The Alignment - Part 3

By rubbrsome
published December 19, 2013
4244 words

Shawn is taken by the Aligned and begins his programming.

The darkness inside the transport container was almost complete. But very slowly, Shawn’s eyes began to adjust to the almost total blackness. Unknown to Shawn, his ability to see into the darkness didn’t come from his eyes slow acclimation to lack of light. It was, in fact, coming from chemical and physical transformations happening inside his body. The stasis block, in which Shawn was encased inside of, was actually a nutrient rich and chemically enhanced material meant to be absorbed by a human’s body.

During his first hour encased within the tube, Shawn’s body absorbed the chemicals through his skin. Oxygen, along with other chemicals, quickly found their way into his bloodstream. Shawn had no choice; he would absorb these chemicals whether he like it or not. Very quickly, a small gap formed between his skin and the chemical block. It wasn’t much: perhaps no more than a millimeter. But it was just enough for him to begin the slightest movement. As he moved, he created friction which caused more of the block to break down and be absorbed. After another hour, the gap between skin and block had grown to four millimeters.

As Shawn tried to move inside his tube, he was acutely aware that he was being transported. He felt the vibrations of the transport vehicle. But he had no idea where he and the other guys were being taken. With his eyes frozen open, he clearly saw the others guys that were stacked within his field of vision. Like him, each of them where naked inside a transparent tube, and seemed to be doing a very small amount of movement within their encasement.

After what seemed like an eternity, the vibrations stopped. The door to the transport was opened, and one by one, each of the tubes were removed. Shawn could see very little. Because the tubes were cylindrical, whoever was moving the tubes didn’t seem to care about their orientation; and Shawn found himself staring downward at the floor. Shawn could do nothing but look at the large stainless steel panels of floor passing underneath him. There was only the occasional glimpses of two feet, which appeared to have been encased inside black rubber socks, that would step within his field of vision. Other than that, he could only wait for something to happen next.

He was hoping to get a look at his captors. It didn’t happen. Looking down at the floor, he saw that his tube approached a circular panel. The panel was the exact diameter of his tube. And before he knew it was going to happen, he found himself tilting until his tube now stood upright directly atop the panel.

His tube stood there for a few moments before it began to move again. This time, however, his tube ascended straight upward into the ceiling. Shawn passed through a floor, moving upward and found himself entering an enormous room.

The first thing that Shawn noticed was the sounds. As he entered a massive chamber, that seemed entirely white and sterile, his ears were immediately bombarded with a thrumming tone. But it was more than that. Besides the continual, inescapable hum, there was also a drumming that seemed to reverberate Shawn’s tube. The drums seemed a slow steady beat, that almost matched Shawn’s own heartbeat. As Shawn was forced to endure the strange mixture of sounds, he was completely unaware that his eyes had contracted until the pupils were the tiniest of needlepoints. And he had no clue that his brain began to react in unknown ways to the dual sound of humming and drumbeats.

As Shawn’s unconscious mind began to absorb the audio programming, his conscious mind began to absorb the visual stimuli. Shawn tried to comprehend what he was now seeing inside the massive room. The tubes continued to ascend until they fully entered the room. Shawn could see that he hadn’t ascended alone. Just within his view alone, he saw that perhaps fifty tubes had also ascended throughout various points of the room. Each of the tubes appeared to be just slightly elevated off the floor, standing atop chrome-like pedestals.

But it wasn’t the tubes or the pedestals that were capturing Shawn’s visual attention. It was the activity happening within the room. All around him, there appeared to be hundreds of naked men moving freely about the all-white, spacious enclosure. And from what Shawn could see, every single one of the men were completely naked. Like him, every man appeared completely hairless; having no hair either on their heads, groin or anyway on their bodies. And the majority of these naked men where fucking each other in some kind of massive, group orgy.

The sight of the naked men awakened something within Shawn. He felt a hunger. Deep inside his navel, he released a guttural growl that he hadn’t ever managed before. It was the lowest of primal urges. As he stood, perfectly frozen, he continued to growl as his body and mind seem to waken and come alive. And without even knowing he was doing it, he began to wriggle more inside his chemical block. As hours passed, he absorbed more and more of the material. Little by little, he finally was able to flex his fingers, rotate his hand, pivot his ankles and knees and tilt his head. Despite the hours, he never seemed to tire. He didn’t know that the chemical encasing was providing nutrients and stimulants, and also the above-average dose of chemicals to physically alter him.

As Shawn continued to wriggle inside the tube, he watched. He began to understand the dynamics of the room’s population. It wasn’t really an orgy he was watching. It was something a little different actually. It was a war.

