at the man’s face. The man’s face was pressed into the floor, his mouth open in a massive O, and rivulets of drool slowly trickled out of his mouth. Then Shawn watched as the man’s eyes began to whiten, and the pupils disappeared.

He was merging. He was aligning.

Shawn pumped his cock harder as he watched the human align himself into the shadowed figure. The two bodies merged into one. And as the alignment completed, the man’s cock exploded into a shower of cum, forming a massive black puddle on the floor. Then the Aligned human stood up. As he rose, body hair appeared and his disguised emerged. To Shawn, he transformed into any ordinary human that one found on the street.

Shawn was amazed. He stared at the Aligned with complete fascination. Something inside him pulled and tugged. He didn’t understand it. He felt both afraid and completely in awe of this man. He was perfect. It was like being both in love and absolutely terrified at the same time. He wanted to touch the Aligned but completely too chicken shit to do it.

Shawn almost cowered away as the group of Aligned humans passed by him. When they were gone, he finally remembered that they had left the puddles of cum. When he had been inside the tube, he hadn’t wanted nothing more than to get at this cum. There was a sudden hunger. The need to feed. And he was determined to be one of the first.

The men launched themselves at the puddles nearest them. With thousands of men, it was a stampede to get at the little portions of black cum. But Shawn made it. He had been close. With no inhibitions, he brought his face down like a dog and forced his mouth into the tar-like pool. As when he had sucked his fuck buddy’s cum, as soon as he tasted the Aligned’s cum, something clicked inside Shawn’s mind. The most primal of instincts overrode Shawn’s mind. He lost all reason and rationality. He had no idea that he had suddenly threw himself for this cum puddle. Nor did he have any idea that he was lathering his hands in cum, as if it was lotion, and jacking his cock off with it. Within seconds, his cock and balls was blackened by the liquid and already absorbing it. Shawn’s balls felt hot and he could feel himself swell. As Shawn continued to lap up the puddle, he didn’t know that his eyes had whitened. Nor was he aware that the faintest of dark clouds had begun to emanate around his body.


It was the drums. The humming. They were coming. Shawn’s eyes opened; they had returned to normal. Shawn brought his hands to his ears, trying to muffle out the sound. It was no use. The deep booming seemed to reverberate into his brain.




His eyes contracted until the pupils were pinpoints. A massive rage began to overtake him, and he found himself losing control. He spun around on his heels, searching. If he was going to dominate somebody, he knew exactly who it was going to be. Within seconds, he had found The Champion.

As before, Shawn was again bothered by the Champion’s appearance. He seemed so familiar but Shawn still hadn’t placed who this man was or where he had seen him before. By now, Shawn knew that the tubes seemed to regenerate the men. But it did more than regenerate; it also perfected the male body. Making them younger and better. So maybe Shawn did know this guy. But he just didn’t know him before he had been changed by the tubes.

But Shawn didn’t care. Whoever the fuck this guy was, Shawn was going to take him. Conquer him. As before, Shawn’s reacted on pure instinct. He found himself charging straight at the Champion. As he entered the battle, he pushed away the other three contenders that also tried to wrestle with him.

Just as Shawn was going to tackle the Champion, the man seemed to sense his approach, and turned around at the last second. The two men locked onto each other. They reached out, locking their hands around the other’s neck, and buried their faces into the other’s shoulder. The three men, who had been pushed aside, circled around the main battle. They growled and slapped their hands on the ground like animals.

But Shawn and the Champion ignored the other men. The two of them stood motionless for a moment. Shawn felt the man’s hard breathing pounding against his ear. He waited. As the two men stood, their bodies interlocked, Shawn’s mind raced to understand who this man was. He looked familiar, but he was something else entirely. He was suddenly very aware that something was wrong. The man didn’t feel normal. His skin was like rubber. There was a thickness to it that was just strange. He had felt something like this before. And his mind went back to the locker room. To when he had been with the Aligned.

As he tried to understand what was happening, the two men stayed interlocked. Shawn tried to understand, but at the same time, he was waiting. Any second this rubbered man would make his move, and Shawn would have to counter it perfectly. He felt the man’s strong fingers gripping him tightly on the back of his next. And he wondered where his other hand was going to strike. Shawn felt sure it was going to make a grab for his knee.

