The Alignment - Part 5

By rubbrsome
published January 1, 2014
6030 words

The purpose of the Aligned are revealed as Shawn undergoes an unexpected programming.

All along the floor, the men were all divided into pairs. With each pair, the scene seemed identical. The men’s naked bodies were spooned into each other. Having just wrestled and fucked, the dominant and victor had his cock still in the other man’s ass, and still pressed his body tightly up against his back. All around this moon, these victors had their arms wrapped around the losers’ torso, pulling them in close and occasionally given soft hip thrusts. The other men would moan as they felt the cocks continue to penetrate them.

One of these pair of men were different than the others. On the outside, they appeared perfectly identical with the rest. Their hairless naked bodies, like the others, were spoon and perpetuated the fucking. The only difference between these two men and all the other pairs of males, was the fact that these particular men were father and son. Nobody would have guessed these because the two men appeared to be the same exact age. Perhaps they could have passed off as brothers … maybe even twins. But never father and son.

Shawn’s mind was experiencing the strange contradiction of both peace and confusion. The peace came from having just almost been aligned. His body was still flooded with the black “aligned” cum. The effects of the cum was like an empowering stimulant, that both altered and enhanced the host’s physiology and their state of mind. But the cum was also extremely addictive. As the effects began to wear off, he was acutely aware that he wanted more of it.

The confusion came from the fact the cum came from his father. And there were so many questions there that needed answering. How was his father alive? Hadn’t he died eleven years ago? And why did he look so young? He had just wrestled with him and lost. How was he so strong? And his body didn’t feel normal. More questions surfaced as he realized that his father felt like “them.” His father’s naked body felt those black, rubbery Aligned men. Which brought him back to another question: hadn’t his father just ejaculated black “aligned” cum into him? So was he one of them? Was his father one of the Aligned?

Just as Shawn was going to ask one of these questions, he felt his father’s arms wrap around his body tighter. Shawn’s mouth open and he let out a soft pleasurable groan as he felt his father’s cock press harder up his ass. It was difficult for him to believe that his father could hold him even tighter, but somehow the man had managed it. And then he surprised him further when his father covered his eyes with his rubbered hands.

As his father’s hands blindfolded him, an interesting effect overcame Shawn. He felt suddenly subdued. The feeling of peace, that he was previously experiencing, suddenly intensified. All his muscles relaxed. And his mind suddenly cleared and he focused only on one thing: the voice speaking into his ear.

“You will hear my voice,” his father spoke, “and only my voice. You will react only to what I say. Whatever I tell you to do, you will obey me instantly and without question. Do you understand?”

Shawn’s mind reacted as if programmed like a computer. With no visual stimulation, and only the voice in his head, his brain suddenly lacked any independent thought. He responded in a flat monotone voice: “Yes. I will obey without question.”

His father breathed a sigh of relief. His son has been programmed and he’s not even aware that he’s accepted it. He felt pleased that he was gaining control over his son. He rewarded Shawn with a couple thrusts of his cock up his son’s ass. “Feel my cock inside you. Focus on it moving in and out. Filling you. Becoming part of you.”

Adam felt his son tremble with pleasure. As he slowly moved his hips back and forth, he waited for his son to respond. After a few moments, Shawn began to react. It began with Shawn slightly curling his body inward. His back curled downward as his legs curled upward. Because Adam was on Shawn’s back, still slowly fucking him, the father’s body was brought along. Shawn’s body slowly moved, regressing into a semi-fetal position.

But Shawn’s legs didn’t fully curl upward. Instead, each leg spread apart, reached backwards and interlocked around Adam’s legs. Shawn was securing himself to his captor. Shawn’s feet gripped tightly around his father’s calves, refusing to let go.

And then, as Adam slowly continued to thrust his cock in and out of Shawn’s ass, his son began to mirror his movements. But the movements were in reverse. As Adam thrust his cock forward, Adam pulled his ass backward. It showed that Shawn wanted his father’s to penetrate him harder. Shawn was accepting his programming on a deeper level. Shawn moved perfectly; each movement was harmoniously synchronous with the same speed and tempo.

His son’s reaction sent a massive thrill through the father. Adam knew that he was beginning to access Shawn’s mind. Although he was almost fully programmed by the Aligned, Adam could still gain access and alter it. Even though he had just climaxed moments before, Adam felt his own cock hardening fully and beginning to leak black precum. Shawn’s ass responded by tightening down on his father’s cock, and his ass muscles convulsing into siphoning off the precum.