The room was comprised of naked men. And it seemed that each and every man was hell-bent on dominating what appeared to be the most dominant man. The men would wrestle each other. One by one, bodies would lock limbs together and struggle for dominance over the other. And the two bodies would collide until eventually one man won by inserting his cock into the weaker man’s asshole. What Shawn was seeing was actually hundreds of micro-fuck-battles, all leading up into some kind of massive-fuck-war.

What Shawn also understood was that the fuck-battles seemed to occur in tandem with the humming and drumbeats. The sounds couldn’t be escaped. If Shawn could move his arms, he would have tried to cover his ears. But one moment, there would be complete silence. And then, the humming would begin, which was soon followed by the drums. Shawn watched as all the naked men inside the room reacted. All of them would be walking about on two legs. As soon as the sounds bombarded their brains, each and every man would bend their knees and sorta cower down slightly. Many of them lowered their fisted hands to the ground, using their knuckles to carry additional body weight.

Within seconds, every man’s cock was hardening. They couldn’t resist. The audio programming entered their brains and compelled them to react. Within seconds, another fuck-battle was commencing. Men charged each other, attempting to assert their dominance over the other. Shawn wasn’t immune either. He, and all the other men still trapped inside the tubes, also reacted by growling and wriggling harder and trying to escape.

Shawn seemed fully aware the sounds power over his mind. But he didn’t care. All he wanted to do was to get out and dominate. No, he thought to himself. There was a better word. He wanted to do more than dominate. He wanted to conquer.

As he squirmed against the chemical block, his eyes narrowed on the various battles he had witnessed. Over the last six hours, he seemed to notice one man in particular that seemed undefeated. In Shawn’s mind, he called this man the Champion. Like the others, the man was hairless and appeared the perfect male specimen. His body was honed to physical perfection. The Champion abs looked like a washboard, with a twelve-pack. His cock was as thick as a beer can, and his balls hung low as if weighted by two swollen baseballs.

All the other men seemed to also be physically perfected. Every man appeared young and athletic. But somehow, none of them seemed to dominate the Champion. As the drums beat, the men would challenge him and charge. But the Champion overpowered the men every time. One by one, he would force them to the ground, often pinning their limbs before forcing their ass-checks apart and ramming his massive cock into their asshole. And one by one, each of the men submitted themselves to the Champion.

Shawn growled. His fingertips began to scrape the inside of the tube. His own cock hardened. He wanted to dominate … no … he would conquer the Champion. He would ram his own cock into that man’s ass and conquer him. That man would be his. As he watched, the studied the Champion’s moves and tactics. Long dormant memories resurfaced. Wrestling lessons from high school. And more importantly, lessons taught by his father.

“Never let them get behind you,” his father would say. “Never let them best you, son.”

In a low, animal-like voice, Shawn repeated his father’s words: “Never let them get behind you.”

He watched as the Champion bested another opponent, and claimed his reward by fucking the man hard. Shawn’s cock was rock hard now. As the Champion fucked his prey, Shawn mirrored the fucking by sliding his own cock up and down the tube’s interior wall. The cock was sandwiched between his body and the tight space but the movement felt incredible. The sensation lit his nerve endings on fire and he exploded with a renewal of sexual energy. Shawn began to thrust his hips up and down. His cock, tightly squeezed between two surfaces, slid up and down. The movement created friction, melting the chemicals more and began to saturate directly into his cock and balls.

With each movement, Shawn’s need to break free and join the fuck-war only grew. More than that, he had his sights set on the Champion. He could see that the other guys, who were still trapped within the tubes, must’ve felt the same thing. Inside the other tubes, he could see these guys wriggling and struggling within their chemical block. But Shawn saw that he was ahead of the others. Maybe it was because he was more physically fit than them. After all, he rode his bike every day. Where he was moving his hands, turning his head and fucking the inside of the tube, the other guys still seemed to be barely wriggling inside their tubes.

As Shawn fought to free himself, he continued to watch. The fuck-battles seemed to stop only when the humming and drumbeats stopped. When the noise finally quieted down, all the men seemed to go into a dormant stage. By this time, most men were paired into two from the fucking. They would lay down, and cuddle their bodies together. Usually, the dominant victor would still have his cock in the submissive and would slowly continue to hump the weaker man. Others would shuffle about aimlessly. Some men would actually approach the stasis tubes and mock the prisoners trapped inside. One such man approached Shawn’s tube. The man hugged the tube, pressing his own cock against the outer wall and began to hump it. It was only then that Shawn realized that the man was mocking him. Shawn was, afterall, still humping the tube from the inside, while this man was humping it from the outside. This didn’t amuse Shawn. When he got out, Shawn made a mental note to find this man first and … conquer him.

But something else significant happened when the drums weren’t beating. As the men rested, clouds of dark energy began to appear throughout the room. The white room almost seemed to dim, as if the whiteness of the walls seemed to lose energy as the darkness grew. The dark clouds of energy would coalesce and focus. Eventually, Shawn realize that the clouds of energy was actually focusing inward until it formed the shape of a man.