The Champion struck, but he didn’t go for the knee. Instead, his hand flashed straight down and seized Shawn by the balls. Shawn felt his testicles squeezed in a vice-like grip and instantly screamed in pain. Again, the man’s hand wasn’t normal. It felt of rubber. Shawn had to get away somehow. He reacted quickly by head-butting his opponent, who stumbled backwards disoriented. Shawn seized this opportunity by launching his entire body at the man, and tackling him to the ground.

Nearby, the other three men growled and continued to slap the ground in frustration. One of these men seemed inspired by Shawn’s move and tackled one of the other men. The man that was tackled, taken completely off-guard, soon found his face pressed against the hard floor. Then he cried out as he felt his ass speared when his opponent thrust his cock into him.

Shawn and the Champion were completely unaware of this. Instead, the two of them rolled on the ground. Each of them continued to try to reach their arms around the other, attempting to gain some kind of hold over the other’s body. As they rolled, Shawn realized that his head was between the Champion’s legs. The man must’ve known it because he instantly squeezed his thighs together, clamping down on Shawn’s head in the process. Shawn’s body seized as he felt the brutal pressure begin to squeeze his skull. The man’s thighs felt like two tree trunks suddenly colliding with his head. Because Shawn’s head was between the man’s legs, his arms were underneath the body and he couldn’t seem to reach around and pry the man’s legs apart. As the Champion squeezed, Shawn soon found his vision starting to blur and darken.

Again, Shawn acted on instinct. With no other choice, he was able to take a quick nip at the man’s balls which were pressed right against his mouth. It was like biting into a thick, rubber gum. But the Champion still yelped, and his legs instantly separated. But just as Shawn was trying to regain his breath, and prepare another attack, the Champion pounced on Shawn’s back. The man’s body felt like solid rock. The combination of weight and propulsion forced Shawn’s body to crash into the floor, further knocking the wind out of him. Inside his head, red warning sirens began to blare as Shawn knew what was about to happen.

The Champion didn’t disappoint. He positioned his body directly on top of Shawn’s back, and wrapped his two muscled arms around Shawn’s head. Shawn felt his body collapse further as the man’s bulk crashed down on him. And before he could respond, he felt a sudden pressure pushing against his asshole. The red warning sirens, inside his head, cranked up eight notches as felt his asshole slowly begin to spread open.

It all happened in a split second. First, Shawn felt completely dumbfounded. He never considered the possibility of being defeated. Sure, he had known the Champion was undefeated, but he was so fucking confident that he was the one to beat him. To conquer him.

Second, Shawn also thought that he had never taken anything in the ass. He had no idea of what it felt like when something penetrate him. As his asshole continued to widen, and something began to probe its way in, Shawn felt a sudden thrill. The sensation was actually incredible. Pleasure beyond his imagination.

And third, Shawn’s brain begin to respond to his new programming. He had been defeated. Both mind and body began to shut down and submit to his Master. His muscles instantly relaxed. He offered no resistance as he felt his Master’s cock slide further into his ass and stretch him out. Shawn’s mouth opened wide and he let out a massive groan. Then he felt the cock slide backwards, and he was momentary afraid and empty. But then the cock came back fast, thrusting harder and stretching him more. Again, Shawn groaned with both the pleasure and pain.

As the Champion began to fuck, he wrapped his arms around Shawn’s body and embraced him in a crushing bear-hug. His fingers found one of Shawn’s nipples and he pinched. Shawn squirmed and gasped. With his other massive hand, the man clamped his rubber-like fingers over Shawn’s open mouth, forcing the jaw to shut and he began to control Shawn’s breathing. Shawn breathing, though slightly stifled, came in quick short gasps. And with his fingers feeling for each inhale and exhale, the Champion timed his thrusting cock with each breath.

The man fucked hard. He paced himself perfectly, knowing exactly how to prolong the experience. His massive balls began to swell. They hung low and swung back and forth like a pendulum, striking Shawn’s balls in the process. Shawn lay collapsed, completely immobilized and focused on the penetration of his ass.