Pleasure rushed through both men. Adam buried his faceless head into Shawn’s neck. He gripped his boy harder. He tried not to lose control. He wanted nothing more than to fuck harder and faster. But he needed to keep control over his son. He forced his movements to remain slow and steady. Keep himself perfectly on the edge and never going over. He needed to go slow.

For Adam Morris, this was one of the hardest things he ever had to do. He never thought he would have to subjugate both his son’s mind and body. But he couldn’t deny the fact that he was actually enjoying this. He tried to analyze whether he was actually enjoying this, or whether it was a residual after effect of his own programming.

After all, Adam was one of the Aligned. He was very aware of the fact that he wasn’t exactly human anymore. He was a fifty-four year old man in the body of a twenty-two year old. During his alignment, his body had been de-aged to a younger, more perfected form. But more than that, his body had been physically altered. He was almost three times stronger than a normal man. Every sense, whether it was vision, sound, smell and even a radar sense had been heightened. His skin had been rubberized. Every nerve ending had been enhanced and hyper-sensitized. Every time he fucked his son, he was experiencing it far more exponentially than a normal human.

And like all the Aligned men, Adam was also generating a personal energy field around his body. To the un-Aligned eyes, the field was completely invisible. If you did catch a glimpse of it, it appeared like a heat ripple in the air. But for those with a greater sense of the visual spectrum, the Aligned appeared to be wrapped in a dark cloud of pure energy. This cloud acted as a “field of influence.” The Aligned could manipulate anything within their field, whether it was electronics, sight and even thought. To a certain degree, each of the Aligned could physically alter the world around them.

Adam’s field was still there, but greatly reduced because he was actually out of alignment. His field wrapped more tightly around his body compared to his Aligned brothers. The other Aligned could project there fields outward by several feet. But Adam’s field clung to him weakly like a second skin. It still maintained the illusion that Adam appeared a normal human. But underneath that illusion, Adam’s true from was an Aligned male; a physically perfect, black rubberized body. He had no facial features. He was completely naked. His thick rubbered cock continued to penetrate his son. His massive balls, each the size of a baseball, now produced massive amounts of cum, readying to seed his next subjugate. He was the pinnacle of human advancement.

Even though his field was reduced, he could still extend it with great concentration. He did so now by sticking the tip of his finger just at the edge of Shawn’s ear. While still blindfolding his son with the other hand, and readying his finger, the father whispered: “Son, I’m going to enter your mind. You will open your thoughts to me. You will not resist.”

Shawn repeated his orders in a flat voice: “I will open my thoughts. I will not resist.”

And Shawn continued to slowly fuck his dad’s cock as he felt the rubber finger penetrate his ear canal. Once the finger was inserted, Adam concentrated and forced his field outward and into his son’s brain. He began accessing his son’s thoughts and memories. He needed information. What was happening out there? Anything big in politics? World governments? Was it too late?

He had the information he needed. What he learned worried him. It wasn’t too late, but it felt like the Aligned were very close to getting what they wanted. It wasn’t too late to execute his plan. But he was going to need Shawn’s help. And this would be the tricky part. Having accessed his son’s mind, Adam was well aware that his son was almost fully ready to be aligned. He was going to have to figure out the right way to reprogram his son.

He was just about to begin the reprogramming when all around the room black clouds of energy began to materialize. Adam looked around, watching the Aligned energy fields begin to manifest. He quickly tightened his grip over his son’s eyes, making sure Shawn’s blindness was absolute. The last thing he needed was Shawn’s programming forcing him to attack the Aligned. If he did, he may never get a chance like this again.

Even though he had taken the information he needed from his son’s brain, Adam kept his finger in Shawn’s ear. He concentrated again, pushing his energy field out … feeling his way back into his son’s mind. Adam knew when he had connected because soon his son’s breathing fell into perfectly synchronous rhythm with his own breaths.

“You will focus on my voice only,” he whispered into his son’s ear. “Close your eyes. You will not attack. You will lay still and be passive.”

Shawn’s body relaxed as he continued to move his hips back and forth over his father’s cock. But underneath his father’s hand, his eyes closed. In his flat monotone voice, his son repeated his orders: “I will focus only on your voice. I will not attack.”

Adam felt his son respond as ordered. And then he turned his head and watched as one of the black energy fields manifest into a shape of man. The black, shadowy figure coalesced and stood proudly on the floor. Adam narrowed is eyes at the black figure, and he was deeply afraid. He muttered to himself. “No … please … not yet. Don’t let it be Shawn. Give me more time.”