But there were many of them. Throughout the room, and just within his field of view, Shawn could see ten shadowy figures appear out of thin air. Shawn’s brain remembered them: the Aligned. The men that had trapped him in the locker room. The same men that had brought him here.

Again, Shawn growled. His hunger returned. And his thoughts raged with a need to dominate. To conquer.

Shawn watched as the several Aligned men turned their heads around and surveyed the crop of naked humans. Shawn focused on the Aligned that was nearest his tube. The Aligned took a step forward, and as he moved, a cloud of dark energy trailed behind him. Whether he moved his legs, arms or any part of his body, the movement left a streak of energy like a wake behind a boat. It was as if the man was leaving a shadowy echo of himself as he moved. The Aligned man examined each of the men around him until his gaze fell and focused on one man in particular.

Shawn expected that the naked men would retreat. But the opposite happened, in fact. The men, intent of proving their dominance, attacked the Aligned. As they approached, the dark figure overpowered them as if they were mere bugs to be squashed. The dark cloud pushed outward like an energy field, hurling the naked men in all directions. Every man was thrown away except the one man. The shadowed figure seemed particularly interested in this one, unique individual.

Shawn watched in complete fascination. He watched as the human man flexed his fingers and balled them into fists. He hunkered his body down low, positioning himself in an attack position. Meanwhile, the shadowed figured mirrored his movements perfectly. The two men appeared polar opposites of each other: one light, the other dark. And suddenly, they both launched themselves at each other with violent force. Shawn could hear the loud thud as their bodies collided.

The human man tried to lock his arms around the dark man. It didn’t work. The shadowy figure moved his arms, and twisted his body out of his opponent’s grasp. Instead, human countered using his free arm and suddenly punch the other man directly in the gut. A normal man would have doubled over with his wind knocked out of him. But the shadowy figure seemed completely unfazed by the blow. Instead, as the human looked surprised by his attack’s ineffectiveness, the shadowed man was able to sweep the legs out from under the human and finally get him on the floor. Then, the shadowy figure launched himself upon his prey where they began to floor wrestle.

The man continued to fight. But it became apparent very quickly that he was going to lose. From what Shawn could tell, the two men were perfect opponents for each other. One what did, the other countered perfectly. The fight should’ve ended in a stalemate. But there was one crucial difference. The human would tire and could be hurt, while the shadowed man never tired and appeared impervious to pain.

That’s how it ended. Eventually, the human man slowed down just too much to counter one of the attacks. The shadowy man pounced on his prey, pinning the man belly-first upon the floor. Using his legs, the shadow spread apart the man’s legs and widening his ass-crack. Shawn could see the shadowy black cock, already hard and rippling inside its black energy field. At this point, the human man seemed resigned his fate. He lay still and waiting for what would happening to him next.

The Aligned didn’t hesitate. He came in fast, thrusting his thick cock into the man like a sword. Shawn couldn’t tell if the man screamed in pain or moaned in pleasure. His entire body reacted as if jolted awake with electricity and once more, he seemed to struggle against his captor riding his back. But the shadow seemed intent on fucking him. He began to piston his cock in and out of the man, holding him tightly at the man’s hips.

But then Shawn began to notice something new. The Aligned, gripping the human man at the hips, actually seemed to pull as he continued to fuck forward. The result was that the human man’s hips actually seemed to melt just slightly into the Aligned’s groin. Then, the Aligned released the man’s hips, reached outward and grabbed at each of the man’s hands. The two men interlocked the fingers. By now, both men were laying on the floor. The human was laying belly-first, while his attacker lay directly atop him. The Aligned, positioned his arms just on top of the human’s arms, as were the legs. All the while, the Aligned kept fucking back and forth. And with each thrust forward, his black hips seemed to melt and merge into the human man’s body.

Without realizing he was doing it, Shawn was thrusting his own hips within his tube. By now, the inside of his tube was being smeared with the pre-cum leaking from his cock. It lubed up the inside surface, allowing his cock to slide more easily along the inside wall. Shawn’s fingers were curling, trying to claw their way out. His faced was pressed so hard against the chemical block, he didn’t realize that he was now licking and trying to literally eat his way out. As before, the block continued to dissolve, flooding Shawn’s bloodstream with body-altering nutrients. His balls began to swell. As his balls grew, they began to get squeezed within the chemical block. His baseball sized balls had nowhere to go. And the pain enraged Shawn, causing him to struggle harder. The process repeated as more chemicals broke down, entered his body and furthered his transformation.