Finally, the Champion could hold out no longer. He felt himself edging over. The Champion pressed the side of his head against his prey’s head. Shawn could feel the man’s hot breathing in his ear. The man whispered: “Prepare yourself. I’m losing it.”

Shawn knew what he meant. He had felt himself when he had fucked that other man. Shawn imagined the Champion’s over-enlarged balls swelling to the size of a grapefruit. Knew that the man’s balls just cried out for release. He could actually feel the man’s massive testicles slapping against his own balls as he fucked him.

Shawn knew just when it was about to happen. The Champion tweaked one of Shawn’s nipples hard, and his other hand latched tightly over Shawn’s mouth. The man gave a hard exhale directly into Shawn’s ear just as his cock sprayed out and filled Shawn’s ass with black cum. Shawn’s eyes widened, and his pupils contracted as the black cum saturated the inside of his ass and began to absorb into his body. He felt his ass muscles suddenly seize, clamping down on the Champion’s cock, and locking it into place. Then his ass muscles actually began to vibrate, actually seeming to jack off the Champion’s cock inside his ass, and trying to siphon more of the black cum out.

Shawn was drowning in pure pleasure. His body was like an electric wire … pure energy. He could feel the man’s cum reaching his bloodstream, and rushing throughout his body. Shawn had no idea how he was doing it, but he somehow kept convulsing his ass muscles, and jacking off this man’s cock inside his ass. He wanted this man’s cum inside him.

As the last of the Champion’s cum emptied into his ass, Shawn felt a massive rush of heat flood throughout his body. Every muscle seized and felt like it was further energized as the black cum saturated his cells. For a split-second, Shawn’s skin almost rippled and darkened … as if he was rubberizing into the Aligned. During that second, the black cum penetrated his brain cells. And as the cum began to bond with his human brain cells, Shawn’s thoughts aligned for a moment. As before in the locker room, he understood perfectly what was expected of him. He understood his purpose. And he accepted it.

Shawn’s body lay on the floor. His body was frozen as it processed the black cum. Meanwhile, the Champion wrapped his massive arms around Shawn’s body, studying his bottom’s reactions to his cum. And waited. Underneath his fingertips, he detected the subtle changes in Shawn’s skin. He felt the soft flesh hardening into rubber. He could see the black fluid traveling throughout the network of veins and arteries. And watched as Shawn’s naked body (at first) paled and then began to darken into black.

Shawn was in a frozen, aligned state for perhaps a minute. But then his immune system suddenly kicked in. It fought back. Shawn’s mind, already have been subjugated to various programming strategies, was already willing to submit. But his body was not. His bodily cells rebelled against the parasitic invasion. It attacked the black cum and immediately began to reverse the aligning.

Underneath the Champions grasp, Shawn’s muscles began to relax. The Champion watched as the blackness of Shawn’s skin change from black and then back to pinky flesh. The Champion breathed out a sigh of relief.

Shawn was completely unaware of what just happened to him. For him, all he remembered was having the most incredible fuck. He had no clue that his body had just narrowly fought off an invasion. All he thought of was the most awesome cock that felt like it was actually thrumming inside his ass like some kind of tuning fork. And the man behind the cock. The man that had bested him at wrestling. The man that had conquered him.

Who was this guy? Who was this man, with his rubber-like body, perfect physique and also completely undefeated. Who was this guy that somehow looked like he could be Shawn’s brother?

Shawn’s body and mind were fully relaxed and into the pleasure. He laying peacefully on the floor, as the man slowly gave his final thrusts of the cock, completely emptying his balls into Shawn’s ass. He must’ve shot a liter of black cum but none of it leaked out. All of it had been absorbed into Shawn’s body.

The Champion rested his body directly on top of Shawn’s back, and he wrapped his arms protectively around his prey. Shawn felt thrilled: somehow owned and protected.

Then he felt the man’s breath in his ear again. Again, he brought his mouth in and whispered: “I always told you: ‘Never let them get behind you. Never let them beat you.”

Shawn’s eyes widened in horror. He suddenly realized who this man was. “Dad?”

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