The Aligned man formed fully beside Adam and Shawn. The Aligned looked downward, scanning the two men laying on the floor. His enhanced eyes viewed the two men perfectly and analyzed their presence and alignment status. One male was an unaligned human, its brain was 96% programmed but still ready for full alignment. But this human was not his target. So this human would continue to wait for its aligned counterpart to appear and take him.

The other male was more interesting. This male was an aligned human, but its current status was “out-of-alignment.” This male was also not its target. This male would wait here, until the Aligned mission was achieved. Once critical mass was achieved, this male would go back into alignment.

The Aligned man scanned and process all this in a microsecond. As soon as it determined that Adam and Shawn weren’t its target, it pivoted its head and scanned the rest of the male population.

As soon as the Aligned turned its head away and scanned the rest of the men, Adam let out a sigh of relief. He had no idea who this Aligned’s target was. It could have been Shawn. He felt like he had been given the smallest of reprieves. But the weight of the world still felt heavy on his shoulders. His fears didn’t disappear; they just lightened a little.

He watched as the Aligned continued to move its head left and right, and began to survey the room for its target. All around this Aligned figure, the naked men reacted by uncoupling themselves on the floor and began to rush toward him to attack. One by one, this figure threw the naked men away as if they were rag dolls. He deflected their attacks of they were the lowest of creatures. He proceeded through the hoard of bodies, searching for his target.

And then he found him. Like in the previous cycles, this aligned found the man he was looking for. The black, shadowy figure approached a man that appeared almost his exact height, weight and body type. The Aligned eyes scanned this target. His enhanced eyes bore into the man, penetrated his body, magnified and analyzed his DNA matrix. The target was confirmed. This man matched the Aligned’s own DNA matrix, and both of them were compatible.

The aligned literally had just found himself.

Adam turned back to his son. He needed to move quickly. Any second now, the Aligned would begin merging with their counterparts. He closed his eyes, pushed his field back into his son’s brain and began to reprogram. The father began to dump his memories and thoughts directly into his son’s brain, telling him everything.

Shawn opened his eyes suddenly. He was standing in a room. But it wasn’t the room was different. He was still completely naked. Every inch of his body was devoid of hair, but neither the nakedness nor the lack of hair bothered him. But the confusion of his whereabouts did. The last thing he remembered was laying on the floor, being fucked by his father and having a finger inserted into his ear. But now, he was standing in a lobby of some furnished building. Everything looked normal. Shawn spun around on his heels and found his dad standing right beside him. Like Shawn, his father was also naked and lacked hair. But his father was still young; he almost looked like Shawn’s twin.

His father eyes stared directly into Shawn’s. He studied his son intently, gauging Shawn’s reaction. Adam looked neither happy nor relieved to see his son after such a long time. But he still stepped forward and embraced his son. It was the first time he had been able to hold his son like this in eleven years.

The touch of his father seemed to electrify Shawn’s body. It sent a strange thrill through him, and almost felt like he was melting. Dissolving. He didn’t understand this feeling. But it felt like his father was more than just hugging him. Almost as if his father was thinking for him. Shawn found it hard to resist his father. He tried to focus. He said the first question that popped in his head. “What?” he gasped. “Where are we?”

“We are inside my head,” Adam gestured his hands out around him. “This is a memory. I need to show you what happened to me eleven years ago.”

“I’ll tell you what happened,” Shawn said. He looked up and pulled away from his father slightly. “First you abandoned your family. And then you were killed in some drunken accident.”

Adam shook his head. He wouldn’t let his son pull away. He need to keep the connection. He wouldn’t break contact. His arms locked around Shawn’s body. He needed to keep touching Shawn to reprogram him. He needed to distract him. “That’s what you were told. But let me show you what really happened. Do you remember how I just started that job for a new technology firm?”

Shawn searched his own memories. Even though he had been only a child, he remembered his dad starting a new job. “Yes. I think it was called Lair or something.”

His dad nodded. “That’s right. Lair Industries. I thought it was a start-up … a brand-new company. But what I didn’t know was that it had been created about six months before I was hired on. And more importantly, Lair had specifically targeted me. I had worked for the state and federal government, and they wanted my government and military contacts. I wasn’t hired; I was recruited.”