Shawn wasn’t aware of this. He only focused on what was happening to the man. And he wasn’t the only one. All around the room, the naked men spectated. They watched as the various Aligned subjugated their chosen victim. All the Aligned had done the same thing. They had entered, chosen their man, wrestled him into submission, and fucked him until their bodies began to merge.

And they men watched. A crowd of naked men had encircled themselves around each merger. Most of the naked men were either jacking themselves off, jacking off the man next to them, or some of them were even fucking each other while watching the Aligned fuck their prey. By now, everyone was watching the two men merge into one being. Shawn watched as the two sets of interlocking fingers smoothly melt together to form one set. As hands merged, the pink fleshy skin of the human man turned a deep, glossy black. Then the black legs, that lay on top of the pink legs, slowly sank downward until only oiled-black legs remained. All the while, the Aligned kept fucking, thrusting his hips back and forth. Next was the torso. It began at the hips/groin. While still fucking, the two bodies merged. At this point, Shawn couldn’t tell if the Aligned sank downward, or whether the human came upward a little by getting on his hands and knees. In either case, for a spit second there was only one body that appeared to have been dipped in black, glossy paint. One two heads remained, one was shadow while the other human. These were the last to merge. The human’s head, tilted down simply lifted backwards until it sank smoothly into his shadowed counterpart.

As the last remaining part of the human merged, the black figure’s cock exploded with a massive burst of black cum. Shawn, completely unaware, cummed inside his tube. His balls finally released and the cum sprayed upward, squeezing between his body and tube. The liquid flattened out against the surface of his body and actually managed to reach his mouth. Shawn licked the inside of the tube wall, tasting his chemically enriched cum.

As Shawn ate, he watched the Aligned human, who lay position on hands and knees. His cock still hung low, hard, and still spraying black cum onto the floor. The Aligned human continued to rock back and forth on its knees, as if it was still fucking an invisible man. For almost a minute, the river of cum didn’t stop. The black puddle grew on the floor until reached outward and touched the hands and knees. Finally, the drops stopped and new figure slowed its fucking motion.

Then very silently, the black glossy man stood up. As he moved, thin black tendrils of smoke began to emanate from his body. As he rose, the black glossiness of his body rippled and disappeared. His pink skin began to bleed through the blackness, and the human man suddenly reappeared. As he stood straight, his body rippled as if catching heat off a hot asphalt. What shocked Shawn was the man’s hair seemed to grow. Hair on the top of his head, body hair and even a beard. And then, most shocking of all, the man seemed to generate clothes out of thin air. One second he was naked, and now he was wearing plumber’s overalls.

It’s a trick, Shawn thought. It’s a fucking illusion! And he knew that the Aligned was what was real. And the image of the plumber in overalls was fake.

The plumber looked around at the surrounding crowd. Then without giving any regard to them, he began to walk forward. He rejoined several other men also dressed in clothes. One was dressed in a suit, several in casual clothes; all various outfits. But it was easy to spot the Aligned because they were wearing clothes and had hair, while the majority of men stood around naked and hairless. The crowd departed split into as the plumber and other Aligned humans walked between them. The Aligned moved beyond Shawn’s field of vision and was gone.

As the Aligned humans left the room, the men responded by turning back to the massive puddles of black cum left behind. Very quickly, before the prize was lost, the men rushed to the puddles. Getting down on hands and knees, the men brought their mouths down and began to lap up the black liquid as if like dogs. Their used their hands, their tongues, anything that would help them get the black cum to their mouths. Shawn even watched as some of them lathered their hands with the black cum, then smeared it on their own human cocks and balls like it was some kind of lotion.

As the commotion slowed, the men stiffened and became still. Black smears of Aligned cum coated their bodies. But then, the black liquid began to absorb. Shawn watched as the black smears around their mouths, cocks and other various body parts slowly returned to normal. It was as if the cum was literally being sucked into their skin.

Even from inside the tube, Shawn could hear the heavy breathing coming from all the men. Then, like the rumble of an oncoming train, the humming began. It was soon followed by the drum beat. All at once, all the men began to lower themselves to the ground. They crouched on all fours, using their knuckles for support. Another fuck-battle began.

Shawn’s tube shook as the drums reverberated in his mind. His mind felt awake and suddenly on fire. He felt a hunger that he had never felt before. And he knew it wasn’t just him. Everyone else here had felt it. Even the other guys still trapped in the tubes. He saw them wriggling to get out. But Shawn was determined more than ever to get out and dominate. To conquer.

Shawn’s eyed narrowed. He watched the Champion take on three new challengers. Shawn growled deep. His body reacted by suddenly pushing harder. His fingers clawed at the interior wall. He actually was able to kick his knee. And without thinking, Shawn closed his eyes, bashed his forehead forward and head-butted the tube. There was a sound … a definite sound.

Opening his eyes, Shawn smiled at his result. His tube had just cracked.

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