As Shawn and his dad stood there, the doors to the lobby opened and an older Adam entered the building. This Adam, the one that had just walked through the door, was exactly how Shawn remembered him. He was older, already gray in the hairs. And looking tired and about worn down from life. He was joined with two other men, and all of them seemed to be having a conversation. The Adam, standing next to Shawn, began to explain: “This is me on the day I joined Lair. Standing next to me is Mike Campbell. He’s a former police commissioner and now private defense contractor. And the other guy is John Hardy, a junior state senator.”

All three men had shaken hands and continued in casual conversation. Each of them seemed somewhat distinguished as they introduced themselves to each other. Shawn watched as the three men were led down a hallway, and through several corridors. Shawn never moved. It seemed that wherever these men walked, the surrounding memory or scene just shifted so Shawn could keep observing. The three men were soon joined by a man in a business suit. Immediately, alarm bells started to go off in Shawn’s head. Something was very wrong about this man in the suit. There was some strange way in which he stood. The air around himself almost rippled. As if there was some kind of heat or something surrounding him. And the way he stood; it wasn’t normal. Almost as if he were a robot or something.

The suit addressed the three new men: “You will follow me.”

The three men looked at each other nervously and followed the suit into a new room. As the doors opened, the three men gasped in horror. The room was some kind of high-tech lab. The floors, walls and ceiling appeared to be all stainless steel. And all along the ceilings, there were metal rails, almost like train tracks along the ceiling. But the men were immediately horrified by what they saw hanging from this rails.

They were beds. No. .. not beds. They were actually frames. Large metal frames, slightly larger than a single-sized bed. And inside the frames, perfectly suspended between two sheets of black rubber was a man trapped inside. More than a hundred metal frames hung from the rails, each containing a naked man trapped within the two sheets of rubber. Along the man’s rubberized body, numerous hoses and wires were attached to his black, glossy skin. The men inside were squirmed and writhed inside their prisons, but completely helpless to escape.

“Holy shit!” Shawn yelled. “What the fuck is this?!”

“They’re called vac-racks,” Adam began to explain. “It’s what they used to align us eleven years ago. They’ve perfected the process since. Now you have the stasis pods. You remember? That tube, and then you were encased inside the chemical block.”

Shawn remembered. He had just broken out of his tube … or his stasis pod .. whatever it was called. But he listened as his dad continued. As he spoke, he watched as the three men, one of which was his father, were seized and grabbed. The three men were stripped naked. As they were handled, all three of them tried to fight and resist. But the men, handling them, just seemed stronger.

“They targeted us for Alignment. They chose us because we would benefit them. They took us and sealed us inside these racks.” Shawn watched as his fifty year old father was made naked, and lifted up by several men and carried over towards a metal frame. The metal frame lay horizontally, and there was a rubber sheet within the frame. All along the inside surface of the black rubber lay a thick chemical goo. The liquid appeared almost one inch deep, and clung to the rubber like Jell-O.

The men carried the elderly Adam over to his frame. The older man kicked, wriggled and tried to fight his way out of their grip. But these younger men were just too strong for him. Once over the frame, they lowered the man down onto the chemical goo, and his body began to submerge into it. The elder Adam screamed. There was a slight hissing as the chemicals began to react with his body. Shawn stared and watched as the hairs began to disintergrate off his father’s flesh. Within seconds, his father was hairless wherever the gel had touched. Standing on all sides of the frames, the men reached in, gathered up more of the goo in their cupped hands and began to lather it over the rest of Adam’s body. Adam screamed as his body received more of the chemical treatment.

Once Adam was fully hairless, the men stepped back. By this time, Adam’s body felt like a lead weight. He could barely muster any energy to move. He lay passively in a near catatonic stupor. His eyelids hung like heavy curtains. He stared uncomprehendingly up at the ceiling. He saw the other half of the metal frame above him, and the other half of the rubber sheet within this frame. He watched as this metal frame slowly lowered downward, aligning with his frame. As the rubber sheet came downward, his entire world slowly submerged into complete darkness. As the two frames touched, they locked and sealed. The man, trapped within the two rubber sheets lay still for a moment. But then the chemical goo responded somehow. It sucked and vacuumed the remaining air out. Adam’s naked body came into full form against the rubber, and he stood out perfectly revealed as the air was removed.

“I couldn’t breathe. I thought I was going to die,” Adam narrated. Inside the metal frame, the form of Adam struggled against the tight rubber. But then very quickly, one of the men stepped forward, holding a hose and stuck it directly where Adam’s nose was. As soon as the nasal hose was positioned, a black liquid began to feed directly into the elderly Adam. “That’s their black cum. It actually kept me alive. Didn’t’ really give me air, but oxygen I guess. And it fed me. They began to transform me. It enhanced my muscles, all my senses. And it actually began to regress my aging. Taking me down to peak, physical form.”

Father and son watched as the three new vacuum frames. Inside each frame, the newly captured men writhed and squirmed. As they lay horizontally, several men approached each frame. They attached new tubes and hoses. One tube was inserted where the asshole was. Another tube was forced into each of the cocks. And several electrodes and wires were placed on their heads, chest and various parts of their body. When each of the three men were readied, Shawn and Adam watched as their frames were raised up to the ceiling."

“We hung there … I’m guessing here … maybe three months.” As the frames raised into their position, several new things happened. There was a massive drumming. Shawn had heard it before. It was the combination of static humming and thumping beat that he had heard inside his own stasis pod. And then there was something new. Directly in front of each hanging frame, a small emitter hung from the ceiling. As the sounds began, the emitter ejected a red laser that focused directly on the center of each man’s forehead."

The red beam penetrated the men’s heads. At first, the beam was wide. But then the laser tightened and focused. As it pinpointed directly into their brains, each of the men’s cocks hardened. Shawn watched as the struggling against the unyielding rubber increased. Their groans grew into growls. It didn’t sound painful. It sounded frustrating. Then moments later, just as the gowling reached their peaks, one by one, each of the men’s cock tubes began to flow with white cum.

“For three months I was kept in a constant state of orgasm. I guess our brains are open to suggestion and reception at that moment. That’s when they can exert the greatest influence over us. At the same time, my body was perfected. And my mind was prepared for alignment.” As his dad spoke, the entire room seemed to move in fast forward. As if somebody had suddenly sped up time. As they watched time flow faster, new men were added to the ceiling. New men were programmed. But it was strange. The more time went by, Adam could see the men actually grow a little inside their rubber frames. They seemed to bulk out and become more muscular.

“They programmed me for one thing: to conquer.” Shawn shuddered. His own brain responded and he wanted to conquer himself. “Each of us were mentally reduced downward. We regressed into the most animalistic, primal state. We wanted nothing more than to dominant and conquer.”

Shawn understood but didn’t know why. It was the strangest thing to see. Hundreds of men, all being programmed for what. All he could see was men all being forced to cum. Hundreds of tubes hung downward to the floor, siphoning off their white cum by the bucket loads. The image aroused him. He didn’t understand why but he knew that he wanted to be up there with them. Shawn looked down at his own cock and saw it was hard and leaking precum. He wanted to join these men. He knew that. But he just didn’t understand why he wanted to join them. He turned to his father and asked: “But why?”

His father stood there naked. He kept one hand on Shawn’s shoulder, and with his other hand, he was stroking his enlarged cock. Shawn was vaguely aware that both he and his dad were stroking their cocks in the same exact rhythm. It felt so strange, and at the same time, so right.

He listened to his father. And his father’s words seemed to almost become hypnotic. “They make us understand our true purpose. Man is made to dominate and conquer. They are helping us achieve our ultimate goal.”

“But who are they?”

Adam blinked in surprise. And then he seemed flustered because he had forgotten this crucial part. Let me show you. All around them, time flew by quickly. Shawn watched as the rubbery form of his father trapped between two sheets of rubber changed. He saw his father grow muscles, and then washboard abs formed on his abdomen. Then as time sped forward, it finally slowed.

His father explained: “Finally the day of my alignment arrived. You must understand, that they had already taken my cum. And then had my DNA.” As he said this, the rubber frame containing Adam slowly lowered from the ceiling. “So they only want help us achieve our purpose. But at the same time, they recognize that we are out of control when we are primal. We are, in a word, out of alignment. We need to be brought under control. And that’s where they come in.”

Adam nodded toward a black cloud that began to form and materialize. As the black energy coalesced, the rubber frame lowered to the ground and separated. The two sheets pulled apart. Inside, the perfectly re-aged form of Adam appeared. His body was naked, hairless and covered in sweat from having been trapped inside the rubber. He opened his eyes, bared his teeth and let out a guttural roar. Just as he began to rise from the rubber sheet, the black cloud fully focused into the form of a man.

Shawn gasped. He almost seemed to recognize the black, featureless form. It was like staring into a negative image of his father. His father nodded. “They cloned my DNA, and created an aligned version of myself. This new me would merge into my body, and eliminate all emotions. I would know my purpose, but I would approach it with complete emotionless detachment. It would bring me fully under their control. I would be aligned and focused on only one thing: to conquer.”

Father and son watched. The newly emerged Adam charged his negative. The human and the aligned grappled at each other. The two of them wrestled to the ground. Neither of them seemed to get the upper hand. They were perfectly matched.

“For all sense and purposes, this is me. This is an exact copy of me. But he’s perfectly aligned and focused. And because of that, I never had a chance at winning. They never get tired, and they never give up. And eventually … I would.”

After several minutes, the human version of Adam began to slow. And that’s when the negative shadow pounced on him. It was quick. It speared the man directly into his asshole. And as he did so, the two bodies began to bond. “It began to align with me. First it aligned our bodies. And then it aligned our minds.”

Shawn stood there and watched, completely amazed. He was totally unaware that he was jacking himself off faster. But his father pumped his own cock at the same exact speed and tempo. But he was vaguely aware of his own yearning to align with his own clone. He watched as the pink flesh of his father seemed to be pulled into the body of the black rubberized one. He watched as the two bodies slowly merged into one. Four legs became two. The two God-like torsos became one. And at last, the two heads melted together until only one featureless face remained. The Aligned figure of his father stood perfectly still. His father was now a black rubberized man. He was fully Aligned.

Shawn wanted this to happen to him.

He watched as his newly aligned father flexed his fingers into fist, testing them. As his muscles tightened, a massive black cloud emerged off his glossy skin. The air around his body rippled like heat off a hot asphalt. And then suddenly, the black glossy skin began to disappear. Within seconds, the Aligned image of his father turned into the human illusion. Shawn understood what he was seeing. It was the energy field. His Aligned father was generating the field and hiding under the illusion.

Adam continued: “So you see? That’s me. They are exact copies of us. They come from another reality. Another Earth, but where everything is Aligned. In their reality, everything has been conquered. They’ve won. And they are only looking for new things to conquer.”

“I didn’t know this, but about a year before I had been recruited by Lair, the company had been studying transdimensional theory. They were actually theorizing opening a doorway into another dimension. And then one of the scientists actually succeeded in his experiments. He opened a door into the Aligned version of Earth. And his negative version stepped out. He was the first. The first man to be Aligned.”

Shawn stammered: “But you’re not aligned now.”

Adam nodded downward at his own naked body. “I look human but I’m not. My mind is free, but my body is still aligned. You can’t see it, but I’m generating an energy field that cloaks my true form. I’m actually just like them. All black, rubber .. physically perfect.”

Shawn couldn’t resist. He felt an irresistible urge to explore his father’s body. He had to step closer and discover for himself. His hands reached out and explored his dad’s body. It was true. It was like feeling up a mannequin that wore a wetsuit. But it was the entire body. Even the face. When his fingers probed the mouth, he discovered that there was no mouth or eyes. Where the ears and nostrils were, there were simply holes. His hands also probed downward, and he cupped his dad’s balls inside his hands. They were huge. They felt like two baseballs hanging inside a large rubber sack.

“We generate massive amounts of Aligned cum. We use it to align normal humans and also to realign each other. You almost aligned when I fucked you. When I cummed into you. To fully align the first time, you must have an aligned version of your own DNA injected into you. And you’re my son. You’re half my DNA. So when I cummed in your ass, I thought I had lost you.”

“I wish you had.”

“No,” Adam grabbed his son by the arm and pulled him close. “It’s not over. There’s a way to stop them.”

Shawn tried to push away from his father. “But … but … what if I don’t want them to stop. I want to be Aligned.”

Adam had a fierce grip on his son now. He grabbed him and pulled him into a tight hug. His son struggled but was outmatched. As the two naked men stood belly-to-belly, cock-to-cock, Adam was able to reach up a hand, cup it over his son’s ear and insert his finger. “I’m reprogramming you. You are mine. And I’m giving you a new purpose. You’re still going to conquer.”

Adam’s field entered Shawn’s brain and reasserted its influence. Shawn stopped struggling as he came under his father’s control. The two men stood facing each other like motionless statues. Then their cocks hardened and rose upward until they touched tip to tip. They looked into each other’s lifeless eyes. Then both of them spoke together in the same exact monotone voice: “We are going to conquer the Aligned.”

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